Intensity: EBR VS Danger Liam

Matches that occurred on our 2011 XWA Intensity Special!
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Intensity: EBR VS Danger Liam

Postby Tempest » Wed Jul 06, 2011 11:26 am


LIVE! From The Pepsi Center - Denver, Colorado!

XWA Grand Prix Finals:


EBR vs. Danger Liam

EBR and Danger Liam. These two men have fought battle after battle to make it to this point and yet only one will end up walking away with the final prize. A title shot at DGX at the Pay-Per-View. Both men want it, badly; with each of these competitors having different reasons for wanting a one on one showdown with The XWA World Heavyweight Champion. For EBR, it is a history years and years in the making; one that will certainly be put into print when both men have either hung up their boots or killed each other in the ring, whichever comes first. For Danger Liam, it is about retribution for constant humiliations and personal defeats; from having to forfeit and then lose the XWA Tag Team Championships to the firing of Liam's personal referee. But only one man can walk away with that chance once the dust has settled. Now it is just a question, of who wants it more?


Deadline for matches is Friday, July 8th at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on Sunday, July 10th at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: Intensity: EBR VS Danger Liam

Postby EBR » Fri Jul 08, 2011 3:38 pm

Mark Sanction: Well folks, we’re just moments away from the finals of the XWA Grand Prix. As you can see, all the stars are out.

The camera cuts to Richard J. Maxwell, sitting in a chair by the time keeper’s table. To his right, encased in an acrylic box, is a silver trophy which all logic would say will go to the winner. Or simply a great consolation prize for the runner-up.


Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: That’s what these men are fighting for ... figuratively speaking. It’s actually a Heavyweight Title shot, but it’s nice to have a visual aid.

Mark Sanction: We started with sixteen and now only two men remain; EBR and Danger Liam. It’s been a long road to get here, but this is it.

Mark Sanction and Scorpion continue to talk, the camera cutting to the backstage area with “moments earlier” at the bottom of the screen. Danger Liam is shown taping his wrists, earbuds in his ears as he prepares.

Mark Sanction: Certainly too some people it’s a bit of a surprise that Liam got here. I think it’s safe to say that Dan Bennett was one of, if not the, odds on favourite to win the entire thing.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: It’s a surprise because Danger Liam didn’t actually beat Dan Bennett. Or even Tempest in the first round if we’re being honest. Depending on how this shapes up Danger Liam may go on to win an entire tournament by only pinning one person.

Mark Sanction: Well, it doesn’t matter how you get here, per se. A win is a win.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Indeed. And if EBR steps on a rusty nail on the way to the ring and needs to get an emergency tetanus shot, Danger Liam ends up the smartest man in the room. Some people just kind of fail up, Mark.

Mark Sanction: How many tournaments finals did you reach, by the way?

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: In my defence I usually tried to beat my opponent and not win by disqualifications and counts out, but hey, different strokes, right?

The camera again cuts, same as before, this time in EBR’s locker room. EBR is shown hitting a speed bag, the sound of the bag rhythmically hitting against the board only offset by Matt Steel standing next to EBR.

Matt Steel: This is what you worked for. It’s here. Right here! This is what you do. This is what you’ve always done. Be EBR. Be EBR and win. Be EBR and you win. What you want is standing right across from you. So reach out and just f*cking take it, man!

We return to Mark Sanction and Jordan Michaels at the announce booth.

Mark Sanction: Some motivational pep talk for EBR apparently.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: I’m not sure what the “pundits” said - I don’t follow this so called “internet” – but I assume EBR’s odds to at the very least reach the finals were favourable. And if they weren’t, then everyone betting against him just looks foolish for going against what appears to be common sense.

Mark Sanction: Weren’t you picking Jack Sabbath to go all the way?

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: And EBR got through him. That’s legit right there.

Mark Sanction: ... Right. But speaking of ... uh ... “questionable finishes” ... we’d be remiss not to mention the closing moments of EBR’s semi-final match with Derrick Jedi. Now we’re not going to show it for obvious reasons -

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Mostly legal reasons. It’s kind of a complicated situation with a “will they, won’t they press charges” deal, but you know, we have good lawyers. So even if they do, boom, Chewbecca defense.

Mark Sanction: Regardless of how that plays out, in an attempt to prevent what happened last week from ever happening again Matt Steel, Luther Castle, and perhaps most importantly Super Dragon IV, are banned from ringside indefinitely.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: We assume in the interest of fairness as are the Hierarchy, but we don’t really have any confirmation on that.

Mark Sanction: While the security and legal reasons are self-explanatory, Richard J. Maxwell made it very clear that he wants the Grand Prix to end with as little controversy as possible. That’s something I’m all for, Jordan.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Keep in mind though that only the men, and dragon, involved have been disciplined. So to those watching at home who may be wondering ...

Mark Sanction: ... Yeah ... which means ... yeah ...

The camera fully pans out, revealing KC Krystal on the right, shuffling paper onto the desk.

KC Krystal: Pleasure.

The lighting dramatically dims to a near darkness as initially four taps of a drum are heard. As the intro to EPMD’s “Out of Business” album begins the crowd stirs louder, and shortly thereafter a sampled and remixed version of “Going The Distance” by Bill Conti plays throughout the arena. Finally after several moments, specifically when the beat picks up EBR emerges from the back. The crowd goes bonkers and stuff.

KC Krystal: One more match, G. The Heavyweight Title? It’s comin’ home.

As not per usual, and as explained by Mark Sanction, EBR is without his entourage as he descends down the ramp, emitting a quiet confidence with his eyes solely on the ring. Once he reaches that destination he walks around it, approaching the announce table as he and Krystal engage in their sick secret handshake.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Hey E. *extends hand*

EBR rolls into the ring from the back, settling near the corner as he jogs on the spot to loosen up.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Must not have seen me.


The arena is suddenly drenched in darkness before laser lights shoot out over the crowd. The crowd are all of a sudden whipped into a frenzy as the XWA Tron kicks into life with a video of a Rubik’s Cube play to the tune of ‘Scary Monster’s Evil Sprites’ by Skrillex.

YES!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!

The Pure Dubstep kicks in as the Dangerous One explodes out onto the stage full of life and movement. He leaps around on the stage with a bottle in hand and his new entrance mask on his face. Cubes reaches to it and pulls it from his face exposing the smears of paint he has strewn across his mush before dropping the Mask down onto the stage. The cameras have a quick zoom in on the mask …


… as the camera points back to him, the Danger Man reaches into his pocket and pulls something out throwing into his mouth before taking a mouthful of water and then throwing the bottle into the crowd and sprinting to the ring.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Absolutely ridiculous. How can you support someone who is such a bad influence for kids, Mark?

KC Krystal: Damn, no idea this dude liked to party. I need to push product on this mother f*cka.

Mark Sanction: What?

KC Krystal: What?

The Purple Wonder damn near slides all the way across the ring then leaps to his feet. He jumps to the second rope as the music continues to play. The sound clearly going through all of the Purple Wonders body, Liam looks over the crowd as the lights come back up and the lasers shut off. He gives himself a few swift slaps to the face before spinning and dropping into the ring ready for action.

KC Krystal: ... I said that out loud, didn’t I?

Across the ring from him stands EBR, who kept his eyes on Danger Liam the moment he appeared, keeping them on him with an emotionless expression plastered on his face.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: That’s the face of a man who’s focused, Mark. Not someone like Liam who “parties” as KC so elegantly put it just moments away from possibly the biggest match in his XWA career.

Mark Sanction: Really we’re going to use that as a detraction against someone who’s facing EBR?

KC Krystal: F*ck you man, we showed up early this week.

With senior official (cuz he old) Jack J. Tickles standing between the two men, Hana Ramierez enters the ring equipped with her microphone and begins the introductions.

Hana Ramierez: The following match is scheduled for ONE fall ... and is the FINALS of the XWA Grand Prix!

Woo! Yeah!

Hana Ramierez: Introducing first ... hailing from Oakland, California ... weighing in at two hundred and fifty five pounds and standing at six feet and three inches ... he is the winner of the 2004 Lord of the Ring and the 2005 Rise of Glory tournaments and is a former Television, Hardcore, National, Tag Team, Heavyweight, World, and Undisputed Champion ... and is a member of the XWA Hall of Fame ... E-B-R!!

The fans let out of a cheer as the camera cuts to EBR, not even acknowledging the droppin’ of his name and achievements and still keeping his eyes on Danger Liam. Man’s ready for war, suckas.

Hana Ramierez: And his opponent ... hailing from Coseley, England ... weighing in at two hundred and twenty six pounds and standing at six feet and two inches ... he is a former Hardcore and Tag Team Champion ... Danger Liam!!

Much like his opponent Liam gets a pop at the sheer mention of his name, throwing up his arm as it’s mentioned. He looks at EBR, who’s still staring back at him. Neither man flinches or looks away. Hana Ramierez exits the ring as the two men begin to approach, getting to the middle and separated by Jack J. Tickles who briefly goes over the rules.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Considering who he’s facing make sure you warn EBR about disqualifications ... aha ... amirite?

Having received the rules Jack J. Tickles gives both men a polite “good luck” as they break back into the corners. Backing be the operative word as EBR’s eyes remain on Liam, and with Liam not wanting to show weakness by being the first to break gaze, does the same.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Mark Sanction: Here we go!

With the match now underway Danger Liam tries to approach, his arm extended and looking to initiate a tie up. EBR however, simply remains standing and stoic, showing no signs of getting involved in this game. Danger Liam opts to accomplish the task by force, nearing EBR. As he tries to grapple EBR simply bats Liam’s arms away, continuing to piercingly stare at him.

KC Krystal: Get that ish outta here.

A little taken back by EBR’s passive aggressiveness Liam similar tries the same tactic, only to have it literally swatted away for the second time, effortlessly like a reflex. Briefly Danger Liam thinks to himself, going in at EBR’s knees and looking to get him down that way. Wisely EBR extends his arm, pushing his palm in Liam’s forehead and in effect stiff-arming him and keeping a relative distance between himself and Liam. With the Purple Menace on the mat and EBR standing up right, he takes this opportunity to kick Liam in the head, registering an “oooh” from the Denver crowd.

Mark Sanction: Mike Tyson used to talk about how before a fight he would try and intimidate his opponent, feeling that once he got into their head the match was won. EBR looks to be copying that same format right here. It remains to be seen if it works, but EBR is certainly doing his part.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Put the pressure all on Liam. EBR knows he can do this. Hana Ramierez just listed off his accolades, so Liam knows as well. EBR is making himself seem even bigger to his opponent, hoping for Liam to crack and show that can’t handle the moment.

Rubbing his nose as he brings himself up from the mat Liam looks at EBR, slightly taken back by EBR’s defensive approach in the early goings of the match.

Mark Sanction: But if I know anything about Danger Liam, it’s that he can handle it.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: We’ll see.

While Liam is tentative, he still wants to win this match his way and refrain from turning this into a brawl. Thus, he nears EBR and gets his arms around his waist, working behind him with a Rear Waist-Lock. He tries to take EBR to the mat but Megatron maintains his balance, planting his feet into the mat and not giving up an inch. EBR fires behind with him a hard elbow, but having done his homework and knowing EBR’s MO Liam quickly steps back. Believing there’s to be an opportunity around the corner, he runs at EBR who turns back around. Unfortunately for Liam, this allows EBR to grab him by his waist and flip him onto the mat with a Gut-Wrench Suplex like a manuever, only far less pretty if we’re being honest.

Mark Sanction: Liam is down!

KC Krystal: Yeah, we in the EBR camp decided after last week’s ... *finger quotes* “struggle” ... against Jedi in the *finger quotes* “wrestling” aspect that E’s just gonna make people wrestle his match ...

Mounting his opponent, EBR hits Liam with a few sharp forearms to the downed man’s face. Using his surroundings to his advantage Danger gets his arm over the bottom rope, and at once Jack Tickles orders EBR to break it up. EBR does so, presumably sensing this message is being sent. Clearly, EBR came to play.

KC Krystal: ... Whether they like it or not.

Looking to capitalize off his speed advantage Danger Liam runs at EBR as soon as he gets back to his feet, trying to catch EBR off guard. It’s an understandable attempt, but with EBR’s eyes on him the whole time the former Heavyweight Champion smoothly steps out of the way, in turning pushing Liam in the back to send him into the ropes with even more momentum. As he rebounds he’s caught by EBR who proceeds to Tilt-A-Whirl and slam into the canvas below!

Mark Sanction: We haven’t seen EBR look this good or focused in the early goings of a match since who knows how long.

KC Krystal: Because it’s the finals. This is what he was put in this tournament for – the finals. Not the first round, not the semi’s, the finals. Everything else was just leading to this. That’s how E operates.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: That’s the attitude of a winner, Mark.

EBR shoves Liam into the corner as he gets up clutching at his back. He pushes Liam’s head back for several seconds, not even connecting with any hits to his exposed chest. Tickles again calls for a break.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: You may make excuses for him or talk about how Liam is “ready”, but it’s pretty evident with how this match has gone that Liam is intimidated.

Mark Sanction: The match is still young, Jordan. A lot can change and as I said, I think what we’re seeing is more EBR looking good then Liam being “intimidated”, which I frankly don’t believe he is.

KC Krystal: Either way we’ll take it.

Backing away from his opponent and into the opposite corner Cubes looks at EBR, at this point annoyed at EBR’s efforts that, while not necessarily intentioned that way, are showing him up. Liam waits momentarily, again running at EBR much like before. Out of habit EBR shoots up his leg, looking for a Yakuza Kick, but Liam stops short by several feet. Improving on his previous mistake only moments earlier and with EBR off balance, Liam dives at EBR with a Flying Forearm, sending EBR staggering backwards and through the second and third rope!

Mark Sanction: Case in point!

EBR wonders around the ring, trying to figure out what just happened.

Mark Sanction: And remember, EBR won’t be able to council with his entourage.

KC Krystal: Speaking of, let me give a shout-out to Matt Steel and Luther Castle, who are watching this in the back. Much love ... don’t know if Super Dragon IV is watching or even where he is ... we just figured it was best if he left the state and laid low for a little while.

Mark Sanction: Maybe it’s for the best. Assault is illegal.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: On the plus side, Colorado is just okay so if there’s gonna be a state you’ll never visit ...

KC Krystal: Yeah Colorado gives nothing but drama. Ask Kobe Bryant.

Following his opponent and sliding out of the ring Liam stalks him from behind, impressively hopping onto the barricade. He runs along it with amazing balance, the gasps from the crowd getting EBR’s attention. He turns around, seeing his opponent dive off the barricade and looking for a Lariat. He’s able to catch Liam in mid-air, and with one fluid motion turns towards the ring post, hurling Liam back first into it!

Mark Sanction: Oh!

KC Krystal: That looked like it hurt like a mother.

Rolling Liam into the ring EBR slides in himself, pressing on top of Cubes for the first pin attempt of the match.

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

Danger Liam kicks out. EBR stays on him however, bringing him up himself and pushing him into the turnbuckles. After various punches to his body he whips Liam into the ropes, and once he re-approaches EBR the XWA Hall of Famer pivots his body, roughly elbowing Liam in the head. Danger goes down hard.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: This match is looking like a bit of a bust, if we’re being honest.

KC Krystal: Which is exactly what we were hoping for ... no offense to anyone who paid for this.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: It’s cool; it’s free Pay-Per-View ... now for the fans who paid to be here ...

KC Krystal: Stick it, Colorado.

Clearly on the advantage EBR brings Liam up from the mat, shoving him into the ropes. He pushes his head back, and unlike before where he just looking for some type of intimidation, EBR turns the mental into physical as he repeatedly clubs at his exposed chest. Looking to whip him into the opposite ropes EBR is caught off guard as Liam keeps his right arm locked around the ropes, in turn preventing any forward motion. Quickly Liam Round-House Kicks EBR in the leg, leaving him temporarily distracted and giving Liam the chance to connect with an Enziguri to the side of EBR’s head.

Mark Sanction: Danger Liam is looking to bring himself back into this match, and stuff like that is what he’s going to need to do to get that done.

With his opponent dropping to one knee and probably a little woozy in the head, Liam backs off the ropes, Drop-Kicking EBR in the face. This time, EBR goes down and with it being the first chance he’s been given in this match, Liam makes a pin attempt.

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

EBR powers out of the pin. Not wanting to give him any breathing room, both figuratively and literally, he wraps his arms around EBR’s neck, trying to keep him grounded with a Sleeper Hold.

Mark Sanction: One thing we know about Liam is that he’s not going to go down without a fight, and he’s not going to let EBR dictate how this match goes. He’s too smart for that.

KC Krystal: That was two things, bro.

Mark Sanction: I’m bringing double the facts then. Not a bad thing.

KC Krystal: For the record though it doesn’t really matter what Liam wants if EBR decides to just take it. You heard Matt Steel’s pep talk. Inspirational. That was some “Remember the Titans” sh*t.

Expectedly EBR begins to fight himself up, a possibility that Danger Liam was well aware of. As EBR tries to elbow Liam in the mid-section to break the hold The Dangerous One breaks it on his free will, rolling off of EBR’s back. Now in front of him, he Drop-Kicks EBR in the knee, forcing EBR to reside on one. In position Liam runs at EBR, quite clearly looking for the ...

Mark Sanction: DanJa Vu!

EBR shoots himself up and backs away, leaving space between the two. He looks at Liam who stares back at him.

Mark Sanction: That ... was close.

In his first sign of acknowledgment aimed specifically at Liam EBR gives a slight nod of his head, perhaps giving the man dap.

Mark Sanction: EBR spent much of this match trying to get inside Liam’s head. I think we just saw Liam’s response. Considering he nearly got him with the DanJa Vu, perhaps he can get inside EBR’s head.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: I’ll give Liam credit where credit’s due for rebounding, but as I said earlier, the difference between these two is that EBR’s already proved he can win tournaments and World Titles here. Liam hasn’t. A nice sequence doesn’t change any of that. The only way Liam gets inside EBR’s head is if he’s John Malkovich and this is “Being John Malkovich”.

KC Krystal: ... So which one would be John Malkovich ...?

Mark Sanction: It was a little unclear.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: ... Have you seen the movie ... cause it was pretty straight forward – forget it.

Credit given notwithstanding, Liam is now given the unenviable task of trying to get EBR back to where he wants him. Preferably, down. He runs at EBR, and with EBR looking to strike Danger Liam wisely slides down between his legs. Attempting to grab his opponent EBR is just a tad too slow to react, allowing Liam to rise above the hunched over EBR. Grabbing him from behind in a Head-Lock, he runs a couple of steps and looks for a Bulldog but is only pushed forward into the ropes for his troubles. Once he rebounds, EBR grabs him by his legs and lifts him off the ground, nearly dropping him on his head with a Mountain Bomb!

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: And there you go, EBR just responded equally well to Liam responding well. I called this, literally, ten seconds ago.

Grabbing the downed Danger Liam’s legs, EBR effortlessly flips him over onto his stomach. Elevating Liam off the mat in a wheelbarrow, he gets Liam up vertically before he transitions his hips and slams the back of his head into the canvas with an STO, the move he calls the “Bacdafucup”! He hooks Liam’s leg.

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

Liam is able to kick out.

Mark Sanction: I’ll concede that EBR has, apparently, gotten this match right back where he wants it.

KC Krystal: With him kicking ass and takin’ names, wut wut.

Definitively showing just how much he wants what he believes to be “his” title back, with Liam grounded and on his stomach EBR rampages him with knees to the tip of his head, registering “oohs” from the crowd after each shot. He locks his arms around Liam’s waist, and despite Cubes attempting to fight it off in desperation, EBR is able to get him hoisted several feet of the canvas before dropping him right back down with a short, but most likely very painful, Gut-Wrench Power-Bomb. In the corner of the screen a split screen shows Matt Steel and Luther Castle in EBR’s dressing room, smiling as they watch the match.

KC Krystal: This is exactly how we planned this up. Good stuff.

Mark Sanction: Danger Liam needs something, because if this keeps up I don’t see how he can possibly last much longer.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: This is just showing us what we all already knew; Liam had no business being here. Fluky victorious may get you further but they don’t teach you anything. He didn’t beat the people EBR beat – namely Jack Sabbath. In fact, he didn’t really beat anyone.

Mark Sanction: He beat Judasbleek who controlled the majority of their match.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Yeah ... well ... alright, touché. You’re a sly one Mark. Like a fox. Like a sly fox.

Understanding that his game plan is working exactly how he wanted, EBR feels like now would be as good a time as any to take a risk if he’s ever going to take one. EBR steps away from Liam, allowing him to bring himself up. Slowly EBR begins to step up onto the second rope.

Mark Sanction: What is going on here?

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: No idea ... but win big, amirite?

With one foot on the top turnbuckle and the other resting on the second, because clearly EBR doesn’t have the same agility or balance he once had, he waits until Liam is finally back to his feet. EBR dives off the top rope, wrapping his arm around the back of Liam’s head and roughly planting him into the mat face first!

Mark Sanction: God damn!

KC Krystal: Yes! Now he’s feeling so fly like a G6!

He hooks Danger Liam’s leg.

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

He may have barely gotten it, but Liam gets his shoulder up nonetheless. Possibly feeling the adrenaline or just having some great C.L. Smooth and Pete Rock reminiscin’ (he WAS flying off the top rope regularly when he was Undisputed Champion ...), EBR does the same as earlier, proceeding to back up the turnbuckles.

Mark Sanction: He’s doing it again?

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: It’s like a bicycle, Mark; you never forget how ... okay maybe that’s not true. Damn ... he’s a lot slower at climbing those then he used to be ...

With Liam again bringing himself up EBR has to hold the top rope for support, keeping himself in check and preventing any slipping. It’s been years. Cut the dude some slack. Suddenly, Danger Liam shows an incredible burst of resolve, running up the ropes and smacking EBR upside the head with the DanJa Vu!

Mark Sanction: DanJa Vu! He just nailed him!

KC Krystal: What ... the ...

Slowly tottering, EBR finally falls off the rope and crashes to the ring mats below.

KC Krystal: Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit.

Mark Sanction: Danger Liam may have EBR beaten here! Why would EBR take himself out of his own comfort zone? What was he doing?

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: True enough, but Liam has just been getting his ass kicked for the majority of the match, good luck to him in trying to get EBR back into the ring -

Jack Tickles looks at Liam, holding at the second rope as he rests and tries to pull himself up. He looks to the outside of the ring and the downed EBR, and doing his job, begins to count.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: ... Oh God dammit, not again!

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

... 3 ...

KC Krystal: For sh*t’s sake, get up bro.

... 4 ...

... 5 ...

EBR finally begins to stir, grabbing at the ring apron as he looks to pull himself up.

... 6 ...

Dropping back down to one knee, the effects of the DanJa Vu become quite evident.

Mark Sanction: EBR might not make it!

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Unbelievable. This can’t possibly hold up.

... 7 ...

Mark Sanction: It’d within the rules. It’d be good. It would win him the match!

EBR pauses on the outside of the ring. Not so much by choice though.

... 8 ...

Finding it in himself EBR pulls himself back up, his body surely feeling a lot heavier than it ever did.

KC Krystal: Move, dammit!

... 9 ...

EBR is able to roll himself back into the ring, saving the match and his Heavyweight title prospects, at the very least for the time being.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Oh thank God. We dodged that bullet, fellas.

Mark Sanction: Still, EBR took such a shot and an equally large fall. You have to wonder just how quickly the tide can turn.
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Re: Intensity: EBR VS Danger Liam

Postby EBR » Fri Jul 08, 2011 3:38 pm

Remaining on the mat on all four is EBR, still trying to recover from the DanJa Vu. The Human Rubik’s Cube takes a quick run at EBR, Leg Dropping him on the back of his head. As EBR rolls over onto his back after impact, Danger Liam collects himself. EBR is down. Danger Liam is in control. More importantly, Liam is not getting smacked in the face or dropped on his head. He embraces this fact, and thus looks to keep things the way they currently are. Looking to keep EBR grounded Liam grabs his leg, sharply kicking him behind his knee. Then once again.

Mark Sanction: Very smart of Liam right here. Keep the bigger man from being the bigger man, literally. EBR can’t use his size if he can’t stand.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Liam better capitalize because this is probably going to be the best chance he’ll get. Time to prove yourself. Or lose yourself. Man can we get “Lose Yourself” playing? Is that possible? I think that would enhance any drama here. Can we look into that?

Mark Sanction: Just watch the match, Jordan.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: You’re not my mother.

He connects with one more kick before he drops his elbow on the side of EBR’s knee. Liam keeps it placed on EBR’s joint, using his other arm to stretch it across his body. EBR grunts in discomfort, pain specifically, as he tries to reach over Liam’s head and grab his face. Gotta do what you gotta do. Unable to do so, he instead opts for Liam’s hair, grabbing a handful and roughly jerking Liam’s head back. It’s enough to get Liam to break the hold.

KC Krystal: That’s what he gets for looking like a girl.

The hold may have been broken but EBR remains on the defensive. The Dangerous One takes EBR’s leg, bringing it over to the ring ropes. He places it on the bottom, hovering over it and using the ropes for assistance as he elevates himself off the mat, landing on it with his bottom.

Mark Sanction: It really doesn’t matter how you do it, just that you get into the finals. Danger Liam is taking advantage of the opportunity he has here.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: C’mon man, people in the back don’t respect him for the ways he won most of his matches.

Mark Sanction: He outlasted fourteen other men who I’m sure would gladly trade places with him to be here. And frankly, I don’t see how it’s much different than the controversial victories EBR holds over Kendo Kid and Derrick Jedi, which you seem to have no problem with.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: He still beat people. EBR showed he wasn’t afraid, or incapable, of winning ugly. And sometimes that’s something you just have to do. They won’t all be classics.

Mark Sanction: I don’t see how you can’t use the same logic regarding Danger Liam.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: You’d understand if you competed in the ring.

Mark Sanction: I did.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: *Looks at wheelchair* Yeah ... but not well.

KC Krystal: Cooooooooold bloooooooooooded.

After having just repeated the same process as before, Danger Liam looks to make it three in a row. As he pushes himself off the mat and looks to land on EBR’s leg, EBR uses his other foot to push Liam’s ass, catching him off balance and sending him falling onto his bottom, sitting on the mat.

KC Krystal: Like Winnie the Pooh.

Rubbing at his hurting tailbone and what not, Liam remains seated but quickly remembers what he’s doing and as EBR is trying to bring himself up, Liam immediately does the same. More importantly, Liam does it faster. He quickly takes EBR’s leg, throwing it over the second rope to restrict EBR’s movement. EBR fires a forearm at Liam’s head, connecting.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Gotta watch out for that.

With perseverance, Liam absorbs the hit but just shrugs it off, or at least how well you can shrug it off. With EBR trying to bring his leg back into the ring Liam kicks at the ropes, tripping EBR up in the process. Going right back to the body part he’s targeting, he places it on his shoulder and drops to the mat, in effect performing a Stunner on EBR’s leg.

Mark Sanction: Liam’s strategy is working beautifully here. If Liam keeps this up EBR won’t be able to walk for the remainder of the evening.

KC Krystal: That is some cold ass sh*t that you of all people will applaud E not being able to walk. Don’t spread your misfortune onto other people.

EBR hops around on one leg momentarily before finally just collapsing to the canvas below. He’s able to drag himself towards the ropes so that as soon as Liam follows and predictably takes grasp of his leg, EBR is able to hold onto the bottom rope. Already, any submission Liam may look to attempt as been thwarted.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Very smart. He has this covered.

Liam kicks EBR’s leg several times.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: ... Hrm.

Despite this, EBR continues to clutch at the ropes any time Liam stops kicking at EBR’s leg and tries to grab it. Liam decides against trying to drag EBR away. He’s a logical enough guy to figure out it’s probably a lost cause trying to play tug of war with a guy who’s holding the ropes for support and has the weight advantage, hurt leg notwithstanding. Instead he simply chooses to connect with one more kick before trying to bring up EBR. The wobbly EBR struggles to make it to his feet, which works wonderfully for Liam who again takes EBR’s appendage. He bends it and hooks EBR up from behind, evidently looking to bring EBR up and drop his knee onto his own. He’s caught off guard by the fight being given to him by EBR, who finally breaks free and pushes Liam away and into the ropes.

KC Krystal: He brought you up for you. Just do your thing now.

As Liam rebounds EBR shoots out his hip, hip checking Liam. The unorthodox tactic causes Liam to careen to his left, half his body sticking through the second and third ropes after the impact. He backs out from this predicament, but EBR is standing right behind him. He grabs his waist, deadlifting him up and finally dropping him on the back of his head with a Release German Suplex!

Mark Sanction: EBR may have given himself some breathing room here!

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Dropping people on their heads tends to have that effect.

KC Krystal: Yeah the EBR camp all unanimously agreed it was a sound strategy.

Too be expected both men are down, EBR rubbing at his leg and hoping that he somehow became Ben Hawkins from the HBO series “Carnivàle”. Reference that most likely no one gets notwithstanding, EBR uses the ropes for the necessary aid as Danger Liam brings himself up. As they meet in the center of the ring EBR blasts Liam in the face with a forearm, sending the man staggering back into another rough forearm. Liam sees a horrible recurring tend beginning to develop. He tries to kick out EBR’s tire but somehow seeing this coming, EBR catches it.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Ruh roh!

Using his other arm to help hoist Liam, EBR drops him onto the back of his head with a Spinebuster Slam!

KC Krystal: Yeah! Who needs a leg!?

Mark Sanction: ... Yeah!

With his body almost sickeningly bouncing off the canvas the Purple Menace finds himself back up to his feet, through not so much by his own doing. EBR hooks his arms in a Double Underhook, and showing that unfortunately for Danger Liam he doesn’t need his legs to assist him with lifting EBR flips him off, simply slamming him into the mat. EBR hooks his leg, almost out of necessity.

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

Danger Liam kicks out. With Liam attempting to bring himself up and EBR trying to sooth the pain that resonates from his knee through his upper leg, both men are given a momentary break.

Mark Sanction: EBR’s leg is clearly bothering him. Liam made these last few minutes count.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Throughout his career EBR has suffered various leg injuries. I know he’s torn both ACLs before.

KC Krystal: Separate times though, so it’s not as bad as you make it sound.

Once Liam gets himself up EBR approaches, firing with more of what are becoming his trademark forearms. It doesn’t long for Liam to figure out he doesn’t like where this is going, and he begins to back track near the corner.

Mark Sanction: Trying to get away and I do not blame him one bit.

EBR follows, performing more hits to both Liam’s head and body. As Liam finally backs into the corner he’s giving nowhere to go to escape from EBR’s onslaught. Jack Tickles begins his count.


Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: ... You can’t be serious ...

Mark Sanction: Is this why Liam went into the corner in the first place!?


Danger Liam takes the hit, showing no resistance.

Mark Sanction: This is genius!


Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: You already got here by getting your ass kicked, don’t back into a title match too!


Before Tickles gets to five EBR breaks. Whether he was aware of what Liam’s apparent plan was and was just calling his bluff or whether he was very close to losing this match is a question no one will ever know ... unless they ask him.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: This is just getting out of hand, man. Could you imagine how embarrassing that would be? Richard Maxwell is sitting right over there!

Mark Sanction: EBR is a guy who always fights close to the edge. That was just Danger Liam trying to exploit his opponent.

KC Krystal: And getting hammered in the process.

Mark Sanction: Yeah but its EBR, so he knew he was going to get hit anyways.

Liam takes his sweet time before moving away from the corner. Understandable considering the hits he’s taken. EBR tries to approach but Liam throws up his body, both feet hitting EBR in the face. While EBR wasn’t coming in with any speed or momentum, getting kicked in the nose is still a bit of a bitch and if anything, it just serves to anger EBR. This time he dashes towards Liam, at least as much as his leg allows him to dash, with his elbow extended and looking for The Dangerous One’s head. Liam moves away from the turnbuckles, causing EBR to rocket into the pads elbow first.

Mark Sanction: Again .. exploit your opponents style ...

With EBR now the one backed into the corner and with nowhere to go, Danger Liam rolls at EBR, clipping him in the head with a Rolling Wheel Kick. His opponent derailed and in position, Liam paces back several feet, charging in at EBR and performing the Danger Payer!

Mark Sanction: And then strike! He just rocked EBR!

KC Krystal: See these jedi mind tricks are one of the reasons we wanted to face Dan Bennett instead.

Mark Sanction: EBR didn’t want to face Liam?

KC Krystal: Well ... again, we mostly just wanted to face Dan Bennett ... he had that bag of –

Mark Sanction: We do not know what it was.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: C’mon, man ...

KC Krystal: Point is, we figured if E faced Dan it would kind of be like a party, you know? Dan strikes us a “puff, puff, pass” kinda guy, unlike Liam who would probably take it and casually leave when no one’s looking. Liam wasn’t E’s first choice in the finals. Real disappointed when Bennett lost.

With the last two moves leaving their mark EBR comes stumbling out of the turnbuckles. It’s not made any easier as Liam springboards off the ropes behind him, connecting with a Drop-Kick to the back of EBR’s head! As EBR goes face first into the mat Liam slowly rolls him over, putting all his weight on EBR’s upper body as Tickles goes down to count.

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

EBR is able to get his shoulder up. Going back to what was working for him, Liam grabs at EBR’s leg. He begins to step over EBR’s leg.

Mark Sanction: Erno lock!

Knowing the end could be near if it’s applied the Hall of Famer extends his free foot, kicking Liam in the ass and sending him staggering. Liam is able to quickly apply the brakes (figuratively; he’s not an automobile or anything) before he goes anywhere or into anything. Undeterred Liam charges back at EBR but E sticks out his leg, tripping him up. Placing his hands on the mat to prevent himself from falling on his face Liam’s back is to EBR, who surprisingly rolls him up in a School Boy Pin.

... 1 ...

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: The element of surprise!

Pushing Liam over so that he lands on his chest the pin is broken by EBR. Huddled over the now face down Liam EBR reigns left and right clubs onto the back of Danger Liam.

Mark Sanction: I don’t think the pin attempt was ever intended to be much of a pin in the first place, truthfully. This looks to be much more up EBR’s alley.

Liam does his best to escape EBR’s attack, crawling backwards until he gets towards the ropes. Unlike previously it doesn’t appear this is any type of strategy to get a disqualification victory, more so just Liam saving his own ass. Logical and smart guy. Jack Tickles calls for a break once Liam gets his leg on the rope. Honorably EBR obliges.

KC Krystal: That was a classy gesture, guys.

Mark Sanction: He’s just following the rules of the match ...

This good Samaritan act goes unrewarded as Liam dives at the re-approaching EBR, taking out his leg with a Chop Block! Immediately as EBR goes down Danger Liam takes his leg, quickly stepping over and applying the Erno Lock!

Mark Sanction: Erno Lock! EBR’s trapped in the Erno Lock!

KC Krystal: EBR was kind and this is how you repay him!?

EBR bitches in agony as Liam presses down, doing everything he can to add more pressure and get himself named the winner of the Grand Prix. EBR looks for the ropes but in a case of unfortunate ring positioning Liam is the closer of the two. Evenly in between the ropes to his left and right EBR still desperately reaches to both for a break. But alas, he’s not Flex Armstrong, just some guy whose leg may be on the verge of breaking.

Mark Sanction: He can’t go anywhere!

KC Krystal: Uh ...

Having been the hold for awhile, definitely longer then he would like, and with the ropes not looking to be much of a possibility EBR goes for pure desperation. He shoots his upper body up, fist extended and trying to connect with Liam’s face. He misses.

Mark Sanction: He’s trying to punch his way out!

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Do what you know ... cause being honest I don’t know what else EBR can do here.

EBR continues trying to get Liam in the face, but nope, nothing. Every so often will Liam will increase his upright positioning to get more pressure on EBR’s leg, which is when EBR looks to strike, but each time Liam leans back, avoiding the blow altogether.

Mark Sanction: EBR is trapped!

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Danger Liam is gonna do it. Danger Liam is actually gonna do it. He’s going to get the upset!

Believing that the end of the match is near, which it may very well be, Liam continues to press down as hard as he can with the victory in his sight. In one last try EBR measures up a shot, nearly hurling his upper body to connect with Liam’s face. His fist grazes past Liam’s nose, but the momentum of the intended punch sends EBR off balance, which due to their connected legs, sends Liam off balance with him.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Liam is going to win the Grand Prix – wait, what?

Alas, both men go toppling over and landing on their stomachs. As we soon find out, the hold is reversed and the pain now goes through Liam’s legs.

Mark Sanction: Did he just ... he countered it!

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Wow.

Only a couple of inches away from the ropes Liam easily grabs them, getting the hold to be broken. Or at least the hold is attempted to be broken, what with EBR having no idea what’s even going on with his legs at this point. After a brief and awkward struggle, their legs are finally unlocked.

Mark Sanction: I’m not sure how he did it, but somehow, someway, EBR saved himself.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

KC Krystal: He’s always had a thing for the theatrics.

Well aware how this could be going for him EBR rolls himself to the other side of the ring, waiting for Liam to approach him. Undeniably his leg is affected, but knowing that he can’t just give Liam the match, decides it’s time to simply man up and work through it. He tries to pull himself up ... but f*ck that leg really hurts. Hunched over and essentially limping EBR can only hit a few shots to Liam’s mid section before trying another forearm as he gingerly stands on one leg. Liam ducks, suddenly leaping up and drilling EBR in the jaw with the Sticker Peal! EBR immediately drops to the canvas and if Saget were watching he’d fold his arms and laugh a hearty laugh.

KC Krystal: ... What the hell was that!?

Mark Sanction: Danger Liam isn’t going away. He wants to win this. And with the way this is going, he very well might. In fact, it looks likely.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Liam is going to have the advantage for as long as EBR’s leg is a problem ... which it won’t be until EBR can get it rested ... which he can’t because Liam won’t let him ... he really is the Human Rubik’s Cube.

With EBR down and near the corner Liam looks at him, and then back at the turnbuckles. It’s a divine fate. He steps out of the ring and begins to ascend the turnbuckles. As he reaches the top he measures himself up, and then takes it to the sky. Contorting his body as he sails through the air he looks to land with the Rubik’s 360 but EBR moves away at the last second!

Mark Sanction: Liam missed!

KC Krystal: Whew ... this is getting intense man.

After having just collided into the hard mat below, Liam rolls on the canvas while clutching at his tailbone. This buys EBR some much needed time as he desperately massages and tries to stretch out his leg, anything he can do to work out the kinks.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: EBR knows he’s just been given a gift here.

EBR jogs a couple of steps back and forth, and after figuring that he has his leg where he wants it (at least to the point that it’s manageable) he jogs towards Liam. With very little speed in his burst Liam sees this coming, avoiding the Yakuza Kick that was coming his way.

Mark Sanction: And now EBR misses!

Liam grabs EBR’s left arm in a Hammer-Lock and throws EBR’s right over his own shoulder. The Purple Menace spins his body forward, looking for a Lariat which EBR ducks.

Mark Sanction: Neither man can hit anything!

Very easily hooking Liam’s arm considering the positioning he was put in, he gets The Dangerous One up onto his shoulders.

Mark Sanction: No, wait – Steel Magnolias!

Instead of going down with his opponent EBR opts to throw Liam off, slamming his body into the mat! The bottom of the screen again shows Matt Steel and Luther Castle, Steel golf clapping at the use of his move.

Mark Sanction: You really get the feeling that at this juncture of the match, every move matters. There’s such little room for error. Any mistake could cost them the match.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: And believe me, that’s something both men are aware of and thinking about it. The last thing you want is to lose a match like this because of a mistake that you yourself make. You don’t want to give the other man the win. Make them beat you.

Standing behind Liam, EBR slides off his elbow pad and nonchalantly chucks it into the crowd.

KC Krystal: Uh oh serious business now, boys. Now what!

As Liam gets up he turns around and sees EBR extended arm and a Lariat in his sight. He ducks under and leaps up onto EBR’s shoulders, hooking his arms in the process. He tries to take EBR down in a Crucifix Pin ... except EBR doesn’t budge. He rolls Liam upwards onto his shoulders, impaling him on his head with the Death Valley Bomb!

Mark Sanction: This could do it!

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: The mistake I mentioned.

Reaching back and hooking Liam’s leg as soon as he landed on the mat, EBR has the pin as Tickles begins to count.

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

Liam gets his shoulder up!

Mark Sanction: I don’t know how he did it ... but he did.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Look, I’ll give credit to anyone when I think they’ve earned it. Liam is clearly not backing down. I don’t think he’s intimidated.

Mark Sanction: That’s awfully classy of you.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Yeah I thought so.

Calm and cool, EBR looks to remain in control. He gets Liam up onto his knees, proceeding to hit him in the face with more lefts and rights. He proceeds in a rhythm; two hits with his right, followed by two with his left, two with the right, two with the left, and so forth.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: EBR putting that pre-match speedbag practise to good use apparently.

KC Krystal: We got the idea from “Rocky”.

Despite the bruising that appears to be coming Danger Liam hangs in, taking the hits before EBR believes he has him finished. He places Liam’s head between his legs, and it appears eminent that the Folding Power-Bomb is one the way.

Mark Sanction: Trying to put him away here!

Liam drops down before EBR can get any real grip around his waist, clutching back at EBR’s leg and holding onto it. He repeatedly punches at EBR’s leg, causing the standing man to grit his teeth in pain as he tries to shake his leg to get Liam off; apparently believing he’s a small child of some sorts. Finally he thinks better of it and assumes it’d be easier just smack him in the face. After doing so, he proves that yes, that was smarter.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Is it just me or can EBR never get that Power-Bomb on the first try?

Jerking Liam up EBR pushes him into the ropes, speed bagging him again with more of the two-two repetitions with his right and left hands. The hits have their effect, Danger Liam clearly getting groggier and having a harder time standing as it commences.

Mark Sanction: I don’t know how much more of these hits Liam can continue to take.

KC Krystal: History says not many.

Eventually EBR is forced to stop, rubbing at his leg which no matter how much he tries, is still a problem and presumably very painful. EBR tries to whip Liam off the ropes but Liam has his arm hooked over the top, stopping the attempt. With both men exhausted EBR takes a disenchanted sigh, throwing it off before whipping him. Despite the shots he’s been taken to his dome piece Liam is somehow still on his feet, but more impressive is that he’s still able to go across the ring without collapsing on his face. EBR’s attempt is nowhere near as impressive, however. Again he slowly follows at Liam and lowers his shoulder, most likely attempting to jack it into Liam’s face for a knockout shot. But due to his slow wheel he almost staggers at the end, and with his head down, Liam wraps his arms around EBR’s head and drills him into the canvas with a Running DDT!

Mark Sanction: He got countered it! It may not have been the prettiest he’s ever done but damn it, he needed it and he got it!

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: At this point I’m just impressed that Liam is still conscious after the pummelling he was taking. The fact that now he’s at a point where he might have just put himself in position to win this, considering how the match started ... that’s almost unfathomable to me.

Mark Sanction: And KC has gotten awfully quiet.

KC Krystal: I don’t work for you.

Danger Liam knows this might be the last chance he’s got and adrenaline begins to kick in. He not only rises much faster than anyone would expect, but faster than many would. He looks at EBR, pulling down his knee pad.

Mark Sanction: He’s trying for the DanJa Vu again!

Just beginning the process of getting up and trying to shake off the cobwebs EBR sees Liam across from him. Particularly, he sees the downed knee pad. EBR immediately stops what he’s doing, staying right where he is.

KC Krystal: Good man.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Very wise to just stay down. He can’t be hit with if it he’s laying on the ground. Make Liam work for it.

Danger Liam wants to win this thing, and after the sh*t he’s been hit with wants to do it now. He makes the walk towards EBR, and EBR makes sure that Danger Liam is the one that brings him up, refusing to do it on his own. Liam takes EBR by the head and looks to bring him up onto his knee. EBR’s plan worked. EBR shoots himself up, firing with a right forearm to Liam’s face.

Mark Sanction: Going back to what works for him.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: You said it earlier Mark; Liam cannot keep getting hit with these.

The constant beatings and drops to their head throughout the match have taken their toll, thus Liam stands groggy and almost defenceless. EBR fires away with another right forearm. Danger Liam is reeling.

KC Krystal: C’mon man ...

Too exhausted to be able to do anything too drastic to avoid the blow that, as anyone who’s familiar with EBR knows, is soon coming Danger Liam takes into account the previous 2-2 pattern that EBR has been utilizing. In an act of desperation Liam moves his head to the right anticipating the blow will come from the left.

He is incorrect.

Mark Sanction: OHH! I think everyone in the arena heard that!!

Liam out thought himself and the forearm came from the right. Along with the brute force and bringing his own head into it, the hit is astronomical.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Ow ...

Mark Sanction: Liam may already be out!

After the shot and the “oooh” that is emitted by the crowd Liam begins to fall forward. He’s caught by EBR who for good measure places his head between his legs, lifting him up and executing the Folding Power-Bomb!!

Mark Sanction: Liam is down!

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: This has ... this has got to be it now.

EBR has the pin in place after it’s performed as is customary, but refraining from or perhaps simply unable to put much pressure on his leg he chooses to rotate his body, hooking Liam’s legs behind his head, the crowd chanting along.

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

... 3 ...

Ding! Ding! Ding!

KC Krystal: Yeah! What now, son!?

Rolling himself off of Liam, EBR throws his arm in the air with his index finger extended as he lies on his back.

Hana Ramierez: Your winner of the first ever XWA Grand Prix ... and number one contender to the Heavyweight Title ... E-B-R!!

The intro to EPMD’s “Out of Business” begins to play as EBR remains on the canvas, soaking in the victory before finally sitting up, and then finally getting himself to his feet. In the corner of the screen EBR’s locker room is shown, Matt Steel & Luther Castle nodding in celebration as they casually shake hands in regards to a job that was successfully done.

Mark Sanction: Two months after returning at Legends, a perfect 5-0 record, and another tournament added to his list of accomplishments, EBR finally gets his long awaited re-match for the Heavyweight Championship.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: He proclaimed himself as the favourite very early on in the tournament, telling us to “get the nameplate ready”. He backed it up.

Jack Tickles checks on Danger Liam who finally begins to stir. The senior official helps him up to a seated position, asking him a few questions pertaining to his immediate health.

Mark Sanction: Give Danger Liam a lot of credit tonight. He took everything EBR had and was able to come back from the early onslaught he took. He made this match competitive again, and certainly at times, he looked poised to win it.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: I may have gotten on him, I may have made some very humorous jokes cause I’m naturally a funny guy like that, but I do believe that Danger Liam answered any questions about whether he deserved to be in the finals. He absolutely belonged, he showed up when it mattered, and he showed a lot of character here tonight. Just unfortunately for him, so did EBR.

EBR, who has been watching the entire time, approaches his opponent and crouches down. He places his head on the back of Liam’s head as he leans in, saying a few words which are not picked up on camera. He receives a slow nod back by Liam before clapping him on the back lightly, giving dap where it was due.

Mark Sanction: Good on him.

KC Krystal: It was never anything personal; E just had to take care of his own business. And on that, it’s been fun, right?

Slowly Liam exits the ring, holding the back of his head as he makes his way up the ramp. The crowd applaud his efforts, which he subtly acknowledges with a quick raising of his arm. Meanwhile, KC slides into the ring and bro-hugs the victorious EBR, engaging in small chat which registers a laugh from EBR. Richard Maxwell, who had since risen from his ringside seat, begins to ascend the ring steps as Jack Tickles grabs hold of the Grand Prix Cup, trailing behind the XWA Commissioner.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Oooh we get a trophy presentation. How fun.

EBR’s theme begins to fade out as Maxwell enters, shaking EBR’s hand before speaking into his microphone.

Richard Maxwell: Thank you to everyone involved in the Grand Prix for a successful tournament,and Danger Liam for a great finals. Now without further adieu ...

Jack Tickles presents the trophy to EBR.

Richard Maxwell: EBR ... your Grand Prix trophy.

He looks at it.

EBR: Not as big as the Stanley Cup.

Richard Maxwell: Why would it be as big as the Stanley Cup? It’s not the Stanley Cup, it’s the XWA Grand Prix Cup.

EBR: Yeah ... I guess ... if this becomes a yearly tournament does the trophy become named after me because I was the first to win it?

Richard Maxwell: Just take it.

EBR does so, holding it diplomatically so that pictures can be taken. After a few moments he places it back down on the canvas, asking for Maxwell’s microphone. He receives it. After all he did just win the Grand Prix, it would be rude not to let him speak.

EBR: Just wanna give a shout-out to my girl Alexa, my agent, KC of course, Matty S, Luke, Joe, Bobby, Lil Joe, Kanye, and everybody back in Oaktown – holla at ‘cha boy!

While this was occurring KC brandished a bottle of Hennessey from his jacket, popping off the top and pouring it into the cup.

EBR: Oh yeah, and one more thing about this whole XWA business – I ain’t finished yet.

Dropping the microphone EBR picks up the Grand Prix Cup, proceeding to drink from it to more cheers from the Colorado crowd. Once he finishes he holds the trophy above his head once more before he signals to KC to exit and his music begins to re-play.

Mark Sanction: Another message being sent to DGX.

Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels: Yep, and I don’t think there’s any doubt he heard this one.

Clapping a couple of the front row’s fans hands which are out-stretched, EBR and KC proceed to ascend the ramp with EBR now drinking from the bottle. The camera follows both men as they reach the back, being greeted by Matt Steel and Luther Castle receiving handshakes and fist bumps. All four continue back to EBR’s locker room and down the hallway, celebrating until their paths are crossed by DGX, heading in the direction EBR came from as he awaits his Tag Team Title defense. There’s a brief silence that resonates over the area, up until DGX breaks it.

DGX: I guess you’re on my block now.

EBR chuckles, a sly smirk slowly spreading across his face as he nods his lightly nods his head.

EBR: I’m on your front lawn now, son.

He claps DGX on the back, walking past the Heavyweight Champion as his crew does the same. DGX watches them all leave, emitting a chuckle of his own before he proceeds to his destination.
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Re: Intensity: EBR VS Danger Liam

Postby Danger Liam » Fri Jul 08, 2011 11:47 pm

Mark Sanction: And here we are, after four weeks we have whittled down 16 men in the XWA Grand Prix to bring you tonight to a one-on-one finally to this epic tournament.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: We’ve got EBR, who has been unstoppable since he showed up here in the XWA!

Mark Sanction: But at the same time we also have Danger Liam who returned to the XWA at the start of this tournament as a new man and has also been undefeated since his return.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: So the question which one of these men want this more ... is it EBR who has a long and storied history with DGX that has spanned over the globe.

Mark Sanction: Or is it Danger Liam who has found that the game in the XWA is nothing like he has seen in the past and the man atop the mountain, DGX is the last man in the way of him backing up all the claims he made back when he started here in the XWA.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Before we get the action underway lets see how both men got here ...

Cut to the big screen and we see a few quick clips from EBR vs Kendo Kid with both men getting in a few stiff shots before moving shots of the closing moments. It starts with a shot of EBR clattering into Kendo Kid with his blazing lariat, flipping Kendo up and through the air. EBR is slipped a bottle that he uses to rinse out his eyes before charing through the Kid with a charging knee, EBR doesn’t let up though as he keeps hold and drives a few more knees before hooking him in and driving him into the canvas with a powerbomb.

ONE ... TWO ... THREE!

KC Krystal: Pfft ... he had a plan?

Hana Ramierez: Your winner of the match E ... B ... R!

Crash cut to a week latter and the closing moments of Danger Liam vs Tempest with Cubes kicking out from underneath Temps. The fast paced action continues as both men get to their feet and takes a bounce off the ropes. Temps ducks a clothesline and then on the rebound The Dangerous One leaps over a backdrop leading to Tempest running into the Purple Menace only to be thrown up and over with a massive Ego Dent that sends him rolling to the arena floor. We see a few shots of the crowd at ringside looking on in shock before cutting to a shot of Liam atop the turnbuckles before he leaps out to the arena floor hitting his Rubik’s 360.

... Eight ... Nine ...

Liam just about rolls into the ring as Tickles counts the Ten and the bell sounds.

Mark Sanction: That was sickening ...

Hana Ramierez: ... your winner as a result of a count out DANGER LIAAAMMM!!!

Mark Sanction: And with round two down that of course sent both men onto round two ...

Back up on the screen the action turns to EBR vs DJS in the battle of the Scrabble tiles, again we see both men going back and forth with action just as it looks like DJS is in control looking to deliver the final blow with a Diamonds Wrath. He struggles and tugs trying to get his bigger opponent into position. He gets him up into the air but that’s as far as the move gets as EBR slips out of Sabbaths grasp and lands in front of him grabbing hold of Jack on his way down and locking in the 36th Chamber Choke.

KC Krystal: Jack may take what E gives him, but E will flat out take what he wants.

EBR holds the lock for long than most could even watch let along fight through but Sabbath tries with all of his might until in the end Sabbaths body falls limp and the bell sounds.

Hana Ramierez: Your winner ... advancing to the semi-finals of the XWA Grand Prix ... E ... B ... R!

Another quick cut to show Judasbleek dominating the Dangerous One for almost the entirety of the match shots of Cubes being beaten from pillar to post and really worn down before slowing to a shot of the Purple Wonder in the corner of the ring throwing something down his neck. He charges at Judas but gets rocked and dropped with a huge boot to the face.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: DONE!!! Even with whatever he just took that's gotta be the end of it ...

A few more clips until breaking to the end as the Dangerous One hits the Danger Paver and from there Cubes is on his way hitting the facewash before being given the perfect chance to his the sticker peal only to get a two count. Cut to Judas up on his feet as Liam bounces from rope to rope with flying forearms until his knocks Bleek down to his knee and then cracks him with the DanJa Vu for the ...

ONE ... TWO ... THREE!!!!

Hana Ramierez: ... advancing in the XWA Grand Prix ... DANGER LIAAAAMMM!!!

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: And with that both men were half way into the XWA Grand Prix just two matches removed from DGX for the XWA World Championship!

Mark Sanction: That of course took us to last week and the Semi-Finals of this tournament.

The clips start of the chaotic actions that took place throughout the EBR and Derrick Jedi match, all the comedy and craziness before cutting to the end of the match as we see Miles Davidson sneak to ringside. He provokes the attention of Derrick Jedi Davidson manages to trick Jedi into thinking that he has an intention of getting into the ring and as he steps back shouting at Jedi he lulls him into a completely wrong mindset because just before he can go after Miles he is sent drilled to the canvas with a huge Lariat from behind.

Mark Sanction: Dammit! That Lariat ...

A clip of the smug look on Davidson’s face flashes across the screen before cutting back to the action as EBR takes Jedi from the canvas and then drills him dead center of the canvas with his massive Folding Power-Bomb.

ONE ... TWO ... THREE!!!

Hana Ramierez: Your winner ... advancing to the final ... E ... B ... R!

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Of course it wasn’t long before that that EBRs opponent for tonight had been decided.

As the bell sounded in the other semi-final match Bennett offers out a bag of white powder which is knocked out of his hand and into the crowd by the Dangerous One. A few shots inter cut of back and for action until it comes to a grinding halt as Dan Bennett takes control off the match. Cubes gets dropped with a Falcon Arrow and covered.

... TWO ... THRE .... CLOSE!

The action picks up as Bennett goes for Alex Seans Lariat but it is dodged and on a second try Dan goes doe DGXs Breakdown which is also avoided as Cubes dives from the ring.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Coward!

While Liam scurries about outside the ring and grabs the bag of powder but before he can do anything with it he is spun around and the powder ends up in the face and up the nose of Bennett which leads to a collection of quick cuts as Dan Bennett seemingly goes mad with an onslaught of attacks before drilling Cubes with the Wonder No More and then locking in the Ode to Rated X however the Danger Man gets to the ropes and for some reason Dan just continues the hold refusing to break it for any reason.

THREE ... FOUR ... FIVE!!!

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: NOOOOO!!!

Hana Ramierez: Your winner by Disqualification ... advancing to the final ... DANGER LIAAAMMM!!!

Mark Sanction: And so that brings us here!

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: This is the moment that the last four shows have built up to ...

Mark Sanction: ... and has the potential to radically change the future of the XWA!

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: It’s just a formality though Sanction, in a few minutes EBR will take his place as the number one contender ready to get what he wants more than anything in this world.

Mark Sanction: Haven’t you learnt yet that you shouldn't just brush past Liam, you did it with Bleek and Bennett and look where that got you!

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Mlow Be!


Mark Sanction: So lets take the action to the ring ...

Standing front and center in the middle of the ring is Hana Ramierez ready and waiting to get this, one of the most anticipated matches in XWA history, underway.

Hana Ramierez: Ladies and Gentlemen the following is the FINAL of the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance GRAND PRIX tournament scheduled for ONE fall.

The lighting dramatically dims to a near darkness as initially four taps of a drum are heard.

Hana Ramierez: Introducing first ...

As the intro to EPMD’s “Out of Business” album begins the crowd stirs louder, and shortly thereafter a sampled and remixed version of “Going The Distance” by Bill Conti plays throughout the arena.

Hana Ramierez: Hailing from Oakland, California ...

Finally after several moments, specifically when the beat picks up EBR emerges from the back. The crowd goes bonkers and stuff. Noticeably accompanying the black hoodie adorn EBR are KC Krystal, Luther Castle, Matt Steel, and Super Dragon IV, two on each side and flanking him as he descends down the ramp.

Hana Ramierez: ... He stands six feet and three inches tall and weighs in at two-hundred and fifty-five pounds ...

EBR climbs the ring steps as his posse, Krystal the exception, stay on the outside behind him. Both EBR and Krystal step through the second and third rope and enter the ring, heading directly to the far right corner as EBR loosens up on the spot.

Hana Ramierez: ... He is without a doubt a legend not only in this ring but in rings around the world, he is E ... B ... R!!!!

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: This really is it ... shot of the bus situation I takes about last week were not long from deciding who WILL face DGX.

Mark Sanction: And after last ...

Sanction is cut off by the rustling of the third headset as KC Krystal takes her place with the boys at ringside.

KC Krystal: Hello again boys.

Back in the ring Hana continues her introductions.

Hana Ramierez: And his opponent ...


The arena is suddenly drenched in darkness before laser lights shoot out over the crowd.  The crowd are all of a sudden whipped into a frenzy as the XWA Tron kicks into life with a video of a Rubik’s Cube play to the tune of ‘Scary Monster’s & Nice Sprites’ by Skrillex

YES!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!

Hana Ramierez: Hailing from Coseley, England ...

The Pure Dubstep kicks in as the Dangerous One explodes out onto the stage full of life and movement.  He leaps around on the stage with a bottle in hand and his new entrance mask on his face.  Cubes reaches to it and pulls it from his face exposing the smears of paint he has strewn across his mush before dropping the Mask down onto the stage.  The cameras have a quick zoom in on the mask …


KC Krystal: What is that monstrosity

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: I’ve been asking myself the same thing all these weeks KC.

… as the camera points back to him, the Danger Man reaches into his pocket and pulls something out throwing into his mouth before taking a mouthful of water and then throwing the bottle into the crowd and sprinting to the ring.

KC Krystal: Is he popping pills before a match?

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: He does that all the time Sanction here refuses to acknowledge it.

Mark Sanction: You don’t know what it is he’s taking, its probably a mentos.

Hana Ramierez: ... standing six feet and two inches tall and weighing in two-hundred and twenty-six pounds ...

The Purple Wonder damn near slides all the way across the ring then leaps to his feet.  He jumps to the second rope as the music continues to play.  The sound clearly going through all of the Purple Wonders body, Liam looks over the crowd as the lights come back up and the lasers shut off.  He gives himself a few swift slaps to the face before spinning and dropping into the ring ready for action.

Hana Ramierez: He is ‘The Human Rubik’s Cube’ DANGER LIAAAMMM!!!

Ramirez climbs from the ring and Tickles brings the two men together and give them a quick word before calling for the bell (six days after I started this document). The Dangerous One offers out his hand with a rye smile on his face and EBR accepts his sign of good sportsmanship and the two even loose the shake without so much as a fist being thrown. The two take a step back each before straight away throwing themselves back at each other in a collar and elbow tie up in the middle of the ring.

Mark Sanction: I don’t even know what to say I’ve got use to calling foul first thing in a match but if I’m right this is ... what’s it called ... sportsmanship?

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: It’s EBR giving his rookie a chance.

Mark Sanction: You need to delve into the archives before calling Liam a rookie ...

KC Krystal: I’ll give him credit he does wear a gorgeous shade of purple.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: :sglare:

E’s strength advantage rears its head as he is able to power the Dangerous One towards the ropes pushing him against them with full force before Tickles is forced to step in to ask for the break. EBR releases his grip and takes a step back with his hands raised and a grin on his face Liam pushes himself from the ropes but wants to try his luck a second time as he lunges at EBR again and again ties up only to be pushed to the ropes. This time Tickles doesn’t even have to step in before EBR takes a step back releasing the Purple Menace.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Showing him up Mark ...

KC Krystal: It’s not smart to try and play a strength game with EBR.

Mark Sanction: Isn’t that because of his steroid use?

KC Krystal: Wow?

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: REALLY? Liam doesn’t take drugs but EBR MAYBE once did one treatment of steroids.

Mark Sanction: Look what I’m saying has some prove behind it, your bullshit doesn’t.

Again EBR finds himself being lunged at by the Purple Menace but this time the Dangerous One has a little more wits about him as she manages to shoot behind EBR and try to squeeze with all his might. The Purple Wonder however isn’t really able to do much as with a firm grip on both of his wrists EBR pulls the Danger Man arms from the squeeze and then with hold on one wrist he flips him over his shoulder and down to the canvas leaving the Purple Wonder to scurry back up to his feet.

KC Krystal: He’s toying with him, a good sign of EBRs confidence.

Mark Sanction: I’m not sure you should all be so quick to leap to the conclusion that he’s going to win this match.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: It’s a given Mark just learn to cope with it.

This time Liam isn’t quick to lunge back at his bigger opponent as the cogs in his head are clearly turning, he dashes forwards before ducking under the impact of a swinging lariat and charging for the ropes. He bounces and storms back before taking to the air with a flying forearm that momentarily floors EBR. Cubes is straight back to his feet running at the ropes a second time as E gets to his feet just in time to receive a second forearm smash before Liam goes for a early early attempted cover.


Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Is he having a laugh? He was never going to get anywhere with that.

Mark Sanction: Its an old school technique Jordan you off all people know that.

KC Krystal: It’s not bad, you’ve got to give him that bit of credit but lets she where he tries to go with it.

Before the two the Danger Man finds himself being pushed off the cover and both men get to their feet at pretty much the exact same time but with the Dangerous One facing away from EBR he quickly finds himself being grabbed from behind. The Cubes struggles for a moment to get free before being lifted up into the air but at the last moment he manages to shift his weight and roll through rolling up EBR for the pin.

Mark Sanction: Another quick pin!


Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Another easy escape ...

KC Krystal: ANOTHER pointless phrase.

Again both men leap to their feet in a stand off this time not going for the attack but both slamming on the breaks in a sign of respect for each other.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: What are you doing EBR? Finish him.

Mark Sanction: Why go out of your way week in week out to underestimate people in that ring only to end up looking a fool Jord?

The two circle the ring for a moment as Liam raises out his arms calling for a crowd reaction. They let out a pretty impressive pop before EBR chooses to do the same but doesn’t get as much of a reaction which clearly gets to E as he chooses to go for the Dangerous One. He drops to a knees and shoots for the single leg but Cubes leaps free at the last moment and backs himself into the corner of the ring.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Scaring the kid.

KC Krystal: He doesn’t look like a kid to me.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: :sunsure:

KC Krystal: What?

Now fighting his way out of the corner the Dangerous One tries to throw a quick gut kick but EBR easily avoids the impact, and so finding himself trapped Liam pulls into a bag full of underhanded tactics by throwing a dummy kick before driving his thumb into EBRs eye.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: SCUM!

Mark Sanction: You really need to learn to control yourself here.

With his opponent momentarily blinded the Purple Menace decides to climb up to the top rope looking to go high risk early in this match but before he can make a leap EBR turns back towards him and with ease tosses him over head and down into the canvas. EBR stands in wait as Cubes pushes himself up but as he turns towards EBR he is lifted and then straight away planted with a spinebuster. The Dangerous One tries to roll to the ropes but E gets a grip on him as he moves and pulls him up to his feet, EBR props Cubes up across the ropes before grinding his elbow into Liams face before taking a step back leaving Cubes obviously annoyed.

Mark Sanction: Mind games starting up here now.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: He’s just paying him back for that thumb to the eye.

With EBR letting him get back into the action Liam shoots the tie up again and then quickly tries to transition into a top wrist lock but as he tries to gain the leverage he needs to get the upper hand EBR simply steps through and powers Cubes to the canvas, but the Dangerous One rolls back and straight to his feet even though he stands for a moment in the corner to decide his next move. E just takes a few steps around the ring before they tie up again and this time after getting himself a wide base shoots to a head lock. EBR seems unflustered however as he effortlessly hoists the Dangerous One from the mat and throws him forward dropping him chest first into the canvas.

Mark Sanction: for the life of me I can’t see what Liam is trying to achieve playing this strength game with EBR?

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: He’s trying to give himself an excuse to get his ass kicked.

KC Krystal: Maybe he truly believes he can get the upper hand ...

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: ... he’s be wrong ...

KC Krystal: BUT! That may be what he thinks.

KC wouldn’t be called a idiot for thinking that as it seems that Liam is very single minded on trying to overpower EBR but it truly is to no avail as Liam gets to his feet and tries again to rush EBR only got get a knee to his gut for his trouble. EBR then scoops the Purple Wonder up into his arms and plants him in the middle of the ring with a scoop slam. He looks down at Liam for a second and then grins before leaping into the air and dropping a elbow.


Mark Sanction: Straight into the canvas!

At the last moment Liam rolls out of the way of the impact and getting straight to his feet and throwing a boot into EBRs gut as he gets up. Liam quickly bounces off the rope and drops E with a running DDT before he charges across the ring and leaps straight to the top rope before jumping for a quick flying clothesline as EBR slowly makes his way back up. Cubes leaps on this chance for yet another cover.


KC Krystal: Aouch!

Liam lands chest and face first out on the arena floor after EBR powered from the cover and threw him threw the ropes. He has a few seconds to compose himself though as E rattles his head back into the game and then rolls out of meet his opponent. In the ring Tickles seems pretty lax about making the count as he knows the importance of this match and how many people would demand there money back for a double count out ending.

Mark Sanction: That’s what I like to see Tickles obviously wants to see a winner in this match as much as the rest of us do.

The Purple Menace pulls himself to his feet with the use of the barricade but as he does, with pin point accuracy, EBR drives a elbow into the small of his back. Liam falls to a knee and EBR takes a step back then shoots forward a knee but only finds the barricade as Cubes pushes himself from harms way at the last moment. With his leg now rammed through the steel railings EBR is left to try and fight his way free for a moment giving the Dangerous One chance to pull out a ridiculous moves as he runs a full lap of the ring before leaping onto the barricade and running a few steps before ploughing a knee right through the prone EBR leaving both men laid out at ringside for a moment.

KC Krystal: Wow!

Mark Sanction: Holy Shit what an impact, Liam must have been moving at one hell of a pace as he leaped through the air there.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Meh!

The Purple Warrior rolls to his back and grabs a handful of the ring apron and starts to pull himself up to his feet. EBR takes a while but starts to stir, he watches on as the Purple Wonder pulls himself into the ring and to his feet then gets to his feet himself but falls back leaning on the barricade for support. Cubes sees this as another chance and hits the ropes then slides to his knees looking for a baseball slide but with a sure show of strength EBR not only catches the Dangerous One but swings him like a baseball bat splatting the Human Rubik’s Cube into the unforgiving steel of the barricade.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Well ... that’ll do it!

EBR peals the Purple Mess from the arena floor and pushes him into the ring before sliding in after him and hooking the leg.

ONE ... TWO ... THR ... JUST OUT IN TIME!!!!

Luckily the time from impact to cover gave the Dangerous One just enough time to get free from the cover but he still finds himself on the back foot as he is again dragged from the canvas and this time shoved straight into the corner of the ring. EBR drills him with a couple of elbows and a few rights and lefts before tossing him across the ring and then following him in only to find a chest full of turnbuckles as the Cube again rolls free from the impact.

KC Krystal: Is all this guy does run?

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Exactly ... he’s just a chicken shit!

Mark Sanction: So when you were a wrestler you use to just stand there and take the punishment when you could avoid it?

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: :sdry:

With EBR still in the corner facing out to the crowd Liam capitalizes by leaping onto the second rope and catapulting himself into a dropkick right to the small of Es back. The Purple Wonder flips EBR and grinds and elbow into his face for a few seconds leaving him a little disoriented before going a quick lap of the ring before charging in a leaping into the Danger Paver.

Mark Sanction: I think I know what’s next.

Cubes lets EBR fall to his arse then takes a couple of steps before hitting him with a facewash, the Dangerous One grins as he drags EBR from the corner and rolls atop him hooking the leg for the cover.

ONE ... TW ... NOT EVEN A TWO!!!

There is a look of shock that falls across Liams face as EBR powers free so quickly but he is quick to try an keep on the attack as he decides to drive his forearm across the mush of EBR and grind away for a few moments before EBR simply throws a full power elbow smash that rattles Liams head and knocks him of his game.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Just that easy! Liam can throw together all these little combos but EBR isn’t going to falter in this one.

KC Krystal: EBR wants this to much for a few simple moves to bring it all to an end.

Mark Sanction: I’m sure Liam wants it just as much if not more than EBR so the question really will be on who has the better will power, stamina and just sheer desire to win.

The Danger Man falls back onto his own arse leaving both men to pull themselves back to their feet and somehow back to square one as they both look across the ring at each other ready to make the next move. The two slip into another collar and elbow tie up, this one not as crisp and not as tight but effective never the less. The Purple Menace manages to get a headlock but for what seems like less than a second before EBR shoots him across the ring and then just damn near runs through him with a shoulder barge. Cubes is straight back up however only to get knocked back down. He refuses to give up though and jumps back up once more but this time avoids the impact of the shoulder barge and drops EBR with a SIMPLE drop toe hold.

Mark Sanction: Out of nowhere! Classic!

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: It’s ONE move shut the hell up.

Clearly EBR is don playing around with the Dangerous One however as Liam tries to snap an elbow and only finds canvas. E rolls to his feet quick as a hick up and grabs hold of the Purple Menace drills hi with three swift knees to the gut before throwing him into the corner of the ring and unloading with rights and lefts. With Liam clearly rocked EBR shoots him full force into the opposing corner of the ring and then as Cubes bounces back he is flattened by EBRs Diving Yakuza Kick.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Let’s be honest this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Liam and he’s blowing it right now ... he’s letting EBR run wild.

Mark Sanction: I wouldn’t say letting him ...

KC Krystal: It’s probably not a once in a life time chance either, seriously why are you so harsh on this guy.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: He’s a fucking druggie who were pushing to sell t-shirts to kids!

Mark Sanction: Speculation.

Cubes drags himself to a semi-vertical base in the corner of the ring but EBR refuse to let up following him in and hitting more boots and elbows really wearing down the Purple Menace before ragging himself a handful of hair and pulling him out into the ring to deliver one simple straight right hand that sends Cubes in a full 360 spin before he falls into the ropes. Tickles finally steps in to acknowledge the use of the closed fist which gives Cubes just enough of a breather to start chipping away on EBR as he turns back. Liam hits two snap kicks to EBRs leg but with a simple right to the chest he soon finds himself in a heap in the corner.

Mark Sanction: Liam really is finding it hard to over come EBRs advantages now.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: You’ve got to admit he’s being shown up in there?

Mark Sanction: I’ll admit he may need to think up a better game plan because he’s just getting worn out in there trying to play this David Haye bullshit.

EBR snaps a kick then drives the sole of his boot across his his throat forcing Tickles to actually count.


Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: I bet that’s this cowards strategy, he just wants another cheap victory.

Mark Sanction: Cheap Victory?

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: He’s won ONE! of the three matches that have got him here.

Mark Sanction: He’s clearly won all three of them.

KC Krystal: I dunno Jord may have a point, he’s definitely been lucky these past few weeks.

With Tickles pulling EBR aside Cubes slithers out to the arena floor, EBR brushes past Tickles and follows him out as Liam is walking around the ring trying to get somewhat free. Just as it looks like EBR is going to get to hold of the Purple Warrior he spins around and drops a kick straight to his knee cap that manages to stagger EBR for long enough for him to leap up onto the ring skirt and then jump at EBR only to get caught and SLAMED hard on the arena floor.

KC Krystal: Aouch!

At this point EBR is clearly fed up of Liam trying to get away from the fight and again throws him back into the ring but his own sluggish entrance into the ring lets Liam get to the other side of the ring before EBR is to his feet. E hardly worries though as he storms for Cubes only to have his running knee dodged before feeling the sharp stabbing pain of a chop block to his prone leg.

Mark Sanction: I’m sure your gonna disagree Jord but this is smart.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: I agree ...

Mark Sanction: Really?

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Yeah I agree that I’m going to disagree.

Liam goes on the attack dragging EBR straight away to the ropes and laying his ankle across the bottom rope before dropping a seated senton right to the knee of E. He hits it a second time before sliding out of the ring and trying to drag EBR to the corner of the ring. He gets him in place and looks for the Illegal Erno but at the last moment his face meets the cold hard steel as E pulls his legs back and wobbles Liams brain momentarily.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: He’s too predictable Mark.

KC Krystal: It’s just a sign of EBR doing his home work.

E is quick to roll out after the Dangerous One he reaches down looking to gut wrench Liam from the floor but the Cube just manages to fight free and slide into the ring looking to escape. E is quick on the chase and as Liam bounces back towards him he catches him with a knee to the gut before planting him square in the middle of the ring with the Steel Mangolias.

KC Krystal: That might be enough!

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Pin him E!

EBR looks down at Liam but refuses to pin and instead lifts Cubes leg from the canvas and then laces around it locking Cubes in a primitive but effective submission. The Dangerous One lets out a scream before starting to fight his way towards and finally grabbing the bottom rope. EBR holds on for a few seconds but lets go just before Tickles starts his count.

KC Krystal: About out of the blue there from E

Liam pushes himself up and again towards the corner of the ring as EBR stalks him looking to find an end to this match. As he gets close though Liam starts wildly throwing out boots kicking at EBRs knee caps time after time while EBR holds himself up with the ropes. After a good seven or eight shots he transitions to a few open first and then a single elbow that knocks EBR into the corner. Cubes refuses to let up though and he quickly reaches down and picks up EBRS left leg, lacing it in the middle rope.

Mark Sanction: It looks like Liam’s found his target for this match.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Does he think he’s EVER going to force a submission out of EBR?

KC Krystal: He’s not!

Liam pulls and torques at EBRs leg as Tickles has to step in with the count.


The Dangerous One lets up on the hold but doesn’t stop his attack as he turns around and starts to drive boot after boot to the knee of EBR. He gets three solid shots in before Tickles steps in to let EBRs leg free. The Purple Wonder is straight back on the attack opening up with an onslaught of rights and lefts. Again he laces up EBRs leg, this time E tries to pull at Liams neck and head but he has no luck as Tickles again has to step in to break the hold.

KC Krystal: Come on tickles get ‘em out of the corner!

Again Liam looks to start to open up with rights and lefts but as he throws the first fist EBR throws out his arm and grabs Cubes by the throat before pushing himself from the corner, now with a noticeable limp. He keeps hold and pushes Liam clear across the ring choking him in the opposing corner until Tickles steps between the two and ...


Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: What the hell!

With Tickles between the two Liam throws out his keg and catches EBR in the family jewels leaving him to topple to the canvas.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: This is bullshit!

KC Krystal: How did Tickles not see that?

Mark Sanction: What are you two on about?

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: You’re shitting me right?

Tickles takes a step back looking a little confused as to why EBR has fallen to the canvas as Liam steps over him and grabs his legs, dragging him into the center of the ring and then locking in the Erno Lock. EBR sits up trying to do anything he can to get out of the hold but Cubes does everything in his power to keep the hold applied. After what seems like a solid minute EBR manages to rake the face of the Purple Wonder just enough to get him to release the hold.

KC Krystal: I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sweating it a little there.

Mark Sanction: Liam’s submission game really is high up there with some of the best ... although it’s rare he gets the win by submission because he has that lighting quick DanJa Vu at a moments notice.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Stop trying to suck the shit out of this guys ass Mark!

KC Krystal: Bit much?

Cubes grabs EBRs leg and pulls him up to his one foot but before he can capitalize EBR throws a straight right catching Liam in the jaw and knocking him to the canvas. E stumbles into the corner of the ring clearly favoring his leg. Cubes pushes himself up to a vertical base and looks over EBR slides down in the corner trying to shake a little bit of life back into his leg but catches sight of Liam just as the right time as it looks like the Purple Wonder is looking for a face wash but ends up tangles in the ropes as EBR dives out of the way of the impact.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Is it just me or is this getting a little repetitive now all this back and forth nonsense.

Mark Sanction: Are you serious? People don’t come here to watch a load of one sided squash matches.

Liam falls from the ropes down to the canvas giving EBR a bit of breather room but instead of letting up on Cubes EBR leaps on the attack as he scoops Liam from the canvas before delivering a Gut-Wrench Power Bomb before falling into the cover.


EBR pushes hims to his knees and drills a few cheep shots before grinding his elbow across Liams face for a second cover.


Mark Sanction: I honestly think both of these men want this two much.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: I guarantee you Liam doesn’t want it enough.

EBR plants another right hand before rolling up to his feet and pulls Cubes with him, he plants a knee before hooking his arms and then tossing Liam into a heap in the turnbuckles with the Butterfly Suplex.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Look at him he’s a mangled mess in that corner.

EBR drags Liam out of the corner and covers one more time.

ONE ... TWO ... THR ... NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

E reaches down at grabs himself a handful of hair pulling Cubes to his feet before snapping a boot to the mid section he pulls Liam in and obviously decides that this is the end as he tightens his grip around the throat of the Dangerous One locking in the 36th Chamber.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: It’s OVER! Ring the bell!

Mark Sanction: He kinda needs to submit first Jord!

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Formalities.

The Dangerous One falls to a knee but flaps his arms looking to get to the ropes, it’s looking good for the Purple Wonder as he is fading out of this match but at the last possible moment Liam kicks out his leg and manages to hook the bottom rope forcing Tickles to start the count.


EBR lets go of his grip and drops Cubes who straight away pulls himself out to the arena floor where Tickles finally decides he’s had enough and starts a count.


Liam isn’t completely back in it however as he is quickly jumped by EBR who lays into him with a series of stomps. Cubes has to crawl to the corner of the ring but then getting somewhat of a second wind as he rolls out of the way of a straight right hand and falls to his knees before leaping up and throwing out the Sticker Peal while shouting “TIGER UPPERCUT!”. Somehow EBR stays on his feet but only for long enough to the Dangerous One to lock him up and plant him in the middle of the ring with the speed solving.

Mark Sanction: There’s another turn around for you Jord how you liking the action?

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Get Fucked Mark

KC Krystal: You boys make such a good team.

Tickles drops for the count as Liam keeps hold of the pin.


There is a look of genuine shock on the face of the Dangerous One as he looks down wondering what he needs to do to end this match. The Purple Wonder rolls to the ropes and pulls himself to his feet watching on as EBR starts to push himself up to his feet. The second he plants both feet firm on the canvas though one of them is taken from under him as Cubes hits a dropkick to the knee. As quick as it is psychically possible for him to do so the Purple Wonder hits the ropes and plants a foot on EBRs knee swinging his free leg and damn near kicking a tooth from his mouth hitting the ...

Mark Sanction: DANJA VU!!!!

The Dangerous One leaps atop EBR and hooks everything he can.


Mark Sanction: OH MY GOD!!!

The camera crash cuts to a close up of Danger Liam who is beyond shocked as he leans back and tries the cover once more.


Liam dives from atop the cover and slams his hands down across the canvas time after time having and old school Christian temper tantrum in the middle of the ring before getting back to his feet and watching EBR as he to starts to stir. Liam shouts out to the audience that this match is over as he sneaks up behind EBR and hooks him in for the Rubik’s Twist but before he can spin through the air he finds himself clattering into the corner.

Mark Sanction: That may have been all Liam had left to give in this match.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Lets be real its gonna be over soon and EBR has just proved that Liam’s BIG move isn’t enough in this one!

EBR hooks hold of Cubes and out of nowhere spins him and plants him with the Bacdafucup which gives him enough time to get a bit of energy back. He lifts the Purple Wonder up and begins to pound away with rights, lefts, elbow, knees and forearms with Liam prone in the corner of the ring until Tickles is forced to step. The Dangerous One falls to the canvas but EBR refuses to let up as he gets a full mount on the Purple Wonder who is left with nothing to do but cover us as EBR pounds elbows and forearms into the face and skull of the Cube. In the end to get himself out of this predicament he has to stop covering with one hand to reach out to the ropes.

Mark Sanction: EBR seems to have lost it here ...

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: ... and look at him he’s just toying with Liam now.

After a good ground and pound beat down EBR watches as Liam slowly claws his way up to his feet. The Dangerous One is a little wobbly and shaken up he turns around to see nothing but a grin from EBR who hoists him into the air and then plants him with the Death Valley Bomb.

KC Krystal: This is getting a little sad to watch.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: He’s unstoppable when he gets like this lets just ring the bell now.

Mark Sanction: You still have no fait Jord.

EBR hooks the inside leg and Tickles drops for the count.


Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Oh come on! Just give it up Liam! Even if you get through this match your not beating DGX.

Mark Sanction: I think if he truly believed that he wouldn’t even be in the XWA anymore.

KC Krystal: EBR knows he can get the job done against DGX ...

All of a sudden the crowd explode with a massive pop as the XWA World Heavyweight Champion makes his way out onto the stage to watch on as his next contender is decided.

Mark Sanction: Speak of the Devil.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Scouting his next victim ... smart!

KC Krystal: Shouldn’t he be in the back getting ready for his own match tonight ... I don’t trust him out here with his track record.

EBR peals Liam from the canvas and sets him up for his folding power-bomb while looking up keeping eye contact with DGX. He throws Liam up into the air and then comes crashing down on top of him leaving the Purple Menace in a heap in the middle of the ring. EBR refuses to break eye contact though as he flat out tells DGX he is next then eventually makes his way to cover the Human Rubik’s Cube!

ONE ...

KC Krystal: TWO!!!!

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: THR ...

Mark Sanction: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: What the?

KC Krystal: :sohmy:

The crowd falls to silence and even the champion has a look of utter disbelieve on his face as somehow after all the punishment in this match the Human Rubik’s Cube gets his shoulder from the canvas.

Mark Sanction: What was that you were saying about Liam hitting his best move and it not stopping EBR

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: :smellow:

EBR falls to his knees in utter disbelief he watches on as Liam still fights through the obvious pain and claws his way to his feet but then decides that he’s not playing games any more. He grabs Liam by the scruff of the neck and spins him around but out of no where the Purple Wonder leaps into the air and hits EBR square in the jaw with a flying knee that drops EBR but also just from the sheer energy used he falls to the canvas himself.

KC Krystal: Come on E! Get up, he’s got nothing left in the tank you’ve got this.

Both men are motionless for a moment meaning Tickles has to step in to make sure they can both compete.

ONE ... TWO ... THREE ... FOUR ... FIVE ... SIX ...

Mark Sanction: It can’t end like this ...


Tickles quickly drops to the cover.

KC Krystal: :shuh:


Mark Sanction: MY GOD!!!!

KC Krystal: Few!

Kicking out mostly on instinct EBR is still pretty much motionless, as is the Dangerous One. It takes a moment but both men eventually with the help of the ropes start to get back to there feet. Somehow both men plant there feet at the exact same time, and with no energy left in either man we really are down to the last chance saloon in as much as this match being decided by the next man to make a mistake.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Dee! Get down and here and finish both of these guys off!

Mark Sanction: Your allegiances have shifted pretty quick as soon as the champs made his way out here.

Up on the stage DGX is still watching with a very eager look on his face as you can tell he never expected this much to come from this match. Back in the ring EBR pushes himself off the ropes as does the Cube and both men raise there arms (all thats missing is a slow motion rain effect). Liam throws a right hand that rocks EBR and slowly EBR returns the favor, Cubes hits a quick kick to the gut only to get the same in return. The Purple Wonder throws a quick chop which again is returned by EBR.

Mark Sanction: How the pace of this match has slowed so drastically.

The Dangerous One looks to hit one big move to get the upper hand and throws out an arm for a clothesline but EBR duck under the impact and from behind the Purple Wonder he is able to grab hold of him and lift him up into the air looking for the Stillmatic.

KC Krystal: E is really reaching into his bag of tricks.

EBR locks eyes with Dee as he holds Liam in the air and seeing the future of his title slipping away Dee takes a few short steps down the ramp, just enough to break EBRs attention for long enough for Liam top slip out the back of the hold. He lands behind EBR and uses everything he has to hook him in and then spin trough the air drilling E facce first into the canvas with the Rubik’s Twist!

Mark Sanction: THE TWIST!!!!!

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: NO!

Both men are motionless again, while up on the ramp feeling his work is done DGX disappears into the night and Tickles again starts the count ...


Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: NOT LIKE THIS!!!

ONE ... TWO ...

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: PLEASE NO!!!!

... THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Sanction: OH MY GOD!!!! He’s done it! Danger Liam has defeated EBR ... DANGER LIAM HAS WON THE GRAND PRIX!

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: I don’t believe it ...

Mark Sanction: Liam has a shot for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

Skrillex is played over the arena as everyone leaps from there seats after watching two men give it there absolute all in search of the XWA Championship opportunity. Tickles reaches down and raises Liams arm high in the sky as Hana makes it all official.

Hana Ramierez: Ladies and Gentlemen here is YOUR winner and the new number one contender for the XWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!! DANGER LIAAAMMM!!!

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: I still can’t believe it!

KC Krystal: Can ANYONE believe it.

The music continues to play as it starts to set in for the Dangerous One and he manages to drag himself to the corner of the ring. He looks down at EBR who is only just starting to come around and pulls himself to his feet. As EBR pushes himself up the Purple Menace limps forward and offers out his hand for a very hard fought match. EBR graciously accepts the shake and raises Cubes arm high in the air as the music plays again.
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Re: Intensity: EBR VS Danger Liam

Postby StraightEdge Rurouni » Sat Jul 09, 2011 4:49 pm

EBR: Absolutely loved your post, I could see the big match feeling from start to finish, every moment really showing that you didn't know who was going to win(aside from the fact I knew because of who posted it >.>) Lots of good spots, even following up on the entire fluke victories Liam has had during the tournament with the near DQ and the near count out victories. The ending bit with Maxwell and E was pretty funny, all and all a fantastic post.

Danger Liam: While I liked your match, I didn't fully feel the entire big match feeling you'd come to expect from the finals of the match. The match itself was good, but nothing that you would expect to see, in my opinion, in the finals of a huge tournament, could just be me though. I did like how you had DGX come out to seemingly scout out his possible opponent, which was something pretty cool, especially with the mind games he was playing.

My vote goes to EBR, he just had me from start to finish not wanting to miss a moment to read it, both matches were good, but E's just had it I think.
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Re: Intensity: EBR VS Danger Liam

Postby Legendary » Sat Jul 09, 2011 7:31 pm

E: While I am pissed that I lost an awesome promo on account of your not wanting to co-write with me last week, I must say I can understand why you won. To be honest, if you didn't go through that would be just a major let down because it seems this whole tournament has been building towards your rematch with D.

Liam: You are always consistent and yet you're always finding ways to be creative and unique. That totally sounded like a fortune cookie. You've improved a lot sine our PRW match but I guess comparing here to there isn't a fair assessment.

Vote: EBR, both matches would have been excellent lead ins to the World title match but for angle/storyline purposes I'm giving it to Ebby.

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Re: Intensity: EBR VS Danger Liam

Postby Dysfunctional » Sat Jul 09, 2011 8:36 pm


EBR: Dude, this match was great. You were consistent with the action, and you balanced the commentary well with the action. In other words, you blended them well together, which is something I really like in a match. You're an XWA HoF member and you showed why you are worthy of that honor. Sure, I don't think that this is your best work, but it certainly is something solid and very, very decent to read. Great job, sir.

Mr. O'Neil: Great match, as always. Every time you're in something important as this, you step up and put you game face on. However, this probably isn't the best you've written, but it certainly is good. Pat yourself on the back because I believe you and your opponent brought the house down with this contest. The two of you are definite contenders for the title, but sadly, only one of you is getting that distinct honor.

I'm gonna have to vote for EBR. Idk, but there was something about that match that really stuck to me. Some element was there for me, idk how to explain in any better way :|. Congratulate yourself, gentlemen. I nominate this match for MotN (Match of the Night). You earned the chance to fight for the #1 Contenders spot and, hopefully, one of you will knock DGX off the top of the mountain (jk DGX. You rule :swink:).
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Re: Intensity: EBR VS Danger Liam

Postby Trace » Sun Jul 10, 2011 5:32 pm

EBR: Every time I think I may be getting close to the top rungs you pull out something like this. Right from the opening you gave it that big match feel and kept it up throughout, something which is important in a match like this. One of the things I love about the way you write is the psychology in each match. It isn't just the wrestling going on but the whole story behind it. Quite frankly I was expecting something big and epic from you and you delivered.

Also, the Carnivàle reference probably would have given you the win no matter what you did. I loved that show. :slaugh:

Liam: I liked your inclusion of the opening recap videos, always a nice touch for the finals and it helped that big match feeling and while I did get that at times with your match, there was just something missing when I was reading it. I don't know if it was your style or just what was going on but I wasn't hooked in the same way I was with E's. However, you definitely upped your game for this one and if it was against anyone else I could probably have seen you taking it.

I've got to give my vote to E. While Liam put in a lot of work E's was simply a step above and I've got to give him the vote.
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Re: Intensity: EBR VS Danger Liam

Postby EBR » Mon Jul 11, 2011 2:53 am

Trace wrote:Also, the Carnivàle reference probably would have given you the win no matter what you did. I loved that show. :slaugh:


It doesn't get anywhere near the love and recognition it deserves.

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