Massacre - Laurel Anne Hardy addresses the XWA as the NEW XWA UNDISPUTED CHAMPION!

Matches that occurred on our bi-weekly Massacre show!
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Massacre - Laurel Anne Hardy addresses the XWA as the NEW XWA UNDISPUTED CHAMPION!

Postby Razer » Wed Aug 05, 2015 8:04 pm

What it says on the tin folks. The champ has a message for us

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Re: Massacre - Laurel Anne Hardy addresses the XWA as the NEW XWA UNDISPUTED CHAMPION!

Postby styg » Sun Aug 09, 2015 7:32 pm

As Massacre opens on the cheering Californian fans, Hana Ramierez takes the ring and raises her mic to kick off the show.

Hana Ramierez: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the UNIFIED... UNDISPUTED... SUUUUUPREEEME CHAMPIOOON of X! W! AAAAA...

Those few in the arena who managed to avoid spoilers from Winner Takes All hold their breath in anticipation. Scattered fans of Jericho Shaw or Razer begin to boo. Everyone else starts hollering wildly, even before "Cookie Day" blasts across the PA!


A second wave of cheering goes up as the woman herself emerges, looking around the arena in delight, unable to contain the smile on her face despite the sticking plasters all over her, testament to a hardcore match with Chris Bond a couple of nights ago. She's free from makeup and her hair is pulled back in a simple ponytail, and she's looking monochrome for once. Her white shirt is buttoned up smartly at the cuffs and collar, but tied off beneath her breasts; her black tie is pulled straight as a razor and snug to her neck, but the end hangs over her diaphragm. Tied with fraying ends of rope around her exposed midriff, above her skintight calf-length black trousers, is the Hardcore Championship, the thorns pressing against her bare skin just enough to form dimples. Carried firmly over her left shoulder is the Gladiatorial Championship; in her right hand, the World Heavyweight Championship dangles by the strap from a grasp that barely acknowledges its burden.

Mark Sanction: The young woman who shocked the world at Winner Takes All by unifying the World Heavyweight, Hardcore and Gladiatorial Championships.

Rose: Not just that... she pinned Jericho Shaw! The streak is over - and those are four words I was beginning to feel like I would never, ever say.

Matt Steel: And I still say she stole it! Razer was the one who took Jericho out.

Laurel begins making her way to the ring but she takes her time about it, interacting with fans every step of the way. With both her hands full, she can't really do much in the way of high fives or handshakes, and she has to be careful with her hugs not to brain anyone with a title belt or stab them with a crown, but she's still trying to make sure as many fans as possible get to share in her moment. More than a few receive kisses.

Matt Steel: And screw these fans too. After everything Jericho did for them...

Mark Sanction: Hardy didn't steal anything, Matt. Razer took out Shaw with a Razerplex on the outside, but Hardy took out Razer in turn to be the last person standing. That's how multi-person matches work!

Rose: Razer or Shaw could've done something much more opportunist than Hardy did and you'd be bending over backwards to make excuses for them. Admit it - you just don't want her to be our champion.

Matt Steel: And you do!? How can you guys be happy about this? We're being represented by someone who doesn't even give a damn about the World Championship! She's crapped on our top title every chance she got and now that she has it, you guys are acting like she's a worthy champion? Like she deserves to have her name on the same lineage that goes all the way back to J-Pain? That DGX is on, that Tempest is on? EBR, Hutton Brown, Jack Sabbath, Trace Demon, Jericho Shaw - you, Rose?

Mark Sanction: Oh, knock it off. She fights with courage and honour.

Rose: And she busts her ass as hard as anyone who's ever been able to call themselves XWA's top dog.

Mark Sanction: She is absolutely a worthy champion.

Matt Steel: I don't believe this...

As Laurel finally steps into the ring she nods Hana over, and whispers a few words to her. Hana nods, clears her throat and raises her mic again.

Hana Ramierez: Ladies and gentlemen, I beg your pardon... please welcome the UNIFIED! XWA! HARDCOOOORRREE CHAMPIOOOONNNAH!

Laurel smiles and mouths a sincere "thank you".

Hana Ramierez: ...LAUREL! ANNE! HARDY!

The ring announcer applauds Laurel's accomplishment, then trades her the mic for the both the World and Gladiatorial Championship belts. While Hana hefts them over her own shoulders and retreats to a corner, Laurel takes her place in the middle of the ring.

Laurel Anne Hardy: ...

She looks around as the cheers intensify again, still grinning in joy.

Laurel Anne Hardy: Wow.

She beams as she waits for the noise to die down enough to be heard.

Laurel Anne Hardy: First of all... to everyone who believed in me, who cheered me on, who wanted to see me make magic... make history... thank you. Thank you so much. I know it sounds cheesy, but you guys are why we exist.

There's a slight pause and Hardy takes a couple of paces back and forth, then returns to her central position.

Laurel Anne Hardy: I've been a professional wrestler five and a half years now, give or take a few weeks. I've been fighting one way or another about another five years before that. Never in the decade-plus I've been doing this have I felt something like I feel right now. This is just unbelievable. And I wouldn't be here without the support from you guys. You know I consider myself more of an artist than an athlete, and art... art depends on its audience. To know that you guys get it, that you grok the concepts and emotions I'm trying to express in the ring... to know that my art has touched you? It touches me in turn, and there's no greater motivation than that. So - thank you. Thank you, everyone.

A reciprocal chant starts up in the crowd, and is soon picked up until it fills the auditorium:

Thank you Laurel! Thank you Laurel! Thank you Laurel!

Laurel's almost overcome with emotion again, but she shakes her head.

Laurel Anne Hardy: No, no - like I said, if anyone here needs to be thanked here it's all of you guys. You should be saying: thank you us. Thank you us.

Odd fans take it up, and slowly it spreads:

Thank you us! Thank you us! Thank you us!

Laurel grins as she turns around and around, enjoying the atmosphere. Once the audience settles down again, she clears her throat.

Laurel Anne Hardy: Now, I uh, I do have some business to discuss. You guys all know that titles are not what motivates me, but this title...

She points to the crown knotted around her belly.

Laurel Anne Hardy: This title I've stolen the show over so many times. This title I've done everything I could to make the centrepiece of a new expression in this medium. This title I've defended for over a half a year. I've baptised it in my blood, sweat and tears. Every time I was called to defend it, to defend my right to call myself the premier hardcore wrestler in XWA, I gave myself to it. You've seen me get shredded with broken glass and barbed wire, you've seen me get driven into chairs and through tables, you've even seen Serena Maxwell try to drown me. THIS is what it means to be able to call yourself the best, and I don't mean the violence or the bloodshed. I mean the passion. I mean the sacrifice. I mean the love of this art form we call wrestling.

Another huge cheer goes up, and Hardy grins again.

Laurel Anne Hardy: Which is why...

The noise turns to anticipatory murmurs...

Laurel Anne Hardy: Which is why I do not recognise myself as the XWA World Heavyweight Champion. I do not recognise myself as the XWA Supreme Champion. I stand before you here and now as XWA's only champion... the XWA HARDCORE CHAMPION!

The fans cheer, swept up in the moment, although an undercurrent of uncertainty ripples through the stands.

Matt Steel: And now she's throwing down the Supreme Championship, the lineage of the World Heavyweight Championship, for the second-tier title. I don't believe it.

Mark Sanction: After everything she's put into the Hardcore Championship? I understand her not wanting to give it up now in favour of something else, something she admits means less to her. Love her or hate her, she's honest.

Rose: Hm. I understand where she's coming from... but I don't know how I feel about discarding the history of the top title like this. And I don't think many people backstage are going to like it either.

Matt Steel: Yeah, you think? She might be the champion but she don't set the rules. You think Jack Sabbath or Trace Demon are gonna let her do this? Or Hector Alonzo and the board of directors? Hell, what about the network?

Hardy unfastens the Hardcore Championship crown and raises it above her head, to the admiration of - if not the company's executives, nor the rest of the locker room - the fans, at least. On this image, we go to commercial.
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