Massacre - The New Lord

Matches that occurred on our bi-weekly Massacre show!
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Massacre - The New Lord

Postby Razer » Wed Aug 12, 2015 10:25 pm

The New Lord.

Amy Taylor was nervous about this. Everything she knew was slowly crumbling around her. The board of directors had decided to grow tired of the plaything they called the XWA, the institute that her husband, Jack Sabbath had carefully built up, back to its former glory and created a unique product where anyone and everyone had the chance to be a star. Sitting in the Limo which was parked outside of a house on the outskirts of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, she looked at the black velvet pouch sat on the empty seat next to her and sighed. Across from her were Serena and Raine, Jacks' enforcers who along with Razer and Bella Quinn made up War Enforcement.

Carefully placing her hand on the pouch, Amy shivered at the thought of what this could mean for XWA.

Serena: "Are you certain that this is what Mr Sabbath wants to do? Can he not give it to someone more trustworthy?"

Raine: "I gotta disagree with you there Serena.. Razer's the only one left who can go toe for toe with the likes of Shaw and Hardy and still come out standing... Plus he's still undefeated and the champion of PRW... If anyone is qualified for this, its him..."

Serena: "I just don't like it though... He came here out of nowhere and tore through this place, treating it like a training ground. I've seen him in PRW, they adore him there, he respects the fans... Here, he just does what the fuck he wants, when he wants and nothing seems to stop him"

Sick of hearing even more whinging from Serena about Razer, Amy speaks in a cold voice.

Amy: "Perhaps you should challenge Razer for the Lord Of The Ring then? Prove to Jack and everyone else that he isn't worthy of it..."

Serena is speechless as Raine simply smirks at her. Re-adjusting his shirt and trousers, he stands up, opening the door and climbs out, holding it open for Amy to exit and then for Serena to follow. As they walk up the path, Serena notices the Black Corvette sat there on the drive and shakes her head.

Raine: "Jealous much?"

Serena: "Hardly... an Undisputed Champion and he drives a hunk of shit like that?"

Raine: "He does what he does... It's why Jack trusts him"

As the three reach the door, Amy clutches the pouch in her hand tightly and knocks. After a minute, the door opens and stood behind it is Bella Quinn. Looking less banged up than last time we saw her on screen, but still not '100%', Quinn just motions for the three to enter and points them in the direction of the front room. As the three take their seats, Bella heads to the kitchen and shouts through.

Bella: "I guess ye'll be wantin sum drinks aye?"

Amy: "Please, soda or water... anything will do, it's a bit warm out there..."

Bella: "Aye, a dinnae know how tae feck someone like Raz can live here, its feckin hotter than the sun... we brits are nae meant tae live in this climate!"

Bringing in the drinks and setting them down, the three took them, politely thanked Bella and then watched as she walked out of the room.

Bella: "OI! Bawbag! Get ye heid outtae ye ass an git down here... Someone tae see ya on 'portant bisniss"

Serena leans over to Raine and whispers.

Serena: "Ever so eloquent -!- "

Shooting Serena a stern look, Amy folds her arms as she forces Serena to 'step back in line'. After a few more minutes, Bella finally re-entered the room, followed by Razer. To say he looked like hell was an understatement. Wearing a battered Napalm Death shirt, frayed cut off jean shorts and covered in various scrapes, cuts and bruises and rocking the sunglasses indoors, the former Gladiatorial champion quickly sat down in the chair with its back to the window.

Raine: "Rough week?"

Razer: "Title Defense then a 4 day drinking binge at a festival... I'm not exactly in the most functioning of states right now"

Raine simply nodded in understanding whilst Serena muttered something under her breath which caught the attention of Bella.

Bella: "Ye got summat tae say, spit it oot lass... I know ye nae have much time fer us, but yer boss does, so until he doesn't, ye gotta feckin deal wit' it aye?"

Serena simply rolled her eyes and slouched back, looking disinterested as Amy cleared her throat.

Amy: "Jack would have liked to have came in person, but there are sensetive matters which require his urgent attention right now. Given how you have been out of the loop since Japan due to other comitments, I thought it best to bring you up to speed first before we discuss what issue Jack has which you can solve"

Razer: "Got it..."

Amy: "In short, the network have decided to scrap XWA. Once we hit episode 100, they're pulling the plug as per the request of the directors. Jack's taking it really bad, a lot worse than any of us could imagine and he's trying to find a way to salvage this somehow"

Bella: "So where di we fit intae this then?"

Amy: "Basically, Jack needs to buy some time, get things to fall into place... Originally he had hoped you would have won the supreme championship, that way giving him the bargaining chip in his struggle with the directors, but unfortunately because Laurel stole the victory from you in the eyes of those who still back the Sabbath Regieme, Jack is trying to find all the aces he can."

Bella: "Better not call on Andrews then, that guy's losing everything right now, talk about bad investments!"

Razer: "So basically things didn't go as planned and now he needs me to play mop up?"

Amy: "Not exactly... More like he needs you to remind the board just why XWA needs to stay as it is under his stewardship. It's niche appeal and unique brand of entertainment has created legends in the industry. Jericho Shaw's mammoth undefeated streak, the PRW Undisputed Champion dominating all in his path in two companies, the sharp mind of Bella Quinn making you both such an unpredictable pair and as much as it pains me to say this, but the fearlessness of Laurel, the new champion who has truly embraced what Jack started here in this land of the lawless...."

Bella: "But its three tae gold... and past matches dinnae count fer an insta-shot right?"

Raine: "True... but Jack has a plan and I'm fully behind this. You can count on me to back you up Razer"

Bella: "Whit about you sugartits?"

Serena: "I'm with Raine, but I'm not fully sold on the idea"

Amy: "Serena!"

Serena: "Sorry, but I think this is totally crazy, even for Jack...."

Razer: "Quit your bitching... I'm hungover to fuck and I really need to lie in a dark room right now... Ms Taylor, please, continue"

Amy nods as she produces the pouch. Throwing it onto the table in the middle of the room, she stands up.

Amy: "Jack has a present for you, he assumes you will know what it is, why you have it and what you are to do with it...."

Picking up the bag, Razer unties the cord sealing it and holds it upside down, tipping out the contents into his hand. A golden signet drops into his palm with a note through it. Carefully removing the note, he quickly reads it before putting it in his mouth, chewing it and swallowing it. Serena, Amy, Raine and Bella all give the Enforcer a total "what the fuck?" look.

Razer: "Sorry, Jack said don't let anyone else see this and Bella won't let me burn things in the house... Had to eat it"

The four others just shake their heads as Razer picks the signet back up and places it on his right middle finger.

Amy: "You always said you were the real Lord of the Ring... And this provides validity to your claim... Whilst we cannot strip Smith Jones of his ring given how he has gone AWOL, you are the only person who Jack believes we can turn to for this."

Bella: "So Jack gives us the means... All we have to do is put it in motion and ensure that this time it is successful?"

Amy: "Yes... Jack feels that the only way that we can save XWA is if you prevent Shaw from reclaiming the title and prevent Laurel from holding onto it."

Razer: "Give the army the right equipment and it will surely get the job done provided its tactics and knowledge are sound enough... War is an art, and luckily for Jack, I am a master of that art"

Bella: "Amy, please send our appreciation and heartfelt thanks to Mr Sabbath. I'll let you know when we're ready to put everything into motion."

As Amy nods, Serena and Raine stand up and leave the room, heading back outside. As Amy goes to follow, Bella gets up and sees them out. Before Bella can close the door, Amy places her hand on Bella's shoulder and leans in, whispering in her ear.

Amy: "Jack is putting a lot of faith in Razer... Ensure he stays focused on the mission... Yes, Jericho Shaw deserves to suffer for what he done to you and I assure you, before we hit the point of no return, you will have your vengence against him... But right now, the priority is Hardy and bringing that title back to where it truly belongs..."

Bella: "I can only try Amy... But I'll be honest wit' ye lass... Razer dis whit he dis, sometimes ye cannae sidetrack him. If he's got his mind set on breaking Shaw for what Shaw did to me and then because Shaw lost his title for him, Razer will go after him regardless of orders from the top..."

Amy: "We are aware of that... but maybe if you can make him see sense a little... Jack is taking a big risk here... He's basically given you two the keys and the launch codes... Just know that once you turn them and input the codes... If the strike fails, all the fallback will be on you and him... Jack may have armed you, but you two are taking the fall if this goes wrong... I will not let outsiders ruin what Jack has made for us"

Bella pushes Amy away from her and glares at her with her cold blue eyes.

Bella: "I'll keep that in mind lass... But let me tell ye one thing... Razer and me, we take orders from no one hen... Sure, we'll work with you, but we ain't no puppets and we ain't no scapegoats either... If we don't pull this off, it comes back on you hen... You gave the ring to Razer, not Jack... You conveyed the mission, not Jack... As far as we're concerned, Jacks already using you as a scapegoat incase things go south lass... And i'm slowly getting back to fighting form too lass... Anything happens because you gave Razer this ring, I will be comin' right fer ye lass..."

Amy: "Now that we have cleared things up... Good luck... When you're ready to take on laurel, let us know... we have much to discuss"

Closing the door behind Amy, Bella turns round and re-enters the living room to see Razer removing the ring. Walking over to him, Bella kneels down in front of him.

Razer: "So Jack's that desperate huh? He's trusting the wildcard in XWA with saving it for him..."

Bella: "Aye..."

Razer picks the ring up and slips it on Bella's middle finger on her right hand.

Razer: "Keep this safe, do not let it out of your sight... What we have here is a golden ticket... I'm undefeated, you're near enough part of the image of this company... We're already on top of PRW... Let's make damn sure we're on top of XWA too"

Nodding, Bella clenches her fist round the ring whilst Razer simply smiles.

Razer: "And if Smith Jones comes back... I can take his ring from him and we can then have one each... After all, A Lord needs his Lady"


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