Intensity: Challenge Accepted

Matches that occurred on our 2011 XWA Intensity Special!
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Intensity: Challenge Accepted

Postby Trace » Sun Jul 10, 2011 10:16 pm

We return to Intensity, the first ever free XWA pay per view, where moments ago the tag team action pitting Trace Demon & T.K. against Drake Dysfunction & Derrick Jedi. While the rest of the competitors have cleared out of the ring Trace Demon is still in the ring, a microphone now in hand. He paces around the ring, a look of distaste and stress in his expression.

Trace Demon: For the past couple of months I’ve worked my ass off here in the in XWA. I’ve worked hard to gain respect apart from the Legion, apart from the freaks like Diamond Jack Sabbath, Drake Dysfunction and Vincenzo Savonarola. I’ve fought to ensure that nobody can call me some Legion lapdog, that people can’t say I peaked as a member of the Legion. I’ve fought tooth and nail to prove myself as a serious competitor, to prove myself to all of the guys in the back who didn’t think the WFWF’s Trace Demon could handle himself here in the big leagues.

Scorpion: Well he’s right.

Mark Sanction: See, since you said that I know there’s some wise ass comment coming insulting Trace.

Scorpion: Nobody does think he can handle himself here.

Mark Sanction: And there it is.

Trace Demon: I fought hard, and yet here I am standing in the ring about to address a man who has spent the past months continuously insulting every single thing I do. Who continuing interferes in my matches, who calls me a loudmouth no talent hack any chance he gets, who attempts to get his lawyers to try and sue me for an assault that you provoked.

Trace Demon turns to face the announce table, looking directly at Jordan Michaels now. You know the old saying if looks could kill? Well if that was true then the entire arena would explode like a nuclear explosion right now.

Trace Demon: Yeah, I’m looking at you has-been. Get him a mic.

Hana Ramierez moves quickly and hands Jordan a microphone. He begrudgingly takes it, taking off his headset and standing up from the announce table.

Scorpion: What’s this...

Trace Demon: I ain’t done speaking yet. You see, I’m sick and tired of all this, I want it settled, and I want it settled at the big Grand Prix pay per view. You know the one, it was the show where I was meant to challenge DGX and beat him one on one. So how about you shut your mouth and let your fists do the talking in a fully sanctioned one on one match, not one of your pathetic little run ins.

The crowd pop at the idea of watching these two clash one on one, or rather the thought of Trace Demon get his hands on his nemesis after weeks of interference and slander.

Scorpion: You know Trace, I had a feeling you’d suggest that, because you are so damn predictable. But you see, I’m not the only person who hates you, in fact there’s a very large list of them. So last week when I received a call from somebody who wants to get in that ring with you it seemed like an opportunity to good to pass up. So how about at the Grand Prix pay per view we see Trace Demon against my hand picked opponent?

Trace Demon: What’s in it for me?

Scorpion: If you win, five minutes in the ring with me. No security, no interruptions, nothing but you and me.

Mark Sanction: And he’s officially lost his mind.

Trace doesn’t take long to think about it.

Trace Demon: You’re on!

Scorpion: Good, because Trace, you have to realise that after this match, these people will never look at you in the same way again.

And with that Jordan Michaels drops his microphone and nods at Trace Demon, the match made. Trace Demon vs. Jordan Michaels handpicked opponent and if Trace wins... he get’s fine minutes in the ring against Jordan Michaels to do whatever he wants. And what he wants is to give a damn good beating. Trace and Jordan stare each other out as we cut away from the ring here at the first ever free XWA pay per view.

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