Massacre: AIWFX - Trace Demon vs. Dan Bennett

Matches that occurred on our bi-weekly Massacre show!
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Massacre: AIWFX - Trace Demon vs. Dan Bennett

Postby Trace » Fri Dec 09, 2011 8:28 pm

Mark Sanction: We still have that huge number one contenders bout later tonight but right now it’s time for a match that could steal the show.

MadDog: Speak about the future colliding. These two men are both guaranteed future world champions.

Hana Ramierez: The following match is scheduled for one fall... introducing first...

The opening chords of ‘Destabilise’ hit the speakers as the lights in the area turn off. Crimson spotlights begin shining down upon the arena and as the bass hits all of them combine on the rampway where Trace Demon walks out onto the stage, his face obscured by a hood, and Annabelle Dubois at his side. The pair walk out onto the ramp before Trace holds out his arm, his fingers pointed like a gun at the ring. Annabelle grasps the hood and as she pulls the hood down Trace throws his hands up, mouthing “Boom” as a huge wall of flame shoots up from the stage as the lights turn back on.

Hana Ramierez: Hailing from Ontario, Canada, he stands in at 6’4 and weights 230lbs, he is the King of Demons... Trace... Demon!

Mark Sanction: Trace Demon has been on a very impressive run of late. Besting Rose two weeks ago and last week coming away victorious against Raine and Hunter Wylde in tag team action. But tonight he faces off against Dan Bennett, one of very few men here in the XWA who hold a submission victory over Trace Demon.

MadDog: Plus his Cult of Tomorrow protégé Drake Dysfunction is getting a title match here tonight. Only two weeks working with Trace and he’s already finding success.

Trace stands on the ramp, looking around at the crowd as they hurl abuse at one of their favourite new villains. Annabelle is draped over his arm, smirking maliciously. The pair begin walking towards the ring, ignoring their shouts. Trace kisses Annabelle before turning to the ring and leaping up onto the ring apron in one swift, effortless move. He enters between the ropes and settles in the centre of the ring, eyes trained on the ramp as he waits for Dan Bennett.

“Judith” by A Perfect Circle hits the speaker system while the lights turn yellow and blink with the beat as the crowd immediately gets to their feet, screaming loudly for their beloved hero and internet darling Dan Bennett! He steps out from behind the curtain, donning his trademark black-and-yellow pants and boots and a “Bring Bennett Back!” tee shirt. He stops at the top of the ramp, surveying his domain and a confident smirk on his face as he stops at the top of the ramp. He walks over to the left side of the platform-like plateau at the top of the ramp, pointing out at the standing fans, showing due respect to the people that brought him back to the only place he can truly call home.

He turns and charges across the ramp, appealing to the people on the right. He points at signs with his name and hollers out to them praises, each fan specifically acknowledged either (males) cheering louder or (females) begin crying. He walks back to the middle of the ramp, stopping right in the middle and looking toward the ring he spaces out his feet and looks down. He brings his left index finger and makes a cross on his chest, then looks up puts his arms out as yellow sparks rain down on him. As the sparks conclude, he stands up fully and walks down the ramp, jogging from side to side slapping hands with anyone in range.

He reaches the bottom of the ramp and stops where the metal meets the minimally-padded concrete at ringside, the cameraman behind his right shoulder walking around to be right next to him. Bennett turns to the camera...

Dan Bennett : Let’s send this Demon back to hell.

...and as the last word leaves his mouth, he sprints forward and slides in underneath the bottom rope, popping up to his feet and eyeing his opponent as he backs into his corner.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Mark Sanction: And this one is underway.

MadDog: Astute observation Mark.

The ring bell sounds the beginning of this match and in an unusual starting move Trace Demon backs away from Dan Bennett to the ring ropes. Jasmine DuBois climbs up onto the ring apron and begins whispering something into his ear, Bennett getting annoyed at the lack of action on Trace’s behalf. Trace nods and whispers something back at Jasmine. Dan has had enough of waiting and walks over to Trace looking to drag him into the ring. Turns out this is exactly what Trace was waiting for as he brings his boot up into the gut of The Rated X Wonder. Jasmine drops from the ring apron with a grin on her face as Trace sends his arm down upon the shoulders with a clubbing blow.

Mark Sanction: Trace Demon drew Dan Bennett in there, turning his impatience back on him.

MadDog: Bennett is usually a lot smarter than to fall for something like that. He’s got something to prove to Rose tonight.

Mark Sanction: Speaking of Rose, are we surprised that he hasn’t show up at ringside for this one?

MadDog: He got a close look at Bennett last week and he’s sure to have a plan on how to mess with him again tonight. We’re just gonna have to wait to see it.

Trace sends a second clubbing blow down on the shoulders of Dan Bennett, dropping him down onto one knee. The King of Demons follows up immediately with a forearm to the side of Bennett’s skull which drops him down onto his hands and knees, a victim of this surprising opening match flurry from the King of Demons. With Bennett down on all fours Trace moves in line with his side and drives a boot upwards into the ribcage, Bennett rolling onto his back from the impact. Trace doesn’t let up as he drives his boot into Bennett’s side for the second time, the Rated X Wonder rolling away and under the bottom rope to get away from Trace’s aggressive offence.

Mark Sanction: The usually technically inclined Trace Demon has opened this match with a barrage of strikes and has really caught Bennett off guard.

MadDog: When Trace first started elsewhere he was very much a brawler at heart. It’s only since coming here that he’s got into the technical side of stuff.

Mark Sanction: That is very true.

MadDog: I know. I’m a real journalist.

Trace Demon doesn’t go after Dan Bennett. There’s no baseball slide, no suicide dive despite both being within his range and some of his favourite to pull off. Instead he backs away again and crouches down, indicating for Dan Bennett to re-enter the ring. Bennett does so, sliding in under the bottom rope and getting to his feet quickly so as to avoid the sneak attack that Trace Demon loves so much. This time none comes. Demon allows Bennett to reach his feet and then rises to meet him. He indicates for Bennett to come after him but the Rated X Wonder does no such thing. He’s just as skilled in ring psychology as his opponent and neither makes a move.

Mark Sanction: Trace Demon’s attitude seems to have thrown Dan Bennett off his game early on here.

MadDog: We’ve not seen any of the usual tactics from the self proclaimed King of Demons so far. I wonder what he’s planning?

Mark Sanction: Why does he have to be planning something?

MadDog: How many Trace Demon matches have you called? He’s always planning something.

Trace Demon closes the gap slightly between himself and Dan Bennett. He brings his hand up threateningly. It’s a setup for a lockup and Bennett knows it. He also knows that if it comes down to who is the best technician then he’s already lost, so instead of meeting the hand Bennett slaps it away and then explodes forward completely closing the gap between the two as Bennett drives his forearm into Trace’s jaw. Trace is completely caught out by the move and doesn’t have time to formulate a defensive strategy before the second forearm connects with the side of the head. Bennett whips Trace into the ropes and on the return jumps up, stretches his legs out and catches Trace with a dropkick. Trace hits the mat but is on his side and to his feet immediately. Bennett is a second faster though as he catches Trace with another forearm and once again goes to whip him into the ropes. Trace, refusing to return for another blow, manages to drop down using the momentum to baseball slide himself out of the ring.

Mark Sanction: Dan Bennett getting straight back into this as he sends Trace running to the outside.

MadDog: Trace Demon is smart enough to know that he doesn’t want to let Bennett build up a run of offence.

Dan Bennett smirks inside the ring and signals for Trace to re-enter, the roles very much reversed from just moments ago. Trace is furious about this, hitting the edge of the mat in anger. Jasmine DuBois walks around the ring and talks him down. He’s no good when he’s angry. Jasmine points at Bennett and says something inaudible and Trace nods, saying something back. He walks around to the corner of the ring and climbs up the steel steps slowly, not taking his eyes off of Bennett as he reaches the ring apron. Trace, not wanting to give Dan the opportunity at rushing him, leaps over the top rope in his signature style and meets Dan back in the centre of the ring.

Mark Sanction: Dan Bennett showing a lot of class letting Trace back in the ring. I’m sure Demon wouldn’t have done the same.

MadDog: These two have fought before and there’s definitely some mutual respect between the pair. But no, Trace would have kept on the attack.

The two begin to circle around the ring and suddenly they both lurch forward, locking up in the centre of the ring. As one would expect from such an encounter Trace takes the offence due to his superior technical abilities and turns the lockup into a side headlock. Before Bennett gets a chance at countering Trace puts his left foot forward and flips Bennett over sending him back first to the mat, Trace dropping beside him with the headlock still locked in. Dan, never a fan of submission holds, tries forcing the arm of Trace up and off of his neck but to no avail, Trace merely tightens up the hold.

Mark Sanction: Dan Bennett is not particularly well versed in submission wrestling while Trace Demon has shown vast skills in that area. This could mean trouble.

MadDog: Trace has a variety of complex holds and he knows how to lock those in from any angle he chooses. Dan needs to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Trace begins pulling up on the head causing pressure in the back of the neck. Dan once again tries to get his hand in under the arm to prise the hold apart but there’s not enough room to even get his hand in there. So he decides to go a different and much more straight forward route and brings his loose arm up into the eyes of Trace Demon, raking them with force. Trace has no choice but to let go as his hands move up to his eyes from the sudden attack. Bennett rolls away but doesn’t get a chance to capitalise as referee Tommy Tickles steps in, berating him for the illegal eye rake.

Mark Sanction: An underhanded move with the finger to the eye there.

MadDog: When you’re trapped in a move like that you do whatever you can to get out, legal or not.

Trace rubs at his eye as he gets to his feet with his back turned to Dan. Bennett pushes past Tommy and goes back on the attack, slamming his forearm into the back of Trace Demon, pushing him into the ropes. Bennett drops a clubbing blow down upon the back before turning Trace around and whipping him into the far turnbuckle, Trace hitting the padding with his back. With Trace propped in the corner Bennett drives a boot into the gut. A second boot follows before Bennett pulls Trace out and pulls him into a front facelock. Hooking Trace’s arm over the head Bennett pulls back, lifting Trace up and dropping him to the mat with a snap suplex. Bennett rolls through the move so that he’s at the side of Trace Demon, rolling him onto his side and gripping the right arm and leg. With the limbs gripped tightly Bennett pushes a knee into the crux of the back.

Mark Sanction: Dan Bennett focusing on the back of Trace Demon, his preferred tactic ahead of locking in his signature submission.

MadDog: Both of these men have styles that involve working away at a specific body part.

Mark Sanction: They are very similar in work ethic and skill level. In a different time or place they could be a very dangerous team.

MadDog: I don’t think either man is thinking about that right now.

With the knee pushing into the back of the King of Demons Dan leans back and pulls on the wrist and ankle, twisting Trace around his knee. Trace lets out a small shout of pain as his back is twisted. He knows that if he lets this move go too long then he’ll be at a serious disadvantage. Not only is his back vital for balance during some of his own submission holds but he also knows from experience exactly how match ending the Ode to Rated X can be. There’s no wasted attempts at escape though. Instead Trace picks one tactic and sticks with it. Placing his free foot as flat on the mat Trace next pulls his free arm out from beneath his body and, with his palm flat on the mat, pushes up. The elevation lifts a little bit of the pain but that isn’t what the movement is for. Next Trace pushes up with his hand and foot simultaneously, the momentum lifting him up into a vertical position on Dan’s knee which brings Dan’s jaw within reach of Trace’s incoming fist. The blow hits the jaw deftly and Dan loses his grip, Trace continuing forward and all of his weight comes down on top of Bennett, pushing him back with his shoulders to the mat...


Only a one count before Bennett kicks out.

Mark Sanction: Trace Demon with a very athletic move to escape from that hold.

MadDog: From what I’ve heard of Trace’s training he is constantly practicing new escapes to every single submission hold demonstrated by an XWA wrestler.

Mark Sanction: When have you ever watched Trace train?

MadDog: Me and Trace are tight Mark. Also I wanted a chance to talk to Jasmine.

Mark Sanction: And how did that go?

MadDog: I’d rather not talk about it.

Both Trace and Dan reach their feet and lock up once again. While Dan may be expecting another side headlock Trace catches him out by shooting his leg out and delivering a kick straight to the knee of the Rated X Wonder. The sudden blow drops Bennett down to one knee as Trace runs the ropes and delivers a one footed dropkick straight to the jaw, Bennett slumping onto his mat from the blow. Trace grabs Dan by the side of the head and lifts him onto his feet before putting him in a front facelock. Before he gets the chance to hook the arm Bennett sends his fist straight into the gut, forcing the release, before bringing his arm upwards and hitting an uppercut, stunning the King of Demons.

Mark Sanction: A vicious back and forth as Bennett counters the suplex attempt with the uppercut.

MadDog: The kid’s got a point to prove not just to Trace or himself, but to Rose as well.

Mark Sanction: Speaking of Rose there has to be that thought in Dan’s head about how Trace Demon holds two victories over the former XWA Heavyweight Champion. Will he be seeing this as a bit of training for when those two inevitably clash?

MadDog: You make a good point but I don’t think Bennett will ever look at a match as preparation. He’s here to win this one.

Bennett follows up with a kick to the gut, doubling Trace over, before sending his forearm clubbing down upon the back of Trace Demon. Trace drops to one knee and Dan manoeuvres behind him, grabbing both of Trace’s arms and pulling back, once again forcing his knee into the spine with another submission hold dedicated to weakening the back. Trace, having already escaped from one hold in the past few minutes, seems a bit surprised to see Bennett once again go for a hold. Surprise doesn’t mean he hasn’t already got an escape in mind though as Trace pulls his knee forward and then drops down into a sitting position. The sudden change causes Dan to lose his grip and balance and Trace capitalises, grabbing Dan’s wrists and dropping to his back. Pulling Dan forward Trace brings his legs up so that they’re under the arms before rolling forward, pulling Bennett down to his back with Trace on top of him.

Mark Sanction: What a roll through to counter the hold! Trace in a pinning position.



The angle of the rollup means it’s a two count before Bennett can get his shoulders up and push Trace forwards and off of him.

MadDog: Only a two, but Dan has to be careful. That’s twice we’ve seen Trace turn his holds into a pinfall.

Mark Sanction: Trace does seem particularly capable today of turning offence into defence. I really think the fact that Drake Dysfunction got the International title shot and not him is getting to the King of Demons a little bit and he has something prove.

MadDog: What are you talking about? Drake has been under Trace’s wing for only two weeks and already he’s in the title picture. If anything Trace is going to be proud.

Mark Sanction: That doesn’t really sound like the Trace Demon I’ve been watching for the past year.

As Trace is pushed into the ring ropes Bennett gets to his feet and goes after him. Just like the beginning of the match though it appears that Trace was just drawing him in as he spins around and drives a boot into the mid-section. Next Trace goes low, grabbing Dan around the top of the leg and lifting him up despite the thirty pound weight difference and dropping him throat first on the top rope. Bennett bounces back off and hits the mat with a thud. Almost fluidly Trace grips the top rope and jumps up off of the bottom rope bringing his knee down upon the prone ankle of The Wonder.

MadDog: What a serious by Trace Demon. He caught Dan completely off guard with that one.

Mark Sanction: Uncharacteristically off guard. Bennett usually has a lot more ring knowledge than what we just saw.

MadDog: Can you blame him? It’s not just Trace Demon he’s worrying about. You’ve got Jasmine at ringside and Axel Demon and Drake can’t be too far away. And then there’s Rose...

It does seem like Bennett was distracted but if you asked Trace Demon if he cared you’d be able to guess the answer. Bennett grips his ankle which has just had two hundred and thirty pounds dropped upon it. Trace grabs the ankle, clearly looking for the same move again, but Bennett lashes out with his free leg and catches Trace in the jaw, the force sends Trace flying through the ropes to the outside with a crash. Jasmine DuBois rushes around the ring to check on her boyfriend while Dan shakes his ankle to get rid of the stinging pain. Knowing that he can’t give Trace any time to breath, he’s made that mistake once; he rolls under the bottom rope but finds his path to Trace blocked by Jasmine who is standing in front of Trace with her arms stretched wide.


Mark Sanction: The common underhanded tactics of Trace Demon once again shining through.

MadDog: I don’t see Trace doing anything. I only see a concerned girlfriend protecting her man.

Mark Sanction: I think you’re blinded by lust.

MadDog: Well you can’t walk.

Mark Sanction: Why does it always come back to the wheelchair?!

MadDog: It’s an easy target. And the fans love it.


With Tommy Tickles beginning his count Dan looks at Jasmine in disbelief, telling her to get out of the way. She doesn’t budge. Behind her Trace stirs, a site that Bennett spots. He reaches out and tries pushing Jasmine out of the way but she grabs his arm and tries pulling him away. Bennett proceeds to push her and she trips, falling to the floor with a thud.

MadDog: You can’t push a woman Dan! Maybe I should go see if she’s okay?

Mark Sanction: Sit right there.

MadDog: Just like...

Mark Sanction: Don’t you dare make another wheelchair joke.


Dan looks at Jasmine who isn’t moving the floor but he doesn’t show much regret. He turns back to Trace just in time to be blindsided by a forearm, Trace having reached his feet. Trace grabs Dan by the back of the head and proceeds to throw him into the steel steps, Bennett flipping over them and crashing to the padded flooring back first.


Trace kneels down beside Jasmine, checking that she’s okay. He helps her to her feet and it’s obvious that she isn’t hurt as she grins, her fall having been nothing but a distraction. Trace smirks as he looks over towards Dan, who is on his knees on the opposite side of the steps. Trace crouches down behind the ring steps, peering over them with his palms flat on the steel, a predator hunting his prey.


As Dan reaches his feet and turns Trace leaps up onto the steel steps before leaping forwards. Wrapping his arm around Dan’s head Trace goes to spin around and hit a DDT but Dan catches him in mid air and before anyone knows what’s happening Dan has spun around and dropped Trace to the padded floor with the Wonder No More!

Mark Sanction: Wonder No More! Dan Bennett just countered with the Wonder No More!

MadDog: And on the outside of the ring. If Trace didn’t already have a sore back then it damn well may be broken now.


Before a horrified Jasmine DuBois can run around to do anything Dan grabs Trace by the hair and yanks him to his feet before rolling him into the ring. Dan rolls in after and goes for the pinfall...




As Tommy Tickles’ hand rises for the third count Trace gets a shoulder up for the kick out. Bennett is a little surprised but he doesn’t dwell on it. Instead he drags Trace into the centre of the ring away from the ring ropes before throwing up two hands in an X shape.

Mark Sanction: I think Dan’s looking for the Ode to Rated X.

MadDog: Well why not. He just dropped Trace full force on his back on the outside. His back is bound to be in a lot of pain.

Lifting up Trace’s left leg Bennett grips it tightly. Trace is still out of it from the Wonder No More and doesn’t have the consciousness to realize what is about to happen. As Bennett elevates the leg he turns Trace over into a Boston crab position before lowering the knee down onto the neck of a now screaming Trace Demon.

Mark Sanction: Ode to Rated X!

MadDog: This one is over.

It would certainly look that way. Trace reaches out for the ropes but he’s smack dab in the middle of the ring. There’s no way he’s going to reach it. As Bennett leans back more pressure is put down on the spine as it is compacted beneath Bennett. Trace continues creaming as a chant of ‘tap’ begins emanating around the crowd. That chant is quickly drowned out by a massive eruption from the crowd as all eyes turn towards the stage. It’s Rose with a steel chair in hand. Bennett spots him but doesn’t release the hold, instead he leans back further.

Mark Sanction: What the hell is Rose going to do this time?

Nothing. Rose unfolds the chair and places it on the top of the ramp before sitting down.

MadDog: I think he’s just here to watch.

And watch he does. Rose watches as Trace screams in pain, his hand rising to tap. And tap he does, but the ring bell doesn’t sound. Bennett turns around, looking for Tommy Tickles. He’s got his back turned and he’s arguing with Jasmine DuBois who is standing on the ring apron. He can’t see Trace tapping. Bennett shouts something but Tommy can’t hear him over Jasmine DuBois’ screaming about something. Bennett still has his head turned when Axel Demon slides in under the bottom rope. In fact Bennett only sees Axel as his boot is coming up, catching Dan in the side of the head with a superkick. Bennett drops to the mat immediately, releasing the hold, as Axel slides under the bottom rope and high tails it through the crowd. Tommy Tickles doesn’t see any of this. He’s too busy shouting at Jasmine to leave, banning her from ringside, before turning to find both Dan Bennett and Trace Demon down on the mat.

Mark Sanction: And yet again it looks like The Cult of Tomorrow has saved Trace Demon following that superkick from Axel Demon.

MadDog: Aw, don’t make Jasmine leave Tommy!

On the ramp Rose grins and claps his hands, clearly enjoying everything he has just witnessed. Inside the ring Tommy Tickles kneels beside Dan, then moves to Trace, trying to figure out what just happened. Neither men give him an answer. Dan is out cold from the kick and Trace is holding his back in pain, having reached his limits during the Ode to Rated X. As Jasmine walks up the ramp angrily she passes by Rose. Rose says something to her and clearly it wasn’t very nice as she slaps him across the face. He grins as she continues walking backstage.

Mark Sanction: Rose and Jasmine not getting along there.

MadDog: He obviously doesn’t have my way with women.

The seconds pass as Trace crawls over to the turnbuckle, sitting down in the corner as he tries to get over the shooting pain going up his spine. Dan begins to stir as well, rolling out his front and rubbing his eyes to get rid of the stars that he’s seeing. On the stage Rose looks at an imaginary watch. He is after all a very busy man and can’t spend all his time tormenting Dan Bennett. Dan rolls back onto his back and slowly gets to his knees. In the corner Trace grips the top rope with both hands and uses it to pull himself up, although he remains leaning against the turnbuckle as he watches Dan get to his feet. Dan turns around and Trace launches out of the corner, bringing his boot up and hitting Dan with a very familiar looking superkick!

Mark Sanction: Did that look similar to the Breakdown to you?

MadDog: Guess Dan isn’t the old one who can send out a little bit of respect to Rated X.

As Dan drops straight back to the mat Trace drops on top of him going for the pinfall.




As Tommy’s hand begins to lower Dan manages to get a shoulder up. Trace looks shocked. He thought that was it. More than anything he wanted that to be it. His back’s on fire and he doesn’t know how much more he has left. Using the ropes to get to his feet he proceeds to lift Dan up as well. Trace bends Dan over and double underhooks the arms, calling out for the Demonstration of Hell. The call may be a bad move because it appears Dan has heard it as he pulls his arms away and brings his body up suddenly, sending Trace flying over the top and to the mat below back first.

Mark Sanction: Trace Demon was going for the Demonstration of Hell but Dan Bennett counters. There’s still life in him yet.

MadDog: And Trace landed straight on that back once again.

As Trace once again rolls around the ring clutching his back Dan drops to his knees. The consecutive superkicks from Axel and Trace Demon have clearly done a number on him. Powering through the pain Dan pushes himself back up onto his feet. Bennett grabs a writhing Trace by the hair and pulls him onto his feet. Taking a glance at a still sitting Rose on the ramp Dan lifts Trace up from the front and charges forwards, slamming him into the turnbuckle with the running charge. Dan releases and as Trace stumbles forwards he hits the ropes and drives into Trace’s back with a shoulder block that sends Trace face first to the mat.

Mark Sanction: Buckeye Blitz!

MadDog: Now that may have been a little bit of a message to Rose.

If that wasn’t clear enough Dan turns to face Rose once again, the two staring each other down. They don’t take their eyes off of each which means Dan doesn’t see Trace roll onto his front and pull something out of his pocket. Something red and capsule shaped. Before either Dan or Tommy Tickles’ spots it Trace throws it into his mouth.

Mark Sanction: Did you see that?

MadDog: See what?

Mark Sanction: Trace Demon just pulled something out of his pocket and put it in his mouth.

MadDog: So you’re gonna complain about a guy having some gum now? God Mark, you used to be cool.

Dan turns away from Rose and back to Trace, who has returned to laying on the mat like nothing happened. Grabbing Trace by the leg Dan pulls him back to the centre of the ring. He grabs the left leg once again. Suddenly something sprints past Rose. It’s Axel Demon. He runs to the ring and leaps up onto the ring apron but Tommy Tickles sees him before he can get any further. Tickles begins shouting at Axel to leave but the younger brother isn’t going anywhere. Inside the ring Dan looks set to apply the Ode to Rated X for a second time but Trace suddenly comes to life, grabbing Dan’s arm, pulling him close... and spitting some kind of red mist into the eyes of the Rated X Wonder.

Mark Sanction: What the hell was that?

Dan drops to his knees facing away from Trace, trying to rub the burning substance out of his eyes. Tommy Tickles is still too distracted by Axel Demon to notice what is going on.

Mark Sanction: Trace Demon just sprayed some kind of mist into the eyes of Dan Bennett. That has to be illegal.

MadDog: Whose gonna call it? Tommy didn’t see a thing.

Trace slowly gets onto his feet as Dan Bennett continues rubbing his eyes, the red mist burning his eyes. Trace slowly sneaks up behind Dan and grabs his one arm in a half nelson. Pulling Dan away from the rope Trace wraps his other arm across the throat of the still blinded Bennett and grips his own wrist before dropping backwards and wrapping in a body scissors. Axel Demon drops from the ring apron and begins walking to the back, leaving Tommy Tickles to turn around to see Dan locked in the half-nelson choke.

MadDog: That’s a choke hold!

Mark Sanction: Trace Demon has Dan Bennett locked in what appears to be a half-nelson choke hold. And Bennett still can’t see so he has no way of getting out.

It’s true. Bennett’s free hand flails wildly but he can’t do anything as Trace cuts the carotid artery off, cutting any air from reaching Bennett’s lungs. Bennett tries shouting but he can’t. Trace tightens the grip and the life seems to face from the Rated X Wonder as Rose stands up on the stage, interested in seeing where this is going.

Mark Sanction: Dan Bennett has no way of escaping this. He can’t see or breathe and he is nowhere near the ropes. What’s more the body scissors is restricting any movement he could make.

MadDog: I can’t see Bennett making it this time.

The free arm continues flailing but a few more seconds and it lowers, then drops to the mat. He’s unconscious. He can’t even tap. Tommy Tickles reluctantly lifts the arm and watches it drop. A second time he lifts the arm and it drops to the mat with a thud.

Mark Sanction: If Dan Bennett’s arm drops a third time this match is over.

The arm is lifted.

MadDog: Come on Dan!

The release.

Mark Sanction: This is it...

The drop. Tommy Tickles calls for the bell.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Hana Ramierez: And your winner... the King of Demons... Trace Demon!

‘Destabilize’ hits the speaks but Trace doesn’t release the choke immediately. From the stage Rose shakes his head and walks backstage, leaving the set up chair there as a reminder that he was watching for when Bennett eventually wakes up. Inside the ring Tommy Tickles demands that the choke be released and Trace eventually complies, pushing the unconscious Dan Bennett to the side and rising to his feet. He holds his back for a moment, a reminder of the punishment he took in this match, before lifting his arm. In the background Tickles checks on Bennett.

Mark Sanction: Trace Demon with another huge victory here but it once again came with assistance from the Cult of Tomorrow and that red mist.

MadDog: A victories a victory though Mark, and this one was certainly big.

Trace Demon exits the ring and approaches a cameraman. He gets up close to the camera so his voice can be heard before making the choking manoeuvre with his hand.

Trace Demon: And that is what happens... when you get stuck in ‘Paradise Lost’.

Paradise Lost. The name of the choke that felled Dan Bennett. Tonight those are the words people will remember as Trace Demon walks up the ramp leaving an unconscious Dan Bennett lying in the ring.
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Re: Massacra: AIWFX

Postby Dan » Fri Dec 09, 2011 9:05 pm

Great job, Trace. There is no way I can compete with this match in the time I have left. Love it. I'm actually really sad that I couldn't compete with it, it'd have been a great match.
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Re: Massacra: AIWFX - Trace Demon vs. Dan Bennett

Postby Tempest » Sat Dec 10, 2011 3:09 pm

Seriously good job, Trace. Better and better all the time. I love how far this character has come...I see good things in his future, especially with the clean slate starting in the New Year.
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Re: Massacra: AIWFX - Trace Demon vs. Dan Bennett

Postby MadDog » Sun Dec 11, 2011 3:26 pm

Great Match... I liked it...

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