XWA Legends: Allow Me To Reinvent Myself

Matches that occurred on our 2011 Legends Pay Per View!
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XWA Legends: Allow Me To Reinvent Myself

Postby ThePerfect1 » Tue Apr 26, 2011 4:00 am


Mark Sanction: “Well Jordan we are just a little over half an hour until the biggest XWA event in history, XWA Legends.”

Jordan Michaels: “But before we can get to this incredible Pay Per View Mark, we have a couple of tremendous matches here on the pre-show, including the in-ring return of JR Judy!”

Mark Sanction: “And before that incredible contest, let’s go backstage to our partner Sarah Michaels with a special interview with JR Judy!”

The camera cuts backstage to the XWA interview area with Sarah Michaels standing by. However she is all alone. She raises the microphone to her mouth and begins to speak.

Sarah Michaels: “Well guys, I’ve been waiting here all day for JR to film this interview, but no one has seen him all day.”

The camera cuts back to Mark and Jordan at ringside.

Mark Sanction: “Well, unfortunately, this has become a regular for JR Judy.”

Jordan Michaels: “However, this leaves our 2-out-of-3 falls match in jeopardy.”

Mark Sanction: “Well, let’s just go up to the…wait a second…what the hell is going on?”

The screen begins to crackle and fade in to a black and white room. The walls have broken cracks and blood dripping in certain areas. Broken glass covers the floor. Then, the camera is turned around, and the audience is shocked at what it sees.


???: “For 10 years……I have given my life….to this business. The business we know as…..professional wrestling….”

The figure begins to rock back and forth.

???: “And one of my greatest….regrets…is it took me to see….how this business can ruin you…how it consumes you…how it eats you alive…”

He clasps his hands together.

???: “How I got to see my friends….my family…move on to greener pastures….white picket fence, the dog, the cat, the kids, and the yard…..”

His hands begin to rub together.

???: “And what have I got?....I…..have…..NOTHING!”

He begins to rock more viciously.

???: “So….there is no guarantees in this life…..I’ve learned that…..But I can give you one guarantee….”

He turns and faces the camera.

???: “And that is…..XWA….will be consumed with the same madness, I have been forced to endure…..”

He shakes his hair out of his face and an evil look overtakes his face.

???: “So please….allow me….to reinvent myself….”

The camera turns to the floor of the room.


The man turns the camera around again to the man’s face.

Karnage: “Pain….is….coming…..”

The scene fades to black.

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