Massacre: Algo ser feito.

Matches that occurred on our bi-weekly Massacre show!
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Massacre: Algo ser feito.

Postby Das-rouge-diablo » Fri Dec 09, 2011 10:24 pm

Maxwell is sat in his office, looking at some papers.

Maxwell: These plans will be great. I'm sure all will be loved.

A knock comes on his door.

Maxwell: Come in.

Maxwell, clears his papers as XWA legend J Pain walks though his door.

Pain: you wanted to see me?

Maxwell: Yeah, sit down, i will admit, your little interview with Rose last week was quite nice. You are the only man who can drag things out of him. But your employment in this company is due to you being manager of The X/S. They are currently not here, and neither should you.

Pain does not say anything, he seems to sit and ponder what Maxwell has just said. he moves forward a little.

Pain: Ok, i understand that. but i was Rose's guest last week. But i'm glad you called me in. i have been watching things over the past few weeks and someone has made a full on attack on you. Das Rouge Diablo.

Maxwell straightens up.

Pain: This guy is a mystery. Wouldn't it be better to have him on your side. Give him a title match at Chaos. Hardcore or International depending on the result tonight. it will be big match, the fans love this guy. plus you can one of your champs to rough up someone who did say they wanted your soul.

Maxwell sits back, he strokes his chin.

but before he can give a response the lights in his office shut off. a stuggle before a thump can be heard.

the lights come back on and Pain is unconscious on the floor. Das Rouge Diablo stands above him.

Das Rouge Diablo: FAÇA O FÓSFORO

Maxwell looks shocked after the lights go on and off again. he sits there knowing with his limited knowledge in other languages, it translated to MAKE THE MATCH.

<to be continued>
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Re: Massacre: Algo ser feito.

Postby Das-rouge-diablo » Sat Dec 10, 2011 9:06 pm

Maxwell is walking down the corridor, looking proud of himself.

Maxwell: we'll I think that has got everyone excited.

All of a sudden the corridor is plunged into darkness. Then one spotlight springs on and Das Rouge Diablo is stood in the dim light.

Maxwell turns on his heals but another spotlight springs on and Diablo is stood again stopping Maxwell's path.

Maxwell looks spooked and tries to return to his original path. But this time Diablo is right on him. He picks up the on screen of XWA.

Maxwell: ok, ok, I will set up your match. You can face off for a title at Christmas Choas. But there is a condition. Win or lose you unmask. This has to stop. I want to see the face of my tormentor.

Diablo drops Maxwell.

Das Rouge Diablo: Deal.

He fades into the darkness.

Maxwell stands up as the lights return he straightens his tie before looking down at the wet path of his trousers.


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