NOA: We Could Be Legends...

Matches that occurred on our A Night of Appreciation for Mr. West Pay Per View!
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NOA: We Could Be Legends...

Postby DJS » Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:24 am

On the corridors of the backstage area, there's much activity taking place. People with clipboards running around fetching talent to let them know they're on, staff conversing, talent mainly just hanging around. Yup, it's all goin' on behind the closed doors of XWA Massacre. Amongst all the ruckus though sits a man, alone in the corner. Not on a chair or anything, literally just on the floor. We go closer in and we see it's Diamond Jack Sabbath, the leader and founder of the Legion. He looks up at the camera noticing our presence.

JACK: It's been a while hasn't it? It's been so long since I've been able to speak out about things from my perspective. Recent events have stopped me from doing it really but now I finally get to address a few things but the top of my you Hutton Brown.

Jack grins. He's had this saved up for a while now.

JACK: Hutton Brown. A former PRW and XWA World Heavyweight Champion. You've become pretty popular over the years. You've cemented your legend into the professional wrestling world forever with the work you've done. Let's turn the clocks back a year- Me, Ciaren Donegan, Hunter Nicholson and Chris Chaos storm into the XWA as a group calling ourselves "the Legion" and attack Matthew Werner. We trash anyone who stands in our way and besically do everything the Nexus did before they actually did it. We re-defined the hostile-takeover faction...then you come along. For the last year you've quite fancied yourself as the nemesis of the Legion. You say you're going to beat us and yet at every opportunity you get you lose. You lost to Ciaren at Legends, a possible title reign down the toilet for you there. You have constantly said you'd stop us and yet here we are still, fighting strong, as you said. It seems to me that no one else is to blame for that...but you.

Jack stands up and walks down the corridor. We follow him.

JACK: See the thing is, you've had so many chances to rid the XWA of us but failed every single time. Now there are two possible reasons for this as far as I can see...number one- you're a really really big liar or number two- you wanted this. You've waited just as patiently as I have to get to this moment. I could see it now; Legends Main Event- Hutton Brown vs. Diamond Jack Sabbath, billed as a match One Year In The Making. The Rated X Messiah vs. the Crown Jewel! The Blacklight vs. the Diamond's Wrath! It could be a dream come true. We could have the greatest match in XWA history, you and I.

He stops and gets right into the camera.

JACK: Now wait just a minute, don't get me wrong here. See- people have this misconception that I hate you. That I fear Hutton Brown but it's nothing like that. Honestly, I have all the respect in the world for you, Brown. You are really one of the best in the world. But that's why I constantly try to take you out. That's why I have treated you as a constant obstacle to my cause; you astound me. You have always been an interesting study for me- how can a man so incorruptable wander around in the untrustable, sneaky, slimy world that is professional wrestling and still maintain his image? This is a dream for me...providing of course you can get through my Legion members first but, I feel you are up to the challenge. Hypothetically it could be a match for the ages, but can you get there? We'll see. All I say is that today we are Superstars, mere mortals but soon...soon we could be Legends.

Jack walks out of shot as we fade to the next match.


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