The Viking Speaks

Matches that occurred on our bi-weekly Massacre show!
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The Viking Speaks

Postby Alex_Krull » Fri Aug 28, 2015 8:41 pm

The whole arena goes dark, no lights can be seen except the lights from the crowds cameras which seem like fireflies from a distance. Suddenly children's voices start to be heard through the PA system chanting.

We hear you, we don't care
We hear you, we don't care
We hear you, we don't care

Along with the first riffs from The Agonist's Predator and Prayer the lights come back flickering red and blue, at the same time Alex Krull stands at the entrance of the ring with an angry look on his face and a water bottle on his right hand.

Hana Ramirez:
Making his way to the ring, from Oslo Norway weighing in 276 pounds…

The massive Krull walks out wearing jeans, a black tank top and black military boots.

Hana Ramirez:
…he is The Viking… ALEX! KRULL!

A mixed reaction can be heard from the crowd as Krull ignores every single one of his fans, the angry Norwegian only has the ring on his sight, everything else is a distraction. As the song starts to slow down to make way for the grunts of the vocalist He walks up the steel steps and enters the ring over the third rope, walks around the ring analyzing it and just before the second verse starts Krull goes to his corner climbing to the second rope and waits for it to start.

Allow me to shatter your fantasy
Your childhood dream
I'll crush your reality
The gabled roofs make it easy

As the verse starts playing Krull takes a look at the crowd with disdain and when the softer lyrics from the lead singer start to be heard Alex screams in anger one more time while we flexes his muscles displaying his strength getting a mix of cheers and boo's to which he puts no attention.

Mark Santion:
What the hell is Krull doing here right now?

Whatever it is, I bet is it not good.

Alex Grabs a mic from ring side and quickly starts talking.

Alex Krull:
It’s been some time since I debuted and since then I fought MacVillain, Laurel, David Baldacci, Shaw, Ryan Daniels and Joey Miles. I have only lost two matches Shaw and Laurel and since then I have learned a lot, Laurel taught me how to destroy an opponent and for that you don’t need to be big and strong just good, Shaw taught me that to be the best you got to know where to hit your opponent.

Alex makes a pause, takes a deep breath and goes on.

Alex Krull:
I am a former Olympic Wrestler, former MMA fighter and now I am here to destroy each and every one of the wrestlers here. I am not looking for a championship, heck I don’t know what I would do with it, what I want is for each and every wrestler to fear me, to know the name of Alex Krull and say it trembling since there is not a single wrestler here that is as technical or as good as I am. I want a challenge; I want someone that makes me sweat, bleed and then say how the fuck did this happened?

The crowd cheers as the last word come out of Krull’s mouth, his fury speaking, he is not keeping anything inside.

Alex Krull:
Wrestlers here speak of the great and mighty Shaw, yes he beat me but only after he fought like little dirty kid and injured my knee which even with it I beat the crap out of TWO WRESTLERS! TWO! NOT ONE, TWO! How many of those guys in the back can say they’ve done that!

He is right about that, he man handled those poor guys, I beat Ryan is not fighting here anymore.

Matt Steel:
HE tossed him away like a rag doll, this angry bastard has what it takes to dominate this place.

Mark Sanction:
But he doesn’t want any gold, he wants wrestlers, he want a fight.

Alex Krull:
The only guy here I haven’t fought is Razer, the Enforcer of war, the one man army, what the fuck is that? You think you known war? I have bled inside a steel cage while trying to hold on to my life with fighter seven times you. I have been taken down only by the best of this world and you are nothing more than a loud mouth.

Alex makes a pause while Matt Steel talks.

Matt Steel:
What the heck he is dissing on Razer, what the hell? He is our best chance to take down the princess wearing the title belt.

I don’t know, Laurel barely defeated Krull, she could barely fight him of and since that match he has only gotten better at it I fear he is the best guy to take her down.

Alex Krull:
What I am trying to say is JACK! SEND ME ALL YOU’VE GOT, SEND ME THE WORSE, PUT ME IN YOUR WORSE SCENARIOS, I DOUBT THAT THERE IS NO OTHER WRESTLER HERE THAT I CANNOT BEAT and after all of this you will see I am the real lord of this ring, I am the true warrior all you are looking for! I am dead tired of wanna be fighters, send me your best and then only then I will be satisfied. SO JACK, FEED ME OR FEAR ME!

Alex drops the mic and walks up the ramp while Predator and Prayer hit the PA System, his anger, his fury is inequivalent. Could he be as good as he is saying or was that just words?
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