Matches that occurred on our A Night of Appreciation for Mr. West Pay Per View!
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“Scenes opening up to a busy night in the city of Detroit, MI as the camera pans around the city, the camera then zoom out to see two men standing on a walking bridge looking at the wonderful city nightlife.”

Robyn Golphin & Terrell Givens: Hey I’m “The Evolution”Robyn Golphin and I’m “The Instant Replay” Terrell Givens.

Together we are Detroit’s own OverDrive!

Robyn Golphin: It’s been almost a year since I have been in a wrestling ring and it’s been almost 4 years since that myself and this man haven’t step foot in a wrestling ring as tag team.

Terrell Givens: You see now it is 2011 and we are looking to our future we have held singles gold just about everywhere we have been and people have said that we are by fair pound for pound one of the greatest tag teams in professional wrestling today. Hands down.

Robyn Golphin: Now people have also been saying Robyn-Terrell what makes you two guys think you can hang with tag teams in the XWA? Well I can tell you this just because we look old don’t mean a damn thing we have been up and down the United States, all over the world. Doing what we do best, and that’s be the best in world today no matter if it’s single’s competition, tag team competition, with one another HELL! Even against one another because that has happen more times then we can both count.

Terrell Givens: The point that my dear friend here is trying to make is this on matter what you put in front of us we are going to what have to do and that’s overcome the odds and show the people that pay their hard earn money to watch some of the best Professional Tag Team Wrestling in the world today.

Robyn Golphin: It has been set for our XWA debut at “XWA’s A Night of Appreciation for Mr. West” it will be myself and Terrell going against the team of "The Immortal Anti-Christ" Chris Chaos and "The Chosen One" Lightning better known as "The Headcrushers”. Now boys come February 27th in Los Angeles, CA you best bring you “A” game cause the two men standing right here are coming with everything that we have.

Terrell Givens: We may seem like two guys that like to joke around and play games but when it comes to business in that ring we are dead serious, because you two are on our path, and that path leads to the XWA World Tag Team Titles.

Robyn Golphin: So with all that being said the “Kings of the Motor City” have just this one thing to say.

Robyn Golphin & Terrell Givens: IF AIN’T WITH IT, THEN YOU BETTER GET IT! HOLLA AT US!!

"The shot starts to fade away as the camera zooms from looking at Golphin and Givens back to the beautiful city night life behind them".

up next the headcrushers

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