Intensity: Hide Yo' Kids, Hide Yo' Wife! DJS Is Interviewed!

Matches that occurred on our 2011 XWA Intensity Special!
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Intensity: Hide Yo' Kids, Hide Yo' Wife! DJS Is Interviewed!

Postby DJS » Fri Jul 08, 2011 11:29 am

We cut backstage to the interview area, where Amy Taylor is stood by with a mic in her hand. The fans boo instantly, knowing exactly what this means we're about to see. She is completely ignorant of the booing and continues with what she's here to do.

AMY: Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Amy Taylor and I am the officially-allocated personal assistant of the fastest rising wrestler since the XWA's resurrection. He is the Premier Talent of the company, the Crown Jewel of Professional Wrestling...Diamond Jack Sabbath.

The booing gets louder once the camera pans back, revealing the man himself stood in his ring gear, looking ready for a fight.

AMY: Jack, tonight you have a match against a man you have a lot of history with here in XWA. He's referred to as the Definition of Unpredictable, Jack Hazard. What are your thoughts on Hazard?

JACK: Well Amy, he calls himself the Definition of Unpredictable. I call him something a little different. In my my mind he's the Definition of Ungrateful. Let's take a look at his career so far here shall we? The guy comes in as your vanilla, unexciting newbie and gets beaten quite a few times. And then I personally made the offer to take him on as a part of the Legion because unlike everyone else here, I saw something great in him. From there, I showed him where he was going wrong and what he had to do to achieve greatness here and he's been prominent ever since. We shared a bond. Both of us I...I don't say this about many people but genuinely felt he was like family to me. I don't have much family but it felt when I was helping him out like he was a younger brother or something. The reason I kicked you out the Legion like that was because I was hurt by your actions at Christmas Chaos. I was hurt by the fact you just decided not to bother any more. Then the next night you retire, Hazard. Did you not think about us? About me? I attacked you because I genuinely felt you had turned your back on me, and all my efforts to make you perform at your best all the time were pointless. After that I washed my hands of you and carried on with my career. But then you came back. You attacked me, you insulted me and my family over the internet and you made me angry. You know, I tried last week. I tried by getting you on Sabbath's Corner so that we could speak properly but you wouldn't have it. Instead you decided to act like a child. I don't get how these stupid fans choose to cheer someone like you when there's someone like me. Someone dedicated to what he does like me. Someone who actually has aspirations here.

There's a slight pause, but then he bursts out laughing, almost sarcastically.

JACK: Oh but do have aspirations here! Well, sort of. You're planning something. I'm not sure what, but as childish as you are you wouldn't just come back cause we gave you a little boo-boo on your way out. I know you more than anyone here, even your brother Rose. You are calculating, sly and an amazing liar. How do I know that? Cause I made you that way! I made you...sort of like myself, maybe even worse. But I'm watching you carefully Hazard, and so should everyone else. He's up to something.

AMY: And what do you think about the fact the match is under TLC rules?

JACK: Well...I did personally ask Ricky J for Tables, Ladders and Chairs to be legal in this one because if I'm going to face you Hazard, I'd prefer to do you some serious damage. As for me, you don't have to worry about me emerging un-scathed. It's already a given, because you see...Diamonds are Forever, but unfortunately...You're Not.

We fade to the next segment as the fans boo this last declaration by the Diamond King...

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