A Night of Appreciation...: Sean & DGX vs. Liam & ???

Matches that occurred on our A Night of Appreciation for Mr. West Pay Per View!
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A Night of Appreciation...: Sean & DGX vs. Liam & ???

Postby AlexSean » Wed Feb 23, 2011 6:05 am


Coming LIVE from Los Angeles, California!

"XWA A Night of Appreciation for Mr. West" Theme Song
"All of the Lights" by Kanye West

The Main Event!
Tag Team Championship Match
Alex Sean & DGX vs. Danger Liam & ???
It was at XWA Christmas Kaos where we saw one of the most memorable battles in XWA history as Alex Sean and DGX, Tempest and Danger Liam, and Jack Hazard and Satine X squared off in the first-ever Faction Frenzy match for the XWA Tag Team Championship. In what could be considered an upset, Danger Liam and Tempest overcome the odds and claimed victory on that night, albeit not without a little bit of controversy. As a result of the confusion regarding the legalities of the match as well as who was allowed to serve as an official and who wasn't, the booking control that Danger Liam and Tempest had fought so hard to attain went to Rated X, and the XWA Tag Team Championship was held up to be decided at our PPV event. Since then, it's been a treachorous road for the XWA loyalists. After Alex Sean seemed to be turning away from his comrades in Rated X, he ended up costing Tempest not only a match for the XWA World Championship against DGX, but it was also an encounter wherein Tempest's very in-ring career was on the line. Likewise for Danger Liam, after having been forced to compete in several grueling encounters against the likes of Drama and Rose, one would assume he won't be walking in to the building 100%. With the odds seemingly on their side, will Alex Sean and DGX continue Rated X's championship success, completing a clean sweep of all the XWA's titles, or will Danger Liam and his mystery partner once again overcome the odds and finally claim the XWA Tag Team Championship for the loyalists?

* Deadline for Matches is Saturday, February 26th, at 11:59 PM EST.*
* Deadline for Voting is Monday, February 28th, at 11:59 PM EST.*

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Re: A Night of Appreciation...: Sean & DGX vs. Liam & ???

Postby MadDog » Sat Feb 26, 2011 4:17 pm

Mark Sanction: Ladies and Gents it looks like it is time for our MAIN EVENT!!! As we will finally see the XWA Tag Team Championships decided between Rated X and Danger Liam and a partner of his choice … if he has somehow managed to find anyone. I mean Tempest is out of the running, Rose has been through hell with Drama and Angelus has had an amazing match with the Godfather.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Stop making excuses for him Mark the long and short of it is Liam could be teaming with all three of those guys and the outcome would still be the same. Rated X ARE walking out of here tonight with the XWA Tag Team Championships.

Mark Sanction: We’ll see about that Jord, but before we get to this match we have some footage to show you from over in PRW. This past week Rated X defended their Tag Team Championships against a team called the Hierarchy but at the end of the match … well let’s just take a look.

Up on the XWA-Tron we cut to the footage from PRW Tough Love.

DGX scoops up Silva as he staggers around dazed and gets him up and in position as he turns to position the end of the move perfectly before he pushes on Silva’s heels and quickly sits down nailing Silva with the whiplash effect of the Centripetal Force! DGX rolls out of the way as Sean takes to the skies following this with four hundred and fifty degree revolutions in the air crushing down Silva with a devastating 450 Splash! Sean rolls out of the ring and is to a knee holding his sternum as DGX rushes over to the corner and clocks Williamson neutralizing the ring announcer momentarily as this was happening! Rivera turns around and DGX hungrily pounces on the cover, locking up Silva’s leg as he looks to score Rated X its second successful title retention!




Rated X retain

DGX rolls from the cover as Alex gets into the ring and both men stand victorious in the middle of the ring raising the PRW Tag Team Gold HIGH in the air. The Hierarchy head up the ramp into the back and as Alex climbs down out of the ring the crowd erupts in a fit of excitement. DGX spins to look around the arena and …


A man dressed in a disgusting amount of Purple takes him to the ground with a sickening shot with a steel chair.

Josh Brunswick: What the hell!?

The Purple clad warrior stands over the downed DGX for a moment before Alex cottons on to the attack and slides into the ring. As he does the attacker looks down at him and Sean stops for a split second as it becomes obvious he recognizes the man. The Purple Menace tosses aside the chair and the two trades off blows in the middle of the ring, there is a good bit of back and forth before the Purple Wonder gets the better of the match worn Tag Champ forcing him into the corner and planting a few stiff elbows. With Alex rocked for a split second he takes his time to takes a few steps back and then run in leaping through the air and hitting an overly flamboyant clothesline that sees him sitting on the middle rope.

Doug Smith: Wait a minute isn’t that …

The Attacker pulls Alex from the corner and steadies him in the middle of the ring; he twists and turns him into position for what looks to be an unprettier before leaping through the air himself going a perfect 360 and driving Alex face first into the canvas next to his unconscious partner.

Doug Smith: It is, I know that guy he’s that Danger guy from over in the XWA, tonight’s becoming some kind of invasion.

This ‘Danger’ guy slides from the ring and snatches a mic from ringside.

‘Danger’ Guy: Rated X, you’ve had your fun the last few weeks playing games and using your power to try and get the better of us but you’re not the only ones who can ‘shock’ and believe me boy’s this is only the beginning of it. Sunday me and my ‘partner’ are going to knock you down from your soap box and put you in your place.

The ‘Danger’ Guy slides back into the ring and picks up one of the PRW Tag Team championship belts.

‘Danger’ Guy: Oh well I guess at least you’ll be able to dry your tears on these … for as long as you have them at least. Tell you what boys when you FINALLY come to, watch this back and just remember that ‘DANGER LIAM’ is the one that left you motionless in ‘your’ ring, in ‘your’ company because I’m Better Than YOU!

Doug Smith: Danger Liam! That’s the guy’s name.

Liam drops the Mic and slides from the ring as ‘A Box Full Of Sharp Objects’ rains over the somewhat shocked PRW crowd.

We cut to outside Danger Liam’s locker room as he comes out of the door. He is met by Sarah as Cubes stops to talk to his ex-wife.

Sarah: How did it go? Have you managed to get a partner tonight?

Danger Liam: Yeah, it has taken me all day and I’ve called in a whole load of favors that have come to nothing but I got myself a partner.

Sarah: Who we talking about here then? Will? The Animal? Slayne? Please tell me you managed to get hold of G? The War Machine would rip apart Rated X.

Danger Liam: Nah love, I’ve decided to go a bit of a different way with it this time around.

Sarah: Who is it then?

Liam stops for a moment before poking his head into the locker room.

Danger Liam: Wanna come say hello?

There is a pause for a moment before Liam turns back and takes the camera pointing it at Sarah’s face as the door opens, we can’t see what’s inside the locker room but we can see Sarah’s reaction. That of mild shock but then a smile falls across her face as she realizes that this really means war.

We faded back to ringside.

Mark Sanction: Who can it be?

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: I still don’t think there is anyone coming out here with Liam he’s just bluffing.

The bell rings as Hana takes her place in the middle of the ring.

Hana Ramierez: Ladies and Gents the following is TONIGHTS MAIN EVENT! And it will decide the NEW XWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP. Introducing first …

I Can't Stand It I Know You Planned It
But I'm a Set It Straight, This Watergate
I Can't Stand Rocking When I'm In Here
Because Your Crystal Ball Ain't So Crystal Clear
So While You Sit Back and Wonder Why
I Got This Fucking Thorn In My Side
Oh My God, It's A Mirage
I'm Tellin' Y'all It's a Sabotage

Wasting no time, the current PRW Tag Team Champions walk toward the ring at a busy pace. The atmosphere in the arena turning up an octave in noise level with the music belies a firm and strong connection between this duo and a pro wrestling audience.

Hana Ramierez: Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of four hundred and fifty pounds. They are the current PRW Tag Team Champions, Alex Sean and the XWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION DGX, who is also one half of the current WFWF Tag Team Champions….. They are known to all of us as…… RATED EEEEXXXXX!!!!

Mark Sanction: My God has DGX really had Hana reel of that list of accomplishment? How pathetic, most of it isn’t even relevant to the XWA.

So Listen Up 'Cause You Can't Say Nothin'
You'll Shut Me Down With A Push Of Your Button
But I'm Out And I'm Gone
I'll Tell You Now I Keep It On And On
'Cause What You See You Might Not Get
And We Can Bet So Don't You Get Souped Yet
You're Scheming On A Thing That's A Mirage
I'm Trying To Tell You Now It's Sabotage

As the two men reach the ringside area, DGX wastes no time in gently shoving past Sean, looking back in a sly grin as "The Constant" laughingly nods in acceptance. A display such as this one is one born of years of camaraderie and a real but friendly rivalry between two individuals both ravenous with the hunger to be the best in the world. On paper a team comprised of such ambition would seem destined to tear itself apart but for years now it’s fueled the meteoric and almost mythic rise of this tandem to a tag team prominence not seen since the great Legion of Doom. Their choice of theme reflects this dynamic as the divide of their egos is truly the ‘mirage’, in actual fact the core of what propels the tandem to its dominance. DGX walks up the steps and to the apron where he takes a few wide steps followed by a spin and lean against the ropes. Just at this moment the harsh synth line takes over the song as Alex Sean leaps in place at the front of the ring steps. Then, with the lead in bass-line and crash cymbal hitting once again, DGX steps through the middle and top rope and Alex Sean runs up the ring steps and follows in suit.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: This one is going to go down in history. By the end of tonight DGX will be a Tag Team Champion in three companies at the same time as well as holding the XWA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! Why does Liam even think he has a chance here?

Mark Sanction: Maybe because he does? Do you not remember how this all panned out at Xmas Kaos?

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Yeah but that was bullshit and you know it!

Finally, Alex Sean walks toward the opposite corner, grabs the top rope, and pulls himself upward and balances with one foot on the middle turnbuckle and the other on the top. Sean does not pose but simply looks out to the crowd. After a few moments, he rests his elbows on his upraised knee for a short time, then leaps off and, upon landing, crouches down while DGX looks up at the ramp awaiting the Dangerous One.

Hana Ramierez: And their opponents, first …

'A Box Full of Sharp Objects' booms out over the XWA crowd as the lights dim slightly. The crowd erupts into a ruckus amount of noise as they scream and shout in anticipation of the Dangerous One. First out onto the stage is Sarah who looks out over the crowd with a look of pure joy on her face before throwing back her arms and beckoning out the Human Rubik's Cube!

The Purple Menace explodes out onto the stage and immediately throws his signature pose.


Cubes takes in his ovation for a moment before looking to the ring and storming down with a full head of steam but instead of sliding into the ring he slams on the breaks at ringside.

Hana Ramierez: Hailing from Coseley, England. He stands six feet two inches tall and weighs in at two-hundred and twenty-six pounds. He is ‘The Human Rubik’s Cube’ DANGER LIAAAMMM!!!

And his partner …

There is silence for a moment as Liam looks back up the ramp but then as a silent hush falls over the crowd as all the lights in the arena are turned off, except for a single spotlight that shines on the empty stage.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: I knew it… See he has no partner!!!!!

Suddenly the spotlight goes off, and now with the arena in pitch darkness the Xtremetron turns on with the following countdown….
A countdown from 20 starts and as it gets to the end and the explosion is heard through the entire arena as two twin lightning bolts come exploding from the ceiling, from opposite directions, yet strike the stage in the same exact spot that the spotlight previously was illuminating. The crowd erupts in anticipation of the mystery partner, when the Xtremetron then shows this following clips.
The XWA crowd explodes in a fit of excitement and shock, as The Great One; AKA: Lucifer "The MadDog"’ McMahon makes his triumphant return to action and is seen for the first time tonight standing on the stage!

Mark Sanction: OH MY GOD! IT’S MADDOG!!!!! Liam’s partner is MadDog!

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: That son of a bitch was fired! He was banned from this company! How in the hell did Liam get HIM approved to be here tonight as his partner?

Mark Sanction: Liam said he was calling in some favors… I guess we will have to find out soon enough what favors were called in, but it appears that as of now The MadDog is BACK in the XWA!!!!!

MadDog pauses on the center of the stage to take a few moments to soak in his ovation from his millions of fans as the cameras zoom in on Rated X are they are trying not to show a bit of concern. MadDog then proceeds to strut as only he can as he makes his way down the ramp and walks up to Liam and they exchange a glace before the two slide into the ring. MadDog looks out of the crowd as Liam climbs to the top rope and as Cubes throws his arms out.


MadDog flex’s out his arms looking over the audience. Liam drops down as MadDog climbs out to the ring apron and Alex on the other side of the ring does the same as it looks like this match is set to get underway between Danger Liam and DGX.

Mark Sanction: And here we go it’s finally time to decide the XWA Tag Team champions.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Yeah, it’s time to go home since MadDog is banned from the XWA…. By him just being here allows the referee to give the titles to Rated X by forfeit!!!

The bell sounds as Liam and DGX take a moment to feel each other out, staying just out of arms length from each other. Both men crouch at it looks like they are acting out an amateur-wrestling bout before Liam dives forward looking to grab at DGX’s leg. The World champion sidesteps Liam’s lunge and again the two men stand off against each other. For a moment they are still before slamming into a collar and elbow tie up.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: This is boring, get on with it Dee this shouldn’t really be taking that long.

Liam manages to switch up his positioning and shoot the go behind but after throwing back and elbow DGX switches behind himself. It’s an oddly technical start to this match as DGX lifts Cubes for a German Suplex but Liam shifts his weight in time and both men fall to the canvas but the World Champion doesn’t break his grip. Both men roll around the ring for a moment as Liam tries his best to break the grip of the champion.

Mark Sanction: DGX is making life tricky for the Dangerous One, I wouldn’t have thought in a match like this that it would be DGX on top of the technical game.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: DGX is toying with him Mark, showing why HE is the world champion.

Liam finally manages to get free of the champions grip and grabs going for a wrist lock but DGX quickly snaps free and both men leap back the their feet back to a stalemate. Again the two men find themselves in a standoff but as the two men look across at each other the crowd explodes into a sea of whooping and cheers as they shout for the Dangerous One. Out on the ring apron MadDog leaps up and down to get the fans into even more of a frenzy.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: What are these idiots cheering for? Do they honestly think that has been and that upstart punk have a chance here?

Mark Sanction: Upstart punk? You know Liam has been in this business for TEN years!

Hearing the crowd, DGX charges in looking for another quick tie up but this time it’s the Dangerous One who throws out a foot hitting swift kick to the gut. Cubes then locks his arms around the head of the world champion squeezing in a headlock. Liam twists and torques as DGX pushes him towards the topes then shoots him across the ring, DGX drops as Liam jumps over him then on the rebound DGX leapfrogs the Dangerous One and on the finally bounce back the Purple Wonder is sent flying with a huge hip toss.

Mark Sanction: OUCH! There was some massive airtime on that hip toss. Liam hit that mat HARD!

Cubes is quick back up to his feet but finds himself getting tossed with a second hip toss. This time DGX keeps hold of Cubes arm though as he laces it and tries to damn near tear it from its socket. It takes him a moment but the Danger Man is able to roll through the hold but as he gets back to his feet DGX dives and him driving him into the Rated X corner.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: This is sad to watch; he tries and tries all this nonsense but Rated X just keeps on top of him.

Mark Sanction: You truly have a warped view of this match. Come to think of it you have a warped view of matches in general.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Blow me Sanction.

With Liam being held up in the corner DGX makes the tag and Alex comes into the ring hitting the swift boot to the gut as DGX still holds of the Dangerous One. The World Champion heads out to the ring apron as Alex takes hold of Cubes head taking him to the next buckle over and crashing his head into it. Alex hits a few elbow smashes and a few knees to the gut before going for the whip, Cubes turns it around though and Alex goes slamming into the corner. Liam charges in leaping through the air and hitting the Danger Paver racking Alex’s brain for a moment.

Mark Sanction: A nice comeback there from Cubes.

Liam rolls Alex up out of the corner as Tickles drops for the


With Alex on top of the cover Tickles counts again.


Liam back on top Tickles continues to count.


Yes really another one as Alex is looking to end this one as Tickles does his job yet again.


Both men leap to their feet.

Mark Sanction: I’m not even sure what we just watched Tickles slapped the canvas about 10 times but we still have no winner.

Cubes snaps off a few swift kicks as he pushes Alex into the corner, he hits a few mocking slaps then raps Sean from the corner. Alex breaks from Liam’s grip and tries to hook him for another hip toss but Cubes blocks the toss with a leg over Alex’s, as quick as a hiccup Sean rolls through with a grip of Cubes leg in a grape vine and while in the middle of the ring he twists it into a heel hook.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: He’s tapping ring the bell!

Mark Sanction: He’s reaching for the ROPE! Seriously can someone send Pain back out here and get this idiot away from my desk.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Pain is dead!

Mark Sanction: Well now you’re just being petty.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: YOUR FACE!

Mark Sanction: Brilliant.

It takes him a while but Cubes finally manages to reach out and grip the bottom rope, but Alex just laughs as he keeps hold and forces Tickles to make the count.

ONE … TWO … THREE … FOUR … FI … Alex releases the hold.

MadDog screams into the ring furiously demanding that Alex is reprimanded. Alex gets up and shouts at MadDog but as he goes to attack the Cube again Tickles steps in front of him to have a word about the blatant disregard of the rules. Whiles he is doing this Cubes drags himself to his corner and makes the tag to MadDog as the crowd erupt with a HUGE POP!

Mark Sanction: He’s back! And now this match is going to become serious.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: And you’re saying it wasn’t before.

Mark Sanction: I’m saying shut the hell up Scorps.
MadDog steps into the ring and Alex looks at him for a moment before offering out his hand with a sarcastic grin on his face. McMahon looks down at Alex’s hand before looking back at him shaking his head and then unloading a bombardment of clubbing rights and lefts. He goes for the whip but Alex hooks the top rope and then leaps at MadDog driving a knee in his gut. Alex tries his look floating over for a cover but Lucifer powers free before even a count of one.

Mark Sanction: Did he really think that was going to work?

MadDog is quick to his feet, he throws a huge right hand but Alex ducks the impact and then leaps to grab a front face lock. Alex damn near throws his back out trying for a suplex but McMahon refuses to even raise a millimeter from the canvas. Sean tries one more time and still has no luck but as MadDog hoists him for a suplex of his own Alex spins his hips and lands on his feet behind MadDog. McMahon bounces off the ropes looking to decapitate Sean but before he can throw a clothesline Alex dives forward catching MadDog square in the chops with a spinning wheel kick.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Right in the jaw! What a shot, MadDog’s out cold ring the bell.

Mark Sanction: I’m glad you don’t get paid to be a ref around here.

Sean covers McMahon and Tickles is quick to slide in for the count.


Before letting MadDog up Alex locks in a headlock, it’s not long however before he is shot off the ropes. On the rebound he hops over McMahon but as he hits the ropes the dangerous man drives a shin into his spine catching Alex in Rated X’s own dirty moves.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: DQ! Come on Tickles do your fucking JOB! That’s Illegal!!!

Mark Sanction: Let’s see if you jump to that when Rated X start the same shit.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: I’m sure if they do anything even a little like that it will only be out of retaliation for that disgusting act of cheating.

With Alex down for a moment MadDog makes the tag to the Dangerous One and for a moment both men get there licks in as the kick and stop away at Alex until Tickles steps in to get MadDog out of the ring.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Are you condoning this Mark?

Mark Sanction: I’m not saying anything about it it’s you shouting on about the rules.

Cubes continues the abuse with a few more kicks before dragging Alex by his ankle to the bottom rope. He places Sean’s ankle on the bottom rope and stands on it before leaping into the air and driving his tailbone down into the knee of Alex Sean. He drives down a second time as Alex lets out a scream of agony before scurrying away from the ropes. The Danger Man reaches down and scoops up Alex from the canvas before tossing his into the loyalist’s corner.

Mark Sanction: Liam now slowing the pace of this match, it looks like the XWA are finally getting into the driving seat of this match.

With Alex in the corner Cubes takes a moment to mouth of at DGX, the World Champ tires to come into the ring but Tickles quickly rushes to cut him of and keep him out of the ring. With Tickles distracted MadDog wraps his huge arm around the throat of Alex Sean and chokes him for a good few moments before seeing Tickles and letting go of the grip. MadDog drops Alex and Cubes makes his way back to the corner and drops a few more shots for good measure then tosses Alex across the ring. Sean manages to reverse the whip but the Dangerous One slams on the breaks before hitting the corner dropping to his knees then as Alex rushes in at him Liam leaps up shouting ‘Tiger Uppercut’ at the top of his lungs as he hits the sticker peal. Before Alex has time to fall to the canvas Cubes shoots behind him and hits his snap german suplex then goes for the cover.

Mark Sanction: Cubes may have dazed Sean enough for this to do it.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Yeah I’m sure he has.

Tickles drops for the count.


With a dazed look in his eyes Alex is again pulled up to his feet and this time Cubes plants him in the middle of the ring with a simple but hugely effective back breaker before going for another cover.


As he gets to his feet Cubes rakes his boot across the face of Alex Sean before reaching over and tagging in MadDog. They use their five count to both whip Alex at the ropes before flipping him through the air with a double clothesline. The two then take a leg each giving Sean a wishbone just for the hell of it before Liam makes his way out onto the ring apron.

Mark Sanction: This is some pretty sound teamwork here from Liam and McMahon.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: They’re cheating! That’s not a strategy.

Mark Sanction: It seems to be when Rated X are the ones using it.

Like a dog with a bone MadDog picks the scraps, as he drops to his hands and knees and drives a few head butts into a prone Alex Sean. McMahon hits a forth hard but then gets up pulls Sean to his feet with him. MadDog shoots Alex across the ring but the ever-resourceful Sean leaps over the telegraph attempt with a sunset flip. Before Tickles can see what’s happening though Cubes has a leg through the ropes and has to be held back. There could easily be a count of 5 before Liam finally gets back out of the ring, Tickles turns but does count because he sees DGX getting into the ring and has to rush over to get him out too. When he finally does turn to the action he sees the cover and drops for the count.


Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: This is horseshit! That should have been the end of it! This is beyond a fucking JOKE!

Mark Sanction: Calm down a little ay Jord, you do know you worked for the XWA right? Not Rated X?

MadDog gets up quickly as Alex moans about the count, as he turns around though he is damn near knocked out as MadDog springs at him from the ropes and clatters his huge arm into the throat of Sean with the Long Leash. McMahon looks down at the prone Alex before reaching over and tagging back in the Dangerous One.

Mark Sanction: This is pretty sound, frequent tags, keeping Alex away from DGX. You can see why Liam had so much tag team success before coming into the XWA.

Cubes picks up Alex legs looking for the Two Turn Solution but Sean kicks away the Purple Menace, Liam dives back atop Alex and works on his knee a little more with elbows and kicks, before wrapping his own leg around his knee lacing it up. Cubes pulls at Alex knee as Sean tries to rakes Liam’s eyes and pull at his hair trying to do anything to get free. The Dangerous One eventually lets up on the hold but as he stands he is still holding Alex leg and quickly slams back down to the canvas pulling Sean’s legs almost out of its joint.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Come on do something Dee!

Mark Sanction: You can see that the World Champion is getting a little restless out on the apron.

The Danger Man rolls to the corner and makes the tag again, McMahon climbs into the ring but breezes straight past Alex as he storms across the ring knocking DGX off the apron out to the floor. DGX leaps up and tries to slide into the ring but Tickles is forced again to stop him.

Mark Sanction: It’s weird seeing the fan favorites playing these heel’ish’ tricks so well.

With DGX still being held off MadDog pulls Alex to his feet and lifts him up onto his shoulder, it looks like he is setting up for a doomsday device as Liam climbs to the top rope, but instead of a clothesline Cubes dives forward smashing a knee into the face of Sean with a modified version of the DanJa Vu.

Mark Sanction: WHAT A MOVE!!!

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Illegal!

McMahon rolls out of the ring as Liam stays in place for the cover but luckily for Rated X Tickles is still dealing with an irate DGX. By the time DGX is finally out of the ring Tickles turns and slides in for the cover.


Mark Sanction: JUST!

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: He was just taking his time, don’t stress yourself Sanction.

Liam sits up of the cover a little shocked and does a bit of complaining about the count, DGX reaches out with all he can stretch but can’t reach Alex. Cubes looks down and chuckles a little bit to himself before pulling up Sean but then gets shocked as Alex manages to roll up the Danger Man in a small package.


Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: It’s that easy for Rated X Mark.

With MadDog half in the ring trying to break the count Tickles has to deal with him and as Liam goes for a roll up of his own DGX comes into the ring and flips the two men so that Alex is the one on top of the cover. Tickles turns and drops for yet another count.


Mark Sanction: Even I gotta give that one to Rated X that was a really smart move by DGX there.

Cubes tries to reach out and make the tag but Alex catches him from behind and quickly gets him in position before tossing him up and over with his patented half nelson slam. Sean snaps back into life and throws himself at the ropes but on the bounce finds himself getting tripped by MadDog. Again Cubes hits DGX brining him into the ring and MadDog on the other side of the ring makes his way in and drags Alex to his feet then hooks his arms as Liam hits the ropes. The Danger Man leaps through the air for his flying forearm but Sean throws back his foot catching MadDog with a low blow that lets him get out of the hold and causes Liam and McMahon to crash into each other.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: YES!!

Sean scurries up the ropes and then flips through the air knocking the wind out of the Danger Man with a moonsault, Sean stays atop Liam for the cover and Tickles drops.


Tickles forces MadDog out of the ring as Alex dives and finally makes the tag to DGX who hits the ring with a fast pace and a prefect standing dropkick to the jaw of the Purple Menace. Tickles again down for the cover.


DGX’s momentum continues as he grabs a handful of hair and pulls Liam to his feet only to drop him with the 3.0 and then drops atop him for another cover.


DGX refuses to let up and this time with a little more force ragdolls Cubes to his feet to plant him again quite abruptly in the middle of the ring with his fisherman’s swinging neck breaker, and again floats into the cover.


Mark Sanction: DGX is well and truly going on the attack here.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: He has turned this around quicker than a whore on a street corner.

Mark Sanction: How does a whore on a …

DGX makes the tag back to Sean and Rated X take their turn to use the five count to their advantage. They hit the double whip then send Cubes flying through the air with a massive double back drop and as DGX dives out of the ring Alex goes for the cover.


The Dangerous One looks like he’s really struggling to stay in this one now as Alex pulls him from the canvas and lifts him up before dropping a sit out powerbomb as Alex hold on to Liam for the cover.


Alex rolls back and makes the tag to DGX who comes in and stalks Liam as he tries to get back to his feet. Cubes only gets as far as his knees before DGX grows bored and rags him up before throwing him over head with a snapped belly-to-belly and another cover.


Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Get him out of the fucking ring! This match should be over. We can all see that Liam has no fight left in him.

Tickles starts to get MadDog back out of the ring but Sean comes into the ring and charges across knocking McMahon down and kicking him out of the ring. Alex looks back at DGX and Liam as they are both to their feet, Alex whips Liam across the ring and on the rebound jumps over him but Cubes runs straight into the Breakdown! He is hit with enough force to send him spinning around giving Alex time to drive him into the canvas with the Bolt of Burning Arrow. DGX drops for the cover but Tickles has to take the time to get Alex out of the ring before making the count.

ONE … TWO ...

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: It’s OVER!!!


Again Tickles has to gets MadDog out of the ring … this match really starting to become a real job to officiate, DGX rags Cubes up to his feet and Liam has a real hazy look in his eyes as he is pushed into the Rated X corner. DGX tags back to Alex who comes in and grabs hold of Liam’s leg, he mouths of at the Purple Menace for a moment before looking to do some real damage. Just as he goes to move however Liam uses all the strength he has left to throw out his leg and hit an enziguri that echoes throughout the entire arena.

Mark Sanction: COME ON LIAM!!!

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: COME ON ALEX!!!

Both men are motionless for a moment as Tickles is forced to start a count.

ONE … TWO … THREE … FOUR … Liam starts to stir … FIVE … Alex pushes up to his knees … SIX … Liam gets to a foot … SEVEN … Sean looks around to see where he is … EIGHT Cubes reaches out for the tag … NINE … JUST AS LIAM IS GOING TO MAKE THE TAG DGX STORMS ACROSS THE RING KNOCKING MADDY OFF THE RING APRON THEN HE DRAGS CUBES BACK INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING.

Mark Sanction: OH COME ON!!!

With DGX back out on the apron Sean looks to slow down the pace of this match as he locks in a Sleeper dead center of the ring. Cubes looks to be fading and Tickles has to come in to check, he raises his arm and it drops once … twice … three NO! Liam just keeps his arm up. Cubes starts to fight back pushing himself to his feet but Alex drags him to the corner and makes another tag to DGX. Alex whips the Purple Wonder at the ropes and as he springs back DGX plants him in the middle of the ring with the swinging sidewalk slam. DGX laughs at the Cube before tagging Alex back into the action.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: Wrap it up boys I might still be able to get to the last showing of Never Say Never.

Mark Sanction: NEVER SAY NEVER? Really? Really?

Sean locks in his Guillotine choke and Cubes struggles for any way to get out of the hold. The Purple Menace looks to be fading out and has to use all of his strength and skill to push back to his feet and then power to his feet but Alex tweaks the hold and then hits Liam with a scruffy but effective Brain Buster.


Sean can sense that he and DGX have this match wrapped up now as he takes his time pulling the Dangerous One to his feet but this confidence back fires as the Purple Warrior snaps out of Sean’s grip and grabs hold of him tossing him up and over with the Ego Dent before diving near half way across the ring and tagging in McMahon.

Mark Sanction: HERE COMES THE MADDOG!!!!

MadDog comes rushing into the ring and leaps into the air and quickly levels Alex with a vicious clothesline. Then MadDog leaps high into the air and proceeds to drop an elbow into Alex Sean’s chest, knocking a bit of the remaining wind out of him. MadDog then grabs Alex and pulls him to his feet, and shoves him as hard as he can into the corner that DGX is standing in. MadDog then proceeds to lay in some vicious chops to Alex’s chest, turning it a deep red from the repeated slaps! The referee allows this to continue for a few brief moments, then attempts to step in to allow Alex to leave the corner and get this match to continue. MadDog screams at the referee for trying to stop him, and proceeds to pummel Alex in the corner, as DGX steps as far back away from the corner as he can to stay out of MadDog’s reach. The referee has had enough and then grabs MadDog by the arm, and pulls him off Alex, who slumps in the corner. MadDog turns his attention then to the referee and shoves him backwards towards the center of the ring as MadDog goes to confront the senior XWA referee.

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: MadDog has lost his friggin mind! Disqualify him already!

MadDog screams at the referee asking him just what in the hell is he doing by stopping him, as the referee screams back at MadDog telling him if he continues he will disqualify him! However, in the corner DGX sees an opportunity and quickly tags his partner to get into the action and attempts to come up behind MadDog, but MadDog being the ring veteran that he is, sees DGX moving out of the corner of his eye and unleashes a HeelBone Superkick into the side of his face, which quickly drops DGX to the mat. MadDog then takes advantage and drops and covers him for a pin!

ONE…. TWO….. THR…..

Before the referee can make the third count, Alex regains enough of his senses and stumbles out of the corner and leaps onto MadDog’s back and by doing this he breaks the count. MadDog quickly gets to his feet and grabs Alex by the arm and pulls him up and in one swift motion he whips him off towards the ropes. Alex bounces off of them and MadDog grabs him with his left hand around Alex’s throat in a choke hold! DGX slowly gets to his feet at this time, and MadDog proceeds to grab DGX around the throat with is right hand in a similar choke hold!

Mark Sanction: I don’t believe it!!!

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: He’s can’t pull this off, he’s not THAT Strong!

Mark Sanction: Oh yes he is…. A Double Choke Collar Slam!!!!

MadDog proceeds to lift both Alex & DGX up off the ground as high as he can, why applying the choke hold on their throats! The crowd pop’s and cheers as the referee has no choice but to attempt a count to get MadDog to break the hold.


Before the referee can finish the five count and disqualify him, MadDog proceeds to slam both Alex & DGX down as hard as he can onto the mat. MadDog then motions for Liam to enter the ring, as MadDog grabs both of DGX’s legs, Liam does the same to Alex and they both attempt to lock in their patented finishing maneuvers – The Two Step Solution and The LegBreaker, both of which are modified versions of The Sharpshooter!

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: This can’t be happening!!!!

Mark Sanction: Oh yes it can!!!!

With all of his might, MadDog pulls back as hard as he can on DGX’s leg to cinch in the deadly hold, as Liam does the same with Alex. Since only MadDog & DGX are the two legal men in the ring, and Liam and Alex are not legal at this moment, the referee is allowing this double team action to continue since it is not interfering with the legal tandem. However, in actions like this when deadly holds are applied, for the person applying the hold it will be just mere seconds and minutes passing in time, but for opponent that has the hold applied to them it will feel like hours and days, it is inevitable that one of the two men that are locked in these painful holds will finally succumb to the pain and have no choice but to do it, and tap out and scream for the pain to stop.

Mark Sanction: It’s over!!!!! He tapped!!!!

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: No it ain’t!!!!! Alex is not the legal man!!!!

For once in this entire night, Jordan Michaels is somewhat correct in his call, for it is Alex that screams out “I QUIT” and repeatedly hits the mat to signify he is tapping out and wants this match to end. However, since he is NOT the legal man, the referee ignores him and pays closer attention to MadDog & DGX, as MadDog pulls back even farther on DGX’s legs to apply even more deadly pressure on both of his legs and lower back.

Mark Sanction: This can’t go on much longer…. How much pain can he take?

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: DGX is the World Heavyweight Champion… He is the best at what he does for a reason… He will find a way to reverse this hold!!!!!

With sweat pouring down MadDog’s face, he uses every last bit of strength that he has to pull back on DGX’s legs and continues to apply the hold. The veins are popping out of MadDog’s arms as DGX continues to scream in pain. The referee continues to ask DGX if he wishes to submit, and of course being the World Champion, DGX screams” No!” over and over again and shakes his head from side to side just to make sure the referee understands that he is not giving up in any way, shape, or form! However, as superhuman as DGX might believe he is, he is a mere mortal of a man and ever man does have a point when they can no longer continue, and DGX is rapidly approaching his as his face is growing paler by the second as the hold is applied and DGX is getting softer and softer as the pain is becoming too much even for the greatest of men, then it happens. DGX’s head lands on the mat and he grows quiet and still and no longer moves in any way. The referee does the right thing and immediately calls for the bell to signify that this match is over!

Jordan ‘Scorpion’ Michaels: I don’t believe this crap! That is an illegal hold!!! MadDog is not a XWA Superstar…. He was not allowed to participate in this match!!!!!!

Mark Sanction: Cry, Bitch and moan all you want…. But you better believe it… We finally have NEW XWA Tag Team Champions!!!!

The bell rings repeatedly over and over as the crowd explodes and the referee tells MadDog and Liam that they won the match. It takes a few moments for the two of them to realize that they did it, and they both slowly release the holds and stand up and look at one another. Liam holds his hand towards MadDog to signify his friendship, and MadDog grabs a hold of it, and pulls him in close and hugs him in the ring and then lifts Liam’s arm high in the air! The crowd is going crazy and cheering like mad as the arena is now being littered by thousands of pieces of purple confetti fall from the roof all over the ring and crowd! MadDog’s music starts playing as the referee asks the timekeeper to give him the belts, and then the referee proceeds to hand one belt to each of the new champions. MadDog then proceeds to climb one of the corner turnbuckles, as Liam does the same in the opposite corner and the two champions hold aloft the Tag Team Championship Belts for all the fans in attendance to see, as well as the Millions and Millions of fans watching at home as the PPV show goes to a close!
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Re: A Night of Appreciation...: Sean & DGX vs. Liam & ???

Postby AlexSean » Mon Feb 28, 2011 3:10 am

The bell chimes three as the fans murmur in anticipation! After the night that Mr. West has thus far afforded the Los Angeles fans the time finally comes down to the main event. For DGX and Alex Sean as heard earlier this match is about redemption, it’s about proving a point to the world at large. It’s also about drilling home an important point to one Danger Liam about exactly how things in the professional wrestling world are. You don’t spit into the wind, you don’t sit on Superman’s cape and you don’t screw around with Rated X! Hana Ramierez is standing in the middle of the ring looking dog faced as always and even still smiles her canines (geddit?!) to the crowd.

Ramierez: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the XWA tag team championships! Introducing fir...

Kanye West: Yo, yo Hana!

The crowd pops a little as Kanye West emerges on the stage followed by a great ensemble of rapping talent including Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Justin Vernon, Jay Z and Nicki Minaj! Hana looks very confused and her smile slowly diminishes a bit as Kanye stares at her from behind his trademark shades.

Kanye West: I’m really happy for ya, and I’ma let ya finish...but my posse and I are here to bring out the greatest tag team of all time! OF ALL TIME!

Sanction: Seriously?

Scorpion: HAHAHAHAHAH!!! It’s great! Take that Taylor Swift!

Hana pouts and puts the arm holding the mic down as the lights dim! After a few moments, the opening of "Monster" by Kanye West begins to ring throughout the speakers as the entrance stage glows slightly red in sync with the vocals.

Justin Vernon:
I shoot the lights out
Hide til its bright out
Whoa, just another lonely night
Are you willing to sacrifice your life?

At this point, a faux scream is heard and the forgettable first eight barres from Ricky Ross come in alongside a chaotic drum rhythm. Just then, former XWA Tag Team Champion Bullseye from the Ghetto Street Connection walks out on the steps with a microphone in his hand.


Let it go Rick, it is what it is.

Bullseye: Yo, yo, yo what up ya'll!

The crowd pops slightly in recognition of Bullseye. Then, as the initial chorus kicks in, what appears to be a scaled-down model of Tokyo, just big enough for the skyscrapers to be about knee-high to a grown adult, comes down on wires and down atop the stage. Purple and gold lights begin to alternate and then, from behind the stage, what can only be explained as a man in a foam Godzilla costume walks out and begins to lay waste to mini-Tokyo.

Bullseye: Oh shit, it's Godzilla ya'll!

Sanction: Godzilla?

Scorpion: You know, this seems oddly familiar. Can’t place it though...

As the verse begins, Alex Sean calmly steps from behind the curtain, springing off his toes warming up for the match. He slaps a high five with Kanye West as the man who this event honors struts around the stage area and continues to rap.

Kanye West:
The best living or dead hands down huh?
Less talk more head right now huh?
And my eyes more red than the devil is
And I’m bout to take it to another level bitch
There you go again, aint nobody as cold as this
Do the rap and the track tripled up and no assist
But my only focus is staying on some bogus sh-t
Argue with my older bitch acting like I owe her sh-t

Finally, as the drums are about to kick in and West continues to rap, Sean steps out onto the stage and, upon reaching Godzilla, theatrically lands a straight left knocking him down to the stage and seemingly out cold!

Bullseye: Oh shit man he just KO'd Godzilla son! Yo listen up, lemme make the introductions for my man here. He's the greatest of all time, ya'll, it's Alex Sean!

With the introduction made, Sean walks to the ring with a confident swagger, rapping along to the lyrics but omitting the "niggas" in the song as to not offend black people.

Mark Sanction: Well... this is... interesting.

Scorpion: Yeah...

Just as Kanye tells 'em to cool down and the drums fade out, Sean reaches the ring steps and tosses the black hoodie he was wearing to Bullseye, who catches it with his natural black accuracy. Sean begins to hop in place at the beginning of the ring steps.

Kanye West:
Cause you will never get on top off this
So mommy best advice is to get on top of this
Have you ever had sex with a pharoah
I put the p-ssy in a sarcophagus

With that, the drums come back and Sean runs up the steps. Sean from the apron, places one foot on the middle turnbuckle and the other on the top just as the chorus kicks in.

Kanye West:
Gossip gossip
N-ggas just stop it
Everybody know (I’m a muthaf-cking monster)
I’ma need to see your f-cking hands at the concert
I’ma need to see your f-cking hands at the concert
Profit profit, n-gga I got it
Everybody know I’m a muthaf-cking monster
I’ma need to see your f-cking hands at the concert
I’ma need to see your f-cking hands

During the chorus, Sean leans forward on his knee with one elbow while he continues to rap along to the song. Finally, as Jay-Z's verse begins, Sean leaps into the ring and begins to hit the ropes getting loose and limber as Los Angeles rocks out to the impromptu concert. Sean takes to going to each corner of the ring playing to the audience as Jay Z’s verse ends and Kanye’s chorus gives way to Nicki Minaj’s verse. We briefly cut to shot at ringside which catches the following fantastic image of Jordan “Scorpion” Michaels.


Sanction: ...

Justin Vernon:
I-I crossed the line-line
and I’ll-I’ll let God decide-cide
I-I wouldn’t last these shows
so I-I am headed home

Sanction: Well that was...interesting.

Scorpion: What are you talking about, that was cookin! I wonder if I can get Nicki’s phone number!

Kanye West high fives his fellow rappers for a great first number and turns his gaze to a widely smiling Young Jeezy who knows that their number is up next. A very recognizable and not overly liked female voice emerges over the PA drawing some heat from the Los Angeles faithful.

Carmen: Ladies and gentlemen, Rated X proudly presents to you it’s Icon, it’s champion, and the man who frankly embodies the very Essence of Greatness...he is D-G-X!!!!!!!!!

Carmen has emerged from the back, both DGX’s WFWF and PRW tag team championship belts held in each of her arms over her shoulders as she grips her microphone in her right hand. She finishes her grand introduction and makes a sweeping gesture to the entrance area of the stage as the rhythmic drums of West’s “Amazing” takes over the sound waves! Kanye and Jeeze both nod getting into the rhythm as West begins his first verse!

Kanye West:
It's amazing, I'm the reason
Everybody fired up this evening
I'm exhausted, barely breathing
Holding on to what I believe in

No matter what you'll never take that from me
My reign is as far as your eyes can see...

Kanye West’s first round “amazing” chants bring DGX from the back, drawing a great deal of heat for his Anaheim Duck colors and his general heelishness! He’s dressed in his new ring gear, proudly repping his hometown just a few hours down the road and sporting Tempest’s trademark leather trench coat. Over his right shoulder is the XWA heavyweight championship belt as he looks out with a kind of disdain, it’s clear his Hollywood experiences having somewhat soured him on the City of Angels. DGX proudly raises his championship belt over his head flaunting it in the fans silly faces that he’s the Man and they clearly can do nothing about it! Kanye picks up his next verse as DGX slings his belt back over his shoulder and proceeds to the ring side by side with the Queen of Rated X!

Scorpion: Listen to these despots of Los Angeles will you?! You know it’s so sad to see a city like Los Angeles carrying on such a silly rivalry. I mean it’s pathetic, I mean Los Angeles was the only child for a long while in California before a younger and fresher city named Anaheim emerged. And Los Angeles since that time has been the insecure primadonna big sister to Anaheim, but only Anaheim has accomplished ANYTHING of consequence in the last decade. Tinsel town? Have you SEEN the movies they’ve been putting out lately?! Meanwhile Anaheim brought California its FIRST Stanley Cup! NOT the San Jose Sharks, sure as hell not the Los Angeles Kings...the ANAHEIM DUCKS did it!!

Sanction: City rivalry aside Jordan, I’m sure that’s only part of it. Many people here in Anaheim and you could count me among them feel that DGX has been reprehensible of late!

Scorpion: Oh SURE...now we get into it. NOW we get into it Mark! Let me guess, “DGX screwed Rose”, “DGX screwed Tempest”, “DGX shouldn’t be champion”, WAH, WAH, WAH!

Kanye continues to rap along his second verse and that gives way to his third as DGX takes a lap around ringside shooting his mouth off to everyone in the front few rows of the Staples Center! He finally gets to the corner near the steel stairs left of the entry ramp and climbs them followed by Carmen and takes a large step into a wide stance ALA Y2J era Jericho as he stares out hostile to the people of LA! Kanye’s elongated chants of “amazing” wrap up with Jeezy chiming in as DGX looks around taking in the audience before finally Young Jeezy steps forth on the stage...

Young Jeezy:
I'm amazin', yeah, I'm all that
If I ain't on my grind then what you call that?
Victorious, yeah, we warriors
We make history, strive off victory

Standing at my podium
I'm trying watch my sodium
Die high blood pressure
You even let the Feds getcha

I'm amazin', born on the full moon
I was bred to get it in, no spoon
That's why I'm so goose, summer time, no juice
Big fam, small house, no rooms

They like, oh God, why you go so hard?
Look what he's been through
He deserves an applause!

DGX steps through the ropes and enters the ring and holds up his world championship belt to a chorus of boos as Carmen stands alongside him and hoists his tag gold into the air! The two face each of the ring ropes as they pose as on the stage Jeezy and Kanye West continue to chant along however for this occasion modify their rap to acknowledge the man whom this performance as playing as the object of their song.

Kanye West & Young Jeezy:
So amazin', so amazin', so amazin'
He's amazin', so amazin', so amazin', so amazin'
He's amazin', so amazin', so amazin', so amazin'
He's amazin', so amazin', so amazin', so amazin'

DGX finally turns and meets the gaze of Alex Sean and the two partners slap hands focused and ready to get this done tonight. DGX turns to Carmen and hands her his XWA heavyweight championship and disrobes of his Tempest trench coat before sending the Queen to ringside where she joins Bullseye.

Young Jeezy:
He's amazin', amaaaaaaaaaaazzzin’, amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzinnnnnnnnnnnn’ mmmhmmm

The fans applaud the talent for their concert more than for the man it played to the ring most definitely as all of them wave to the audience before leaving the stage and head back to their guest of honor seats. DGX and Alex Sean stare at the entrance ring, oblivious to the brief “you suck” chant which the LA fans levy their way before the drums and percussion intro to the garbage music that brings the first of the opponents to the ring plays. Emerging from the back to “A Box Full of Sharp Objects” as lights dim slightly the crowd erupts into a ruckus amount of noise as they scream and shout in anticipation of the Dangerous One. First out onto the stage is Sarah who looks out over the crowd with a look of pure joy on her face before throwing back her arms and beckoning out the Human Rubik's Cube!

The Purple Menace explodes out onto the stage and immediately throws his signature pose.


Cubes takes in his ovation for a moment before looking to the ring with a smug but focused look as departing from his usual head of steam charge to the ring Liam opts for caution as he slowly makes his way to the ring, DGX and Alex Sean almost ravenously beckoning him to get into the ring with them alone!

Hana Remierez: Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by Sarah, from Cosely, England he is the Human Rubix Cube...DAAANNNNGGGEERRRRRRR LIIIIAAAAMMMMM!!!!!!

Sanction: Liam very smartly taking his time getting to the ring here, I just really hope he actually does have a partner because if he tries to go in there with DGX and Alex Sean by himself like at Kaos I think he might find a different story from that time.

Scorpion: That time he hadn’t been a moron and batted the beehive before stepping into the same general vicinity! Whoever that partner of his better be good because I guarantee you Danger Liam does NOT want to be in that ring for a prolonged period of time with either DGX or Alex Sean!

Sanction: Well Liam is no coward Jordan! He’ll step in there with either of these two men any day of the week, he’s going to always be up...but the question is whether or not he’s man enough to be in there with DGX and Alex Sean in this mindset is the question. Liam definitely thinks he’s better than both these men, and maybe he is but I guarantee you tonight he will have to work like he’s never worked before to prove it!

Scorpion: Of course he’s not a coward Mark, I mean he’s really courageous. It takes a big brass set of balls to jump men from behind after matches and assault them with foreign objects and proclaim you’re better than them after that. Screw Mel Gibson, THIS guy shoulda been the lead in Braveheart!

“A Box Full of Sharp Objects” cuts as the fans cheer in anticipation. DGX and Alex Sean cast their poisonous glares from Liam to the stage waiting to see just who will be stupid enough to stand alongside what to them is a dead man walking. Several moments of silence pass as the crowd gets restless...Liam even chancing a look over his shoulder to see if his partner is going to make an appearance...

Scorpion: Who is it?

Hana Ramierez: And his tag team partner......

The arena goes pitch black, all the monitors also go dark, and the only sound heard is that of a human heart beating. We hear this for a few seconds, then you start to hear the sound of a heart monitor accompany that heart beat. This goes on for a few more seconds, then you hear the unmistakable sound of a flat line from the heart monitor! The crowd goes absolutely batshit crazy!!!!!

Sanction: Can it be?!

Scorpion: You’ve got to be kidding me!

You no longer hear the human heart beat with the flat line, but instead you hear a drummer as he starts to beat his drums in the rhythm of the beating heart to accompany the flat line sound. A loud explosion is heard, and the stage explodes into a wall of fire & assorted pyro & smoke. Standing in the entrance way, we see the outline of a man behind the pyro and smoke. The Band starts to play, and the music they perform is “13” (The Theme song of Tazz from the WWE), as the fire starts to go down enough, and the smoke starts to clear and we see for the 1st time that the man standing behind all of the smoke & flames is none other than Lucifer “The MadDog” McMahon! The crowd in the arena pops, and starts to chant MadDog, over and over again as The MadDog starts to power walk down the ramp from the stage to the ring. In the ring DGX and Alex’s Sean’s faces are caught, DGX’s one of shock and Alex Sean’s one of excitement as lip readers at home can make out Sean saying “damned rights!”

Sanction: I can’t believe this! I thought the MadDog was banned from XWA forever after losing to Michael Hart! How is this even possible?!

Scorpion: Maxwell and Rated X have to do something about this!! This CAN’T be legal!! The man doesn’t even work here anymore and further is banned from ever doing so again! It was signed on a legal binding contract!! What the hell is going on here?!

Upon getting to the end of the ramp, MadDog reaches up and grabs the top rope, and step up with one leg to the ring apron, then swing his other leg over the top rope to enter the ring with Danger Liam sliding under the bottom rope as well. DGX and Alex Sean exit the ring and briefly convene at ringside with Carmen and Bullseye. MadDog then proceeds to one of the corners of the ring, and climbs the corners and raise his hands over his head in the form of an “X” to acknowledge the crowd. MadDog repeats this process in all “4” Corners of the ring, and then go towards the center of the ring and one last time raise his hands above his head in the X” before swinging them down in a crotch chop (ALA:DX), as all (4) corners of the ring erupt with flames (ALA: Kane). MadDog will then remove his chainmail head piece & sunglasses and hand them both to the referee or ring attendant. The music shuts off and the chant from the capacity crowd is one that warms the cockles of MadDog’s heart...

Crowd: Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back!

MadDog looks around smiling at the fans as Sean and DGX get back on the apron and DGX steps into the ring. Referee Tommy Tickles is there as Liam steps out onto the apron and the crowd pops as apparently old mentor and student will start this epic contest for the XWA tag team championship! DGX and MadDog circles a moment as the crowd gets into it and rallies with MadDog...before he and the XWA champion collide with a collar and elbow tieup! With a great size advantage on DGX MadDog opts to showcase this by hurling DGX across the ring!

Sanction: MadDog is back in a big way here!

Scorpion: DGX does not want to try to match strength with MadDog I would venture.

DGX gets to his feet indignantly and glowers down at his former mentor who meets the glare with a giant grin. DGX defiantly goes at MadDog again looking for a collar and elbow tieup before once again MadDog pulls DGX in playing with him a moment as DGX appears to be really going at the MadDog before finally dropping the illusion out from the champion MadDog once again hurls DGX across the ring!

Sanction: MadDog plainly showing his power advantage in this match here.

Scorpion: Looks like DGX is right back in there...

Indeed once again the champion has charged at MadDog again with a lock up and this time MadDog can’t even really be bothered to play with his former pupil as he once again hurls DGX across the ring. MadDog laughs as DGX gets to his feet very frustrated before turning to referee Tickles and accuses the legend of pulling his hair! Tickles looks blankly at DGX before he explains that MadDog simply pushed him. DGX puts his hands on his hips, his face one of frustration before he walks in to Tickles and pantomimes throwing him backwards whilst grabbing the back of his head showing how it was “done”. Tickles questions the MadDog who shakes his head very plainly no.

Sanction: You know, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Scorpion: That cheap old hound! He pulled DGX’s hair!

Sanction: Oh come on! DGX plainly attempting to manipulate the official early here!

DGX uses the momentary distraction Tickles questioning MadDog to kick the leg quickly! DGX gets a side headlock on MadDog and bears down however MadDog is still very fresh and very strong! He lifts DGX off his feet causing the champion to kick his legs to get down to his feet again! MadDog again tries to lift DGX and throws him off him, the champion nimbly landing on his feet! MadDog charges however DGX dips into his technical repertoire and hits an arm drag! MadDog gets to his feet again and charges at DGX to again get an arm drag! MadDog gets back up and rushes to DGX and gets taken over a third time and this time DGX holds the arm in a hold using his technical skills to keep the advantage over the larger MadDog!

Sanction: DGX dipping into his technical skills here with three textbook arm drags on the MadDog!

Scorpion: DGX is a very established technical wrestler, though he has been showing a bit more of a mean streak in recent times. However I think MadDog making a return here was a surprise that DGX wasn’t expecting and that may have thrown him off his game here.

MadDog fights his way quite simply up to his feet as DGX holds on before the champion quickly transitions and resumes the side headlock he had on MadDog earlier! Taking a different route this time than powering out MadDog instead opts to showcase his own technical ability to switch from the headlock into a hammerlock! DGX winces a moment and plants his own footing before he standing switches getting MadDog into a hammerlock of his own! MadDog grimaces a moment as DGX wrenches upwards for a bit more leverage before MadDog switches up again!

Sanction: Back and forth, hold for hold here between former mentor and student. If anything this is plainly showing that despite being away from the ring for a period MadDog has definitely kept in practice as he’s quite handily trading holds with the world champion right now.

Scorpion: Two guys who know each other too well. If you were to ask Lucifer McMahon I’m sure he’d tell you and anyone who’d listen that he taught DGX everything DGX knows but while that might have been true in 2003 many years have passed and DGX has evolved into a much more rounded competitor than he was eight years ago.

DGX hits his shoulder a moment wincing from pain in his left hand to the hammerlock before he quickly gets his footing and drops off nailing a drop toe hold on MadDog taking the legend to his stomach breaking up the hammerlock in the process! DGX rides over MadDog and gets a front facelock and bring his knees close to MadDog’s shoulders “turtling up” the hold for control. DGX wrenches a moment as the fans begin to get into it supporting MadDog! DGX shakes his head no and yells to the audience to hush up but this only spurs LA to raise its collective voice louder! MadDog begins to tap the energy and feel it as he gets up back to his feet and actually lifts the champion from his feet and thrusts him forwards trying to throw him off but DGX pugnaciously holds the lock!

Sanction: These great Los Angeles fans getting behind MadDog here!

Scorpion: Old guy commands allot of respect I have to give him that, but DGX is no longer the snot nosed punk kid that MadDog took as a pupil. Almost a decade in this business and the man has carved a legacy many feel eclipses McMahon’s completely!

Sanction: I don’t know if I would say that but it’s unarguable that DGX has indeed made a rather large name for himself since debuting at XWA Gold in 2002.

DGX fires some knees into MadDog’s torso trying to settle the powerhouse down but it again doesn’t really serve DGX all that well as MadDog again rears up and tries to throw him off. More and more the champion feels his grip slipping and when MadDog takes him up for the ride a third time DGX finally abandons the hold landing handily on his feet in a great display of agility. MadDog rushes him and DGX again takes MadDog over with an arm drag showcasing his own considerable technical prowess as he keeps the hold on and MadDog slaps the mat in frustration!

Sanction: The champion managing to stay narrowly ahead of MadDog in the early going!

Scorpion: DGX showing the world right now exactly why he’s the XWA champion! Doesn’t even know who the opponent is going into this match and he STILL manages to outwrestle him!

DGX abandons the arm wringer when the opportunity presents and actually manages capitalize as MadDog rolls to his belly and gives DGX his back which the champion gladly takes whilst locking in a dragon sleeper commonly called the Dragon Clutch made famous by Low Ki on the independents! DGX wrenches back and yells amazed that MadDog’s ring rust afforded him this glittering opportunity to end this early! On the apron Liam paces with furrowed brow, torn on whether or not to enter and break up this shock submission attempt or trust his partner to get out of this predicament on his own! Liam seems to settle on a wait and see course of action as Tickles is down and asks MadDog if he quits to an all together unsurprising denial.

Scorpion: MadDog gave him his back! Dragon Clutch locked on! Damien used this to great effectiveness during his championship reign!

Sanction: Danger Liam might want to think about getting in there, I know this is early but this is an absolutely devastating submission hold here and DGX has it locked in here!

MadDog steels himself and rides the emotion as the crowd rallies behind him, lavishing him with the love and support the Great One feeds upon! MadDog bares his teeth and digs into his very being but he finds the will to actually begin to make his way up! First to his knees, then one knee, DGX’s expression is one of horror as MadDog rises from beneath him like a phoenix as DGX finds himself high in the air before MadDog drops him down with a kind of modified back body drop! MadDog gets to his feet charges up as DGX scrambles away begging off from the big man!

Sanction: Can you believe the strength and the power of MadDog there?! Lifted up DGX like he was a small child! That is just raw power there!

Scorpion: The Dog has always had a strong power game, you let this guy get rolling and he turns into a tank. I’ve been run over by him before trust me, you KNOW when this dude hits you Mark!

DGX gets to his feet but MadDog is right there and shoves DGX into the ropes before firing him off with a whip! DGX rebounds and MadDog catches him with the big time powerslam! DGX gets to his feet holding his back as MadDog wraps his powerful arms around DGX and hurls him over head with a belly to belly and again the champion is thrown clear across the ring! DGX get s to his feet as MadDog comes in and just abruptly sits down on his ass sliding backwards trying to evade the momentum gathering legend! MadDog however is not deterred and pulls up DGX by the hair and DGX frantically digs a thumb into MadDog’s eye buying him time and space as MadDog scrambles away tending to his stunned optic! MadDog turns to DGX and sensing that things are not going well for him DGX decides to manipulate the situation to create a more favorable match for himself. He turns from the glowering MadDog and shoves Liam in the chest on the apron!

DGX: I thought you were better than me Cubes! Huh?! I thought you wanted me to know you’re better than me, how about you man up and step to me to my face huh?! How bout it Barney boy, you a MAN or not?! Come on!!!

DGX waves for Liam to bring it on! Being called out doesn’t sit well with the Dangerous One as MadDog looks over to his partner who holds out his hand for the tag and the Dog obliges letting Liam into the match to a loud cheer! Cubes enters the ring and barely clears ropes before DGX is there with a sharp knee to the abdominals! DGX hammers down a few club blows with his right arm before he takes Liam to the nearest neutral corner and mauls him there a moment!

Sanction: I don’t know how wise that was by Liam letting DGX bait him into this match!

Scorpion: It was idiotic actually but since that’s Liam’s general MO what with him being an idiot that conforms to pattern doesn’t it?! Here we go now, how you liking some of that Liam?!

DGX reaches up and meanly grabs Liam by the jaw semi fish hooking him as he glowers down at the pained face of Cubes as Sarah yells to Tickles to do something! DGX continues as Tickles begins his count and breaks on three! DGX shoots a knee into the abdominal again to give Liam pause and then standing him up DGX takes his arms and whips him across the ring to the other neutral corner hard causing him to stagger from the impact! DGX hits the ropes passing him and with a head of steam leaps forwards grabbing Liam’s hair and taking him down face first with a one hand bulldog!

Scorpion: Not so tough when you’re facing the man face to face are you?!

Sanction: DGX plainly very fired up this evening and the champion looks to be in control early. Listen I’m not saying to take anything away in the ring or athletically from DGX. I mean the man is DGX, he has his reputation for a reason but his actions of late have honestly done DGX a disservice to himself!

Scorpion: You ask me the only one who did a disservice to himself is Danger Liam, I mean attacking DGX and Alex Sean from behind and firing them up...plainly right now that isn’t working out the best for him here.

DGX gets to his feet and walks over to Liam whose engaged in crawling away trying to get to his feet and break up momentum DGX has established but the champion is having none of this! DGX grabs Liam by the hair and yanks him to his feet and shoves him into the Rated X corner and fires a couple of strong rights to Liam’s face before being pulled away by Tickles! DGX has words for the official as Sean takes advantage of the distraction and tears at Liam’s face from the apron! DGX after giving Sean a moment moves back to the corner and straight up tears Liam’s singlet off his torso and exposes his chest before DGX winds up and unleashes a sickening knife edge chop that echoes throughout Staples Center!

Sanction: Rated X in control in the early going here!

Scorpion: Well Liam had to expect this, he’s just going to have to suck it up and try to weather the storm early here but I know what those feel like...


Scorpion: Believe me, they aren’t fun!

DGX winds up and nails another chest igniting chop to Liam’s reddening chest causing the man called Cubes to collapse in the corner with a look of agony on his face clutching at his chest! DGX looks down disdainfully at Liam before he looks up at the audience who’s displeased with this early series of events before he grabs on Liam’s arm and seems to go for the Irish whip again. However rather than send Liam to his corner and possible salvation DGX reaches up with his right hand, takes a handful of Liam’s hair and violently hurls the Dangerous One back into the Rated X corner before tagging in Sean! The Constant comes into the ring and together he and DGX both stomp down Liam in the corner as Tickles counts reaching four before DGX retreats to the apron!

Scorpion: And DGX brings in Sean!

Sanction: Man, I don’t understand what’s gotten into Alex Sean lately Jordan. I really don’t! This man used to be about respect, honor, the spirit of competition and now I don’t even know what he’s about anymore.

Scorpion: You know what he’s about Sanction? Winning. Matches, championships, you name it!

Sean unleashes some brutal forearm clubbing strikes to Liam’s exposed chest as Liam writhes in the corner before Sean backs up a few steps letting Cubes out and boots him in the gut before getting a front facelock however briefly and hooking a leg before with brute force Sean hurls Liam overhead hitting him with the fisherman’s overhead slam! Sean gets to his feet and walks over to Liam and barks down at him!

Alex Alex Sean: Come on huh?! Where’s Danger Liam?! Where you at?! I thought you were better than me son!

Sean slaps Liam insultingly in the back of the head as he taunts Cubes before he puts the boots to the Loyalist once again! Sean steps back as Liam pulls himself up on the ropes as Sean moves in and gets a half nelson and before Liam can react Sean takes him over the suplex as Cubes bounces on the mat in the middle of the ring! Sean gets up and walks over to Liam and leaps into the air before coming down with the fist drop to the face continuing the assault!

Sanction: Since DGX got the jump on him after goading Liam to start this match the Dangerous One really hasn’t even had a chance to get out of the blocks here!

Scorpion: Yeah...because he’s overmatches Sanction!

Sanction: Oh come on Jordan! Rated X basically jumped Liam to get this match underway here...

Scorpion: REALLY?! Rated X jumped Danger Liam, really?! You’re even going to begin to try to play that card after his actions in PRW?!

Sean gets to his feet and picks up Liam and shoves him into the Rated X corner once again and makes the tag to DGX. The Rated X Icon reenters the ring as Sean pulls Liam from the corner and scoops him up as though for a sidewalk slam as DGX comes in and wraps his arm around Liam’s head before the Rated X falls hitting a side slam/reverse DDT combination maneuver! Sean exits the ring as DGX gets a mount on Liam and rains down right hands to the head/face of Cubes to the crowds displeasure!

Scorpion: Good tag team continuity being shown by Rated X here!

DGX gets to his feet and has words with Tickles who has admonished him for the fists. DGX turns back to Liam and Cubes from his back sees his opening and tries to get back into this match! He thrusts his right leg up and kicks DGX in the gut pausing the champion and then Cubes lashes out kicking him once again! The fans begin to come alive as Cubes scrambles to his feet and gets underway in this match with right hands knocking DGX back a few steps! Liam pushes DGX into the ropes and fires him off and goes for a clothesline which DGX ducks but on the return trip Liam catches the Icon with a running DDT!

Sanction: Liam trying to fight back into this thing here! Here comes Danger Liam!

Scorpion: DDT connects! DGX is reeling here, I don’t know if he expected Liam to fire back this strongly here!

Liam runs at DGX and hits a flying forearm smash knocking the champion into the corner and moves in quickly with rapid boots to DGX’s torso and stomach! Liam punches DGX rapidly in the head to big cheers from the crowd before he stalks away to the opposing corner and shoots a look at Sean on the apron! He then turns back to DGX and rushes towards him at the corner and looks to nail DGX with his corner clothesline variation he calls the Danger Payer however DGX ducks out of the way and Liam’s arm meets nothing but turnbuckle!

Scorpion: Liam got overzealous there and DGX got out of the way just in time here!

DGX gets up and rushes over grabbing hold of Liam’s head and wrenches him back in a reverse facelock with his legs propped on the middle rope! DGX dropped down drilling the back of Liam’s head for the second time in a short period with an elevated reverse DDT! DGX gets up and measures Liam as Cubes rolls to his stomach and crawls away pulling himself up on the ropes...and DGX seizes on Liam’s opportune positioning! DGX runs in and runs up onto Liam’s back and grabs hold of the top rope and stretches back angling his feet forwards his full weight and the power of the elastic force of the ropes forcing Liam’s windpipe into the rope cable strangling him!

Sanction: DGX getting the upper hand again here, that’s two reverse DDTs in a short space of time and now DGX is strangling Liam on the ropes here!

Liam’s face is turning an ugly shade of red as he grimaces as DGX’s weight shoves his windpipe into the cable! DGX finally steps off Liam’s back as Tickles has been screaming at him to. DGX gets out of the ring and stalks over to the corner and grabs hold of the mask Danger Liam wore on his way down to the ring. DGX smirks as he looks at the white mask and looks around at the booing audience before he puts the mask on to a louder negative reaction. DGX shakes his head left and right mockingly as he taunts the audience before he gets onto the apron and back into the ring, mask and all.

Sanction: DGX now just mocking Liam here, this is not the best use of time if you ask me! This could come back to bite Rated X here!

Scorpion: HAHAHAHA!!! Why not Sanction?! To everyone else around here it’s apparently Halloween, why not DGX get in on it?!

DGX gets into the ring and shoves Liam back into the same corner he intended to hit DGX with his Danger Payer move with. DGX puts a several hard boots to the gut and torso of Liam to subdue him some before DGX walks off to the opposing corner and mockingly jaws a little bit with the MadDog from behind the mask before he stretches and rushes to the corner taking to the skies and connecting with his version of the cornered clothesline with Liam in the corner! Liam falls to his knees and clutches his raw chest in pain as DGX sits on the middle rope before he angles his body and gets back into the ring, disrobing of Liam’s mask.


Scorpion: THAT’S how you do it!

Sanction: DGX back in control here, and Liam is getting to be in a bad, bad way here, he needs the tag to MadDog in a bad way!

DGX smugly meets the cocked eyebrow gaze of Sean with a shrug of the shoulders before walking over and kicking Liam hard in the ribs knocking him over to his back! DGX grabs Liam by the hair and drags him over to the Rated X corner and gets the tag to Sean before exiting the ring, the duo deciding not to double team this time. Sean comes in and mounts Liam and brings punches down on his head! Sean gets to his feet and gets poised to attack as Liam tries to get to his feet before Sean swoops in looking for Stroke positioning. Liam hooks his back leg and pulls a standing switch on Sean to the surprise of the Constant and then nails a snap German! Both men are down and Sean cries out audibly upon landing grabbing hold of his shoulder!

Sanction: Angelus attacked Sean over in WFWF a few weeks ago and in recent events that shoulder has been aggravated.

Scorpion: If Liam can dig down and get MadDog back into this matchup here I think that vulnerability in Sean could be a critical piece of the puzzle for a Loyalist victory!

Liam gets to his hands and knees and crawls towards MadDog in the corner who’s plainly just itching to get back into this thing! DGX sees this is happening and yells to Sean for the tag but the Constant is slow going on his shoulder and decides trying to cut off Liam would be the best plan. Sean catches Liam and grabs hold of his left foot and tugs trying to pull the Dangerous One from the corner and the tag waiting for him from MadDog! Liam still tries for it and manages to get to one foot, hopping on it painfully in range of the tag as Sean holds him at bay before Liam does a quick enziguri but instead of aiming it at the head Liam intelligently hits Sean’s shoulder! Sean releases his hold of Liam’s foot and grabs his shoulder as Liam dives forward and makes the tag to MadDog to a huge pop!

Sanction: Tag made, McMahon back into the ring!

Scorpion: This is a HUGE momentum swing Sanction!

MadDog barrels into the ring and shoulders down Sean! He gets going into the ropes and as Sean is up MadDog flying shoulder tackles him down again! MadDog hits the ropes and barrels through nailing Sean almost insultingly with the lariat he calls the “Long Leash”! Sean actually flips in the air from the force and lands holding his shoulder in pain!


Sanction: Oh wow! Power again on display for Lucifer McMahon here!

Scorpion: Alex Sean is in a bad way here, he would be really well served to make a tag to DGX!

MadDog quickly clobbers DGX off the apron with a cheap shot to the delight of the fans! DGX surges back up onto the apron and Tickles is there to restrain him as DGX and both Carmen and Bullseye lament the cheap shot! Meanwhile Liam has reentered the ring and he and MadDog hook up and take Sean up and over with a double suplex before Liam slides back to his corner as Tickles attention returns to the match. MadDog pulls Sean back up to his feet and scoop up Sean turning him upside down and drops to a knee hitting a shoulder breaker to the injured shoulder of Sean!

Scorpion: There you see MadDog’s true colors there Sanction! Cheap shot and look at this, of course now Liam’s all in there like a dirty shirt, that doesn’t hurt anything right?

Sanction: I actually think that probably hurt Sean’s shoulder more than anything. Since that little chink in his arm showed up both MadDog and Liam have really honed in, I think momentum is swinging the way of the XWA Loyalists!

Scorpion: It’s almost like Kaos all over again! Illegal partner for Danger Liam, THANKFULLY Tommy Tickles hasn’t been taken out yet! And more thankfully still that ditz Jenni Anders is no longer under employ to come down and screw things up!

MadDog takes the arm attached to Sean’s hurt shoulder and ducks under twisting the limb up with an arm wringer before he drags Sean to his corner and tags Liam back into the match! Cubes goes to the top rope and comes down with the double sledge to the hurt shoulder as MadDog let’s go and returns to the apron with no further incident as the Dangerous One wraps up the arm in a wringer himself before transitioning to a hammerlock!

Sanction: Liam and MadDog so far working very well together as a tag team unit, DGX and Sean have to be somewhat surprised by the chemistry shown thus far by the Loyalists however the focus is now Sean’s shoulder. One has to wonder if Sean is going to stand up in the face of this constant attack or wither...

Scorpion: Sean has been massively underrated of late and I don’t know why! I mean everyone makes the argument he hasn’t done much, been active, but fundamentally people just have to remember this guy is Alex Sean!

Sanction: You know many people think the main person who needs to remember that tidbit of information is Sean himself you know...

Sean grits his teeth a moment before he fires a hard elbow to Liam’s face! He fires another one, and another as Liam looks to be taking the blows in stride but he may be close to being rocked. Sean swings for one more elbow and this time Liam ducks while abandoning the hammerlock and looks almost as if he’s trying for a back suplex before he turns hitting his locked spinning lariat knocking Sean to the canvas! Liam covers quickly following the move!

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

Sean powers out of the cover yelling a bit in discomfort as his shoulder did not enjoy the effort kicking out took!

Sanction: Man Alex Sean needs to make a tag here quickly if Rated X wants to keep those hopes alive of being the XWA tag team champions.

Scorpion: I know DGX is really pulling for Sean to make it through this and get the tag because the champion stands to earn a very prestigious place in wrestling history if they win tonight. He will be the only man in history to hold the PRW, WFWF and XWA tag team championship at the same time!

An accolade Danger Liam will not allow the XWA champion without one hell of a fight! Liam gets back to his feet following the near fall as Sean crawls away towards the Rated X corner where DGX eagerly awaits him but Liam is not having any of this as he hits a leaping forearm smash to Sean’s back specifically targeted to his bad shoulder! Liam smiles a big Cheshire grin at DGX on the apron before he turns to stalking Sean. The Constant fights to his feet and Liam moves in and ducks under getting position before he sweeps Sean’s leg whilst flipping forwards hitting Sean with his patented Speedsolving! Sean yells out as he shoulder again bears a painful brunt of impact and Tickles is immediately there for the cover!

Sanction: Danger Liam with the Speedsolving, this could do it here!!

Scorpion: NO!!!

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

Sean’s shoulder is screaming and it seems as though the Constant’s bad limb will cost him. Fortunately Sean has a cool head under pressure and while his shoulder may not be healthy there is absolutely nothing wrong with his mind and ring awareness and after a two count and trying to steel himself to power out Sean opts instead to simply extend his right leg and get the bottom rope affording him a rope break which Tommy Tickles in his prudence catches and gets to his feet signaling clearly two!


Sanction: OH how close what that?!

Scorpion: Not close enough! Brilliant ring awareness by Sean, see that’s Greatness Sanction! Knowing where you are in the ring at all times!

Liam gets to his feet and looks at Tickles holding up his fingers in two in disbelief, the official informing the Dangerous One that Sean’s boot was on the ropes. Liam doesn’t seem to believe it and Sean meanwhile on his knees has crawled to a neutral corner and appears to be trying to regain his footing. Liam breaks from his debate with Tickles and rushes in at Sean probably looking to splash him in the corner or maybe he was thinking Danger Payer but got too much steam behind his run, either way Sean ducks out of the corner and Liam collides chest first with the buckle! Liam staggers back clutching his still fairly raw chest and Sean instinctively seeing an opening springs into action rushing the corner, kicking off, flipping over Liam and landing a hot shot style neckbreaker! Both men are down following the move!

Scorpion: Sean with the Ray Lewis out of nowhere!

Sanction: Man at this point in the match momentum is swinging like a pendulum! Whoever gets the tag first here is going to have a major advantage in this match!

Sean is cradling his shoulder on the canvas and winces after the impact of the Lewis on his own body. Liam himself is flat on his back and seems stunned to have been hit with so high impact a move after winding himself on the corner rush he missed! DGX paces on the apron yelling encouragement to his partner to make the tag! Likewise across the ring MadDog is pacing like a caged tiger grabbing the tag rope and bellowing at Liam to tag! The two legal partners make long, painful, arduous crawls to the corners as their partners reach out looking for the tags! Sean’s hand slaps DGX’s...

Scorpion: Tag for Rated X...

...and Liam gets the tag to MadDog to a thundering pop from the fans! DGX is in and MadDog barges through him again with a shoulder tackle! MadDog hits the ropes and again bulldozes DGX with a shoulder tackle! DGX is up and MadDog grasps him in a front waistlock and proceeds to nail a belly to back suplex!

Sanction: Here comes the MadDog!

Scorpion: MadDog just so big, so powerful, he’s like a wrecking ball in there right now Sanction!

MadDog is up immediately and moves in on DGX as the champion returns to his feet shoving DGX into the ropes before throwing him off with a whip! DGX returns and is taken up over and around thanks to the power of MadDog ending painfully as MadDog completes the tilt-a-whirl slam! The Great One returns to his feet and throws up his right hand signaling the crowd whom pop heartily at what’s next! DGX staggers up on spaghetti legs and turns into the powerful grip of the MadDog on his throat!

Sanction: Oh my! MadDog’s got the goozle and I think we all know what’s coming next!

Scorpion: Oh no...this isn’t going to be good for DGX...

MadDog lifts DGX into the air easily with one arm and suspends him there choking the life from him as Tickles admonishes MadDog to no avail before starting the count of the Choke Collar Slam delay! DGX however knows this well and already with both hands is gripping the arm of MadDog and using his agility brings his legs up first MadDog’s chest and then to his shoulders as DGX maneuvers his body acrobatically to try to get a triangle choke on the Great One! His right leg slides over MadDog’s left shoulder and the crook of the back of his kneecap finds the neck as MadDog abandons his Choke Collar attempt and tries to counter the unorthodox counter being employed by his former pupil!

Sanction: What a counter!

Scorpion: Hahahahaha!!! See!! I told you Sanction, in eight years DGX has refined his craft! Oh sure back in the early 2000s he might have just hung there in that choke waiting for the slam that follows but this is DGX now Sanction! This is the Wrestler of the 10s!

DGX struggles as MadDog and he jockey for control in a very precarious predicament for both men potentially! MadDog seems to be blocking the triangle and what’s more DGX senses that he seems to be trying to get into position to use his last ride powerbomb he’s employed in the past, finally DGX opts to again dip into his agility and leans back using his leg strength to hurl MadDog face first into his own corner with a hurricanrana! Liam is on the apron and makes a blind tag that possibly even MadDog doesn’t register!

Sanction: Great athleticism shown by the champion there! That was as inventive a counter to the Choke Collar Slam as I’ve ever seen!

Scorpion: Blind tag there! Liam just tagged MadDog and I don’t think even he knows!

It’s plainly clear the tag is lost on DGX as the champion gets to his feet and charges MadDog before he can fully recover from his collision with the turnbuckle and nails him with a running dropkick that knocks him clear from the ring. DGX is on one knee and turns his back to the corner Liam is on unawares Liam is now legal! It’s a mistake Cubes capitalizes on by slingshotting over the top rope nailing a dropkick that knocks the champion down to his hands and knees as Liam is all fired up reentering this match! He tackles down DGX getting a mount and rains down rapid right hands on the head of the champion!

Sanction: Liam right back in this thing!

Scorpion: Liam kicking up the aggressiveness and you know, it’s pretty clear to me from the last couple of weeks watching him that Danger Liam really feels that he himself personally has to prove to himself and to DGX that he can beat DGX. I mean sure he got that illegal fluky pin at Kaos by way of his biased personal referee but when they faced straight up DGX put him down.

Sanction: Well it was a little more complicated than that Jordan, I mean he DID have some aid in the form of Drama and Carmen...

Scorpion: Liam had aid in the form of Tempest and Rose, what’s your point?

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Re: A Night of Appreciation...: Sean & DGX vs. Liam & ???

Postby AlexSean » Mon Feb 28, 2011 3:11 am

Sanction let’s out an audible sigh as in the ring Liam gets up off DGX and puts some stomps on him but keeps on the attack pressing the advantage the element of surprise has afforded him over the champion! DGX gets to his feet on his heels and grabs hold of Liam by the head and pulls a quick switch throwing him into the corner before burying a knee to the gut to stun him! DGX puts a couple of straight rights into Liam’s face before he backs up to the opposing corner and then rushes at Liam in the corner and appears looking to hit an MVP style running boot in the corner but Liam ducks out of the way and DGX is hung up as a result!

Sanction: Back and forth between these two gladiators here and that was a big miss by DGX right there!

Scorpion: Oh no, I think he’s hung up here on the ropes here!

DGX manages to untangle himself from the ropes and turn just as Liam squats down before launching himself up powerfully as he hits a huge uppercut complete with a jump knocking DGX back against the ropes a mighty yell completing his patented sticker peal! DGX falls against the ropes as Liam lands and waits for DGX to stagger forwards! When the champion does so, Liam meets him and hooks up and hits what many feel is a much needed thing for DGX...and that’s what Liam calls the Ego Dent! DGX lands on his back in position near the corner and Liam instantly recognizing his opportunity rushes in and gets to the top rope as the crowd baits its breath knowing a big make or break is in the making here!

Sanction: Ego Dent connects and Liam is going up! Could he be setting up for the Rubix 360?!

Scorpion: If he connects with this one he might do it!!!

Liam takes to the skies with his shooting star and as he completes the rotations getting into position for the leg drop he sees DGX out of the corner of his eye scramble away and has a fraction of a second to adjust to a nasty landing that sees him hit nothing but canvas! Liam yelps in pain and grabs at his right leg having managed to tweak his knee joint upon crash landing! He flops about on the mat as the air seems to leave the Staples Center!

Sanction: NOBODY THERE!!!!

Scorpion: DGX wisely getting out of there! That was great instincts by the champion and I think that just saved the match for him and Sean! Oh he re-aggravated that knee from his match with Rose I think!

DGX is up quickly and hones in like a great white to blood in the water on Liam’s knee! DGX charges in and kicks the leg hard causing Cubes to howl before DGX stomps hard on the knee! And then he does it again! DGX proceeds to unleash what can only be described as a barrage of mudhole stomps on the right leg and specifically the knee joint of Danger Liam! Tickles finally comes in to create some space between DGX and Liam but it’s clear the Loyalist is in great pain!

Sanction: DGX right to that knee and I’m not at all surprised!

Scorpion: You shouldn’t be Mark! That’s just plain killer instinct that makes DGX the competitor he is today. It’s one of the trademark traits of late that’s hallmarked his recent success; ruthlessness!

DGX walks over to Liam and boots him in the chest taking him to his back before grabbing hold of the right leg! DGX snarls meanly as he pulls the damaged limb taut further straining the joint! DGX does this twice more before he drops all his weight down in a right elbow to the right knee of Liam and DGX gets up quickly to drop another two! Liam writhes in anguish on the mat as DGX turns up the attack trying very hard to create an advantage for himself and Sean for the rest of this contest!

Scorpion: Smart on so many levels, the right knee taken out there goes Liam’s speed and agility I mean it neutralizes so much. He can’t suplex without a good base, forget coming off the top or running the rails, and perhaps most damningly it also removes the Danja Vu!

Sanction: Liam in hindsight might have gotten a little greedy going for it all off the top there but such as it is now DGX is on the advantage and it seems pretty clear to me he has no intention of letting up.

Scorpion: Nor should he.

DGX gets up and holds up the right leg and kicks the back of the right knee joint stiffly over and over as he continues to batter the leg! DGX pulls Liam over to a set of ropes near the Rated X corner and puts Liam’s foot on the bottom rope before he stands on it and smirks out at the increasingly silent crowd before he bounces a little and leaps before driving all his weight down through his posterior to the right knee joint! Liam’s scream of agony echoes throughout the Staples Center as DGX grins evilly at the audience quite proud of the punishment he’s now levying to the Dangerous One.

Sanction: DGX just hammering that leg here.

Scorpion: Depending on how much more he gives him DGX might also be setting up for the DGenerated. He locks that in the center of the ring with all this damage being done to the right knee and Liam may have no choice but to tap...

DGX puts Liam’s foot back up on the ropes and steps up on it and turns his venomous smile to MadDog on the apron. MadDog has some choice words for his former student but DGX responds to them simply by springing off the rope and again dropping it south through the backside to the knee joint on Liam! DGX gets up smirking at MadDog before he turns his attention to Liam’s right leg all entangled with the ropes before he almost in mockery grabs hold of the leg and shades of Liam himself begins to subject him to the bending of his knee around the ropes ALA Bret Hart pressing the advantage on the leg!

Sanction: MadDog has to be stewing on the apron here!

Scorpion: DGX just picking apart that leg, with everything he’s doing to stiffen that sucker up and batter the joint I have to voice serious concern for the state of Liam’s ligaments because if one of those tears that’s some time off that I’m sure he’d much rather avoid.

Tickles admonishes DGX for his actions as DGX backs up putting up both his hands asking the official what the issue is earning him an earful! DGX holds out his hands in appeasement before gesturing that Tickles should probably check on Liam and see if he wants to continue. Tickles turns to Liam to inquire and with his back turns DGX backs away before suddenly turning and nailing a cheap shot to the MadDog! The crowd erupts in boos as MadDog goes to get into the ring but Tickles is there immediately to cut him off! MadDog fights to get past the official but for a small guy Tommy Tickles is pretty powerful when holding back the big man and MadDog also knows he doesn’t want to hand Rated X the tag titles by getting him team disqualified! Meanwhile Sean has convalesced enough on the apron to get back into the ring as DGX picks up and nails Liam with a scoop slam! DGX nods to Sean and walks over picking up his right leg and Sean knowing his partner’s train of thinking grabs the left leg. The two legends each hold a leg of Liam and with a short nod between each other for confirmation yank as hard as they can completing the wishbone snap! Sean retreats to the apron undetected as MadDog calms himself down enough to allow Tickles to put him back on the apron! DGX meanwhile smirks as Liam is trying desperately to crawl away before the champion catches up rather easily and grabs his right leg again before holding the ankle with both hands, lifting and then drilling the knee as hard as he could into the canvas!

Sanction: Double team by Rated X and now an advantage is firmly held by the representatives of the controlling party in XWA.

Scorpion: DGX staying on that leg and it’s fantastic that he is. DGX has been in there awhile now but after the battering Liam and MadDog put on Sean’s shoulder it’s probably better that DGX keeps going for the time being though as we saw there he’s recovering well! Man I’m parched...

Scorpion pours himself a glass of water from a big glass pitcher he has on the desk as in the ring DGX smirks at Liam again trying to crawl away from him. DGX’s expression shifts from one of amusement to mean as he charges in and lays a jarring kick to the ribs in on the Dangerous One! Cubes flips to his back and writes in pain as DGX gets a side mount and rains down some punches to Liam’s face before grabbing his neck and applying an HHH style blatant choke! Tickles counts this and DGX milks it for all he can before letting go! Tickles yells at him but DGX simply looks back down to Liam and again grabs his windpipe intent on crushing it! Tickles counts faster screaming at DGX which causes the champion to get to his feet and demand to know what the official’s problem is! As Tickles and DGX get into it in the ring Bullseye at ringside has snuck around the bend towards the Loyalist corner and tugs on MadDog’s leg drawing the Loyalist’s attention. MadDog kicks Bullseye off and has some words for him about minding himself before MadDog turns back to the ring only to turn right into DGX’s boot as it catches him flush in the face with the Breakdown knocking him from the apron!

Sanction: What a cheap shot! DGX with the Breakdown on MadDog! Oh look out here, Bullseye is picking him up Tickles is with DGX about the superkick, that man has no business even being out here much less getting involved in the...

Scorpion: HEY! He took my water!!

Alex Sean at ringside has indeed obtained Scorpion’s water pitcher and rounds the bend as Bullseye holds the groggy MadDog fast! The Constant moves in and winds up big and SLAMS the pitcher into the head and face of MadDog shattering the object sending shards of glass everywhere! MadDog falls to his back and looks to be out of it and blood begins to flow from a cut where the pitcher impacted! Sean stares down intensely at MadDog as Bullseye leaps for joy and the crowd unleashes a torrent of negativity towards Rated X in general! Sean walks away back to his corner as MadDog is left lying in a pool of his own blood!

Sanction: MY GOD!!! That was UNCALLED FOR!!!

Scorpion: I’ll say... That was my water damn it!

The fans know that with MadDog taken out and Liam on the receiving end of a heavy battering that momentum right now is strongly on the side of Rated X! And many of them don’t like this scenario so they do the only thing they can do... Lend support to their favorite and hope he pulls it off for him!

Crowd: Let’s go Liam! Let’s go Liam! Let’s go Liam! Let’s go Liam! Let’s go Liam! Let’s go Liam!

Sanction: This crowd trying to rally behind Danger Liam here! Can he make a comeback?!

Scorpion: Absolutely not! You SEEN the battering they’ve given that boy?! This one is now simply a matter of time!

DGX gets up and mocks the crowd’s support of Liam by mocking the age old Hulk Hogan “let me hear you” taunt which draws a few boos. DGX smirks and drags Liam to the Rated X corner and tags Alex Sean back into the match before the Rated X duo go to town on Liam with a double stomp down before DGX exits the ring. Sean hauls Liam up to his feet and puts on a gruff front facelock before with a yell he tosses him over in a Benoit style snap suplex! Sean wastes little time and goes for a cover!

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

Liam gets a shoulder up! Sean gets side control on Liam and fires some knees into his body before he goes in and attempts to get Liam’s back! Understanding he’s under attack from the MMA influenced style of Sean Liam does his best to turtle up and tries to roll along and does getting into the ropes earning him a reprieve!

Scorpion: Liam has to switch gears here because Sean comes at you a whole different way than DGX does! And further I really think Sean wants to use this match to beat some respect into Danger Liam whose been telling anyone that will listen that since Alex Sean walked out of a match with him that he’s better than Alex Sean since he “beat” him.

Sanction: Well regardless of that no one can doubt the heart and tenacity of Danger Liam after this match tonight even now. You know earlier tonight Alex Sean said he had a Prophecy, he said to Liam going into this match “I will MAKE you quit.” I don’t know that even Alex Sean can get that done with Danger Liam Jordan!

Scorpion: You just give him time Mark, match isn’t over yet!

Sean gets up and moves in picking up Liam before forcing him into the corner before he applies more hammer blows to the chest further taking it out of Liam before he picks him up and puts him on the top rope the crowd rustling restlessly as Sean appears to be setting up for the superplex! Liam doesn’t get up and instead fires some right hands into the midsection of Sean before he reaches out and grabs Sean’s feet with are on the top buckle. He yanks taking the base out from the Constant! Cubes then proceeds to Tree of Woe Sean as the crowd cheers and comes alive for a flickering glimmer of hope for the Loyalists! Liam hammers on Sean before finally Sean falls back and is hung upside down in the Tree of Woe as a battered Liam looks to the XWA audience for support! At ringside his hussy Sarah tries to bring the audience into it and they DO rally as Liam tries to get his footing...

Sanction: Glimmer of life for Danger Liam here, he’s setting it up but can the leg do it?!

Scorpion: There’s no way! Absolutely no way his right knee is gonna go for this...

Cubes turns and looks to do his backflip but his right knee is screaming far too loudly in protest. After a wince and weighing out the options Liam opts to just leap backwards and hit his drop kick to the face of the hanging Alex Sean completing a modified and much less impactful version of his Possimple maneuver! Liam holds his knee in pain as Sean flops to the mat from the Tree of Woe and both men are down! Liam crawls agonizingly towards his corner and after several moments makes it there but as he throws his sweat soaked long hair from his face it becomes apparent to him that MadDog is NOT on the apron. Indeed the legend is still on the floor of the outside trying to recover from having a glass pitcher shattered over his face following a flush to said face DGX superkick. On the other side of the ring meanwhile Sean makes the tag to DGX who comes back in and gets right back on the attack!

Scorpion: I think Danger Liam just realized he’s like a bird when the earth is burning; he’s got nowhere to land...

Sanction: DGX back in and you have to believe right now this is just a matter of time here! If Liam cannot get out of there I don’t think even he can stand up to much more of this and who knows what condition MadDog is in after Sean’s sneak attack!

DGX stomps down rapidly on Liam before he stalks away a moment antagonizing the crowd before he reaches up and slips off his right elbow pad! The crowd boos this action viciously as DGX tears off the left one as well to show that he’s done screwing around! DGX moves in on Cubes who appears to be trying to get to his feet as DGX stands poised, stalking the Dangerous One so when he turns around more DGX inspired nastiness can ensue! Liam turns around on unsteady legs and finds DGX waiting on him with a front waistlock! A belly to belly overhead throw seems imminent but Liam surprises the champion by throwing a headbutt into DGX’s mouth! DGX is stunned! Liam headbutts him one more time for good measure before he modifies the waistlock and looks to have DGX in perfect position for his second Ego Dent of the evening! As Liam goes to peel off the move however his battered right knee gives way beneath the additional weight and DGX lands on top of Liam in a full mount! Hot headedly spurred by being headbutted in the mouth DGX lashes out with left and right punches and then after two of those each from the left and right hands he switches to elbows! DGX mauls the writhing Liam before he simply begins to fire right elbows battering ram style down from above! Liam is split open like a watermelon after three of these and DGX hammers down a couple of more before Tickles finally shoves him off Liam!


Sanction: That leg just not going to hold up and my God this is brutal! Tickles really needs to think about stopping this here!

Scorpion: Well you know his decision to let this go as long as it has is really probably a conflict between his own good judgment and marching orders. I mean I’m not going to say Rated X has the official in their pocket, but you have to know the marching orders from Maxwell’s office were probably “must be a winner.”

Sanction: I can understand that Jordan but how long do you let a man stay in there and risk permanently hurting himself?

DGX gets up and tells Tickles he should stop this because he has no intention of stopping on his end! The official furrows his brow and asks DGX as tactfully yet forcefully as he can muster to stay back while he goes and checks on the bloodied Danger Liam! DGX stands back as the official does so and as Liam looks up to Tickles asking him if he wants to give up Liam shakes his head firmly no. DGX sweeps in and clobbers Liam with a blow to the back of the head before he pulls Cubes back to his feet! DGX slides behind Liam while reaching back and grabbing Liam’s neck before he drops to his knees snapping Liam’s neck/back across his own with the 3.0! DGX scrambles into a cover looking to win it!

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

Liam kicks out half way to three!

Sanction: 3.0! This is going to be over here! NO!!

Scorpion: Have to have it to Danger Liam here, the man is showing us a bucket load of guts!

DGX gets to his feet in disbelief that Liam kicked out! He turns and drags Liam over to the Rated X corner and puts his head/neck on the bottom rope before planting his right kick pad on the back of the neck and using the ropes for leverage strangles him down some before breaking on a count of four and then tagging in Sean. DGX takes his place on the apron without incident as Sean walks in and measures Liam who is now pulling himself up on the ropes, pained and groggy from the blood loss he’s suffered now. Liam staggers back a step or two and Sean comes in from behind and hooks up a Stroke before he drives Liam down onto his knee! Sean reels the Dangerous One back up and adjusts his footing before he lifts and drops down again nailing a gut buster! Sean finally spins into a belly to back suplex position and lifts Liam off the ground and at the height of the move he instead pops his hips and drops Liam center ring with a belly to belly slam! Sean hooks up the cover quickly!

Scorpion: Charm City Chain Smoker connects! This could do it!

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

Liam barely kicks out at two and three quarters! Sean gets to his feet and has some words with Tickles about his count before he shrugs and tags in DGX the Rated X duo now seemingly content to keep each other fresh and go move for move.

Sanction: OH... NO! Liam kicked out! My God the fortitude!

Scorpion: Don’t get all misty eyed and whimsical Sanction, this one is just a matter of time!

DGX comes in and hauls up Liam to his feet grabbing him in a urnage position! With this hooked up DGX pulls backwards dropping to a knee drawing in Liam for a gut buster! DGX reels them back to standing and steps behind Liam and shoves forward again going to a knee as he jars Liam’s spine with a backbreaker! DGX reels them back up one more time and adjusts his arms from a urnage to a kind of side waistlock and popping his hips lifts and spins Liam out before dropping him on his back with a swinging sidewalk slam ALA Ray “Big Bossman” Traylor! DGX hooks up the cover tightly!

Sanction: High impact sequence, this should do it right here!

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

Sanction: This should do it...

NO!!! Liam spasms up kicking out at two and INCHES!!! DGX gets up from the pinfall and has a minor tantrum as he bangs in frustration on the canvas before he gets up and bellows at Tickles for the speed of his count!

Sanction: NO IT’S NOT OVER!!!!! My God!!!!!

Scorpion: Where the hell is Liam getting this strength?!

Crowd: LIAM!!! LIAM!!! LIAM!!! LIAM!!! LIAM!!! LIAM!!! LIAM!!!

DGX looks towards Sean who offers the tag but a look comes across DGX’s face as he turns to Liam and begins to stalk him, hands on haunches as the crowd chants their hearts out for Liam but some boo because they know very well what DGX has in mind here! Liam gets up to his feet and wobbles around a moment before he turns out of instinct towards DGX and is scooped up as DGX goes for Centripetal Force! On the apron Sean puts one book on the middle buckle as it looks like the Prestige is going to be coming here but as Liam goes up he worms and wiggles free going over to a loud cheer as he rolls up DGX!!!!!!

Sanction: OH MY GOD THE ROLLUP!!!!

... 1 ...

Sanction: THE ROLLUP!!!!!

... 2 ...

Scorpion: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DGX powers up before three but the champion was just about shocked! Liam is thrown from the force of the kick out as DGX gets up angrily embarrassed at almost being caught as he turns a venomous gaze to Liam’s downed body DGX barks loudly for the audience to hear...

DGX: Stay....DOWN!!!!

DGX punctuates the “down” he bellowed with a hard kick to the back of Liam’s head! A slap is heard throughout the arena as leather sole meets skull in a not very favorable connection for skull. Liam looks to be rocked by the impact as DGX props himself up on the ropes the force of the kick he threw propelling him there!


Sanction: OH! God!!!

Scorpion: Liam almost shocked DGX there but he was just made to pay!

DGX looks over from the ropes to see the bloodied MadDog climbing back up onto the Loyalist corner and the champion quickly rushes over and nails a cheap shot again knocking the MadDog from the apron! The crowd boos loudly as Tickles gets on DGX’s case but DGX knows that the end of this match can be close and he just has to pull the trigger! He walks over to the barely moving Liam and instead of going for the pinfall DGX chooses to drag him towards a neutral corner before DGX exits the ring to the apron! He goes up as the crowd boos loudly knowing what he’s trying to set up...

Scorpion: DGX going up top thinking Aerial Elbow and if he hits that I think it’s safe to say we’ll hear a tune up from the “band”! Ho Ho...Whoa! What is Sarah going up on the apron here?!

Liam’s lady love has hopped up on the apron and begins to flirt with the champion causing DGX’s focus to be taken for a moment. She talks all gentle and slow like, gesturing to her body which is kind of swaying...it’s almost hypnotic. DGX shakes of this after a few moments and tells her to get out of there! Tickles also despite enjoying the show decides enough of that and tells Sarah to get down. Unfortunately this just results in her dancing to the delight of the male fans who wolf whistle and cat call her.

Sanction: Oh my, Sarah really laying it on here...doing everything she can to buy her man time! But I don’t know if there’s enough time in the world for him to recover from what he’s absorbed here!

DGX finally turns from the gyrating vixen and takes to the skies looking to nail his Aerial Elbow but Sarah’s distraction pays off as Liam is able to avoid the contact! DGX is down, Liam is down, and the crowd senses it as fired up and ready to go on the apron is a practically salivating MadDog!! He paces around and looks to the crowd before he grabs that tag rope and with a great bellow demands the tag to the delight of Los Angeles!

Sanction: Turning point in this match here, if Liam gets that tag to MadDog this is a whole new ballgame!!!

Scorpion: No fair! That trashy little tramp distracted DGX!!!!

DGX rolls to the side holding his elbow before he sees out of the corner of his eye Liam inching his way towards a very fired up and eager MadDog! DGX knows it would not be a good thing at all for Rated X if MadDog gets this hot tag and scrambles to intervene! He gets there before the tag and grabs the leg but Liam is close....SOOOOO close!!! He hops up and down on his bad right knee a moment before he lunges and gets the take to a building shaking POP!!!!!! DGX tries to pull Liam away but it’s too late and to make matters worse Liam tucks and rolls shooting DGX right into the freight train that is the MadDog!!!!!!!


Scorpion: Agh! I can't watch.

Upon the tag, MadDog barrels through the ropes full of piss and vinegar. The close proximity of DGX puts the two men immediately face to face, prompting the always-devious DGX to raise his hands up to MadDog and begin pleading for mercy, but the look on Lucifer McMahon's eyes indicates that he's having none of DGX's tricks and begins to stalk him down. On his heels and needing to make a move, DGX fires off a desperate cheap shot toward the face of his opponent but The MadDog gets his left arm up in time to block the right hand and, with his adversary in range, blasts DGX with a powerful right hand of his own sending the XWA World Champion falling back toward the canvas!


Sanction: Maybe if you're talking about the one DGX tried to land.

Scorpion: Of course not! MadDog's a cheater, Sanction, no more than a no-good cheater! I bet he's got brass knucks under those gloves!

Almost immediately upon impact, DGX rolls to his side and gets his feet underneath him. But just as he stands up and turns to face McMahon, The MadDog cracks him again with a right hand sending him once again falling to his back. This time, even quicker than before, DGX pops back up, a look of anger in his eyes, and turns toward The MadDog to wage an attack but, once again, he's dropped with a right hand and once again he's sent back down to the canvas.

Sanction: The MadDog is laying in a beating here much to the approval of the capacity crowd in attendance here tonight!

Scorpion: These people are sycophants, Mark! How could they enjoy seeing this monster cheat over and over again to get one over on their champion?! Where's the humanity?!

As DGX turns over and begins getting to his feet again, MadDog moves in, grabbing ahold of his wrist and charging him back toward the ropes. As they make contact, MadDog springs him off with an irish whip and, as DGX rebounds off the opposite side, ducks down between the Rated X Icon's legs and tosses him up in the air with a back body drop, the elevation sending DGX high in the air and back down to the canvas! Immediately, The MadDog pounces down on DGX and hooks the leg for a cover.

Sanction: Could he get it here?!

... 1 ...

Scorpion: Not like this!

... 2 ...

Sensing the potential fall, Sean rushes through the ropes and dives down with a double axe handle, breaking the pin much to the chagrin of the fans in attendance. He springs back to his feet and quickly goes to work landing stops on The MadDog but to seemingly no avail as Lucifer starts getting back to his feet. Sean drops levels, dropping his shoulder into the waist of The MadDog and while unable to get him off his feet, Sean double-legs MadDog backward toward the ropes. Sean creates some distance face and fires off a hard elbow right to the mush, then grabs ahold of The MadDog's wrist for an irish whip. He springs the big man off but MadDog's size and will are too much and, using the momentum, counters Sean with an irish whip of his own sending him off to the ropes.

Sanction: MadDog with the reversal!

As Sean rebounds off the ropes, MadDog grabs ahold of The Constant with both hands around his throat. Sean struggles to break free but to no avail as The MadDog lifts him up in the air then slams him back-first down to the canvas. With Sean down for the moment, Lucifer turns his attention back to DGX who is just getting back to his feet. The MadDog sees his opening and holds his arm out, seemingly preparing for a Choke Collar Slam.

Sanction: The MadDog's looking to seal the deal now!

Scorpion: No! Not like this! I can't watch!

After a tense few moments, DGX finally gets to his feet and turns around right into position for a Choke Collar Slam! The MadDog grabs a handful of DGX's trunks with his free hand, preparing to hoist him up, but DGX's instincts prove to be sharp as he blasts MadDog with a couple of quick elbows, freeing himself of Lucifer's grip. Sensing his opportunity, DGX leaps backward toward the ropes and springs off. He leaps up in the air for a flying forearm smash, but just in the knick of time The MadDog gets a boot in the air and blasts DGX in the face out of mid-air, sending him spinning and falling back down to the canvas and bringing the fans out of their seats.

Scorpion: No!!!

Sanction: What a counter! For all the trash talk Alex Sean and DGX levied against Danger Liam about his supposed stupidity, clearly choosing a partner who knows DGX better than almost anyone has paid it's dividends here tonight!

With both Alex Sean and DGX still down on the canvas, The MadDog is given a few, brief moments to formulate his next move. He looks down at Sean, just starting to turn to his belly and work his way back up, and to DGX, who has intelligently rolled his way over to the ropes. Then, with a look to the thousands of fans in attendance, covered in the proverbial crimson mask, The MadDog lets out a howl that can be heard throughout the entire building and raises his hand up, signalling once again for the Choke Collar Slam!

Scorpion: How many times does he have to miss this move before he stops trying!? Really!?

Sanction: Say what you will but I think he's ready to polish these two off once and for all!

Sean and DGX manage to make it back to their feet at almost the same time, however both men are clearly still groggy. They stumble toward The MadDog which gives Lucifer just the opening he was looking for as he snatches ahold of both men by the throat for what appears to be a double Choke Collar Slam!

Sanction: No way! He couldn't possibly get them both! This is amazing!


Just as things seem to be over for Rated X, the two men get their bearings just in time and with seemingly the same thought in their mind, connect with mirror kicks to the mid-section to The MadDog causing him to release his grip from around their throats. The veteran team immediately capitalizes, each grabbing the closest wrist of their opponent and both charging him back toward the ropes. Using their combined strength, Alex Sean and DGX spring The MadDog off the ropes with a dual irish whip.

Scorpion: Aha! Yes! The MadDog's finished here! I can sense it!

As The MadDog rebounds, Rated X look to bring him down with a double clothesline, but their opponent surprisingly ducks the maneuver. Sean and DGX turn around just as MadDog rebounds off the ropes and leaps up in the air sending both men hard to the canvas with a leaping shoulder block bring about an enormous ovation from the audience!

Scorpion: NOOO!!!

Sanction: What veteran instincts from The MadDog! Even when Rated X manage to turn things around, he just seems to have their number.

The MadDog gets back to his feet while Alex Sean rolls back toward his team's corner, nursing his damaged shoulder and DGX, seemingly worse for wear, rolls away from The MadDog but toward his corner. MadDog gives a look to DGX, but upon doing so notices Danger Liam who, for better or worse, has willed his way back to his feet and is holding his hand out for a tag. As the teammates make eye contact, Danger Liam nods his head uproariously and shouts to MadDog, trying to convince him to tag him in. Lucifer looks around, first to Sean in one corner, then DGX in the other, and cracks a bit of a smirk then nods his head, the capacity crowd perhaps sensing what he's planning next.

Sanction: I wonder if it might not be too soon to bring Liam back in this match after all the damage he's sustained.

Scorpion: Oh nahh. I'm sure he's fine. Please, MadDog, bring him in!

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Re: A Night of Appreciation...: Sean & DGX vs. Liam & ???

Postby AlexSean » Mon Feb 28, 2011 3:12 am

And that he does, quickly rushing toward his corner and making the tag to Cubes. The two men huddle quickly, MadDog perhaps letting Liam know what he has in mind which brings about a similar smark to MadDog's from a few moment ago. With their plan set, MadDog rushes to the opposite corner where Alex Sean lay recovering as fast as he can while Danger Liam begins to ascend to the top rope. Clearly favoring his right knee, Liam uses every ounce of strength left in his body to pull himself up and manages to do so just as MadDog reaches the opposite corner and steps through the ropes. Liam carefully gets his footing on the top rope, putting most of his weight on his left knee. Meanwhile, The MadDog quickly ascends showcasing his impressive agility for a man of his size. Finally, as both men are positioned on the top rope, they give a look to one another, and leap off toward their opponents, MadDog with his patented Bone Drop and Liam with a Rubik's 360!

Sanction: In a million years I never thought I'd see Danger Liam and MadDog flying off the top ropes in unison! This is a moment I'll never forget, Michaels!

Scorpion: This can't be happening!

Likely out of the significant damage done to his right leg, Liam's attempt at a Rubik's 360 is stifled and he is only able to complete a traditional Shooting Star Press but, regardless, both men land on their opponents in an amazing high-flying display! Upon impact, however, Liam lands hard, his right knee driving forcefully into the canvas, and he instinctively pushes off of DGX and holds his damaged knee in what can be assumed as near-unimaginable pain.

Sanction: They pulled it off! They got it! Liam's gotta capitalize!

Scorpion: This is what I've been talkin' about though, Sanction! Look at Liam! Alex Sean and DGX have put that leg through the buzzsaw and now, even when he pulls out the biggest move of the match, he is unable to seal the deal!

Seeing the opportunity slipping through their fingers, The MadDog gets to his feet and rushes over to Liam, grabbing ahold of his head and shoulders and pulling him over DGX for a cover!


... 1 ...

Sanction: Say what you want but the ref's making the count! They might have it!

... 2 ...

Scorpion: Nooo!!!

Just at the very last second as the referee's hand is within centimeters from hitting the canvas, DGX proves why he's where he is and just barely manages to pop his shoulder up off the canvas to break the fall!

Scorpion: JUSTICE!

Sanction: My god that was close! If only Liam was able to capitalize sooner we would have for sure seen a finish right there!

With DGX incapacitated on the canvas and Sean out of the picture for the time being, it buys MadDog and Danger Liam some time to formulate their next move. MadDog looks down at Liam who, despite still having the will to compete, looks to be unable to make it to his feet. Lucifer grabs ahold of his partner and hoists him up from around his waist, then props him up in the corner, where Liam then uses the ropes to support himself.

Scorpion: Ahaha, and see now here is the bigger picture. They might have gotten in some big moves, but that knee is finished, Sanction, done. This is basically a handicap match now.

Sanction: I hate to admit it but you may be right, especially after that shooting star press.

DGX begins to turn over, recovering slightly from the damage he's received. With the opening for their next offensive attack getting smaller by the second, The MadDog is forced to act quickly and turns to DGX. He picks up the Rated X Icon and irish whips him toward his team's corner, Alex Sean still absent as he appears to be recovering on the floor. With DGX resting against the turnbuckles, MadDog exits to the apron and tags Liam on the chest, making himself the legal man once again. From there, The MadDog reenters the ring, turns to Liam, and grabs ahold of him. Then, in one, swift motion, hoists Danger Liam up on a Gorilla Press.

Sanction: What in the world could he possibly have in mind here?

In a feat of extraordinary strength, The MadDog, still holding Liam above his head, charges toward DGX's corner and, with just a few feet left before collision, tosses Liam forward, first throwing his legs then his upper torso allowing Liam to land what can only be described as a Javelin Throw Possimpible smashing into DGX with immense force causing him to gasp in pain and sending the fans into a frenzy!


The MadDog quickly follows up, grabbing Liam from off the ropes and placing him back down on the canvas, then bashing DGX in the head with a couple of forearm shots. With DGX once again left recovering, MadDog turns to Liam and hoists him up to his feet. The two exchange words, MadDog checking to see if Liam can support himself, and through sheer tenacity, Liam nods. MadDog lets go of Liam and, somehow, Liam manages to stay upright with his entire body weight based on his left knee.

Sanction: Can you believe what heart, what tenacity Danger Liam has shown here tonight!? Really for both men, even with the outside interference, both men bleeding, they've not only managed to stay in this thing but they've got the advantage!

Scorpion: If you can live with their trickery and deception, Sanction, that's fine, but to me they're nothing but a couple of no-good cheaters!

Capitalizing quickly, The MadDog grabs ahold of DGX and charges him backward toward the ropes. He waits a few moments as Liam limps over to join him, and once both men are in position, they send DGX off with a double irish whip. They turn to face him just as he's about to rebound off the opposite ropes, but Carmen springs into action, grabbing DGX by the ankle stopping his momentum then slides him out of the ring to safety.

Sanction: Oh for the love of god! Can't these men just have a fair fight for once!?

Scorpion: I don't see anything wrong with that... Nope, not at all.

DGX turns to Carmen with a surprised look on his face, almost instinctively firing off a right hand to her, but upon getting his bearings, stops himself. Clearly agitated, The MadDog begins to move in toward DGX but this proves to be a mistake as, with both Liam and MadDog focused on DGX, Alex Sean slides in the ring from behind them, grabs ahold of Danger Liam, rushes him right toward the ropes and tosses him over to the floor below. While MadDog is unable to react quickly enough to save his partner, he rushes toward Sean who just manages to turn around into a clothesline sending him over the ropes as well.

Sanction: Well they managed to get one-over on them for a moment, but MadDog is clearly on his game tonight!

With MadDog focused on Alex Sean, DGX sees his opening and slides in the ring underneath the bottom rope. He charges in toward Lucifer but The MadDog sees him out of the corner of his eye and, just as DGX looks to connect, he's caught off guard with a right hand from his opponent. DGX stumbles back, but catches his bearings quickly and counters with a right hand of his own, but the shot doesn't even cause the big man to stumble.

Sanction: Uh oh, DGX may have bitten off a little more than he can chew here.

A look of shock and fear comes over DGX's face, and out of desperation he starts firing off shots to MadDog in a frenzy, none phasing him whatsoever. The MadDog seems to eat it up, carefully stalking down DGX until finally he blocks an oncoming right hand from the Rated X Icon. The MadDog rears back, looking to make his next move count, but this gives DGX just the opening he needs as he shoots his left thumb forcefully into the MadDog's eye socket, bringing the big man to one knee.

Scorpion: Ahaha! Yes! When in fail, always go for the eyes!

Sanction: How can you seriously support this!? Can you be that delusional!?

Scorpion: You, my friend, are the delusional one, because for all your crying about what DGX does, at the end of the day, it works, and that's why he's the champion.

DGX backs up a few steps, bracing himself for his next move, and just as The MadDog makes it back to his feet, DGX rushes toward him, turns the corner, grabs him by his head, and using his entire body weight, drags The MadDog down to the canvas with a zig-zag. With MadDog laying on the canvas holding his head in pain, DGX springs back to his feet and, sensing the end is near, nonchalantly saunters over to his team's corner and begins, as they say, tuning up the band.

Sanction: DGX looks to be setting up for The Breakdown on The MadDog. This could be it.

Scorpion: It will be it, Mark. The MadDog and Danger Liam put up a better fight than I'm sure anyone expected, but at the end of the day, you can't change the fact that DGX is the World Champion, and soon enough, DGX and Alex Sean will be the XWA Tag Team Champions!

DGX stomps on the canvas, preparing to put The MadDog away who has just begun to make it back to his feet. Finally, after several moments, The MadDog stands, and DGX is off from the corner. Somehow, as DGX is about to connect with his finishing maneuver, The MadDog ducks and steps off to the side, avoiding the move. DGX turns around to face his opponent and, once again, The MadDog snatches ahold of DGX by the throat, but this time, he succeeds in lifting the World Champion off the canvas and slamming him down with a Choke Collar Slam! The MadDog immediately capitalizes, pouncing ontop of DGX for the pin!

Sanction: I can't believe it! He got him with the Choke Collar Slam! This match is finished!

... 1 ...

Scorpion: No! Not like this!

... 2 ...

Sanction: It's over!

No! Just at the last second, to the degree where the fans in attendance count three in unison, DGX pops his shoulder up and breaks the pin! The MadDog looks up at the official in disbelief, but the referee confirms the kick-out.

Scorpion: Whew! I almost had a heart-attack there!

Sanction: I can't believe it! DGX may be a lying, cheating, no-good human being but I'll give him one thing; He won't go down without a fight.

As MadDog tries to figure out his next move, Danger Liam finds his way back to his team's corner and, much like before, holds his hand out for a tag looking to seal the deal. Lucifer looks toward him and, seeing the chance to finally put DGX and Alex Sean away, moves toward his partner, whispers a few instructions, then tags him in. With Liam now the legal man, MadDog turns his attention toward DGX and, perhaps mockingly, begins tuning up the band himself, setting up for the Heel Bone.

Sanction: Aha! A little taste of his own medicine!

Scorpion: This is deplorable! How dare he mock the greatest!

With The MadDog gearing up for a Heel Bone, Danger Liam begins slowly ascending to the top turnbuckle.

Sanction: It looks like they're going to try to pull off one more tag-team combination move to put DGX away.

DGX finally is able to make it to his feet, still seemingly groggy from the damage he's sustained throughout the match. As The Rated X Icon turns around to face his opponent, The MadDog rushes out for the Heel Bone. Meanwhile, however, Alex Sean makes his presence felt as he leaps up on the apron and shoves Danger Liam off the top rope and hard to the floor below. The official turns his attention to Sean just as MadDog is about to connect with the Heel Bone but DGX quickly reacts at the last second, dropping down to one knee and as MadDog's leg passes over his head, DGX hits a right hand directly to MadDog's genitals, immediately bring the big man down to his knees.

Scorpion: Aha! Genius! These men are geniuses!

With MadDog fallen on his knees, his... Region, writhing in pain, DGX flips his hair out of his face and stands before his opponent. He looks down in the eyes of The MadDog, and, loud enough for it to ring out throughout the building, gives MadDog a quick verbal message.

DGX: This is how it's done, old man.

And with that, DGX backs up a few steps, then launches forward with blasts the kneeling MadDog with a powerful Breakdown sending him unconscious to the canvas!

Scorpion: Yes! MadDog is finished, Sanction.

Sanction: Be that as it may, he's not the legal man.

Scorpion: Maybe not but Liam ain't looking a whole hell of a lot better right now.

Which is pretty much true, as Liam holds his right knee on the floor surrounding the ring. Alex Sean moves in toward Liam as DGX begins shoving The MadDog's limp body out of the ring. With MadDog on the floor and out of the way, Alex Sean lifts Danger Liam off the canvas and slides him in, following shortly thereafter.

Scorpion: It's finished, Sanction! They're gonna finally put this little punk in his place!

Sean reaches his feet and confers with DGX momentarily, the two formulating their next move. With a collective nod, DGX moves in toward Liam and lifts him off the canvas with a front face-lock, then brings his arm over his head in a vertical suplex position. He grabs ahold of Liam's tights and hoists him up in the air, dropping his shins on Sean's shoulders.

Sanction: They look to be setting Liam up for the Turn of the Century. I hate to say it but things aren't looking good for Danger Liam right now.

Just as Rated X seem to be putting it all together, Liam proves that he's still got some fight in him as he struggles to free his left leg from Sean's grip. He succeeds and immediately lifts his leg up and back down landing a sharp kick to Sean's damaged left shoulder. Then, with Sean momentarily stunned, he brings his knee inward and shoots the bottom of his foot right into the face of Alex Sean, causing him to both release his grip and fall backward through the ropes and onto the apron. As Liam's legs fall downward to the canvas, DGX is unable to respond quick enough to release his grip which, the ever-cunning Danger Liam uses to his advantage, bringing his left leg between DGX's and rolling him up with an inside cradle!


... 1 ...

Scorpion: KICK OUT!

... 2 ...


DGX kicks and struggles to break free and just at the last second, is successful, freeing himself from the cradle and the two men go off in opposite directions upon the break. DGX immediately pops up to his feet, a look of fury in his eyes and he charges toward Danger Liam. The Rated X Icon grabs Liam by his head and lifts him off the canvas but Liam's cunning once again gets the better as he performs a text-book go behind and locks DGX up in position for a German Suplex.

Scorpion: No!

Sanction: Liam's setting up for the snap German Suplex!

Liam struggles to get DGX off the canvas, but it's evident that the damage has been done to his right knee, and no matter how hard he tries, he just can't manage to lift him up and complete the move. With Liam's attempt failed, DGX performs a go-behind of his own and, just as he ends up behind Liam, drops down and collides with a brutal chop-block to Liam's right knee, eliciting a sharp groan of pain from Cubes. DGX quickly follows up, grabbing Liam by his waist and tossing him backward right onto his neck with a high-angle German Suplex!

Sanction: Good god! That was sickening!

Scorpion: The referee might wanna step in, Liam might be dead! Ahaha!

Sanction: Will you stop!

Upon impact, the damage done is clear as Liam falls over and turtles up holding his neck. DGX rises to his feet and looks down at Liam with a devious smile on his face, a feeling of victory being within his grasp overcoming him. As the Rated X Icon moves in toward his fallen adversary, however, from the team's corner, Alex Sean yells out to DGX and holds his hand out for the tag. DGX takes a moment to consider whether he'd rather seal the deal himself, but as he looks toward Sean and notices the wide-eyed, frenzied gaze he casts, opts to oblige. DGX moves over toward the corner and tags Sean in, who quickly rushes through the ropes and into the ring.

Sanction: These two men are giving Liam and awful lot of time to recover here.

Scorpion: Do you really think it matters? They've beaten him half to death, all this kid's running on at this point is pure will power and at the end of the day, no matter what he wants to do, it ain't gonna be enough to prolong the inevitable.

Alex Sean moves in toward Danger Liam who has managed to turn over to his hands and knees. He seems intent to will himself back to his feet, but with the damage to his right leg and the blood loss, he just can't seem to make it happen. The Constant closes the distance, getting in front of the kneeling Danger Liam, and after looking down at his bloody foe for a few moments, grabs ahold of him by his hair, drops down to one knee, and holds Liam's face close to his.

Alex Sean: I told you, boy. I told you what was gonna happen holmie. You wanna disrespect me now, huh!? Where's Danger Liam at now, huh!?

The anger overcoming him, Sean cracks Liam with an open-hand slap to the face, still maintaing his grip on his hair.

Alex Sean: Whatchu got to say for yourself now huh bitch!? You gonna just quit on me right here!?

In the midst of Sean's verbal tirade, Liam, though physically beaten and exhausted, has enough will to lock eyes with The Constant and, defiantly, spits in his face bringing about a huge pop from the audience!

Scorpion: Yeah he's probably going to regret doing that...

Sean immediately turns away, a look that seems to be a combination of shock and disgust coming over his face. With his free hand, Sean wipes the spit from his face then looks down at it's remnants on his own hand. Slowly, the look on his face transforms to one of malice, and with his grip still tight around Liam's hair, rears his own head back and brings it forward powerfully cracking Liam's skull with the sickening thud of a headbutt, connecting right at the open wound on his face. Sean lets go of his foe's hair and grabs ahold of his head by his ears, then proceeds to bite into his forehead at the source of the cut, turning his head rapidly to tear at the flesh.


Scorpion: I'm a fan but that's pretty messed up, to be honest.

The official rushes in to separate Sean, first trying to pry him off, the beginning to administer a count. A look of concern comes over DGX's eyes, worried that his partner may get them both disqualified, but Sean opts to release Liam on four, shoving him face first down to the canvas and standing to his feet. He cocks his head to the side and, quite revoltingly, spits out the small chunk of bloody flesh he took with him on the break, then turns back toward Liam and pounces on top of him in a sprawl position.

Sanction: My god that was disgusting. He's lost his damn mind here!

Sean looks to seal the deal, sliding his left arm with a slight wince of pain underneath Liam's face setting up for the Anaconda Choke. Strangely, however, he opts not to place his arm underneath Liam's chin for the choke but rather over top and, after digging in deep enough to grab the bicep on his other arm, clamps down on a modified version of his patented Quoth The Ravens.


Sanction: Sean locks in the Quoth the Ravens but I gotta wonder why he's decided not to go for the choke.

Scorpion: It's obvious, Mark. Alex Sean said he was going to make Liam quit. Not that he was going to choke him unconscious, but he wants him to submit, to give up. The way he's got that locked in, believe me, is far more painful than the choke and really, that's sort of the point.

With the hold locked on tight, Liam struggles to break free. First he grabs ahold of Sean's arm with his free hand trying to pull it off, but he just doesn't have enough strength to do it. He slides his knees beneath him and attempts to stand to his feet, but Sean quickly starts rag-dolling him side-to-side and, with his right knee having sustained so much damage, his base gives out on him. As Sean squeezes down on Liam's head, the pressure causes blood to leak profusely, creating a small puddle beneath them and covering Sean's left arm and chest in crimson. The official moves in, asking Liam if he submits, but even with all the damage he's sustained, he refuses, Sean's eyes growing wider with anger upon every refusal. Finally, he can take no more, and begins screaming, shouting at a visceral tone toward his opponent, demanding for him to quit.


Still, Liam remains steadfast, refusing to give up. He starts firing off desperation punches with his free right arm to Sean's damaged left shoulder, each bringing about a wince of pain from Sean. Then, in what can only be described as a last-ditch effort, taking advantage of Sean's forearm being positioned over his chin and mouth, Liam bites down hard on Sean's forearm, causing him to growl in pain and, seemingly more out of frustration, release his own hold!


Sanction: Liam seems to be taking a page out Sean's playbook there, Scorpion. And you know what they say, turnabout's fair play.

Upon releasing the hold, Sean pops up to his feet with blood covering his left forearm and chest and a crazed look in his eyes and, after taking a second to breathe though still shaking with anger, He pounces back down on Liam and turns, moving in to back side control.


With this dominant position, Sean uses his hands as a base on Liam's back and proceeds to begin firing off a series of devastating knees to the ribs and back of his opponent.


Sanction: This is getting hard to watch! I give Liam all the credit in the world but the referee might wanna think about stopping this!

Sean continues the assault, blasting Liam with knees to the body. He separates for a moment, then brings down a thunderous knee directly to Liam's kidney area and Liam coughs up a considerable amount of blood, but this only incites Sean further as he once again begins screaming mercilessly for him to quit.


The attack continues, however Sean begins mixing it up, throwing in an occasional knee to the side of Liam's skull. From the ringside area, The MadDog makes it back to his feet, but as he goes to slide in and make the save, Bullseye catches him by the ankle and slides him out of the ring, making sure to keep ahold of his leg. With no hope of help coming in sight, after suffering through as much as any man could possibly take, finally, Liam concedes, nodding his head in a verbal submission and the official turns to call for the bell.

Sanction: Mercifully, this match is over.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Scorpion: Yes! Yes! They did it! Rated X! Whoo!

The match is over but Alex Sean either is unaware or doesn't care, as he continues assaulting Liam with knees. The official turns and sees this then rushes in. He grabs ahold of Sean and pulls him off of Danger Liam, but Sean shoves him off and goes back to work on Liam, battering him with even more knees to the body and head.


Likely less out of concern for Liam's safety and more out of concern for a potential decision reversal, DGX rushes in the ring and grabs ahold of Sean. He pulls his partner off of Danger Liam which incites Sean even further as he turns around and shoves his partner back. Before Sean can turn to continue the assault, however, DGX grabs his arm and starts doing his best to talk Sean down. Finally, it seems as if DGX manages to bring him back, and Sean exhales deep, slowly beginning to calm himself.

Sanction: I can't believe what we've just witnessed. We all knew that DGX was going to bring his a-game here tonight but there were certainly a lot of questions surrounding Alex Sean. But this side of him we've just seen... I really don't know what to say.

Scorpion: I'll tell you one thing; Whoever ends up standing across that ring from Alex Sean after tonight is sure as hell going to want to watch what he says.

With the situation in the ring calmed down and the match over, Bullseye and MadDog untangle and The MadDog rushes in the ring to check on his fallen partner. The official grabs the XWA Tag Team Championships from an attendant at ringside and hands them to Alex Sean and DGX.

Ramierez: Here are your winners and...

As Hana Ramierez attempts to make the call, Bullseye runs over and snatches the microphone out of her hand.


And with that, the new XWA Tag Team Champions raise their titles high above their head, Carmen and Bullseye entering the ring to join them. Several officials as well as The MadDog help Liam out of the ring and as they begin to make their way from the ringside area, Satine X and Dan Bennett make their way down the ramp, the Jack Daniels King of All Men Championship and XWA Hardcore Championship draped over their respective shoulders. They slide under the bottom rope to join their comrades, a collection of daps and handshakes commencing.

Sanction: Well, with the exception of course of Hutton Brown's apparent departure from the group, it seems as if Rated X have succeeded in their goal for the evening.

Scorpion: You better believe it, Mark. Think about it; These men have the XWA Hardcore Championship, the XWA World Championship, Satine X's Jack Daniel King of All Men Championship, and now the XWA Tag Team Championship. Not only that, but they've got the booking control and if you can't put that all together, let me make it clear; They have all the power in the XWA!

After a collective huddle, the group begins to separate, Sean, Bennett, Satine X, and DGX each to a corner while Carmen stands in the center and Bullseye moves about the ring hyping up the group to the crowd. In unison, Satine X raises his Jack Daniels King of All Men Championship, Dan Bennett his XWA Hardcore Championship, Alex Sean his XWA Tag Team Championship, and DGX his XWA Tag Team and World Champonships all high above their heads and we begin to fade to black as XWA A Night of Appreciation for Mr. West comes to a close.

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Re: A Night of Appreciation...: Sean & DGX vs. Liam & ???

Postby Dan » Mon Feb 28, 2011 11:53 am

Amazing work guys.

Liam/MadDog: Match was pretty good, I liked how MAdDog looked strong for his comeback. Having said that, the ending was kind of Anticlimactic. I think a different route, maybe a run in or something, would make Rated X look a bit stronger.

Alex/DGX: Holy shit. Do you guys just write 24/7? Three posts full of riveting action. MadDog looked strong, Liam looks tough, and Alex looked like Michael Douglas from Falling Down.

Vote: Rated X. Good match, y'all.
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Re: A Night of Appreciation...: Sean & DGX vs. Liam & ???

Postby DarkSabre » Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:07 pm

Liam/Maddog: You’re match was decent with a few major issues that drug it down.

First and foremost, MadDog’s entrance. For a man who was banished from the XWA forever (or so we thought), his entrance was a little bland. Sure, the timer was a nice touch, but more could have been done with that to hype his upcoming return to the ring (whether you knew when it would be or not). Regardless of that point however, his physical entrance was rather bland and it honestly didn’t seem like that much of a big deal.

My second issue lies clearly with how you essentially buried Rated X at the end of the match. For grizzled world renowned veterans such as Alex Sean and DGX are, I really can’t foresee your ending happening. I highly doubt Alex Sean is going to be slamming his hands off the mat like a child and screaming for mercy at the top of his lungs while DGX just incidentally passes out to a submission hold at the same time. To top that off, where would the rest of Rated X be, or The Legion for that matter due to their truce and their combined hatred for The Loyalists? Just curious.

Not a bad match at all, but glaring flaws left you to fall victim to a monstrosity of a MoD.

Alex/D: Fuck you, both of you. Next time you write a match this long, I’m not even reading it. I mean seriously, I don’t even know why I bothered to read all 20,000 words of that match that I already knew were going to be astounding and completely amazing.

Ahem, good work you two.

Vote: Rated X
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Re: A Night of Appreciation...: Sean & DGX vs. Liam & ???

Postby Dan » Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:17 pm

DarkSabre wrote:Alex/D: Fuck you, both of you. Next time you write a match this long, I’m not even reading it. I mean seriously, I don’t even know why I bothered to read all 20,000 words of that match that I already knew were going to be astounding and completely amazing.

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Re: A Night of Appreciation...: Sean & DGX vs. Liam & ???

Postby Angelus » Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:34 pm

XWA peeps. I liked the majority of the match I just wasn't feeling the ending. I don't see Alex quitting. He's been a submission/striker MMA type guy for a while and just don't see him quitting like that. As I said though, the majority of it was excellent.

R-X. Motherfucker punch'ed out Gozilla yo. Just the image of Matthew Fox rapping down the ramp way if enough to win it for me (I kid I kid), epic entrance though. Epic match as well the action was great with the pacing and you made an effort to make everyone look strong. Liam came across as a beast. I loved the ending with Alex... and well, I have an idea of what's coming next and something very good should be happening.

Vote: R-X.
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Re: A Night of Appreciation...: Sean & DGX vs. Liam & ???

Postby Rob » Tue Mar 01, 2011 2:18 am

WHAT THE HELL? Who has the time to do this?? You guys must be like speedy gonzalis at typing.

Both matches where great but i felt Rated X ended their match better than the loyalists (And i got some screen time :splayful: ) But seriously great to see Mad Dog back either way.

Vote: Rated X

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