Hardkore Halloween : He is man

Matches that occurred on our 2011 Hardcore Halloween Pay Per View!
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Hardkore Halloween : He is man

Postby Kenyon » Wed Oct 19, 2011 11:21 pm

XWA is back from the commercial break, and the screen seems pretty dark with the only thing being visible is the white pine-wood door. Cackles of twisted pleasure, screams of genuine fear and incoherent mumbling, are the three things heard in the background, and not much can be made of what is going on at the moment. As it seems that in the darkness, some exciting events are occurring but nobody can see a single thing happening. Eerie slow screeches begin to be heard as slow thumps are heard, coming from behind the very same door which stands in front of the camera. The camera zooms in on this door, and the closer the camera comes to this door, the door also comes close, to opening. The gleaming golden door knob is turned at exactly ninety degrees, and it then slowly creaks open, thanks to somebody outside of this room with a gloom atmosphere. The door is only opened ajar, but that's all it takes for some luminous green neon to surface this room, and a futuristic female voice is heard shortly after.

"Hatred, victory, pride. Reasons for a common man's victory. This is no common man however. This is no man, he has no emotion, no boundaries, no motivation. I've never been so proud of him in my life, adopting this hopeless soul from a broken home and introducing him to the further beyond."

After the brief monologue has been heard from this unknown woman, the door resumes it's inevitable task in opening, and the camera zooms out as the neon becomes too bright, that it's almost blinding. Various voices are heard afterwards, and they become more serious in sync with the door opening, thanks to the person behind it.

"Mommy! Where's daddy gone?"

"Lizzie, stay in the house!"

"Now do you realize why? Why we don't want you around any more? Do you?"

"Better off dead. What do you mean? Why is he leaving too?"

This door has finally opened to it's fullest and now, not only luminous colours enter this room, but now knee high smoke also surfaces this room and mysterious is the last word to describe this, as the atmosphere now becomes slightly haunted, looking outside of the room, past the door frame is the shadow of a very tall yet muscular man. A boy begins to speak in the background, as the smoke clears up outside of the room.

"Who needs friends? Who needs family? Without emotion, even I cannot be mad with me. I shall stalk the weak, night from day. Those hopeless souls, I promised to lead astray. I am Man-Made, Technically Incorrect and Your Opposite. Does that make me inhumane? I hope so. You are nobody, and I am.. Not."

When the smoke clears from the outside, this mysterious force begins to unravel. Short black hair, black sunglasses, long black leather trench coat, blue jeans, long leather boots, this describes what this man looks like. With no emotion on his face, an indifferent face who stares into the distance with other things obviously on his mind. He says one word in his slightly deep male voice, and roars it with great intensity and great verbal aggression.


The screen fades away to pitch black, just focusing on the emotionless gigantic man. This man is no man, he is merely a machine with flesh. He is Iota.

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