A New Awakening

Matches that occurred on our 2015 Winner Takes All Pay Per View!
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A New Awakening

Postby Dysfunctional » Thu Jul 16, 2015 8:14 pm

"It's times like these where you have to look back and think 'what have I really done?'"

In comes a video package showing a man standing with his back facing the screen. It's unclear as to who this man is, but pretty apparent as to what he is wearing- a grey t-shirt not too tight, but fitted enough to show this man has a rather built feature. He also wears a pair of blue jeans, which doesn't really show any features, just a logo of some sick-looking angel wings that's seen on his back pocket. It's also worth noting that he has a black beanie on his head, which could give you some idea as to who it is.

"I've been in main events, been a part of the greatest rivalries this company has ever seen, been a "brother" in the second variation of one of the most fearsome factions in company history. You could say that I've done it all, but the fact is that I haven't."

"Since day one, I've aspired to become the Heavyweight Champion of the world, but that dream til this day has been just that; a dream. A dream that most have made reality in their careers has remained a dream of mine for years, but I have yet to make it a reality. Sure, I've had opportunities to make said dream reality, but those opportunities kept passing me by. It was always that other guy getting his hand raised in victory- Trace Demon, Alex Sean, DGX......even good ol' Jericho Shaw."

The man turns around to reveal himself to the world watching. It is none other than Drake Dysfunction who speaks to us about, yes, his past history, but his failure at capturing the brass ring- being so close and yet so far from achieving his dream of becoming world champion.

"When it came to that title, you've ran through every single person in that ring, Shaw, and for a long time now, you've been unbeaten for that title. No one has been able to take it away from you, but maybe there is just ONE person as he holds up the index finger who can."

"Yeah, maybe there is ONE man who can actually pull off the miracle and do what nobody else could. Maybe that man can FINALLY be the one to dethrone you! That MAN....
as he looks to the camera....is the Dysfunctional One himself.....DRAKE DYSFUNCTION!"

"You see, I've been gone for a while, but the one question that I have kept asking myself was 'what have I really done?' Fact is, I have not done what I have set out to do since the very beginning of my career. I have not yet broken through that glass ceiling to reach my full potential and achieve the goal that has yet to be achieved by yours truly."

"So to everyone who has an ear to hear, take notice. It's time for me to go to war! It's time for me to take my stand, walk through those familiar doors, walk through that curtain, walk down that ramp and back into that ring! I've been a part of history, but now it's time for Drake Dysfunction to make history of his own!"

"XWA......Jericho Shaw.....this is the new awakening of the 'Dysfunctional One' Drake Dysfunction.....and make no mistake about it. Dysfunction will be upon you once again.....very soon."

His face begins getting distorted by the sudden glitching of the video feed until we see nothing but static.

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