Massacre: AIWFX - Number One Contender's Match

Matches that occurred on our bi-weekly Massacre show!
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Massacre: AIWFX - Number One Contender's Match

Postby DarkSabre » Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:12 pm


LIVE! From the Colonial Life Center in Columbia, South Carolina – December 9th Deadline

The Main Event:

#1 Contender's Match - Falls Count Anywhere!


Derrick Jedi won the Fatal Fourway at Hardkore Halloween to face Angelus for the World Heavyweight Championship, just one week after winning the Hardcore Championship from Hutton Brown. In order to avoid another “Hutton Brown” situation, Richard Maxwell immediately forced Jedi to defend his title the next night on Massacre. In a rather unexpected and unpleasant turn of events, T.K. not only defeated Jedi for the Hardcore Championship but put Jedi on the shelf at the same time. Feeling confident with such accomplishments under his belt, T.K. approached the Commissioner demanding to be Number One Contender in Jedi’s place. And yet, just when it seemed that Richard Maxwell might agree, who would step forward to argue such a claim than The Great One himself, Lucifer “MadDog” McMahon. A short debate later, and Richard Maxwell booked our Main Event for the evening, with the winner to face Angelus for the World Heavyweight Championship at X-Mas Kaos. It’s so nice when the superstars do Maxwell’s job for him.


Deadline for matches is Friday, December 9th Deadline at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on Sunday, December 11th at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: Massacre: AIWFX - Number One Contender's Match

Postby StraightEdge Rurouni » Sat Dec 10, 2011 5:04 am

To put this bluntly, I have near nothing, had a pretty busy week, prepping for Mid-Terms, finishing up 3 projects, usual life stuff. This will be the third match I've no-showed as a result, though I'm not sure what happened with Mad Dogs bit, but if he's up for it, I'd say maybe one extra day to write. I should be free tomorrow, and by next card my schedule should open up more due to Christmas break and all that fun stuff.
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Re: Massacre: AIWFX - Number One Contender's Match

Postby Tempest » Sat Dec 10, 2011 3:05 pm

Since BOTH of you didn't post, and the match DOES play into what happens at the PPV, I'll allow an extra day for this and contact both of you about it. Have it done by Saturday Night or you forfeit your Contender's status and we'll pick a new #1.
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Re: Massacre: AIWFX - Number One Contender's Match

Postby MadDog » Sat Dec 10, 2011 5:45 pm

No need - I am putting the finishing touches on a match, and will have it up later this evening..... Sorry for it being late - but a match worth reading WILL be up....
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Re: Massacre: AIWFX - Number One Contender's Match

Postby MadDog » Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:37 am

[We return from Commercial break to see Mark Sanction sitting alone at ringside. Next to him, is an empty chair that is normally occupied by the XWA Color Commentator, The Great One… Lucifer “The MadDog” McMahon. ]

Mark: Well folks, it is about time for our main event of the evening. MadDog VS T.K. for the right to face our XWA World Heavyweight Champion Angelus for the XWA World Heavyweight Championship at X-Mas Kaos!

[The Crowd appears split, cheering both chants of MadDog and T.K., as Sanction continues.]

Mark: I don’t know if you folks at home can hear this crowd, for it appears that they are evenly split between the XWA Legend and the newcomer, a man who MadDog told me himself that T.K. reminds him of him when he first started in the XWA! Folks, this should be a great match up, but before we bring out the participants our own Holly Hunt is backstage and is going to speak with The Great One for his thoughts on his match tonight. Take it away Holly….

[The Camera image then shifts to backstage interview area, which consists of a giant black & red curtain with the XWA Logo embroidered on it. In front of the curtain, is a flat screen television, which is showing a graphic of the XWA Logo. Standing in front of the curtain, is where Holly Hunt is standing next to The MadDog! Holly has a microphone in her hand, and begins to speak.]

Holly: Thanks Mark, Hello once again XWA Fans, I am with The Great One himself, The MadDog, moments before he makes his return to competitive action. Now MadDog, It has been a little over a year since you last set foot in a ring. How do you feel and what made you decide to step foot back in the ring as an active competitor?

MadDog: Holly, I feel great and have been looking forward to returning to action for some time. But to be honest Holly, I wasn’t sure that I would ever truly return. See, we all know that I was forced to leave the XWA a while back. I didn’t want to, but I lost a match and that was the stipulation, and I was going to honor it. And as much as I hated it, I have been on the sidelines for a while just watching the product from home. Then, when I least expected it, the opportunity arose and I came back to do the color commentary for one reason only. And that reason is to me, Professional Wrestling is an addiction…

Holly: An addicition?

MadDog: Yeah allow me to further explain. See after I was forced out of the XWA a while back, I took a sabbatical. I tried long and hard to accept the fact that it was over, and leave this life behind, but Wrestling to me is like a drug. It called out to me, it pulled at me, and like an addict I had to be around it. I thought at first I could do by just sitting at home and watching the XWA on TV. It worked for a while, but like Michael Corleone said in The Godfather Movies, “Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in.” And that came in the form of a phone call and numerous telegrams from Richard Maxwell as he started to contact me over and over again to come back and to sit at ringside with Sanction calling the action on a weekly basis. I thought at first that it could give me a good “fix” so to speak. I would not only be around the XWA, but I would be a part of it again. I hoped that would be enough, but it proved to not to be as I watched all the XWA Superstars performing in the ring. Watching them up close and in person week after week I began to realize that there was something missing…

Holly: Missing?

MadDog: Yeah, Me… I was missing…. As I watched a lot of the performers work in the ring, I realized that I was better than most…. I know I still have the talent and ability to outperform many, as well as out wrestle a great majority, if not all of the XWA roster…. The “itch” was back in full force, and it was too strong at that point… As hard as I tried to stay away by “scratching it” with me just doing the commentary, the pull of the “itch” was too strong even for someone like me… I had to come back and wrestle again….. But as I was thinking long and hard about returning, there was something else going on….. There was that one final push so to speak…. The final straw that held me back broke….

Holly: And what was that?

MadDog: That online petition….. Once I saw that the millions…..

[MadDog pauses to allow the live crowd in attendance who have been watching this live on the Xtremetron to respond.]

Crowd: AND MILLIONS!!!!!!

[The Crowd starts to cheer, and MadDog smiles as he continues.]

MadDog: Yes, and millions of the fans of the XWA demand that I return to the ring and fight for them again, how could I sit at ringside and say no to the desire any longer?

[The Crowd pop’s HUGE!]

Holly: Some say, that since you have not been in the ring and competing for such a long time, that you have no place in a #1 Contender’s match. How do you feel about that?

MadDog: Well, they’re wrong… And I will prove that to them all tonight when they see that I am back in that ring, and they see with their own eyes that I still got it….

[Crowd cheers!]

MadDog: I am doing it not only for me, but I am doing it for the fans… And I am doing it for the XWA…. I am going to prove tonight, that T.K. is just an obstacle that I have to remove from my path so I can go against Angelus for the title…. Not many can go toe to toe with Angelus… But I can…. I did it before… And I can do it again…. And after my hand is raised tonight as the victor, I will show the world once again what greatness is all about, as “The Great One” is about to return to reclaim his rightful place in the XWA as the World Heavyweight Champion at X-Mas Kaos….

Holly: That all sounds well and good, but what about your opponent tonight in T.K.? Are you overlooking him? Let’s talk about what happened the last few weeks here in the XWA. You were at ringside for all the action as Derrick Jedi won the Fatal Four-way at Hardkore Halloween, which earned him the right to be next in line to face Angelus for the World Heavyweight Championship. Then in order to avoid another embarrassing situation regarding the Championship, Richard Maxwell immediately forced Derrick Jedi to defend his title, the Hardcore Championship the next night after participating in the brutal four-way match on XWA Massacre against T.K. You yourself called the action as it took place in the ring, and got to see firsthand as T.K. not only defeated Derrick Jedi for the Hardcore Championship, but T.K. beat Derrick Jedi so badly that it has put him out of action indefinitely. Now, with Derrick Jedi out of action, some say that once again we have no #1 Contender. Others say that T.K. earned that right when to be the #1 Contender when he took out Derrick Jedi. Yet, you feel you deserve to be #1 Contender. Just how do you fit into all of this?

MadDog: Interesting question Holly… I look at it this way…. There are many Superstars in the XWA right now…. But none have ever done what I have done…. I have been for a long time, the only man to ever hold the XWA World Heavyweight Championship 4 times and be undefeated in each reign as champion… No one ever forced me to give up my belt… No one ever pinned me to claim the Championship… I never ever made me submit or surrender the title…. No, each of my 4 reigns as Champion ended because I turned the belt over to someone else to better this company… Keep that in mind, that no one ever beat me while I was champion to truly earn that belt… Now, I also look at the XWA Superstars in the back, and I look at Angelus, and see he is the current Champion, and I know Angelus better than most…. I know that not one of them in the back has what it takes to beat him… And, I know that I can take him to the limit…. So, if T.K. is considered by some to be the #1 Contender, I will beat him to silence the critics in the back… Then I will look Angelus in the eye and face him in the ring and do what I do best….

Holly: And what is that?

MadDog: I beat people up…

Holly: So, you are saying?

MadDog: What I am saying is that I built this company with my blood, sweat, and tears….. I have been…. And always shall be…. The measuring stick in this business…. It’s time I took back what is rightfully mine…. It’s time I showed everyone what the XWA stands for…. And in the process prove once again to everyone why I am called “The Great One”… Before long, the XWA World Heavyweight Championship is going to be mine again….

Holly: But to do that, you will need to defeat the Hardcore Champion, T.K. in a fall’s count anywhere match. Do you really feel you can do that?

[MadDog pauses before answers, then smiles as he replies.]

MadDog: Yes…

Holly: Well, with that I thank you for this interview, and look forward to talking to you again after your match tonight.

MadDog: Holly, the pleasure was all…..

[Before MadDog can finish his thought, Holly Hunt screams in terror as running into the interview area like a madman, is T.K.! He is swinging an aluminum baseball bat that connects with MadDog in the back of his left leg, behind the knee! MadDog drops to the ground, as T.K. raises the bat over his head and repeatedly swings the bat down into MadDog’s left leg and knee two more times! T.K. screams.]

T.K. (Screaming): The Pleasure is going to be all MINE!!!!!!

[MadDog is holding his left leg, and is unable to rise off the ground as T.K. takes the bat and begins to beat The MadDog over and over again, connecting with the bat into MadDog’s arms and hands as MadDog grabs at his left leg. MadDog tries to cover and protect himself, as T.K. swings away over and over again, connecting the bat into any part of MadDog that he can. XWA Security rushes into the interview area, only to be driven off by T.K. as he swings the bat like a madman at them! Holly Hunt begins to plead for T.K. to stop, as MadDog lays motionless on the ground at his feet, screaming in pain.]

Holly: Please!... T.K…. You need to stop this!!!!!

[T.K. looks at Holly Hunt and grabs the microphone from her.]

T.K.: You want me to stop this?.... He started this….

[T.K. motions towards MadDog.]

T.K.: He interfered in my business… And, now after hearing MadDog tell you his little story, it made me sick…. And, it reminded me of story I read a long time ago as a boy… You might have heard it… It’s called “Old Yeller”… MadDog is like the XWA's very own version of Old Yeller…. And the XWA is like the family that adopts him….. MadDog likes to come and go from the XWA time and time again to protect it and say it’s his yard…… Just like Old Yeller liked to protect his family from all the wild life on their farm…. But, just like the end of Old Yeller all good things must come to an end…. Old Yeller was put down because he had rabies and nearly attacked the family that adopted him…. Now, our own MadDog has admitted to an addiction of his own, and it is an addiction that is killing him, and just might kill many of us here in the XWA... That addiction is the XWA itself…… So, someone needs to do what is necessary, and it is time once and for all for MadDog to be put down and forced into a permanent retirement... Now, in Old Yeller we knew at the end of the story that the dog had rabies when he nearly attacked young Arliss, when he opened the cage to the pen and play with Old Yeller after he was placed in it because they were not sure that he might have rabies.... That attack of Old Yeller on Arliss forced a grieving Travis to shoot Old Yeller….. In the XWA, you can consider me Travis…. MadDog has interfered in my business, and tried to take away something that I have earned…. So, I need to take him out once and for all….. Now, in Old Yeller they used a 22 caliber shotgun to put Old Yeller out of his misery…. Now for me, I got a better weapon of choice….

[T.K. walks towards Holly Hunt who moves out of the way, and T.K. reaches to the curtain that is hanging in the interview area, and moves it aside to see what he was searching for.]

T.K.: A 16-lb Sledge hammer…..

[Holly Hunt screams!]

Holly: NO!!!!!! You can’t be serious!!!!

T.K.: Oh, yes I am….

[T.K. then holds the sledge hammer in his hand, as he stands over MadDog, and slaps him in the face to try and bring him around. T.K. then talks to MadDog, while he lays on the floor. ]

T.K.: MadDog….. This will hurt you far more than it will hurt me…. But I do this not just for me…. But I do this for everyone in the XWA that you stood in the way of….

[With that, T.K. raises the sledge hammer high over his head, and drives it down into the left knee cap of The MadDog! MadDog screams in pain, and T.K. raises the sledgehammer once again and drives it a second time into MadDog’s leg, and a loud CRACK is heard, as MadDog’s leg shifts into an angle that is not supposed to be for any leg of any man! T.K. then gets down next to MadDog and talks to him softly.]

T.K.: Now, no one can say I am not the Number One Contender to the XWA World Heavyweight Championship...... And soon.... Once I take the title from Angelus at X-Mas Kaos.... I will dedicate that win to you old boy.... For, it's Goodbye Old Yeller…. It's time for you to say Goodbye….

[T.K. stands up and drops the sledge hammer to the ground, and slowly walks off camera, as EMT’s rush into the area to access the damage to MadDog and get him medical attention, as this addition of XWA Massacre draws to a close.]

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