Massacre: End of Show

Matches that occurred on our bi-weekly Massacre show!
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Massacre: End of Show

Postby Rob » Sun Jan 01, 2012 7:44 pm

(The sound of digging can be heard as the scene opens up to a rainy day in the middle of a Scottish winter. The difference between a rainy day in summer, compared to that of a winter’s night in the highlands can be seen in the replacement of the pitter patter sound to that of a howling banshee as the storm rips through the night. The camera pans down as we can now see the shovel going into the ground. It sharply enters the dirt and rips out the soil from its natural place. The camera zooms out a little, just enough to see that a huge hole is being dug. To be more accurate, “huge” means human size. Whoever is digging breathes hard, fighting against the elements as water fills his hole which now resembles a bath. A voice can be heard over the top of the scene but it is not clear who it is as voice effect is obviously in play)

“Never forgive, never forget. Do it once and do it right. You reap what you sow.”

(This confusing jumble of sayings is followed by on screen the shovel being dropped. Then the camera cuts to an above shot where again the person cannot be seen but a more horrific sight grabs the viewers attention as there is lying on the ground the shape of a human being...wrapped in blankets... Ready to be buried. The body is dragged across the ground with ease by whoever the man is and it is apparent that he is in shape)

“The world often says that people take things too far. They say enough is enough. Enough though is a word that a person might say only if that person lived in the civilized world. A world full of movies and television and fair play and decent restraint. But I no longer live there. He didn’t live there either. A stolen identity and running another mans name into the mud meant nothing to him. Ruining another mans career and reputation. Keeping him chained up in a basement while others watched on and did not notice. He had been like a chameleon. Able to fit into any social situation. But he made one mistake... He let me live... I live in a world where you don’t start fights but you sure as hell finish them, and you don’t lose them either, wisdom says the best way to lose them was to assume they were over when they weren’t yet. This was the second mistake he made.”

(The birds eye view continues as the man kicks the body into the whole like it was garbage. He stands above it looking down and then begins to fill the hole. The same, monotonous pace, in and this time down spreading the earth as the storm continues, splashing the camera with rain. The dirt is thrown on top of the body and mud quickly begins to form over the blanket)

“A whole year and no one even noticed that he was not me. No matter. He is now gone. It took me this long to find him again and then deal with him. Stephan King once said death is a mystery and burial is a secret. The irony in that statement does not escape me. The differences between him and me are obvious but the similarities are striking. Being related does that. Brothers. I was never comfortable with that label in the first place and now that he is gone I feel relieved. The main difference between us was that I’m not afraid of death. Death is afraid of me.”

(Now the man drops the shovel as the body is completely gone and covered. He spits on the grave. A final insult. The camera suddenly shows two intense eyes and zooms out to show the full face. Satine X stands over the grave with his arms outward like he is the messiah)


"Albert Einstein once said the world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. It all makes sense now. Legends 2012 I come for my revenge. Happy New Year and may it be the last for those who stood by and did nothing. The Mayans had it right. 2012. The world ends"


(Satine picks up a cross that we not notice he has and places it in the ground to mark where is brother has been burried. Satine stares blankly in to the distance with his arms out being battered by the rain as the scene cuts out and returns to the commentators who sit looking absolutely flabbergasted as the show comes to an end)

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