LOTR: Royal Court Match - Rose vs Angelus vs DGX

Matches that occurred on our 2010 Lord of the Ring Pay Per View!
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LOTR: Royal Court Match - Rose vs Angelus vs DGX

Postby Tempest » Sat Aug 21, 2010 6:32 pm

LIVE! from Madison Square Garden in New York City!

The Main Event
Lord of the Ring: Royal Court Match!


XWA Champion: Rose vs Angelus vs DGX

Four men entered the Semi-Finals at the start of the show, Alex Sean, Angelus, DGX and the #1 Contender, Hutton Brown. But only two men could advance, and after two spectacularly violent confrontations, the finalists have been revealed: Angelus and DGX! These two warriors now move on to the final round, the Royal Court! A steel cage surrounds the ring and in the center of the ring stands a 15' ladder. High above the ring hangs a pouch, inside of which is a specially designed, one-of-a-kind XWA signet ring. The winner of the match is the man to escape the ring with the ring in hand! The man who claims the title, Lord of the Ring gets to pick the time and place of his XWA Title shot...unless, of course, he's already the XWA Champion. If Rose wins, he gets to pick his opponent for the next PPV AND the stipulations for that match.


The LOTR Schedule:
Sat. August 21 - Card Posted
Fri. August 27 - {2nd Round Deadline}
Sun. August 29 - {2nd Round Voting Ends}
Mon. August 30 - {LOTR Final Match Announced}
Sun. September 5 - Match Deadline for Show
Tues. September 7 - Voting Ends
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Re: LOTR: Royal Court Match - Rose vs Angelus vs DGX

Postby DGX » Mon Sep 06, 2010 1:55 am

Sanction: It’s now time for the main event of Lord of the Ring, the Royal Court match!

Pain: Yeah, our grand king, brave champion, philanthropist of wrestling and pioneer sportsman himself Rose will face a beefed up Monster with the IQ of a cracker and a deranged broken down has been with head trauma! Rose wins this easy!

Sanction: I think you and Rose will both find tonight will be ANYTHING but easy. There, hanging fifteen feet above the ring is the satchel containing the ring. A wooden ladder has been set up in the middle of the ring already here and once all three participants enter…the twenty foot blackened steel cage will be lowered. It is made of a bar style not chain link, this match is going to be very unforgiving!

Prong's 'Snap Your Fingers Snap Your Neck' plods through the PA system, gradually building up. The fans are already showing their disgust at the prospect of being abused by the arrogant competitor before Rose even steps through the curtain. When he steps out as the lyrics kick, their depreciation is only further fuelled, and Rose is loving every second of it.

Pain: Breaking from convention here comes our glorious champion Sanction! The reason he’s out first? He IS the King, he will welcome that big goof and that petty wannabe to HIS Court!

Sanction: I have to ask, are you on Rose’s payroll? Or is there something ELSE happening here…

Rose begins his descent down the ramp keeping a look out for an ambush. Rose suddenly speeds up and heads to the side, to the guard rail. He shouts in the face of a fan, who yells back, causing Rose to laugh tauntingly, and daring the fan to jump the rail and come and get himself a piece of him. Rose makes a "screw you" gesture with his arms, before continuing down the ramp.

Sanction: There’s your “pioneer sportsman” Pain, taunting and disrespecting the people who afford him and us our salaries.

Pain: Aw screw them! They can never hope to be one tenth the man Rose is! They’ll pay to see him just because he’s better than they are! And they hope to pathetically live vicariously through him!

He reaches the ring and Rose skips up the steps climbing through the ropes. Rose hops up onto the middle ropes of the turnbuckle. He slowly raises his arms and holds them high above his head. The fans boo with all of their hearts as Rose shouts along with the lyrics, "Snap your fingers, snap your neck!" He laughs again before jumping down and starting a last minute warmup. His music shuts off as the crowd rustles restlessly in anticipation. However a torrent of negativity rivaling that of Rose descends throughout the world’s most famous arena as…


The opening to Big Pun - Beware bursts from the speakers as the entire arena falls into completely blackness, illuminated only by the random flashes of the crowd camera. The opening to Deftone’s - My Own Summer begins to play as spot and strobe lights flash all over the entry way. The spot lights in the middle of the stage begin to intensify as a figure begins to rise out from the floor. As the behemoth figure gets higher the strobe lights double their time. Just as the rising stage gets flush with the floor the music hits the chorus “Shove it! Shove it! Shooooove it asiiiiiiide!” Angelus raises both hands and lets rip with an animalistic roar as he steps off the platform with the lights following him down the rampway. Rose wisely vacates the ring as Angelus approaches and gets into the ring, laughing and mocking as he taunts the fans of New York as well!

Sanction: Angelus obviously not that well liked here as well, it might be the one match Rose is in where he’s not the most hated man!

Pain: As well he shouldn’t be! Our great and benevolent champion is a God amongst men, he should be treated with nothing short of adoration and reverence!

Sanction: Well that answered my next question, which one of you is the girl…

Pain: Shut your mouth Sanction before I shut it for ya!

The crowd murmurs excitedly as “My Own Summer” shuts off, the mystery gone, one warrior left to enter the battlefield and far and away the “People’s Choice” for this evenings main event! The murmur builds into a progressively louder ovation as chants break out all over MSG!

Crowd: D-G-X!! D-G-X!! D-G-X!! D-G-X!! D-G-X!! D-G-X!! D-G-X!! D-G-X!!

Pain: Oh brother, I can’t believe that…

Pain’s next pointless complaint and much of the soft rhythmic opening drum beats to Kanye West’s “Amazing” is lost to the thundering ovation from the fans in MSG that shake the building! Rose looks around in disgust as he holds a finger to his lips with an annoyed look on his face as he tries to silence the adulation and indifferent Angelus just smiles his deranged grin knowing full well this is part and parcel with DGX. Emerging from the back is DGX as he acknowledges the fans holding his arms out to the sides before turning on his heel and sinking into his classic double biceps pose, his body vibrating with the energy of the fans!

Sanction: And there he is! I have never heard an ovation as we are hearing here and now in Madison Square Garden Pain!

Pain: Why are these people so into this washup?! Can’t they see Rose is the future?!

Sanction: I think these people are into seeing DGX get his hands on Rose tonight…

DGX turns and fast walks to the ring, his gaze focuses on absolutely nothing and no one but Rose. And Rose paces and shifts uncomfortably outside the ring as DGX rounds the bend not getting in the ring and going straight for Rose, whom recognizing this makes a beeline into the ring backing off! DGX stands outside a moment by where Rose was moments before, and then turns and moves one of the ring personnel out of their seat and throws the chair into the ring! DGX turn walks over and grabs the world championship belt from the time keeper and looks at it a long moment, knowing it’s not on the ling in this match before he tosses it into the ring as well!

Pain: Hey what is this now?!

DGX moves over and lifts the ring apron and reaches under pulling out another ladder, this one steel and shoves it into the ring! He again goes under the ring and finds a trash can with some kendo sticks in it (perhaps among other things) and throws the whole lot into the ring! Referee Jack Tickles is unsure what to do here given the nature of the match and opts to let it go and DGX pulls out and throws in another ladder before he pulls out and throws in a table! Finally with the ring filling up DGX retreats beneath the ring once more and comes up bearing an old favorite, the sledgehammer! The crowd erupts as DGX gets into the ring and is instantly confronted by Jack Tickles not going to allow this to go QUITE that far! Tickles takes the sledge from DGX and retreats to the outside as the steel cage structure lowers from the ceiling! Rose flees the ring and is standing on the outside as Tickles argues with him to get in as DGX and Angelus meanwhile get nose to nose in the middle of the ring.

Angelus: Nice toys…

DGX: I figured if anyone would appreciate them you would.

Angelus: You’re really not at all worried about being in here with me are you?

DGX: You beat someone as many times as I’ve beaten you, you learn not to worry about it.

Angelus looses a short demonic belly laugh.

Angelus: That’s DGX for ya, too stupid to realize things change.

DGX: I’ve always found the more things change the more they stay the same A, and you…you’re a book I’ve read a billion times. You’re about as mysterious to me as a blocked toilet is to a plumber. Meanwhile looks like it’s just you and me starting out, little Rose is too afraid to come out and play….

As Angelus and DGX face off and talk their smack Rose slithers into the ring just before the cage lowers completely. With the cage down and all three participants in the ring Jack Tickles on the outside rings the bell and the other officials gather, one for each side of the ring more or less as this first ever Royal Court match is underway! Angelus and DGX continue to jaw as Rose walks up between them…

Rose: Neither of you losers is winning this match! You hear me?! I am!!

Angelus and DGX seem deeply absorbed in their banter. Rose looks to be getting the tiniest bit frustrated with the scenario! He shoves Angelus and DGX each with one of his arms as he bursts out again!

Rose: OI! I’m the world champion! Pay attention when I speak!!!

Unfortunately Rose quickly realizes his error in how he handled this particular situation as DGX and Angelus almost as one being turn their heads in stereo to look at him.

Sanction: Uh oh…

Pain: Rose, that may in retrospect not have been your greatest of moves…

DGX and Angelus both surge forward and clobber Rose to the mat with a double clothesline! Rose is knocked down but gets back up running right into a right hand from the Monster! Glaze descending over his eyes Rose turns only for DGX to cross his eyes with another right hand! Angelus straightens the champion up with a firm European uppercut next and as he turns around, at this point spinning like a top DGX gets some air and knocks Rose to the match with a flash enziguri to the back of the head!

Sanction: Rose getting knocked around the ring like a pinball early here!

Pain: This stinks! This is total BS! These two losers are double teaming our great champion!

Sanction: Well, to be fair Pain, Rose DID want both of their attentions…

DGX gets up and pulls Rose up by his head as with a horrible snarl on his face DGX takes a short start to get momentum and hurls Rose headlong into the wooden ladder in the middle of the ring knocking it over! Angelus meanwhile has helped himself to the trash can DGX threw in and dumped its contents to the mat, kendo sticks, a police issue nightstick, a satchel tied at the top, and a road sign! He flashes a big grin and as DGX turns around blasts him in the head with the trash can denting it!

Sanction: It appears that alliance was short lived!

Pain: Thank God! Now get him Angelus! Knock that degenerate into the next millennium!

Angelus wastes little time as DGX gets back to his feet taking hold of the crowd favorite by the throat and lifting him into the air holding him aloft choking him! After a few moments of this Angelus walks around the ring for a short bit and finds one of the two steel ladders DGX earlier introduced into the ring and chucks the degenerate down back first onto the ladder with a choke toss!

Pain: Yes!

Sanction: Angelus getting nasty early here, I think your happiness with him is about to end Pain…he’s got a chair and his eye is now on Rose!

Angelus swings looking to nail Rose in the back with the steel weapon however the wily champion gets his wits about him enough to sense it and roll out of the way! The strength behind the chair shot sends Angelus spinning one eighty and Rose is up and leaps grabbing Angelus’ broad shoulders and pulling him back into the back stabber as was once known via Carlito!

Pain: Rose has superior instincts to Angelus! And he’s much smarter than he is Sanction! You see right there, avoids the shot and counter attacks! That’s why he’s the champ and why he’s the future Lord of the Ring!

Rose gets up and puts the boots to Angelus, staying on the man whom at the moment he deems the bigger threat in the match! Angelus gets up not overly bothered by Rose’s shots to his massive frame and Rose quickly kicks Angelus in the knee a moment to distract him before moving in and swiftly peeling off a complete shot bouncing Angelus’ face off the steel chair he was swinging moments ago! Rose gets up a moment and looks up to see the satchel holding the ring hanging peaceful above the physical confrontation happening beneath it before he turns his attention to looking around the ring for a ladder to setup as Angelus starts to stir and DGX is just to the ropes trying to work his way up!

Pain: See if this is a normal match, I think this one is already over! Our great champion would have pinned Angelus following that great move onto the chair!

Sanction: I don’t know about THAT partner, but you make an excellent point. Where some might be able to get away with putting Angelus down and stunning the man for a time to pick up the win, this kind of match and the way it’s structured gives him a distinct edge with his inhuman endurance. But you know the heart, the soul, the determination of DGX and that can maybe pull this out for him.

Rose takes a ladder, one of the steel ones and sets it up beneath the ring bearing satchel as the crowd boos the villainous champion’s progress! He quickly as he can manage begins to scoot up the ladder and is making good progress and good time however he is unceremoniously knocked from near the top of the ladder as DGX takes off from the top turnbuckle and missile dropkicks Rose from the ring! All three men are down now as the crowd applauds the bravado! DGX begins to make his way up and he spies the dented trash can he was hit with before and holds it and waves for Rose to return to his feet as the champion is on his way up! As he turns DGX greets him with the trash can to the skull, however DGX swings again to the opposing side as he maneuvers Rose to the mid part of the ring with trash can shots, back and forth, left and right before DGX places the trash can overtop of Rose’s head to hilarity from the audience before he hits the ropes and dropkicks the can and subsequently Rose into the steel ladder he was climbing beforehand!

Sanction: DGX with the missile dropkick knocking Rose down, now looks like it’s time to take out the trash!

Pain: Oh shut up Sanction! This is unconscionable! DGX should be disqualified! Oh no!

Sanction: Hahahaha, Rose inside the trash can now…OH! That had to hurt!

Pain: I bet not as much as this is gonna!

Pain refers to the fact that behind DGX as he gets to his feet is a recovered Angelus. And the Monster grabs up DGX before he can even fully return to his feet and lifts him high overhead in a gorilla press! The crowd is breathless at the feat of strength being displayed by Angelus before with a vicious grin he strides forth and lobs DGX into the steel cage wall! DGX hits the way with a metallic “CHINK” before he falls like a load of bricks to the canvas and curls into a fetal ball upon landing!

Sanction: Look at the strength!

Pain: YES! Hahahahaha! Come on Rose, collect yourself! DGX is down!

But Rose has a larger problem to contend with than DGX at this very moment, and that problem is Angelus has not at all forgotten the small attack he suffered from Rose before and is looking to return in kind what was received! As Rose returns to his feet disoriented from the trash can he just freed himself from Angelus reintroduces the champion to it as he flattens the can like a pancake with Rose’s body via a Batista Esq. spinebuster! Angelus gets to his feet with a joyful animal yell and turns his attention to the hanging ring as he resets up the now tilting metal ladder Rose was dropkicked into and sets it up again beneath the ring!

Sanction: Just unmitigated power from Angelus!

Pain: That dastardly fiend! How dare he attack our benevolent champion before he could return to his feet fully!

Angelus carrying more mass than anyone else in this contest has an understandably slower rate of ascent than Rose displayed and this allows DGX to returns to his feet despite aches and pains and rush over and take hold of Angelus’ lower foot hoping to prevent him from continuing upwards! Angelus tugs a moment before he kicks down on the top of DGX’s head momentarily sending him away. Rose however is back up via a steel chair and lays a nasty shot to the small of the back of Angelus that causes the big man obvious pain and difficulty!

Sanction: Rose and DGX doing their best to prevent Angelus from getting the ring…even working together it would seem…

Rose winds up and nails Angelus with another wicked chair shot that finally knocks the behemoth from the ladder and back to the ring canvas! Rose then turns and waylays DGX right on the top of the head with another chair shot that drops the degenerate and earns Rose a chorus of boos from the MSG faithful!

Pain: Don’t bet on it! Rose will annihilate DGX just like he did right there! Now DGX will pay for his insolence on Massacre!

Rose smiles sinisterly as he brandishes the chair and observes the cut DGX sustained earlier at the hands of Hutton Brown has been reopened. He lays another couple of hard punishing shots to the back of Angelus to make sure the big man stays down before he lays down the chair and moves over to DGX and gets on a mount and quickly gives DGX hard rabbit punches to the head and especially the cut opening him more!

Sanction: Rose now turning his attention to that cut DGX suffered earlier tonight! He’s doing everything he can to open DGX more here!

Pain: Yeah Rose! YEAH! Split his head like a melon! You know why this is genius Sanction?!

Sanction: Why’s that?

Pain: Because, with the blood flowing and it will be pouring out once Rose gets done with him before this match is over it has a better chance on obstructing DGX’s vision! And you get knocked out by moves you don’t SEE…

Rose grabs DGX’s hair and pulls it driving the back of his head into the canvas again and again before Rose gets to his feet and takes two more big handfuls of DGX’s hair and pulls him over to the cage wall! Rose throws DGX face/head first into the steel bars and pushes against the back of his head and rakes his face across the thick bars trying to cause more cuts to form on his face not to mention the blunt force trauma it’s causing to his head!

Sanction: And the inevitable question arises, what’s the REAL status of DGX’s head? He looked pretty out of it earlier when he superkicked Hutton Brown to win the match to get here. I think that Doomsday Device the Hounds of Hell performed on him bounced the back of his head off the mat. Do you think he may have come back too early Pain?

Pain: Of course he did! Did you not see the same match I saw at Legends?! Three months is nowhere near long enough to recover from that completely! Hell it’s barely HALF the time you need! Pride Sanction, foolish pride is what returned DGX to this ring right now and that’s why Rose is going to end his pathetic little career for real tonight!

Rose pulls DGX away from the cage and turns him around to face him before he ducks beneath D’s right arm and grabs hold of his right leg with his other arm before Rose hurls DGX on top of Angelus with a T-Bone suplex that hurts both of his opponents in stereo! Rose gets to his feet and begins to stomp on both DGX and Angelus as at this point the champion has assumed complete control of the match! Finally Rose pulls Angelus up to his feet and hooks in and plants Angelus to the mat face first with a full nelson facebuster!

Pain: Rose once again in control! This Sanction is why Rose is the XWA champion and why Rose will now and forever be the greatest of all time in XWA!

Sanction: Oh brother! But I have to give it to you Rose is indeed in control at present. He should really think about getting up that ladder and getting the ring here…

Pain: In due time he will, he just wants to make sure neither of these insolent curs are able to interrupt his magnificent climb to the top!

Sanction: …so when’s the wedding? Or did you two kids elope?

Pain: Shut it Sanction!

Rose gets to his feet and again turns to DGX and gets a sinister smile as he lifts DGX up to the abuse of the capacity New York crowd! The abuse that Rose loves and soaks in every moment of! He pulls DGX up and props the once again bloody degenerate against the steel cage wall and backs up a few steps with a diabolical grin as he assumes a familiar stance…

Sanction: Oh wait no! NO! Rose did this at Legends with the steel post, this might be what gave DGX the concussion to begin with…don’t do it!

Rose seems quite heedless of Sanction’s pleas as he looses a superkick aimed for DGX’s head however his boot meets nothing but steel wall as DGX moves! Unfortunately for Rose his foot also gets temporarily stuck in one of the square spaces between the bars and he’s left comically standing on one leg as DGX looks into his now terrified eyes with an eager grin and a cheeky wink before DGX moves forward and with his right boot kicks Rose right in the rosebuds! Rose untangles from the cage quickly following the brutal low blow and no sooner does he than he legs lock together and he collapses into a fetal position of pain as the crowd erupts in cheers and adulation!

Crowd: D-G-X!! D-G-X!! D-G-X!! D-G-X!! D-G-X!! D-G-X!! D-G-X!! D-G-X!! D-G-X!! D-G-X!! D-G-X!!

Pain: NO!!!!!!

Sanction: Rose looking for that sick superkick to the head that’s propped against steel that he does and DGX made him pay dearly for it there!

Pain: DISQUALIFY HIM!!!! Have him thrown out!!!!!

Sanction: Oh will you stop it?! There is NO DISQUALIFICATIONS in this kind of match! Get over it!

Pain: Well…well…well there should be!!!

DGX gets to his feet with a cocky smirk on his bloody features pauses a moment to take in where Angelus is. The big man is almost to his feet and DGX springs into action running past Angelus and leaping up on the middle rope before springing back and nailing a variation of the flying chuck kick John Morrison utilizes knocking the big man to his back somewhat addled! DGX gets to his feet a moment and hits the ropes before he takes off and flings himself into air landing his back and much of his weight onto Angelus’ head with a running senton!

Sanction: DGX taking care of Angelus preemptively, that will serve as a big challenge ahead for Rose and DGX because neither can lose sight of the fact that Angelus is in there with them.

Pain: DGX with a springboard kick to the face and then that senton, decent offense but I don’t know how long it’ll keep Angelus down for here…hopefully long enough for Rose to end his career for that cheap shot low blow!

DGX returns to his feet with Angelus out of commission for a moment he turns his attention to Rose, whom is just collecting himself and starting to get back to his feet with understandable difficulty. DGX pauses on his haunches and waits as Rose staggers and pulls himself to his feet with his back to him before DGX sets off in motion. After a few bounding steps he leaps and nails a perfectly placed knee into the back of Rose causing him to collide chest first with the buckles of the corner he faces! Rose staggers back after impact and DGX is in flight again rebounding off the middle once again this time landing a neckbreaker on Rose!

Sanction: One of Alex Sean’s combination moves there.

Pain: Oh who cares about Alex Sean?! He had his chance to be in here earlier and he blew it! That’s why Angelus is here! See that’s why DGX sucks, losers imitating bigger losers!

DGX gets up in control of the match for the time being and walks over to the assorted weapons in the ring before he picks up and begins to setup the table! DGX moves it over to a nearby corner and places it up before he moves around it and grabs one of the two steel ladders thrown in and lays it across the table before he turns and Angelus muscles him into another corner and begins to throw shot after shot into DGX’s gut with his shoulder! The ladder falls to one side as this happens and remains there as Angelus tees off on DGX’s midsection before he picks up the degenerate and with ease picks him up in a powerslam and lands him on the road sign! DGX’s back arcs as Angelus returns to his feet only to be met with a reverse DDT from behind by the champion!

Sanction: DGX had the upper hand here, I have no idea what he had in mind with that ladder and that table but clearly Angelus wasn’t at all interested in finding out.

Pain: And right there my boy Rose takes over again! That’s why he’s the champion Sanction! That’s why he’s the next Lord of the Ring!

Rose gets to his feet and stomps on DGX a moment or two causing DGX to roll away from the attack freeing up the road sign for Rose’s use! He brandishes the weapon as Angelus gets up and nails him upside the head with it however on the outcome Angelus just looks more pissed than hurt which causes Rose to drop the sign and bolt as the Monster gives chase! Rose springboards back only to be caught by the throat with both hands! Angelus yanks the champion up looking for a choke toss but thinking fast Rose wraps his legs around his head and lies back countering with a hurricurana that sends Angelus face long into the cage wall!

Sanction: Oh no…

Pain: Get out of it Rose, nice! Nice!!

Sanction: Great counter by Rose here…

Angelus staggers around off impact somewhat disoriented as Rose catches him with a headlock takedown and manages to pull the larger man over to the mat! Rose gets up and grabs hold of Angelus left leg and quickly applies a spinning toehold! Angelus yells out in more frustration than pain but for the moment seems to have to suffer through the momentary advantage Rose has created over him! Rose for his part really twists looking to torque the knee and chop the big man down!

Sanction: Sound strategy by the champion like him or not, doing his best to take Angelus’ legs from him in this match here!

Pain: Once Rose gets that lumbering meat head out of the way all he’ll need to do is beat DGX which he’s done before! Then this match is as good as his!

Sanction: Oh for sure, just cut down Angelus and take his legs and then beat a vengeance crazed DGX out for blood, no problem.

Rose turns again trying to wrench the knee out and as he turns this time Angelus other foot comes up and finds Rose’s posterior before he kicks forwards with allot of might and sends the champion face first into the cage wall much as Rose treated him to moments before! Angelus gets to his feet and shakes out the knee and as Rose comes back grabs the Tazzmission choke as Rose comes alive struggling trying his damndest to evade the finishing submission! Angelus sways and struggles with Rose as the two men sway and fight away from the cage wall and to the corner that had the table and the setup ladder DGX was putting together before!

Sanction: Angelus looking for the Curse here, he gets this and this one could be all over and it could be lights out for the evening for the Champ!

Pain: Rose isn’t going to let that happen! Look at him diligently fighting the hold! Angelus can’t get it locked in completely!

The two men are locked in their struggle their focus complete on applying and evading the choke hold! So wrapped up in the struggle are they, neither man notices where their struggle has taken them footing wise nor do they notice DGX on the ladder nearby! DGX leaps off the ladder and body splashes the other side of the ladder causing the table to serve as a fulcrum and with DGX’s weight now applied to the other side bring up the ladder with great velocity cracking Angelus in the arms and under the jaw and Rose in the back of the head breaking up the submission attempt and leaving all three men down!


Sanction: Good God!

A small “holy shit” chant begins but doesn’t catch on as the crowd is left standing following the stunt just pulled!

Pain: Goes to show you how knuckle headed that degenerate is! He could have probably gotten up there and got the ring but no, he just had to get his little bit of damage into Rose there!

Sanction: Anybodies ballgame right now…

All three men are worse for wear following the ladder incident moments before. Angelus is in the corner flat on his arse holding his jaw and doing his best to determine whether or not his jaw is broken or unhinged, Rose is on his stomach holding the back of his head where the ladder impact and DGX lies on the mat clutching his ribs in pain! A good few moments pass here as the crowd begins to clap with more energy trying to will the competitors on and slowly but surely the trio takes heed.

Angelus uses the ropes and pulls himself vertical as he moves his mouth and jaw about to make sure everything is still attached and Rose is already up on the ropes as DGX is on one knee and in a bent position still nursing his ribs however this proves to be detrimental to him as Rose sees his opening and takes it running out and bringing up his knee clobbering DGX in the temple with the Kiss from a Rose!


Pain: Kiss from a Rose! Say goodnight! Hahahaha!!!

Sanction: Rose scores with his Kiss from a Rose and DGX is down! Possibly out here!

Pain: Oh he’s out, this is a done deal for that loser Sanction! You just watch!

Rose gets to his feet and spies Angelus in the corner still holding his jaw and rushes at him and leaps up looking to plant a knee right into the jaw! Angelus sees it coming however and ducks out of the way and Rose’s knee meets nothing but steel cage wall, and he lands awkwardly to boot tweaking his knee! Angelus takes a moment to release his hold on his jaw and clobbers Rose to the canvas with a lariat!

Sanction: Man, all three of these guys are spending more time on the canvas than Rembrandt!

Pain: Lucky move by Angelus! But Rose will recover! He’s the champion for a reason Sanction! He’s hands down the smartest man in this match!

Angelus crawls along the canvas and moves his jaw around a bit more before he shakes his head somewhat satisfied that his jaw is fine as he gets to his feet slowly and looks around, Rose is down nursing his knee in pain and DGX appears to be just now stirring albeit barely from the Kiss from a Rose he just suffered a few minutes ago. Angelus moves to the ladder and sets it up in the middle again and tests it a little make sure it’s sturdy before he begins his ascent to the top!

Sanction: Angelus now going for the ring!

Pain: Come on Rose, you have to shake this knee thing off and get up! If that oaf gets his hands on the ring you might never get it off him!

Sanction: DGX looks like he’s just starting to come out of it over there…

Pain: I bet you he doesn’t know what year it is, let alone where he is or what he’s doing! The refs should just stop this match and throw him out for medical stoppage!

Rose gets to his feet and hobbles over to the other side of the ladder and kicks out his knee a moment before he too begins to climb opposite Angelus. The two men ascend and Angelus is close to the top now and he reaches up his fingers brushing the satchel hanging above the ring which causes it to begin to sway! The Monster pauses a moment before he climbs up one more rung and reaches up again however Rose reaches up and punches Angelus right in the abdominals! Angelus pauses a moment and reaches for the ring satchel again and again Rose plants one in his gut causing Angelus to step down a rung and turn his attention fully to the champion!

Sanction: Angelus is close! His fingers are brushing it here!

Pain: Stop him Rose! There ya go!

Rose and Angelus down trade blows before Rose sneakily gets the upper hand on the Monster with a thumb to the eye! Rose then takes Angelus’ head and drives it down face first into the top of the ladder before he goes up one rung and reaches for the wildly swaying satchel! It moves around and around and Rose’s fingers brush it but he can’t quite get a grip as though the satchel has moved into range Rose has the unfortunate situation of having Angelus’ hand around his throat! Angelus raises his head a moment and smiles at Rose before he violently shoves sending the champion crashing down fifteen feet to the canvas below! Rose hits on his back and thrashes like a fish out of water as Angelus pauses to collect himself before going up one rung again!

Sanction: Oh this is not good…

Pain: NOOOOOO!!!!

Sanction: OH MY GOD! What a choke toss off the ladder!!!

Near the top of the ladder, Angelus reaches for the now swinging satchel. Rose is down following the pseudo choke toss from the top he suffered from the Monster and the path seems clear for one of the XWA’s most hated men to grab the ring! However Angelus plans are put off by the appearance of pressure being exerted on his posterior in the form of a push as DGX has climbed up behind him after recovering from the Kiss finisher and as Angelus reached for the satchel and stretched himself DGX chooses that moment to shove Angelus resulting in the Monster flipping off the ladder and crashing through the table setup from the earlier seesaw that victimized him and Rose! DGX stands on the ladder with both men down as the crowd screams it’s approval!

Sanction: Oh my God! Angelus off the ladder through the table!!!!!!!

Pain: No, no, no! Rose is down! Angelus is down! That punk can get the ring!!

DGX looks up at the swaying satchel and goes up one rung before he looks down and beholds Rose starting to move on the mat. Bile and hatred stir within the degenerate as he remembers the three long months he was subjected to via Rose’s actions at Legends. But most of all, he remembers that moment after it was all said and done, the spittle in his face when he awoke from the daze administered in the form of an insulting spit. A sneer splits DGX’s blood soaked features as he climbs down from the ladder and lands on the mat to a cheer from the bloodthirsty audience in MSG! He walks over to the other satchel sitting on the mat since it’s dumping from the trash can and undoes it and pulls out…

Sanction: What’s this? DGX can get the ring, why is he coming back down? What’s this all ab…oh my God, DGX has handcuffs!

Pain: No! You have to get up Rose! You have to protect yourself! You need to get up!!!!

DGX holds up the cuffs and walks with deliberate purpose over to Rose whom is now on his belly and still very out of it from his fall and this intense match as he crawls away from the methodical pace of DGX’s approach. The degenerate overtakes Rose quickly and slaps one of the bracelets onto Rose’s left wrist and takes the other cuff and walks over to the cage wall. He then links that cuff to one of the bars as Rose is too weak and winded to put up a fight as he looks at his wrist in horror once the deed is done! DGX smiles a predatory smile as he backs away from the panic stricken champion and his feet come to the nightstick amidst the debris in the ring.

DGX looks down upon stepping on the weapon and his eyes light up. He reaches down as Rose begins to beg off, not wanting any part of what DGX has in mind as he picks up the billy club to a loud ravenous pop for the violence hungry crowd!

Pain: No! This is sick! This isn’t right, one of these officials has to have a key for those cuffs! This can’t happen!

Sanction: I think this can happen Pain, three months in medical exile, three months of not knowing whether or not his career in contact athletics was over, three months of the last image of himself being a beaten man in the ring with spit from his opponent dripping down his face! You bet your ass it can happen!

DGX smiles as a cat might at a mouse as he stalks towards the writhing and squirming Rose! He holds out the nightstick and drags the weapon along the bars, the methodical “clank clank clank” not unlike the sound prisoners hear when a guard is coming through with a disciplinary beating in mind to begin the torture earlier forcing the intended recipient to think about it. Obvious it accomplishes its desired effect as Rose seems to double his efforts to escape from his confinement however it’s still proving to be a futile endeavor for the champ! Finally Rose rises to his feet from his knees and holds out his hands in surrender, doing his best to placate his vengeance hungry hero turned bitter rival! For his trouble he gets the club to the solar plexus knocking him right back to the mat and the wind from his lungs!

Pain: Dammit! Dammit! This isn’t right! DGX knows that he can’t beat Rose fair and square so he shackles and manacles him up!

Sanction: Three months of bragging Pain, three months of using the man’s move to shove it down everyone’s throat that he “retired” the man. Three months shoving it in the man’s face! Rose has EARNED this one!

Pain: How can you be so callous?! So unfeeling?!

With Rose down DGX brandishes the club with a look of bitter rage on his face as he proceeds to strike the downed champion again! And with every blow the crowd cheers the object of their loathing’s comeuppance! DGX strikes Rose with at first methodical, measured blows to varying parts of his torso! But the more he seems to hit him the more he seems to lose himself to frenzy as he begins to just wail down on Rose with the club to the back, ribs, torso, and general area!

Finally DGX throws the club away as Rose is kicking and squirming trying his best to cover up from the beating however DGX takes his wrist tape on his left wrist and unravels it before wrapping it around Rose’s throat and choking him with it as he then bounces Rose’s head off the cage wall a few times! The display is violent, forceful, and some would even venture excessive but the sins of the recipient earn him no sympathy from the viewing public. From all but one that is…

Pain: This is disgusting! Stop him! Call the police! Have this man arrested! This is assault! Assault with a weapon and battery, plain and simple!

Sanction: This is Rose getting what he’s earned Pain! And all three men signed on for this when they signed for this match and this contract! It’s an occupational hazard Pain, you of all people should remember this! There are few limits in wrestling! Didn’t you once have another competitor “lick your nuts” as the penalty for losing a match to you for the title?

Pain: That was totally different! That Falcon fairy deserved…

Sanction: That Pain, is technically rape and sexual assault. But you couldn’t be charged because…

Pain: Oh shut up, this is totally diff…

Sanction: He signed up for it.

Rose clearly didn’t think this would be happening when he signed for this particular match. But that point doesn’t especially seem to bother DGX as he stalks away from the slumped and beaten Rose and makes a beeline for the corner of the ring! Somehow, and there is no one whom has caught how in the all the action, DGX’s earlier confiscated sledgehammer has found its way into the ring. Jack Tickles goes wild on the outside when DGX picks it up, looking around and demanding an explanation of his other officials as to how it got into the ring! DGX holds up the hammer with sadistic glee in his eyes!

Pain: Come ON!!!!!

Sanction: Oh wait, now there are few limits but there ARE limits I don’t think this should happen! You shouldn’t do this DGX! You shouldn’t lower yourself to this…

DGX turns around and very fortunately for Rose is completely unprepared for the fact that the Monster is again on his feet! He also doesn’t have a moment to react as Angelus is already in motion with a powerful sprint as he damn near cuts DGX in half with a power spear! DGX throws the sledgehammer on impact causing it to fly and hit a cage wall and land close by as Tommy Tickles quickly grabs it and removes it from play again! DGX’s left hand also strikes the cage in a funny manner causing him to clutch it on the ground! Angelus eyeballs the official whom is quite glad there is a steel wall between himself and the Monster before Angelus turns his attention back to the ladder in the middle of the ring and makes his way over to the ladder…

Sanction: Special Delivery to DGX!

Pain: At this moment Sanction, I don’t think Angelus has a bigger fan in the world than me! I can’t even begin to think what DGX was going to do to Rose with that damn hammer!

Sanction: Now the Monster is going to make his way to the top here! The ring is going to the Monster!

Angelus climbs to the top uninterrupted, Rose is subdued and further cuffed to the cage wall and DGX is down and winded following the powerful spear he took moments before. He looks up at the swaying satchel before he reaches up and grabs hold of it to a chorus of boos as he pulls it down, gaining the first possession of the ring! He laughs a little bit and climbs down to the mat once again, his way to victory seemingly clear as both opponents are out of commission. Rose is completely out of it following his horrific beat down and DGX is slowly getting to his feet with aid of the cage wall and ropes but doesn’t seem aware of his surroundings! Angelus strides towards him however…with instinct for the second time saving his bacon for the evening DGX administers a Breakdown to the Monster! Angelus at the last moment moves preventing the kick to strike him full on, but he can’t prevent the grazing blow that knocks him to his back loopy and makes him drop the satchel!


Sanction: Breakdown!

Pain: Dammit! You know what, screw this! This isn’t fair!

Pain throws off his headset and begins to move around the ring from behind the desk. He is instantly confronted by Jack Tickles whom he gets into a shouting match with about the unfairness of Rose’s confinement handcuffed to the steel cage! DGX meanwhile in the ring cradles his left hand and crawls over to the satchel the down and pained Angelus dropped moments before. He takes the satchel into his hands and pulls it to himself and beneath his body as he writes and rolls about in pain probably trying to ease the pain in his left hand!

Sanction: And while my broadcast partner loses his mind, all three men are down in the ring here! DGX got the Breakdown out of nowhere on Angelus just when the way to victory seemed clear and at this point in the match, so much has been endured by all three of these athletes, DGX, Angelus and yes even Rose like the son of a gun or not! This has been an absolutely amazing contest here! And I have a feeling the first man to his feet will have the advantage!

Pain pushes Jack out of the way and the son Tommy doesn’t take well to that as he also tries to get into Pain’s face about it to talk him down by the first XWA champion is having none of it! He moves Tommy from the way as well and goes over the ring and begins to root around as DGX meanwhile in the ring is the first to climb to his feet unsteadily with satchel in hand! He has taken some of his dangling wrist tape he used to choke Rose and wrapped it around his left ring and middle fingers but otherwise seems poises he waits for Angelus to return to his feet! For his part the Monster is still dazed and very disoriented following the superkick but by no means out cold and already on the recovery road.

Sanction: DGX to his feet here, he’s not going for the win because I think he knows in his heart of hearts that where Angelus is involved he’s not going to get the win unless he leaves that behemoth down and unmoving entirely! I think he hurt his left hand there in his fall from that spear he suffered, he seems to have at least makeshift set his fingers with his wrist tape but that may hinder his cage climbing ability here! And what the hell is Pain doing over there?!

Pain pulls from beneath the ring a set of bolt cutters and gets up to the side of the cage Rose is cuffed to and cuts the chain on the cuffs freeing the champion! Rose gets to his feet to a chorus of boos having recovered from his vicious beating in all the time of Angelus retrieving the ring and his interactions with DGX. DGX remains honed in on Angelus as he believes Rose is still safely cuffed to the cage! Rose assumes a familiar stance further drawing the ire of the crowd as MSG screams warning in vain to the focused degenerate…

Pain: There! Now our champ has a fair chance here! Hahaha! This will teach that damned degenerate!

Sanction: Rose setting up here, these fans hate it but for three long months the son of a gun has used this move to his advantage!

Pain: This is poetry Sanction! This is the new Master teaching the old timer how it’s done!

DGX seems to feel the hairs rise on the back of his neck as he becomes aware of Rose’s presence behind him. He turns just as Rose takes off and peels off his version of the Breakdown! DGX has a split second to react and for most that would not be enough but DGX is the man who wrote this book, and needless to say has read it to perfect science over the years! He ducks at the last moment as Rose’s leg sails overhead harmlessly! Rose completes the move and turns on the follow through and as he turns DGX plants his boot into Rose’s face with the real Breakdown! The boot rings off the chin of the champion and puts his lights OUT as the crowd “oooohs” and applauds the sequence and their hero coming out on top of the exchange!


Sanction: And the Remake falls to the Original! How do ya like that?!

Pain: NO! NO! NO!!!!!! This can’t happen!

DGX gets to his feet and beats his chest loosing a cry of victory as he beats his chest at overcoming Rose once again! He still holds the satchel in hand as he turns around however the victory is short lived as Angelus is there and lifts DGX up! The crowd has its breath snatched from its lungs as Angelus turns and plants DGX right in the middle of the ring with the Blessing! The impact from the move shakes the cage walls as Angelus unleashes an animalistic roar of triumph that thunders across the defeated and near silent walls of Madison Square Garden!

Sanction: Angelus is back up! Oh no! NO!

Pain: Oh damn…

Sanction: BLESSING!

Pain: That’s it! Come on Rose! Get up! You have to get up to win this!

Sanction: Rose has not moved since the Breakdown a moment ago! But now, now Angelus has the ring again! I think this is it! DGX hasn’t moved either!

Angelus has the satchel in his hands and he looks at Rose and then at DGX and smiles, laughing to himself at the carnage in the ring before moving to a cage wall and begins to climb as New York catches it breath and comes alive with boos! Heedlessly the Monster makes his way up the cage until he gets to the top he steps over and begins to climb down however soon the crowds displeasure is expanded as…

Sanction: Angelus is going to win this here…oh wait a damn minute!

Pain: What is it with these guys?! They’re EVERYWHERE tonight!

Sanction: The damn Legion is out here again!

Vestal, Hazard, Raine and the Hounds of Hell flood from the back down the ramp as Angelus climbs down! Both Tickles and Samson all round the bend to confront the radical group however the Legion will not be deterred from putting their stamp on Lord of the Ring by three officials. With Tempest’s declaration of war and his earlier assault resulting in the injury of their leader Jack Sabbath the radical group has retaliation on its mind in the form of a ruined main event and an assault on Tempest’s brother in law and at present only ally! Angelus lands on the floor thus winning the match but no bell rings as the Legion swarms over it him pummeling him down! Angelus fights back with great ferocity but the match and the numbers game put him at a distinct disadvantage!

Sanction: The Legion attacking Angelus here, this has to be retaliation for Tempest injuring Sabbath earlier!

Pain: This is carnage! When the Legion gets done with Angelus I don’t think he’ll be in any condition to take that challenge for Rose’s title for a long while! I hope they tear this sicko apart!

Angelus fights and fights but the Legion is just overpowering! Things begin to break down as security floods from the back and try to pull the Legion off of Angelus however the group of rebels is not at all deterred from their vengeful assault! In the ring DGX begins to stir from the Blessing as his eyes open and he turns over, trying to get to his feet. However this goes largely unnoticed by everyone as all eyes seem to be on the rampaging Legion and their tearing apart Angelus! Tempest runs from the back with more security and a brawl erupts as things begin to get further out of hand and in the ring DGX gets to his feet and looks at the carnage on the outside before he looks at Rose, whom is out cold and looks to be sleeping peacefully following his face’s flush rendezvous with DGX’s boot. DGX looks around before he curiously moves to the wall opposite the brawl and begins to climb, strangely having no observable issues with his left hand.

Sanction: DGX up here, what is he doing?

Pain: Getting out of the ring I suppose, the match is over, he’s lost. I’m just glad he’s leaving Rose alone! He’s done enough tonight!

Sanction: He’s climbing much better than I thought he would.

DGX gets to the top of the cage and straddles the top and pauses as he looks out at the crowd, that’s taken notice of his activity despite the pier 6 brawl going on around the ramp way to the stage between the Legion, Angelus, Tempest and various XWA officials. The fans pause a moment to catch their breath as DGX looks at Rose before he looks at the outside of the cage, he seems to be turning a decision over in his mind as he looks between Rose and the outside of the cage…

Pain: Oh no, you just get down and get out of here DGX! You just leave the cage…

Sanction: You don’t think he’d…

Pain: He was going to hit him with a sledgehammer! Of course he would!

DGX seems to be leaning towards his attack on Rose however as he looks again, there coiled close to the unconscious champion is the championship. It gleams and glints in the light as DGX’s eyes fill with a desire, a hunger that rivals his thirst for vengeance on Rose for Legends. DGX seems to turn it over in his head before he begins to climb out of the cage, drawing some boos from the fans.

Sanction: DGX deciding against it tonight apparently…

Pain: Foolish! After this Rose will make sure he never gets another opportunity! He’ll have enough to worry about with Angelus unless the Legion finish the job!

DGX lands on the outside and yells out, waving at the officials. Tommy Tickles hears him amidst the chaos as he’s hanging back and walks over to DGX. DGX says a few words to the younger Tickles as he gestures with his hands and explains something, before he pulls up his left hand takes hold of the tape on his left ring finger and unravels it of the tape to reveal the Lord of the Ring signet ring on it! The crowd goes ballistic!

Sanction: I’ll be damned…

Pain: NO!! This can’t be!!!!

Tickles calls Thames over and gives her instructions on the official ruling. DGX meanwhile smiles a big grin as he waits for the ruling to come down.

Thames: Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. As the conditions of victory in this match were the first person to escape the cage in possession of the ring would be victorious, your winner and XWA Lord of the Ring….D-G-X!!!!

Sanction: I’ll be a sonova…when all three men were down right after Angelus got the ring and DGX gave him the Breakdown he must of removed the ring from the satchel and then feigned the injury to his fingers to wrap them up with his wrist tape! Angelus didn’t even bother to check!

Pain: You know what this means?! Do you?!

Sanction: It means Pain, that DGX is the Lord of the Ring, and most importantly that as long as Rose holds that championship DGX can face him any time he wishes! Anytime, anywhere! I think I understand DGX’s decision to come out of the cage now…he wants to make Rose suffer and wait for it!

With the announcement of his victory the Hounds round the bend and rush at DGX however realizing his condition is not one of the best for fighting numbers DGX wisely leaps the barrier and barrels into the crowd of MSG as the Hounds put on the breaks, big though they are they are unwilling to brave a New York mob to get at DGX! DGX smiles and intermingles with the crowd, getting hugs, pats on the back in congratulations and well wishers! He smiles and holds up his left hand proudly displaying the ring as the brawl and carnage continues as XWA Lord of the Ring comes to a controversial close!

Sanction: The Legion still reeking havoc, this brawl is out of hand, the war is on…DGX wins Lord of the Ring!! Oh what’s gonna happen Pain?! What’s gonna happen on Massacre?! Good night everbody!!!


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Re: LOTR: Royal Court Match - Rose vs Angelus vs DGX

Postby Tempest » Mon Sep 06, 2010 4:45 pm

Great match. Loved the switcheroo ending.
Winner: DGX
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Re: LOTR: Royal Court Match - Rose vs Angelus vs DGX

Postby Angelus » Tue Sep 07, 2010 12:30 pm

Sorry for the no show people. I've explained to the guys involved in the match what happened and I feel bad.

2 matches in two weeks was just too much for me with work and my social life.

Congrats D.
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Re: LOTR: Royal Court Match - Rose vs Angelus vs DGX

Postby Dan » Thu Sep 09, 2010 4:25 am

People, take notice. It's matches like THIS one that make me call DGX my favorite here.

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