Massacre - AIWFX: Paradise Lost

Matches that occurred on our bi-weekly Massacre show!
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Massacre - AIWFX: Paradise Lost

Postby Trace » Mon Dec 12, 2011 5:57 pm

We cut to the back where, moments after obtaining victory over Dan Bennett, Trace Demon walks through the curtain to be met by Jasmine DuBois and his younger brother Axel Demon. Jasmine kisses him while Axel pats him on the shoulder in celebration. Trace doesn’t get a moment to himself though as XWA’s premiere backstage interviewer Holly Hunt walks up to him, microphone in hand.

Holly Hunt: Trace, can I get a quick word on your match?

Initially Jasmine and Axel step in front of the Cult of Tomorrow leader, blocking Holly. Trace moves them both aside, a smug grin on his face.

Trace Demon: Of course Holly. What is a leader without a captive audience?

Holly Hunt: Um... okay, thanks. I wanted to get a word on that choke hold you used to defeat Dan Bennett.

Trace Demon: A choke hold? I didn’t use any choke holds out there. Did you guys see a choke?

Both Jasmine and Axel shake their heads.

Trace Demon: No, you didn’t. Nobody saw a choke hold out there because there wasn’t one to see.

Holly Hunt: But...

Trace Demon: No. What you saw out there was the beginning of just another evolution in the future XWA Heavyweight champion that you all know and love. What you saw out there... was Paradise Lost.

Holly Hunt: Paradise Lost?

Trace sighs loudly and rubs the crook of his nose with his thumb and ring finger. He looks back at Holly, disappointed in her lack of knowledge.

Trace Demon: Yes, Paradise Lost. I don’t expect somebody like you to know what I am talking about. I don’t expect all of you pathetic people out there to know what I am talking about. You have yet to be enlightened, unlike my followers here. And therefore I will give you the knowledge that you all need. You see, in 1667 a man by the name of John Milton wrote an epic poem entitled Paradise Lost. It is considered, for those of us with the intellect to understand its verse, one of the greatest literary works in the English language. Now, do you know what this poem is about?

Holly goes to answer into her microphone but Trace grabs her wrist and pulls the microphone back. He gives her a look that tells her he wasn’t done talking.

Trace Demon: It is, in Milton’s words, a way to justify the ways of God to man. But more importantly it is about the fall of man. You see, when I step into that ring I want my opponent to know that it isn’t just a match. It is a judgement by a man with far greater intellect and far greater skill than they could ever hope for. I want them to know that when they are wrestling me I am judging to see whether they are worthy to stand by my side, and then when I decide they’re not, I will lock in Paradise Lost and watch them fall from the graceful standing they have achieved just by being in the same ring with me.

Holly Hunt: So what you’re saying is...

Trace Demon: What I’m saying is that you should be grateful, because very few get to be in my presence this long without getting hurt.

Holly takes the microphone back slowly, a little put off by Trace’s glare.

Holly Hunt: What about the controversial ways in which your matches finish? For the past three weeks we’ve seen the Cult of Tomorrow assist you and tonight we had that red mist.

Trace Demon: Well what can I say, really? When you’re me, you need a little controversy. Because that’s what gets people talking. And man do I love it when people are talking.

Holly Hunt: So it’s just a way of getting some attention?

Jasmine DuBois: My man doesn’t need attention.

Jasmine suddenly interrupts, pushing in front of Trace and getting in Holly’s face. Trace pulls her back, his glare causing her to go silent immediately.

Trace Demon: No. It’s a way of getting ratings. You see Richard Maxwell is always talking about how it’s all about ratings. How viewers bring opportunity. So I’m giving him exactly what he wants. I’m putting asses in seats and eyes on television screens. Every week people buy tickets and watch Massacre because they want to know what amazing and controversial thing I’m going to do next. I’m the star attraction, the king of controversy, the one and only Trace Demon and that’s why we’re successful. Do you understand that?

Holly Hunt: Well...

Trace Demon: No, do you understand? Because wouldn’t it be controversial if I let Jasmine gouge your eyes out on national television?

Holly Hunt glances at Jasmine DuBois and realizes that she is more than willing to carry out Trace’s threat.

Holly Hunt: Yes, I understand.

Trace Demon: Good. Now if you’ll excuse me my other protégé Drake is about to compete, and I’d like to get a front row seat.

Trace walks off, leading Axel and Jasmine away from a disturbed Holly Hunt.

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