Grand Prix: Main Event

Matches that occurred on our 2011 Grand Prix Pay Per View!
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Grand Prix: Main Event

Postby MatthewLogan » Fri Jul 22, 2011 1:40 pm

The Main Event:

XWA World Heavyweight Championship!


DGX© vs. EBR

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what is written here. This match, nearly a month (indirectly) in the making, is for the main prize in XWA; The XWA World Heavyweight Championship. This match, one preordained to take place tonight, is between two of the greatest competitors to have ever entered an XWA ring; DGX and EBR. And this match, such a match that many throughout time will claim to be the greatest match they have ever witnessed, is going to be more vicious and indescribable than any we have ever seen before; so much so that the Little Jimmy’s out there may want to be put to bed early.

With all that said, tonight is the night. EBR has forced his way through Kendo Kid, Derrick Jedi, and Danger Liam to get here; claiming the Grand Prix cup in the process. With KC Krystal, Luther Castle, Matt Steel, and Super Dragon IV all standing behind him, the challenger seems near unstoppable going into this match. But his opponent is no slouch and EBR had best be prepared for war, his foe sending message after message to The Baddest Man on the Planet at the cost of other’s own well being. After victories over Kendo Kid and The XS (with partner Hutton Brown) via knockout and beating his opponents into submission, respectively, DGX looks stronger than ever before going into the title defense. And with Rated X, the current holders of every single championship belt in the XWA, at his back; The Pace Setting Ace of Professional Wrestling is extremely confident going into this match.

And yet, the smoke will clear. When it does only one man will be left standing, and that individual will be the man who walks out of the Pay-Per-View as The XWA World Heavyweight Champion. Through victory, their chains shall be broken.


Deadline for matches is Friday, July 22nd at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on Sunday, July 24th at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: Grand Prix: Main Event

Postby DGX » Fri Jul 22, 2011 9:19 pm

OOC: The following is a collaborative piece by EBR and myself. I apologize on behalf of both of us to the contestants of the Grand Prix and those expecting an epic match, we were primed to do so however regrettably departures by Dan and Alex have forced us to “call an audible” as it were.

Sanction: Well what a night and now we turn to our big main event!

Scorpion: It’s the “Battle of California” Mark! Oakland’s EBR taking on Anaheim’s DGX in an epic title confrontation we’ve been looking forward to almost since the Grand Prix began!

Sanction: EBR has been impressive and looked near unstoppable of late, going through the likes of Kendo Kid, Jack Sabbath and Danger Liam to get here tonight.

Scorpion: And throughout it all the message from EBR’s camp clear “get my nameplate ready”!

Sanction: The champion however has had some messages of his own in the last couple of weeks absolutely annihilating Kendo Kid and Joe Delonge and leaving both of them with future’s in doubt. DGX’s message: “Come at me, this is what happens.”

Scorpion: Well the time for talk is over…let’s go to Hana Ramierez in the ring!

The camera shot goes from the announce team to the ring in which Hana Ramierez stands center smiling to the Dallas audience who gives her a rousing pop.

Ramierez: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is for the XWA CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! Introducing first, the challenger…

The lighting dramatically dims to a near darkness as initially four taps of a drum are heard. As the intro to EPMD’s “Out of Business” album begins the crowd stirs louder, and shortly thereafter a sampled and remixed version of “Going The Distance” by Bill Conti plays throughout the arena. Finally after several moments, specifically when the beat picks up EBR emerges from the back. The crowd goes bonkers and stuff. Noticeably accompanying the black hoodie adorned EBR are KC Krystal, Luther Castle, Matt Steel, and Super Dragon IV, two on each side and flanking him as he descends down the ramp. EBR climbs the ring steps as his posse, Krystal the exception, stay on the outside behind him. Both EBR and Krystal step through the second and third rope and enter the ring, heading directly to the far right corner as EBR loosens up on the spot.

Ramierez: Accompanied to the ring by his entourage, from Oakland, California weighing in at two hundred and fifty five pounds…E-B-R!!!!!

Scorpion: EBR accompanied by his usual group of Matt Steel, KC Krystal, Super Dragon IV, and Luther Castle here tonight…

Sanction: No look, EBR is sending them away! I’m proud to see that, that shows confidence by the challenger and it makes me feel a whole lot safer about the situation.

Scorpion: What are you so chicken off?

Sanction: The fact that Super Dragon IV probably wouldn’t hesitate to cause a riot and one of those here in Dallas would likely turn into a deadly proposition and in case you haven’t noticed, I’m not the most upwardly mobile person here tonight!

There is a sound as a headset is put on beside Michaels as the camera pans to see Krystal taking his seat at the announce position.

KC: Sup y’all.

Scorpion: Just discussing how Sanction here was scared Super Dragon would start another riot.

KC: Pussy…

Sanction: Hey!

EBR’s music shuts off as he gets loose in his corner, the Dallas faithful giving him a cheer as he pauses a moment and plays to them.

Sanction: EBR certainly a favorite tonight.

KC: Course he’s the favorite, we been sayin’ that since week one. Tonight’s the night, new world champ y’all.

Scorpion: Well THIS man may have something to say about that…

Ramierez: His opponent, accompanied to the ring by Carmen King, from Anaheim, California, weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds HE is the XWA CHAMPIOOOONNN….. D-G-X!!!!!

The rhythmic opening drums to Kanye West and Young Jeezy’s “Amazing” draws a throng of jeers from the Dallas audience. As the first verse plays out the camera pans around taking in the signs, heavily pro EBR and the hostility of the crowd towards this next competitor. The first round of “amazing” chants brings DGX from the back to the stage. Clad in his usual ring attire, Tempest’s leather coat and the XWA championship belt on his shoulder DGX struts out looking with a smirk at the hating fans before he takes the title in his hand and bows at the waist before raising the strap high above his head in defiance of the crowd!

Sanction: Not the best liked person in Dallas tonight, but the man has spent nearly eight months on top of the XWA and has done so in dominating fashion.

KC: And that ends tonight homie.

Scorpion: Seem awfully sure of that, what’s to say D doesn’t beat EBR unconscious and take him out like he has everyone else he’s faced lately?

KC: Get real cracka, them were scrubs. He ain’t faced anything like EBR in his eight months and it’ll be awhile before he does again! BEAT DOWN! Wut wuuuuuutt!!!

DGX walks confidently to the ring and climbs the stairs to the apron before he enters the ring, forgoing his usual posing and he walks over to Hana holding his hand out for the microphone. She hands it to him confused as Carmen then shoos her from the ring and moves to the ringside area for something as DGX motions for his music to be cut.

DGX: Turn it off, I said turn it off! Right, before this gets underway I just gotta get something out there. This doesn't really involve any of you people so I'm just gonna talk to E...

Crowd boos, DGX turns to EBR

DGX: Yeah you boo sheep, boo this man. Anyways, E I gotta level with you...I don't especially feel like coming out tonight in front of these Dallas yokels and wrestling a match
for my championship. To be honest, they're clowns and they don't deserve it. So I think we shouldn't have this match.

DGX lowers the mic and nods, EBR studies DGX, before chuckling as he paces across the ring.

EBR: Scurred. Scurred.

DGX chuckles himself as he shakes his head and raises his mic again.

DGX: Of course you'd say I'm scurred. Look man, if you wanna do this thing we can. No reason not to, I mean it will result in you catching a beat down and your winning streak being snapped, but you know it's cool you wanna go that route. Although you know, there are much more....enjoyable paths to walk.

DGX turns to Carmen as the crowd leers a moment thinking D is pimping her out, before she produces a hilarious burlap sack with a dollar sign on it.

DGX: And well, I find allot of these paths open up with this stuff right here.

Sanction: Oh come on! Is DGX seriously trying to buy his way out of this match?!

KC: He straight up SCURRRRREEED y’all!

Scorpion: Well maybe it’s something for EBR to consider, I mean I know faced with a payday or a beat down I’d probably take the pay day. Just sayin’.

Meanwhile in the ring after requesting it EBR is handed a microphone from Hana Ramierez.

EBR: I'm telling you this is not as an insult but more as a casual observer ... this is real embarrassing, D. I feel legitimately uncomfortable for you ... and for myself for being here. So uh .. I'm gonna pass, and let's just do this, a'ight? EBR your new Heavyweight Champion. Set this bitch on fire.

Sanction: Good! EBR doing this the right way! I can’t believe DGX would have the gall to try to buy his way out of this match and rob these people in Dallas of this match.

Scorpion: I honestly think EBR shoulda heard D out more…

KC: Yeah but you a bitch also, so you don’t understand we don’t do business that way son!

DGX nods and kinda bites down on his lip a little bit, as though he's now going to have to uncomfortably disclose something he prior didn't want to.

DGX: Yeaaaahh, about that. See that’s kinda not gonna happen but if it did there's one other situation. See even if what you say was to happen, which believe me it wouldn't, see there's the spectacle of what's waiting AFTER this. And well, it's one I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm half tempted to just lay down for ya for because what waits is Angelus. Now, Angelus isn't precisely anyone's best match. In point of fact, it's kinda like going to the Superbowl knowing the team waiting is the Dallas Cowboys...

MASSIVE heel heat! DGX pauses and has a laugh at his own wit here.

DGX: Frankly ya know it's gonna suck. But yeah, I feel yeah. You're uncomfortable and all, but you know what I find comforting?

Sanction: For God's sake the Mavericks won the NBA Championship like a month ago! This is absolutely disgusting by our champion here!

DGX turns to Carmen who produces more sacks of money.

KC (whistles): Homie got paaaiiiidddd son….

DGX: That green stuff. C'mon E it shouldn’t be that hard a choice. I mean it’s a beat down, a probable humiliation and even in the massively fluke event ya get past me a possible match with Angelus.....or the kinda night that kinda money can buy?

EBR: First off D ... I'd seriously fuck you up so there's that. Secondly, if you think you're gonna pay me off you're gonna need to do a bit better then tha -

Carmen brings in more bags.

EBR: ... Hrm.

The crowd boos vigorously at that as with that trailed off sentence it’s clear the allure the ever growing bags of money in the corner is beginning to get to the challenger. DGX smiles and laughs, he can sense that EBR is beginning to be tempted! That or maybe he finds the idea of EBR “fucking him up” to be so adorable one can’t help but laugh, but that’s up to interpretation now isn’t it?

Sanction: Come on EBR, you have to stand strong! This is for the championship! All those hard matches this past month for the Grand Prix! Don’t throw it all away for something as hollow as money!

KC: Daaayyyaaaammmm that’s allot of green homie!

DGX: I feel ya E, I do but it's like I told ya at the end of my match with Kendo Kid. That was to you and to everyone else really, what he got is all that waits on the other side of matches with me. Just kinda how it is, I can see your curious.

DGX walks over to the bags and pulls out a big wad of cash before he walks over to E and holds it out to him.

DGX: Perhaps you'd like to hold it? Maybe see what the stacks are made of hrmm?

Scorpion: This is like when Chuck Woolery would let the contestants hold the money on Greed.

KC: I better deal with this.

KC takes off the headset and slides into the ring, quickly grabbing EBR and backing him into the corner as they intervene. KC assures EBR as he leaves him in the corner, approaching the bags as he goes through them. He rubs the bills and removes one from a large stack holding it up to the light. He turns back at EBR.

KC: Straight cash, homie.

Both EBR and KC hold a quick discussion before they find common ground. EBR re-approaches DGX.

EBR: I'll take it.

DGX grins ALA a snake oil salesman as the crowd absolutely erupts in jeers!

DGX: Pleasure doin business with ya bro...

Holds out his hand for the shake. The crowd boos vehemently trying to somehow cause E to change his mind, to come around and deck this douche right in the chops. E hesitates a moment..

DGX: C'mon E, for the Champions.

EBR pauses, looking at DGX with narrowed eyes a moment.

EBR: But I'm not the Champion ...

DGX: Metaphorically speaking. You're a champion of life.

EBR: Word.

EBR shakes DGX's hand as the crowd boos vehemently again and even begins to throw trash at the ring! A powerful “bullshit” chant erupts throughout the American Airlines Arena as the Texans follow Sanction’s earlier fears and begin to get rowdy!

Scorpion: Oh man this is NOT lookin good…

Sanction: I can’t believe this, this CANNOT go down this way! I cannot believe that these two men are going to get away with this!!! Is there no one who can stop this?! Can Maxwell not get out here and make this happen?!

Scorpion: Not a big fan Sanction but it’s a deal, both members of a contract are backing out of it, and as you can plainly see in the ring both can afford the penalties of doing so.

Sanction: In all my years, to see a title so disrespected, these two men have SPAT upon the XWA! They’ve spat on this company, in the face of these fans, and it’s DISGUSTING!!!!

Tag to a pre determined party ONLY. You know who you are.

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Re: Grand Prix: Main Event

Postby Johawn » Mon Jul 25, 2011 8:52 pm

No music or fanfare greets the two figures who emerge from behind the curtain. If there was any it’d likely be drowned out by the booing. These fans aren’t happy. They wanted their title match. So, charging down the ramp to a chorus of “You sold out!” and “Fuck these guys!” chants are Harts and Roses – self appointed XWA highwaymen of sorts. The two in the ring spot them, and EBR quickly bails out of the ring. DGX stands firm, infuriating in his arrogance.

Sanction: And here’s the cavalry.

Scorps: Oh yay. Harts and Roses. Come to save us all. Well, I thought we were screwed for a minute but now Harts and Roses are here I might just sleep tonight.

They reach the ring, and Tempest slides under the bottom rope. He is quick to his feet. On the outside, Rose makes a beeline for EBR, who quickly hops over the crowd barrier, a risky move in such a hostile area. Before Rose can follow, E is lost in a sea of people. Up in the ring DGX is unmoved, ignorant to the fact that Tempest is stood five feet from him, completely livid.

Sanction: And EBR has beat a hasty retreat. Not really what I’d expect from him, but I guess he’s just full of surprises tonight.

Scorps: Notice how D’s still there? Say what you want about what’s gone down here, but that’s the mark of a real champion.

Sanction: A real champion? No, Scorp, a real champion doesn’t pay off his competition.

Scorps: Hey, he’s stood his ground and he’s not backing down. Gotta respect that.

DGX’s face is one that asks Tempest “what do ya got?” Tempest stands, staring a “fuck you” stare into the champion. D shrugs like it’s nothing. Rose takes his place behind D, watching for sudden moves (or escape attempts) but none are made. Eventually, D looks down at an imaginary watch on his wrist. He fakes a big yawn.

DGX: Well, love to stay and chat, T, but it’s been a long night and I got places to b-

He is cut off by the Storm, who has walked straight over to him and snatched the microphone from his hand, keeping his eyes fixed on the champ all the while.

Tempest: You really are…You just…Aft…No, D. E might be buying your shit, but this crowd isn’t, and you can bet your ass I’m not, either. No, it’s not going down like this.

He looks over to the referee, Jack J. Tickles.

Tempest: Jack, you signal for that bell.

Tempest pulls his shirt over his head and throws it over the ropes.

Tempest: That’s right, D, we’re giving these people their title match. Ring it, Jack!

The referee hesitates, looking puzzled. Does he really have the authority to do that? No one seems sure, not even the champion. To his credit, though, DGX is not fazed by the prospect. He even looks a little excited. He fixes his eyes on Tempest’s, and the two begin sizing each other up, very slowly beginning to circle. D mouths “you wanna go, T? You wanna do this?” Tempest, microphone tossed aside, nods. “Oh yeah. We’re doing this.” Outside Rose just watches D, his eyes occasionally looking around him, searching for any sign of EBR.

Sanction: Is this gonna happen?

Scorps: Of course not! Tempest can’t just saunter out here and take a title match! There was a tournament! There’s a number one contender!

Sanction: Tournaments and contenders don’t seem to mean too much to DGX. Let’s do this!

They continue circling, only stopping so Tempest can scream at the referee.


Maxwell: I think this has gone on long enough.

All eyes switch to the stage, where our commissioner is standing on the stage, microphone in hand, looking furious.

Maxwell: Jack, leave, and Michael? Don’t be ridiculous. I know you’re supposed to be a “big deal” around here but people don’t just walk down this ramp and bully my staff into giving out title matches. I have a good mind to discipline you.

Rose has found Tempest’s discarded microphone.

Rose: Oh, so you’re just going to let DG-?

Maxwell: I really, really wish people would give a guy time to finish. We’d get through things so much quicker. Can we cut off all the other microphones? Thanks. Now then…yes, I know you’re all upset about this title match situation, and no, I don’t agree with it or endorse it or anything like that. But technically, technically, DGX and EBR haven’t really done anything wrong. I know, I know, please, people, let me finish. There’ll be time to boo later. No, I was surprised, too. It appears that my idiot predecessors managed to miss out this big, gaping hole in the matchmaking process. Believe me, I’ll fix it. So, D…you get away with it this time. Never again.

Am I being lenient? Of course I am. But I’m not letting you people down, don’t worry for a second. DGX gets away with this because I am guaranteeing that he’ll never get the chance to be in this position again. Why? Revising the contracts, sure. But more than that…DGX isn’t going to be champion too much longer. What makes me so sure? Ladies and gentlemen, the number one contender…



He comes from behind the curtain, shoving Maxwell out of the way as he passes, and strides right on down the ramp. DGX’s face is fixed. Tempest looks relieved. Rose looks angry, but only for a second, as he is blindsided by a returning EBR. Rose’s head is shoved into the ring post by E, who quickly shoves the Caerphilly Crippler in the ring before climbing in himself. E grabs D by the arm, pulling him to his senses, and the two scramble out of the ring, beating a hasty retreat (EBR’s second) through the crowd and to safety.

Angelus is on the apron. He climbs through the ropes, watching the duo leave. Tempest moves to greet the monster. Angelus simply headbutts the Storm, dropping him to the mat. Rose looks up and sees, and a second later is charging the monstrous Angelus. For his trouble he receives a boot to the gut, followed by a crushing Dominator. Tempest rallies, spurred on by his fallen friend, but Angelus catches him, grabbing him around the throat with both hands. With immense strength, Angelus lifts Tempest before dumping him over the top rope and onto the floor. Tempest lands badly. For good measure, Angelus grabs the fallen Rose and lifts him in a gorilla press. He carries him like he’s nothing, and drops him on top of his tag team partner.

On the ramp, despite being shoved by the monster himself, Maxwell smiles. A measure of revenge on Harts and Roses, and the assurance that the commissioner will soon be back in full control of his company. We fade out.

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