LOTR: HC Championship - Danger Liam vs Vestal

Matches that occurred on our 2010 Lord of the Ring Pay Per View!
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LOTR: HC Championship - Danger Liam vs Vestal

Postby Tempest » Sat Aug 21, 2010 6:34 pm

LIVE! from Madison Square Garden in New York City!

XWA HardCore Championship


Danger Liam vs Vestal

The Human Rubik's Cube faces his toughest Championship challenge to date when The One Man Army with a Shovel, Vestal, comes calling, looking to claim his first title shot in years! But has the V-Man bitten off more than He can chew this time?


The LOTR Schedule:
Sat. August 21 - Card Posted
Fri. August 27 - {2nd Round Deadline}
Sun. August 29 - {2nd Round Voting Ends}
Mon. August 30 - {LOTR Final Match Announced}
Sun. September 5 - Match Deadline for Show
Tues. September 7 - Voting Ends
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Re: LOTR: HC Championship - Danger Liam vs Vestal

Postby Colin » Fri Aug 27, 2010 1:08 am

The lights in the arena dim and a purple hue lights up the stage...Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit starts to play...

Keri Thames: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the XWA Hardcore championship...introducing first the challenger, from Montreal Quebec, weighing in at three hundred and forty pounds, standing six feet ten inches...Vestal!

It's just one of those days
When ya don't wanna wake up
Everything is fucked, everybody sucks.
You don't really know why
But you wanna justify rippin' someone's head off
No human contact
And if you interact your life is on contract
Your best bet is to stay away mother fucker!
It's just one of those days!

Sanction: Vestal must be happy, his first singles match back and he has a title shot...

Pain: I bet he is...

Sanction: Must be nice to be spoon-fed back into the XWA...

Pain: A hardcore match is not being spoon-fed...

Purple pyros go off as 'Break Stuff' continues to blare out loudly...as the pyros die down the silhouette of Vestal's figure is seen behind the smoke...the smokescreen is magically sucked into the stage revealing Vestal wearing his trademark purple shorts and purple boots. He is also wearing a purple vest and by turning around pointing to his back it reveals 'The Legion is taking over' written on the back.

Sanction: It is disgusting how he was all against the Legion and look at him now...I really thought Vestal was loyal to the XWA...

Pain: I do have to agree with you on that but I kinda understand why he sold out, Tempest was ignoring his help...

Vestal has made his way to the bottom of the rampway, ignoring the fans hands...he swipes a DGX sign from a fan which cause an uproar...

Sanction: Now there was no need for that...

The sign reads 'Lord DGX will whoop Rose's ass and Vestal's too!!!' Vestal simply shakes his head...

Pain: I think that fan has got it wrong...

Vestal rips the sign into many pieces and tosses it in the air...the crowd boos him loudly and some DGX chants can be heard. Vestal just grins then flips the bird to the fans, causing the boos to get louder...

Sanction: That was not called for, that poor fan put an effort into that sign, an epression...

Pain: Oh shut-up, that was an insult to our champion...

Sanction: I don't think Vestal really cares about Rose, he just didnt like the fact that a fan thinks DGX will whoop him...

Vestal is now on the apron, he removes his vest and lets it drop onto the floor, he pulls down the top rope and steps over it...he jogs to the middle and throws his arms up in the air...the crowd boos Vestal which puts a huge smile on his face...

Pain: I think Vestal will still have it...Tempest taunted him into this and he was told that he is to blame for what happens...

Sanction: But why did Tempest put his enemy in a match for the title?

Pain: Uh it is a hardcore match against our hardcore champion, that is punishment don't you think?

Sanction: I suppose...

Vestal has got the mic in his hand, the music stops blaring and the boos still ring throughout the arena...

Vestal: Tempest...I suppose you think you are funny putting me in a hardcore match, it is kinda funny...

Vestal chuckles then gets serious...

Vestal: Liam you have a choice after I beat you tonight...you are either gonna join up with the Legion or take something far worst than any of your hardcore matches...and Liam I do not care about your little belt, I care about making examples....examples of why you should join the Legion!

Vestal tosses the mic at Keri, who catches it with both hands...'A Box Full Of Sharp Objects' blares all out around the arena as purple spotlights shine around the crowd.

Keri Thames: And his opponent ... hailing from Coseley, England. He weighs in at two-hundred and twenty-six pounds and stands six feet two inches tall. He is the XWA HARDCORE CHAMPION, 'The Human Rubik's Cube' DANGER LIAAAMMM!!!

As they come to a rest they are pointed right at the top of the rampway as the Dangerous One strolls out onto the stage with the XWA HardCore title hanging between his legs, followed closely by Sarah. With a smug look on his face he checks over the XWA crowd before starting down the ramp way. As Cubes gets to Ringside he is quick up the steps and into the ring while Sarah waits at ringside looking in at him. He climbs to the second rope, throws back his arms before turning and looking down at Vestal, he flips off his challenger which gets a cheap pop..

Pain: That might have been the dumbest thing I've seen in a long time...

Sanction: I think the Legion got their answer...dumb or not!

Liam jumps down from the rope careful not to turn his back on Vestal, who is just standing there with a smile on his face...Liam passes off the title to the referee who then holds it up in the air...

Pain: Liam must be wondering why he keeps having to face Legion members...

Liam takes his eyes off of Vestal for a brief moment to look up at his title...giving Vestal enough time to drop him with a big boot to the chin...crowd boos...Vestal stands over Liam with a smug look, grinning...

Sanction: Vestal with a cheap shot!

Liam is holding his face, Vestal is reaching down to grab Liam...Liam is quick to react with a foot right between Vestal's legs, the crowd pops as Vestal staggers back holding his crotch, Liam is up and shakes off the earlier shot...he quickly runs to Vestal, grabbing his arm attempting to Irish whip the big man...Vestal takes two steps forward then quickly reverses taking Liam over the ropes...Liam lands on the apron...

Pain: Liam with a cheap shot of his own...

Vestal reaches through the ropes to grab Liam but is met with a stiff kick to the face, Vestal steps back then shakes it off...goes to grab Liam who is now standing on the apron, Liam grabs Vestal by the top of his head...jumping off the apron...Vestal blocks and pushes Liam...giving Liam more momentum towards the floor...he hits the mat on the outside with a thud, a chorus of boos are now heard...

Sanction: I don't think Vestal is used to this...long time since he faced a quick guy like Liam...

Vestal slides under the bottom rope to the floor...he walks over to Liam and stomps on his chest a couple of times for good measure before switching his attention to finding something under the ring...he wstes no time in pulling out a folded steel chair...he stands up, unfolds the chair into a seating position...

Pain: Vestal is wasting no time in getting hardcore...

Vestal pulls Liam up by the hair guiding him to the chair, he forces Liam to take a seat then holds his face...

Vestal: This is Tempest's fault...you remember that!

Vestal pushes Liam's face nearly knocking him off the chair, Vestal then pushes an offical off their chair, grabs the chair, folding it...he looks at Liam as he raises the chair over his head...he slams it down, Liam drops off the chair as the other chair swings down...CLANG! Vestal looks irritated with that miss and is not quick enough to get the chair up again, Liam has grabbed Vestal by the ankles pulling his feet from under him...

Sanction: Liam gets out of the way in time...

Liam is quick to his feet, Vestal pushes the chair away...Liam mounts Vestal's chest and starts to let punches loose...Vestal overpowers him and throws him a good five feet away, Vestal starts to sit up and is met with a dropkick to the chest...putting Vestal on his back...Liam grabs the chair, moves quickly...striking Vestal in the chest once...leaving the chair on the big man's chest...

Sanction: Liam is now showing Vestal that speed matters too...

Liam runs over to the steps, he sprints up the steps, along the apron and springs off the apron crashing down with a careles legdrop on the chair...the crowd pops as Liam rolls off Vestal, holding his leg as Vestal hugs his chest...

Pain: This is Tempest's fault...he is to blame for this...

Liam is up, limping a little...he stomps on Vestal...trying to keep him down...Liam begins to look under the ring for another weapon...Vestal is starting to get up, Liam pulls out a bag, he shows off the bag to the crowd to a huge cheer...Liam turns around a meets big clothesline from Vestal, Liam hits the floor hard as the bag takes flight and lands several feet away...Vestal now looks pissed...

Pain: I think Liam has woke the sleeping giant...

Vestal grabs Liam by the throat and forces him up onto his feet, his grasp is clearly putting a strain on Liam's breathing as the champ tries to fight off the grip...Vestal pulls him in close then lifts him off the ground a few inches and then slams him hard up against the barrier, Liam holds his back and starts to get up, Vestal lifts his foot up and kicks the champ in the gut then drops an elbow across his back, Liam hits the floor face first...Vestal continues his assault with stiff kicks to the lower back...

Sanction: Vestal is now on the attack, Vestal with his power is sure to do some damage to Liam...

Vestal looks at the bag Liam had retrieved and quickly retrieves it for himself...he opens the bag, looks inside and smiles...from ear to ear...the crowd boos as Vestal picks out one thumbtack, observing it as if he were looking for germs then stabs the tack into his own chest...

Pain: What the hell? Why would you do something like that to yourself?

Vestal then begins to spill the tacks over the floor, a shiney tack mat...Vestal grabs a handful and bangs them up over his chest...few sticking into his flesh most of them dropping on the floor, Vestal grabs another handful and pushes them up against his forehead...again some sticking but most falling to the floor...Vestal now has a crazed look on his face, he stalks a crawling Liam...grabs him by the pants...

Sanction: Vestal is pushing the meaning of crazy...why would you hurt yourself like that?

Pain: I don't think it is hurting him...

Vestal shoves Liam's head between his legs, Vestal pulls him up over his head, Liam strikes back and starts to pound on Vestal's forehead...knocking the few remaining tacks off his head...Liam slides over Vestal's shoulder, lands on his feet...Liam grabs the chair and is not quick enough to swing it...Vestal drives the chair into Liam's face...sending Liam onto his back, the chair flying...

Sanction: Liam is not getting much chance for an offense against Vestal, each attempt gets blocked by Vestal's power...

Liam slowly gets to his feet, Vestal kicks down on his back, keeping the smaller man down by sheer might, Liam doesnt give up trying and keeps moving on his stomach...Vestal grabs Liam by the arms and drags him back towards the tacks, Vestal grabs a handful of Liam's hair pulling his head up, slaps him with his free hand then pushes his face into the bed of tacks...Liam wriggles as Vestal pushes and pulls his face across the tacks...several sticking into Liam's face...cheek, temple and forehead...Vestal releases Liam's head and gets up onto his feet...

Pain: Vestal is showing no mercy to the champion and seems intent on proving he is the hardcore king...

Liam wipes his face of the tacks, clearly in some pain...Vestal has got the chair, he strikes Liam twice in the back...stopping Liam's attempt to remove the tacks...Vestal unfolds the chair, sliding Liam's head between the chair...the crowd begins to boo...Vestal stands up, huge smile on his face...he places his foot on the back of the chair...pushing down causes Liam to squirm...then stomps it once sending Liam rolling, chair flying...Liam can be heard cursing...

Sanction: Liam is hurting but he keeps moving...

Pain: That could be his biggest mistake, Vestal is like a tiger...Liam is lke his prey and as long as Liam keeps moving, Vestal is going to keep hitting him...

Vestal has started to pull up the floor mat, revealing the concrete floor...he rips the mat away, dropping it on top of the next mat...he walks slowly to Liam, pausing...looking down at him...Vestal becomes distracted as Sarah is screaming at Vestal for his attention...

Sanction: Sarah best stay out of Vestal's way...he will not hesitate in harming her too...

Pain: He is not a wife-beater...

Sanction: Close enough...

Vestal stops stalking Liam and starts walking towards Sarah. She backs up away from him then trips over the ring steps, she crawls backwards as Vestal stalks her now...an evil glare in his eye...

Sanction: Oh come on...don't hurt her!

Vestal grabs her by the hair and easily pulls her up to her feet, she is screaming...as if Liam got an energy boost, jumps up, runs towards Vestal, leaps on the ringsteps, launching himself into the back of Vestal...Sarah is released, Vestal goes stumbling forward...Liam is up and quickly onto the apron, Vestal turns and Liam hurls his body into Vestal's sending the two into the ring barrier...the crowd cheers...

Pain: The power of a woman...it is amazing what it can do...

Just then...

Liam stands up, a curious look on his face...Sarah looks up the rampway and onto the stage comes the XWA's orignal bitch...Amazon. She starts to walk quickly down the ramp, pointing at Sarah...Sarah seeing that Amazon is bigger starts to backoff...Liam steps in her way to block the path...

Sanction: That's Vestal's sister...Amazon, I had no idea she was in the building tonight...

Pain: That is also the widow of Martin Hart...

Liam gets a knee in the nuts for his troubles, Amazon wastes no time runs down Sarah and a one sided cat fight breaks out...Vestal is up, he starts back after Liam...as he reaches for Liam's shoulder, Liam reacts with an elbow shot to Vestal's chin totally catching him off guard...Vestal staggers backwards...Liam launches at Vestal with a spinning lariat...sending Vestal up against the ringpost...

Sanction: Liam has got Vestal stunned, he has got to take advantage...

Liam is up and stops his assault as he sees Amazon dragging Sarah up the rampway...however he turns and strikes Vestal in the mid section with his leg, he pushes Vestal up against the ringpost...he backs up about eight to nine feet then runs at Vestal...hitting a modified Danger Paver...Liam swings in under the bottom rope as Vestal drops to the floor...

Pain: Oh no this isnt looking good for Vestal...

Liam springs up onto the top rope, Vestal is slowly getting to his feet...Liam waits...waits...Vestal turns and Liam launches off the top turnbuckle...Vestal reacts quickly and grabs Liam into a bearhug...he spins around then moves backwards releasing Liam into an overhead belly to belly suplex...sending Liam onto the concrete...the crowd is now booing loudly as Liam's body doesnt move...

Sanction: Oh my god...that cant be good for Liam...

Vestal is slow to his feet, looks over and sees Liam is out of it...he smiles and walks around to the announcers side of the ring, he goes down under the ring and pulls out...a five foot board...armed with three inch nails...he pushes the nailboard into the ring...

Pain: That is not meant to touch any part of the human body...

Sanction: I thought the XWA outlawed certain weapons...

Vestal picks up Liam and rolls him under the bottom rope, sliding in under behind him...standing up he drags Liam by one arm to the centre of the ring...he grabs the board and drops it down next to Liam...he now pulls up Liam...the crowd now erupts into cheers, Vestal not noticing the change in the fans reaction as he scoops up Liam onto his shoulder...

Pain: It's Tempest!

Sanction: The boss is here!

Tempest slides in under the bottom rope, scurries behind Vestal picking up the board...Vestal turns and is about to run and notices the board is missing...as his face clues in...Tempest has struck like lightning...driving the board into Vestal's back...causing the big man to roar like a wounded gorilla...he drops Liam...

Pain: Blame it on Tempest!

Vestal turns into a diving Tempest...who drives the board into Vestal's face and upper body...sending the big man down like a giant oak tree...Tempest pushes the board off of Vestal and is in his face...

Tempest: You want a war! You got one! It's on! IT'S ON!

The crowd now reacts with warning signs as Jack Hazard and Raine are running down the rampway...Tempest is quick to meet them and a two on one assault on the owner of the XWA is happening as Diamond Jack Sabbath appears at the top of the ramp in his wheelchair...Amy pushing it...

Pain: This is chaos...the Legion is here!

Liam is slow up to his feet, he sees Vestal is down...he slowly makes his way to the corner...he starts to climb the turnbuckle...Tempest has fought off the challenge of the two Legion members with chairs and he is now stalking DJS on the rampway...

Sanction: Tempest is taking this whole Legion thing into his own hands...

As Liam reaches the top rope...Mongrol and Mutt jump over the ringside barrier...Mutt is on the apron in view of Liam, distracting him...and Mongrol shoves Liam off the top into the ring...Tempest is near DJS when out of the back steps the MadDog and John McMahon in tow...this halts Tempest in his tracks...DJS smiles and waves at Tempest then points at the ring...Tempest turns and sees the now four on one assault of Liam...

Pain: It appears as though the Legion has grown in numbers...

Sanction: Liam is getting assaulted bad...

Drake now appears alongside DJS, Amy, the MadDog and John McMahon...Tempest is cursing himself as he is caught between two evils...

Pain: Vestal is getting up now...he is a bloody mess...

Liam is thrown into a waiting Vestal, he scoops Liam up onto his shoulders...faces directly at Tempest and hits the Vestalizer...Liams body goes limp, Vestal leans over and the ref has no choice but to count...




The bell rings signaling the end of the match...Tempest is major pissed but is stuck between the Legion...

Keri Thames: Here is your winner and new XWA Hardcore champion...Vestal!!!

The crowd boos as a bloodied Vestal is handed the strap, he quickly tosses it at Jack Hazard...who grins like a kid in a candy store...Vestal is demanding the mic...and it is quickly passed to him by Raine...

Vestal: TEMPEST! You wanted a war and you got one...now I see you got yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place...I suggest you leave Tempest...this is the Legion's time...time to get him boys...

Raine, Mongrol and Mutt start to advance on Tempest as does the MadDog and Drake from the top of the ramp...Tempest is now frantically looking back and forth...thinking maybe this wasnt a smart idea...

Vestal: Whats the matter Mikey? No Angelus to save you? I hear he got tied up with something else haha

Tempest makes a break for it over the barrier and into the crowd, he is furious with himself as he makes his way through the crowd to safety...

Vestal: Now that the trash has left...that belt now belongs to the Legion and it is now offically the Legion's world championship...and Jack it is all yours, it is only fair that you have one since your brother doesnt like to share...

Jack is ecstatic being crowned a world champion...the Legion with the exception if DJS are in the ring, Amy refusing to push him down...Mongrol has a bodybag...Mutt is standing over Liam...

Vestal: Now Liam you have a choice to make...you are either gonna be smart and stop fighting the numbers game and join the Legion or next week you fate will be zipped up in that bodybag...you got one week Liam...

DJS and Amy are still in arguement...DJS gets huffy and starts to wheel himself...Amy suprises the crowd and grabs the chair and starts to wheel it fast down the rampway, DJS screaming at her...she lets go and DJS goes crashing into the ring, tumbling out of the chair...Raine is quick to the aid of DJS...

Vestal: What was that for?

Amy wipes her hands and starts back up the ramp...DJS is screaming at her Raine puts him back in his chair...

Vestal: Now as I was saying before this...Liam you have a choice...Tempest the war is on...and dont think the Legion is stopping because DJS is injured...cause it aint. Now stuff his ass in there boys!

Mongrol and Mutt have put Liam's body in the bodybag and have all but zipped it up...his face showing...Jack Hazard taunts him...

Vestal: Now now Jack lets be gentlemen...you are the world champion now so you need to be classy...and Tempest tick tock tick tock...your time is running out!

All the Legion members celebrate in the ring, Jack Hazard gets pats on the back as he proudly wears his new title...Vestal is the first to exit the ring and is seen speaking with DJS and Raine. The catches a shot of a seething Tempest in the stands as the show goes to a preview of the Main Event
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Re: LOTR: HC Championship - Danger Liam vs Vestal

Postby Danger Liam » Fri Sep 03, 2010 9:00 am

We open XWA Lord of the Ring, right at the top of the card with Keri Thames stood in the middle of the ring ready to start the XWA HardCore title match.

It's just one of those days
When ya don't wanna wake up
Everything is fucked, everybody sucks.
You don't really know why
But you wanna justify rippin' someone's head off...

Keri Thames: Ladies and Gents the following contest to be contested under HardCore rules and is for the XWA HARDCORE title. Introducing first the challenger ...

Purple pyros go off as 'Break Stuff' continues to blare out loudly...as the pyros die down the silhouette of Vestal's figure is seen behind the smoke...the smokescreen is magically sucked into the stage revealing a serious looking Vestal wearing his trademark purple tights and dark purple boots, his trademark shovel in his right hand...

Keri Thames: ... Representing the LEGION ...

Vestal grabs a fans sign that reads "Legions in control now" Vestal acknowedges this with a nod and hands back the fan his sign...

Keri Thames: ... he is VESTAAALLL!!!

Vestal is already in the ring, keeping a firm grip on the shovel as the XWA crowd await the Dangerous One.

Keri Thames: and his opponent ...

'A Box Full Of Sharp Objects' rains over the arena as purple spotlights shine around the crowd. As they come to a rest they are pointed right at the top of the rampway as the Dangerous One strolls out onto the stage with the XWA HardCore title hanging between his legs, followed closely by a very disinterested Sarah. With a smug look on his face he checks over the XWA crowd before starting down the ramp way (of course stopping to check out any totty in the front row, much to the disgust of his manager). As cubes gets to Ringside he is quick up the steps and into the ring while Sarah waits at ringside looking in at him. He climbs to the second rope and throws back his arms before spotting the 'Legions in control now' sign in the crowd and flipping off the fan holding it before shouting 'I'm Better Than You and dropping back down into the ring ready for action.

Keri Thames: Hailing from Coseley, England. He stands six feet two inches tall and weighs in at two-hundred and twenty-six pounds. He is the XWA HARDCORE CHAMPION 'The Human Rubik's Cube' DANGER LIAAAMMM!!!

As soon as Cubes drops to the canvas Vestal takes a swing with the shovel but luckily Liam manages to smash a kick into the gut of Legions powerhouse talk show host. The Purple Wonder rock big V with a few stiff shots to the head and tries for a whip but Vestal quickly spins him around and drills him with a huge knee to the mid-section.

J. Pain: Straight away Vestal is on the advantage, this is gonna be a hard one for the Dangerous One.

Mark Sanction: Are you singing Legions praises?

J. Pain: Am I balls? I just don't see much of a chance for Liam here ... I wanna know why Tempest has gone out of his way to make his life so hard.

Mark Sanction: Of course blame Tempest ay?

Straight away Vestal hoist Liam onto his shoulder for some kind of reverse DVD but luckily the Danger Man manages to wriggle free. He springs off the ropes and ducks a clothesline then on the rebound ducks a second before catching Vestal at the ropes and sending him flipping out to the arena floor. Quickly looking for an advantage Cubes shouts out at Sarah who quickly slides him in a chair. The Purple Warrior sets up the chair near the ropes then charges at it leaping from the chair over the top ropes and crashing down atop Vestal.

Mark Sanction: I guess that's what Liam needs to do to have a chance here.

J. Pain: Yeah as long as he attacks in different ways he should be able to catch Vestal of guard.

Vestal is quickly back up to his feet Cubes has to club shot after shot into the back of his huge opponent and with V still a little rocked the Purple Warrior slams his head into the steel steps. Vestal however hardly reacts to this as he is able to throw back a few elbows to the gut before taking Cubes by the hair and tossing him into the barricade.

Mark Sanction: Well I guess that wasn't enough.

J. Pain: Don't worry I'm sure Liam will find some way of stopping Vestal ... and then the rest of the Legion.

Mark Sanction: You say that as if he is the XWAs only hope.

J. Pain: Well he has had there number so far Mark.

Vestal pulls Liam from the barricade before tossing him at it again but this time sending the Hardcore champion into the crowd. With the Danger Man crawling away Vestal climbs over too and goes on the chase. Vestal hits Liam with a few more shots as Cubes keeps trying to get away, the two men continue out through the crowd and in the end Vestal manages to take control of the match as he clubs the Purple Wonder to the ground before dragging him by the hair towards the backstage area then slamming him into a fire door that sends him into a backstage corridor.

J. Pain: This has quickly spilled out of control.

Vestal still in firm control of the Dangerous One tosses him into a steel shutter which bounces back from before falling to the ground. With Liam down Vestal starts to look around him for something to use to destroy the Hardcore champion. In the end he find a table that is set up in the corridor and carries it over to Cubes. While he is setting the table back up however the Purple Menace manages to get back to his feet and go on the attack once more.

J. Pain: Come on Liam you got this.

Mark Sanction: This is shocking your level of pure bias.

Cubes tires in vain to get an advantage but Vestal as good as brushes aside his attacks to simply slam him into yet another wall. Vestal pulls out another table and sets it up next to the table that he had just set up. This time as the Dangerous One gets up he really gives his all as he attacks Vestal. He crashes Vestals head into the wall before pushing him onto the tables and throwing fist after fist to keep him there. Liam quickly looks around and spots a few support grudgers behind him and the table. Cubes quickly scurries up the steel then dives from them crashing through Vestal and the tables with a massive elbow drop.

J. Pain: Holy FUCK! that was insane.

Mark Sanction: I he's quick that might just do it for the Dangerous One.

Both men lay in the wreckage of the tables for a good while before even starting to move. Cubes eventually manages to crawl into a cover ...


Liam just can't catch a break though when as soon as he gets back to his feet Vestal is right back on the attack. The Purple Menace tries to lift Vestal for a suplex but it clearly goes no where. Vestal then lifts Liam from the ground before tossing simply dropping him out on the hard concert floor.

Mark Sanction: Liam is going to get broken here ... someone needs to get this stopped. There just isn't a reason for this.

J. Pain: Blame Tempest Mark blame Tempest.

The Dangerous One starts to crawl away from Vestal back toward the arena, in a way Vestal looks down in a way torturing the Danger Man as he watches and lets him excerpt his energy crawling away. As Cubes crawls through the door Vestal has had enough of watching him tough as he scrapes the Flamboyant Champion from the floor. With a hand full of hair again Vestal tosses Cubes into a bunch of chairs clearing out fans in the process. Lying in the carnage of the steel chairs the camera pans in on the pain in Liams face before Vestal reaches in again rag dolling him to his feet by the hair.

J. Pain: Come on, people paid for those seats! Legion have gone to far!

Mark Sanction: What? Moving a few chairs is going to far. Seriously John most of the time you make NO sense.

The Purple Menace rakes Vestals eyes before trying to run back to the ring, he is unfortunately caught before he reaches the barricade however and this gives Vestal opportunity to hoist Liam into the air and crotch his right on the steel barricade in front of the XWA faithful who let out a noticeable groan.

Mark Sanction: Well that was uncalled for.

A clubbing right sends the HardCore champion toppling back to ringside but at this point he looks pretty out of this match. Vestal tosses Liam back into the ring before going under the ring and pulling out two steel chairs. Vestal tosses the first into the ring then slides in himself. The big man takes the chair he has in hand and begins to wedge it into the corner of the ring. With his back to the Dangerous One however Liam is able to squirm to his feet, he sets up the chair Vestal threw in behind big V before grabbing the chair that was already in the ring and standing waiting for Vestal to turn around.

J. Pain: Bit of tunnel vision from Vestal here this might cost him.

As Vestal finally gets the chair wedged and turns around he is met by the Danger Man flying through the air as he leaps from the set up chair dropkick the chair in his hand into Vestal who finally drops but only to his knees. As Vestal gets back to a vertical base Liam springs from the ropes hitting a clothesline but Vestal still stands firm. So Cubes tries again to spring from the ropes but this time runs into a sick BIG BOOT. Vestal then takes one of the chair that now litter the ring and places it down over the face of Liam he then grabs hold of his shovel and lines up to bring this match to an end. Vestal holds the shovel high in the air then slams he head of the shovel down into the chair and in turn into the face of the HardCore champion.

Mark Sanction: It's Over!

J. Pain: Even I think I have to agree with you Mark.

Vestal laughs to himself as he kicks away the chair and dawdles into the cover.


Vestal looks shocked as he shouts at Jen for a slow count (He may have a case) but he doesn't let this break his stride. Instead Vestal places the chair again over the Danger Mans chest then bounces form the ropes. He leaps looking to simply sit out on the chair but at the very last moment Cubes turns the chair onto its edge crutching his giant opponent.

J. Pain: Go on LIAM! Time for your come back kid!

Mark Sanction: Kid? He's like 30?

Liam keeps the chair in hand as he gets to his feet, he locks on to Vestal and takes a full 180 swing denting the steel over his challengers skull. Big V somehow still only drops to a knee and then turns back to Cubes who has no choice but to take a second sick swing finally felling his tree like opponent. Without skipping a beat Liam then dives onto the cover.


Cubes slams his hands down in frustration before rolling out of the ring and going searching under the ring. It takes him a while but in the end the Danger Man pulls from under the ring a trusted Ladder. He quickly slides the ladder into the ring and sets it up near the corner of the ring. The Purple Wonder then makes his way up the turnbuckles stepping over onto the ladder but he is met by Vestal on the other side of the steel. The Purple Menace throws a few clubbing shots and receives a few for his troubles but then manages to knock Vestal from the ladder.

Mark Sanction: This match has already run longer that I thought it would.

Liam then climbs around the ladder and looks down at his challenger leaping and hitting his Rubik's 360. Cubes has to clutch at his legs from the pain of the fall but eventually manages to crawl to another cover.


The Purple Warrior sits up holding his head in dismay, he can hardly believe that that didn't work. Liam grabs hold of Vestal as he gets back up and tries again to lift him this time for his Ego Dent but he can hardly get Vestal off the ground. To get Cubes off him big V hits a few forearm smashes before hooking in Liam and drilling him dead centre of the ring with a simple but effective Powerbomb which he follows with a cover.


Mark Sanction: I get that she's on Liams books but I wouldn't be slow counting Vestal if I was her.

J. Pain: She's fighting the XWA cause Mark at least unlike some she has a bit of backbone.

Vestal screams at Jen but still wont let this get into his head, Vestal picks up Cubes and whips him towards the chair in the corner, Liam however manages to leap out of the way diving back over Vestal who crashes himself into the chair as he was going for a shoulder block. As the chair is flying into the crowd The Purple Warrior school boys Vestal for another cover.


J. Pain: So close there!

Liam leaps up pushing over the ladder in a rage before shouting at Jen Cubes kicks and stomps at his downed challenger before climbing up to the top rope. Before he even gets there however before he can really get his footing he is knocked down by Vestal. The Legion enforcer climbs from the ring and himself goes under the ring pulling out a table. He climbs into the ring and sets up the table as Liam is still writing around in pain in the corner of the ring. Vestal pulls the HardCore champion from the canvas and drags him to the table lying him across it.

Mark Sanction: What is Vestal trying here?

J. Pain: Bit out of character but I think he may be going high risk here Mark.

Vestal slowly makes his way up the turnbuckles but this time it is the Danger Man that manages to stop any attack. He knocks down Vestal who ends up sat atop the ropes. Looking for anything that can finally stop this match Cubes climbs up to the second rope he goes for a hurricarana but Vestal proves to strong as he pulls Liam back up before crashing him through the table.

J. Pain: NO!

Mark Sanction: Just give it up Liam live to fight another day.

In the wreckage of the table Vestal looks down at the champion with a sick grin on his face. He waits as Cubes struggles to his then wraps his hand around the champions throat.

Mark Sanction: Here we go the end of another title reign for the Dangerous One.

Seconds before getting Chokeslammed Cubes throws his foot wildly catching Vestal right in the 'Brothers' before using all his energy to hook in the big man and spin out with the Rubik's Twist driving Big V's head into the ladder. The XWA crowd explode as Liam hooks the leg for the cover and the ...


J. Pain: What the hell? Liam had this match won what is happening?

Mark Sanction: What ever it is I don't think it's gonna end well for Liam.

The arena is pitch black for a moment and when the lights come back on Vestal is out from underneath Cubes but more importantly Raine is stood high up atop the ropes.

J. Pain: This is BULLSHIT! What the fuck is Raine doing out here?

Before the Danger Man knows what is happening he feels the full wrath of Raine as he soars through the sky landing on Liams ribs with the Hailstorm. Vestal rolls back into the ring and helps Raine lift the near lifeless body of the Purple Menace to the top rope just so that Raine can drop him back to the canvas with the Rainedrop.

Mark Sanction: Come on someone needs to come and stop this!

J. Pain: The match should at least be thrown out ... No DQ or not you can't have two on one.

Before Pain even finishes that sentence 'Lights Out (Spor Remix)' booms over the arena and Jack Hazard comes storming from backstage out to the ring.

Mark Sanction: And three on one is just a joke.

J. Pain: Legion are simply proving that it takes them working in a group to beat one man ... nothing special about that at all.

Hazard slides into the ring and readies himself next to the prone body of Liam but before he can lift him from the ground a voice booms out over the arena.

Diamond Jack Sabbath: Wait! Wait!

Up on the ramp the Legion leader arrives with a mic in hand he continues to shout wait as he walks down and climbs into the ring.

Diamond Jack Sabbath: Step back boys, step back, now Jack I know you want to end his career for what he did to you a few weeks back but I got a slightly better idea. Last week Tempest and Angelus ran their mouths about how the XWA was waging a war against the Legion and so the way I see it it's time for everyone to start picking there side. Now like it or not this guy has put up quite a showing in his first few weeks here in the XWA so I say we offer him first dips on a spot with the group that will soon run this company.

Sabbath motions for Vestal to lift Liam and the big man effortlessly drags him up from the ground and forces a mic into his mouth.

Diamond Jack Sabbath: What do you say then Liam how about you end all this silly one man crusade bullshit and just join us.

Danger Liam: NEVER!

Diamond Jack Sabbath: Wrong answer!

Vestal slams Liam to the ground and like vultures him Raine and Hazard begin to stomp and kick at the Purple Warrior until DJS again steps in to beckon of his pack of dogs.

Diamond Jack Sabbath: You see Liam here's what your not getting this match that your in isn't actually over yet. It would be easy for Vestal here to put a foot over your chest and win himself the HardCore title but I'm offering you the chance to keep that gold and all you have to do is JOIN US! Come on Liam just make the right choice.

Don't you get it Cubes? I mean yeah you've gone out of your way to come at us week after week after week and where has it got you? You are a decorated veteran of this industry, you've been world champion like 5 or 6 times right? Yet old Tempy is having you start the card ... fuck this may as well have been a dark match. They don't respect you Liam they don't get that it's guys like you that paved the way for them to do what there doing so why not show them where they went wrong and just JOIN US!

Vestal holds the mic in the face of the destroyed Dangerous One who looks up at Sabbath before slowly letting out his answer.

Danger Liam: NE ... VE .. R!

Sabbath simply shakes his head as Vestal tosses the champion to Raine who locks him in his sick choke. Cubes trashes in pain before being let go and left face down on the canvas.

Diamond Jack Sabbath: You know Liam I kinda admire your resolve but come on this just isn't smart. Why are you trying so desperately to defend this company a company that is overlooking you at every opportunity, I mean I don't see you in the Lord of the Ring tourney yet guys like DGX and Alex Sean and Angelus 4 guys who haven't wrestled here for like 3 or 4 months they just get slotted right into those places, it's a damn shame it really is, that your gonna let them walk all over you. Just get it over with, Vestal pin him.

Vestal flips over the champion and goes for the cover but Jen refuses to get down and make the count. It takes a moment for DJS to understand what is happening but when he does he locks eyes on the Dangerous Ones personal referee.

Diamond Jack Sabbath: What the hell do you think you are doing?

Before giving her a chance to answer he grabs Jen by the back of the head and forces her to the canvas.

Diamond Jack Sabbath: Do your fucking Job and COUNT!

Near tears Jen makes the count.


Diamond Jack Sabbath: One last chance Liam, join us or we'll take your title, we'll end your career and ...

With that we hear a sick scream as on the outside of the ring Hazard has Sarah by the scruff of the neck and he forcers her into position for the BioHazard.

Diamond Jack Sabbath: ... and Liam if you don't join Legion we'll hurt your women so what's your choice.

The camera pans in on the face of the HardCore champion as he looks over at Jen who has a single tear rolling down here cheek and then over at his ex-wife who will be crippled if Hazard has his way. Vestal again forces the mic into the face of Liam as Jack asks him one more time.

Diamond Jack Sabbath: What will it be then Liam are you with us or against us?

A silent moment passes.

Danger Liam: I'm in.

The crowd fall silent as Vestal drops the mic and drags Liam to his feet.

Diamond Jack Sabbath: You made the right choice ... but lets make it official.

Sabbath motions towards the stage as Brother Drake makes his way down to the ring with the Legion brand in hand along with a blow torch. Drake hands over the items to Sabbath before grabbing hold of Liam. Vestal and Drake hold an arm each keeping Liam on his feet as Sabbath heats up the end of the brand. As the brand begins to burn red hot Sabbath laughs sickeningly to himself before driving it into the right shoulder of the Dangerous One who lets out a disgusting scream before passing out from the pain. Vestal and Drake drop the Dangerous One in the middle of the ring as Hazard tosses Sarah to the ground outside and Legion make there way out of the arena.

Keri Thames: I guess your winner by forfeit ... .Danger Liam.

Sarah slides into the ring and tries to check on Cubes as XWA Lord Of the Ring cuts to the back.
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Re: LOTR: HC Championship - Danger Liam vs Vestal

Postby DarkSabre » Mon Sep 06, 2010 8:38 pm

What a title match, just as I would expect to see.

We had two very intense matches this week, both with quite surprising twists at the end; but in the end, only one can win. With both matches neck and neck as far as the match writing itself, it came down to simply which ending shocked me more. The ending that did so and therefore getting my vote this week (as much as I hate seeing yet another Legionnaire):

Danger Liam
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Re: LOTR: HC Championship - Danger Liam vs Vestal

Postby ThePerfect1 » Mon Sep 06, 2010 9:03 pm

I agree with Hutton, both matches were tremendous. But it came down to the endings and Danger's I didn't see coming.

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Re: LOTR: HC Championship - Danger Liam vs Vestal

Postby Novak84 » Mon Sep 06, 2010 11:57 pm

Holy crap, I thought Vestal would have this one, But Liam just pulled it to a level head, But the ending for me took it, So against all that my Char stands for my vote goes for Safe Lame, Sorry Danger Liam :stongue: .

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Re: LOTR: HC Championship - Danger Liam vs Vestal

Postby Tempest » Tue Sep 07, 2010 12:18 pm

Excellent matches, both of you. Its easy to see why Vestal was so feared back in the day, eh? Liam's obviously not the only dangerous one in this matchup. However, gotta love that swerve at the end of the match. Nicely done, Liam.
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Re: LOTR: HC Championship - Danger Liam vs Vestal

Postby Colin » Tue Sep 07, 2010 5:11 pm

As Tempest had pointed out regarding Trace's promo, DJS is supposed to have hurt/broke his leg. I do like your match, I wasnt actually aware you were joining I was just putting it out there in my match, other than the fact that DJS font at the end is really hard to read and he is walking, good match Liam.

Is this the only match where we need to vote?
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Re: LOTR: HC Championship - Danger Liam vs Vestal

Postby Danger Liam » Tue Sep 07, 2010 6:29 pm

Vestal wrote:As Tempest had pointed out regarding Trace's promo, DJS is supposed to have hurt/broke his leg. I do like your match, I wasnt actually aware you were joining I was just putting it out there in my match, other than the fact that DJS font at the end is really hard to read and he is walking, good match Liam.

Is this the only match where we need to vote?

I did have to go back in and tweak the match after i found out about DJS and that is why i wrote it was if it was the first thing happening in the night (so it would happen before DJS got hurt) not sure if it came across though. But thanks it was quite a good laugh writing my way into Legion
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Re: LOTR: HC Championship - Danger Liam vs Vestal

Postby Angelus » Tue Sep 07, 2010 7:20 pm

Vote: Liam.

I think Liam showed once again why he is one of the best new comers here and that it's time to really stop thinking of him as such.

V: Brutal as usual, you have a great way of writing violence, the body bag ending was brutal.
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