Winner Takes All Hype piece

Matches that occurred on our 2015 Winner Takes All Pay Per View!
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Winner Takes All Hype piece

Postby Razer » Mon Jul 06, 2015 6:58 pm

A series of images, celebrating the long history of XWA, version 1 and the current version 2 are displayed. This montage of significant and landmark moments has been edited with a sepia filter to give it that nostalgic feel. It's all very impressive from the production crew and you can tell the fans are really buying into it. The highlight reel comes to an abrupt end however when the year "2014" is shown on the screen.

With some dramatic operatic music in the background, think "O Fortuna" or something equally epic sounding, the footage turns to colour as the last moments of the "Legends 2014" PPV are played out.

Fighting tough motherfuckers in fair fights is for chumps.

Jack Jackson Jr. isn’t a chump.

Angelus drops to both knees his arms grabbing, clutching and protecting his midsection from taking any more damage. Jack moves behind the man, keeping a keen eye on DGX who at this point is simply resting on the ropes with his arms suspended beside him. He shakes his head angrily, wishing he could do something more, but he can’t. The Jackal shows off another new trick he’s learned by grabbing Angelus from behind the head and pressing his forearms into the cervical neck of the man preventing him from twisting anywhere.

Mark Sanction: What’s Jack doing, I mean… shouldn’t he be going for a Canucklebuster, or something goofy?

Rose: I feel like we have been quite mislead on Jack Jackson Jr.

Matt Steel: Yeah, fuck that guy!
Seeing as Angelus is naturally 6’7 he is much too tall for Jack to apply a reverse Thai Plum. Having DGX knock the man down to size is exactly what the doctor ordered. But you know what this was fun, but it was time everybody knew what he was really made of. Jack tightens his grip on the neck and head of the man and pushes it backwards, as Angelus leans back off balance, the young Canadian rises a single knee high into the air driving it like a piston to the base of Angelus’ skull. The resounding impact is like a wrecking ball hitting a skyscraper as Angelus’ body twitches and shakes from neural overload.

Jack releases his grip and then watches as Angelus’ falls stiff as a board to the ground behind him, completely unconscious. With his chest facing the ceiling, and the lights completely off. Angelus isn’t even aware of a single boot nestled on top of his chest. With both shoulders pinned, senior referee Jack Tickles hesitates…before starting the count.

It is at this point where the footage then goes slower and in black and white.



As Tickles strikes the mat Jack Jackson Jr. glares at the Rated X member and then extends a single finger each time the mat is struck, just daring him to do something. Jack first extends his left thumb, then his left index finger, and finally his middle.


The bell rings and the collective arena…stalls. Unaware of what to think, such behavior is completely out of sorts for the Lord of the Ring winner, why would he do something like this? Through their affection for him, they don’t boo…they just kind of sit in an awkward stunned silence. Jack Tickles, motions for the title and for Hana Remierez to enter the ring to announce the new champion. Tickles frowns and regrets what he’s about to do as he passes the title to its rightful champion.

Jack snickers like never before seen as he grabs the title and then hoists it straight into the air. After all this time and planning, his work had finally paid off. It was time to end this stupid ruse, and let the XWA universe see him for what he truly was…

There was never a Vietnam, Manitoba.

There was never a Jack Jackson Jr.

Hana Remierez: stands in the middle of the ring, and begins to speak.

Hana Remierez:: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner and your new XWA World Heavy Weight Champion “The Jackal J-“
He takes the microphone from her and in one swift action slides his hand underneath the most heroic, most underdog, most positive icon to currently exist in the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance and discards it. His face reveals a young devilish, sadistic grin, and he finishes her sentence.


As Jericho Shaw's voice trails off, we get a montage of Shaw's victories from Legends to the begining of the Lord of the Ring tournament where this time the footage goes back to black and white and a voice over comes in.

"The winner takes all... Everything is on the line... Pride, Glory, a shot at immortality... Only three people have proved themselves worthy enough to take this chance, but who wants it more?"

We then get a black and white shot of Laurel Anne Hardy entering the ring in her debut match in XWA. This is then followed by Razer, accompanied by Bella Quinn. For those unaware, these two actually made their debut against one another. The voice over returns once more.

"Some might call it fate... The Undisputed Champion calling a match featuring the two debutants who would later go on to achieve glory in XWA and ultimately become his biggest adversaries in terms of supremacy..."

We cut to Laurel winning the Hardcore title from Prince Alex III and then we cut to Razer winning the Gladiatorial title from Declan James. All the while, we still have Shaw as the world champion, putting rest to the hall of fame members Dan Bennett and Derrick Jedi.

"Who could have foreseen that those three people in the ring area would ultimately come to dominate XWA?"

The footage skips ahead to the official press announcement about the unification of the titles in Japan in a winner takes all triple threat match. As the voice of DJS reads out it's address, we get more footage of the three champions before it starts to focus on each individual participant.

The voice of Rose comes in now.

"You have Razer... A PWA Hall of Famer, The current PRW Undisputed Champion and winner of the 2015 Superbattle and the current Gladiatorial champion... One of only two people who is undefeated in singles matches in XWA... He is yet to be pinned, he is yet to be submitted, here, or in PRW... He is the embodiment of the phrase One Man Army... Six feet Four, two hundred sixty pounds of violence... He has torn a path through XWA since his arrival, guided by the beautiful and dangerous Bella Quinn... And after what Jericho Shaw did to her... I fear we might finally see Razer unleash what he is really about... You always get the sense that the big man is holding something back... But now... With everything to play for... I'd hate to be in that ring with him..."

The voice of Sanction follows.

"You have Laurel Anne Hardy, a woman renowned in the industry for breaking barriers and defying the odds. The main event sensation, the best female competitor of the new millennium. Accolades and honours forming a list longer than all of XWA's hall of fame combined! Yet for all this success, she hates it. She wants to be beaten, she wants to prove she is human, but would you willingly lose what many would consider to be the career defining match of a lifetime? A true representation of everything which has transpired under Jack Sabbath's guiding hand, she is the embodiment of XWA and its lawless environment. With her crown of thorns and take everything head on nature, you have to wonder, if the reluctance to be the saviour the fans have built her up for is all just a facade... Or does she really not care about the glory? Does she just want to fight? Given the people she faces, I'd say we'll find out pretty quickly"

As you may have guessed, Steel's voice chimes in.

"And as always, the best is saved til last. The undefeated XWA world heavyweight champion. The 2014 lord of the ring, the only man to simultaneously hold every active and inactive title in XWA at this current moment in time. The most dangerous man in XWA, unrivalled, unparalelled.... The new face of Rated X... The breaker of breaking down... Razer might be a worthy Gladiatorial champion, he might be top dog in PRW and a well respected alumni of PWA... But the guy is old... He's not a young lion anymore, he's a wounded animal which needs to be put down for its own good before his sweet Bella has to put him down out of kindness or wanting some of my boy Jericho's D.... And Laurel... Sure, this is the age of equality, but face it... she's only successful because she's bland... She might have been pretty once but I'm certain it got kicked right outta her. She might have fight, she might have spirit, she might be loved by the fans... But this isn't a place for her... Shaw doesn't discriminate, he slays kings and queens, legends and nobodies... And when these three step into the ring, they might as well just give him their titles and walk on out, because it ain't gonna end good for them!"

The tempo and pace of the footage picks up now as we get random shots of all three mixed in with each other before it comes to a close with the poster advertising the event and the display underneath it ringing out

"There Can Be Only One...."

XWA Record (WDL): 8-0-1
Gladiatorial Champion (Won at XWA Massacre: Lords and Gods [30th January show date] - ?????)

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