Flying Through the Glass Ceiling

Matches that occurred on our bi-weekly Massacre show!
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Flying Through the Glass Ceiling

Postby attractionTHEORY » Tue Aug 04, 2015 5:26 am

Fade in to a dark training room where in the middle, there is a ring. In that ring is the dark silhouette of a man. This man is wearing a pair of wrestling trunks and boots. The camera slowly rotates around the ring. A song quietly sets the tone as the shot fades into the ring, this time starting on the right of the wrestler and panning across slowly. Over the music, a voice over begins.

VOICE OVER: “My whole career could be summarized in two words.”

The shot changes to the man clotheslining another man in slow motion.

VOICE OVER: “Untapped Potential.”

Again the shot changes, this time to the man on his knees with his hands on his forehead.

VOICE OVER: “I’ve reached for the brass ring but only ever found the scraps of what other men left behind.”

With a change of shots comes the same guy leaning up against the ropes.

VOICE OVER: “Disappointment became expected. Defeat, second nature.”

The shot switches to one of this man lying on his back in the center of the ring.

VOICE OVER: “All hope seemed lost… But then…”

The music picks up and begins to drive more as the shot changes to this wrestler on one knee, shaking his fists in slow motion.

VOICE OVER: “I found my calling card.”

In slow motion, the man raises his leg up towards the same opponent’s chin in this dark wrestling ring.

VOICE OVER: “For years, I was looking in all the wrong places.”

As the shot changes, the man is now springboarding off the middle of top rope into the ring.

VOICE OVER: “Inverted DDT, Reverse STO, none of that was getting the job done.”

A slow motion Crossbody off the top rope is what the shot fades to.

VOICE OVER: “One day, I took a trip to the top rope, and took flight.”

The camera cuts to a shot from behind as this wrestling jumps of the top rope and begins to rotate backwards, performing a shooting star press.

VOICE OVER: “Now, no one can hold me from flying through the glass ceiling.”

Cut to this man standing in the dark ring with a spotlight shooting down on him, with his arms crossed.

VOICE OVER: “Xtreme Wrestling Alliance… My name is Greg Samuel and I’m coming to conquer any challenge you can put in front of me.”

The camera fades to black.

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