Intensity: Goodbye for now, XWA.

Matches that occurred on our 2011 XWA Intensity Special!
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Intensity: Goodbye for now, XWA.

Postby Dan » Mon Jul 11, 2011 3:53 pm

The curtain parts but no music plays. The man known as the Rated X Wonder steps out into view wearing a Sublime sun shirt and black denim jeans instead of his usual attire, although the boots he’s donning are the very same as his wrestling gear. He steps out onto the stage underneath the Xtremetron with a microphone in one hand, paperwork in the other and his face has a look of complete irritation.

Dan Bennett : As you all know…

I guess you could say that nobody noticed Dan before he spoke, but as he speaks the camera switch over to him and the Wonder fans begin to cheer loudly. Dan politely smirks and nods, a fair few of them holding up “The Wonder Dan Bennett” or “Ode to Rated X” signs. As the applause dies down, Dan continues with what he intended to say.

Dan Bennett : As you all know, last week I was eliminated from the XWA Grand Prix by Danger Liam…

He gets a mixed reaction. Liam IS a face, after all. Boos and cheers for Liam, happy day.

Dan Bennett : Yes, I lost to Danger Liam. I will admit that. What I won’t admit, however, is that it was a clean loss. Let me take you back to the important part of the match, the part you need to see…

He motions to the Xtremetron and a video starts…

Danger Liam wrote:Outside the ring the Dangerous One spots the bag of white powder that was thrown out earlier in the match and scurries over to pick it up. In the ring Dan looks on in shock before climbing out of the ring to go after him. Cubes tears open the bag and scoops out a hand full bringing it to his face just Dan grabs him by the shoulder and spins him around causing the Purple Wonder to spin and throw the handful of powder into the face of Dan Bennett. For a moment Dan stands there twitching as Liam slides into the ring and shouts at Kirk to count.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: What the fuck! How is that allowed?

Mark Sanction: What was that?

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Are you kidding?

ONE ... TWO ... THREE ... FOUR ... The camera moves in on the Wonder as his eyes widen and he wipes the crap from his face ... FIVE ... quick as a flash Dan Bennett slides into the ring.

Straight away Bennett charges at Liam quickly taking him down and driving right hand after right hand into the skull of the Purple Menace forcing Kirk to step in and stop him from using closed fist by pulling him off the top of the Dangerous One. Bennett straight away pushes Kirk aside and goes straight back on the attack and he throws Liam into the corner and starts to drive knee and knee into the gut of the Purple Wonder.

Dan motions a cut-throat and the video stops as boos rain down. Even the people know what that junk was. He raises the microphone back to his lips.

Dan Bennett : Now, obviously, there was some sort of powder in Liam’s hand and obviously, it was thrown in my face. Oh, and if you couldn’t tell, not even ten seconds after I was blasted in the face by the “white substance” did I seemingly lose control of myself and relentlessly assault Liam, completing the match in the manner of getting disqualified by, and I quote, *ruffles the paperwork to straighten it out* “Not relenting a submission after the break was called and the five-count was reached.” Well that’s all fine and dandy, but what did Liam get for having a substance, not only illegal for use within the confines of an XWA match but illegal altogether, and using it to alter his opponent whether accidental or not? Let me tell you what he got.

He got the victory and the opportunity to fight for a title shot.

I don’t mean to complain, but really? Really? Are you f**king serious? The guy threw an uncontrolled white powder into my face! For all we know, it could have been anthrax! Luckily for me and my family, it was not anthrax. Unluckily for me and my family, the company-wide mandatory drug-screening was the very next night. My blood was found to contain the combination of Cocaine and an exceedingly high amount of caffeine. That’s awful funny, seeing as I’ve never done a single drug in my life. I don’t even smoke cigarettes. I’ve been known to drink a cup of coffee or two, but never had any strong enough to give myself an “exceedingly high amount” of caffeine. So, Liam, it might be good to know that either you or your dealer cuts his stuff with crushed caffeine pills. I’m just curious how you passed the piss test, but I’ve seen the balloon-in-the-pants trick before, so it’s no biggie.

Dan shakes his head as all the fans sit quietly, listening. He continues on.

Dan Bennett : So I failed the drug test. I wasn’t told of the result coming into this week. And then tonight, Psycho Luke, a rising star in the XWA and a pretty chill guy to be honest, gives me a hell of a match and really takes it to me, I mean, he even nailed me with his patented Swinging STO, the Deathtrip! Why, then, do I bring this up? I think it will become obvious after you see it again.

He motions to the Xtremetron once again...

psycholuke wrote:Luke swiftly spins Bennett around. He staggers trying to catch his balance and gets caught in the Deathtrip! Luke swings forward to grab momentum and pulls back using his whole body weight to slam Bennett's face hard into the mat!

Sanction: Deathtrip! Deathtrip! That's his finisher!

Luke rolls Bennett over and lays his back across the chest. He hooks the near leg under his arm, looking like he just used the last ounce of energy he had to hit his finisher. Kirk drops down to the mat. The crowd counting along with him in unison.




The bell rings signalling the end of the match, the fans roar in appreciation for the contest between the two great future stars.

Hana Ramierez: And your winner of the match.........Psycho......Luke!

"Bastard" by Devin Townsend begins to play again, minus the long intro. The Lukester barely rolls off of Bennett as he crawls onto his knees. His hand getting raised by referee Kirk Samson, the crowd cheering not only for Luke but for Dan as well for one hell of a match.

Scorpion: Wait a minute! His foot was on the ropes! Bennett had his foot on the ropes! Kirk was completely out of position!

Sanction: Hold on....let's take another look.

Another angle of the pinfall comes onto the Xtreme-tron. Indeed showing Bennett's leg extending out onto the bottom rope just before the final three count, unknowing to referee Samson.

Dan Bennett : Please, I would like to implore you to notice that MY LEG WAS ON THE ROPES! Now, any decent, worth-a-damn referee would’ve caught that and stopped the count or at least restarted the match. No, that didn’t happen. What happened instead was a series of ridiculous actions against myself. First, however obvious the foot on the rope was, nobody made the right call to fix the decision. Second, it was very clear to me that it was someone’s intent to screwjob me in the ring because Kirk has been very reliable as of recent. That may have been why nobody in the back would even look me in the eyes, but that’s beside the point.

Not long after I headed backstage, I received a text message asking me to report to Richard J. Maxwell’s office, for what it didn’t say.

I figure, you know, maybe he’d want to discuss my in-ring performance. Admittedly, I was feeling a bit sluggish this week, nothing too bad and I do think I gave you a great performance, but nevertheless I went into Dick’s office and took a seat. What happened after that was a complete blur. The only thing I remember him telling me was that I had failed the drug test and therefore he had invoked his right to terminate my contract on the spot. Oh, and did I mention the security detail he had in the room with us? I guess I missed that part, mainly because I was in shock of being fired.

Emphasis on the word fired, of course. I did italicize it. More boos. He begins to pace down to the ring, talking on the way.

Dan Bennett : He did tell me to get the hell out of his office but he made the mistake of trusting I could go of my own recognizance so while I’m out here, I’ve got a few things to say…

...but instead of rolling in, he walks around it and to the timekeeper’s desk. He motions for someone to get up and that person does.

Dan Bennett : Hana, it’s been fun working beside you. I do believe I’ve made an invaluable friend in you and also, here’s my number. Call me and maybe we’ll do lunch.

They hug and as they pull away, Hana wipes a tear away. Dan smiles gravely, then walks to the announcer’s table, first acknowledging the paraplegic.

Dan Bennett : Sanction, fair and balanced as always. I can appreciate that. And yeah, I’ve been a dick at times but you’ve always called it as you’ve seen it. Respect.

Dan shakes his hand and Sanction nods to him. Dan then turns to the other man sitting there.

Dan Bennett : Scorpion... You can go to hell and fuck your dead mother while you’re there. I’ve never liked you and you know it, not to mention you’ve been a complete ass every time you’ve encountered me or anyone I know backstage. You’re really, truly, a sorry sot and I hope you die. Trace is going to murder you for me though, so I won’t worry about beating your ass right now.

Scorpion considers jumping out of his chair and Bennett knows this. The Wonder raises his eyebrows and Jordan reconsiders his options, opting for the peaceful flipping of the bird. Dan shrugs it off, throws the papers he was holding down, turns around and rolls into the ring. He walks over to a nearby corner and steps up to the second turnbuckle.

Dan Bennett : To tell the truth, the only reason I ever made my way back to the XWA, the only reason I am giving this explanation, is because of all of you. Because of you, I was able to do what I’ve done for the periods in time that I could...which brings me to my other point…

I’m not done doing what I love.

For how morose this speech is, the crowd bursts into cheers.

Dan Bennett : I’m bringing a lawsuit against the XWA and, specifically, Richard James Maxwell for wrongful termination due to on-the-job hazards. I had my dream taken from me because a coke-head tossed a handful of his happy-powder in my face, and I want my job back. I want my livelihood back.

Yup, still cheering. Fuck the man!

Dan Bennett : So you can stand behind your lawyers all you want, Dick, I’m coming back whether you like it or not. See you in court, asshole.

Dan hops down and walks over to the ropes, but before he steps out, he stops and raises the microphone to his lips one last time.

Dan Bennett : D’you think I could get some music on my way out? It’s the LEAST you could do for 12 months of busting my ass for you.

Obviously, the sound crew was listening. Obviously, Maxwell has already removed his current theme music. Obviously, Maxwell forgot or didn’t know that Dan had a theme way before Skillet became famous for anything. Hatebreed’s I Will Be Heard begins to play on the speaker system and Dan laughs. How did they even retain the rights to that song over the years? Doesn’t matter, he thinks to himself. He steps out of the ring and slaps a few hands before exiting the arena beside the ramp, taking the direct route to the exits rather than dealing with anyone backstage. I will be back, he thinks to himself.

Goodbye for now, XWA, goodbye for now.

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