Kaos: The dream come true?

Matches that occurred on our 2010 Xmas Kaos Pay Per View!
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Kaos: The dream come true?

Postby thefan » Thu Dec 30, 2010 4:59 am

Hmmm? Oh hey there fanfans, I didn't see you there
Come in, come in, don't be shy, you caught me unaware
Please forgive the mess, my locker room's a state
Twas the janitor's closet, could do with an update
But hey don't worry, after tonight things are gonna change
After I sign my contract I'll start to re-arrange
Twill finally be official, I'll be one of the gang
A full fledged Eggswah Supastah.... can you believe it? DANG!
I'll finally realise the dream, I'll get to make a living
Of taking on the very best... though not without misgiving

I mean, don't get me wrong, this is everything I've sought
it's.. well... wow the moment's hit me harder than I thought

Scorpion: His narrative annoyed me, but this ryming is outragious
Sanction: And worst of all, I suspect that it could be contagious!

It's just last minute nerves I'm sure, no doubt to be expected
But being inside the ring is more than my tv screen projected
From the safety of my home where I had my career planned
Or mapping out my strategies from the popcorn stand
To think I had such innocence, boy was I naive
And now that I've been through it I still cannot believe
That being on the other side, it seemed just like a game
Until I heard ten thousand like me, chanting out my name
And then i hear the bell ring, and i know I can't turn back
As I stare into the eyes of one so great as Diamond Jack

The rest of course, you've seen it, I'll let the details pass
Suffice i think it's fair to say he handed me my ass
But still I'm here, I'm in one piece, yeah, I survived that fight
Though a nagging thought is "will i be so lucky every night?"

Please fanfans, don't think bad of me, it's not that I am scared
There's... just things to consider... I've got to be prepared
Is this really what i want? Is this my destiny?
Can I give you fanfans back what you invest in me?
If you have any thoughts of course; I want them to be known
For after all you are my driving force; cannot do this alone
Or maybe I will let it all come down to hand of fate
If I seize the oppourtunity or if I hesitate
If I don't feel strong enough; I'll read it as a sign
If my hand stops shaking long enough; I'll sign the dotted line

You're confused by my stress; This much is apparant
I guess I should confess; That I'm not always so transparent
This may leave you shocked; for I've not mentioned it before
Despite the fourth wall being unlocked; there still remains one door
That leads to my sub-conscience; And that door remains cemented
Forbidding correspondance; for fear of driving you demented
For my Rose-tinted Utopia; in the absence of the light
Gives way to my phobia;... and well... I had that dream... again... last night...

[to be continued... no tags]
may it be a lesson to us all :(
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XWA Hall of Famer
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Re: Kaos: The dream come true?

Postby thefan » Sun Jan 02, 2011 5:43 am

They say that life's a journey, or so I've heard them preach
The destination that we're yearning lies far beyond our reach
So I just keep on walking though I do not know the way
For if the end is never coming, than I cannot go astray
Least that's what I tell myself as I continue in my stride
The scenery's breath-taking so I'll just enjoy the ride
And it takes me deep into the woods, in the midst of Fall
Every shade from lushious green to fiery red, I see them all
And though scientists have claimed that we dream in black and white
If they viewed this from my REM they'd see that that ain't right

And the green is warm and welcoming and keeps me snug in bed
The last remnants of the summer, of the life 'til now I've led
But I take the green for granted and don't notice leaves that shed
For I'm easily distracted by the orange and the red
That are usually warnings but I look at them instead
As the colors of the passion for the dream that lies ahead

And therefore I continue on this pleasurable stroll
Mother Nature's beauty telling me I'm on a roll
Her leaves, a velvet carpet, on this path to my goal
Until I come across a sign which reads "TO PASS HERE PAY A TOLL"

I read it once and then again and thinking "this is strange"
Then I shrug my shoulders, asking my wife for loose change

I lay the coins beside the sign, crudely carved by knife
And boldy I walk on to the next chapter of my life
When I turn to thank the missus for bailing me from strife
I'm talking to the wilderness... where the hell's my wife?

I'd complain to Baz and Chaz and Daz, but they're nowhere to be seen
And that's when I first notice that the trees have lost their green
I call out for my kids, I shout out "Hola... Amigos?"
The sound it travels eerily, reverberating echos
And the other oranges and the yellows and the reds have lond since faded
And the energy that spurred me on diminishes... I'm jaded

But the dream it has not left me, the effects are risidual
It's just I never realised it was so individual
I thought it was a dream to share, least that's how I planned it
We started with our in-house fights and one day we'd expand it
But now I see that point of view may be somewhat slanted
The fact that they would share my dream I guess I took for granted

But that's ok, I know in life some things we do alone
And as if in responce to me I hear a painful groan
Followed by a melancholic creaking sound
And then a sharp and sudden crack, a thump upon the ground
I side-stepped just in time, though I still felt the wind
Of the mighty tree now fallen which would have had me pinned

Through habit I then bless myself and get down on my knees
Whilst surveying potential danger from the other trees
And then to my dismay I see the ones that still stand tall
Are twisted, knarled and ugly and have no leaves at all
I touch the one beside me and though grateful I survived
I mourne the loss of Autumn now that Winter has arrived

The sun has all but disappeared, watery and pail
The trees are waving limbs at me, so vicious yet so frail
The sounds they make could be mistaken for the Banshee's Wail
The wildlife is in slumber deep, oblivious to my tale

And so I am left on my own, alone to count the cost
Of heeding so-called words of wisdom from a man like Frost
For a poet is a pain drenched soul and so I wonder why
That I followed in his footsteps on the road less traveled by
And I wonder if he e'er looked back, what on earth would he say
To justify the pain caused by his misleading cliche

And if I wondered lonely as a cloud o'er dale and hill
My faith stored in romantic words I'd sure be wondering still
For a road that leads to nowhere seems to always lead uphill
But I'm stubborn and I'll walk and crawl and climb and limp until

I find that promised garden where the dream within us grows
Fertilized with pixie-dust and magic light that glows
And all those things in fairytales beyond the reach of those
Who box themselves within four walls, never to suppose
That there's a world beyond reality, of which no-one knows
'Cept the poets and the dreamers who have veins within which flows
Blood that boils with passion whilst the world around them froze
To melt the lake of cynicism caused by Average Joes
Who shy away from heat and light because they know it shows
That we can blossom in this garden, WE CAN be the Rose

And with these words I tell my self "go where the path takes ya
Travel it until the end, to Heaven, Hell or Eggswah"
And henceforth I propel myself with my self delusion
To trudge on through the lonliness, the cold and the confusion

Until I can longer fool myslef, no more can I fake it
With no living witness to my will, Nature's free to break it
Her arsenal of elements, I can no longer take it
I'm all alone and vulnerable, and dammit, now I'm naked

For flowing nigh in front of me I came upon a stream
I stared in hope that it would cast reflection of my dream
And at once I seen the moment that it would fall apart
For the only clothing on me was the toy belt from Wal-Mart
My reflection is a hologram, wavering and weightless
The centerpiece, that chaep and nasty replica of greatness

Dejected I stared downward, watched the current shimmer
By chance I happend then to notice something cause a glimmer
Redirecting the pail sunlight right into my eyes
And the feeling of salvation when I remembered with surprise
That the only other garment that is permanently there
My last link to God's mercy dangling from my neck... my Prayer
I clasp my hands around my throat, hoping my nerves to settle
Oh the horror of discovering it's just a piece of metal
There's no stock in adornments, a lesson now twice learned
For the metal was so cold to touch it almost fricking burned

"Lord hast thou abandoned me?" I hollered to the skies
In answer I received a melody of piercing cries
The crows seemed quite Satanic as they circled overhead
And when one swooped towards me, my insides filled with dread
As he perched upon my shoulder to scream into my ear
My common sense translated "CAW!" to "GOD'S NOT WELCOME HERE!"
The urgency inside his calls could not be more emphatic
The message though not verbalised was clearly telepathic
I tried to close my mind but then my skull began to pound
For how can one defend against words which have no sound?
And his eyes bore dark reflection of this barren panorama
Devoid of color and of life yet somehow filled with Drama
And if it's true that eyes are simply gateways to the souls
The horror was what was not there in those empty black holes

Yet I could not break the gaze of that souless bird
For in his eyes I could read his story word for word
Every last injustice and every cruel turn
The things this landscape did to him made my stomach churn
But the most petrifying chapter would be in which I learn
That the very things that lured him here are the same as which I yearn

And so i am left reeling and my heart is pounding fast
"Are you the g-g-ghost of Eggswah's future or the ghost of Eggswah's past?"

"CAW" he shrieked with malice in a message sent to me
"What's done is done and set in stone as is what's meant to be"

"Dammit bird don't fuck with me, tell me what I saw...
was it your past or my destiny?" but all he said was CAW! CAW! CAW!
And so I scream in terror of the path that lies ahead
And it takes a while to recognize the shape of my own bed
And grateful to have returned from that awful place
I still tremble as I wipe the sweat and tears from my face
And as I shiver from the cold in my sweat-drenched pajama
I pray "deliver me from evil Lord, and lead me not... to Drama"

may it be a lesson to us all :(

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