There will be BLOOD

Matches that occurred on our 2010 Xmas Kaos Pay Per View!
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There will be BLOOD

Postby Dysfunctional » Thu Dec 16, 2010 10:46 pm

*--Creed is pacing the backstage area, muttering to himself. This area he's in is dark, but we can make out the silhouette-like figure that is Creed. Creed seems to be mumbling some words and we can't really make out what he's saying, but it sounds weird.--*

Creed: Gotta put a stop to this.... Gotta put a stop to this! Legion must win at Christmas Kaos... Legion WILL win! Legion are MANY!

*--OK, maybe we CAN make out what he's saying! Creed then starts to laugh hysterically with a hint of wheezing. He suddenly cuts his laugh short, looking dead at the camera now.--*

XWA.... You are foolish to face us. You are foolish to stop us from our plan. You think that success is what you will see when Christmas time comes?

*--His dark, sadistic voice is something a little kid is afraid of hearing (imagine Dark Reign's voice) as he continues on.--*

Heh, I promise you this, XWA: You will see something, but it will not be success. No. Oh no no no no! *--Laughs again... Then stops.--* You will see BLOOD! The very thing that allows your heart to pump your breath into your very lungs will be shed in that ring. Your precious fans won't be able to recognize you after the Legion finishes with you! No, you will not be recognized.... Just covered in your own blood from head to TOE!

*--Just then, the lights in that area come on. The bright light shows the Legionnaire clearly now and the view is just horrible. Creed can be seen stepping away from the camera 'till his entire body is shown. The man is literally covered in blood from head to toe. He looks up to the ceiling slowly, raising his hands up simultaneously, showing us his signature taunt for the first time as he starts laughing. We fade to black, hearing echoes of the man's laughing.--*


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