Night of Appreciation: First revelation, then craziness

Matches that occurred on our A Night of Appreciation for Mr. West Pay Per View!
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Night of Appreciation: First revelation, then craziness

Postby Dysfunctional » Fri Feb 18, 2011 10:03 pm

*We join "The Demolitionist" Drake Dysfunction who is seated on a crate full of equipment and junk, but he's planted on the lid of this crate. It's the "Night of Appreciation for Mr. West" Pay-Per-View, and we still cannot believe what transpired at Massacre. The man now-formerly called Tempest is now Michael Hart; the XWA Referee, joining the likes of Jack J. Tickles, his son Tommy, and the bribe-taking Kirk Samson as the fearsome four of refereeing (was that too much?). How will this situation turn out for the man formerly known as "The Storm of the Century?" We don't know for sure, but something seems to be bothering Drake right now as we get a close look at his face. He looks absolutely furious right now. We look at a nearby tv screen he must've been watching as it shows footage of Hutton Brown punting Creed in the skull. Replay after replay is shown until Drake can't take it*

Drake Dysfunction: Turn it off! I can't watch anymore!

*An LSA member comes out of the shadows and does as instructed, though not the usual way of dong it. He takes a bat to the tv instead, smashing the screen in with all his power!*


*The thing that used to be a tv is now a heaping pile of scrap, much like the careers of those who suffer the punt kick from "The Rated X Superstar."*

Drake Dysfunction: How dare he? How dare he do that to him?!

*The clanking sound of a bat being dropped on the floor can be heard. This LSA member has dropped this weapon.*

LSA Member: What did you expect, Drake? The man said it last week! "I'm going to take out every member of the Legion one-by-one!" If you didn't think he was serious, take a look at where Vestal is right now!

*It's funny he says that because Vestal is actually in the building tonight, but neither Drake or this hockey mask-wearing individual know it yet.*

Drake Dysfunction: Yeah, I know, but that was different. That was right after he got hospitalized for getting cracked in the back of the head by his own shovel! His career was already in jeopardy! It's just that it's hard to believe that he did that to him, though! Him out of all people.....

*Drake hops off the crate and paces a few inches forward before turning his attention once more to the LSA Member.*

Drake Dysfunction: THAT'S MY BROTHER, goddammit!

*The fans watching this on the Xtremetron are looking on with astonishment and shock. Who the hell knew? Certainly not the members of the XWA locker room, whether they be the veterans or the new guys. This definitely IS a shocking mome--*

Jordan "Scorpion" Michaels: Oh my god! What a shocking moment THIS is Mark! This totally tops Tempest losing at Massacre this week!

*Cut me off again, Gerard, and I'll shine that son'bitch real nice, turn it sideways and f'n Drake Kick the crap out of you! Anyways, Drake turns towards the nosy cameraman filming the whole thing...and I do take "nosy" lightly because it's his job to get the scoop on the stuff happening in the XWA. He looks into the camera and addresses the LIVE crowd.*

Drake Dysfunction: That's right, City of Angels! Creed is, in fact, my older brother: Andrew Haynes! That makes ME Randy "Drake" Haynes! That sonuvabitch thinks that he can take out the Legion? Fine! Let him try! But when he takes out my FAMILY....that's the last straw!

LSA Member: Drake, calm dow--

*Drake turns towards the man in anger!*

Drake Dysfunction: Don't you tell me to fucking calm down! You have never been in the position I'm in and I don't expect you to talk me out of this. This shit is personal!

*Drake has pretty much lost it now as he picks up the bat that was previously used to beat the crap out of the tv off of the ground and starts swinging at the cameraman! The cameraman luckily dodges this attempted shot, saving himself and the camera he holds in his hands in the process.*

Cameraman: Ahh! Whoa man! Jeez! I'm just the cameraman! 'The fuck did I do?!

*However, Drake's not paying attention to what the cameraman is saying. He's too busy swinging at him!*

Cameraman: Whoa! Stop! 'The hell's wrong with you?! STOP!

*Then, to the cameraman's relief, Drake ceases from swinging. He calms down a little and then asks him a question that would make a moment like this seem awkward.*

Drake Dysfunction: What's...what's your name, good sir?

*Now, I know what you're thinking: Here's a guy who's trying to assault you with a black baseball bat only to have him stop and ask you for your name? What kind of nonsense is this? The man, however, answers the question.*

Cameraman: Uh....Chuck?

*Drake begins to grin, but not at his t-shirt.*

Drake Dysfunction: That's a...heh...that's a nice t-shirt you got on, Chuck! Now tell me: Who's that on the t-shirt?

*Chuck's thinking about what's bound to happen if he answers the question. Purposeful lying will only make it worse! Just doing that will hint at sarcasm, also making Drake think that the man holding the camera thinks of him as something close to a blundering idiot. So, he prefers to be honest.*

Chuck: Uh...*gulp*....Hu-Hu-Hutton Brown?

Drake Dysfunction: Right! Ding ding ding ding ding! Exactly right! Hutton Brown! Now, there can only be one reason why you'd where a shirt like that to a Pay-Per-View like this while, at the same time, filming me during my emotional time....

[color=grey]*Chuck has no idea where he's going with this. Drake pauses for a short second before asking him this...*

Drake Dysfunction: ....You like Hutton Brown, don't you, Chuck?

Chuck: Um...uh--

Drake Dysfunction: You don't have to answer that. Now tell me: Did you enjoy watching Hutton this past week on Massacre? Did you enjoy the way he PUNTED MY BROTHER IN THE SKULL?!?!?!

Chuck: Um...uh...NO! No, I most certainly did not!

*The guy's sweating like a pig now!*

Drake Dysfunction: You know? It's not nice to lie to people, Chuck! That's just the kind of thing that gets you in horrible situations. That's just the kind of thing that hurts other people and, in this case, it's just the kind of thing that hurts people like...YOU!

Chuck: No please. NO!


*The sound of a black baseball bat meeting with human skull can be heard as the camera drops to the floor causing the Xtremetron to suddenly go from the viewing of the backstage area to nothing but static as fans are left speechless.*


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