Intensity: T.K. & Trace VS Derrick Jedi & Drake

Matches that occurred on our 2011 XWA Intensity Special!
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Intensity: T.K. & Trace VS Derrick Jedi & Drake

Postby Tempest » Wed Jul 06, 2011 11:30 am


LIVE! From The Pepsi Center - Denver, Colorado!

Mixed Batch Tag Match!


T.K. & Trace Demon vs. Derrick Jedi & Drake Dysfunction

All four of these men found themselves on the short end of the stick at some point in the XWA Grand Prix tournament, for one reason or another. Now however, they get a little chance to begin redeeming themselves and hopefully return to contention for a chance at the XWA World Heavyweight Championship. Things won't be as simple as they appear though, as each team has a man looking over his shoulder. Trace Demon has his eyes set on Jordan "Scorpion" Michaels after a confrontation last week that nearly escalated into a brawl while Derrick Jedi's problems have already turned into a near riot in Colorado Springs as he deals with The Hierarchy. Seriously, Something's Gotta Give for one of these teams!


Deadline for matches is Friday, July 8th at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on Sunday, July 10th at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: Intensity: T.K. & Trace VS Derrick Jedi & Drake

Postby Trace » Fri Jul 08, 2011 3:39 pm

OOC: Had to split it in two due to length. Oops.

The show returns to the ring side area fading into several fans screaming their heads off as they appear on the screen for XWA’s first ever free pay per view, XWA Intensity. It’s been one hell of a night so far, and it’s only going to get better from here on out as the camera pans down to the XWA commentating team of Mark Sanction and Jordan Scorpion Michaels. Mark is wearing his usual plain button up collared shirt, with his curly brown hair being combed back behind his head, while he is also sporting a very well groomed goatee. His wheelchair, as always, is hidden behind the commentators table. Next to him sits, his non-paraplegic partner, Scorpion, who is sporting his usual brown leather jacket, with a white, no collar t-shirt just barely noticeable around his neck. He has his usual short trimmed beard that inst’ fully gone, while his dark brown hair is cut short. Sanction as usual takes back the moment as we get focused back on the action at hand.

Sanction: For those just tuning in, welcome to XWA’s first ever free Pay-Per-View Intensity! Next up we have a bit of an odd tag team match up as we see Derrick Jedi and Drake Dysfunction teaming up against T.K. and Trace Demon. Both of these teams are a bit of an odd grouping but there’s plenty of heat between them as Jedi knocked T.K. out of the Grand Prix while Trace knocked Drake out so expect sparks to fly.

Scorpion:Well you can certainly guess which two guys will be carrying those teams, and as we all know Trace sucks, so now we even know whose going to win!

Sanction: I wouldn’t say that, though if you can keep yourself away from the damn ring for once while Trace is out, him and T.K. both have a good chance of pushing Jedi and Drake to the limit here tonight. Jedi has been extremely impressive as of late, his only loss coming after being ganged up upon by the Hierarchy, an action which resulted in a huge riot. Plus Drake is hungry to get revenge over recurring foe Trace Demon, so this could very easily be a show stealer here tonight.

Scorpion:Me, get in the ring? I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.

As the two bicker about this fact, the attention is swapped to that of the beautiful Hana Ramierez, who is dressed in a very carefully washed white dress set up, her long black hair combed to the sides so that her face is nice and clear as she begins the announcing for the next match.

Hana: The following contest is a tag team match, scheduled for one fall!

As she says this the lights dim down, giving the fans a bit of a question of who is coming out but their pondering is quickly answered as…

And they don’t like the answer as two columns of flames shoot out from the sides of the stage, with Evolution by Korn beginning to blast out of the PA system, announcing the arrival of the Evolution of Man into the arena. The fans show their disdain for the Virginian almost immediately as they wait for the giant of a man to walk out from the back. After a moment or two of waiting, the Virginian walks out between the two columns of fire, getting a bit of a narrowed vision towards the crowd for a moment, a smirk on his face at all the people booing the hell out of him right now. As the flames start to die down, he steps out farther getting a full view of the jeering crowd before him while all he can think about is the match within a few moments, where he has a chance at redemption for his loss against Jedi in the first round of the Grand Prix. The Evolution of Man is all set for action as he’s wearing his usual red skin tight trunks, which match well with his black and red knee pads, as well as his black wrestling boots. On the back of the young twenty year old is a huge X shaped scar on his back from a brutal match elsewhere, with each slash being from one shoulder to the opposite hip. Both of his hands are taped in black athletic tape, having a lot to do with the Muay Thai strikes he may use and being able to protect his hands while doing them, while having a matching black armband on his right elbow. Finally, he still has his short ginger hair spiked up in an unknown way, while he also has a short beard and mustache which are both connected to his side burns.

Hana: Introducing first, hailing from Virginia Beach, Virginia; weighing in this morning at Two Hundred and Fifty Five Pounds, and standing at Six Feet and Nine Inches; He is the Evolution of Man… T.K.!!!

Sanction: T.K. certainly looks ready for this match tonight, as he’s intends to show the world that his loss to Jedi was a fluke, that he just wasn’t prepared enough.

Scorpion: The guy needs to stop making excuses. He lost to that lard ass and with Trace Demon as his partner it’s going to happen all over again tonight.

Sanction: That’s not to say his loss was a squash though Jordan, and you know it. T.K. showed a lot of heart by not tapping, and in his other two matches he’s proven himself to be quite dominant.

Scorpion:Ha, he beat a tag specialist and a nobody, funny how someone can look dominant with wins like those!

The Evolution of Man starts to walk down to the ring, soaking in all the dislike he’s manage to gain from his attacks on the Headcrushers with Johnny Albright, actually injuring Lighting to the point of injury and leaving Chris Chaos alone to fend for himself. Not only that, but his constant jabs towards Jedi, despite his loss to the Master of the Jedi Mind Trick, continuing up to this point. Even with the dislike, there’s still a few college girls cheering him over his massive physique, but they’re over shadowed by the many men and children in attendance showing their hatred for his time so far in XWA. The Virginian easily towers over the fans nearby, causing a few small children to cower behind their parents at the site of him, which T.K. takes note of as he smirks to himself over the reaction. Along with this, while Evolution continues to blast out around the arena, a real mixed martial arts feel can be felt while seeing the Evolution of Man walk down the ramp, as of course he is a former MMA fighter, and seems to still carry himself as such.

Scorpion:Why does it feel like he’s going to do that fucking gay ass UFC shit every time I see him walk out?

Sanction: Well that’s simple, before getting into professional wrestling, he was an MMA fighter, and he never lost before he stopped either. So it isn’t surprising that he’d still come out with that kind of feel to him.

Scorpion: God damn it…, I hate this team already.

As the Evolution of Man reaches the end of the ramp, he takes a look at all the fans behind him, quite a few having signs with the intention of breaking his self confidence, and obviously failing greatly as he walks up to the ring apron, and grabs the middle rope and uses it as leverage to step up onto the ring apron, once again displaying his massive size, before taking the next moment to do it yet again. Pushing down the top rope with his hands, he steps over it with his right leg, before having his left leg follow as he is now able to step into the middle of the ring, as this is technically his XWA PPV debut, even if it is a free one, as he soaks in moment while Evolution by Korn fades into the distance, and he awaits the arrival of his tag partner for the evening.

Almost without warning, the opening chords of Destabilise by Enter Shikari hits the PA system, the lights go black for a second straight time, signalling the arrival of the King of Demons to the area. The fans give him a rousing ovation after his performance last week where he barely lost to Dan in the Grand Prix, mostly due to involvement by one Jordan 'Scorpion’ Michaels. While this is going on, crimson spot lights have started to shine all over the arena further giving off the presence of Trace Demon’s arrival. After a moment the bass of the song kicks in and all the crimson light merge together on the stage as Trace steps out into the open to a bigger mixed reaction as he’s wearing his usual hood over his face, and all of the fans in attendance are ready for what happens next. Trace holds up his arm, his fingers forming a ‘gun’ while his other hand is focused on a hood that is over his head. This fingers are directed towards the ring, rather than the man inside since said person is his tag partner tonight, before simultaneously lifting his hand up and knocking off his hood as he mouths the word BOOM! As he does this, behind him a huge wall of flames shoots out while the lights come back on at the same time. Trace is show wearing a pair of black jeans, black boots and a torn sleeveless t-shirt, which features a red anarchy symbol on the back of it. His hair is predominantly black, with a few longer strands of it being in front of his face, and dyed red. To follow all of this up, he has a short carefully trimmed beard and mustache.

Hana: And his partner, hailing from Ontario, Canada; weighing in this morning at Two Hundred and Thirty pounds, and standing at Six Feet and Four Inches; he is the King of Demons… Trace Demon!!!!

Scorpion: God damn it, I was hoping he’d be too close to the wall this time…

Sanction: Now come on Jordan, give him his damn dues, he’s earned his name here, and he’s continued to do so. Besides that, he was lucky to even compete tonight after you tried suing him for last week’s... altercation.

Scorpion:Altercation! He attacked me Mark, you and everybody else saw it. I still want to know what Trace has on Maxwell that got him to intervene with my lawsuit! But it doesn’t matter; you are all going to see Trace Demon lose this match anyway.

Sanction: Well he stopped the lawsuit because you provoked Trace, and I seriously hope you don’t have any plans of being involved with that happening Jordan.

Jordan doesn’t answer Sanction here as the King of Demons starts to walk down the ramp towards the ring, ignoring the several fans trying to have an opportunity to just touch him, but he’s in the center of the ramp, out of the reach of any of the fans with this wish in mind. His thoughts are on two things, his on and off rivalry with Drake, and of course on the spasmodic commentator, Scorpion, who had gotten involved seriously a few times, including throwing soda at him. He shakes his head thinking back to the moment. Though management had given him an entire week off to cool down Trace and Jordan still had a very physical confrontation last week. Trace manages to get his mind off of this though as he focuses towards his tag partner, who is impatiently waiting in the ring for everyone to arrive to start the match.

Sanction: *hides pepsi from Scorpion* You have to wonder what’s on Trace’s mind at the moment after just barely coming short two weeks ago, even if it was due to a certain someone next to me.

Scorpion:Twenty bucks says he makes up a lame excuse about it being me because he can’t cope with the fact that he just sucks.

Sanction:Maybe if you hadn’t jumped into the ring to help Bennett, he wouldn’t be able to say that.

Scorpion:So now you’re on his side are you?! *Sanction facepalms*

As he reaches the end of the ramp, the King of Demons walks up the ring and leaps up onto the apron showing off his athletic grace. He spins around one arm on the ropes at this point keeping his balance as he points out to the fans, gaining quite a few cheers from the fans who have been cheering him, slightly out doing the boos, though not many approve of who he’s tagging with tonight as he turns to the ring and steps through the top and middle ropes. The two tag partner’s exchange glances with one another, both nodding as they know that they need to work together to get the win tonight, as Destabilise by Enter Shikari starts to fade out and the two men wait for the opposing team to come on out.

We are Sex Bob-omb and we're here to make you think about death and get sad and stuff!

As the opening line of Threshold by Sex Bob-Omb is basically screamed out through the PA system, the fans release an uproar of cheers for the man who is about to come out, fresh of his first defeat last week at the hands of EBR. An even louder cheer can be heard as he steps out from the back before the fans being the fat man known as Derrick Jedi! Ever since his arrival he had managed to leap hoops and bounds and was nearly in the finals tonight, but came just short after the combined effort of 8 men and a riot took him out of the tournament. Jedi is wearing a pair of loose-fitting vinyl pants, ironically matching his theme tonight, as the cartoonish likenesses of characters from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World along the sides of them. Quite a few fans cheer for the mix of the two things being involved with his entrance and attire, while he wears a matching t-shirt, almost as if it was a planned decision by the Master of the Jedi Mind Trick to do so. Even so the fans are loving it, while his well grown beard that had gotten him quite a few looks, despite his weight, along with short brown hair to match! Following all of this up, he has on a pair of black boots, barely noticeable with his very colorful pants. His left arm is wrapped around with white athletic tape, while his right hand is fully taped up with the same color. He takes a moment to look around the audience, all of them on their feet for the Chicago Comics native as he nods and starts to walk down towards the ring.

Hana:And their opponents, introducing first, he hails from Chicago Comics on Clark; weighing in this morning at Two Hundred and Eighty pounds, and standing at Six Feet, and Two Inches; He is the Master of the Jedi Mind Trick… Derrick Jedi!!!

Scorpion: Oh god, his tights are hurting my eyes…

Sanction: As usual, Jedi having some fun with his in ring attire as he comes out today with a Scott Pilgrim vs. the World custom design. You can hardly see any of the anger or frustration like we saw after his last match right now.

Scorpion:Probably because he wants to try and pass it off as some fluke.

Sanction: Well it was the hierarchy and EBR’s gang against him, as well as a full blown riot around them that finally ended his winning streak Jordan.

Scorpion:Excuses, excuses

Jedi is obviously thinking about that loss, he had only lost once before then, and it was his first loss here in XWA, but he wasn’t going to let that get to him tonight as he is on the first ever free PPV Intensity, and he was going to restart that winning streak all over again now. On his way down the ramp, he takes the time to slap the hands of all of his loving fans, including several of the small children who the Evolution of Man had frightened only moments ago when he came out. The fans are highly delighted as they get to slap hands with the Master of the Jedi Mind Trick, signaling the first of the three men to come out to do this so far, and this pleased them quite a bit, easily signally the fan favorites for the match simply due to Jedi’s interaction with the fans so far. As he’s coming near the end of the ramp, he takes a glance at the two men in the ring, one being the man he beat in the first round who is glaring down at him, while Trace is simply keeping an eye towards Scorpion and waiting for the match to start.

Sanction: Do you see the way T.K. is looking at him? Jedi is going to have a lot to handle if that looks means anything.

Scorpion:Does it matter? Why do you always over analyze these things?

Sanction: Because it’s our job…

Jedi has reached the ring side area now as he rolls takes a moment to once again look over his two opponents before rolling into the ring, and standing up to look at his two adversaries, neither look all that friendly towards the friendly neighborhood fat man. Jedi keeps a good distance from the Virginian as he knows how quickly T.K. will simply snap on him from the look in his eyes, rather the Master of the Jedi Mind Trick climbs up onto the turnbuckle and waves into the air a bit to get some more cheers from the already explosive crowd before he drops down as Threshold by the Sex Bomb-Omb begins to fade away from the PA system, leaving three of the four men in this match waiting for the fourth as all of them turn to the stage.

Everyone doesn’t have to wait much longer as Bull’s on Parade by Rage Against the Machines begins to blast out of the PA system signaling the arrival of the fourth and final man in this match up. As all of this happens the lights have darkened down for the third time of the night, while the stage is completely filled with fog for the entrance of the demolitionist. From here Blue and White strobe lights fill the area flashing all over the place as Drake steps out from the back, getting a very negative response from the crowd as it doesn’t seem as if any of them have forgiven his involvement with the Legion yet, and Drake himself doesn’t look happy after several disappointing outcomes in his last few matches. As he soaks in the hatred of the fans, a huge spotlight appears on him leaving everything unseen in the dark arena. He spreads his legs apart now, before lifting his hands up over his head in the rock on hand sign/pose, what have you, (\m/). The Giver of Proper Execution is dressed in black and blue boots, with a matching set of black kneepads, which are just visible under Dysfunction’s coat, around where his blue tights end. To follow this up, he’s wearing a black sleeveless coat, with two pockets on each side. On both arms he has black elbow pads, while having a black bandana on his head, covering up his hair from sight. Finally he has a full beard and mustache, completing the entire match with every competitor having a beard.

Hana: And his tag partner, hailing from Drakesville; weighing in this morning at Two Hundred and Seventeen Pounds, and standing at Six Feet, and Three Inches; the Demolitionist… Drake Dysfunction!!!

Sanction: Well this is an odd coincidence, they all have beards!

Scorpion: What the hell does that have to do with anything?

Sanction: Nothing, I just thought it was funny, anyways, Drake has had a rough time as of late since Legends, and I bet he’s hoping to break away from that tonight and get on track to building up some momentum.

Scorpion: Or he could lead Jedi into having a second straight loss, there is always that.


As this lyric is said, several sections of dark red pryo explode all around Drake for a moment as the fans cover their ears from the loud eruption of noise. As the pyro starts to die down, he begins to walk down to the ring, a purpose possibly on the mind of the New Evolution, as he ignores all of the fans, which of course he considers and calls peasants, not helping his support much there. The fans seem to take note of this as they give up on trying to get high fives from the Demolitionist, and former Legion member as he simply continues to walk past him. Dysfunction doesn’t even seem to register that there even people around him as he looks at the three men in the ring, all of them had started off as rivals in the Grand Prix, one was his partner tonight, but the other had crushed his chances of becoming the number one contender, Trace Demon. He shakes his head as he sees the King of Demons, barely noticing the Giant of a Man that was Trace’s partner tonight. At this point he reaches the bottom of the ramp, taking one final look at the matches set up.

Sanction: You can tell by the way Drake is looking up at Trace right now, that this should end up being one interesting contest between these two teams, with T.K. hoping to avenge his loss, and Drake hoping to avenge his.

Scorpion:This match is starting to confuse me now, who defeated who and lost to who? Fuck it, I’ll just blame Trace, that’s always a safe bet.

As he’s reached the end of the ramp, he sprints to the ring apron before sliding into the ring, and just as he does this dark red pyro shoots out of each turnbuckle, causing all three of the other men in this match to step away from the corners for a moment to avoid getting hit by the explosives. From here he jumps up to his feet and walks to one of the corners, before climbing up top of it, and once again doing the rock on hand sign/pose to the crowd (\m/), which is still remaining hostile towards the Ultimate Deceiver. He just shrugs that off before dropping back down to the canvas and turning around as Jedi is next to him, of course Drake gives him an odd look for his attire choice before focusing on the team in front of him, most notably Trace, as Bulls on Parade fades away from the PA system, leaving them all staring back at one another. Both teams talk things over as T.K. exits the ring, Trace Demon starting things off for his team here tonight. On the opposite side of the ring it looks set that Jedi will begin things but as soon as he sees Trace staying put Drake refuses to leave, wanting to settle the score immediately. Jedi shrugs his shoulders and exits through the ropes onto the apron.

Sanction: Well it looks like Trace Demon and Drake Dysfunction will be kicking things off in this tag team match. These two men have a notable history here in the XWA, dating back to their time spent in the Legion.

Scorpion: A history which includes Trace betraying the group that made him and then trying to kill Drake twice! I know from experience that things get physical in that ring but Trace is simply a maniac. He’s a danger to everyone around him.

On that cue the ring bell chimes three to signal the beginning of this huge tag team contest. Trace’s eyes dart back quickly to his tag team partner, he’s not used to working as a unit in a match and that shows in his face but he shakes it off and turns his attention back to his recurring foe Drake Dysfunction. Sarcastically Trace grins and holds his hand out as a ‘sign of respect’ but Drake simply slaps it away, his opinion of the King of Demons obvious to everyone who has watched their recent clashes. The two men begin to circle before going in for the opening lockup of this match.

Sanction: What we have here is two very even wrestlers kicking this match off. While Drake’s win-loss record against Trace isn’t that impressive you can’t underestimate how close those matches were.

Scorpion: I have my suspicions that Trace cheated in every single one of those matches Mark.

Sanction: And where did these suspicions come from?

Scorpion: The fact that Trace Demon is an arrogant, hopeless pathetic excuse for a wrestler and therefore couldn’t win a match against Drake fairly in his life?

As the pair both fight to get the upper hand early in this match neither seems capable of budging the other. We’ve seen that they’ve evenly matched in their past encounters and as they break away it is apparent that they are both frustrated by their inability to prove their out and out strength over the other. They begin circling again, two predators both looking for their opening to pounce. They lock up again, both men struggling to get any real foothold. But then Drake’s foot slips slightly and the technical prowess of Trace Demon shows as he quickly manoeuvres into a side headlock.

Sanction: I’m pretty sure his multiple title reigns over in the WFWF would say differently Jordan.

Scorpion: I love how you still think that anything that happens outside of the XWA matters.

Sanction: Well regardless of your opinions Jordan Trace Demon has shown the first signs of control with that side headlock.

Scorpion: It’s a side headlock, not one of your beloved sleeper holds.

The side headlock may be tightening but Drake has more than enough experience to deal with it, using his strength to lift Trace up for a backdrop. Trace too has four years of experience under his belt and has been in this situation on multiple occasions, releasing the headlock and using the momentum of the attempted backdrop to flip out behind Drake, landing in a crouch on his feet. As Drake turns around Trace takes a giant leap, much lighter on his feet than you would expect, and nails Drake right in the jaw with a dropkick. Drake’s head jolts back and he drops to the mat, Trace landing on his hands and knees next to him, Trace getting the first proper strike in this match.

Sanction: An amazing dropkick by Trace Demon from that crouching position, getting some serious air time.

Scorpion: Great, he can jump, that’s a very impressive feat.

Sanction: Did I sense some sarcasm in there Jordan?

Scorpion: What gave it away Mark? My tone, or the fact that Trace Demon couldn’t do anything impressive if his life depended on it.

Both Trace Demon and Drake Dysfunction push themselves onto their feet. Drake of course takes a second longer and that’s all Trace needs as he unloads with an elbow strike straight to the jaw of Dysfunction. A second elbow collides with the side of Drake’s skull before Trace whips him towards the ropes. Drake rebounds of the ropes but still has his bearings and in an effort to disrupt whatever Trace has planned ducks down. Trace leaps over him however and Drake rebounds off the parallel ropes. With his back to Drake the King of Demons spins around and blasts Drake clean in the face with the roaring elbow, the impact taking Drake clean off of his feet and straight back onto his back.

Sanction: It may be a little too early to call this but Trace Demon is all over Drake in the opening moments of this tag team contest.

Scorpion: Your right Mark.

Sanction: Wait, what?

Scorpion: It is far too early to call this; Trace is going to get a rude awakening any moment now.

Drake is back on the mat and this time Trace isn’t going to give him a chance to get back onto his feet, launching himself on top of Drake and unleashing with rights and lefts. Drake brings his arms up to guard against the worst of the shots but Trace may have been training with his partner this week as he adjusts his stance and begins unloading with MMA style punches to the ribs of The Demolitionist. The pain is obvious by Drake’s expression but he sees his opening and throws a vicious right hand of his own, the blow catching Trace on the side of the head, unbalancing him enough for Drake to push him off.

Sanction: Some very effective MMA style offence by Trace Demon, possibly taking a page out of his tag team partners play book.

Scorpion: Well it makes sense I suppose, a loser taking tips from a loser.

Sanction: Oh will you just shut up if you’re not going to call this match.

Scorpion: Hey, I have the right to free speech, what are you, a communist?

The punch gives Drake a slight advantage over his foe as he scrambles onto his feet first and grabs Trace by the back of the hair and sending a clubbing blow down upon the shoulder of the King of Demons. Drake locks an almost vice like grip upon Trace’s right shoulder, using the pressure point to keep Trace immobile as be brings him to his feet before throwing him into the corner, Derrick Jedi leaning back to avoid getting knocked. Jedi signals for the tag but Drake ignores him, driving a boot into the ribs of Trace before backing up. Drake charges at Trace but the King of Demons sees it coming, bringing his boots up right into Drake’s jaw. Drake drops to the mat while at the same time Trace drives an elbow into Jedi’s face, sending him falling from the apron to the padded floor below.

Sanction: Drake Dysfunction’s decision not to tag in Derrick Jedi really backfires on him there, their lack of tag team experience shining through.


Sanction: Nothing to say Jordan?

Scorpion: I don’t work with communists.

Sanction: I am not a communist.

Scorpion: Good, then you’re just an idiot, which makes a lot more sense.

Trace works quickly, getting away from the corner and grabbing Drake by the hair, yanking him onto his feet and whipping him into the opposite corner where T.K. is waiting on the ring apron, sticking his knee out so the ridge of Drake’s spine hits it hard. Drake stumbles forward but is send crashing back into the corner as Trace crashes into him with a splash that drives him back first into the turnbuckle. Trace drives a boot into the gut of Dysfunction before tagging in T.K.

Sanction: And now, T.K. will be entering this match for the first time, which can only be bad news for Dysfunction who isn’t looking too good right now.

Scorpion: That’s because Trace has been cheating, I don’t how he’s been doing it, but I know it’s happening.

The Evolution of Man quickly steps into the ring, more than happy to take on the task of further punishing the Demolitionist as he sends a strong Muay Thai knee strike to Drake’s abdomen before swiftly following it up with an elbow strike to Dysfunction’s temple! As Drake is now seeing stars from the strike, T.K. takes the opportunity to use his power game as he whips The Giver of Proper Execution across the ring, where Dysfunction bounces off of the ropes, being sent back towards his giant of a foe before being met with a devastating big boot to the face knocking him down to the canvas.

Sanction: Some very powerful offense being shown by T.K. now, as he hit some of his mix martial arts strikes on Dysfunction before whipping him out and knocking him right back down to the ground!

Scorpion: Are you seriously acting like a knee, an elbow and a big boot will actually do something?

Sanction: Every move does something Scorpion, and moves like that coming from a giant like T.K. are all the more powerful.

With Drake down on the ground, holding his head from the repeated strikes from the Evolution of Man, T.K. takes his moment to grab the Ultimate Deceiver by his head and turn him over, before the Virginian steps over him locking in a Camel Clutch! The six foot nine inch giant locking it in so that Drake was staring straight at his partner, unable to escape as Jedi is banging on the turnbuckle and reaching out in the case that Dysfunction can escape and get to him.

Scorpion: Ha, the only guy who’s done shit recently isn’t even able to get in the match, not just because his partner won’t tag him in either.

Sanction: That joke was horrible…

Scorpion: So is your ability to walk, you don’t see anyone commenting on that!


Dysfunction is struggling at this very moment as he tries to ignore the excruciating pain that is shooting through his back with each passing second as he tries to escape the hold. Despite their hate for the Natural Revolution, Jedi manages to get the fans clapping around to egg him on to the ropes and to not tap to the classic submission hold. Despite this, the Demolitionist still struggles within the hold as he tries to push out of it, but this proves to be a mistake, as he just tried to lift up the giant of a man that is T.K. With that attempt having failed, Drake is distraught now as he tries to figure out how he’s going to get out of the hold with his hand over the canvas, almost in the position to tap. The Master of the Jedi Mind Trick has other plans in mind though as he runs in and kicks the Evolution of Man in the face to break the submission, not planning to lose without a fight.

Sanction: Drake was stuck in that hold, but the first signs of teamwork might have just been seen between these two mismatched partners.

Scorpion: Or maybe he just didn’t want to lose and went in there, how he managed I’ll never know, and broke the submission to keep the match going.

Sanction: Well, there is always that I suppose.

Drake may be the New Evolution, but the Evolution of Man is proving the superior at this moment as the official forces Jedi back into his corner, leaving T.K. to drag the Ultimate Deceiver back over to Trace, where he tags his partner back in, before nailing Dysfunction in the head with a good stomp, leaving him nice and ready for Trace to take over with.

Scorpion: Oh seriously? He’s going to fuck up all that work T.K.’s done, watch.

Sanction: I doubt that but the teamwork between T.K. and Trace Demon has been impressive thus far, isolating Drake away from his tag partner.

Trace is, as expected, not any kinder than he was earlier as he enters the ring, taking the moment to follow up T.K’s stomp with one of his own, smacking his boot brutally into the skull of the Master Deceiver. The King of Demons hoists his adversary upwards now, before lifting up the New Evolution into the air for a Brianbuster and nailing it to perfection as he drops Dysfunction down head first into the canvas!

Sanction: Those two are doing some serious damage to Drake’s skull, I’ll be surprised if he’s thinking completely straight by the end of this one.

Scorpion: That stomp to the head a moment ago was dirty as shit, and he knows it, the asshole.

Sanction: Now now Jordan, we both know if anyone in Rated X had done that, hell if T.K. had done that, which he did a moment before Trace did, you wouldn’t say a damn thing.

Scorpion: You say that like it means something to me, Trace is a dirty cheater, and I’m simply pointing it out, no need to get moody with me.

As all of this is going on, Jedi is starting to look pretty worried and with the desire to get into the ring now so that he can try and turn things around, but the opportunity doesn’t seem to be presenting itself as Trace doesn’t even attempt to move his enemy any closer towards the Master of the Jedi Mind Trick, rather he goes from behind Drake, who is starting to try and stand himself up. With Dysfunction left completely open, the King of Demons locks in a sleeper hold!

Sanction: Oh my a sleeper hold, SHIT JUST GOT SERIOUS!

Scorpion: That isn’t a sleeper hold, that’s a damn illegal choke!

Jedi is looking very agitated by his partner’s inability to get over to their corner and tag him in, but he doesn’t need any such movement to let him enter the ring to try and break up the submission hold to keep from risking the match. This action is met by the Evolution of Man also entering the ring as the two men who clashed in the first round meet just a foot away from where the submission is taking place, as the Virginian starts a fist fight with the Chicago native, distracting the referee from the legal action taking place inside of the ring at this very moment. With the officials attention taken away, Demon doesn’t let up for a second, but Drake seems to be strong enough to start forcing his way up as he brings them to a vertical base.

Sanction: From the looks of things, Tommy is losing control of the action here tonight with all four men just brawling it out in the middle of the ring!

Scorpion: When was the last time you saw a tag match that was calm without some form of chaos at one point or another? It’s become a little formulaic.

Sanction called it right though, Tickles is losing control of this contest as he tries to get both Jedi and T.K. to go back to their respective corners, while keeping an eye on Trace and Drake was quite a monumental task! The Demolitionist finally breaks free from the hold now as he hits a good elbow to the abdomen of the King of Demons! This entire process proves pointless though as Trace keeps the momentum flowing for his time by kneeing his adversary in the gut and tossing him out of the ring. Meanwhile as this is happening, Derrick Jedi has got the advantage over the Evolution of Man, sending him out of the ring next to Drake, leaving the two men who got were eliminated more recently from the Grand Prix staring one another down.

Scorpion: Did you see that a moment ago, I swear Trace hit Drake with a low blow, TOMMY DISQUALIFY THEM DAMN IT!

Sanction: Calm down, he only hit him in the abdomen, but right now we have a pretty interesting standoff, as it seems all chances of a standard tag match have been thrown out the window with Drake outside the ring recovering next to T.K.!


Trace Demon and Derrick Jedi begin fighting it out in the ring, Derrick taking note that Tommy Tickles has begun his count with legal man Drake on the outside. Fists are flying like crazy in the ring as neither man can get any kind of leverage while Drake and T.K. begin stirring on the outside.


On the outside of the ring both T.K. and Drake are back onto their feet and as Drake attempts to slide back into the ring T.K. grabs him by the legs and yanks him straight back out, the force of the yank sending Drake chest first to the floor with a big crash. The gameplan is obvious, the Evoltuin of Man aiming to keep the Master Deceiver from entering the ring, pushing for the count out.

Sanction: A vicious drop to the floor for Drake Dysfunction, whose jaw bounces off that padded flooring.

Scorpion: And inside the ring we get to see the fat jedi and an untalented hack fight it out. How fun.


With Drake’s attempts at re-entering this match resulting in a not so pleasant landing Derrick Jedi swaps is focus to helping his tag team partner. A vicious right hand sends Trace staggering back as Jedi looks to exit the ring. Trace isn’t letting that right hand go unreturned however as he comes flying at Jedi, smashing into him with a flying forearm that sends Jedi crashing to the mat, Trace pouncing on top of him and unloading with punches.


T.K. isn’t giving Drake any time to recover from his collision with the padded flooring, grabbing him by the back of the head and yanking him onto his feet with pure beastly strength before throwing him face first into the steel turnbuckle. Drake bounces off of it like a ragdoll as more and more damage is done to the skull. T.K. is unrelenting in his punishment, grabbing Drake around the throat and throwing him from the floor into the security barricade back first.


Trace Demon is still throwing punches at Jedi but he isn’t doing it tactically and Jedi quickly manages to roll through, pushing Trace off in the process. Both men get to their feet almost simultaneously but Derrick Jedi gets in the first blow, nailing Trace with a head butt that unbalances him enough for Jedi to attempt to whip his adversary out of the ring and restart the count. This attempt proves to be futile as the King of Demons keeps a hold of his hand before reversing the whip so that Jedi bounces off the ropes, only getting a moment to think before getting hit in the chin by a massive Super Kick!


Sanction: Oh wow, what a kick there by Trace, and the momentum remains firmly in the hands of the team of T.K. and Trace Demon now.

Scorpion: Only because Trace can’t stop play dirty to save his life.

T.K. looks to continue his domination on the outside as he grabs Drake by the scruff of the neck but there’s a reason that Drake was such an important aspect of the Legion as he charges forwards, pushing T.K. spine first into the turnbuckle. As T.K. stumbles away Drake charges at him, leaps and hits T.K. with a big clothesline that manages to take him down to the ground.


Drake pulls T.K. up onto his feet but stops when the crowd seem to erupt, everyone standing up as they see the King of Demons running to the opposite side of the ring, before bouncing off of the ropes and leaping through the top and middle ropes to take both of them down with a breathtaking suicide dive! Tommy seems confused like crazy now from all the chaos before restarting the ring out count that Trace just broke.


Scorpion: Did you see that, he took out his own tag team partner! I told you he couldn’t be trusted!

Sanction: From the looks of things, Trace saw that this match was going to end by count out, and instead went ahead and brought the situation into his own hands.

With the success of his high risk move, Trace looks pumped and ready to continue his assault, what he hadn’t predicted, was that his superkick wouldn’t keep the Master of the Jedi Mind Trick down for all that long as he turns around to see XWA’s friendly neighborhood fat man bouncing off the ropes on the opposite side of the ring! The King of Demons is unable to get out of the area of attack though as Derrick leaps over the top rope for possibly the most breathtaking version of the Tope Con Hilo, with all two hundred and eighty pounds of Nerd slamming down onto Trace leaving Tommy in the ring unsure of what to do inside of the ring.

Sanction: I swear that I don’t think that’ll ever cease to amaze me when I see Jedi do that.

Scorpion: Haha, see Trace just learned that fat men can fly! The hard way!


With all four men down and out on the outside Tommy Tickles has no choice but to continue his count, this tag team match having the potential to have a very disappointing end.




On the count of five Derrick Jedi, the man who very literally crushed Trace Demon, gets up onto a knee, the impact from the leap having taken a fair amount out of him. Using the ring apron Jedi pulls himself onto his feet, lifting his tag team partner up with him, rolling Drake into the ring and following quickly after.


Sanction: Is Derrick Jedi aiming to take this match by count out? It doesn’t really sound like his style.

Scorpion: Maybe he’s finally using his brain. I mean he hasn’t got the looks or the charisma, that means he’s got to have brains right?


Whether Derrick Jedi is looking for the count out or not it doesn’t look like he’ll be getting it as Trace Demon is slowly using the ring apron to pull himself back into the ring. Jedi works quickly, pulling a groggy Drake over to their corner before stepping out of the ring, grabbing the tag rope and tagging himself in. Jedi now enters the ring as the legal man while Drake rolls out onto the apron, still trying to regain most of his senses. Trace Demon claws his way into the ring and gets onto his feet just in time for Jedi to nail him with a right hand. Trace is whpped into the corner where Jedi spins around and on the rebound nails him with the very unusual hip attack.

Scorpion: Haha, did you see that? Trace getting hit by that horrible hip attack, now that’s entertainment!

Sanction: The momentum certainly seems to have shifted in the favour of Derrick Jedi here as he tags himself in and starts taking the fight to the King of Demons.

On the outside of the ring T.K. has recovered from being taken out by his own tag team partner’s suicide dive as he claws his way back up to his corner, shouting out for the tag to he can get his hands on Derrick Jedi. However Trace is in no position to make the tag as Derrick Jedi looks to capitalise on the hip attack, dropping a big elbow drop down on a grounded King of Demons. With Trace firmly down and showing no signs of making an immediate recovery Jedi looks to finish this match, rolling Trace over onto his chest and standing over him before making the shout for his signature submission hold – The Threshold!

Sanction: Derrick Jedi making the call for The Threshold, although I don’t know how smart it is to attempt a submission hold on a man who has quickly established himself as one of the premiere submission artists here in the XWA.

Scorpion: Personally, I think you’re the only one who believes he can even use a submission properly.

Sanction: What about all the matches he’s won by submission?

Scorpion: Well I can safely say I’ve never seen them, and I’m a commentator so what I say must be true.

Derrick Jedi’s shout to the crowd gets him a huge reaction, the charismatic nerd getting the crowd behind him, but he’s about to discover exactly why Trace Demon calls himself a submission master. As he bends down to grip the wrists Trace quickly turns the tables having been playing possum, grabbing Jedi’s wrists and using them to forcefully pull his head and chest up. Jedi is too shocked by the sudden counter to do anything as Trace rolls through, dragging Jedi down to the ground with Trace ending up standing over a downed Jedi with Jedi’s ankle now in his grasp. Trace quickly flips Jedi over, grasping the ankle, and drops down, wrapping his legs around Jedi’s leg in a vine, the ankle lock firmly locked in!

Sanction: And that is why he called himself a submission specialist Jordan, Trace Demon with an amazing counter to lock in one of his own signature submission holds – the ankle lock.

Scorpion: What? You mean how he cheated to draw Jedi in? What’s impressive about that?

Derrick Jedi is completely uncapable of escaping the hold, his girth making it very difficult for him to really attempt a counter. Trace sits up, bending Jedi’s leg in a very uncomfortable way, the ankle lock/ leg scissor combo doing the damage. Jedi looks close to tapping out but he has a saviour waiting on the apron, as Drake Dysfunction finally comes back to the world of the conscious, entering the ring. T.K. does so as well looking to stop the interference but Drake is faster, dropping down and driving an elbow in the spine of Trace Demon forcing the break.

Sanction: Drake Dysfunction saves Derrick Jedi from an almost guaranteed submission finish right there.

Scorpion: Well if Trace Demon is going to cheat throughout this match then why shouldn’t Drake?

Tommy Tickles is on Drake immediately but as Drake turns to head back to his corner Tommy’s attention is quickly taken by T.K. who is trying to get his hands on Jedi. Tickles orders T.K. back to his corner and while he’s forcing him back Drake sees an opportunity, stalking Trace as he slowly gets onto his feet. T.K. is shouting at Tickles to turn his attention back to the ring but he’s causing more harm than good, Tommy threatening to disqualify him if he doesn’t exit the ring. Meanwhile Trace Demon turns around to face Drake and is immediately dropped by the Down to Hell! With T.K. back out onto the ring apron Drake quickly makes his own exit, the damage done, as Derrick Jedi goes for the cover.




Sanction: Despite that cheap Down to Hell from Drake Dysfunction Trace Demon still manages to get the shoulder up off the mat.

Scorpion: But the damage is done thanks to that genius move by Drake Dysfunction.

Sanction: Seriously, do you just support anybody who is beating on Trace?

Scorpion: That’s the short of it.

Derrick Jedi takes a few seconds to catch his breath and check on his ankle while T.K. tries to clap Trace to his feet, the only problem being that the fans really don’t like T.K. and don’t respond to him whatsoever. A few chants break out for Trace Demon and the King of Demons starts to stir. Jedi sees this and immediately pulls Trace up to his feet. Jedi drives a knee into the gut of Trace Demon before delivering a clubbing blow to Trace’s back, Trace is in definite trouble at this point in the match as Derrick Jedi drills another forearm down upon his back, Trace dropping down to one knee as Jedi runs the ropes and drills a boot into the side of Trace’s skull as Jedi once again goes for the pinfall.




Scorpion: Come on! Finish him!

Sanction: Trace Demon in all kinds of trouble in this ring, having been considerably hampered by that Down to Hell moments ago.

On the apron Drake Dysfunction screams at Jedi to tag him in, determined to finish this match for his team but also to continue the damage to Trace Demon. Jedi pulls Trace to his feet but Trace comes out of nowhere with a weak right hand, showing that there is still some life left in the King of Demons. Trace unleashes a second right hand but he is quickly shut down by a knee to the gut. Jedi whips Trace towards his corner but Trace leaps up at the last second and drills Drake with a one legged dropkick right to the jaw of Drake, the Demolitionist getting drilled hard in the jaw and falling from the apron to the padded floor beneath him.

Sanction: What a counter to that whip, but Trace Demon still needs to make the tag.

Scorpion: Shut him down!

Trace Demon lands on his back in the corner but quickly rolls over onto his feet as Derrick Jedi approaches him. Trace sees him coming and out of nowhere hits the short range Spear taking Jedi to the mat. Trace grabs hold of the ring ropes, using them to pull himself up while Jedi clutches to his ribs. On the outside of the ring Drake is coming to his senses after getting nailed by the dropkick. Spotting Trace on his feet Drake slides into the ring looking to stop Trace from making the tag but Trace sees him and out of nowhere drills him with a superkick before using the last of his energy to run towards his corner and make a jumping tag to T.K.!

Sanction: Trace Demon makes the tag! The big man is in!

Scorpion: Aw shit.

The time had finally come for Derrick Jedi and the Evolution of Man to meet up inside of the ring once again, and the Virginian wasn’t about to throw away the chance as he steps through the ropes swiftly and barrels straight for the Chicago native. The Master of the Jedi Mind Trick is prepared for the attack as he dodges what appears to be a clothesline attempt, forcing the giant of a twenty year old into the ropes. Derrick isn’t’ about to let the momentum he had worked so hard to obtain slip him too easily as he manages to catch T.K. on the rebound before lifting him upwards and slamming him down with a spine buster!

Sanction: Derrick Jedi isn’t about to just hand over the advantage his team has worked so hard to get!

Scorpion: It looks like Trace’ ineptitude in the ring is contagious.

Sanction: Oh no, not again...

Sanction’s words of worry quickly make sense as we see the Hierarchy making their way down the ramp, obviously not content with having interfered in Jedi’s last few matches up to this point. Thinking quickly, the two hundred and eighty pounder runs to his corner and quickly tags in a very confused Drake, thinking about the match and his regular brawls, as the Demolitionist is forced to step back into the ring, though this time with momentum surely in his favor as Jedi prepares for the possibility of being attacked by the Hierarchy at this moment.

Sanction: Oh come on, three straight shows? Do these guys seriously have to get involved with Jedi at every chance that prevents itself.

Scorpion: Of course they do, if they didn’t they wouldn’t be able to make Jedi wish he hadn’t crossed them. It makes typical heel stable sense.

Sanction: All he did was beat Miles Davidson in the Grand Prix…

Scorpion: And that’s all it took to cross them. They’re a little temperamental but it works for them.

While Jedi prepares for the showdown outside of the ring, Dysfunction has taken advantage inside as he delivers some stomps to the back of the Evolution of Man, satisfied in taking over for his preoccupied tag partner. This is honestly not the best way to do so though as the Virginian manages to climb his way back to his feet as he takes quick notice that Jedi has tagged himself out, only serving to enrage the giant of a man who once again loses his chance to get his hands on his foe. Of course he can’t do anything at the moment, as he has to at least get through the Ultimate Deceiver who doesn’t seem to be planning on letting him get out of the ring anytime soon as he manages to lift the two hundred and fifty five pounder up into the air before slamming him down with a scoop slam!

Sanction: Holy shit a scoop slam, they’re going all out tonight!

Scorpion: What is with you and freaking out over the most generic moves going?

Drake seems happy that he’s finally building momentum, but defeating the newer star in T.K. isn’t his objective at the moment. He turns his attention towards Trace who is getting back up after going through some damage against Jedi moments ago. Neither man seems to the mind the idea of confronting one another again as the Demolitionist lifts up his larger adversary yet again, though this time only to whip the Evolution of Man towards Trace, allowing the King of Demons to tag himself back in. The Virginian has no qualms about it as he notices the Hierarchy and Jedi about to clash, and he’s not one to let his prey be snatched up by others either as he steps out of the ring.
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Re: Intensity: T.K. & Trace VS Derrick Jedi & Drake

Postby Trace » Fri Jul 08, 2011 3:41 pm

Scorpion: Oh god, T.K. you just threw away the match you dumbass, Trace is about to lose this thing!

Sanction: Quiet down Jordan; besides, I think T.K.’s attention is more geared towards Jedi at the moment anyway, as Drake is with Trace, this should be interesting.

With Trace and Drake now grappling inside of the ring, T.K. jumps off the ring apron, taking his time to go around and confront the Hierarchy, who are pretty much taking off with what he wants to be pounding down on. None of them noticing the six foot nine inch mans presence though as they surround Jedi, with the Tickles completely focused on the two men inside of the ring, not noticing the interference that is about to occur. As Davidson, Silva and the rest start to beat down on Jedi, they are unprepared for the strike of a Muay Thai head kick to interrupt them as the Evolution of Man knocks Davidson down to the side. The Hierarchy, now momentarily confused at what is happening, isn’t prepared to have Shawn Silva tossed to the side straight into the barricade, leaving only Lucas Talbot to stand against him. Rather than doing so, Lucas checks on Silva, leaving the Virginian to take his time against the Master of the Jedi Mind Trick with stomps of his own.

Scorpion: I’m torn, should I side with the Hierarchy or T.K.?

Just as Jordan says this, the Hierarchy reforms, and turns their attack to the Evolution of Man, not wanting to share their attack on the fat man.

Scorpion: Right, the hierarchy it is.

Sanction: I wish Tickles would see what’s going on to try and regain some form of law and order in this match, but at the moment, taking his eyes away from Trace and Drake would probably be a bad idea as well.

Inside of the ring, while T.K. Jedi and the Hierarchy are in a state of utter chaos trying to fight one another, not completely sure what is going on as all three sides continuously attack on another, Trace and Dysfunction continue their brutal hatred for one another. The two are trading punches and some stiff looking kicks before one mistimed punch from Drake allows Trace to grab his arm, quickly dragging Drake down to the mat. Trace’s hands move quickly, having practiced these movements time and time again, as his legs wrap around Drake’s arm, locking it firmly in place, while his hands clinch around Drake’s jaw and begins pulling back, Drake screaming in pain as Trace Demon locks in the crossface.

Scorpion: FOR FUCKS SAKE, Tommy he’s cheating his heart out and you aren’t seeing anything?

Sanction: Calm down Jordan. Trace Demon blocking a punch and reversing it into a perfectly fair, but painful, crossface submission hold.

Scorpion: So now you’re blind too?

With Drake Dysfunction going nowhere and doing his best not to tap out in the ring things on the outside are still just as chaotic. Somehow Derrick Jedi and T.K. have found themselves fighting the same foe as the pair fight off the trio of Hierarchy stars that they are faced with. Security rush down to the ring attempting to break up the debacle as Tommy Tickles has no idea what to do as the legal men inside the ring are still fighting it out in perfectly fair circumstances.

Scorpion:: Come on ref, disqualify that no good cheat!

Sanction: You realise Trace hasn’t done anything wrong at all and is actually in the ring right now?

Scorpion:: Come on, he knew he couldn’t win this match fair and square so he called in some help from the Hierarchy. It was all planned!

The likely hood of this being a Trace Demon plan seems slim but he doesn’t seem to care either way as he continues leaning back adding more pressure into the crossface. Drake knows that he’s in trouble as he tries to use his one free arm to claw his way to the ring ropes. It an impossible talk though, Trace leaning back on the body of Drake to stop any potential mobility. Outside the ring security haven’t succeeded in anything more than getting thrown out of the way as Derrick Jedi, T.K. and The Hierarchy fight it out up the ramp. They continue fighting off to the side of the rampway and out of the sight of the cameras.

Sanction: T.K. and Derrick Jedi fighting it out with the Hierarchy off the side of our set and... out of sight. Well I guess this match is now just down to Trace Demon and Drake Dysfunction?

Scorpion:: Perfect.

Sanction: Oh Jordan... here we go again.

In what has become a familiar occurrence in Trace Demon matches in the past month Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels drops his headset and leaves the commentating table. He is quickly up on the ring apron shouting at Tommy Tickles about cheating. Tickles attention is taken away from the submission hold in the ring just seconds before Drake Dysfunction starts tapping out to the crossface. Trace Demon leans his head back having no idea why the ring bell hasn’t rung yet and spots Jordan Michaels up on the ring apron. Releasing the hold Trace Demon gets onto his feet, shaking his head in disbelief at yet more interference in this match.

Sanction: Well I can only apologise for the actions of my announce team partner... again.

Trace Demon is done playing around with Scorpion as he pushes Tommy Tickles out of the way and grabs Jordan by his collar and roughly yanks him over the ropes and into the ring, Jordan hitting the mat with a thud as he scrambles to try and get away from a furious King of Demons. Trace pulls Scorpion up onto his feet, shouting at him that he’s interfered for the last time. Behind the pair Drake Dysfunction has pulled himself up onto his feet and he charges at Trace looking for a clothesline but somehow Trace knows he’s coming, moving out of the way, Drake slamming into Scorpion who is sent flying under the bottom rope, hitting the padded floor with a thump.

Sanction: Haha, bad luck Jordan, probably shouldn’t have stuck your nose in this time.

Drake turns around and receives a boot to the gut from a waiting Trace, Drake doubling over from the blow. The King of Demons promptly double underhooks Drake’s arms. Everyone knows what’s coming, including Drake whose received this move more than any other man in the XWA, as Trace proceeds to lift Drake up, flipping him over in mid lift and dropping him down onto the mat with the Demonstration of Hell, Trace Demon dropping down in a pinning position...

Sanction: The Demonstration of Hell, this one could be all over!




Sanction: Trace Demon does it! Despite run ins by the Hierarchy and my broadcast colleague Jordan Michaels, Trace Demon once again pins Drake Dysfunction.

Hana: And your winners... Trace Demon & T.K.!

With T.K. nowhere to be seen ’Destabilise’ hits the speaks as Trace Demon pushes Drake Dysfunction away and gets up onto his feet, Tommy Tickles lifting his arm up in victory. On the outside of the ring Jordan Michaels is slowly crawling towards the announce table, Trace Demon laughing inside the ring having once again got one up on his recent nemesis.
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Re: Intensity: T.K. & Trace VS Derrick Jedi & Drake

Postby Dysfunctional » Sat Jul 09, 2011 12:56 am

~The opening bell sounds as XWA: Intensity goes back on the air after some a short advertisement produced by XWA Entertainment. Anyway, it's high-time we get right down to one of the two Tag-Team Matches scheduled for tonight. However, this one won't be contested in the thing that I like to call the "impossi-cage" (shut up. That's all I had at the moment :sangry:). No, this is a very important match that features 4 superstars itching to climb their way up to super stardom. These two teams look to make major names for themselves as individual wrestlers, and this Tag-Team Match could possibly be their big break.~

Hana Ramirez: "Ladies and gentlemen, this match is a Tag-Team Match scheduled for one-fall! Introducing first...."

~"We are Sex Bob-omb and we're here to make you think about death and get sad and stuff!"~

Hana Ramirez: "Making his way to the ring weighing in at 290 pounds. He hails from Chicago Comics on Clark. He is the "Sith Warrior" Derrick Jedi!"

~The fuzzy bass riff kicks in as Derrick makes his way to the ring. He high fives fans as he meanders down the ramp to the ring~

Jordan "Scorpion" Michaels: "And we're kicking off XWA's newest PPV in a great way as we see Derrick Jedi heading to the ring."

Mark Sanction: "Indeed, Jordan. We have tons of matches that are just bound to be off the hook. Plus, a word from Angelus!"

~Derrick rolls into the ring and continues to appeal to the crowd. As his music fades away, asks Hana for her mic. She gladly hands it to him~

Jordan "Scorpion" Michaels: "Looks like he's got something to say."

[JEDI] "Audience, audience it's been bittersweet. On the one hand I've been knocked out of the Grand Prix. My goal to become the fastest rising World Champion in the history of the XWA has been halted. Now it's back to the end of the line it seems."

~Jedi takes a pause and a deep breath~

[JEDI] "See audience, I was robbed of that opportunity by men with no real invested interest in it. Partially by the Hierarchy who are all just sour grapes and little punks but in no way were assaulted and beaten down and hidden in an empty equipment crate somewhere in the building. Partially by the company that EBR keeps. So, with my newfound free time I managed to get a show with Dan Bennett and that's been an upside. But still, there's only so much gilding one an do before the aftertaste builds up and takes over. Now, the only thing I can do start winning again. And that starts tonight."

~The crowd cheers~

[JEDI] "See, I'm not one to be bitter about things. I like to look on the bright side. But the only way for me to get any sort of momentum going again is to, unfortunately for the other team, beat some ass. Starting with TK. Twinkie, why? Why, oh why do you do this to yourself? You say you're going to take me seriously now but that's not in your nature. Remember, you think you're better than me? Yeah, I'm going to totally beat your ass again, homeslice. Maybe I'll even tap you out with my brand, spankin', new submission hold. And then there's Trace Demon but we'll let Drake do all the dirty work there and let Scorps do all the talking on that."

[SCORPION] "Appreciate it, Derrick."

[SANCTION] "He can't hear you."

[SCORPION] "But he'll know I said it and that's the important thing."

[JEDI] "See folks, I'm more than a song and dance man. I'm like the New Andy Kaufman. I'm a genius. And me and Drake are going to show you the extent of that genius be it with a badass headlock or some other amazingness. So Drake, let's do this, bro."

~The lights die down 'til the arena is completely dark. White smoke surrounds the entrance stage as "Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine blasts through the speakers~

Hana Ramirez: "And his tag-team partner from Los Angeles, California weighing in at 217 pounds. "The Demolitionist" Drake Dysfunction!"

~White and blue strobe lights begin flashing at the stage as Drake Dysfunction emerges from behind the black curtain. As his "peasants" start giving him boos, a spotlight appears on top of him while the lights in the arena are still out. He stands at the top of the entrance ramp, spreading his legs apart from each other and shoots his two hands up in the air doing rock-on poses (\m/)~



~The dark red pyrotechnics explode all around him. After the pyrotechnics die down, "The New Evolution" walks down the ramp with purpose. There's no smile or grin on his face as he continues to make his way to the ring ignoring the front-row "peasants" holding out their hands for a high-five. He stops at the end of the ramp for a short while before charging at the ring and sliding into it. A pyros shoot out of the top of each ring post after he slides in. After this, he gets up and walks over to the first corner he sees, climbs up to the second turnbuckle, and then raises his arms in the air, doing the rock-on pose (\m/) once again. He jumps back down to the mat and remains in the corner with his back leaning against the turnbuckles. He and Derrick Jedi await the arrival of their opponents. You can see the two of them talking, probably coming up with s strategy of some sort before the match even starts~

Jordan "Scorpion" Michaels: "Man, if anyone needs this match, it's definitely Derrick Jedi's partner here. He needs to snap out of it and get back in this if he wants to hold ANY gold!"

Mark Sanction: "I honestly couldn't agree more with you there. If Drake manages to win this, it'll bring the confidence back. If he loses this one, then I can't help but say that it'll be over him."

~Within a moment of Evolution by Korn hitting the PA system, two columns of fire shoot out of the stage welcoming the hatred and anger of the fans to see the giant figure of a man who is already starting to walk out. The ‘Evolution of Man’ stands between the flames, looking very intimidating ever since his arrival in the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance. His short reddish blond hair is spiked up a bit, with his eyes intently focused towards the ring at the two men that he would definitely like to demolish. He has his sideburns trimmed to the point where just a bit of it goes down the side of his head where it meets his beard, which is also well groomed, with no noticeable flaws, all of this matching his mustache that partially moves into the beard as well. Along his right arm and side, he has some intricate looking colored designs that go down all the way to his waist~

Jordan "Scorpion" Michaels: "And out comes T.K. This guy looks to take names tonight in XWA: Intensity!"

Mark Sanction: "I have to agree, this guy has been on a roll since coming here."

Hana Ramirez: "Introducing the first participant of team #2. He weighed in this morning at 255 pounds. He hails from Virginia Beach, Virginia! 'The Evolution of Man' T.K.!!!!!!"

~With a loud ovation of boos for this 'heel', he makes his way down the ramp and towards the ring. Ignoring the fans that flick him off he sprints towards the bottom rope and slides in. Drake Dysfunction and Derrick Jedi quickly leave the ring through the ropes directly behind them to avoid any contact with him before the match even starts. T.K. climbs up the corner to the second turnbuckle and raises his two fists in the air, screaming "YEAH" at the top of his lungs. He then drops down to the canvas as his music fades away~

~The opening chords of ‘Destabilise hit the speakers as the lights in the arena turn off, crimson spotlights shining around the arena. As the bass hits all of the spotlights combine on the rampway where Trace Demon walks out onto the stage, his face obscured by a hood. Trace walks out onto the ramp before holding out his arm, his fingers pointed like a gun towards the ring (Chris Sabin style :swink:). His other hand grasps the hood as he simultaneously pulls the hood down and throws his hands up, mouthing “Boom” as a huge wall of flame shoots up from the stage and the lights turn back on~

Hana Ramirez: "And his opponent from Ontario, Canada! He weighed in this morning at 230 pounds. He is 'The King of Demons' Trace Deeemon!"

~Trace stands on the ramp, staring intently at the ring before slowly making his way to it, ignoring the fans who attempt to touch the King of Demons. He stops at the foot of the ring before leaping up onto the apron, entering the ring between the top and middle rope. However, just as he's doing this, a blind-sided attack is done on T.K., who had his back turned. He gets taken down by Drake's unseen forearm shot to the back of his head. Trace goes in to save his tag-team partner and gets in a fist fight with Drake Dysfunction. As soon as Trace gets the upper hand in this fist fight, Derrick Jedi comes in to make the save, making it a 2-on-1 situation.~

Mark Sanction: "What the hell has gotten into Drake??"

Jordan "Scorpion" Michaels: "Mark, this is a guy who's had enough of the losing streak. He's taking the early advantage now by attacking his opponents before the match starts. In my personal opinion, Trace deserves what's coming to him."

~Drake and Derrick have Trace pinned in a corner now. The referee is behind the carnage occurring before his very eyes, attempting to tell the men to stop so that the match can commence. Just then, T.K. comes in to make the save as he turns his attention to Derrick Jedi, spinning him around and just straight clubbing him with powerful right hand shots right before he clotheslines him, sending him flopping over the top rope (use the force, T.K! :sbiggrin:)~

~Drake takes Trace outta the corner, irish whipping him into the other corner. Trace sums up the athletic agility to run up the turnbuckles, performing a back flip and going over the oncoming Demolitionist. Drake stops himself from ramming into the corner where there's 'nobody home,' turns around and gets speared into it by Trace. Trace then irish whips Drake outta the corner into his tag-team partner T.K, who stands in the center of the ring. He just hoists Drake up in the air, Drake's expression on his face telling the whole story: this isn't gonna be good. T.K. displays his power as he walks over to the ropes that Derrick Jedi got clothes lined over. With a smile on his face, he gorilla presses Drake over the top rope, causing him to land on his tag-team partner by chance. Trace and T.K. stand triumphant in the ring, and the only thing the referee can do now is make sure T.K. and Trace remain in the ring. Drake and Derrick Jedi are just now getting to their feet, recuperating on the outside~

Mark Sanction: "Well there ya go. Trace and T.K. stand triumphant. That's what happens when you try to take the 'easy way out.'"

Jordan "Scorpion" Michaels: "Easy way out? What re you talking about? They tried to take advantage of the situation. Drake's an innovator. He knows what he's doing."

Mark Sanction: "Yeah, I can't really say who knew what he was doing. First of all, he's never been in the same ring with a guy like T.K. and secondly, he's never beaten Trace in 1-on-1 competition. Obviously, Trace has the upper advantage."

~T.K. and Trace get in their respective corners and start talking to each other while Drake and Derrick climb into the ring and gather in their corner. The referee makes sure both teams are ready. With no more blindside attacks this time, the referee signals for the bell to be rung~


~It looks like Derrick Jedi and T.K. will start things off. The encircle the ring until the get into an elbow tie-up. T.K. with the size advantage easily forces Derrick into a corner.~


~T.K. eases off of him before the count of four, giving Derrick the opening to lay in a quick right jab. This pisses T.K. off, but Derrick maneuvers outta the corner before T.K. lands a hit. Derrick is now in the center of the ring. T.K. turns around to face him and catches him doing some weird hand movements, taunting his opponent (some type of tai-chi or whatever. Idk what he does). T.K. immediately goes running after him, but runs into a kick to his midsection. Jedi gets him in a front facelock, raising his free hand in the air before spiking T.K. with the snap ddt. Instead of going for the pin he rolls T.K. on his back, runs towards the ropes and hits the senton. NOW he goes for the pin~


~T.K. kicks out at one. The Master of the Jedi Mind Trick sits him up and locks in a tight sleeper hold which soon gets taken over into a pin attempt to which T.K. gets the shoudler up on. T.K. gets up while the choke is still applied and starts giving Jedi a few elbows to the gut after which the self-proclaimed Jedi Master lets T.K. go. The resident Virginian then performs a variation of strikes. First a right hand followed by a left and then a spinning back fist. Each of those strikes are followed by a scream, and the spinning back fist sends the Jedi staggering into the ropes. T.K. goes running towards him, but Derrick tugs down on the top rope and T.K. flops over to the outside. Derrick then takes this opportunity to gloat before leaving the ring to deal with his opponent. He grabs T.K. by the head and attempts to slam his head on the railing, but T.K. prevents this, elbows Jedi in the gut and Jedi ends up meeting the guardrail with his face. T.K. then rolls Jedi into the ring before sliding in after him. Both men are near the ropes when T.K. hooks the leg~


~Jedi grabs the bottom rope with his right hand. Kirk Samson notices it and lets T.K. know. So, the Evolution of Man drags Jedi over to the center of the ring and pins him there~


~Jedi kicks out at one. T.K. gets up and stomps on Jedi's gut. Naturally, Jedi sits up due to the reflexive action. T.K. then follows up on the stomp by kicking Jedi in the chest. Jedi favors the chest, covering it with both arms. Drake's just itching to get in this~

Mark Sanction "Nice kick by T.K, looking dominant in the early goings of this match! Jedi needs to make a tag fast."

~T.K. goes for another stomp, but Jedi rolls outta the way. T.K. smiles for a second, laughing a little before walking towards him. Just then, he stops, looking at Trace Demon who reaches out his hand. T.K. then looks at Drake Dysfunction with a huge smile on his face, not breaking eye contact with him as he walks backwards towards his corner, extending the hand that Trace gladly tags. You could say that T.K. was saying "Hey, here comes the guy who demonstrated what hell feels like when he power bombed you outta the Grand Prix!" Now Trace's in the match, looking to finish what T.K. started as he makes his way towards Derrick Jedi. However, Derrick has other ideas as he just kicks the oncoming Trace in the gut. Trace's now bent over with his arms wrapped around his gut and Derrick quickly tags in his own partner (none of that leaping crap that the WWE does. He just walks over there and tags the man. Dammit WWE! Stop overdoing shit :roll:). Drake's in the ring now and he immediately goes after Trace who just finished getting kicked hard. He irish whips him into the ropes and goes for the clothesline which gets ducked. Trace comes off of the other ropes and runs towards Drake who gets hit with the jumping kick to the jaw. Drake goes down and Trace follows up that attack with a nice standing moonsault~

Mark Sanction: "You really don't see that from Trace. That was a nice moonsault there. Here's the pin!"


~And Drake kicks out! The King of Demons gets Drake up to his feet and flips the Jedi Master the bird before he takes Drake into his corner. Once he's there, he tags in T.K. and T.K. comes in through the ropes. Trace secures Drake in the corner with his body, looking at T.K. who's ready to pounce. T.K. spaces himself out, backing his way to the center of the ring. The plan is that as soon as he goes charging, Trace would then move outta the way in order for Drake to take all that impact. However, Drake shoves Trace into T.K. and both bump heads. Drake takes advantage now as he puts Trace in a headlock and kicks T.K. in the gut, then placing him in a front facelock. Drake then hits a bulldog/ddt combo, hitting Trace with the bulldog and T.K. with the ddt~

Jordan "Scorpion" Michaels: "Nice combo. There's Drake taking advantage of the situation in a huge way. There goes the Demolitionist! There goes the Drake Dysfunction that we all know."

Mark Sanction: "Yes. Now if he can just keep it up!"

~Drake looks over to Derrick Jedi before going for the pin on BOTH men (now there's a cocky s.o.b. when you see it)! Derrick Jedi was holding out his hand for the tag, but it looks like Drake had other plans~


~Both T.K. and Trace kick out. The Demolitionist walks on over to his corner and tags in The Jedi Master. Jedi steps in through the ropes, sees Trace sitting up and immediately runs over and dropkicks him back down. He then crawls over to T.K, who's rolling over on his side to then get up. Derrick rolls T.K. back onto his back and hooks the leg~


~T.K.'s arm shoots up into the air as he kicks out. Derrick takes that arm and locks in a familiar submission maneuver~


Mark Sanction: "He's got the Anaconda Vice locked in! He could tap out tap out here...."

~He's got the tight hold locked in, but he now senses a disturbance in the force. Trace Demon is up on his feet and before Derrick can react, Trace stomps on him, forcing him to release the hold. T.K. begins to roll outta the ring while favoring the arm~

Mark Sanction: "By the way T.K.'s favoring the arm, you have to believe that the match could have been over had Trace not been there to break it up."

Jordan "Scorpion" Michaels: "That punk Trace will stop at nothing to make sure he wins this match. That I assure you."

~Trace gets Derrick in a front facelock, lifting him up off the canvas in the process. He then takes his free arm, hooks it behind his head and lifts him up into an upside down position, but Derrick Jedi manages to land behind him once hoisted up into the air, countering the possible brainbuster attempt. The Jedi Master spins the King of Demons around, kicks him in the gut and hits a Sit-Out Ace Crusher or The Oversell as he likes to call it. Derrick Jedi crawls over to Trace, turns him on his back and hooks the leg~


~Trace kicks out!!!! My goodness! The self-proclaimed King of Demons doesn't quit. Derrick lines himself up in the corner, but before he does what he does best, Drake tags himself in. Derrick's got a look that has "What the Fuck" written all over it as Drake steps in through the ropes and Derrick steps out to stand on the apron. Drake immediately goes after the man responsible for taking him outta the Grand Prix standings (story-line-wise, he's responsible. Real-life-wise, I'M responsible :sunhappy:). Drake picks up Trace who was already getting up anyway and he knees him in the gut, screaming "How'd that feel, Trace? How'd that fucking..." he knocks Trace on his ass after a wicked right hand "...feel?!"~

~Drake picks him up again and places him in a corner. He then hits him with a chop to the chest and allows Trace to stagger outta the corner while holding his hand to his chest as if he's pledging allegiance to the American flag. Drake wastes no time and goes after the King of Demons, whom he hits with a german suplex. He just plants him down on the canvas and holds the bridging position in hopes of obtaining the 3-count victory here~


~T.K. is in to break the pin by stomping down on Drake's get. He then commences on beating down the Demolitionist while Trace Demon uses the ropes to pull himself up to his feet. He tells T.K. to move aside and then Trace lays in a stomp. Just then, the Jedi Knight comes in to rescue his tag-team partner. He offers a clothesline to Trace which he has no choice but to gladly take and a right hand to the one names T.K.. Drake gets to his feet as he now stands next to Derrick Jedi. Trace and T.K. stand together as well, as both teams have a stare-off before both Drake and Trace leave the ring to stand on the apron in their respective corners~
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Re: Intensity: T.K. & Trace VS Derrick Jedi & Drake

Postby Dysfunctional » Sat Jul 09, 2011 1:51 am

Jordan "Scorpion" Michaels: "You saw a tense moment there by both teams."

Mark Sanction: "No doubt about the tenseness. You can just see that on their faces and just feel the negativity."

~Derrick and TK meet in the middle of the ring only for TK to take the upper hand with a kick to the stomach. Derrick is kept compliant with a clubbing forearm to the back before TK hits the ropes.~

~K rushes in as Derrick predictably stands upright. The big Virgin… ian tries to take Jedi’s noggin off with a big time lariat but Honky Kong ducks under at the last possible moment and turns with his hands out. TK turns and gets caught in a Greco-Roman knuckle lock.~

~Not wanting any part of Derrick’s trickery, TK forgives the test of strength he’ll probably win in favor of sweeping Derrick’s leg and holding him down for the pin. Jedi’s force powers sensed this coming and he immediately swings his legs around TK’s neck and crosses his legs.~

Mark Sanction: "Great counter right there by Derrick Jedi!"

~Now in the headscissors, TK lets go of Derrick’s hands and tries to pry off Derrick’s ankles. Derrick thinks quick as he spins out and sends TK tumbling towards the ropes with a headscissors takeover~

~Derrick rolls through to a knee and keeps an eye on the current TNL champion as TK looks to exact retribution on the Gotham Knight. He watches as his genetic inferior tries to fake him out but catches him by the arm as he goes for the waistlock. He turns it into a standard wristlock, driving it in and trying to snap Jedi’s hand off.~

~Jedi winces from the simple hold and quickly rolls forward to alleviate the pressure. TK tries to reapply pressure in the form of the kota-gaeshi or overhand wristlock. Jedi is too smart to be outdone this early in the game. He feeds his free arm under the Virginian’s with an underhook before turning over into a hip throw.~

Jordan "Scorpion" Michaels: "Great mat-work by these two men, especially Derrick Jedi! He can be a mat-based wrestler and just show his dominance and knowledge."

~TK lands on his lower back before Jedi sits him up. He holds him down by his shoulder and wrist before stepping through and grapevineing the leg. Derrick drops back with a short Russian leg sweep and rolling through to take TK with him.~

~He pulls Evo with him as he stands and ducks through with an overhand wristlock of his own. He quickly jerks TK’s wrist and sends him to the canvas: keeping the pressure on the wrist. K rolls back to his feet and inadvertently gives Jedi the standard wristlock.~

~Jedi doesn’t let his advantage die on its own. He folds TK’s arm in and goes behind with a hammerlock only to duck under the free arm. He steps around and rolls forward with a body scissors: the sequence better known as the Dos Caras Clutch.~

Mark Sanction: "Oh man! Look at how he takes him over!"

~Rather than go for the octopus stretch or the pin, Jedi hooks the leg and stands up. He steps through with an ankle lock applied and turns TK onto his belly: figure-fouring the legs of his opponent before reaching out and grabbing the wrists with a surfboard.~

~TK is visibly getting irritated with his opponent but is currently not the best position to do anything about it. Jedi stands with the surfboard applied, releasing the deathlock of his own accord. TK stands with his arms still being pulled back like he was a fly getting his wings ripped off.

~The Virginian backs into Jedi, using his power to pull his arms forward. TK raises his arm up towards his head as he keeps his other arm at his side before dropping off and taking Derrick over with a double-arm whip.~

~Jedi is taken off guard by the take down, expecting something a little more brute from his opponent. He charges in and TK swings with a haymaker; Jedi ducks it naturally. K turns around and walks right into the single-leg takedown by the Master of the Jedi Mind Trick.~

~Derrick tows TK over by his leg, forcing him to roll back to his feet, and hooks him in a front facelock. He grabs him by the wrist and turns him over for a swinging neckbreaker only to release the hangman’s noose and take TK over with a surprise armdrag.~

~TK rolls through the takedown and gets up to his feet where he sees Derrick taunt him literally by sticking his tongue out and blowing raspberries while making moose antlers with his hands. Annoyed with his childish behavior and general existence, TK goes for a high kick, narrowly whizzing by the cranium of the Sith Lord.~

~Derrick goes in for a waistlock and walks right into a stiff back elbow. TK grits his teeth as he goes in and kicks the back of Jedi’s leg. He clubs his shoulder with a forearm and backs him into his corner to tag in Trace Demon.~

~Trace introduces himself to Jedi with a few solid right hands to the side of the face and a snapmare out of the corner. He lays into the ropes and gives himself some momentum behind his stomp to the back of Jedi’s head. He applies a rear chinlock and keeps Jedi grounded.~

~Trace yells something at Scorpion while he keeps the vice secure around Derrick’s neck. The collar being a bit tight, Derrick tries to pry the King of Demon’s arm off his neck to little avail. Kirk Samson leans in close to check the submission. Derrick sees the bottom rope within leg’s reach. He tries to reach out and touch it with the toe of his boot only for TK to swat it away with a kick.~

Jordan "Scorpion" Michaels: "I'm telling you, Mark. If he keeps testing me like that, I will make his life a living hell!"

~Kirk admonishes TK’s interference, allowing Trace to transition into a balls-out choke on Jedi. His partner providing the perfect blocking for the maneuver, Trace clutches Derrick by the windpipe and crushes it between his thumb and index finger.~

~Jedi kicks and flails in a feeble attempt to get Samson’s attention but his preoccupation with TK leaves Jedi at the whim of Demon. Trace lets go only to drop a quick knee to the chest of Jedi and tag in TK.~

~K enters the ring and keeps Jedi grounded with a sequence of stomps. Derrick does his best to cover his vitals while K drives his boot into different regions of his anatomy. Annoyed with his past failure, TK doesn’t give Derrick any room to breathe. He sits him up and drives his knee into his back as he pulls on his arms.~

~The textbook surfboard applied, the strain on the shoulders as well as the internal compression on the lungs wears at Jedi. He struggles to breathe as TK pulls on his arms, hoping to curb any future Jedi Mind Tricks. Derrick grits his teeth and stares off at Drake. Dysfunction, despite his humiliation on Derrick’s show, holds his hand out for the tag.~

~Derrick tries to overpower TK, pulling his arms in as he turns over. While TK is strong, Derrick is determined. He turns over like his arms were the hands of a clock. Once at 9 and 3, Derrick is now at 5 and 12 and nearly free. Realizing Derrick’s eventual freedom, Trace tags himself in and reenters the fray with a kick to Derrick’s exposed ribcage.~

~With five seconds to double team the Jedi Master, TK and Trace act quickly. They quickly discuss a double team spot and settle on one as they lay Derrick up against the ropes. They send Derrick running while Trace hits the adjacent set. TK turns away from the rebounding Jedi and lifts him for a side backbreaker.~

~Deceived by his own strength, TK not only picks Derrick up with relative ease but also inadvertently swings him over his shoulder. Jedi acts quickly as he hooks the arm and falls to the side, taking TK over with another armdrag takedown.~

Mark Sanction: "Nice takedown there."

~Trace narrowly avoids his partner’s falling body and rushes in towards the downed Jedi. Jedi quickly pulls his head back as Trace closes in and takes him down with a single-leg sweep before lying in with a lateral press.~

~TK sees his partner and the match in peril. Before Samson can even get into position, Trace kicks out with relative ease but that didn’t stop TK who is already midair. Derrick rolls out of the way as TK drives in with an elbow drop to the chest of his partner.~

~The miscommunication was crucial as Trace rolls towards the ropes holding his chest. TK turns to find Derrick and does, immediately swinging with a wild haymaker. Derrick easily ducks under and greets TK with a kick to the stomach as he turns. He pulls him in for a backdrop and lifts him up before slamming him down tailbone first with an atomic drop to the knee.~

~TK stumbles to the ropes next to Trace as Derrick runs in and sends them both to the floor with clotheslines. The two sail over the top rope and hit the apron before stumbling back into the guardrail. Now with a clear advantage, Derrick tags in Drake.~

Jordan "Scorpion" Michaels: "Here comes the Demolitionist!"

~The two hang back, waiting for TK and Trace to move. Prepped and primed, Dyfunction and “Dastardly” charge in, ducking under the top rope as they dive to the outside with stereo topes and wipe out both Trace and TK respectively.~

~Drake, the more nimble of the two, manages to land on his feet while Jedi takes a siesta on the outside after doing his part. Dysfunction picks The King of Demon’s up and rolls him into the ring before rolling in after him.~

Mark Sanction: "Nice high-flying ability by both men there! I'd expect that from Drake but not by someone like Derrick Jedi."

~Demon begins to stir as Drake keeps a close eye on his every movement. He waits for the perfect moment to strike and then the Demon stands tall. Drake rushes in, looking for Down to Hell but Trace shoves him away at the last second. Drake turns and gets planted into the canvas with a Burning Lariat. Trace covers!~



~Drake kicks out.~

~Annoyed, Trace picks the “The New Evolution” up and whips him into the corner. Trace himself runs to an adjacent turnbuckle and charges in at Drake. He runs along the ropes holding onto them as he tries to break Drake’s jaw with a jumping Yakuza Kick.~

~Drake staggers out of the corner right into the front facelock of Trace Demon. Trace sets up for a suplex and lifts Dysfunction up before dropping him on the top of his head with a brainbuster. He goes for another cover.~



~Drake kicks out yet again!~

~Derrick rallies his partner from their corner while TK barks at Trace to put him away. Demon glares back at his strange-bedfellow and focuses his attention back to Drake.~

~He pulls him up and ducks under his arm for an Argentine Rack. He lifts him for a split second before Dysfuction slips out the back. Trace turns and takes a kick to the midsection before Drake plants him with a Fear Factor.~

Mark Sanction: "FEAR FAAAACTOR!"

~The facebuster stuns Trace but he already begins to rise right after the impact. Drake acts quickly. He rolls back to his feet and hits the ropes, building momentum as the drives his boot into the side of Trace’s skull with a Bicycle Kick. Still, Trace won’t fall. He stumbles back to the ropes before staggering back to Drake who is waiting for him.~

~Drake ducks down and hoists Demon onto his shoulders. He hooks his head as he spins him around and plants him face-first into his knee. Demon shoots back up following the TopSpin Facebuster and Drake is ready for him. He ducks under his arm for a Uranage only to jump back and plant The Demon into the canvas with D-4.~

~Drake is winded after his last sequence and looks up to see five chubby fingers waving at him for the tag. Should he tag Derrick in or should he hog the glory for himself? Despite being a former Legion member and therefore an automatic tool, Drake fights his douche nature and tags in the fat boy.~

Jordan "Scorpion" Michaels: "And here we go! Here comes the Jedi!"

~The tag was like a shock of electricity to Derrick who rushes up the turnbuckles like there was a cake up there. He stands tall and measures the distance to Demon before leaping off. He carefully adjusts himself in midair to gain the maximum effectiveness of aerodynamics even though it looks like he was just flailing mindlessly like a moron. It’s still technically the Battletoad Splash.~

~Derrick crashes into Trace with the grace of a fat man landing on someone full-force. Derrick rolls off of Trace as he tries to catch something resembling wind while Jedi waits for him to rise.~

~Demon gets to his feet and again wanders into a fireman’s carry but this time has the sense to escape it. Derrick turns only to get clipped upside the head with an enzugiri.~

Mark Sanction: "Ooh! Nice!"

~Drake rues tagging in Jedi from his corner as Demon has the wherewithal to go over and tag in TK. Energized and enraged, TK rushes in and keeps Derrick floored with a sequence of stomps before picking him up in a waistlock. TK gives a quick heave as he falls back and tosses Derrick high on his shoulders with a release German suplex.~

~TK lets out a roar as he gets up to keep his advantage on Derrick going. He pulls him into a suplex set up before snapping back and taking Derrick over again. He looks at Dysfunction and Demon as to say “this is how it’s done” as he picks Derrick up and lays him against the ropes.~

Jordan "Scorpion" Michaels: "This monster has been unleashed."

~He whips him across the ring and waits for him dead center as Derrick wearily rebounds. TK ducks down and catches Jedi in a bearhug before spinning around and sweeping his legs out from under him: driving into him as he falls with the Adaptation Slam.~

~The whiplash sends a shock through Derrick’s spine as TK hooks the leg in a high cradle.~



~Derrick barely gets the shoulder up as Samson’s hand is a faction of an inch from the canvas.~

Jordan "Scorpion" Michaels: "That was a close one...."

~TK looks furious, as again Jedi’s resiliency has caused him embarrassment. He picks the fat bastard up once again and places him in a standing headscissors: absorbing every reaction out of the crowd as he sets “The Hungarian Selena” up for either the Evo-Bomb or Natural Selection.~

~He hooks the arm and Derrick wakes up it seems, spinning out to pull TK into a short-arm knee lift. He hooks him in a front facelock as he falls back, hooking in a body scissors for The Riddler Diddler. He rolls through into a pinning combination.~



~Demon breaks it up with a superkick to Derrick’s jaw! Derrick falls off to the side as TK stares up at the lights and Trace, again, jaws at Scorpion from inside the ring.~

~Samson tries to force Trace back into his corner but back off once he sees Drake from the corner of his eye. Samson’s departure gets Trace’s attention and he turns right into a Drake kick to the chin.~

~The shot puts Trace’s lights out as he rolls out of the ring. Making it once again an even contest, Drake confidently turns back to his corner only to walk right into a thrust kick from the big, bad Evolution of Man.~

Mark Sanction: "Excellent kick by T.K.!"

~From one evolution to another, Drake falls like a sack of potatoes as TK turns to Jedi who is picking himself up in the corner. TK arrogantly chuckles as he watches Derrick tune up the band.~

~As every other man in this contest has let loose a superkick, it’s not Jedi’s turn. He stomps in a rhythmic fashion, building crowd support as TK waits. Eyeing Jedi as he readies himself for the attack.~

~He knows there’s no possible way for Derrick to kick that high but you can’t convince Derrick of that as he glares as TK with a look that says “I’m going to kick your fucking head off.”~

~TK pats himself on the chin, giving DJ a target and Derrick shuffles out of the corner. With all the power he can muster, he lunges in and throws his leg out to the side; pivoting in to get all of his body weight into the blow. Derrick’s foot travels towards its destination and it makes devastating impact the region two-inches below TK’s knee.~

~TK hobbles around the ring following the Dude Love vintage Sweet Shin Music. The pain is immense, so much so he can’t defend himself as Derrick hooks his head over his shoulder and sits out with the Oversell~

Mark Sanction: "ANOTHER Oversell! That's gotta be it."

~TK looks up at the lights as Derrick backs off to catch his breath. Trace shakes out the cobwebs and sees Derrick waiting. He looks over and sees Drake still out on the floor.~

~TK starts to move. He turns onto his side and slowly begins to rise. Trace waits in the shadows. When Derrick goes in for the Mind Trick, he’ll spear the shit out of him for the win.~[/i][/color]

Jordan "Scorpion" Michaels: "I've had enough of this."

~You can hear the headset being taken off right now.~

Mark Sanction: "Where are you going????"

~Derrick moves into position as Trace starts to slither. Once TK is upright, Jedi charges in. Now ready for his move, Trace… what the fuck?~

~Scorpion holds onto Demon’s leg on the outside, allowing Jedi to slam-dunk TK’s skull into the canvas with the Jedi Mind Trick. He covers.~




~“Threshold” kicks in as Derrick looks back at Trace. He holds his arms out to say…~


~Mark Sanction is beyond himself now!~

Mark Sanction: "What the hell was that???"

~Jordan "Scorpion" Michaels pays no mind to Mark as he takes a seat next to him at the announce table. Putting on his headset now allows him to hear Mark Sanction's constant questioning.~

Mark Sanction: "What the hell was that, Scorpion?"

Jordan "Scorpion" Michaels: "What was what?"

Mark Sanction: "What was-- You just cost Trace Demon and T.K. the match!"

Jordan "Scorpion" Michaels: "Yeah. And? I've had enough of the guy. He wants to look at me funny, attempt to call a guy like me out?! He got what was coming to him tonight! I DO NOT regret what I did to him tonight! I told you that I'd make his life a living hell and I started doing just that tonight."
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Re: Intensity: T.K. & Trace VS Derrick Jedi & Drake

Postby Dysfunctional » Sat Jul 09, 2011 8:42 pm

My dad's computer got fixed so I had the opportunity to actually show up this time. WOOT!
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Re: Intensity: T.K. & Trace VS Derrick Jedi & Drake

Postby Tempest » Sun Jul 10, 2011 12:57 am

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Re: Intensity: T.K. & Trace VS Derrick Jedi & Drake

Postby Dysfunctional » Mon Jul 11, 2011 1:07 am

Thank you, sir
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Re: Intensity: T.K. & Trace VS Derrick Jedi & Drake

Postby EBR » Mon Jul 11, 2011 2:54 am

(I'm just going by who actually posted the matches so if they were co-written which I think one was, I'm not trying to imply the other didn't contribute.)

Trace: Very nicely done. You do a good job on just about every aspect and can't really find anything to specifically nit pick. <3 T.K trying to clap Trace to his feet and the fans not responding.

Drake: The action was pretty good with some cool spots (multiple Superkicks/Sweet Shin Music ftw), but I do think there were a bit too many long stretches without commentary. While it doesn't really matter I do have to point out how unreadable that Scorpion color code was.

Strong efforts on both ends. There was a lot to like with both. Much love.

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Re: Intensity: T.K. & Trace VS Derrick Jedi & Drake

Postby Dysfunctional » Mon Jul 11, 2011 4:43 am

Congrats, you two ;)

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