Xmas Kaos: Who's the real contender?

Matches that occurred on our 2010 Xmas Kaos Pay Per View!
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Xmas Kaos: Who's the real contender?

Postby Dysfunctional » Wed Dec 22, 2010 4:42 am

*We cut to the back where we can see Sarah Michaels holding an XWA microphone.*

Sarah Michaels: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time: Drake Dysfunction!

*Fans start booing at the mention of the name "Drake Dysfunction." As soon as the man comes into view, the boos get even louder!*

Mark Sanction: Well definitely no love shown for Drake Dysfunction here tonight.

Jordan "Scorpion" Michaels: Ya think?

Sarah Michaels: So Drake, tonight you're in action against one-half of the XS. Your thoughts?

Drake Dysfunction: Well, Sarah, I'm kinda feelin' bad for Lil' Novak, y'know? See, he came out to the ring right after Sabbath roughed up The Fan and was really hoping on "teaching Legion a lesson" by challenging Jack Mercy and Shaun Raine in a Caged Carnage Match!

Sarah Michaels: Oh?

Drake Dysfunction: Uh huh! But get this: Rich Maxwell wasn't down with that and now Chris has to face me in #1 Contender's Match for the HardCore Championship! Want to know how we got this match?

Sarah Michaels: Enlighten me.

Drake Dysfunction: Well, Rich Maxwell says....and I quote: "These two have really impressed me lately." Now how often do you get that from the boss? I mean, this guy is something else! He really recognizes talent when he sees it, doesn't he?

Sarah Michaels: So you're saying that Chris Novak is a talented wrestler?

Drake Dysfunction: Now hold on a second! When I said that he recognizes talent when he sees it, I was talking about myself. Novak hasn't won a match yet!

Sarah Michaels: What about HardCore Halloween?

Drake Dysfunction: What about it?

Sarah Michaels: Well, the XS won their match against the team of Kasey Kody & Utah Joe. Unlike yourself, they actually came out with a win.

Crowd: OH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drake Dysfunction: Excuse me?

Sarah Michaels: I mean, no disrespect to you. I'm just saying that he won that night, so he deserves more credit than what you're giving him.

Crowd (in disappointment): AWWWW!

*Drake thinks about it for a moment.*

Drake Dysfunction: You know what? You're probably right. I mean, he DID actually win his match that night, and I was just part of a plan to get Trace Demon into the Legion. But yeah, his match was waayyy better than that moment!

*That last line had a little sarcasm tied to it. The fans don't care though because they "agree" with him in a way.*

Drake Dysfunction: Anyway, back to what we were talking about before. So yeah, this match almost didn't happen because Novak and Delonge wanted Mercy and Raine in a Caged Carnage Match!

*He stops and chuckles for a bit causing fans to respond in more booing.*

Drake Dysfunction: Really, Chris? Caged Carnage? Really, bud, have you lost it? Here's how I see it: You want to prove yourself to Rose so bad that you'd actually be that stupid by putting yourself in danger like that. And it's alright! I mean, the Legion would certainly LOVE to beat the shit out of you and Lil' Joey there! Tonight, though....tonight is where we stand, Chris. Tonight you get your chance to shut one out of the, I don't know, 28 of us up as you look to face your good ol' buddy Angelus in the future!

*The fans literally erupt at the mention of the HardCore Champion's name.*

Drake Dysfunction: Now, if I'm not mistaken, this is what you've wanted since you came through the doors of the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance! All that you've wanted all along was a shot at that one championship! You've been wanting to show these fans and the boys in the locker room that you're the definition of hardcore! That you're the most dangerous man that this roster has! But that hasn't been working out, has it, Chris? See, tonight might possibly be your only chance to actually prove yourself worthy of being in an XWA ring! However, the only person standing in your way....the only person keeping you from getting a championship match is, well, ME: "The Demolitionist" Drake Dysfunction! Tonight, Novak, I'm going to once again become the #1 Contender for the HardCore Championship, then I'm going to go and beat Angelus for the belt, doing what you will never be able to do: Be the XWA HardCore Champion!

*After that proclamation, Drake leaves Sarah to herself.*

Sarah Michaels: Thank you for your time, I guess....


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