New Guy on Deck?

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New Guy on Deck?

Postby shrixnani » Sat Feb 19, 2011 2:41 pm

The camera is backstage following a young 20-something man, who looks like he got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning. With his hair sticking out in all places and with his jacket dulled into being colored an unrecognizable shade of blue, you'd swear that he's some hobo that sneaked into the back for some food. But the camera continues to follow him down the hall. There might be more to this man than what meets the eye...

The man stops to light himself a cigarette. He looks up and sees the camera that's been following him all this time. Giving the camera the sourest sneer he can muster up, he pushes the cameraman down and walks off with his lit cigarette. As the cameraman scrambles to his feet, a Miss Sarah Michaels runs up to this man with a microphone and certainly way too much enthusiasm for this bum.

Michaels: Mister Atticus! Mister Atticus! Please wait!

The man apparently named Atticus ignores her and walks along the hall. Michaels isn't one to give up so easily and continues to follow him. The cameraman is keeping watch of all of this from a relatively safe distance, away from Atticus.

Michaels:Mister Atticus! There's something I nee-

Michaels is cut short not by any sudden outburst but rather Atticus stopped dead on his tracks. He leaned on the wall and blew out a puff of smoke.

Atticus: ...what?

Michaels: Oh, um, you are Atticus right? The new wrestler for the XWA?

Atticus sneers at her and blows a puff of smoke at her face and she's forced to cough. Strangely, the smoke faintly smelled of old cheese.

Atticus: Yeah, what of it?

Michaels: Well, I'm just wondering, how come you don't have a match tonight?

Atticus: Well missy, I don't have a match tonight 'coz I wasn't scheduled for one. I figured something like that would be painfully obvious, even to someone like you. But it seems that you've proven me wrong tonight. Now, if you'll excuse me, I was taking a lovely smoke before I was so rudely interrupted.

Michaels: But Mister Atticus, I...

Atticus: Just call me Atticus, missy. Now, if you don't have anything to say, let me have my smoke in peace. I mean, come on what's next? What's my favorite color? Am I a fan of ragtime jazz? Missy, don't you have something better to do tonight?

Michaels: But I never...

Atticus cuts her off and heads inside the nearby door, leading into the locker room. Michaels is left outside, speechless and shocked over the audacity of Atticus. Image then fades out...


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