Kaos: Earlier today

Matches that occurred on our 2010 Xmas Kaos Pay Per View!
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Kaos: Earlier today

Postby Danger Liam » Mon Dec 20, 2010 6:59 pm

XWA Xmas Koas kicks off before the pyros and the opening package plays of a scene shot earlier in the day. Outside the US Airways center, a black BMW pulls up and stops for a moment before the door flies open and Danger Liam steps out. The Dangerous One looks noticeable worse for ware with a bandage around his head after the vicious attack from Hazard at last weeks Anniversary show. Cubes takes a few steps with a noticeable limb before being met out of the car by Sarah.

The two make there way into the arena and through the corridor walking past a few XWA superstars who all look at the couple with some what of a stand offish look still unsure as to where the Dangerous One’s true loyalties lye.

They continue through the halls until they spot the Danger Mans locker room but something in front of it stops the two dead in their tracks. Cubes looks off camera for a moment before the shadow of Angeuls and eventually the man himself steps into frame.

Danger Liam:
What do you want True Blood?

Angelus lets out the very very slightest chuckle … ah whom we kidding that’s probably just how he breaths when he’s pissed off.

Angelus: I just wanted to talk to you to make sure your not gonna try and pull any shit tonight?

The Dangerous One is about to come out with that I’m sure is some kind of amazingly witty retort when instead his wife steps forward to answer the big man.

Sarah: Hold on a second there Twilight where do you get of questioning anyone who has gone through what Liam went through last week. He went out to that ring and explained exactly what he had done and proved that he did if for the XWA and then when he got attacked in the back by that psychotic teenage fuckhole where were you?

Where was ANYONE to help … every one of you XWA “loyalists” just left him there for this to happen and now he’s bandaged up limping and the doctors are saying he shou…

Danger Liam: Wow, wow Sarah calm it down! For one teenage? Who’s a teenage … it’s not important, she’s right though Ang it’s all well and good you getting in my face and shite’n on about me proving myself but all you had to do was watch last week to know where I stand.

But you know what I get why you didn’t help, I get why none of you helped … for some reason there is that small part of all of you who genuinely fear the legion. Well I’ll tell you what I was part of the legion for a few months so take it from me the Legion are falling apart at the seems, no matter what image they try and portray they are nothing more then men on ego trips who all want to be the head of that group and that is there weakness.

So either come in here and we can work on our strategy for tonight or continue to be a dick and I’ll see you out there later on tonight.

Cubes looks at Ang for a moment before the giant of a man lets out a huff and barges his way past the couple and out of shot. Liam looks back at him as he leaves before he and Sarah head into there locker room.

Danger Liam:
So hold on who’s a teenager?

Sarah: Hazard! He’s 18 have you paid no attention?

Danger Liam: Eighteen? How the fuck does an 18 year old end up looking like a haggard 30 year old … the fucker looks older than me he must have lead a well hard life.

The two continue this conversation as they head into the locker room and the opening video for XWA Xmas Kaos plays.

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