Massacre: AIWFX - Gemma Traumaward vs. Amy Taylor

Matches that occurred on our bi-weekly Massacre show!
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Massacre: AIWFX - Gemma Traumaward vs. Amy Taylor

Postby XGP15A-II » Fri Dec 09, 2011 9:51 pm

XWAngel Match!


This may not be the first Angel’s match since the re-inception of the XWA, but this is sure to be a big one. Gemma Traumaward and Amy Taylor, battling it out with everything they have; breasts bouncing, and clothes torn of- Wait, it’s not a Bra and Panties match? Damn…

Massacre: All I Want for X(WA)-Mas returns from commercials following that exciting opening contest/filler segment/emergency broadcasting test/whatever. The fans are warmed up enough, hungry for some more wrestling action as the feed wastes little time going to the ring where Hana Ramirez and a distinguished referee are waiting. The ring announcer brings the mic up to her lips, all smiles and cheery like as she begins to set up the next match.

Hana: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is an XWA Angels Match. [holding her smile despite a few tasteless wolf whistles]
As the lights cut out the abrasive sounds of this Le Tigre gem causes the fans to groan, some of them booing the song alone, not even familiar with the person using it. It certainly doesn’t play to their palates, and neither does the pink haired Gemma Traumaward as she sweeps past the curtains with a smug grin on her face below a big dark pair of shades. Walking out with her thumbs sticking down, the crowd gives her the same verdict, booing and hissing, but for Gemma on a very unsatisfactory level. So she straight up turns around and walks back through the curtains. I’m sure a few people in the stands are scratching their heads now, but it all becomes clear what she’s up to as she reemerges a moment later, walking out to the edge of the stage with middle fingers blazing, getting a much more negative response than the initial one.

Hana: Introducing first, making her XWA debut and hailing from the City of Austin, Texas, she is one half of the Blood Splattered Angels … Gemma Traaumawaaaarrrd!

Walking down the ramp in a billowy black t-shirt with the word “GAИTZ” printed in Matrix green, cutoff jean short shorts just barely peaking out from under it, black thigh high socks, and boots mostly hidden under heavy dark red kneepad/kickgaurds, Gemma cracks her black driving glove covered knuckles (as if you needed more details about her attire) before rolling into the ring under the bottom rope. She rocks back up to her feet and begins pacing around the ring, keeping her eyes on a slightly confused Hana Ramirez, either checking her out very crudely or scanning her for valuables to pickpocket, much like Monty Brown used to do.

Mark: Well ladies and gents we have a real treat for you coming up next. One of our most established ladies here in the XWA will be returning to the ring to take on one of our newest, a match up that should prove to be very interesting.

MadDog: I ain’t heard nothin’ bout this chick yet, but lookit ‘em kickpads, I bet she knows karate err somethin’. That Amy Taylor’s got the muscle game on this kid, but she’s also got that Sabbath stink on ‘er. I’m just hopin’ for nothin’ less than a rip-roarin’ excitin’ match, like the one I’m gonna be in later in the show.

The Neko Girl has found herself a corner to lean against, sliding off her sunglasses and passing them to a stage hand as the lights return to normal and as her music fades.
The lights go down again but this time the fans are much more receptive, cheering as the Linkin Park track (ugh) plays on, and popping as the woman herself Amy Taylor bursts out through the curtains. The more well known and fan favorite Amy (but whether the ovation is all genuinely for her or if it’s just residual heat from Jack Sabbath is a debate best left to the geeks on the message boards) pumps her arms in the air, playing to the fans before she starts making her way down the ramp as Ms. Ramirez gets back on the stick. … (and don’t even think about anything dirty you cads).

Hana: And introducing next, hailing from San Diego California, she is the First Lady of Anarchy … Amy Taaaylooorr!!

The protégé/ingénue/whatever of DJS makes her way down the ramp in more traditional wrestling gear than her opponent, standard issue diamond blue (a fancy way of saying ‘light blue’) Diva top and short tights. She slides in under the ropes and quickly gets on her feet, and even quicklier climbs up a corner, standing on the middle rope with her arms out in a pose emulating her mentor’s. The gesture draws even more support from the fans as she climbs back down, turning around to face her opponent from the opposite end of the ring. Amy stretches out her arms and rolls her wrists to get ready, and Gemma … does very hokey aerobics, I don’t think she’s actually being serious. The Anarchic One takes it as a slight, scowling a little as the lights return to their normal broadcast setting and the music fades out. The referee walks into the center of the ring as Hana exits it, and once the zebra sees that everyone is in their place he calls for the bell!


Taylor and Traumaward walk out of their corners and approach each other, the newcomer holding her arms up for the traditional collar-and-elbow tie up that usually gets these things started. Amy throws up her arms and moves in lock up, but falls prey to a ruse in the form a boot to the gut to double her over, followed by a knee lift to pop her back up, followed by left and right kesagiri chops to the neck. Gemma grabs her opponent by the wrist and goes to whip her, but the sturdier Taylor reverses it and sends Pinky running across the ring. She hits the ropes and rebounds as Amy cocks her arm for a clothesline, but she ducks under it and goes behind her and catches a waistlock, but Amy backs her off with a back elbow shot to the head.

The First Lady takes off for the ropes herself but Gemma quickly follows her and stays one step behind, as Amy hits off the cables to find no one, only ducking Gemma’s clothesline through her Spider-Since as the nogoodnik keeps running. Taylor gets herself ready to strike as Ma Chan hits the ropes, jumping up to catch her with a dropkick that she baseball slides under. Gemma is the first one back to her feet and quickly hits a kick to the thigh, hoping to follow up with another whip, but Amy throws her weight back and blocks it and reels her opponent in, doubling her over with a knee to the midsection. Taylor wraps her arms around le Tigre’s waist by the side and hoists her up, tossing her back to the mat with a gutwrench Suplex.

The fans cheer as their favorite seems to take the advantage, returning to her feet and peeling back Gemma’s arm for a hold that doesn’t get realized as she scoots around and catches Amy with a drop toe hold. The former Black Cat rolls over and tries to catch Amy’s arm between her legs, tumbling through to sling her in a cross armbar but the bigger woman pulls back, avoiding the move as they both make it back to their feet. Gemma shoots in with a boot but the Anarchist catches it, but the cat girl makes her think fast as she swings her other leg for the Enzuigiri, but Amy does and ducks it, but Gemma gets the last word in the matter as she nails a mule kick to Taylor’s gut and summersaults back up to her feet.

Pinky quickly sprints into the ropes and rebounds, coming in boot sailing high for a Yakuza Kick, but Amy sidesteps out of the way and catches her in a waistlock, hurriedly switching up to a full nelson but Gemma slips down and out a shoots up a leg to kick her Aja style, but the First Lady of Anarchy catches the foot. The Blood Splattered Angel sends up her other leg to push her opponent back, but she cranks back the foot she caught and rolls G Force back on her feet, pushing her into the ropes and whipping her across the ring. Taylor charges in right after her and makes sure there won’t be any funny business this time, taking Gemma down with a hard shoulder tackle as soon as she hits off the ropes.

Mark: And a hard takedown by Amy Taylor; this match has been fast so far but it wouldn’t surprise me if Amy tries to slow it down a little.

MadDog: Yeah she got them muscles poppin’ I can respect that, but I bet any minute now that burnout lookin’ bird is gonna use that karate of ‘er’s to take control.

The fans pop hard as their favorite scores the first real point of this contest, if you’re taking score at home. Ms. Taylor reaches down and grabs a handful of pink hair, ‘helping’ her debutant opponent get back on her feet just to whip her into a corner and follow her in with a clothesline. Amy turns and swings her other arm around Gemma’s head, hooking her as she charges out of the corner for the bulldog, but Ma Chan hangs onto the ropes and slips out of her grip. Just as the Diamond Lady turns around the juvie comes charging at her, but Amy stays one step ahead and slings her to the canvas with a hip toss.

Another pop for the DJS loyalist as Gemma rocks back up to her feet, Amy quickly grabs her by the wrist wanting to whip her back into the corner, but the cat girl kicks their hands loose to stop it. Traumaward quickly gets in her Thai stance and keeps Taylor at bay with her foot, floating it around ready to snap at her like a cobra, but because this girl is special she has to go the logical next step and hiss like an actual snake. Amy stands back furrowing her brow in slight confusion as her younger foe waves her foot around like a cobra in a snake charmer’s act, but then gets tired of it and knocks her back with a boot to the gut. With her path unobstructed by imaginary serpents Amy rushes in and snatches Gemma up in a headlock, quickly dropping to one knee and swinging over to take her down to the mat.

She doesn’t get much of a chance to work it though, as Pinky pulls on her hair to some jeers and sweeps her up in a head scissors. But she doesn’t get to work it either as Amy rolls over onto her knees and pulls her head free, quickly stretching out Gemma’s legs and pressing the sides of her knees against the mat. The Otaku up to No Good reaches up to swing at her opponent but Taylor catches the arm under her own, doing the same thing as Gemma tries it with the other arm, but then the cat girl sneaks her first hand around in front of Amy’s face and sticks her fingers in her eyes.

The fans disapprove of the cheap escape with boos and jeers as Amy stumbles back blinking to reset her vision, stumbling up to her feet blind to the fact that Gemma is getting back up as well. The pink haired punk comes charging in, wrapping her arm around Amy’s neck and taking her down with a Neckbreaker drop. Both woman start getting back up to their feet but Ma Chan is faster, clipping Taylor in the side of the head with a hard kick while she is still only on one knee. The blow hits with a snap and causes her to slump back down to both knees, in prime position as Gemma smacks her with a second stiff kick to the head to send her down to the mat.

MadDog: Called it, karate! Now she gonna beat ‘er down.

Mark: Gemma Traumaward takes the advantage following that poke to the eyes earlier, and the fans aren’t too happy about it.

Indeed they aren’t, booing as Gemma grabs a handful of Amy’s hair and drags her back up to her feet, using her dark brown locks to tow her into a corner and bounce her face off the top pad. The Tiger sweeps her leg up and kicks her opponent across the chest, backing her in the corner as she repeats the kick until the ref tells her to back off. She throws her hands up for an almost sarcastic break but quickly goes back on the attack, stomping on Amy’s gut until the ref starts counting. The Neko Girl uses the five seconds allotted to shoot in a flurry of kicks and slaps that don’t hit with a lot of force but are insulting, but then insults her opponent a little more by dragging her out of the corner by the hair.

The fans give Gemma more heat as things start to get rougher, the former Black Cat dragging the First Lady of Anarchy into the center of the ring and nailing her with a knee lift. The blow pops Amy up vertical, but Ma Chan quickly follows her up with a high jumping knee strike to the side of the head, dropping her back down to one knee. Gemma grabs her slightly dazed foe by the hand and twists around for an arm ringer, keeping hold to drag her back up to her feet, and quickly popping her with a boot to the midsection. Le Tigre locks their knuckles together so that they’re facing the same direction and charges at a corner, pulling Amy along with her as she nimbly climbs up the pads and walks along the top rope. Pinky struts out half way across the length of the cable and then springs off, catching her boot on Amy’s hip to slingshot her over with an arm drag.

The fans can’t help to ‘ooh’ a little from the move, the Harajuku Strut (which Gemma actually copied from her teammate’s sister), but are then reminded why they don’t like this dye job as she catches a raising Amy Taylor in the face with a basement dropkick. The sourness from the audience comes back in as Ma Chan stops Amy from getting back on her feet, spinning around and sliding on her knee & kickpads to get closer to her downed opponent. Gemma grabs Amy by her outstretched arm and scoots around to hook her legs around it, figure-fouring and bending it in the wrong direction in a modified cross armbar. If she sat up and tried to hook her hands around Amy’s face she could probably synch in Daniel Bryan Danielson’s LeBell Lock, but because this is Gemma Traumaward she just leans back and runs her fingers through her pink hair.

The nonchalance doesn’t sit so well with the audience but Pinky doesn’t pay them much attention, instead focusing on Amy Taylor as she starts getting back up, rolling Gemma back as she makes it up to her knees, but then Ma Chan unfolds her legs and kicks one of them up, smacking Amy in the jaw with the sole of her boot. The thrust pushes her up stumbling to her feet as the cat girl rolls over and gets back up, she strolls over to her opponent and swings her leg for a roundhouse kick but Amy ducks under it, but Gemma rolls through with it and hops up, swinging the heel of her other foot across the back of the brunette’s neck. The fans boo as their preferred competitor drops down to her hands and knees, a perilous position as the cat girl peppers the side of her head with glancing shin kicks, a demonstration of her dominance more than a series attempt at offense.

Mark: Well I’m not sure how well versed she actually is in the martial arts, but the newcomer has been putting her feet to good work so far in this contest.

MadDog: Just like I told ya Sanc, she’s gonna beat down Taylor with some jumpin’ jiu jitsu Chuck Norris kicks.

Traumaward runs her gloved hand through Amy’s hair and then grabs onto it, pulling her back up to her feet and doubling her over with a knee to the gut as soon as she’s up. Gemma moves her own head under Amy’s arm and wraps her arms around the Californian’s torso, trying to lift her up and over with a Backdrop Driver, but Amy drops her hips and goes on one knee to block it. The First Lady of Anarchy quickly starts dropping her elbow on top of Ma Chan’s head as the fans start getting fired up, backing Pinky away and allowing her to get back up, but the delinquent cuts her comeback short with a high boot to head.

The crowd turns sour again as Ms. Taylor stumbles back into the ropes holding onto the side of her face; Gemma comes in and body checks her against the chords, springing her off with a whip, but Amy manages to reverse the attempt and reels her foe in for a short-arm clothesline, but le Tigre ducks under her arm. She shoots her leg up and snaps her shin across Amy’s chest, kicking her again, and a third time to get her good and wobbly, and then reels back deep for a real heavy kick but this time Taylor catches the boot. The fans swell up, but then quickly deflate as Gemma hops up and clocks their favorite on the side of the head with her free shin.

Amy drops down to her hands and knees as Gemma lands on her back, quickly rolling back up to her knees as the other woman sweeps her hair out of her face. The Neko Girl slides back on her kickpads and slowly gets up to a crouch, stalking her target as she pushes herself up to one knee, and as soon as she’s in place kneeling Gemma charges and steps up on her outstretched leg, springing up and snapping the back of her head with an Enzuigiri! The fans erupt with boos as Amy falls down to the mat; their jeers only getting more pointed as Ma Chan slides around and rolls her over, pressing her shoulders to the mat for the cover. The ref comes in to count, but the First Lady of Anarchy rolls her shoulder up at two, much to the relief of the audience.

Mark: And she kicks out at two! It looked like Gemma Traumaward almost had Amy beat with what she calls the Glittering Alchemist, but it wasn’t enough after all.

MadDog: She gotta kick ‘er harder.

The fans call out and shout to encourage Amy to hang in there while Gemma sits up, tucking her unprofessionally dyed hair behind her ears. Pinky grabs her opponent by the hair and gets up, dragging her along until she’s sitting up, then takes her by the hand and kicks her in the face. The boos come in quickly as the Troublemaker from Texas pulls Amy back up by the arm, kicking her in the face again and pulling her back up, just to kick her a third time. Taylor rubs on her sore cheek as Ma Chan lords over her still with her hand in hers, but then the Blood Splattered Angel steps over to the other side of her opponent’s body and falls back, stretching her out in a cross armbar.

Amy kicks her legs on the canvas as the move immediately starts to hurt her, but she can find a saving grace in the fact that her arm hasn’t taken enough damage so far to make the hold more effective. With the fans cheering her on, Amy swings her free arm over and tries to power up her trapped one, the goal being to lock her fingers together to nullify the move. Luckily for Amy she’s big and strong and able to roll Gemma up, rocking up to her knees and almost touching her hands together, but Pinky gives up on it and switches her legs around, wrapping them around Amy’s head and arm and synching in the Triangle Choke.

But Amy’s already up on her knees and it doesn’t take long for her to get up on one foot, and then the other, and then use those long limbs to muscle Gemma up, lifting her like a lady Rampage Jackson until Pinky is up in the air on her shoulders, but feeling the bomb coming she unhooks her legs and dives down Amy’s back, rolling her up with a sunset flip. The ref gets ready to count but Gemma has another plan as she gets back up to her feet, stretching Amy’s legs apart to make room as she hops up and comes down on her torso with a double boot stomp.

Mark: And just when Amy Taylor almost had the match back in her hands Traumaward snatches it away.

MadDog: She’s lookin’ pretty good, I mean she could dress better but she’s holdin’ her own in the ring.

The fans boo as the DJS ally rolls over into a ball, breathing heavily as Gemma comes in grabbing at her arms. She snatches one up and pulls Amy flat on her stomach, straddles the captured arm and kneels down on her shoulder, stretching her back in a kneeling armbar that Yuji Nagata himself might be proud of. She pulls Amy’s arm up and puts pressure on her shoulder and elbow, trying to get the most out of the hold before she gets bored of using it. But Amy doesn’t want to let it come to that point, using her strength to push herself up and alleviate the pressure, getting on her knees almost ready to escape, but Gemma cuts her off again and rolls down to the mat, taking her back down in a cross armbar.

But Amy is quick to roll through with it, getting on her stomach to block the hold, and in good position to slip her arm out and grab onto one of Gemma’s legs. The fans quickly start cheering as Amy gets up twisting Pinky’s foot, synching her in the Ankle Lock! Pinki Chan is caught completely off guard, grabbing at the too-far away ropes in desperation as Amy wrenches in the borrowed hold, dragging her even further away from the ropes just to be safe. Gemma has to relax and get her wits about her, rolling to the side to get on her back, she pumps her free boot into Amy’s chest to push her back into the ropes. The First Lady of Anarchy hangs onto the cables and waits for the other woman to get back on her feet, springing off the ropes and coming in with a clothesline as soon as she does.

The fans come alive as Gemma rocks back up to her feet, just to get scooped up and tossed back down with a bodyslam, getting back up a little slower this time she throws a kick, but Amy catches her leg and hooks her in a front chancery, lifting her up and over with a Fisherman’s Suplex. Ma Chan rolls away in pain as the Lady of Diamonds gets back up to her feet, she walks over and grabs some pink hair, dragging Gemma up into a standing head scissors. Amy tries to hoist her up Piledriver style, but the cat girl squirms and slips down to the mat and tries to crawl away, but Amy turns and catches her and pulls her up, lifting her up for a belly-to-back Suplex, but Gemma flips back out of it and lands on her feet.

But before she can even do anything Amy turns and rocks her with a forearm shot, doubles her over with a kick to the gut and puts her back between her legs. She lifts her up and starts getting her set for the Styles Clash, but Pinky tries to fight it, hooking her legs around Amy’s head she sits up and rolls her down with a standing Frankensteiner, but Amy hangs on and rolls through it, getting back up on her feet and lifting Gemma up once more. She quickly gets the former Black Cat’s arms hooked with her legs and then jumps up, landing flat and driving the whole front of Gemma’s body into the canvas with the Styles Clash!

Mark: Face first on the canvas! This could be Amy’s chance to put this one away.

MadDog: I dunno Mark, that kid might gottanother trick up ‘er sleeve.

The fans erupt as Amy rolls to the side and moves Gemma with her, pressing her shoulders to the mat as the ref slides in to count, it’s close, but the newcomer kicks out before three. The fan favorite pushes herself out of the tangle and rolls over onto her knees, sweeping the hair out of her face as she catches her breath, and ultimately spotting a nearby corner and getting an idea. Amy gets back on her feet and starts clapping her hands as she walks to the ropes, the fans start clapping along as she climbs out to the apron and up the turnbuckle. She perches herself on the top rope and waits as her opponent pushes herself up to her knees, Ma Chan rubs on her forehead unaware of what’s going on she returns to her feet, only to get knocked back down with a big missile dropkick!

The crowd pops hard for the dive as Gemma rolls near the ropes and sprawls out on the mat, the fans cheering now as Amy Taylor gets back up on her feet. She walks over and grabs Gemma by the hair, dragging her back up to her feet and getting behind her, locking up her arms in double chicken wings as the fans start swelling up. Amy tries to lift her up for the Taylor Effect, but Gemma drops her hips and desperately tries to block it, Amy uses her strength to pull her up but Ma Chan kicks her legs feverishly, eventually getting enough traction on the mat to back them up into a corner. With her arms free Pinky stumbles away and stops as Amy comes charging in, trying to cut her off with a high boot but she sidesteps past it and gets behind her.

The fans swell up even louder this time as Amy wraps up Gemma’s arms and lifts her up, but the debutante slips out of the hold and rolls down with Amy hooked, cradling her with a modified Victory Roll, but instead of going for the pin Ma Chan reaches up her hand and spikes it down, poking Amy hard in the eyes! The entire arena sours as the boos start coming in, Gemma slides over and climbs back on her feet while Amy does the same, just holding her eyes. She swings wildly and blindly as the Neko Girl starts to prowl, moving in closer and closer looking for her opening as the fans shout for their favorite to watch out. But it’s useless as Gemma slips in and grabs her opponent, hoisting her upside down on her shoulder and quickly sitting down, spiking Amy’s head on the canvas with the Fire Thunder!

Mark: She drills her with the Piledriver! That fast paced spike just might be enough!

MadDog: Well she better get over and pin ‘er then!

Amy’s head bobbles as she falls to the side, Gemma lies back on the mat floored from exhaustion while the boos rain in. Pinky sticks her arm up and slowly rolls over, pressing herself on top of her opponent to make the cover as the referee slides in to make the count…




The fans erupt with cheers as the First Lady of Anarchy gets a shoulder up just in time to break the count. Gemma rolls over and sweeps the pink hair out of her eyes, breathing heavily as she thinks of what to do next. She eventually figures it out and gets up on her knees, grabs Amy’s arm and bends it back to set her up in the Cat’s Cradle, but as the arms of both women twist around Amy desperately tries to block the choke hold. The fans get behind her, chanting her name as she scrambles with her opponent on the mat, eventually getting to far out of position for Ma Chan to hook in the hold. So she instead grabs onto Taylor’s hair and gets up, dragging her up as well and trying to scoop her up, but Amy slips back and lands behind Gemma. She snatches up the newcomer’s arms and throws herself back, too dazed to hit her own move and instead settling with a good old fashioned Tiger Suplex!

Another huge pop as once again both women lie on the canvas staring up at the lights. Amy is the first to roll over, digging her forearms into the mat as she starts crawling over to her downed opponent, slowly but surely getting there and slinging an arm over Gemma’s chest as the ref comes down to make the count…




There’s massive groaning now as the Blood Splattered Angel kicks out just in the knick of time. Amy pushes herself up to her knees and takes a deep breath before grabbing a handful of pink hair, climbing back up to her feet as she drags Gemma up with her. She gets behind Ma Chan and hooks her arms, and the fans can tell that this’ll be it as Amy hoists her up in a double chicken wing for the Taylor Effect! ~ but maybe not as Gemma kicks her legs out and shoots them back in, mule kicking Amy in the gut and knocking her back. The fans quickly start booing as Pinky falls on her face on the mat, but not in the way they wanted, regaining her composure while her opponent writhes around holding her stomach.

Both competitors start getting back up as the fans start rallying for Amy, but the delinquent is the first to make it back to her feet. She grabs Ms. Taylor by the hair and cradles her legs, scooping her up for the shoot style Tombstone! ~ but she slips out behind Gemma and quickly hooks an arm, but Ma Chan floats out and scores with a poke to the eyes! The fans immediately start booing as Pinky grabs one handful of hair and another handful of tights and scoops Amy up, dropping to her knees and spiking the First Lady of Anarchy head first on the canvas with the Diclonius Driver! Gemma moves and presses her knees on her downed opponent’s shoulders to pin her to the mat as the official slides in to make the count…





The fans start booing all over again as “The The Empty” hits the p.a. for a second time tonight. Ma Chan is all smiles as the ref raises her arm briefly before going down to check on the condition of Amy Taylor’s neck. Everything looks ok, but she’s probably not going to moving again real soon, unlike her opponent who has already gotten back on her feet.

Hana: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner via pinfall … Gemma Traumawaaaarrrrrd!

The Neko Girl climbs up a corner and stands on the middle rope, riling up the audience even further as she pull her lower eyelid down and sticks out her tongue at them. Catching onto the camera zooming in on her face Gemma gives the viewers at home a very bratty wink, cat scratching the air with her hand as Massacre fades out to a commercial break…

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Re: Massacre: AIWFX - Gemma Traumaward vs. Amy Taylor

Postby Tempest » Sat Dec 10, 2011 3:01 pm

As a rule, I don't vote on matches unless there's a tie, being the Head Booker, but I DO comment, and there's not a chance of a tie here anyway.

VERY nice debut,, Gemma. ;) Consider me seriously impressed. I think there should be some Main Eventers that might to start looking over their shoulders, cause THIS girl can 'wrassle. (Personally, I'd LOVE to see a female XWA Champion down the line.)
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Re: Massacre: AIWFX - Gemma Traumaward vs. Amy Taylor

Postby MadDog » Sun Dec 11, 2011 3:24 pm

Very Nice.... I liked it.....

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