Intensity: DGX & Hutton Brown VS Chris Novak & Joe Delonge

Matches that occurred on our 2011 XWA Intensity Special!
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Intensity: DGX & Hutton Brown VS Chris Novak & Joe Delonge

Postby Tempest » Wed Jul 06, 2011 11:24 am


LIVE! From The Pepsi Center - Denver, Colorado!

The Main Event:

XWA Tag Team Championship - StrangeWays Match!

Rated X© (DGX & Hutton Brown) vs. The XS (Chris Novak & Joe DeLonge)

(w/ Harts and Roses (Rose & Tempest) serving as Special Guest Wardens!)

In the Main Event of XWA's First Free Pay-Per-View, things get a little strange as the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance holds their first ever StrangeWays Match! In a match specifically created by Chris Novak himself, a match meant to inflict extraordinary pain upon his opponent(s), a roofed fifteen foot cage will be lowered over the ring with only one method of escape; a single door. Sounds easy, right? WRONG! For outside of the enclosed steel cage will be another cage, this a twenty five foot cage that you must then scale over to win. Still doesn't sound too bad, does it? WRONG AGAIN! Because outside the first cage are two wardens, men with the sole purpose of keeping all parties within the first cage. Sounds bad, doesn't it? WRONG A THIRD TIME! It's really bad, since the two wardens are two of the XWA's most dangerous men; the team of Harts and Roses, Tempest and Rose!

And with DGX and Hutton Brown (filling in for the injured Alex Sean via Freebird Rules) both looking at title defenses at the upcoming Pay-Per-View, could this be the beginning of the end of Rated X's dominance of all XWA gold as we know it? Or will the ever nefarious team of The Pace Setting Ace of Professional Wrestling and The Hero of the XWA manage to overcome the odds, in only a fashion that they can?


Deadline for matches is Friday, July 8th at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on Sunday, July 10th at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: Intensity: DGX & Hutton Brown VS Chris Novak & Joe Delon

Postby DGX » Sat Jul 09, 2011 3:52 am

Sanction: Well what a night we’ve had tonight on Intensity Jordan!

Scorpion: You’re not kidding Sanction! A ton of great action and talent being shown by our great athletes here in the XWA and we now have a Grand Prix winner! DGX is sure going to have his hands full at the pay per view I can tell ya that!

Sanction: He has this hands full tonight as it is…

Scorpion: Nah, this is going to be a breeze for him.

The lights have flickered all dramatically and the interior cage has been lowered. The crowd cheers and such for the suspense and anticipation before the light ring above the ring flairs to life again illuminating the other exterior cage yet to be lowered and a spotlight shines down, Hana Ramierez illuminated as she stands outside the doorway permitting entry.

Ramierez: The following contest is the STRANGEWAYS MATCH for the XWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Now in this match, both members of both teams will begin the match in the cage, at which point the outer cage will be lowered. The area between the cages will be patrolled by wardens whose sole purpose is to keep all competitors in the interior cage and the only way to win is for both members of a team to escape both cages.

Light cheer from the crowd.

Ramierez: Introducing first, the two men who will serve as the wardens…

The crowd erupts into appreciative cheers as the tron displays video footage of XWA icons Rose and Michael “Tempest” Hart in action individually. Various posing shots accompany the strobe lights before the historic duo emerge on the stage themselves to a thundering ovation from the XWA faithful! The duo dutifully plays to the crowd before they walk down to the ringside area business like…Ramierez announcing them along the way.

Ramierez: They are the team of Tempest and Rose, HARTS AND ROSES!!!!

Sanction: A very impressive tag team duo!

Scorpion: Pfft, you don’t know that. No one does, they haven’t even had a match as a tag team yet. And I’ll be honest, they’re going to need a few great showings to get people past the fact that their name sounds like a goddamned Valentine’s Day special at Bloomingdale’s!

“Ladies and gentlemen” shuts off as the two assuming a flanking position at the door, again throwing out the occasional wave to the rowdy fans in Denver! Ramierez smiles and nods, happy as usual to be a part of the good fun atmosphere most XWA shows afford. I’d include a youtube video for their theme music but I can’t front, it’s not out there….so uh, “Death of a Rockstar Part 2” hits and the XS come out on the stage playing to the fans.

Ramierez: And now introducing the challengers, to be accompanied to the ring by Kimi Novak and John Pain, at a combined eight of two hundred and seventy three pounds, they are the team of the “Madman from Manchester” Chris Novak and Joe Delonge…THE XS!!!!!!!!!!

Scorpion: Ugh, this clown…

Sanction: Well you know what Maxwell said last week Jordan, you’ll have to remain here and do your job with Pain here or you’ll be fired.

The four walk to the ring, Novak and Delonge smiling and nodding to Harts & Roses or H&R as they will henceforth be known for the duration of this bout before entering the cage. Pain rounds the ring and walks to the desk, neither Scorpion nor Sanction rising to greet him but only one out of a lack of respect. Unhindered Pain makes his way to the desk and stands beside Scorpion, taking his headset and putting it back on…

Pain: Mark, pleasure. Scorpion…

Scorpion: Yeah…

Pain: Go to Hell.

Scorpion: That’s very classy John. Hey, why don’t you have a seat… :shappy:

Sanction: JORDAN!!!!!!!

Pain: It’s fine Mark, I’d expect this low class, second rate knockoff of myself to bring up the fact that I can’t sit without losing my legs as you have. It’s not going to put a damper on tonight when my boys Novak and Delonge finally beat DGX and Rose has a front row seat. All is right with the world tonight and nothing will spoil this!

Novak and Delonge run the ropes in the cage as their music cuts off. There is a brief pause as the crowd goes restless before Ramierez looks around and then raises her microphone again.

Ramierez: And introducing the XWA tag team champions, first subbing in for the injured Alex Sean via “Freebird Rule”, to be accompanied to the ring by his Angels, representing Rated X he is the HERO OF THE XWA……

Pain: Pah! More like the Zero of the XWA…


The crowd jeers, boo this man!

I got a dirty mind
I got filthy ways
I'm tryin' to bathe my ape
In your milky way
I'm a Legend
I'm irreverent
I be reverend
I be so far uh-uh-uh-uh-up
We don't give a fu- uh-oh
Welcome to the danger zone
Step into the fantasy
You are not invited to the other side of sanity
They callin' me an alien
A big headed astronaut
Maybe it's because your boy Yeezy get ass a lot.

Pain: What is this noise?! What kind of MAN comes out to Katy Perry anyway?!

Scorpion: One far more successful than you John, one far more successful than you…

Pain: Yeah? And what’s that make you?

Scorpion: …

Following the beat throughout the entirety of Mr. West's lyrics, strobe lights flutter throughout the arena to match the bass of the song; two quick flashes followed by a longer one as Kanye gets the crowd hyped for the arrival of the Hero. The strobes continue as Katy Perry takes over, a particular detail hidden in the lights as Mrs. Perry takes over what is rightfully her song.

You're so hypnotizing
Could you be the devil
Could you be an angel
Your touch magnetizing
Feels like I am floating
Leaves my body glowing
They say, be afraid
You're not like the others
Futuristic Lover
Different DNA
They don't understand you
You're from a whole 'nother world
A different dimension
You open my eyes
And I'm ready to go
Lead me into the Light!

As Katy Perry begins the chorus for "ET", a sole spotlight hits the stage to unveil Hutton Brown; The Rated X Superstar standing at the top of the ramp with a curtain of mist around his feet. Fans are none to welcoming of Brown or his "Hero of the XWA" t-shirt but Brown seems not to even notice their presence as he makes his way to the ringside area followed closely by his Angels. Delonge and Novak eyeball Hutton the whole way down the ramp, and as Hutton pauses at the base of the ramp he disrobes of his t-shirt and hands it to his Angels along with his championship belts before he locks eyes with the glaring members of H&R.

Pain: You know I’m a little sad Angelus beat Alex Sean up so badly he couldn’t be here tonight, watching my boys dethrone this loser and DGX will have to do by watching them take down the fabled “Rated X” duo of Sean and DGX would have been a sight for the ages.

Sanction: I agree that would have been one hell of a match to see Pain…

Scorpion (snorting): Chyeah, not to mention a sight for the delusional and infirm on varying types of hallucination inducing medication. These two shrimps aren’t going to take ANYONE down…

Pain: It’s not the size of the dog in the fight it’s the size of the fight in the dog!

Scorpion: Yeah I’m sure that’s cold comfort to Fifi the spunky French poodle when Zeus the Rottweiler is ripping her apart…

“ET” shuts off as Hutton remains at the base of the ramp awaiting his tag team partner. The crowd begins to rustle about restlessly and jeer as the XWA champion is set to make his entrance.

Sanction: And here comes the champion…

The rhythmic opening drums to Kanye West’s “Amazing” draw the requisite reaction from the XWA faithful, one of mainly negative revile. Kanye’s opening verse is interspersed with shots of the crowd and the dancing of strobes before the first round of amazing chants brings the XWA champion from the back. Adorned in Tempest’s leather trench coat, his arms out holding his WFWF and XWA tag team championships and the XWA heavyweight championship snug around his waist.

Ramierez: And his tag team partner, accompanied to the ring by Carmen King, HE is the unified tag team champion and the XWA heavyweight champion…D-G-X!!!!

Pain: This punk gets his tonight boys!

Scorpion: The only thing he gets is to legally dismantle two men sending a message to the Prix winner he faces next week.

Pain: That’s right Jordan! You and DGX both count Novak out now, we’re okay with that it’s just going to make it that much sweeter when he stands outside of those cages tonight the NEW tag team champions with Delonge!

DGX shoulders his titles and strides down the aisle with purpose as he reaches the bottom of the ramp he takes his belts and hands them over to Carmen. DGX disrobes of his XWA championship and hands it off to her as well before he shrugs off the leather coat with a cocksure smirk at a smoldering Michael Hart and hands it off to Carmen. DGX nods to Hutton and the two step towards the cage, each locking eyes with the “wardens” and then shouldering their way past them into the cage surprisingly unmolested. H&R closes the cage and Ramierez walks to her position at the ringside area while “Amazing” shuts off and then the second steel cage lowers. A gaggle of officials including the Tickles, Samson and Mitch Michellson each one taking a spot at a side around the ring as the cage finishes lowering.

Pain: We wanted to make absolutely sure tonight there is no controversy or referee shenanigans so Kimi along with securing this match made sure Maxwell agreed to have an official on each side of the cage to call any escape! There will be no Rated X manipulation of the officials in THIS match boys!

Scorpion: Yeah like they’d even need it here…

Sanction: Well tonight gentlemen this is the introduction of the Strangeways match to the XWA, Novak picked it specifically, John I’m sure as their trainer and manager you’d know what advantage does this match give the XS?

Pain: Simple Mark, its tailor made for their speed in its method of victory, that being escape. DGX might be quick but he’s certainly not on the level of speed of Joe Delonge or Chris Novak! Not to mention the cage provides a useful tool for them to punish the larger men and get them down long enough to escape.

Scorpion: Yeah because it’s not like DGX faced any speedy hardcore inclined people lately…oh wait didn’t he retire Kendo Kid last week?

The cage finishes lowering and as the officials glance around to make sure everything is set Jack Tickles as the senior official turns and rings the bell beginning the match. DGX and Hutton Brown are lined in one corner, the XS in the other and with the bell the four individuals advance! Novak is eager to close the distance with the XWA champion and fires a big right hand into the face of DGX! Hutton meanwhile lunges for Delonge for a grapple and using superior speed Delonge ducks out of the way! Novak fires right after right into DGX’s face moving the champion back a step before having enough the much larger and much heavier champion settles down the smaller man as he pie faces him across the ring and back into the cage!

Scorpion: HAHA! Nice showing by No Sack there Pain!

Sanction: I hate to say this but Jordan may be right, I don’t know what Chris Novak wants to stand toe to toe with a man he gives up nearly eighty pounds to!

Pain: Novak’s got a tremendous warrior’s heart boys, let’s not forget that I’m much bigger than him and he’s the one who retired me from both wrestling and the announce desk.

Scorpion: Speaking of…you look a little tired there John, sure I can’t interest you in a seat?

Sanction: Jordan that’s disgusting! You’re a sick man!

Hutton again goes for Delonge and again he’s evaded! Delonge this time hits a firm kick to Hutton’s back as he then scrambles away again using his speed. Novak meanwhile has had a fire lit in his heart from being shoved so embarrassingly and pushes off the cage and flies into DGX’s face again with right hands! Novak is a house afire with punches that move the champion back a few steps before DGX cuts him off via a knee to the gut! DGX shoves Novak back into the cage wall again and grabs his arm as though for a whip before he brings Novak in and buries the knee to the gut again kitchen sink style this time!

Sanction: Furious action in the opening moments here, it’s clear the XS speed advantage but I think Novak may be hampering himself trying to brawl with the XWA champion!

Scorpion: It’s an idiot move, a good big man will ALWAYS beat a good little man!

Pain: Then how do you explain Novak beating me?

Scorpion: I said a “good” big man Pain, you just suck!

Hutton is getting frustrated with the evasion of Delonge and the smallest man in the match is all too aware of the frustrations of the Hero! Smiling and keeping Brown off balance Delonge again darts from the corner Brown was trying to capture him in hitting an errant kick along the way! DGX shoves Novak into a corner and pushes on his face forcing his head to tilt up before he winds up and sets the chest of the Manchester native alight with a chest igniting chop! DGX winds up and hits him again as the crowd cries out in sympathy before DGX eats a right hand as Novak tries to battle back! DGX however is quick to settle him down with a knee to the gut again! Delonge plants his feet as Brown closes on him again, the Hero seething from Delonge’s consistent game of keep away however Delonge decides finally to change it up and leaps into the air looking to nail a kind of projectile knee lift but Brown is too swift and fresh to be caught by something like this and turns his body simply evading! Delonge lands and turns into a boot to the gut followed by a front facelock before Brown snaps off a snap suplex!

Scorpion: See that’s why this match is idiotic for them to have chosen Pain! Yeah, I get that escape features their speed and they might be able to make it out if it were simply a race but it’s not! The fact is these two men are going to have to beat down DGX and Hutton Brown to the point they can walk out of the cage and get out. With four of them in there, there’s barely any room as it is…did you see Delonge just stop short of DGX’s back there? These two have effectively taken their speed advantage away from themselves before the match even started!

Sanction: Brown with a snap suplex there and right on top of Delonge with right hands!

Hutton lays into Delonge as DGX throws Novak from the corner and leaps into the air nailing the Madman from Manchester with a type of back elbow smash! DGX pulls Novak from the corner by his head and planting his feet turns only to hurl one of his challengers headlong into the steel cage mesh! Novak bounces off the cage as DGX grabs him in a reverse facelock and drops to a knee hitting a short backbreaker on Novak! Hutton meanwhile lifts Delonge up and puts him right back down this time with a lifting version of a sidewalk slam!

Scorpion: Rated X in control in the early going here, some good evasion from Delonge early but looks like Hutton’s finally caught him! Novak I don’t know if you can say to his credit so much as to his bravado has been trying to stand toe to toe with the world champion and that hasn’t been working out that well!

Pain: I remind you Jordan that this is a LONG match and DGX and Hutton Brown are going to have to put ALLOT more on the XS if you think they’re going to walk out of that cage and even if they do…my boy Rose and Tempest might have some words for them!

Sanction: DGX and Hutton Brown with a sound game plan here, trying to ground the high fliers and you see there the veteran instincts of DGX. This is by no means his first barbeque; he knows to use the steel cage in this type of a match almost like a tag team partner. I’d look for him to utilize it more as this match goes on!

DGX pulls Novak up by his hair and sneers into his face before winding up and punching the Manchester native right in his giant greasy nose! Novak staggers back slightly winded as that does screw up breathing before DGX throws Novak into the ropes and on the rebound catches him with a swinging sidewalk slam much like the Ray “Big Bossman” Traylor’s before he lands it not with a rough slam to the canvas but a backbreaker as he’s to one knee! DGX stands and reels Novak up and then walking behind him leaps and grabs hold of Novak’s back before gravity and physics do the rest bringing Novak down back first onto DGX’s knees with a back cracker ALA Carlito! Delonge meanwhile is in a very uncomfortable scenario himself as Hutton victimizes him with a 3.0!

Scorpion: THAT is why DGX is the champion right there Pain! Innovative offense, raising his game! What’s Novak done? Beat some washed up old has been whose sole claim to fame is having beating YOU?!

Sanction: Come on now Jordan, Lucifer McMahon is a very accomplished legend with many victories over many important people in the history of the XWA including DGX!

Pain: You’re so in love with DGX and Rated X you fail to see that they are the old that will be swept away by the tide of the new. The XS is the vanguard of that new Jordan, and nothing anyone does or says can stop it…it’s simple evolution.

Scorpion: Yeah you know the funny thing? DGX has been hearing that one since about five years ago…and funny enough, here he is about ten years from when he started exactly where he was when he started: on the top of the heap! DGX is just the exception John in fact all of Rated X are…because they STAND THE TEST OF TIME.

DGX gets up and nods to Hutton and the Hero responds to the Ace. The two men pick up Chris Novak together and both hook up stereo front facelocks before lifting the diminutive superstar into the air with a double vertical suplex! Both men however hold him aloft at the height of the move with ease as they share a grin and a thought before walking in tandem over to the downed Delonge who’s now on his hands and knees trying to get back up coughing from having his insides jarred by the 3.0 moments prior. Finally the Rated X tandem drops hitting the suplex and crashing Novak’s one hundred and fifty pounds into Delonge’s back!

Sanction: Good tag team continuity being shown by Hutton and DGX there, despite this being their first teaming.

Pain: Come on Novak! Get it together! They’re making a fool of you!!!

Scorpion: You tell em John boy!

Pain: Shut your fat mouth Jordan!

DGX gets to his feet and is actually outright laughing at this point, the environment, the stature of his opponents all of it conspiring to give him an obvious advantage. DGX shakes his head at Hutton who guffaws as well before the duo pick up Delonge and throw him into the ropes with a whip! DGX catches Delonge on the return and lifts him up in a sidewalk slam position and turns allowing Hutton to hook in a rear chinlock before both drop south hitting a side slam/reverse DDT tandem move!

Scorpion: Rated X just picking apart the XS here…I don’t understand how anyone thought it would be different when these two men barely weight over what one of these guys is by himself.

Sanction: It certainly looks grim right now and the XS really hasn’t been able to get out of the box here. Novak wants to stand and swing with DGX and the champion just cut him down and Delonge wanted to bring his speed and evasion here but he ran into the cage…

Pain: It’s still early yet! Give them time...COME ON GUYS!!!

DGX and Hutton rise to their feet again and turn to Novak and lift him to his feet as DGX grins and holds the arms of the Manchester Madman! Hutton smirks and has some words for Novak who defiantly spits in his face! Hutton’s eyes bulge with rage at the disrespect before he hauls over and absolutely obliterates him with an open hand slap across the face with such ferocity that DGX let’s go and Novak falls to the canvas! Together Hutton and DGX begin to stomp Novak down as Delonge tries to crawl his way up the ropes.

Scorpion: Yeah I think Novak may regret that one…

Sanction: OH MY GOD!!!!

Pain: What a girly slap! Come on Novak! You’re better than getting beaten by a damned girl slap!

DGX sees Delonge working his way up and breaks off moving around Hutton who continues his incensed beat down on Novak! The champion grabs hold of the even smaller man in the match and grabs a front waist lock and plants his feet and turns then inexplicably putting his back to the cage! It all becomes clear however when DGX pops his hips and sends Delonge overhead with a belly to belly throw into the cage! Delonge hits the wall and slides down and tangles on the top rope then bounces off landing on the mat in an awkward heap as the crowd cries out!

Sanction: Oh my God! That was dangerous, Delonge is he alright?!

Scorpion: You appear to be right in your earlier supposition Sanction, DGX apparently more than happy to use the steel cage as a weapon.

DGX gets to his feet and moves over to Hutton and taps him pulling him away from Novak as he points to Delonge and has some words. Hutton nods eagerly almost as he and DGX pick up Delonge and throws him into the ropes! The pair appear to be thinking dual back body drop but remarkably for a man who just had all his directional equilibrium addled Delonge holds onto both men at the height of the move and kicks his legs frantically before catching them with a double DDT! The crowd, notably subdued for the opening bits of action thus far come to their feet!

Pain: YES! You see?! Speed kills even in closed quarters!!

Sanction: All the men are down now but this is a glittering and gleaming opportunity for the XS to get something going here!

Delonge shakes it loose as he collects himself and gets up finding his partner Novak pulling himself up on the ropes. Novak sports a bloody nose and a shiner from the assault DGX and more recently Hutton Brown laid on him and a glowing red left cheek from the slap he suffered moments before. DGX has crawled to a corner and is pulling himself up in it as Hutton is trying to shake the temporary dizziness the counter his exposed him too! Seeing an opening the XS springs into action Novak rushes to the corner DGX is propped up in and getting on all fours as Delonge sprints from the corner using his partner as a launching pad and nailing DGX with a leg ALA poetry in motion!

Pain: I’d suggest not blinking at home folks…you might miss it!

DGX staggers out of the corner as Novak grabs him and whips him into the corner Delonge just came from! Novak pushes Delonge into the corner DGX was in prior and sets his feet before throwing out his partner with a whip! Delonge reverses and sends Novak in with even more momentum the Madman colliding with DGX in the corner with a hard clothesline! Hutton has staggered up to help only to get caught in the gut by a boot from Delonge followed by a three quarter facelock through the hangman’s noose into the XS-inator planting Hutton face first! Novak grabs DGX by the head and runs out of the corner and plants him with a bulldog! He gets up with an energetic yell and the crowd responds with a pop!

Sanction: XS-inator plants Hutton!

Scorpion: NO!!!

Pain: Oh yeah Jordan, and BAM! Bulldog on DGX! Think it’s over right?

Delonge runs at the corner nearest the bulldog landed DGX and scales to the top just as DGX is flipping to his back off the move…yeah, that fast! Delonge sails off with a big time moonsault that could spell trouble for the champion. Or it would least ways if DGX wasn’t quick enough on the uptake to get his knees up which unfortunately for Delonge he is! Delonge pops up holding his ribs and then falls to his back in pain!

Pain: Wrong…

Scorpion: HAH! It didn’t even matter Pain! Look at those instincts on our champion!

Pain: Yeah but you’ll notice he’s got a little something waiting for him there…Hey DGX!

DGX climbs to his feet as Novak stalks him getting ready to land a bit coup de grace on him! DGX trash talks Delonge and slaps his own chest giving himself credit for anticipating Delonge before he turns into a big boot to the gut by Novak as the Manchester Madman moves in sliding his shoulder under DGX’s jaw…

Pain: One more thing…

DGX however is a longtime student of the game and knows this one in his sleep! No way in hell he’s getting caught with it! DGX shoves Novak hard sending the smaller man off him into the ropes as he handily counters the stunner attempt Novak calls the One More Thing. DGX succeeds handily in getting out of that but Novak’s speed again proves to kill as he explodes off the ropes separating DGX’s midsection nearly with a Lethal Injection!

Scorpion: Counter…AHHH!!!

Pain: HAH! He got it!!!

Sanction: Lethal Injection! Lethal Injection!!!!

Pain: Get the hell outta there kid, this is your chance!!!!!!

Novak gets up and the crowd absolutely goes wild! He looks around, DGX down, Hutton Brown down, his partner down but getting up…this is the moment! Novak rushes over to Delonge and helps him up and nods to his close friend before he walks over and pushes open the steel cage door as the fans get ever louder!

Pain: Don’t dally, get out!!!

Novak drops from the ring to the floor as Harts and Roses approach from each side. Novak smiles at Tempest and Rose who smile back and nod. The fans are going crazy, despite all the talk earlier they knew it! They knew there was no way Harts and Roses were going to pass up the chance to cost Rated X their gold!

Scorpion: Oh come on! This is collusion! This is a travesty! This is nonsense!

Pain: This is reaping what you…

Before Pain can finish that thought the air is sucked out of the building as Tempest jumps on Delonge and Rose on Novak as H&R begin beating down on the XS duo as the crowd erupts in jeers! Tempest grabs hold of Delonge and throws him stiffly into the exterior cage before throwing him into the interior cage and the small dynamo is ping ponged from cage to cage viciously by the Storm of the Century! Rose pulls down on Novak further bloodying his nose as Novak tries to fight back but Rose straight up kicks him in the unit!

Sanction: Harts and Roses doing exactly what they said they would do to the XS if the XS stepping into their jurisdiction John!

Pain: NO! This isn’t how it’s supposed to be! Dammit Rose, you’re supposed to help Novak win!!!

Scorpion: I don’t think Rose is interested in helping Novak do much anything except maybe go to sleep…

As Novak sinks to the ground holding his groin Rose backs up several steps as Tempest takes Delonge and hurls him back into the interior cage and Rose barrels in like a locomotive and batters his knee off Novak’s temple with the Kiss from a Rose! Novak is down and probably out as the crowd continues to voice its displeasure as H&R lift the dead weight Manchester native and shove him back into the interior cage as well! Kimi Novak goes to the cage wall closest to H&R and shouts obscenities at them to which the pair of wardens simply shrug off.

Scorpion: Kiss from a Rose! Nighty night Novak!

Sanction: Well earlier tonight Harts and Roses did say they weren’t going to show favoritism Pain. You had to know they were going to uphold the integrity of the XWA tag team championship, not for Rated X, not for the XS but for themselves.

However it happened, it has…all four men are in the ring and all four of them are down. Hutton is the one closest to getting up following his XS-inator experience as DGX is down by a corner grasping his midsection in pain following the diminutive Novak’s surprisingly effective spear. Delonge meanwhile is thoroughly beat down and Novak looks to be out as Hutton crawls up the ropes…

Sanction: At this point in the match it’s anyone’s game but I don’t think Rated X is going to fare much better than the XS did when they go to leave…

Scorpion: IF they go to leave…

Sanction: I don’t know partner, I understand DGX saying what he said last week in order to get into Novak’s head but I think Novak is actually unconscious following that Kiss from a Rose and none of the referees have made any attempt to stop the match here.

The Hero gets back to his feet first and looks down first at the unmoving Novak and then the fetal ball curled Joe Delonge. The choice isn’t very hard for him as he resumes his work grabbing hold of Delonge and lifting him to his feet before planting him down with a sit our reverse mat slam! Hutton mounts Delonge and lays into him with calculating punches to the head before he gets back up and picks Delonge up as well. Hutton then lifts up Delonge and plants him down with the spinebuster variant David Otunga calls “The Verdict” before leaping up and planting both feet on Delonge with a double stomp!

Scorpion: Hutton back on the attack of Delonge here, nice slam!

Pain: Hutton is a damned punk picking bones that Rose and Tempest left! I can’t believe it! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO HELP THEM WIN ROSE!!!!

DGX gets slowly back up in a corner holding his ribs as he beholds the out cold Chris Novak and then Hutton Brown doing a number on Delonge. Opting to give himself more time to recover and stay out of the fight in the process DGX simply sinks into the corner waiting for his moment. Novak meanwhile swims back into consciousness and groggily lifts his head off the mat for the first time in several moments taking in the situation. Delonge meanwhile begins to fire up and come alive as he reverses Hutton into a corner and fires quick right hands only to try to throw Hutton from the corner and be reversed! Hutton grabs hold of Delonge looking for a belly to belly but the smallest man in the match counters him landing on his feet!

Pain: Come on Delonge, you have to keep it alive for the XS here!!

Sanction: Joe Delonge battling back and it’s amazing he’s able to do this after the beating Tempest put on him during the XS’s escape attempt!

Hutton shows swiftness of his own as he closes the distance on Delonge and hooks him up taking him through the opening motions of the Blacklight as the fans cry out!

Scorpion: Blacklight…

Pain: NO!

Delonge however manages to counter as he plants Hutton down with an inverted DDT! Hutton is planted as Delonge stays down a moment collecting himself!

Sanction: Delonge with the counter but man how close was that?

Pain: Close doesn’t count Sanction! I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that before you get it!

Delonge gets to his feet and looks to be preparing his next move when from the corner behind him a recuperated DGX picks his spot and rushes in hitting a knee to the back ALA Macho Man sending Delonge chest first into the turnbuckle! As the small man rebounds off the impact DGX rushes the corner he just bounced off of and kicks off it landing a flipping reverse hot shot on Delonge!

Sanction: DGX with an homage to his partner Alex Sean tonight with the Ray Lewis!

Pain: Well he’s not the only one who can pick his spot…

Novak indeed seems to be poised as DGX returns to his feet before the Manchester Madman makes his move dashing from his corner and leaping through the air looking to victimize the XWA champion with his Xtreme Hair-dryer! DGX however catches Novak and plants his feet leaning his weight back to cancel the momentum of the move and instead pulls Novak into a fireman’s carry before he throws Novak out sloppily with a slam his legs giving out and causing him to fall on top of the XS member as he completes his counter!


Scorpion: HAH! Way to pick your spot…

Pain: Dammit, NO! How?! How does DGX ALWAYS get out of these things?!

Scorpion: Because he’s the man baby! Because he’s the man!

Sanction: DGX with a unique counter there I suppose for Novak’s attempted hair-dryer.

DGX picks up Novak and shoves him into the corner before he lifts him onto the top rope and sits him there before DGX climbs up looking apparently for a superplex if the front facelock didn’t give it away. Novak plants and fights causing DGX to climb up further still both men perched now on the top rope. The crowd baits its breath at the struggle and Hutton meanwhile gets to his feet as does Delonge following their exchange.

Sanction: DGX thinking superplex here…

Pain: Don’t let him Novak! Remember what I taught you about leverage! Don’t surrender it in these types of situations, you’re in the better position here!!!

Scorpion: Come on D, put that shrimpy little punk right through the mat!!!

Hutton swings for Delonge only for the small man to duck under the blow and shock the Hero of the XWA with his JD Effect! Kimi lets out a whoop of joy at ringside as Hutton’s Angels cover their mouths in sympathy for their man! Novak meanwhile battles off and manages to push DGX down from the top rope, the champion landing on his feet as Delonge takes off and leaps through the air grabbing onto DGX and looking for some kind of high speed tornado DDT variant however DGX shoves Delonge off but is extremely off balance!

Pain: Come on guys! You can still get this!!!

Scorpion: DGX counters Delonge….

Sanction: Novak coming off the top!! Can he…


Sanction: MY GOD!!!

Scorpion: Tell me he’s not the man! TELL ME HE’S NOT THE GODDAMNED MAN PAIN!!! Reaction time absolutely zero and DGX pulled it oouuutt…

Scorpion’s tone picks up on the pronunciation of the “out” as Delonge rushes from the corner and leaps nailing the prone DGX with a high angle senton on the heels of the big counter kick he just fed to Novak! Delonge gets up and is pumped! The crowd is wild, he looks around excitedly…and his gaze falls to the prone Hutton Brown!

Pain: Right back on it! Come on Delonge! You don’t want to be in Chris Novak’s shadow? Win the tag team titles for your team! Beat Rated X now kid!!!!

Sanction: Everyone in the ring is down and you know what’s comin!

Scorpion: NO NO NO!!!!!!!! Come on!!! DGX!!! Hutton!!! Get out of there!!!

Excitedly and with purpose Delonge quickly makes his way to a corner near Hutton. I say near because it’s not the nearest and that’s probably the point for Joe Delonge. Hutton lies prone still rattled from the JD Effect he suffered moments ago! It’s the moment the XS needs to close the record books on Rated X’s title reign and end this reign of terror forever! Delonge looks around excitedly….





Scorpion: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! They say they only happen every few years, what a bad night for Delonge to see that Eclipse hey Pain?!

The camera zooms in and there lies Joe Delonge, his eyes shut, his lips loose and practically gurgling like a drowsy newborn babe or a freshly lobotomized patient in a middle ages insane asylum. And just about as helpless now as either one of those things to boot. Hutton cries out in triumph from his big counter hit and turns as Novak comes from the ropes he just pulled himself up on looking for his Manchester Kiss superkick! Hutton ducks the kick as Novak’s leg sails harmlessly overhead, the Manchester native turning with the momentum of the thrown kick.

Sanction: Manchester Kiss…

Scorpion: Swing and a miss!

Pain: GAH!!!

Scorpion: Hey Pain, you know who picks his spots really well?

Novak’s momentum from his kick takes him to face a corner and in it a perched DGX. Novak barely gets his leg back to the mat, his eyes wide as he sees the train coming a mile away but can do absolutely nothing in his present positioning to do anything to stop it. All he can do is met it head on and he does, DGX’s boot resounding off his chin with a Breakdown knocking the sole functioning member of the XS down and OUT!

Scorpion: DGX! :sbiggrin:

Pain: GODAMMIT!!! NO!!!!

Scorpion: Eat it Pain…all that’s left if for DGX and Hutton Brown to just…walk out of here. HAHAH!!!

Hutton's piece to follow

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Re: Intensity: DGX & Hutton Brown VS Chris Novak & Joe Delon

Postby DarkSabre » Sat Jul 09, 2011 4:29 am

The crowd is on edge as DGX pushes open the door to the inner cage and steps out, The XWA World Heavyweight Champion moving dropping from stepping away from the door as Tempest steps up to greet him, Rose not far behind as he comes up from behind DGX.

DGX: Get out of my way Michael.

Tempest: 'Fraid I can't do that D. I've got a job to do, and a little payback to g-.

Realizing that this wouldn't end without a fight, DGX makes the first move as he swings forward and catches Tempest in the jaw with a right hand; The Pace Setting Ace of Professional Wrestling quickly turning around to throw one at Rose. DGX maintains this pace for only a few punches before the two on one assault disadvantage begins to catch up with him, Tempest catching him with a particularly powerful right hand to the temple that staggers him.

Sanction: Things are breaking down in a brawl here as Rated X tries to escape the cage and retain their titles!

Pain: As to be expected, Harts and Roses aren't going to let Rated X leave without one hell of a fight.

Scorpion: Just goes to show how cowardly this match really is!

As Rose strikes DGX in the back of the head with a right, a blur catches his eye and he spins to see Hutton Brown dash right past him; The Rated X Superstar crossing the distance between cages and leaping up to the exterior cage as fast as he can. Desperately clawing his way up the first few links Brown suddenly finds his progress ceased as two hands grab his right boot, Hutton looking down to find Rose clutching his boot with all his might. The Rated X Messiah attempts to shake himself free but The Caerphilly Crippler will have none of it, Rose nearly pulling Brown from the wall with a particularly powerful tug. His grip shaken by the tug Hutton is prepared as Rose plants his back against the cage and grips him by the waist; Brown failing to retain his grip as Rose pulls forward and drives him back first into the corner of the inner cage wall with a modified powerbomb!

Pain: That's the way Rose! Don't let that bastard escape!

Sanction: A massive powerbomb, right into the corner support of that cage! That could have caused massive spinal damage right there!

Scorpion: What the hell is Rose trying to do, cripple Hutton?! That can't have been legal!

Brown collapses to the padded concrete floor below, his eyes slightly glazed as he arches his back in excruciating pain; Rose all too happy as he pulls Hutton up off the canvas and tosses The Rated X Superstar back into the inner cage as per his job description. The XWA Hardcore Champion rolls three times and comes to a standstill, Brown's back arches off the canvas as he struggles to such in lung-full's of air. And with one man disposed of, it only left DGX; The Pace Setting Ace of Professional Wrestling now on the losing end of a straight brawl with the fresh Tempest.

Scorpion: See, how is this match fair in the slightest?! Hutton and DGX are in what is essentially a four on two handicap match here!

Sanction: Maybe you forgot, but Rose and Tempest sent Novak back into the inner cage too.

Scorpion: But not with this kind of violence!

Pain: Oh stop your whining.

A powerful knee to the midsection stops any little momentum DGX had hoped to accomplish, Tempest taking the opportunity to throw the doubled over form of The Wrester of the 10's back into the ring. But as Tempest goes to close the door behind him, Rose stops him; The Caerphilly Crippler instead rolling into the ring after his greatest foe as DGX struggles to return to his feet once again. Lining it up just right, Rose back himself into the ropes and charges forward; bringing up that knee and catching DGX right with a Kiss.

Pain: Kiss from a Rose! What a shot!

Scorpion: How is that fair at all?! They can't be in the ring!

Sanction: I don't think they are done there Jordan.

And it certainly doesn't appear so as Tempest slides into the ring as DGX crumbles to the canvas near the far corner. A smile comes to the face of The Force of Nature and Rose waves both arms in the direction of the top rope; The Pepsi Center egging Tempest on as he approaches the corner. The Storm of the Century looks around and finally sighs with a small smile before leaping up to the top rope; Denver, Colorado going wild as Michael Hart stands fully upright on the top. With all of the XWA Universe screaming, Tempest leaps from the top and pulls off the backflip with ease; The Irresistible Force coming down on DGX with all two hundred and twenty four pounds of force.

Sanction: THE EAGLE HAS LANDED! Right onto DGX! My god, Harts and Roses have decimated the Heavyweight Champion!

Scorpion: How the hell can they be allowed to get away with this Mark?! They just laid out not just DGX, but both of our Tag Team Champions!

Pain: They were hired as wardens my boys The XS, Jordan. What little rules actually apply to this match don't apply to them! Good on you, Tempest, Rose.

Sanction: And now all four of our competitors are down and out! Which team is going to have it left in them to force their way out of both cages?

Rose and Tempest look around at the carnage filling the inner cage, DGX and Hutton now joining Novak and DeLonge in crumbled heaps upon the canvas. The fans filling The Pepsi Center scream wildly for Harts and Roses as the new tag team on the block stands dominant over the two best tag teams the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance has to offer. The zebra crew outside the exterior cage glance at one another in astonishment, XWA Senior Official Jack J Tickles looking the most helpless as he examines the carnage with the ring. With their work done for the time being, Harts and Roses heads back out of the interior cage and close the door behind them; many of those in the crowd assuming that Rose and Tempest would watch carefully to see who next would challenge them for victory.

Sanction: What a minute? Where in the heck are the wardens headed?!

Scorpion: I think, I think they're tired of playing second fiddle for The XS...

Pain: What the heck are they doing?! They are a part of this match! They can't just up and leave!

That would appear to be untrue however, as Tempest begins to climb the exterior cage with Rose following just behind him. Denver, Colorado looks on in astonishment as two of XWA's Saviors ascend quickly towards the top of the exterior cage without a second thought and just as quickly begin to descend the other side. Jack J Tickles quickly makes his way around the side of the exterior cage as Harts and Roses reaches ground level, Tempest and Rose dropping about five feet to the floor.

Tempest: Well, we're out.

Tickles: Um, what?

Rose: Yep, we're all done here.

Tickles: You guys can't just leave. You're a part of this match!

Rose: No Jack, we were a part of this match.

Tempest: You're more than welcome to go in there and take our place if you'd like though.

Tickles: But, I...

Tempest: See you later, Jack.

Rose: Have fun mate.

A stunned Jack J Tickles is left stunned, his mouth slightly agape as Rose pats him on the back before following after Tempest as the duo heads towards the ramp. The fans of Denver, Colorado aren't sure whether they wish to cheer for their heroes and their humorous stunt or jeer for their sudden departure, yet they erupt in cheers as Harts and Roses slap hands with the fans as they begin to make their way up the ramp.

Pain: I can't believe they are just leaving like this?! What are they thinking?!

Sanction: I think that Rose and Tempest are quite satisfied with the beating they just gave DGX and Hutton Brown, Pain. What more do they need to do?

Scorpion: What more do they need to do?! Haven't they already done enough! They've laid out our Tag Team Champions and all but handed this match to The XS! Somebody get Maxwell out here to call this match!

But Richard J Maxwell doesn't show up as Rose and Tempest reach the top of the ramp, Harts and Roses throwing up their arms briefly to a surge of energy from The Pepsi Center before they turn and disappear backstage.

Sanction: So now what?

Pain: Looks like we wait Mark.

Scorpion: Wait for Maxwell, that's right.

Pain: Get over it Jordan, would you?

Scorpion: Why don't you have a seat John, you look uncomfortable. Oh that's right, I forgot. You can't enjoy the sheer level of comfort I do week in and week out in this marvelous leather chair. Hell, it even has a cup holder and everything.

Sanction: Well neither can I.

Scorpion: Meh.

The energy in The Pepsi Center slowly begins to dissipate as the focus of the arena returns to the ring, both Rated X and The XS still left lying about the inner cage in various piles of broken bodies. Not a man moves a muscle, with The XS having been brutalized by Rated X and Rated X, in turn, having been just brutalized by Harts and Roses. But then suddenly, a man moves. His movements aren't even noticeable at first through two steel link cages but after a moment, the first few fans begin to take notice. Slowly rolling over onto his stomach, the crowd bursts into cheers as the competitor begins to struggle back to his feet.

Pain: Novak's moving! Get up kid, get up!

Scorpion: NO! I knew this would happen! Rose and Tempest have screwed Rated X over, that's for sure! Where's Maxwell?!

Sanction: Ladies and Gentlemen, Chris Novak has indeed begun to rise and it would seem that the momentum is slowly shifting into the favor of The XS.

Novak looks around slowly, taking in all the carnage in the ring as he spies his partner a few feet away and his opponents on the opposite side of the squared circle. His head still spinning slightly Chris slowly begins to crawl towards his partner, Joe still breathing heavy as Novak reaches him. Trying to bring DeLonge back to his senses, Chris begins to point towards both DGX and Hutton Brown before finally, The Madman From Manchester points towards the cage door. Completely ignorant of the fact that Rose and Tempest were no longer circling around the inner cage, Novak begins to pull his partner back to his feet as The Pepsi Center slowly begins to erupt in boos; Chris looking around in confusion but not noticing anything. At first.

Sanction: Who the hell? What the heck, is that...

Scorpion: It's Carmen! Carmen King, going to the aid of Rated X!

Pain: What the hell is she doing climbing the cage?! She has no right to be involved in this match at all!

Seeing the blond hair as Carmen swings herself over the top of the exterior cage, Chris Novak believes in his daze that the individual must be Tempest; for what other person would have a reason to ascend the twenty five foot cage? But as Novak begins to focus once again, most prominently on Carmen's expertly toned rear, The Madman from Manchester begins to realize something is up and moves quickly on his knees to the ring ropes. Utilizing them to his aid to finally return to his feet Novak turns just in time to see Carmen drop from the cage wall and land on her feet, right next to the inner cage's door. Uncertain of what her plan truly was but not intent to find out The XS leader trundles across the ring as fast as his unsteady legs will carry him, Novak losing his balance on one occasion and nearly falling to his knees once again.

Sanction: Carmen King, she's got a chain! What the hell is she doing with a chain?!

Scorpion: Oh, that's brilliant. Brilliant indeed.

Pain: Novak, get to that door! Don't let her close that door! Back on your feet!

But the single stumble is just enough time for Carmen to loop the steel chain stashed in her boot around the door and the wall of the cage, Novak reaching the door as King reaches back down to her other boot this time. Chris grasps at the chain and attempts to pull it quickly out of Carmen's grip but The Queen of Rated X retains her single handed grip on the chain for just the few seconds necessary for her to produce from her left boot a padlock. Finally coming to terms with Ms. King's intended plan, The Madman from Manchester tugs hard on the chain and nearly pulls it free of Carmen's grip as she is pulled into the wall of the cage. But The Queen of Xtreme proves her worth as she holds onto the chain by just a ten of the twenty five links, Carmen sliding the padlock into the last two and clicking it locked just before Novak gives another tug.

Sanction: My god, what the hell has Carmen done? She's just effectively cut these four off from the only way to win this match!

Pain: How can this be legal?! With four referees around the ring and not a one of them could stop her?

The chain pulls taught against the with Novak's fingers only about two inches from the cage wall, Novak looking at the chain in astonishment as he realizes that he is now officially trapped within the cage at Rated X's whim. The Madman from Manchester stares at Carmen King as he fumes, Carmen falling back against the outer cage wall as The Angels quickly make their way around the ring to applaud her performance, Karen handing something to Carmen as she whispers something into King's ear; The Queen of Xtreme staring back at Novak with a small smile. Chris screams in rage as he pulls at the steel chain to no avail before moving to the door itself, Chris Novak attempting to pull the door from the cage instead. From behind him comes Joe DeLonge, the second half of The XS finally returning to his feet and shakily making his way to Chris' side. Together the Number One Contenders begin to pull at the cage door to no avail, the welds attaching the hinges to the cage's frame holding strong even against two men.

Scorpion: Ha! Those two don't even weigh a combined three hundred pounds and they think they can pull that door off the cage! Get real! It probably weighs more than both of you wet.

Pain: How can you call this funny? Carmen King is ruining this match.

Scorpion: I find it funny, that you didn't think so when Rose and Tempest laid out the champions.

Sanction: Easy guys, we've got a match going on here.

But nothing has changed as Chris Novak and Joe DeLonge continue to pull feverishly upon the cage door, the logging chain holding firm and keeping the door solidly locked in place. Chris screams at Carmen as he begins to feel his plan fall apart around him, Novak just taking notice of the fact that Rose and Tempest were nowhere to be seen. Clenching his fist tightly together and finally turning away from the cage door, Novak takes a deep calming breath as his eyes land upon DGX; The XWA World Heavyweight Champion left lying face down on the canvas thanks to Harts and Roses. Another calming breath and a tap to his partner, Novak begins to direct traffic as he alters his gameplan to the adjusted situation. Directing DeLonge to take Hutton Brown, The Madman from Manchester begins to advance upon DGX; Novak dawning a curt grin as he reaches down and roughly grasps The Wrestler of the 10s by the head.

Pain: That's it kid, show them that they can't change the rules and win. Stay focused, find a way, and you've got this.

Scorpion: Do you really believe all that crap?

Sanction: Actually Jordan, I think he's on the right track here.

Scorpion: Oh shut up, what do you know?

A few steps behind his partner, Joe DeLonge grabs Hutton by the head and neck and begins to drag The Hero of the XWA back to his feet as Novak roughly forces DGX up to his knees. The Rated X Superstar, having taken less of a beating at the hands of Rose and Tempest, offers more resistance than his partner; Brown repeatedly pushing off DeLonge's grip as Joe gets him up to one knee. DGX however, is brought to his feet like a log; Novak using as much strength as he can muster to pull the two hundred and twenty five pounds of dead weight up off the canvas. The still slightly enraged Novak begins shouting at The XWA World Heavyweight Champion as he finally gets DGX back to his feet, Chris spitting into the face of The Pace Setting Ace of Professional Wrestling as he screams.

Chris Novak: I told you I'd break you in half DGX! I told you I'd take your tag titles! I told you I'd end Rated X's reign! I told yo-

Pain: Kid, watch yourself. This isn't the best of... IDEAS!

But Chris Novak makes one hell of an underestimation of the XWA World Heavyweight Champion as DGX suddenly slaps Novak's grip away and takes the quick step back. Before Novak even has a chance to respond, DGX strikes The Madman from Manchester right on the chin with a Breakdown!

Scorpion: Breakdown! Breakdown! Say good night Novak!

Pain: God damn it! Where the hell did that come from?!

Sanction: I dare say, that had to be instinct alone John! DGX has little left in him, and just acted on the instinct alone!

The crowd erupts as Novak crashes to the canvas with his brain scrambled, DGX not far behind as he falls forward to the mat without any resistance. Joe DeLonge looks over in astonishment as he hears the crack, watching his partner and DGX fall back to the canvas in shock and forgetting completely about his own situation. Such an opening doesn't go unnoticed by the man he was supposed to be controlling, Hutton Brown feeling a sudden weakness in Joe's grip and pulling himself back; The Rated X Superstar reeling his right arm back before swinging it forward with all his might. The arm swings up between DeLonge's legs and we can all assume what it makes contact with as Joe's eyes bulge, his legs growing weak beneath him as he falls backward to the canvas.

Sanction: Brown with the low blow on DeLonge now. Joe took his eyes off the prize for just one second and Hutton took advantage of it!

Pain: What more could you expect from a snake like him?

Scorpion: Snake?! How dare you sir! You are talking about The Hero of the XWA! Show him the respect he deserves.

Pain: Fat chance that'll happen.

Left in a kneeling position Hutton Brown struggles to get his head together, breathing heavily as Carmen and The Angels begin shouting at him. Knowing his duty at this point and taking a couple more deep breathes to steady his weak body, Hutton Brown pushes himself back to his feet. The Rated X Messiah stumbles past DGX without even a second glance, Brown focusing his remaining strength on the task at hand as he drops next to Chris Novak. The bloodied, bruised, and possibly unconscious Novak doesn't resist as Brown begins to pull him back, Hutton not struggling nearly as much with the much lighter one hundred and fifty pounds Englishman. With most in utter confusion as to the actions of The XWA Hardcore Champion, Hutton Brown tucks his shoulder into Novak's midsection and begins driving backward with Novak's feet only partially keeping pace and keeping The Madman from Manchester on his feet.

Sanction: What the hell is he doing?

Hutton keeps driving Novak back until the XS leader's back hits the cage wall, Carmen King quickly stepping forward to meet Brown and begins moving her hands quickly behind Novak's back. Cold steel wraps around Novak's wrists and the icy feeling seems to slightly revive him just as The Queen of Xtreme finishes her task; Novak suddenly wide-eyed as he realizes that his arms have been restrained.

Pain: They handcuffed him!

Sanction: of all the...

Scorpion: Brilliant ideas! What a plan! Novak can't defend himself now!

The camera pans in on Novak's wrists as Carmen backs away, a pair of handcuffs clasped on his wrists with the chain connecting each steel bracelet weaved between the links of the cage wall itself. Brown steps back as Novak begins to struggle, Chris pulling wildly in an attempt to pull himself away from the cage wall to no avail. Looking wide-eyed at Hutton Brown, Novak is at a loss for words as Hutton Brown smiles a devious smirk.

Brown: This is what you get, when you try to screw Rated X.

Novak braces for the worst but it never comes as Hutton suddenly steps away from him and moves to the side of his partner, DGX slowly pulling himself up off the canvas. Looking back as Hutton drops down next to him and points back at Novak, The XWA World Heavyweight Champion doesn't grin as his eyes land upon Chris; DGX scowling heavily as he turns his attention to Joe DeLonge, the other half of The XS favoring his groin as he struggles to return to his feet. Oblivious to the fate of his partner and now himself, DeLonge continues to rise without the slightest thought of being blindsided by Hutton Brown; The Rated X Superstar crossing the distance quickly and driving a powerful forearm into the back of his skull.

Pain: Good god, it's like a shooting gallery in there! Novak's restrained, Joe's all alone. They're all but helpless in there.

Scorpion: Beautiful, isn't it?

Sanction: I hardly see how you can be enjoying this Jordan.

Looking down at DeLonge with any sympathy in the slightest, Hutton Brown doesn't even get a chance at another strike on the XS member as DGX steps past him; The Essence of Greatness shooting a look back at Novak before he drops atop Joe and begins to unload upon him. But it isn't just a few punches nor anything light, DGX connecting with a vicious repetition of closed fist punches to the skull of Joe DeLonge as Novak is forced to watch in horror as his partner quickly begins to bleed from a nasty cut to the bridge of his nose. Hutton looks back at Novak, Brown witnessing The Madman from Manchester cringe with every single blow and walks to the cage wall.

Brown: You see that Novak. It won't stop, not until Ole Joe can't compete anymore.

Turning to Carmen outside the cage, Brown quickly shouts something to her. The Queen of Extreme moves quickly to The Angels, Katherine gathering up a microphone and passing it into King; Carmen returning to Brown and handing it into the ring. Thanking Carmen, Hutton turns back to Novak; Chris continuing to watch as DGX drives fist after fist into DeLonge's skull without mercy.

Sanction: What the hell do they have planned here?

Pain: Whatever it is, it can't be good.

Scorpion: Your boys are in trouble John. You see those punches of DGX's? He's not holding anything back. To top that off, see how he pulls Joe's head off the canvas just before each strike? Yeah, suffice it to say that it isn't' good for DeLonge's future.

Brown: I can see you cringe Novak. You want it to stop and we can make it stop. All you have to do, is quit. Quit.

The fans filling The Pepsi Center are outraged as Hutton holds the microphone in front of Novak's face, Chris continuing to watch as DGX beats his partner into the canvas with mercy. Now bleeding from three cuts, Joe DeLonge isn't even able to bring his arms up to defend himself now; Jack J Tickles watching over the action very carefully as Novak drops his head before the microphone.

Chris Novak: No.

Sanction: What?

Pain: What?!

Scorpion: What a fool!

The is somewhat of a stunned silence in The Pepsi Center as Novak refuses to quit, his partner being massacred by DGX; Hutton looking at The Madman from Manchester with a bit of shock.

Brown: Don't you get it Novak?! You're plan failed! You're wardens are gone! You are locked in here with us and this doesn't end until you quit, or you're dead. Face facts, Novak! You lost! So quit. QUIT!

Chris Novak: NO!

Pain: My god Chris, what are you doing? Think of your partner.

Sanction: Good lord, this has got to stop!

Scorpion: No, no, let it continue. Let him be stubborn and foolish. It'll make for better ratings.

Stunned completely silent by Chris Novak's refusal to quit, the XWA fans in attendance don't even begin to boo as Hutton Brown raises his microphone once again.

Brown: Fine then, have it your way.

Moving back to the cage wall and motioning to Carmen again, The Queen of Rated X quickly pulls up the ring apron and pulls forth a weapon; an ironic weapon at that as she quickly passes the Singapore cane into Hutton. Clutching the weapon in his hand and truly admiring the beautiful power of the vicious weapon for a moment, The Rated X Superstar crosses the ring to where DGX and the bloody mess of Joe DeLonge reside. Reaching down and tapping DGX on the shoulder, The XWA World Heavyweight Champion doesn't even look up to acknowledge Brown.

Brown: I'll finish things here. Novak could use some attention.

Finally looking up at his partner, DGX unloads one final right hand before slowly rising to his feet and turning to Chris Novak; The Madman from Manchester not even looking up as DGX begins to advance upon him. But Hutton Brown doesn't even bother to take notice as DGX closes in on Novak, The Rated X Superstar looking down at the ugly remains of Joe DeLonge with a grimace; Joe's face completely covered with blood. Shrugging his shoulders, Hutton pushes DeLonge over onto his side before hoisting his microphone once more as he hoists his weapon high; Brown's attention turning to Jack J Tickles.

Brown: This is all on you now Tickles. Novak doesn't care, but I think you do. Maybe I'm wrong, but know, that this is all on you.

Without evening holding a moment to give Tickles time to think, Hutton drives the Singapore cane down with all his might; the sword-like weapon connecting with the side of DeLonge's head before driving the skull into the canvas.

Sanction: Alright, that's enough for Christ's sake! You're going to kill the poor guy!

Pain: Chris... Joe...

Scorpion: Face it John, your boys got beat. Hard, to boot.

Looking over to Tickles with his grin still stuck on his face, Hutton hoists the Singapore cane back into the air before he shoots his gaze over to DGX; The XWA World Heavyweight Champion beating Chris Novak's skull into the cage wall with a vicious string of forearms, DGX's elbow padded discarded at his feet. Looking back down at Joe DeLonge, Hutton drives down the Singapore cane without any form of mercy; his cane striking even as the ring bell chimes three times in quick succession.

Sanction: The bell? It's finally over?!

Pain: Thank god...

Scorpion: What a match.

Looking over with a satisfied smirk to see Jack Tickles waving for him to stop, XWA's Senior Official dashes over to Hana Ramierez and whispers quickly into her ear. The XWA Ring Announcer grimly nods before hoisting her microphone, Jack Tickles already dashing off and waving for the outer cage to be raised.

Ramierez: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just been informed by Jack J Tickles that Chris Novak and Joe DeLonge have been ruled as no longer able to compete. Therefore your winners, and still XWA Tag Team Champions; the team of DGX and Hutton Brown, Rated X!

"Amazing" kicks in as Hutton steps away from DeLonge, the beaten man completely unmoving as DGX finally stops pummeling Chris Novak; the side of The Madman from Manchester's face completely covered in blood from both Joe DeLonge and himself. DGX steps back from Novak, his eyes still burning with rage; The XWA World Heavyweight Champion almost unsatisfied with their victory.

Brown: Don't worry D, we can always see about a rematch.

Shooting a glance at his partner, DGX forces a small smirk as Brown grasps D's right wrist and together the pair hoist their arms into the air. Rated X still reigned king, just as things were meant to be.
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Re: Intensity: DGX & Hutton Brown VS Chris Novak & Joe Delon

Postby Tempest » Sat Jul 09, 2011 1:01 pm

Novak PM'd me his apologies and I understand the situation.
Great match, (Freebird'd) Rated X. :sbiggrin:
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Re: Intensity: DGX & Hutton Brown VS Chris Novak & Joe Delon

Postby Dysfunctional » Mon Jul 11, 2011 1:05 am

Classic Rated X right here :scool:
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Re: Intensity: DGX & Hutton Brown VS Chris Novak & Joe Delon

Postby Novak84 » Wed Jul 13, 2011 11:07 am

Sorry to everyone, this was meant to be my big chance and i blew it due to work (this will be explained later, promise) and my own stupidity. But i will be starting something new off it (as my recent promo shows.)

Great match guys, i couldn't of ever beat it even if i did polish mine and post it.

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