NOA: The Younger Demon

Matches that occurred on our A Night of Appreciation for Mr. West Pay Per View!
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NOA: The Younger Demon

Postby Trace » Tue Feb 22, 2011 4:05 pm

The screen lights up and opens up on an office. Sitting behind a desk is a young man in an oversized suit. A blonde streak runs through his black hair. He has his feet propped up on a desk in front of him. The scene is reminiscent of a video that Trace Demon sent in to the WFWF website a week earlier. Sitting atop the desk is an attractive girl, smiling at the camera. The pair share a look that make’s their mutual attraction obvious.

Axel Demon: Hey, glad you guys could join us. I’m just sat here, chilling out in a random office because that’s what people do now, right?

Jasmine Dubois: Not really.

Axel Demon: What, are you serious? I’m sure I just watched a video on the WFWF website of some guy doing exactly this. I guess that guy must be feeling pretty stupid right about now, ain’t that right XWA fans? I guess I don’t need to wear this ridiculous suit anymore.

The man stands up and tears away the suit in a single motion. Underneath is a simple T-shirt and jeans.

Axel Demon: Now that is a lot more comfortable.

Jasmine Dubois: Looks a lot better than that suit as well.

The man nods before turning back to the camera with a smile on his face.

Axel Demon: The name’s Axel Demon and before you ask, yes, I am the younger brother of Trace Demon. My lovely girlfriend here is Jasmine Dubois. I know what you’re thinking and yes, I am way out of her league but let’s get over that, I have.

Jasmine shoots Axel a look and he grins, winking at her as he turns back to the camera.

Axel Demon: Now, don’t worry. Just because I share the same parents as Trace Demon, I’m nothing like my sociopath of a brother.

Jasmine Dubois: For one you can actually wrestle.

Axel Demon: Correct, but that’s not all. You see, unlike my brother, I actually enjoy entertaining all you guys. I actually enjoy earning my shots; I actually enjoy stepping in the ring and kicking some ass. Unlike my brother I don’t walk around looking like I’ve just been kicked in the balls and told my dog has died. Which is exactly why I’m coming to the XWA, cause with all the depressing stuff that’s going on with Rated X and Legion where else are you going to find somebody as fun as I am?

Jasmine Dubois: We’re coming to the XWA because there is nobody out there who can fly around a ring like Axel can, there’s nobody out there who will put their life on the line for all you fans like Axel will, and there’s nobody out there who can look as good as Axel can when he’s kicking some ass. We’re coming to the XWA because you deserve the best, and Axel is the best.

Axel Demon: Get ready for us XWA, get ready for me brother, things are about to get a whole lot more exciting around here.


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