XWA Massacre: The Lord of the Ring Begins! (6/12/2014)

Matches that occurred on our bi-weekly Massacre show!
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XWA Massacre: The Lord of the Ring Begins! (6/12/2014)

Postby DJS » Sun Dec 07, 2014 1:37 am

We're in Madison Square Garden and the Lord of the Ring begins here with...

Episode 84: Lord of the Ring Begins!
LIVE! From Madison Square Garden, New York (18,200 Capacity)

Lord of the Ring- a tradition in XWA history. It's been won by guys such as EBR, DGX and the current World Heavyweight Champion Jericho Shaw. And this year? Much like many things in the Sabbath Regime, we're bringing back something old and making it new.

The Lord of the Ring PPV will take place as the first show of 2015, and tonight on Massacre, we will define the Main Event of that very show! Tonight, three competitors from the roster will earn a spot in the Royal Court- a caged ladder match with the LOTR Ring hanging above.

The matches have been randomly selected...
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Re: XWA Massacre: The Lord of the Ring Begins! (6/12/2014)

Postby DJS » Sun Dec 07, 2014 1:39 am


House Show:

Fade up on a shot of Holly Hunt standing on the interview set holding a microphone. The camera zooms out to reveal that Holly is standing next to Smith Jones. Smith is wearing a black suit with a black tie and his arm is resting in a tight sling. He stares off at nothing while Holly looks into the camera.

Holly Hunt: With me at this time is the man who failed to capture the XWA World Heavyweight Championship at Hardcore Renaissance, Smith Jones. Smith, you were carried out of The Hammerstein Ballroom after a brutal loss to Jericho Shaw live on pay-per-view. How are you feeling a few days removed from that devastating loss?

Smith Jones: ...it was all a dream. Shaw. Fucking Shaw. You showed up on the one night that mattered most fresh from the beach and smelling like the inside of a tropical spa carrying a belt that’s been shoved in the bottom of your gym bag for weeks and you successfully defended your prize. I did not do what I needed to do to get the job done against you. I lost. You beat me. Bravo! But that’s just one night. I’ve been beating the fuck out of you for months now while I stand tall in front of The World and stimulate the very nerve system of this company. I lost at the Hammerstein against you, Shaw, but I can still say what I’ve always been able to say since day damned one: I showed up on fucking time ready to fucking work as fucking always. I don’t know who the fuck you’ve got handling your schedule but you either need to fire their lazy ass or give them a goddam raise! You showed up on that one night after watching me on TV week after week raising viewership, assing seats… you showed up with all of your pent up aggression from weeks of watching my hard work on your tablet at the swim up bar and you gave the audience that I brought you the show of a lifetime. Good work. Now what? Commentary? So once again, the burden is on everyone else to make you look good! I applaud your creativity but your work ethic is bullshit. You don’t have the endurance to do the things that I simply cannot stop doing. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been the uncrowned XWA World Heavyweight Champion since I made C5 Ion tap out in that Proving Ground match back in September! I am uncrowned still. I’m Smith Jones and I got screwed out of the XWA World Championship at Hardcore Renaissance!!

Holly Hunt: Dan Bennett kicked you in the face with a killer Breakdown 2.0 that knocked you unconscious for the remainder of your Main Event World Title Match against Jericho Shaw.

Smith Jones: Bennett is a slimy asshole and I’ve lost a lot of respect for the man over this shit. But it’s not just Bennett that I need to worry about. Diamond Jack Sabbath has been allowing the champion to get away with whatever the fuck he wants. I don’t understand why that is. I’ve never been protected by my boss before. I don’t expect it to happen now. But I don’t get why Shaw can swoop in for the PPV and then turn into a professional spectator on the flagship! Because if the champions don’t stand up for XWA then what the fuck good are they??! The belt doesn’t make you a champion. You must first be a champion and the belt may one day come. So this is my pledge to you, Shaw. I’m right here. Same as always. I’m pulling the weight and I’m bringing that crowd spectacular shit, experimental and innovative shit they’ve never ever seen before and I do it, as you know, every Massacre and every pay-per-view until my heart stops. Every show. I dare you, man. Stand up and be champion or do us all a favour and fucking don’t.

Holly Hunt: Dan Bennett clearly has something to say to you. What are your thoughts on his actions?

Smith Jones: Bennett. You worm. You’ve made a statement, haven’t you? If only you could see yourself through my eyes. Don’t you think I can see you squirming just beneath the surface? I know how much it hurt you that I took you out of the title picture. I should’ve seen it sooner. I was distracted by shinier things. You’ve taken centre stage in my field of vision, Dan. I see you. I see you doing anything in your power to keep the World Title out of my hands, meddling where you don’t really belong. I see how that finish could never have been what it was without your input. You know that. That match between Jericho and myself ended up to be all about you. And for what? You don’t get a title match out of this. You aren’t any closer to gold than you were when you and I were laying side by side at Sabbath’s feet. What’s gotten into you, Dan? Where’s your damned friggin’ head at? Because last time I checked it wasn’t Jericho Shaw standing shoulder to shoulder with you trying to breathe new life into the XWA. That was ME! I was the one who took a legit beatdown backstage before our tag match and I was the one who found a way to come to your aid and face War Enforcement together!! I proved my integrity by taking that beating with you, Dan. And while I blamed GM DJS on twitter for the backstage ambush, I don’t trust anyone. Maybe it was you, Dan Bennett. I’ll bet you’ve wanted me dead for the better part of a year. You could easily have laid me out with a lead pipe before heading to the ring that night. It could easily have been you. Well… here we are. You’ve got everyone’s attention now, Bennett. Say what you want. You didn’t lay me out with that fateful Breakdown 2.0 for nothing. And while we’re on the subject, you’ve been using 2.0 for a while now without any sort of 2.1.1 patch or a firmware upgrade or even a slight revision to the EULA and I can attest first hand to the fact that 2.0 is still running quite smoothly! You K’d me the F-O. So, what the fuck is this really about? Am I burning up too many spotlights out there for your liking? Is it that I knocked you off your Three To Gold? Is it the fact that with someone like me around you become a mildly amusing afterthought? I made the mistake of believing that you had half a mind. I should know better than to ever believe. That never works out. I’m not in a good headspace, Dan. You shouldn’t have kicked me in the face the way you did. You should have stayed the hell out of my Main Event. Mistake made. You fucked up. You fucked up. You fucked up. Fucking Hammerstein.

Smith begins to mutter to himself as he looks off at nothing in the distance. Holly leans her face into his line of sight and tries to bring him back to the interview.


Holly Hunt: Um. Smith? Hi. Your head? I’ve heard you’ve had some trouble with--

Smith Jones: No trouble, Holly. Never better. Every show. It’s my thing. I work matches. Why? What’ve you heard?

Holly Hunt: Your arm is clearly in a sling, Smith. Hey Juan, tilt down and show this. Smith, you’re standing with the aid of a cane. I’ve heard you’ve had some trouble with memory loss. And Smith, you just zoned out for about two minutes humming Stones.

Smith Jones: I have entirely no idea what you’re talking about.

Holly Hunt: Juan.

The cameraman stops rolling and rewinds the disc. He shows the viewfinder to Smith as the video rolls. We can’t see what Smith sees, but we can hear him humming ‘Time Is On My Side’ by The Rolling Stones. Jones shoots a glare over at Holly and then they all retake their interview positions. The camera rolls again.

Holly Hunt: Smith. You have a match this coming Massacre against Tempest. Be honest with us. Be honest with yourself. You’re not--

Smith Jones: I’m not what, Ms Hunt?!! I’m not fit to compete this Massacre? You sound like the damned neurosurgeon. The fuck does he know? I’m Smith Jones!!!

Holly Hunt: You are Smith Jones.


Smith stares at Holly for a long, uncomfortable moment. He breathes in her face as she leans away. He slowly turns to camera.

Smith Jones: Bennett.

The camera zooms slowly closer to Smith as he does not break his stare. Smith’s icy blue eyes boil with rage as he thinks back to that horrific moment when he first saw the bottom of Bennett’s foot shooting towards his face. And then, nothing. And then, waking up halfway up the ramp, being carried out horizontally by a gaggle of barely qualified medical staff. Jones’ forehead is being lacerated by deep wrinkles as he looks into the lens with a menacing scowl.

Smith Jones: Come.

Holly looks at Jones for a minute without speaking. She takes a long slow breath and then breathes out her next question.

Holly Hunt: Despite your current condition you are scheduled to compete on Friday Night Massacre next week. What will your strategy be against Tempest?

Smith Jones: Tempest. Another ghost from the past. What am I, Scrooge?? More bullshit from above. Story of my life. While I get booked against the Shaws and Tempests of the world, Dan Bennett gets friggin’ Whisper at the PPV and then walks right into a rookie debutant match this coming Massacre? Protected much?? While I stay deep in the fire, our World Champ goes on commentary to stink up our air while he rests, quite literally, on his ass show after show?! The booking isn’t slanted at all, is it? IS IT, HOLLY?

Holly Hunt: I don’t… Smith...

Smith Jones: What?? You can’t see it?? Are you goddam blind? I am clearly being actively targeted by forces that people like you choose to ignore. You blindly trust the higher ups and assume that those in power will always do what’s best for the greater populous. Are you people still that fucking stupid? I’m not deluded like so many people out there. I’ve got my eyes wide open. So on Massacre when I face a fresh Tempest, I am damned sure that there will be shenanigans afoot during the Smith Jones match! Because Sabbath didn’t clear the commentary thing for nothing. Not only will I have to weather The Storm of the Century, I will also have to worry about our World Champion lurking in plain sight and the looming threat of random attack by Dan Bennett or War Enforcement! But I can’t let all of the bullshit get in my head. You know where my focus is, Holly.

Holly Hunt: I’m sure you’re focused on your next match.

Smith Jones: Listen, Michael. I may look all gimped up here, but you know in your heart that you’d better come prepared and I know that you will. This is going to be a big one. You've done it all in the XWA from champion to owner to referee... I hear you once cleaned the women’s restroom toilets with your current personal toothbrush. There is nothing that anyone can think to do in the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance that Tempest hasn’t already done. Lord of the Ring is great motivation for Tempest and me to want to beat the living shit out of each other. Lord of the Ring leads directly to a World Title shot and I want it. Who doesn't want it, right? And if Tempest is back I'd be surprised if it wasn't for another run as champion. The stakes are genuinely high here. I don't even have to hype it much. It's evident and it's building with every tense moment that passes between now and Massacre. Our work is cut out for us. So what’s my strategy against Tempest next week on Massacre, Ms Hunt? Be Smith Jones.

He turns and limps away from Holly, leaning heavily on that cane. Fade to black.

Meanwhile on YouTube:
Fade in on a woman sitting cross-legged in the centre of a bare, dilapidated room. The wooden floor is splintered; the walls are peeling and stained with damp; the whole scene is cast in dirty yellow light spilling from a single unshaded bulb.

But the young woman is a vision of vibrancy, from the neon nail varnish on her hands and bare feet to the sweeping sparkles of glitter-paint across her brow, cheeks and eyelids to the single multicoloured fabric rose tucked into her long black hair. A hot pink ribbon forms a bow tie beneath the collar of her shirt, its lime green and indigo fireworks design contrasting with her dark nebula-print tights.

Yet for all the energy of her appearance, her expression is flat.

"This coming Massacre, Lord of the Ring season starts again."

The conflict between energy and restraint carries through to the tone of her high-pitched, Welsh-accented voice.

"It all starts with a psychopath who likes hitting people with a metal pipe, a member of one of the most dominant groups in wrestling history, The Asylum..."

A shadow of a smirk flashes across her lips.

"...and Razer."

As suddenly as it arrived, the smirk vanishes, replaced by a grim parody of a smile, a smile born of reckless despair, a smile holding back an explosion of nihilistic entropy.

"I've been forced to do a lot of self-examination lately. All the talk of monsters over the last few months..."

She bows her head.

"I am what I am. I don't want to be what I am... but I am. I can't pretend any more that I'm not. Not after what I've done to people this year. And yes, I had good reasons. Everything I ever did was to protect people I love, things that matter. People wanna fuck with me and mine, I will fuck them back harder than they could possibly ever imagine. I was honest about that from day one. I warned people about the nuclear hellstorm I'm sitting on, and what would happen if they pushed me, but push me they still did. That's never going to change... that pressure's going to build up one way or another, and people with more insecurity than sense are going to keep trying to get me to give them the attention it takes to immolate them. So what falls to me now is finding the safest, healthiest, most productive way to release that pressure before the people I love get caught in the crossfire." She lets out a curt, bitter, humourless laugh. "I've never been bothered about most titles outside of tag wrestling, and to be honest I only care about tag titles because it's symbolic of accomplishing things with people I love. But hardcore titles... hardcore titles are different. When there are no rules, then by definition, the rules can't be broken. It's hard to cheat your way to a hardcore title. It's hard to stain a hardcore title with the same stinking shit that other titles get covered in. There's no pretence with a hardcore title; no code of honour for the vermin who clog up the arse end of this art form to take oh so much pride in breaking because it's the only way they can feel good about themselves." All of this is accompanied by a derisive sneer; if anyone didn't already know her feelings about those who abuse the art of wrestling for their own gain, it's not hard to tell from her face right now.

"I haven't had too much luck with hardcore titles this year," she admits bluntly. She sucks in one cheek for a moment before continuing, "I wasn't exactly shy about staking a claim to the PDW Bloodshed Championship. I was undefeated when PDW closed. And these weren't pissy matches, either. That sadistic madness match with Steel Angel. Five-way elimination. West McFadden - he's the World Champion in IWF now, absolutely on fire, and I beat him in PDW, twice. Everyone knows I was at the absolute most two supershows away from a match with Zero McHannon. And everyone knows that would've been the match of the goddamn year. And then - literally fuckin' overnight - PDW, at the crest of its biggest year ever, just dies. Just... fuckin'... falls apart. Then after that Gods of Violence gets cancelled at the last minute. I was so fuckin' hyped for that, man. DWF, I get to close the book, or at least a couple of chapters, on the biggest part of my life - me, Sah'ta Thor and Savannah, y'know, we get to go out there and just work through all the old issues from the Asylum days... cancelled. Company dies. Poof. I still have the DWF Blood Diamond Championship on the shelf in my bedroom... a reminder of all the targets I've missed in 2014."

She blows out air through her lips, then shrugs and says, "It's the way wrestling is, I know. Nothing's stable in this business and god knows I thrive on flux, but... I'm fuckin' sick to the back teeth of gettin' close to an endin' an' havin' it.... robbed away from me by random fluctuations. I'm sick of bein' a bloody entropic outlier. I need an environment where none of that matters. I need an environment where nobody's going to tell me I'm going too far, that I can't express myself... or at least, nobody worth giving a fuck about. I need a place where most people understand what I need to bring. I need XWA."

Slowly, movements measured, Laurel Anne Hardy stands up.

"When... no. Too many plans fallen through this year to say 'when'. If I win Lord of the Ring, I'm not going for the World Championship. Fuck the World Championship. Fuck all world championships, with their legacies of backstabbing and bullshit. I'm going for the only title that matters: the Hardcore Championship. If I don't win Lord of the Ring? I'm still coming for the Hardcore Championship. And when I do, I want the biggest fight anyone's ever given me. Mosta y'all know how I do in a deathmatch. You've seen how much blood I can lose, how many bruises I can collect, and keep going; you know I can do things with weapons that nobody else even thinks of, never mind could pull off. But one thing nobody's ever seen me do is stay down. I've fought some of the best in the business and not one of them has ever been able to break me. To everyone in XWA's Hardcore Championship scene: I'm looking for that person. I need to know for my own sanity whether that person exists. Think you can be that person?"

She spreads her arms, inviting any and every challenge.

"I'm here now, XWA. Come an' try."

And fade out.
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Re: XWA Massacre: The Lord of the Ring Begins! (6/12/2014)

Postby DJS » Sun Dec 07, 2014 1:43 am

"So, they announced the fixtures fer Lord of the Rings then aye?"

A distinctive Glaswegian female's voice can be heard as she seems to be holding a 'one sided' conversation. The probability that she is on the phone to someone is pretty high, like 99% certain, but to anyone walking past her as she leaned against the wall, facing away from people's view, that 1% of uncertainty about maybe it's just someone who is insane still lingers. Of course, for those who actually know who this woman is, that 1% becomes slightly larger.
"Look Raz'... Ye gotta get ye ass intae the ring and actually start trainin' properly fer this one. I dun care if ye facing some lass people haven't heard of before, if she pulls off a win over ye, ya gonna look like even more o' a bawbag than ye do now!"
Judging by the slight elevation in volume in her voice and the more colourful language being used, it's clear she is talking to someone who either means a lot to her, has some kind of interest and investment in or has drawn the short straw and is looking out for them... Or maybe it's a case of all three?
"Look, I'm nae forcin' ye tae train. I've done some diggin' me'self lad... I cannae find feck all 'bout this Laurel Lass... Not even a mugshot! S'like she's jis a name... BUT its nae excuse tae not prepare fer facin' her... I know ye'll probably win, but there is that 1 time in 100 lad where ye'll feck it all up and I'll spend the rest o' forever laughin at ye sorry ass!"

Shaking her head as she hears the response, the Scottish woman rolls her eyes and speaks one last time.
"Don't ye Bella! me. Ye were the one who signed us up fer this thing, ye should be the one who makes the effort lad. Get ye ass in gear, or I will make damn sure ye won't enjoy the next few days aye? Yeah, you too... ya feckin' wuss!"

Hanging up, the woman who we now know to be Bella Quinn, a PRW wrestler and the girlfriend of Razer, a fellow PRW wrestler turns round. Looking across the street at the passing traffic and the grey skies above her, she sighs and tries to order her thoughts.

"The things he comes up with... doin' this crazy shit in his downtime... We're already in tournaments elsewhere, helpin' tae train some MMA fighters for a big event on New Year's Eve, and he expects tae jis walk out there, face this chick we don't know anythin' about and just carry on with it?

If he ain't as serious about this deal as I am, then I'm certainly gonna make him feel serious. Jis because he's fightin' a girl, disnae mean a girl cannae kick his ass


We later catch up with the Glaswegian. Wearing her 'ring gear' - a black and dark blue faded MMA styled vest top with a front fastening zip and a faded Scotland flag pattern on it, matching style shorts and a faux-leather, tartan effect skirt, complete with matching boots, the fiery tempered brunette is clearly putting someone through their paces. Hitting the ropes in a training ring, she cannons forwards, leading elbow first and catches a much bigger man in front of her in the chest. Although she seems to be half his size in terms of mass and a foot shorter than him, the impact of the elbow sends him stumbling backwards just enough for her to slip up close to him, hook his ankle and knock him down with a modified, leg sweep based STO. As both of them hit the mat, Bella climbs up on top of her larger opponent, grabbing him by the neck of his shirt and holding her fist just inches away from his face.

"Enough... I get the point girl!"

Satisfied with the outcome of the brief training session, Bella climbs off the man and pulls herself up just as he gets himself up.
"Ya really are a crazy bitch sometimes Bell..."
Looking at the man and smiling, she places her hand on his chest and stands on her tip-toes, leaning up to him and planting a kiss on his cheek.

Bella: "Well Raz, ya lucky this was jis a trainin' match aye? If that were a real match an ye went at her like ye did at me, ye'd be gettin a 3 second tan an walkin outta XWA wit' yer tail between ye legs!"

With the other man's identity now revealed to be Razer, its clear to see just what Bella meant in her phonecall.

Razer: "Ok, ya proved your point Bell... But I still don't see how you think this is gonna help 'motivate' me... All its made me want to do is instead go get drunk and start singing The Proclaimers at you until we either try to kill each other, or get bored and hook up again..."

Punching Razer in the arm, Bella shakes her head.

Bella: "Ye don't get it do ye? We're over here in XWA... These people here, they don't know what we're like properly. Sure, some o' them may have watched us in PRW once o' twice, but we gots tae make a gid impression lad. Ye gotta go out there and win this match, or you'll make everyone look bad, not jis us"

Razer: "I get that... I just don't get why YOU care so much about this? You're not even participating..."

Bella: "I care because..."

Pausing, Bella looks round the empty gym.

Bella: "Ye tell anyone a said this, and I will cut off ye baws... got it?"

Razer simply shrugs as if to say "whatever"

Bella: "I care because I actually like ye, believe it or not... And part of me actually wants ye tae succeed and do somethin' here... Of course, part o' me wants tae see ye crash, burn and fail miserably, jis so a can mock ye tae high hell and back again"

Razer: "And who said romance is dead?"

Moving in to hug her, Razer holds his arms out, letting Bella put hers round him. The moment she lets her guard down, he quickly hoists her up and drops her back down onto the canvas with an extremely controlled uranage. Leaning over her, his face mere inches from hers, he flashes her a wink.

Bella: "Hit me wit' my own move again, and I will feckin' kill ye lad!"

Razer: "And whilst we are on the subject... I like you too!"

Kissing her on the forehead before letting go and getting back up, Razer walks to the ropes of the ring and climbs out of it, leaving Bella sat in the ring watching him.

"If only he'd actually show that level of commitment tae trainin', then he'd have nae problems wit' this tournament!"

Match #1:
Razer vs. Laurel Anne Hardy
As the sold out MSG gets ready for the next person to walk out, there is a low faint noise coming from the speakers as the screen begins to flicker momentarily. All of a sudden, the speakers kick to life with the sound of "Cutting Teeth" by Swedish metal titans The Haunted. As the roar of Marcus Aro tears through them, accompanied by an extremely brutal sounding riff and intense drums, there is an explosion of silver and dark green pyro along with flashing strobe lights, rapidly flickering in time with the relentless drums. On the big screen, the word "Razer" appears and it flicks between "One Man Army" and "Enforcer".

Sorry to burst your fucking Bubble.
You had your Peace, now it's Time to set things straight.
So you thought you knew me, I thought I knew Myself too.
Bet you had me written off, an able Gun but with Bullets lost.
Sleeping Dogs be left asleep, but here's some Jaws that want it's Meat.

As the verse kicks in, the smoke from the pyro clears and standing in the midst of it, in the middle of the stage is Razer. Head hung low, hand balled into a fist and raised above his head, he remains there for a moment as Bella Quinn walks out next to him. Lowly lowering his fist and looking up, Razer surveys the crowd for a moment, taking note of the rather interested and neutral reaction to him, before the pair on stage begin to make their way towards the ring.

Hana Ramierez: "Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by Bella Quinn, standing at 6 feet 4, weighing 260lbs from Liverpool, England... RAZER!"

Cutting Teeth.
After all, we're just cutting Teeth.
Cutting Teeth.
Watch me now.
Cutting Teeth.

As the song's chorus kicks in, Razer and Bella make it down to the end of the ramp and get into the ring. Holding the middle rope down and lifting the top rope, Razer lets Bella enter first before ducking under the top rope himself. Walking towards one of the turnbuckles, Razer climbs up onto the middle rope and holds his fist in the air, mouthing along the lyrics to the chorus of his song, whilst Bella preens in the middle of the ring. Dropping down from the ropes, Razer removes his shades and his leather jacket, revealing the Slayer cut off vest he wears underneath. Throwing them into one of the corners, Razer leans on the ropes and stretches a few times whilst keeping his eye on the ring and discussing strategy with Bella who exits the ring and waits down at ringside.
As Shonen Knife's "Cookie Day" hits the speakers, Laurel Anne Hardy bursts straight through the curtain, screaming with pure energy. She dances down to ringside, slapping fans' outstretched hands all the way.

Hana Ramirez: From Rhyl, Wales, weighing one hundred and forty-eight pounds...

After touring all around the guardrails, hugging fans and complimenting homemade signs, Hardy slides into the ring and runs up a corner where she poses before pulling off her brightly coloured feather boa and tossing it into the crowd, prompting a scrum to catch it.

Hana Ramirez: The Living, Breathing Installation Event of the Millennium... LAUREL! ANNE! HARDY!

Laurel drops to a sitting position and headbutts the top of the ringpost to hype herself up, then pops back to her feet and straight into a backflip down to the middle of the ring where she takes a deep, theatrical bow.

With both participants now in the ring, they retreat to their respective corners. Standing alone in hers, Laurel Anne Hardy takes a moment to compose herself. Being presented with someone of the size of Razer, a six foot four, 260lb powerhouse with a reputation for being rough in the ring as her opponent in the Lord of the Ring tournament certainly is a daunting task, but as they say, you have to beat everyone in your path if you want to make it to the top. The strange thing though is whilst most people coming face to face with someone the size of Razer if they were Laurel would so more apprehension than what she actually is. Instead, the lady from Rhyl is actually smiling, almost as if she is relishing this challenge. Across from her, looking rather apathetic is Razer. Eyeing the much smaller female opponent, he glances down to the ringside and spots Bella, his 'supportive' girlfriend ranting on at him. Even though he knows that this is a legitimate match, it still seems weird that the first time he steps into the ring here in XWA, he's given someone a whole foot smaller and near enough half his body weight lighter to throw around and hurt. Given his body language, it's clear that he isn't taking this seriously at all.

Sanction: "Well, every tournament has them, and ours will be no different. Here is a classic 'David vs Goliath' matchup"

Rose: "You don't see many of these guy versus girl fights either... Some people feel that they're too awkward to watch, especially if there is such a clear difference in size like we have here with Razer and Hardy"

Shaw: "To be honest, I could care less either way... Underdog vs Big guy, girl vs guy, whatever happens, neither one in the ring can beat me. I mean, I'm incredible... Razer just seems like a tattooed muscle head with an angry girlfriend who says stuff you can't understand... and who's the girl? Do we have a new interviewer here?"

Ignoring the disdain from the current champion who is out at ringside, boosting his own ego, Rose and Sanction continue to talk as Razer and Laurel are brought to the middle of the ring by the official to have the rules of the match passed by them.

Rose: "Looking at this match up, you would be a fool not to back Razer, purely on the physical aspect alone, he has this in the bag. Laurel is a well respected lucharesu though and she has a reputation for being relentless. Maybe against people more her size/weight class she could be dominant here, but against Razer, it's almost as if she is like a glass hammer "

Sanction: "One good hit, and she's shattered!"

Rose: "Laurel has to keep it moving here, the moment she slows down or gets caught by Razer, its game over. She needs to hit fast, hard and go for the blitz win here. Just simply overwhelm Razer with her agility and hope she can put it to rest before her cardio lets her down"

Sanction: "What about Razer?"

Rose: "He might be agile, but nowhere near agile enough to contend with someone the size of Hardy. All he has to do is catch her and then that's it. A few big moves and the match is as good as his, but he has to be aware of the counter attack threat. Razer is a guy who employs a lot of lifting moves, most of them can be countered by someone with Laurel's style. As for strikes, the big man has to place them well, someone like Hardy no doubt has honed her art to using her opponents momentum against them."

Shaw: *yawning* "Just ring the damn bell already... This is dull"

With the rules explained and the bell rung, the match gets underway
With both participants still measuring the other up, the two Brits approach the middle of the ring again. Keeping just out of striking distance of one another, they begin to circle. With both of them keeping their attention focused on the other ones hands and legs, watching for any tell tale signs of a sudden movement or a strike, the standoff serves to build some tension for this debutant filled clash. After a two or three passes round the ring, the tension finally shatters. Laurel brings her arms up, signalling she wants to lock horns with the Enforcer, who stops, looks over at Bella and mouths something to her which draws a facepalm from the Scot at ringside.

Rose: "Did Razer just say 'Seriously?' "

Sanction: "Judging by Quinn's ringside reaction, I think he did. Total sign of disrespect right there from the Liverpool native"

Shaw: "To be honest, I would be saying seriously too... Like why am I seriously out here watching this crap..."

Turning back to Hardy, Razer shrugs his shoulders and obliges the Welshwoman. At first he crouches slightly, so he is at eye level with her which draws some cheap but warranted heat from the fans, before pushing back up to his full height. Standing over a foot taller than her, Razer stops playing round and reaches out. As both of them lock up, Razer just stands there. Not even bothering to struggle, resist or even make any attempt to fight back, he just watches Laurel try to off-set him as best as she can. After about ten awkward seconds of Laurel trying to shove him backwards, Razer finally acts. Leaning forwards, he fakes being pulled off balance which prompts Laurel to reel back before shoving herself forwards at him with all her weight behind her. Feeling the resistance, Razer quickly releases the hold and steps to the side, sending Laurel stumbling forwards. As she goes past, Razer sticks his boot out and in true dickish heel manner, trips her up before holding his hands up, pretending to be all innocent.

Shaw: "HA! Now that was funny... Granted neither of these two have anything on me, I like Razer's sense of humour. I'd be pretty pissed if I was given a chick to fight in my first match here!"

Rose: "What an Asshole!"

Shaking her head and clenching her fists, Laurel regains her footing and turns to face the Englishman. Seeing Laurel looking angrier than before, Razer cockily walks forwards to her before holding his arms out, this time asking her to lock horns with him. Wanting to prove a point, Laurel obliges him. As she reaches out and the pair tie up once more, Razer instantly overpowers her. Readjusting his grip, taking her firmly by the shoulder, Razer twists round and slings her as if she was a bowling ball, throwing her across the ring. Taking the tumble but rolling right back up to her feet, Hardy rushes back in at Razer who quickly pulls his bandana off. Holding it out in his hands and shaking it, almost as if he was waving a red cape at a bull, Razer steps away, making a swishing motion as Laurel passes under the bandana as he flicks it out the way, drawing even more ire from the crowd and Bella down at ringside as he shouts 'Olé'.

Sanction: "I seriously hope Hardy makes Razer regret doing this.

Upon hearing the shouting from the Scot at ringside, Razer finally gives up fooling around. Shaking his head, he points at Laurel and motions for her to 'bring it'. Not wanting to fall for any more cheap tricks or humiliation attempts, Laurel cautiously begins to circle round Razer, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Seeing Hardy try to 'toy with him', Razer shakes his head and takes a deep breath before making his move.

Rushing in at Hardy, the big Englishman brings up his right arm and goes straight for a textbook clothesline. As Hardy shuffles her feet, she gracefully ducks under the extended arm of Razer, whilst spinning in a counter-clockwise rotation whilst bringing her left leg up. As she spins out, left leg raised, she angles her body so her leg extends higher and smashes the back of her heel into the middle of Razer's spine with an unorthodox styled heel smash which gets a big response out of the crowd. The techn-ocoloured lucharesu quickly springs backwards after making contact and drops down low into a crouched stance. Planting both her hands firmly into the canvas, she spins round, extending her legs once more and hooks Razer's trailing leg with a sweeping motion, knocking him off balance, but not doing enough to bring him down to the ground. Stumbling forwards, Razer quickly pivots on the spot and turns to face Hardy who is back up on her feet and ready for Razer's retaliation. Lunging forwards, Razer throws his right arm out, going for a straight palm heel thrust strike which Hardy spots a mile off. Stepping to her right, Hardy flicks her hand out, parrying the blow and quickly catching hold of Razer's wrist shortly after. Dropping her left arm, she throws it forwards in an upwards motion, striking at Razer's upper arm with a palm heel strike of her own before twisting on Razer's wrist as she spins round, yanking down on it at the same time and throwing him head over heels with a jiu-jitsu styled wrist whip.

Rose: "Impressive start by Hardy. The phsyical difference between her and Razer is not an intimidating factor at all. She's just going straight for it."

Sanction: "She does seem like the type who enjoys a challenge, and given how Razer acted towards her at the start of this match up, I'm certain that putting him down like that will have been sweet"

Shaw: "So the chick knows some martial arts and is quick... Big deal. I can do kicks and flicks like that too, it's all easy with some practice and training"

Keeping tight hold of Razer's wrist, Hardy tries to drag the Liverpool native over onto his back, but Razer manages to break free of the hold. As he drags his arm towards himself, he pulls Hardy off balance and before she can react, he quickly pushes up to one knee before lunging forwards, shoulder first, dropping her down to the canvas with a shoulder block. Hardy hits the canvas back first, but almost instantly springs back up to her feet and comes at Razer hard once again. Throwing out a quick jab, Razer tries to catch Hardy, but the lucharesu evades it by pirouetting round the strike before firing off a backward thrust kick towards Razer. Jumping back, Razer narrowly escapes being caught in the mid-section by the kick and acts quickly. Taking hold of her by the ankle, Razer shoves Hardy away from him, sending her tumbling to the floor once more. As she pulls herself back up, Razer reaches down and takes hold of her by the hair. Forcibly pulling her to a vertical base, the big Englishman releases his grasp and then takes her by the wrist. Throwing her forwards, he whips her across the ring and gives chase. As Hardy bounces off the ropes, Razer catches her with a clothesline, knocking her down with little effort required much to the dismay of the crowd. Stepping away and waiting, Razer watches Hardy pull herself up to her feet before he moves back in again. Reaching out, he grabs her by the neck and tosses her into the ropes like a ragdoll. As Hardy comes back off them, Razer simply stands his ground, letting her bump into him before pushing her into the corner. Despite seeming to show some willingness to fight, the Enforcer is far from done toying with her.

Sanction: "This woman-handling approach from Razer is just tiresome to watch. He isn't interested in fighting one bit. All he wants to do is throw his weight round and bully her"

Rose: "I have to agree, but at the same time, it's an interesting approach to this. Hardy's Lucha style is all about leverage and momentum shifting. By just tossing her about, Razer isn't giving her any window to actually hit some of the moves we saw her pull earlier"

Leaving Hardy in the corner, Razer takes a few steps back before charging in. As he rushes in for the corner clothesline, Hardy brings both her legs up and plants her feet into Razer's chest. Stopping him in his tracks, Hardy quickly follows up with a series of low kicks, each one catching him in the calves. Stalling the Enforcer, Hardy quickly makes her move. Escaping from the corner, she ducks past Razer and quickly spins round, driving her elbow into his lower back. The well placed elbow strike causes Razer to arch his back before he turns round. Lunging forwards, Razer goes for a big right hand swing but Hardy catches his arm and uses his momentum against him, sending him across the ring with an arm drag. The crowd goes wild for Laurel as she finally starts to get some offense in without Razer interrupting her. Razer picks himself back up and comes in again, only to eat another arm drag. As he rolls from the impact and pulls himself up, Hardy is hot on his heels. Running in, she leaps up and drives her knee into his chest, knocking him backwards and getting him caught up on the middle rope. As Razer pulls himself away from the ropes, Laurel readies herself again. Going forwards once more, Razer this time goes for the clothesline, but as he brings his arm up, he quickly pulls it back, causing Hardy to reach out pre-emptively. Catching her off guard, the Englishman quickly grabs her by the wrist and pulls her towards him. Taking tight hold, he effortlessly scoops her up for a scoop slam, but as he goes to drop her down, Hardy manages to worm her way out of his grasp. Dropping down, Laurel swings her legs round, catching Razer round the neck with her calves and uses her momentum to swing him, flicking him across the canvas with a head scissors takedown which gets the crowd firmly behind her.

Sanction: "Impressive reversal by Hardy there. Razer thought he had outsmarted her, but the Welsh girl got him pretty good there!"

Rose: "She has to keep building up on this. It's like I said earlier, all these lifting moves and traditional strikes play right into her game. She's deadly on the counter and if she can string a few moves like that together, she might neutralize the power game from Razer"

Looking to build on this, Hardy backtracks. Heading to the ropes, she bounces off them and comes running in at the rising Razer. Looking to hit him again with another head scissors, she takes flight but as she tries to twist in the air, Razer brings his arm up and nails her with the clothesline, dropping her right back down to the canvas. Dropping her like it involved no effort, Razer reaches down and pulls Hardy up again. Keeping a tight hold on her, he clubs her across the upper back to keep her stunned and subdued before hoisting her up and dropping her down with a vertical suplex. Keeping the hold in place, Razer rolls them both over and pulls her up again. As they both rise to their feet once more, Razer lifts her up again for another suplex, but as he goes to hoist her up, Laurel manages to slip free of his grasp. Floating over, Laurel twists round, plants both her hands on Razer's shoulders and plants both her knee's into his back as she drags him down, hitting him hard with a Lungblower! As Razer bounces from the impact and rolls onto his stomach, Laurel quickly pushes him over and goes for the cover.


Shaw: "Fantastic counter there from Hardy and it almost paid off!"

Reaching up behind him and holding his back, Razer tries to get his breath. As he begins to pull himself up off the canvas, Hardy waits for him to get to one knee before making her play. Stepping round to Razer's left, she rushes in as he pushes himself up onto both feet. Seeing Laurel coming in fast, Razer drops back down to the canvas, prompting her to jump over him and hit the ropes behind. As Razer pushes back up again, Laurel springs off the ropes and catches him in the chest with a flying elbow strike. Razer drops down once more, but this time, he gets up quicker. Rising to his feet and extending his right arm, he lunges out for the clothesline again, but Laurel ducks under it with no effort required. Hitting the ropes, she bounces off them and jumps up for what looks like a flying clothesline of her own, but as she loops her arm around Razer's neck, she uses her momentum to swing round him like he was a pole, swapping arms and dropping him down to the canvas with a sling blade. Getting the crowd fired up, Hardy rises to her feet and cartwheels past Razer as he sits up, before jumping up and dropping both her feet into his chest with a basement dropkick.

Shaw: "Spins, jumps and a lot of flash... Anyone can do that!"

Sanction: "Care to demonstrate in your next match then?"

Rolling backwards and rising up to her feet again. Laurel showboats some more to the crowd. Back flipping towards the ropes, she bounces off them again and rushes in at Razer who once more pulls himself up to one knee. As she closes in again, Razer reaches out and stops her dead in her tracks by wrapping his hand around her throat as he rises up. On the outside, Bella finally smiles. Clapping both hands together, she starts to encourage Razer as he tightens his grip on Hardy. Pulling her close, he plants his free hand on her back and lifts her up before slamming her down with a brutal looking chokeslam! The crowd jeers loudly as Razer backs up before jumping up and dropping a big leg drop across Hardy's mid-section. Getting back up again, Razer reaches down to grab hold of Hardy, but the lucharesu manages to latch onto him. Flicking her legs up, she catches him by the neck and pulls him towards the canvas, hooking his leg and going for a roll-up variant.


Managing to evade being held down for the three count, Razer once again deprives the fans of a reason to cheer. Pulling himself up slowly, he looks round and spots Hardy planning her next move. Watching her circling round, trying to get behind him, Razer quickly pushes up and lunges out at her with both arms outstretched. As he tries to latch onto her, Hardy hits him with a stiff elbow strike to his exposed ribs. Stunning Razer, she quickly turns inside, catching his head in her hands and bringing him over her shoulder with a snapmare takedown. Getting back up, Razer goes to step forwards, but Laurel leaps in, smashing him in the chest with a spinning wheel kick. Staggering backwards into the ropes, Razer tries to catch his breath, but before he can even think, Hardy runs in. Jumping towards the turnbuckle first, she lands on the middle rope and catapults herself off, knee first, smashing into the side of Razer's head and sending him outside of the ring.

Rose: "Hardy just hit Razer with the Punctum!"

Shaw: "I hate to admit it, but that was one hell of a knee strike!"

Crashing down off the apron and onto the floor below, Razer lands flat on his face. Laying there for a moment, he shakes his head and holds his face. Realising that underestimating Hardy early on in the match was a big mistake, he begins to crawl towards the announcer's table. Reaching up, he pulls himself up using the table as a support and tries to steady his shaky legs. After getting to his feet, he steadies himself before letting go of the table and slowly turning round. As he steps towards the ring, he looks up and before he can even react, Hardy knocks him down with a huge suicide plancha, getting everyone in the venue up on their feet. With both competitors down on the outside, Hardy is the first to show some signs of recovery. Pulling herself up, she looks down at Razer lying there flat out on his back and then looks to the announcer's table. Not wanting to waste this chance, Hardy climbs up onto the table and takes one last look at Razer before back flipping off it into a knee drop to the Englishman's chest.

Jolting forwards from the impact, Razer holds his chest and grimaces. This wasn't the match he was expecting from the welsh woman and given how harder her strikes are getting, he knows he only has one real chance to swing the match in his favour, otherwise she'll completely run rings round him and wear him down. Reaching up, he uses the announcer's table once more as an aid in lifting himself up. As he gets back up to his feet again, Hardy grabs hold of him. Running on adrenaline and the backing of the crowd, the lucharesu helps him up to his feet before resuming her attack. Trying to force Razer into the ring, she pulls at him, but even in his slightly subdued state, she can't shift his 'dead weight'. Lashing out, Razer manages to bring his knee up and drive it into Laurel's stomach, doubling her over for a moment. Buying himself a few seconds, Razer takes hold of her hair and pulls her head back before throwing his head forwards, smashing his forehead into hers with a big headbutt. Staggering backwards, Laurel stops herself on the apron and shakes her head. Knowing that Razer is coming in for her, she throws one leg forwards, trying to kick Razer in the mid-section, but the Enforcer catches it. Smiling, thinking he has her at his mercy, Razer goes to reel her in, but as he pulls on her, Laurel jumps up, twists herself round and smashes her free leg into Razer's face, hitting him with the Pele kick variant of the enziguri. Subduing Razer once more, Hardy takes hold of him by the neck and manages to get him back into the ring, rolling him under the bottom rope.

Sanction: "Just when it seems Razer looks to have some solid offense in, Hardy comes in with a swift and effective strike, cutting it off."

Rose: "He's certainly thinking twice about mocking her the way he did earlier. By the time Razer started to take this match seriously, he'd already lost it"

Climbing up onto the apron, Hardy quickly leaps up onto the top rope and launches herself off in a front flip motion. As she goes over, she extends her legs and looks for the front flip leg drop, but Razer manages to evade it at the last second by rolling out the way. Wincing from the impact of the missed move, Hardy tries to get back up. Using the ropes, she pulls herself up and looks over to Razer who holds both hands over his face. Knowing the match is in the palm of her hand, she advances on Razer for what she hopes will be the last time of this evening. As she confidently approaches the slowly rising Englishman, Laurel watches him get to one knee again. Knowing she can rush in now and catch him with another huge knee strike, potentially landing the knockout blow, she picks up speed. Breaking into a run, Laurel closes in, but as she goes for the jump, Razer flicks his head up and sprays her square in the face with the Asian mist!

Sanction: "That was dirty by Razer!"

The crowd erupts in boos as Razer rises up to his feet fully. With her vision hampered, Laurel is completely vulnerable right now. Turning her back on Razer, she claws at her eyes, trying to get the red substance out of her vision, but it's too late. Getting close behind her, Razer drives his elbow into her lower back, subduing her. Reaching up, he takes hold of her arm and loops it between her legs whilst grabbing hold of her shoulder. With the pumphandle set up in place. Razer lifts Laurel up, twisting her round in the process before dropping back, slamming her down into the canvas with the Last Walk in the Light, the Brit's take on the Kentucky Bomb! With Laurels shoulders pressed down against the canvas, Razer simply hooks her leg as the fans jeer loudly.

Sanction: "Not like this!"

Hana Ramierez: "Your winner...... RAZER!!!"

The fans jeer Razer as loud as they can, but he doesn't care. As "Cutting Teeth" blasts through the speakers again, drowning out the sound of the heat, Razer climbs back up to his feet. He holds his arm in the air, smirking at the downed Hardy. Rolling into the ring, Bella Quinn walks towards him and instead of congratulating him on his win, proceeds to slap him across the face and berate him for not taking the match as serious as he should have done in the beginning.

Rose: "Well... It might not have been a pretty ending, but Razer picked up the win..."

Sanction: "Hardy was phenomenal in this match up. She really pushed the bigger man and didn't let the physical difference between the two of them factor into the match up at all."

Shaw: "Problem is, you can be phenomenal all you want... It's when push actually comes to shove... That is what makes the difference in a match. Razer might have slacked off during the start of this match up, but when he knew he had to act, he did. It wasn't pretty, but winning doesn't have to be pretty. It just has to be done!"

With Bella now 'calmed' in the ring, she raises Razer's arm in the air once again as the crowd jeers the pair. Walking over towards the downed Hardy, Bella leans over her, putting her face right in hers and starts to mock her, laughing at her for losing in such a manner. Growing tired of Bella's chance to get some heat, Razer pulls her away and leads the pair out of the ring.
Post Match - Razer's locker room

Sitting there, wiping the sweat from his forehead and taking several deep, controlled breaths, Razer tried to wind down after his match against the unpredictable and surprising Laurel Anne Hardy. He didn't expect her to be as fierce as she was and maybe part of him did slightly regret toying with her at the off, but at the same time, toying with her, in order to make her go full pelt at him was probably the best thing he could have probably done to motivate himself. Not that being unmotivated to face a woman with the skill and credentials of Hardy was a slight at her, he just felt that he could have been given someone more his size so he could show just how good he really was. Reaching down, he picked up the bag of ice which Bella had prepared for him and placed it on his jaw. He could still feel the stinging and throbbing pain from the springboard knee strike which sent him over the ropes and down onto the outside of the ring. It was at that point, he knew he had to end it quickly. Closing his eyes, Razer took one last deep breath before opening them again. Lifting his head up, he looked at Bella and prepared himself for what was coming next.

Bella: "So, ye won... You said ye would and A ne'er doubted ya lad..."

Razer: "...And here comes the But..."

Bella: "Feckin' right it comes!"
"Brace for impact in 3... 2... 1..."
Bella: "Whit the feck where ye playin' at oot there Raz? Ye knew once we found some info oot about Laurel that she wasnae all there in the heid 'n she's actually dangerous!"

Before Razer can even move the icepack away from his jaw to speak, Bella continues with her verbal assault.

Bella: "I mean, sure, piss the crowd aff, get 'em on yer back, give them a reason to cheer fer ye opponent before ye put them down... It's how ye opperate 'n thats fine lad.. But feckin' toyin' wit' the lass? Wavin' ye bandana like one o' them Matador fellas..."

Frustrated, Bella throws her arms up in the air and shakes her head.

Bella: "Ye almost feckin' blew it oot there. ye gave her enough rope tae hang ye with and then hang me with jus' fer the sake of makin' yeself laugh?"

Razer: "I won though, that is all that matters. I said I was going to win, and I did it."

Bella: "Yeah, but it was hollow. Ye let her run riot on ye and then had tae use the mist faaar earlier than ye would have anticipated. Now everyone'll know ye have that trick up ye sleeve and will be expectin' it"

Razer simply shrugged the concerns off.

: "Expect it or not, I put her down and that was all that matters. The current Lord of the Ring and champion, Jericho Shaw was sat there watching. He was probably buying into his own hype and fancy record, but thats his problem not mine. All he will have seen out there is someone who can take hits, find an opening, exploit it and seal the deal."

Bella: "Blunt and to the point... Just like ye conversation skills"

Rolling her eyes, Bella walked over to Razer and sat down next to him.

Bella: "Ye cannae afford tae feck around though next round. No matter who ye get, whether they're bigger than ye, faster than ye, more skilled than ye... Ye gotta take this shit seriously!"

Razer moves the icepack from his jaw again and turns to face the Glaswegian.

Razer: "You should know by now dear Bella, I Always take things seriously..."

Shaking her head, Bella looked at Razer with one eyebrow slightly raised.

Bella: "mouthing.. Seriously? at me in the middle of a match is you taking it seriously? I know ye better than that lad, stop tryin tae fool me!"

Punching her boyfriend in the arm, Razer simply shrugs it off, no selling his girlfriend's verbal beat down even more than he has been already.

Razer: "Look, I get it... If I'm gonna make a name for myself here, less of the arsing about and more of the handing arses to people... You don't need to keep going on at me... Besides, I thought you were waiting for me to crash and burn?"

Bella: "I am lad, believe me, I can't wait tae see ye arrogance cost ye big time... But ye cannae crash at the first or second hurdle, its nae that entertainin' fer me!"

Opening up the ice pack, Razer casts a sidewards glance at Bella who turns away from him to check her phone. Knowing that the only way to get her to change subject is to give her something bigger to be pissed off about, he taps her on the shoulder with one hand whilst having the other on the now open bag of ice.

Bella: "What you want now?"

Pulling at the neck of her top with one hand, Razer pours the contents of the ice bag down Bella's top and quickly stands up, getting as much distance between him and Bella as possible. Seeing the Glaswegian's eyes widen for a moment as the shock of the ice on her skin kicks in, he watches them narrow quickly as she stands up and points at him.


Taking that as his cue to make a hasty exit, the Enforcer ducks out of the locker room and hastily makes his way along the corridor, safe in the knowledge that other matches are still going on so he has a fairly unobstructed path to the nearest place to find some beer.

"Well, at least she won't go on about the match anymore!"
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Re: XWA Massacre: The Lord of the Ring Begins! (6/12/2014)

Postby DJS » Sun Dec 07, 2014 1:50 am

We start with the camera focused on the windows of a house, looking over the comings and goings of this every day street, before the camera slowly pans down to find the hero of the story, currently reading a printed letter, a telegram style no less.

Resplendent in a suit, no jacket, facial hair and keenly focused on this letter, we come to realize there is music in the background, the camera focuses on the details of the telegram in question.

To: Dr Thaddeus Isambard Bancroft.

Dear Dr Bancroft


Your request to participate in the Lord Of The Ring Tournament has been approved


Your first opponent has already been drawn and is one Dan Bennett.


Well wishes. DJS


The Doctor closes his letter with a pensive and curious expression upon his features, he slowly rises, allowing the camera to follow him, revealing a mess of scientific formula, and laid out on a blackboard that wouldn't look out of place in a classroom, a series of photographs of the Lord of the Ring participants.

The Doctor claims a piece of Chalk and circles Dan Bennett and muses aloud now to hims as much as to the camera.

"Yes, this will be quite the test, won't it? Mr Bennett? You have the advantage of experience in this format but I have the advantage of surprise, I know now I am being recorded by the devices that beam my visage across the airwaves to magic lanterns across the world. Mr Tesla would be impressed."

He would flip the blackboard around to reveal in very very nice handwriting the name of our Protagonist!.

Dr Thaddeus Isambard Bancroft

"I am your Doctor for this Session! The Professor of Pugilism, the Dapper Grappler Doctor Thaddeus Isambard Bancroft! And I bring myself to your fine shores to show the might of my intellect and the might of my fist is worthy enough to claim your poultry ring which clearly belongs on the hand of a gentleman."

A self satisfied smile and he bows to the camera in an over the top manner.

"I believe that covers today's lecture, soon The surgery will begin, good day!"

And we fade out short, sweet and brief.


We now go to the backstage area footage from earlier today, where a podium was set up, multiple chairs showing various pro wrestling journalists and media representatives from XWA(dot)com were sitting in folding chairs. Holly Hunt was walking up to the podium, and attaches a microphone to the podium, and turns it on, along with the others among the array of audio equipment.

Holly Hunt: Thank you for coming to the first Anti-Gimmick Address. All questions will not be welcome until after the address has ended. And now without further ado, the first XWA Gladitorial Champion in this era of the XWA, the Gimmick Killer, Declan James.

Stepping to the side, everyone present and Holly Hunt applauded the appearance of the Anti-Gimmick Champion, He was wearing his wrestling gear along with the XWA Gladitorial title worn like a baldric. Teddy Colton (in ring gear as well as a 'NO GIMMICKS NEEDED' t-shirt) was with him and stood in support behind Declan. What was unusual was he wasn't as intimidating as he is in the arena.

Declan James: Y'know, there's a funny thing. If that Abercrombie Bitch had won this title, the first reign would be marred by a partying Indy-darling, and all the booze and debauchery thereto. However, I just saved this company from a load of disappointment. Case in pointith my win of the XWA Gladitorial Championship.

He removed the belt and held it high in the air, before folding the straps up and placing it in front of the microphones for all to see.

Declan James: People may call me a Gimmick Killer, and it is quite fitting considering that it's in a way fitting, but all I do is beat the shit out of wrestlers who usurp gimmicks, and I take no prisoners. And in this day and age where there are no count-outs and weapons can be used in a match... I'm still glad that there can be a time and place for traditional, classic matches. That is why the Gladitorial Championship is still showing a standard that all Feds should implement. Despite the stupid gimmick of the name, this is an Anti-Gimmick Championship; fitting for a Champion like me, as well as my associate, Teddy Colton. We both have the same hatred of gimmicks and we are willing to go to the extremes to prove a point.

Teddy started to glower slightly, thinking about his hatred of gimmicks. As well as his support for his fellow Non-Gimmick athlete.

Declan James: Now I am open for five questions only... Nothing that construes hypocrisy.

Reporter #1: Mr. James, why do you wear Straight Edge wraps when you are against gimmicks of any type.

Declan James: I really hate having to repeat myself several hundred times to a whole bunch of people, so this will be the final time I will explain it to the bigoted masses! Being in the Straight Edge lifestyle is NOT a gimmick! I have devoted myself to life-long sobriety. It's not something that is determined through growth, like one's sexuality. It is determined by someone that wants to separate himself from a chain of alcoholism in one's family. I am sick and fuckin' tired of everyone construes it as a gimmick! I wear these wraps as a reminder of my resolve, in lieu of tattoos that cover and mar the body with ink which images will be marred as we age. I say NO to Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs, and promiscuity, but that doesn't mean I consider myself superior! The Gimmicks are just as bad as those vices, and I shall not fall into them. That is how a true Champion in wrestling shall hold himself, no matter what the odds!

Reporter #1: And you are set to face LJ Summers on tonight's Massacre. Do you have anything to say about his Gimmick or what to expect during this match.

Declan James: LJ Summers shows too much pride in his hometown in Australia. Though I can respect that, there are limits to that respect. Don't get me wrong; Ah can tell that I am in for a real fight. The gimmick, on the other hand, is location-based gimmick. That is the most insidious of gimmicks. And one of the most challenging to kill. But this time, as Gladitorial Champion, I am ready for the challenge! Fuck him, and fuck his gimmick, I will show him what makes me a TRUE CHAMPION!

Just as Declan was done ranting. A lady dressed a little more professionally than Holly Hunt (whom always puts on a professional visage) raised her hand. Declan acknowledged the second reporter).

Reporter #2: Mr. James, you have obviously killed various gimmicks whether you have won or lost. Do you regret not 'killing' the gimmick of the "Maggot" Michael Taylor?

Declan James: Maggot is more destructive than I realized, especially when my enforcer was jumped by the so-called monster and his manager, Judas Snake. Once the time comes, I will be the one that would destroy him in the Lord of the Ring Tournament. If I were to face Maggot, things will not end the same! I will turn the archetype of the monster that Michael Taylor portrays himself to be, and show him the man he really is... A fuckin' coward that hides behind a mask! Someone that is not worthy of being a true wrestler!

Reporter #2: And what of Teddy Colton; does he desire to get into the XWA ring to fight along side you? And is there a possibility of you and Mr. Colton standing together?

Teddy came forward as Declan respectfully stepped to the side. The Anti-Gimmick Juggernaut leaned down, and got within listening range of the microphones.

Teddy Colton: We are working on it. Slow-going, but progress is being made.

A third, yet uncouth interviewer raised his hand up.

Reporter #3: Deck, what is your true association with Teddy Colton? Is your association more than platonic?

Declan James: Don't answer that fucker's question, Theodore. We're fuckin' done, here!

Retrieving his title and nodding to his enforcer, they left the press conference, glaring death stares at the uncouth reporter that was asking questions that seemed to have hit a little too close to home.

Match #2 Dan Bennett vs. Dr. Thaddeus Isambard Bancroft

In the aftermath of opening match, the fans have realized that anyone can show up at any time in this tournament. The list of competitors has been revealed to the public, but the matchups themselves haven't been, and this fact alone holds the fans on the edge of their seats anticipating who the next man out will be. As the excitement for the first match dies down, we have the commentators on main camera.

Rose: Man, this night is already exciting! The Lord of the Rings has always been a fairly crazy time, but did you ever anticipate seeing Razer or Laurel Anne Hardy in the XWA?

Matt Steel: Who? If they were anybody, they woulda been here already. Just a couple-a bottom feeders coming in for a shot at our title.

Mark Sanction: I don't know about all that, Matt. They looked to be up to the challenge. Should they decide to stick around, I could possibly see them doing well here-

Jericho Shaw: It doesn't matter. All that matters is that I am the champion of the XWA. Really, this tournament is superfluous, we already know the winner of the Lord of the Ring won't be taking the title.

With that small interlude, we go back to the camera facing the ring, Hana Ramierez holding a stack of note cards in one hand and a microphone in the other. Smiling graciously, she raises the mic and begins to speak.

Hana Ramierez: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the second match in the Lord of the Ring qualifier tournament! Introducing first...

The British Grenadiers march begins to play, a song unfamiliar to almost all in the XWA, but their curiosity is soon quashed as the screen switches to a sepia color and turns all grainy and Dr. Thaddeus Isambard Bancroft steps out from the back to a relatively lukewarm reception, likely due to the XWA crowd being largely unfamiliar to the good doctor. In contrast to his flamboyant name, his attire is much less so, only sporting a jacket, a button up shirt, a pair of long black tights and black boots, a rather generic get-up but then again, a book is not to be judged by its cover and neither is he as he steps onto the descending ramp and heads toward the ring, undoing the buttons on the jacket first, then the shirt, wholly ignoring the crowd as he does so. Hana shuffles through the cards and pulls the one for the current man coming to the ring.

Hana Ramierez: ...hailing from Cambridge, England, and weighing in at two-hundred fifty pounds... he is the good doctor... Doctor Thaddeus Isambard BAAAAAAAAAANCROOOOOOOFFFFTTTTT!

Jericho Shaw: Seriously? "The good doctor"? Where do they find these people, the gutters in Wales?

Matt Steel: You know, I don't even like you but I agree with you. This fool needs to be sent back to the shire.

Rose: I'll reserve judgment until I see the man wrestle. You never know who's gonna be the next Rose.

Matt Steel: Nobody wanted the original one. Word.

Mark Sanction: I tried to research this guy when he was hired, didn't really find anything. We'll all be pleasantly surprised.

Bancroft continues his way down the ring, carrying his jacket and shirt along and placing them on the steel stairs. He steps up the staircase, walking across the apron holding the top rope. He stops halfway across, wiping his feet off before to stepping through the ropes and into the ring. He paces to the far side of the ring, adjusting the waistband of his tights, and he rests in a nearby corner waiting for his opponent. The sepia and grain fade out and the music dissipates as the arena falls into a hush, waiting for the next man to be announced.

Mark Sanction: Well, there's only so many people in this Lord of the Rings. Wonder who's up next?

Jericho Shaw: Probably another idiot like this guy.

Rose: You seem to carry a fairly low opinion on a lot of people.

Jericho Shaw: I carry a very low opinion of everybody, you included. This company is filled with noobs, cripples and retirees.

The arena goes silent for a minute, letting the quiet settle in.

Mark Sanction:This could get interesting. There are a lot of new players in the tourney, but there's a lot of experience in it too.

Matt Steel: Legit, I stopped listening about three words in. Just get them out here.

Hana Ramierez: ...and his opponent...

I am an arms dealer
Fitting you with weapons in the form of words
And don't really care which side wins
As long as the room keeps singing
That's just the business I'm in, yeah

Matt Steel: ...the fuck is this?

"This Ain't a Scene" by Fall Out Boy begins to play on the speakers. The song is allowed to progress to the first chorus-1 before we finally see to whom the music belongs.

Rose: Ahaha, no fecking way.

The lights cut yellow and all zoom to the entrance stage as Dan Bennett walks out onto it, looking out into the crowd. The reception for him is much more mixed than usual, his actions at the pay-per-view against Smith Jones not exactly endearing to these people. Regardless, the XWA veteran stops to stare at the fans around, his yellow and black gear accentuated by the lights. He sports a generic XWA shirt, but quickly peels it off and tosses it off into the crowd and jogs down the ramp, no flash or flair as has been tradition for his return to the ring. Hana doesn't even look through the cards for this one, she already knows it by heart after five years.

Hana Ramierez: ...hailing from Columbus, Ohio, and weighing in at two-hundred fifty-five pounds, he is a triple crown champion, former XWA World Heavyweight Champion, former International Champion, former Hardcore champion, former and final XWA Television title winner... DAAAAAAAN BEEEEEENNNNNEEEEETTTTTT!

Matt Steel: Ooh baby, this could get really ugly. I almost feel bad for Tiberius.

Mark Sanction: Thaddeus.

Matt Steel: It is? Who is Tiberius?


Jericho Shaw: Oh look, it's the choke artist, Bennett.

Rose: Choke artist? Didn't he save your ass from losing your title?

Jericho Shaw: Bullshit. I was in control. He just got his two cents in. And who are you to be talking, Rose? I bet I could kick your ass.

Dan continues down the ramp, stopping at the end of the decline and looking into the nearby camera. No remark, not even a wink, and he jumps in place, loosing up, then runs and slides into the ring. He hops up to his feet and walks over to the ropes near the announcer table where he stares at Jericho Shaw menacingly. Jericho doesn't react initially, but Bennett points to him, then to himself, then takes both hands and makes a motion toward his waist, signalling that he's coming for the belt. Shaw, in turn, scratches his jawline for a moment, then holds up the title and grins cockily.

Mark Sanction: Dan must be pretty hungry for another shot at your title, Jericho. From what I heard, it's the driving factor in his return.

Rose: Makes sense, he's driven by the gold.

Jericho Shaw: What the fuck would you know, Rose? He's never successfully defended a title. Ever. And you, Rose, haven't even been in a ring in what, a year? Two years? You have no clue what the business is about any more. The landscape has changed, Jericho Shaw is the future of the XWA.

Rose: Dude, what is your malfunction? I didn't realize we were havin' a row.

Jericho Shaw: I'm so sick of hearing about you and how great you were, you're just a commentator now.

Dan turns back to TIB and the two eye each other, sizing up their competition as his newest song fades out and the lights come back to normal. Tommy Tickles is the official for this match, and he stands in the middle of the ring, directing traffic. He points to the corner nearest the steel steps by the entrance and tells the good doctor to stay put. As Bennett backs into the corner, Tommy checks with both men and, upon receiving notice that both are ready to rock, he signals to the timekeeper to ring the bell, starting this match!

Mark Sanction: And we're underway! Not to ignore the match or anything, but honestly, I think a match between you, Shaw, and Rose would be an instant candidate for match of the year!

Jericho Shaw: *scoffs* Yeah, maybe if that's the only match I wrestled all year.

Rose: At your current pace, it very well could be.

The bell chime three times, and just after it does, Dan steps out of the corner and at Thaddeus, the doctor stepping right back toward him. The two get face to face, Bennett running his mouth and Bancroft returning the favor. Dan steps back a few paces, then gives a quick "bring-it" and the doc does as the two lock horns in a collar-and elbow tie-up. The two men struggle for position, but eventually Thaddeus leverages his slight height advantage and slowly pushes Bennett backwards, but Bennett gets low and pushes back, and the shorter man pushes Bancroft back step by step into his own corner. With no disqualifications, Tommy can do nothing but watch, but Bennett breaks the tie-up soon after because Thaddeus throws a stiff knee into Dan's breadbasket stunning him temporarily.

Mark Sanction: Even back and forth exchange in the ring, these two seem to be in the feeling out stage.

Jericho Shaw: I'm really glad you're that observant. The match JUST started.

Rose: You know, you don't have to be out here. I'm sure there's a little kid whose money is begging to be stolen.

Mark Sanction: And a stiff knee there from Bancroft! He takes the upper hand for the moment.

TIB hooks Dan around the neck and switches spots with him, throwing the XWA veteran into the corner. He reaches down low and fires a hard European uppercut, smacking the jaw of Bennett and rocking him backwards into the turnbuckles. Dan leans into the corner, and TIB grabs Bennett's head and fires another European uppercut with the other hand, Dan's head snapping backwards and his body leaned fully against the turnbuckles. Thaddeus leans back a little, sizing Bennett up as well as rambling on about something unintelligible, but Dan bursts out of the corner and throws a solid knee into Bancroft's gut, catching the doctor off guard and taking his breath away. Dan does the same thing TIB did earlier and reverses position with TIB by hooking his head and throwing him into the corner again.

Mark Sanction: Both men seriously jockeying for position!

Rose: Man, those uppercuts look sick. I can't imagine Dan's having an easy go of it having to absorb those. ...Matt, you still with us buddy?

Matt Steel: ...eh? Oh, yeah yeah, I'm here. Just spacing out. Musta had some bad shrooms before the show.

Jericho Shaw: Either that or all that shit he planned on talking about me has him tongue-tied with me sitting right here next to him.

With Dan back in control, he throws a snap jab into TIB's face, just enough extension to irritate, then he grabs Bancroft's wrist and pulls him out of the corner, pushes him into the corner, and pulls him into an Irish whip. TIB reverses, however, and instead Bennett goes running into the ropes. Dan hits them, turns around, and comes back at TIB who leaps into the air and Bennett ducks underneath and hits the ropes again. TIB turns around and as Bennett heads toward him, he hits the deck adn as Dan approaches, instead of hopping over, he jumps into the air and double-stomps the middle ot TIB's back!

Mark Sanction: Innovative counter there by Bennett!

Jericho Shaw: He's a clever guy, I'll give him that. Not clever enough to know better than to fuck with me, but clever.

Rose: He did manage to take me on and survive, that has to stand for something.

Matt Steel: Sick nasty! Stomp that bitch!

Mark Sanction: I'm liking what I see from this T-I-B character, but he's got to keep his eye on the ball against a seasoned veteran like Dan.

Rose: He does, it's tough to keep pace if your opponent's running circles around you.

TIB, the rookie here, now knows why Dan has the accolades he does as his back now feels like someone threw a bowling ball at it. Bennett gets back to his feet after the stomp and grabs Bancroft's head, pulling him back to his feet. Ducking down a little, Bennett lifts TIB up onto his shoulder and rushes toward the corner, slamming him into the turnbuckle, then he runs again, hits the ropes and as TIB recoils from the impact, Dan aims for and hits the same spot with his shoulder that he did with the stomp, completing the Buckeye Blitz! Thaddeus grabs his back in agony and Dan wastes no time in jumping on top of TIB for the cover!



Rose: And Bancroft kicks out before two! It seems he's got more fight in him than that!

Mark Sanction: I have no idea what to expect from this match, but it's already proving to be interesting.

Bancroft gets the shoulder up before the hand slaps the mat for two, not really surprising many people, but Dan leans back off of him and rocks back, using momentum to get back to his feet. He reaches down and again, pulls TIB back to his feet. He kicks Bancroft in the gut, doubling him over, then grabs the good doctor's chin and pulls his head up, measuring him up for and then unloading a hard right forearm smash, TIB rocked by the contact. Dan grabs the wrist again of Bancroft and pulls, this time successfully launching the good doc with an Irish whip. As Thaddeus hits the ropes and rebounds, Dan ducks down a little and that's the opening Bancroft desperately needed to get back into this match and he sprints toward Dan at full speed before hitting his knees and sliding a few feet while throwing his arm violently into Dan's jaw, hitting a sliding European uppercut! Dan's whole upper body flops backwards and immediately, Thaddeus covers the XWA veteran!



Mark Sanction: Ohh, and Dan's turn to kick out! This Thaddeus guy is hanging in there with Big Dan!

Jericho Shaw: He looks like he stepped out of a vaudeville poster from the 20's. What a fuckwad.

Rose: Could you calm the hell down, Shaw? Why are you even here?

Jericho Shaw: Because I feel like it. I'm the champ, Rose, I get to do whatever I want.

Mark Sanction: I'm not sure that's how that works...

Dan pushes Bancroft off of him, stopping the count, but Bennett is clearly dazed by the innovative attack. Thaddeus turns Dan over and grabs a hold of Bennett's head with both arms, wrapping them around and locking in a sleeper hold. Immediately, as Tommy Tickles hits the deck to check on Dan as he begins to flail about, Thaddeus begins spouting off at the mouth with the "various principles of science!", which this narrator can only assume that since there was no actual description beyond the quoted words that he's possibly explaining the properties of magnetism, or maybe the doppler effect, or maybe gravity, none of which interest Bennett as he begins to fade into darkness and struggles less and less.

Matt Steel: Straight nerdy shit, dawg.

Rose: That's a sleeper hold he likes to do while lecturing his opponent, though I'm not 100% sure what the purpose of the lecture is, I guess it could be to "put his opponent to sleep" while he's choking them out?

Mark Sanction: That's actually a pretty clever view of it, Rose. But Bennett is stuck in the chokehold!

Tommy checks on Dan and sees the struggle lessening and finally, the arms hit the mat. Tickles, grabs Dan's wrist and lifts it, dropping and and it falls limply. He signals a one count to the timekeeper, then grabs the wrist a second time, raising it and dropping it once again, and again it shows no signs of life. Tickles signals two to the timekeeper, then grabs the wrist for the last time and hoists it, but as he does, it instantly springs to life and punches the mat, the other hand following suit, and Dan gets the energy to push himself up to one knee, then uses his strength to force his way to his feet. TIB holds on for what it's worth, but Bennett cannot be stopped and puts his arm around Thaddeus's back, getting low for a second before raising the man up and dropping him on his head with a belly-to-back suplex! The hold finally broken, Dan gasps for air and Bancroft holds the back of his head, neither man looking to make a move for the time being but all the momentum built up by Thaddeus crashing into the mat harder than he.

Mark Sanction: Dan manages to escape the sleeper hold! We're still going in this match!

Rose: Honestly, I couldn't see Dan going out to a sleeper hold. It takes a lot to put him out.

Jericho Shaw: You mean like a Kingslayer to the base of his stupid skull?

Thaddeus rolls over on his stomache, still holding his head, and he pulls himself to one knee to recover. Meanwhile, Dan is on both knees, taking in air as fast as it'll enter his lungs, and the crowd doesn't know what to do; do they cheer Dan, the guy they grew to love over the last 4 years, or do they boo Dan, the guy that screwed their beloved Smith Jones out of the World Heavyweight title? They react as such, cheers and boos rocking the arena as Dan begins to get amped and as the newcomer finally gets to his feet, Dan does as well and he begins to wind the left arm. Bancroft turns around to face Bennett and Dan charges, thowing his left arm out there in tribute to Alex Sean but Thaddeus ducks, and Dan stumbles past him. Bennett turns around, and TIB throws a quick jab at him, catching him off guard and stunning him temporarily. Bancroft assumes a classic boxer's style as such...


Dan stumbles around a few steps from the blow and TIB maneuvers back into position and lands another quick left jab, staggering Bennett again. One more jab flies in and connects and Dan wobbles in place, and Bancroft steps back then rushes forward, leaping and turning, finishing off the Duchess of Queensbury with a roaring uppercut, bowling Dan Bennett over! Ban croft scrambles over to his opponent and turns him over, holding the shoulders to the mat as he goes for the cover!

Mark Sanction: Duchess of Queensbury! Will it be enough?!

Jericho Shaw: His strikes look sloppy. He's very undisciplined and clearly untrained. If I were in there, I'd pick him apart.




Mark, Rose, and Matt: Ohhhhhh!

Dan throws his legs into the air, using the momentum to force the good doctor off of him before Tickles could slap the mat for the three count. Thaddeus sits back off of Dan, his confidence growing every minute he hangs in there with the ring veteran. He grabs Bennett by the arm, pulling on it trying to get him up to his feet, but he only managed to get the XWA original to one knee. Continuing his pulling, he drags Dan to his feet albeit to an unsteady base, and he pushes him into the ropes for an Irish whip throwing Bennett across the ring.

Matt Steel: C'mon, Dan, what are you doing in there? Don't let this greenhorn take you out!

Mark Sanction: It is odd, Thaddeus seems to be a step ahead of Bennett and has been almost all match!

As Bennett runs back at Thaddeus, Thaddeus looks to hook Dan for an overhead belly to belly but Bennett has other ideas and instead he hooks TIB's head on the run and sprints through before falling back, spiking Bancroft's head into the mat with a running DDT! TIB bounces fromt he impact and lies flat, holding his head with both hands. Dan lies there as well, his well also exhausted, but he musters up the gas to turn over and crawl to TIB, throwing himself on top of him to go for the win!

Jericho Shaw: Who falls for that, seriously. That was telegraphed for miles.

Matt Steel: Tell that to the bitch down on the mat!




Bancroft gets the shoulder off the mat, breaking the count, and Dan turns around and sits up, looking frantic. He thinks to himself, what do I have to do to end this match? Dragging himself to the ropes, then pulling himself up with them, he gets to a vertical base and looks back to TIB, now stirring. His face turning from desperation to rage, he turns his body sideways and motion for Thaddeus to get up, raising his foot and stomping it looking to finish this match with a Breakdown 2.0. TIB gets to one knee, then pushes up to his feet, very unsteady on his base, and he turns around to face Bennett. Immediately, Dan lashes out, stepping toward Bancroft and throwing a boot into the air and connecting with nothing. TIB ducks the knockout blow and as Dan turns back to him he throws a thrust kick at Bennett, hitting him square in the stomach and doubling him over. Thaddeus then stumbles back into the ropes and catches himself, now lining his opponent up for a finisher of his own.

Mark Sanction: It looks like the good doc is lining Dan up for his knee trembler, which he affectionately calls the Laws of Motion!

Rose: Like the move, hate the name. It's like someone else does that move, someone extremely attractive and sitting right here.

Jericho Shaw: Actually, I do more of a rising knee strike than a trembler.

Dan coughs from the blow and drops back to one knee, holding his gut. Bancroft sees his opening and rushes at Bennett, looking to take his head off whilst teaching him the Laws of Motion but Dan jumps back, getting on his feet once more and Thaddeus coasts by him, whiffing with the knee trembler. Bancroft turns around to see what went wrong and that's the last thing the man remembers before Bennett puts his foot right on the money, jacking Thaddeus Isambard Bancroft's jaw with a rock-solid Breakdown 2.0! Thaddeus stands there stunned for a second, then flops to the mat unconscious!

Mark Sanction: THE BREAKDOWN TWO-POINT-OH! Bancroft HAS to be unconscious!

Rose: That is a match ender for sure!

Jericho Shaw: I wouldn't know.

After the kick, Dan falls to the mat himself facefirst in exhaustion. He pulls his head up and locates the downed doctor and uses everything he has to drag himself over to him, and with his last effort, throws an arm over the man, and Tommy Tickles drops down for the count!




The three count now done, Tommy Tickles jumps back to his feet and signals for the bells to sound, ending the match! Immediately, the bell chimes and "This Ain't A Scene" begins to play again, from the first chorus. Dan rolls off of Bancroft and sits on his butt in the ring, catching his breath after a spectacular sequence.

Mark Sanction: Dan pulled it off! He took out the newcomer, TIB!

Rose: Now can he claim the Lord of the Ring and get that title shot and, more importantly, revenge on Shaw?

He grabs the ropes and slowly pulls himself up to his feet and his mind first goes to one thing, and he turns right to the announcer's table where the champ and, more importantly the championship, resides. Eyeing the champ down, Dan reprises his motion from the beginning of the match, making the motion to his waistline and grinning at Jericho Shaw and once again, Shaw raises the belt and nods to Bennett, daring him to come and try for the belt. This is the scene as we cut to black and then, to commercial.
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Re: XWA Massacre: The Lord of the Ring Begins! (6/12/2014)

Postby DJS » Sun Dec 07, 2014 2:13 am

Ringside, we watch as Matt Steel, Mark Sanction and Rose all sit looking into our screens.

Man, what a great night for the XWA as Lord of the Ring takes off in great fashion. We've had some great guys like LJ Summers, Razer and heck, even some great women like Lauren Anne Hardy.

And on that note, we shift to the back right now where according to our schedule we're going to speak to one of those women. Standing by is Sarah Michaels with the woman now calling herself...Whisper.

We go to the back and we are greeted with...nothing.

Nothing at all.

There is a blank curtain where we usually be greeted by the smiling, happy-go-lively prescence of Sarah Michaels, interviewer extrodinaraire since the start of the new XWA. But now, nothing. There is a long, uncomfortable silence.


Fucking technical difficulties, yo. Stupid bitch didn't hear her cue.


Oh, you're getting that?

What? Getting what, dammit?

Do you hear it, Matt?

Nah, man. What the fuck are you guys talking about.

Well...we found her.

Suddenly we cut to a shaking camera, following a trail of one thing- blood. Blood and crying. A soft voice accompanies the screaming, echoing through the world like a creeping chill.

"Shhh...shhh...I know, darling, I know. You made a mistake, it's okay. Shhhh...."

From the other side of the corridor, a very forceful Amy Taylor stomps on into the doorway, not noticing us. The door swings open, we see Whisper, cradling a beaten, battered, crying Sarah Michaels. She is bleeding from her mouth and nose, he hair being pulled constantly like a puppet string by Whisper. The second incarnation of the scariest force in recent XWA looks up, shaking her head in a "she's not gonna make it" kind of way.

Sweet Jesus.


Shhh...shhh...she knows she made a mistake, Amelia. And for that, she's very sorry. Aren't you petal?

She pulls Sarah's hair one more time, prompting a little staccato-like scream from the poor interviewer.

Sorry for what? What on Earth has happened?

Oh...it's been a traumatic time for us all back here, Amelia. It was all going so nicely until someone decided to do something silly, didn't you little Sarah?

Sarah continues to cry and sob and go into hysterics.

It was all going to go well, Amelia. All really well. I had so much to share with this little one. We were all going to be the best of friends. And then Sarah decided to do the unthinkable. And here we are.

The unthinkable being what?

I don't know if I want to repeat it. I think you might get a little annoyed with my friend.

Amy raises her eyebrow. Whisper shakes her head.

Sarah...she...she called me Serena! My name isn't Serena, Amelia. It isn't, is it? My name is Whisper. I HATE not being called Whisper. I DO NOT LIKE Serena. I took this name rightfully. I'm entitled to have the name. We agreed! We had a deal! Whisper was mine! Whisper's MINE! It's MY NAME now!

Yes, yes...I get the picture.

I just can't believe it. The arrogance of it! Can you believe it, Amy? That's why we're here, you understand, don't you? I know you might not approve, and I don't want to tread on any toes but...but no one calls me Serena. Whisper is my name, and that's the deal. And I will warn you, as I warned her, if anyone calls me Serena ever again, well...I don't know how badly I'm going to break them. Man, woman or child.

Amy scratches the top of her head, as if trying to come up with a flaw in this plan. After some deliberation and taking a look at her clipboard and realising that she really is a busy bee tonight, she has lots of paperwork to do and very little time to be sorting out the catfights of little girls, she perks up and clicks her pen with a very affable.

I see. Just checking. As you were.

And with that, Amy trots on off, turning around into us. Her eyes widen.

Hello. Do you have to be here? Don't you have a match to be taping? I'm sure you do. Yes?

Sarah...Sarah, shhh...Listen...do you hear it, Sarah?

We see the camera drop down to the floor and fade to black after we hear the last delicate words of the woman who will make her in-ring debut later tonight.

I'm going to snap your neck in a minute...

Aaaaand fade to COMMERCIAL.

Commercial Break:


Match #3: Michael "The Maggot" Taylor vs. Prince Alex III

We're back and the fans are chanting LOTR AND XWA! The scene goes to commentators, Rose and Sanction and Jericho Shaw!

Alright ladies and gentlemen, it's now the time for the third match of this evening and also it's a LOTR qualifier! And we have... The returning Prince Alex The Third taking on the client of Mr Sinister, Michael "The Maggot" Taylor.

Jericho Shaw:
I'm the best, I told you I'm the best! All of them here are chumps! No one can beat me! I will still be undefeated even after Lord Of The Ring.

After Lord Of The Ring, but BEFORE it?

Jericho Shaw:
Also before it, fucking idiot.

The lights start to go dim in the arena before turning a crimson red. Heat fills the arena and everyone in attendance can start feeling the intense change of temperature. Irritated people start buzzing and restless. It is as if the arena was situated right in the bowls of hell. Suddenly a siren echoes throughout the arena and a voice-over then rallies the people saying.

"This is the year where hope fails you
The test subjects runs the experiment
And the bastard you know, is the hero you hate
But cohesing is possible if we try
Theres no reason, theres no lesson
No time like the present, Tell me right now
What have you got to lose, what have you got to lose
..Except your soul?"

Hana Ramirez:
The following contest is a Lord of The ring, qualifier match! Introducing first from the Edge Of Sanity! Weighing in at 215 lbs, "The Monster" "The XWA Anti-Christ" "The Abdomen" MICHAEEEEEEEEEL "The Maggooooot" Tayloooooooor!

The opening riff to Pulse of The Maggots by Slipknot then plays on the PA as flames burst out from beneath the stage and a man holding a cane and wearing a black and red suit with a long distinct beard as well as a devilish smile leads an abomination wearing an old, rugged jumpsuit and a mask seemingly to hide his freakish face. It was the unholy alliance of Judas Snake and and his monster who he calls Michael but who most call simply as Maggot. The monster being led down has his face tilted in an awkward position almost like his in a trance as his handler continues to smirk, knowing the destruction his monster is capable of unleashing. Maggot slides into the ring and simply sits in one corner of the ring as he waits for his next victim. Judas Snake rubs his hands as he smirks.

Interrupting, the lights go out gold and gold paper falls from the top, the titantron lights up.

Prince Alex III:
Michael, "The Maggot" Taylor. Hmm, familiar. Cool, amazing. Michael, you came here to raise hell, but you raise NOTHING, you raise a shit! You raise a pet and that's Judas Snake, the snake! Michael you think you can climb to the top but tonight, you have me as your obstacle. *Chuckles* YOU, are going to get FUCKED up after that. I will leave you down pained, WE will destroy you. We will be the most dominant force in the XWA! And, heh. You don't know who I'm talking about. I'm coming for you, fucker. I'm coming to be the Lord. And I will be called "Lord" Prince Alex. Michael, you will never become a lord and if one day you become one, you'll become the Lord, of the cowards! See you....

The crowd is silently confused as they get ready for the introduction of Prince Alex III. The cause of their confusion is the appeaence of a squat man dressed in Victorian era style clothing holding a small trumpet. The squat man blows the trumpet loudly and roars at the top of his lungs.

Squire: "Make way for his lordship: Prince Alex the Third!

The fans are rocked by the deafening drum intro of "Big Rob" preformed by Dale Oliver and equally shocked by the man who's entering the arena. Prince Alex III is dressed in royal robes with his girlfriend Scarlett "Scar" Payne. Miss Payne disrobes Alex revealing a massively muscled man. Alex gives off a few "hulk hogan" style poses as a waft of golden fireworks explode behind him. Prince takes Scarlett's arm before sauntering down the ramp waving to the crowd that is raining down their disapproval. Alex and Scarlett enter the ring, Scarlett first, holding the ring ropes open for her man, Alex enters the ring and thrusts his elbow a few times before launching a tremendous right hand that signals a shower of sparks from the ring posts. Scarlett exits the ring and Alex can't wait until he gets his hands on his opponent.

Mark Sanction:
And here's the bell! And this match's on now!

These are guys are brawlers and they will waste no time as they will begin!

Lock up and Michael Taylor is angry as he wants to get a victory as he backs Prince to the corner. Prince says "FUCK YOU" and he chops the chest of Taylor. Prince then runs and shoulder slams Taylor back! Prince taunts Jericho Shaw.

Prince Alex:
I'm fucking, fucking coming for you!

Taylor finds a chance now because Prince is interrupted as he quickly gets up and punches Prince, he kicks him on his gut and gives him a DDT!

Maybe the fastest victory in the history of Lord of The Ring?



I don't think so, Prince Alex III isn't that easy to beat.

Jericho Shaw:
But what if Jericho Shaw beats him? Humiliates him easily, Jericho can do it. It'd be easier than giving a middle finger.

Taylor gives a series of quick takedowns on Prince as soon as he gets up, But after he finishes Prince gets up and boots Michael! He continues with few elbows, Prince then prepares for the "BIG" elbow. And connects!

Jericho Shaw:
Duuuuh boring, Your champion is bored.

What an elbow!

And what A WIN it'd be!




Jericho Shaw:
Let's go Shaw! Let's go Shaw!

He kicked out!

Prince goes to run and he wants to give another elbow to the head, but Michael gets out of the way and turns around the body of Prince a few times but Prince then finally continues his elbow successfully!

You can escape the first, but not the second!

And Rose it looks like we're gonna see Prince advance!


NO LUCK! Michael successfully kicks out!

Prince then irish whips Michael Taylor on the top rope, gets ready and puts a big boot as the damage is double on Michael, He is down, Prince connects with quick elbow. He gets him up as he looks to hip toss but Michael counters as he releases and connects with a head scissor.

Michael runs and slams Prince with a rolling clothesline (Like R-Truth) and goes back to the head scissors thing. He covers!

The most dangerous moment in the match has come!

This could be it and the Maggot may guarantee his ticket!




Jericho Shaw:
Duh duh duuuuuh, failure.

Prince escapes a headlock, he pokes Taylor in the eyes. Prince with a double sledgehammer from the ring apron. Michael avoids a top rope dropkick as he dropkicks Prince. Maggot misses a knee drop from the second rope. Prince then finally kicks him with a knee to the gut to drop him down.

Holyyyyy fucking hunt, I mean COW!

And Prince covers!



ALMOST a nearfall, he was going to win! He was going to secure himself a spot!

That was close! Really close!

Prince Alex side steps Michael, Prince throws Michael out, he runs and crashes him with a clothesline! Slamming him into the barricades. He gets him back to the ring, Prince Alex connects with a big spear on Maggot!


Jericho Shaw:
Guys you HAVE to know that I'm still going to be undefeated after all.



Heck! How's that?

Prince Alex catches with a big knee coming off the ropes. Prince sends Maggot to the corner and gives him a huge chop in the corner. He elbows him and Maggot falls on the corner, Prince is keeping Michael grounded with stomps.

Maggot then catches the leg of Prince and bites it! He gets up and he connects with a huge clothesline. Michael is on fire as he connects with big forearms. He sends PA3 to the corner and follows with another clothesline.

He then throws PA3 over the top rope and this time connects with his own suicide dive. He gets him up and connects with a dropkick that launches Prince to the Steelsteps, Maggot then runs but Prince connects with a quick powerslam that slams Michsel to the steel steps as he screams in pain. Prince Alex then waits Taylor to get up as he goes for a spear attempt, Taylor then gets out of the way and Prince SMASHES to the ring post as he bleeds, Mr Sinister is laughing as he claps for his client.

Judas Snake comes and rakes the eyes of Prince, Taylor gets Prince back to the ring. Prince recovers before Taylor gets in the ring, as Taylor gets in the ring! Prince Alex with a bullseye as he connects a big spear to Maggot!

Another SPEAR! And The Maggot is all way knocked! Prince Alex has the match in his bag!




Prince puts Maggot in the corner, puts him up top, and a superplex! AN AMAZING SUPLEX!

Oh my! Oh my!

Jericho Shaw:
No body can beat me! I am the best in the XWA! I'm the biggest thing to ever happen in the XWA in it's helluva an era!

And Prince covers after the biggest suplex, at least it was bigger than Jericho Shaw!

Jericho Shaw:
Mock me one more time fucker, and you'll never see life again. You'll taste what pain means. In the ass.

Hey Shaw, Sanction is on a wheelchair so you'd risk your life if you'd do!




The Maggot knees Prince in the head after he rovers, He hurts the ears of Prince with a double forearm shot, stands up and CONNECTS with a stunning 450 Splash! He covers!
A 450 splash from Michael Taylor! The Hardcore Flying BEAST covers!



The Maggot goes for a big DDT but Prince reverses with a big spinebuster. Prince launches Michael shoulder first into the corner. Michael with a hip toss and a Crossface locked! Maggot is yelling at Prince to tap. Prince with an elbow! The Maggot with a roundhouse kick as he talks with Judas Snake.

Discussing strategy is important.

I don't think so because Sinister is looking under the ring!

Judas Snake throws a stick to Maggot, Maggot starts to attack Prince with the chair continuously, Prince is on his knees know, Maggot charges the kendo stick for a powerful stick but Prince low blows him. Prince with a cover.

A lowblow! Prince was almost going to get knocked!

And Prince covers! Jericho Shaw, it looks like you don't care who wins!

Jericho Shaw:
No, Not I don't care who wins. I don't give a single shit or fuck about who wins.




On the last second! HOW DID HE DO THAT? Prince can't believe it.

Michael Taylor runs and he gives Prince a huge clothesline. Michael gives a double underhook suplex and covers!
This match is one helluva match! And this has to be nominated for being match of the night!

What about Tempest vs aSmith Jones?

I did say "nominated" not win.




Maggot nails Prince in the head with the stick he used before and taunts Shaw, He covers Prince!


This has to be it!



No way! How close was that!

Prince got a shoulder up at the last second! Maggot can't believe it!

Maggot with a roundhouse kick to the head of Prince. Oh!!! The Maggot with the Dead Memories! He's going to cover! WOAH! THE LIGHTS ARE OUT!

Jericho Shaw:
What the fuck happened?

!!! !!! ??!!!
Who the hell is this guy?

The lights are back on! That guy is standing over The Maggot. Judas Snake is shocked.


Prince Alex asks the guy to get Maggot up, and he does. Maggot is unconscious, the guy holds him and Prince with the KINGSLAYER! He smirks to Jericho Shaw and taunts to a sign were it says "Lord Of The Ring has to be a Prince" and "Jericho's a loser" , Prince then does The System mocking Smith Jones. The referee stops Prince and tells to ring the bell.

We have a winner! We have a winner!

Jericho Shaw:
Who gives a FUCK?


Prince wins!

Hana Ramirez:
Michael Taylor can not continue, thus, Your winner by referee stoppage.. And qualifies to the next round of Lord Of The Ring..... "Prince Aleeeeex The Thiiiiiiird".

Prince Alex handshakes the guy, after that, That guy searches under the ring and brings a "LORD" crown made just for Prince Alex, Prince wears it.

Jericho Shaw:
What an AWKWARD outcome that was. Anyway, PRINCE..... YOU CAN'T BEAT ME! How dare... you fuckin' mock me!

Jericho Shaw stands on the commentary table as he raises his championship, Prince Alex points to the championship and tells. "kiss it goodbye, fucker."

Alright ladies and gentlemen, Prince Alex joins {Winner No.1} and {Winner No.2} to qualify to the next round of Lord Of The Ring, will Prince be our lord? Or will someone break his hopes?



The black screen statics to life as the view shows it's midnight in a seeming long forgotten graveyard. The camera is shaky, as if held by an amateur filmmaker. The single light source, clearly from the camera itself, brings to mind a certain low budget “found footage movie” from behind the camera a male voice is heard, he speaks in a whisper, but with only the sounds of the night to interfere, he is clearly heard.

Unknown Man: “I think he's over here.”

One set of footsteps are heard trudging through the damp grass. As the camera shakes violently within the hands of the amateur cameraman. Shifting from left to right as the man speaks.

Unknown Man: “Now, let me see. He said two rows down and three rows in on the left. I can't believe he just quit like that. No warning. No time to prepare. Nothing, just nothing.”

The camera man and his follower move among the tombstones until they stop abruptly as the man speaks again it's not sure if he's speaking to himself or the viewers.

Unknown Man: “I guess he's right. If you are worried about your health then, you should quit while you're still able to walk. No one wants to end up like Sanction.”

A maniacal laugh is heard echoing through the quite graveyard. The camera pans from left to right again stopping upon a tombstone which reads “Samuel 'Ancalagon' Themuz”.

Unknown Man: “Well old man, I made it.”

The camera shakes violently as the recording device is places down on a seemingly level surface. The light from the camera cuts across the graveyard a figure walks into the light with his back to the camera. The man kneels down in front of the the tombstone directly in front, pats the top of the tombstone and begins to speak again.

Unknown Man: “Well I have to say old timer, you picked a hell of a great place to rest your bones. I guess I'm the only one left. Wolf's lost his mind and might not recover it this time. Murasaki and Tento took the 'warrior's' path and got themselves too injured to return, and your dead.”

The man throws himself on the tombstone and begins to sob as is if to mourn his lost friends. His body starts heaving, the sobs quickly turn to laughter, high and cold. This goes on for a few moments before the man pulls away from the stone and begins to speak again to the dead man.

Unknown Man: “There's no one left, no one to reign in the madness. No one to stop me from being my true self.”

The man turns his head, revealing himself to be Loki Sheogorath. “The Insane One” flashes a devious smile before the camera statics out to black.
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Re: XWA Massacre: The Lord of the Ring Begins! (6/12/2014)

Postby DJS » Sun Dec 07, 2014 2:26 am

Match #4: LJ Summers vs. Declan James

Hana Ramirez: The following contest scheduled for one-fall is Round ONE of the Lord of the Ring tournament!

With the fans in the arena awaiting the next bit of action live from XWA, it doesn't take long until the lights darken, and the local fans are left in darkness for some moments. A really familiar guitar riff kicks in on the PA system, and the riff keeps going, soon joined by a low humdrum of voices all trying to hum to the beat. The humdrum gets louder, the riff kicking up another notch or two as well, until about thirty seconds the drums kick in as well.



This continues for a few more moments, the beat of 'Thunderstruck' by ACDC echoing throughout the arena, until the gravelly voice of Brian Johnson kicks in. The fans keep watching closely, waiting to see who will be arriving. A heavier drum beat kicks in, and then the noise dies down slightly and Johnson's voice manages to speak out again.


Theres a moments pause, during which the drums kick into high gear and the bass hits. A loud crackling thunder is heard throughout the arena as well, as Johnson's voice screams out.


A loud crackling lightning bolt spears down hitting the stage, sand setting off sparks and some smoke. The smoke slowly thickens even more as Thunderstruck keeps playing. After another 30 seconds or so, with the smoke still swirling around the stage, some more Thunder can be heard crackling throughout the arena, and through the smoke, as the music hits high gear walks a long haired blonde man. Dressed in blue tights, with The Southern Cross on both pant legs, and a glittering Australian Flag as a cape, the man doesn't stop at the top of the ramp, instead throwing both arms out wide and roaring loudly, while the thunder starts crackling even louder. The man starts strutting down the ramp, arms wide and spinning occasionally to proudly show off his flag. Inside the ring, Hana Ramirez steps forward.

Hana Ramirez: Introducing the competitor’s first, from Melbourne, Australia, weighing in at 285 lbs. Making his XWA RETURN, is the ANZAC WARRIOR…. L! J!! SUMMERS!!!

As he reaches the ring Summers slowly strolls up the ring steps, pacing across the apron and stopping to turn his back to the crowd, showing off his flag once more. After a moment he leaps over the top rope and into the ring, and starts to slowly circle, his arms extended and the smirk in place on his face.

Matt Steel: I dunno if I like this guy or not. Can you please remind me who he is?

Rose: LJ Summers is returning to the XWA, and was once a part of the XWA Genesis Roster.

Mark Sanction: Regardless, the fans are hating the Anzac Warrior more than anything! At least they can remember the G’day Challenges!

“I realize the screaming pain,
Hearing loud in my brain;
But I’m going straight ahead, with the scar.”

Emerging from the curtain was Declan James with his enforcer Teddy Colton, clad in his usual wrestling gear, and leather jacket, as the music of FLOW's "Sign" kicks into full gear. The only thing new on the Gimmick Killer is the XWA Gladitorial Championship worn over his jacket. Even the confused myriad of reactions from those in attendance was not enough to deter Declan, but the cheers for the Gimmick Killer was a lot more prominent. The Gimmick Killer glowers towards the ring as he drops the sunglasses he was wearing, and crushes them with his wrestling boot. Teddy removes his vest and took off his t-shirt, joining the Anti-Gimmick Crusader in his walk down the ramp.

Hana Ramirez: And his opponent, being accompanied to the ring by Teddy Colton. From Tokyo by way of San Diego, weighing in at 197 lbs. He is the NEW XWA Gladitorial Champion! This man needs no gimmick… DECLAN JAMES!

Matt Steel: Now there’s a guy that my opinion changes on depending on the match. Right now, I hate him!

Mark Sanction: Matt Steel’s indecisiveness notwithstanding, the Gimmick Killer has a good few gimmicks he’s blasted since he debuted with at Revenge. The latest is Colton Sterling, whom has withdrawn from the Lord of the Ring tournament soon after Declan won the Gladitorial Title!

Rose: The fans are totally backing him, despite the press conference from earlier today Holly Hunt has dubbed the Anti-Gimmick Address!

Declan jumps up to the apron, and hops over the ropes and up to the turnbuckles, as Teddy blocks access to Declan from the Aussie wrestler not insulting the fans that hate the Anzac Warrior, but agrees with them. “I’ll send LJ back Down Under… by sending him through the ring! “Sign” stops as the thousands in attendance pops to the Gimmick Killer, chanting as Declan circles the ring, thinking of what to do about the Thunder From Down Under. He then removes the belt from his person, and shook it wildly before raising the strap high in the air, showing what Summers is missing Referee Kirk Samson is making the calls on this match.

Crowd: Gimmick Killer! *CLAP CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP!* Gimmick Killer! *CLAP CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP!*

Matt Steel: These fans are fuckin’ idiots. They are cheering for a guy that destroys people for using gimmicks! And he insults them!

Rose: They are showing a lot more support for the Gimmick Killer, even more so since the battle with Maggot. Declan James is more than ready for this match.

Mark Sanction: Declan James is the man the XWA Fan Nation loves to hate!


Summers starting off a surprise roll-up pin.


Declan realized that could’ve been a fast count if he was that quick in slapping the mat. He tries to give the referee the benefit of the doubt as he kips up! And takes down the charging LJ Summers with an arm-drag takedown, and transitions it to an armbar! But Summers is too close and tries for a rope break. The Gladitorial Champion is being counted slightly too fast. Declan lets go, and tells the ref He has until FIVE!

Mark Sanction: It looks like the Anti-Gimmick Champion is calling Kirk Samson out on a foul!

Matt Steel: Did you say something? I was a bit distracted.

Rose: The first XWA Gladitorial Champion of this era has something to prove!

Declan gets rolled up but he reverses it with a modified gogoplata attempt, and LJ barely escapes! Declan to his feet, as he stomps on the Anzac Warrior pretty hard with multiple boots to the midsection. The Gimmick Killer tries to go for an abdominal stretch on LJ, but Summers is the wrong person for Declan to try it on! He can’t get it locked in! LJ pounds on Declan quickly, and drops the Gladitorial Champion with an Inverted DDT! Following up, Summers lifts Declan up, and hits him with a Double Underhook Suplex! LJ bridges for the pin…


Declan was starting to think that the cadence of the count was faster on purpose. Declan gets to his feet slowly, and LJ Irish Whips him into the corner, and goes for something that hasn’t been seen in a long time. CANBERRA CLASH! The signature move leaves Declan in the corner, and LJ pulls him out, and clasps on a Cobra Clutch! Declan is struggling to get out but it’s locked on tight.

Matt Steel: Now I’m starting to like Summers better.

Mark Sanction: He’s obviously watched the footage of Declan vs. Sterling from Hardcore Renaissance; Declan barely made it out of the move.

Rose: It’s as if the Anzac Warrior is working on Declan’s fears!

And look at Teddy Colton! He’s trying to distract the referee. Kirk Samson is showing frustration with Teddy. But Declan manages to get a leg up and hits a LOW BLOW! Declan is freed from the hold as LJ clutches his yam-bag!

Declan starting to get some degrees of separation from the Oceanic Suplex Machine. He uses the corner to get up, and uses the time to ready his fist. LJ gets up and Declan runs and bounces off the ropes just as the Anzac Warrior’s doing. CORKSCREW FLYING FOREARM SMASH CATCHES LJ SUMMERS OFF GUARD! Declan rolls to the corner, and readies his fist once again… Declan is going for the Extreme Prejudice, but LJ gets him with a CADEL EVANS SPECIAL OUT OF NOWHERE! LJ goes for a pin…



Rose: Declan has managed to kick out fast so he wouldn’t lose his match.

Matt Steel: BOOORING! LJ just hit a good move, and Deck just got out of a pin.

Rose: But still, it makes me wonder if Kirk Samson is taking a bribe from someone for the fast counts against the Gimmick Killer?

Declan is slowly brought up by LJ Summers, and starts to Set up the Thunder Bomb. However, LJ takes too much time taunting the fans, so when he hoists Declan up. Declan hops out of the attempt. URUSAI!!! The Pele Kick knocks Summers senseless, and Declan kips up to a pop!

Crowd: Gimmick Killer! *CLAP CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP!* Gimmick Killer! *CLAP CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP!*

Declan James pounds on the mat, and gives the crowd what they want. They want a Gimmick to be Killed, then that’s what they’ll get! Declan gives LJ a kick to the midsection, and inverted headlock… DWI! DEAD WEIGHT IMPLOSION! DECLAN HAS DROPPED SUMMERS DOWN! But Declan’s not done! Declan uses a moment to get on the top turnbuckle… DECLAN HITS THE GRAVE DRILLER! HE GOES FOR THE COVER!





Hana Ramirez: Here is your winner, the XWA Gladitorial Champion… DECLAN JAMES!

“Sign” plays in refrain as Declan was handed over his title strap, and he holds it up in cheer-filled victory. Teddy enters the ring and gives a very sinister glare to referee Kirk Samson. He didn’t like the faster counts used against the Anti-Gimmick Champion. Teddy looks to capitalize on the fallen LJ, but the Gimmick Killer shakes his head ‘no.’ Declan looks angrily at the Ref, before departing the ring. He didn’t want to give the satisfaction to Samson in having Teddy attack LJ at the cost of a victory being reversed. He didn’t know if Kirk Samson was being blackmailed or bribed, but he wasn’t going to be the one to test that theory tonight.

Mark Sanction: Declan looks really mad at Referee Kirk Samson.

Rose: Like you said earlier, the count was fast when Declan James was pinned. It was by sheer luck that Declan kicked out from a fast count.

Matt Steel: Before you bore us again, we have other matches to comment on tonight, so let’s move on from this clusterfuck, NOW!

The scene is completely black, then... A guy sitting on a throne appears and the camera focuses on his face.

Prince Alex III:
I've told you I could do it. And I did it, unfortunately, The Maggot and his manager Judas Snake Fell on my spell, and I feel so sorry for them. You said I cheated? No. The XWA is XTREME, everythings legal!
I don't give a damn what the fuck you think! A win is a win.

The camera focuses on the guy next to Prince, and it appears to be none than, THAT GUY.


From the seventh plane of hell I've came, Nobody held me! I destroyed everyone, but YOU came in my way brother and YOU ended my career, even if you're my brother, I'm not going to get you to go with that. SCAR, YUP. SCARFACE is MY brother. And I am "TYROS", brother... I'm not gonna let you pass with that, Scar. Look what you've did to my eye! You completely destroyed! And I... I gave you NOTHING, except a MOTHERFUCKING SCAR And you used it, as your motherfucking, Name... Drake Unleash the monster that is in you, Drake... Trust me. You can do it.. Scar... Ha ha ha ha!

The laugh echoes as the fans are in complete shock and the scene fades to black.
Match #5: Dwight Lights vs. Whisper

We come back from commercial break, where there are thousands of screaming fans. The end of Dwight Light's theme "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark" by Fallout Boy bellows through the arena speakers, as the former member of Whisper's War stands on by. In the ring with him is Hana Ramierez and Tommy Tickles, our referee.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is part of the Lord of the Ring tournament! Introducing first, already in the ring- weighing 224 Ibs...DWIGHT. LLLLLIIIIIGGGGGGHHHHTTTSSSS!!!

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, as you've just heard Dwight Lights standing by in the ring for this Lord of the Ring contest and folks if my information is correct as to this young man's opponent tonight, I'm worried as to where this one's gonna go...

Oh, you mean how he's facing that bitch who killed off my girl earlier tonight? I hear Sarah's handed in her notice. It was covered in blood, Mark. Blood!

Did you ever even had a conversation with her?

Rosey, baby, listen- we exchanged looks. That was enough to seal the deal. She wanted this D and she got it.

Hey. So, like...I hate to break this up, but I feel you're not talking enough about the fact I, your World Heavyweight Champion, am present. That'd be me. Jericho Shaw.

Yeah, we know.

Champion, Rose.

Yes! I get it!

"Baby's Got a Temper" by the Prodigy begins to blast from the PA system, as what can only be described as insanely indulgent strobe lighting that would kill an epileptic in seconds explodes from every area of the arena where light could possible emit and before you know it, the Xtremetron is alerting us to the prescence of the Wicked Witch of the War herself, Whisper. She saunters her way through the black curtain to much booing and jeering from who can actually see her through the lighting, as she makes her way down the ramp with a smirk and a twitching left eye.

And his opponent, making her way to the ring- from Detroit, Michigan, weighing 130 Ibs...WHHHIISSSPPPEERRRRRR!!!

Whisper bounces her way up the steps and under the bottom rope, then sashays almost mockingly into the middle of the ring, tilting her head and smiling as she looks at Dwight. It's almost like she's trying to be sweet. She's far from sweet. In fact, right now there are so many things going through her head right now. Things like what wine she's going to drink when she gets back to the hotel tonight. Like whether she's seen the new Orange is the New Black yet. Things like how she's going to rip Dwight's throat out after clawing her way through his neck and then eat it later because its probably a delicious treat to have when you watch Orange is the New Black and drink wine. Even Dwight is a little uneasy.

And there she is, the insane second incarnation of Whisper. In the flesh.

And what flesh that is.


Y'know, a lot of people got scared to get in the ring with the last one, but I'm actually starting to wish he was still around. Better the devil you know and all that.

Jericho, she's a contender in this tournament. Do you think she's got a chance of facing you for the World Heavyweight Championship?

Well, maybe. Beating me is a different thing. Even if you have a vagina, doesn't make a difference. I can still beat you. Just ask Smith Jones. He has one and he got beat, too.

The music continues, however the boos grow ever louder as the music is NOT the screamy screams of Keith of the Prodigy. No, now we change to something entirely different.

As "Feeling Good" by Muse interrupts the proceedings of everything taking place here, the General Manager of the XWA- Diamond Jack Sabbath- rushes out with a microphone, like he's walking on hot pebbles.

Waitwaitwaitwait! Hang on! Guys no. NO! I've changed my mind!

Oh great. What's this, now?

He's come out to tell everyone Lord of the Ring is off and I'm champion forever. Or something. I dunno. It'd be the smart thing to say cause this is all a waste of time. Why go to all this trouble to find me a future victim?

As Muse quietens down, we only now hear the booing properly. Jack leaves a slight pause before continuing. Everyone in the ring- Whisper, Dwight, Tommy and Hana.

Guys. People! We can't do this! I have the most tragic news. I have received word, that as a result of the attack from Whisper earlier tonight, as a result of that, our young interviewer Sarah Michaels has left the XWA for good! And with that in mind, I'm afraid Whisper...you're too dangerous a competitor and Dwight Lights is too valuable a star to me. Not that you'd lose, Dwight, but I just don't want to take that risk on someone so valued. So I've changed my mind. Dwight Lights vs. Whisper will NOT be happening...

Because I am reversing the roles. Dwight Lights- you are now our special guest referee, your pay for this match will be doubled by four and you will referee the Lord of the Ring contest in front of you- Whisper vs....TOMMY TICKLES!


ROSE (Confused):

MATT STEEL (Delighted):


Ding ding!

Before Tommy Tickles, the arena and even Dwight even has time to process what's happened...



Holy shit that was awesome!

With the fans still reeling from the kick, Dwight as new referee and Tommy down and out, DJS watches on, quite obviously twisting his imaginary moustache as Whisper hooks the leg.




Ding ding!

"Baby's Got a Temper" starts up again, as the fans boo louder than they were before! Whisper's arm is raised in victory as she stands there watching the broken body of Tommy Tickles.


What do you mean? She beat him with one move, that's impressive! I don't even know what that thing was!

This is unfair! The Sabbath Regime moves the goal-posts again to advance someone's career.

Not exactly. Come on, was Tommy Tickles ever gonna make it as a performer? I don't think so, and he was stupid to think that.

He never even WANTED to be one! He came into this match as a referee!

I'm on Steel's side with this one, to be honest.


He gave me some gum before, I'm biased.

So Whisper advances in...this is just shit and I'm annoyed I have to say this, but Whisper advances to the second round of the Lord of the Ring tournament with a victory over Tommy Tickles. This is stupid. I hope someone knocks this warped office down a peg next week and takes out Whisper.

We close on the image of Whisper, still and staring at Tommy. She's licking her lips. It's like she's weighing up whether to eat him or not. Whether she will, we'll never know as we fade to our next segment before she can do anything else.

We're about to go to commercial when the Xtremetron flairs to life with a camera shot of the inside of a hospital room. In the background there can be heard the soft beep-beep-beeping of a heart monitor as well as the occasional, but unintelligible pages for different doctors and nurses on call.

(Slightly muffled voice in a bad European accent) We meet again, Doctor Jones! (Back to normal) ...I've always wanted to say that. But you're not really a doctor are ya, Smithy, and frankly, we're really never met. Allow me to introduce myself.

The heavily bandaged figure wiggles and grunts for a moment, struggling to raise his right forearm, and settles for a weak full-armed wave.

Hi there. Michael Hart. You can call me Tempest.

Hart wobbles and after another moment curses.

Aww, dammit. Now my nose itches. Sonofa...

A little more struggling and Tempest strains his restrained neck just enough to rub his nose roughly on the metal pole holding his saline drip.

Ahhh. Better. Anyway...back to you, Smith. You're still there, right? Can't...can't really turn to see you like this, but frankly, after I heard how badly you were injured at Hardcore Renaissance, and how much you were whining about it, I figured that the only fair thing to do was to get myself bandaged up too so you didn't cry foul that I was taking advantage of ya.

The camera zooms in a bit and settles on Michael Hart's face, though only his eyes, lips, and one cheekbone are visible under the mummy-like bandaging. Still, the look in his eyes is rather intense.

See, when I heard you were calling me a ghost from the past, I considered just wearing a sheet over my head with some holes cut out for eyes, but then I realized my girlfriend would literally KILL me if I screwed up our silk sheets...those things cost a fortune. So, that just wouldn't do. But then, I heard you whining about booking being all slanted...which it probably is...it usually is...and about Dan Bennett supposedly being all protected and crap...'cause trust me, he usually isn't, well, I just knew that you were just One Special Little Snowflake, aren't ya?

The camera pulls back, since frankly there's not a lot going on and a guy with his whole head bandaged isn't THAT exciting, right?

So here's the deal, Princess, you show up at the ring, and we'll hash this out, mano a mano, and if you feel the need to have your arm in a sling, then, just so you're not crying afterward about the big ol' meanie Tempest taking unfair advantage of ya...I'll wear one too.

Tempest starts to chuckle.

Because, Jones? Mr. Smith Jones? Let me be clear, when I'm done with you, son, you're gonna need that sling, and maybe a getup like the one I'm in right now to put all the king's horses and all the king's men back together again. Count on it.

There's a dramatic pause and a fade to black, after which the cameraman can be heard quietly saying "Cut." Another long pause, screen still dark.

...um, guys? Guys? Where'd you go? Guys? Nurse?? Somebody?? Really, now, this isn't funny. GUYS?! NURSE??! C'mon, seriously! I've gotta pee! Guuuuuyyyys??

Cue Commercial for the Local News station
Final Match: Smith Jones vs. Tempest

Hana Ramierez: The following contest is a first round Lord of the Ring Tournament Match, scheduled for one fall!! Introducing first...

Fade up on a shot of Madison Square Garden. The crowd is rabid as hell and ready for a war! After a few moments of anticipation, The crowd pops as the guitar lick that launches AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" echoes through the speaker system. The audience starts "singing" along with the "Na na na na-na's!" and most replace the word "Thunder" with "Tempest!" ...and then leap to their feet as the ringposts explode in lightning-blasts and the stage erupts in pyrotechnics! The wicked guitar flows on and builds to the heavy chords that announce the arrival of the Storm of the Century as he charges through the fiery aftermath to pose with confidence for his fans!

Hana Ramierez: From Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 226 pounds, making his in-ring return to the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance, he is “The Storm of the Century”... TEMPEST!!!!!!

The live Madison Square Garden crowd goes crazy for the return of The Hardcore Hi-Flyer as living rooms across the globe do the very same! Intense and ready for whatever comes, the Storm of the Century makes his way to the ring pumping his arms and calling out to the crowd, then Tempest storms up them and walks the length of the ring apron, then hauls himself up to stand on the second rope. Once there, Tempest howls and throws an arm up over his head to the approval of the crowd. The wild New Yawk mob howls back as Tempest gets down from the middle rope and makes his way eventually to the middle of the ring to await the opposition.

Crowd: Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!!

Mark Sanction: This crowd certainly has a lot to cheer about in this match. The return of Tempest has already blown the roof off tonight and now the air is filled with that familiar chant for this man!

Hana Ramierez: And his opponent, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 229 pounds, there is only one SMITH JONES!!!!!

‘Power’ by Kanye West plays. On the first big drum beat of the song, the Xtremetron explodes with pyro and all of the lights in the arena blast to full white! Smith Jones strolls slowly out on stage dressed in his all white gear and a gray tee that reads ‘broken’ on the front of it in black lettering with a large white X overtop of the whole thing. His face is a sneer as he stares into the ring at Tempest and then glances past him to Jericho Shaw at the announce table. Smith is moving quite slowly and is just now arriving at the top of the ramp. He folds his arms and continues to eye both men. He puts one hand to over his mouth and conceals a small smile before stifling it and striding confidently down to ringside. He arrives at ringside and mounts the steel ring steps. Smith leans his elbows on the top rope and look in at Tempest. Tempest snickers at Jones feigning a limp and pretending to cry. Jones stays out on the apron and walks along the edge of the ring, ever closer to the announce table. He grabs hold of the ring post and swings around to the other side of it, still walking along the apron. Smith is now standing on the edge of the ring with Tempest in the ring to his right and Jericho Shaw at the announce table on his left. Jones reaches out to the audio tech for his favourite white microphone.

Rose: I think he’s got something to say to you, Shaw.

Jericho Shaw: That’s all he is… talk!

Smith holds the microphone down at his side and looks down at the commentary table from the ring apron with a disgusted smirk. He then turns and faces his opponent in the ring, glaring at him with a similar disdain. Smith looks out at the live crowd and sees signs for all three of these superstars littering the scene. There are weak chants battling for superiority that can’t quite come to fruition as all three of the superstars at ringside tonight have fans in this crowd. Smith slowly raises the white microphone to his lips and he speaks a single word.

Smith Jones: Here.

He drops the mic down to the ringside floor as he wipes his feet on the ring apron and parts the ropes. He walks right up to Tempest and they stand face to face, each with his own version of crazy sparkling in his eye. Smith suddenly drops down to his knees in front of Tempest and stares up at him with his arms spread out wide. He then leans forward and uses his index finger to draw an X in the very centre of the ring, just at the tips of Tempest’s toes. Smith then stands up and takes a step back, eyes locked on Tempest. The crowd is electric as the chants continue to fight with each other, none more distinct than the next. Tempest looks down to the canvas beneath his feet. He looks Smith dead in the eye and takes a step forward.

And then, seemingly at the very same time, Smith Jones and Tempest throw punches at each other that land flush in the face!!! They stand toe to toe and throw wild punches over and over to the head and shoulders!! Tempest and Jones are hitting each other with all they’ve got as referee Kirk Samson calls for the bell!

* DING! DING!! DING!!! *

Tempest switches to body blows as Jones contorts to avoid the painful strikes. Tempest with an Irish whip to Jones, but Smith reverses it into a whip of his own sending Tempest to the far ropes. Tempest comes back and throws a violent clothesline that Smith manages to barely duck under. They both stop mid ring and face each other. Jones throws a right hand, but Tempest blocks it and punches Jones! A second punch by Jones is blocked and countered by Tempest. Jones kicks Tempest in the knee and then runs the ropes. As Jones turns, Tempest is right there with a running back elbow to the jaw. Smith hits the mat and rolls to the middle of the ring. He gets up and Tempest does a textbook standing dropkick to the collar bone and jaw of Jones! Smith takes the bump and then gets up and retreats into a corner holding his jaw. Tempest clenches his fists and his teeth as he approaches Jones in the corner. Smith goes for a belly-to-belly suplex against the turnbuckles, but Tempest blocks the attempted Take It Home and counters into a Northern Lights suplex in the middle of the ring!! The bridge and the pin by Tempest!



Jones kicks out of the pin and immediately gets to his feet and runs the ropes. He comes back and Tempest throws a knee to the gut, but Jones dives over it and hooks a leg, upending Tempest into a schoolboy roll-up! Pin by Jones!



They stand. Jones with a front facelock on Tempest. Or is it Tempest with the advantage on Jones? They struggle in this awkward facelock position, each trying to gain leverage. Jones kicks Tempest in the knee again and then plants his feet and hauls Tempest over with a snap suplex!! Jones does not let go. Or is it Tempest who holds on? They work their way back to their feet still locked up in each other. Jones goes for another suplex, but Tempest blocks it and drags Smith down into an inside cradle! The surprise pin by Tempest!!




Smith kicks out and rolls out under the bottom rope to the ring apron. Both men stand up. Tempest lunges at Jones as Jones jumps backwards off the apron to the ringside floor with a coy smile. Tempest calls Smith back into the ring. Jones hops up on the ring apron. Tempest charges in and grabs at Jones, just narrowly missing a handful of hair! Jones hops back to the floor again. Smith walks around to a different side of the ring and gets on the apron as Tempest comes at him again and protects the ring from Smith. Jones starts to laugh at ringside while Tempest laughs in the ring. Jones’ smile disappears as he hops up on the apron again and Tempest lunges at him. Jones dodges Tempest’s attack and grabs him in a front facelock through the ropes. Jones connects with a killer DDT to Tempest on the ring apron pulling him right out of the ring and sending him falling to the floor below!!

Mark Sanction: What a vicious DDT by Smith Jones on that ring apron! Tempest is down and out on the floor!

Smith gets on top of Tempest with a barrage of kicks to his downed opponent, catching him in the head and torso as well as the ribs and back. He pulls Tempest up to a vertical base and then whips him against the steel steps at ringside, displacing them and leaving Tempest down on the floor. Jones walks over to the downed Tempest and kicks him in the head with the flat of his boot. Smith gets Tempest set up for a side Russian leg sweep against the retaining wall, but Tempest jabs him in the side with an elbow and counters into a Russian leg sweep of his own! Both men hit the ringside barricade hard and crumple to the floor side by side. Tempest takes a long breather as Smith is a mix of surprised and hurt. Tempest gets up first and finally gets his fingers laced into Smith's hair. He pulls Jones over to the ring and then Jones breaks free and hits Tempest with a stiff knife edge chop! Wooooo! Tempest slams Smith’s head against the ring apron and then he climbs on the apron ahead of Jones. Smith follows as Tempest pulls him up by the hair again. As they both stand on the ring apron, Smith gets Tempest with a belly-to-belly suplex clean off the ring apron and down onto the displaced steel steps on the ringside floor!!!

Mark Sanction: My goodness!! This is not a good scene!! Jones just hit the Take It Home to Tempest off the ring apron and onto the steel ring steps!!!

Rose: Jones is laying on the ring apron chuckling deeply as he lets his head hang off the apron and he looks at his opponent upside down. Tempest has bounced off the steps and is now resting with his face pressed against the retaining wall and his body contorted like a derailed commuter train behind him!!

Jericho Shaw: S’the kind of sadistic shit you have to worry about from Jones. Unexpected carnage. Just when you think you’ve got him, he’s got you!

Smith lets himself fall to the floor and he lands on his hands and knees. He crawls over to the fallen Tempest with a crooked smile. He kneels over Tempest and then gets behind him to lock him in a rear waistlock. Smith plants his feet and then hurls Tempest backwards with an overhead release German suplex over the ringside barricade in the corner!!! He nearly misses the security guard as he flies over the barrier and lands on the concrete in the aisle with a splat!! Smith gets up and clambers over the wall in search of Tempest who is just starting to get up. Jones grabs a steel chair and sets it up in the aisle. He steps in behind Tempest with a cobra clutch and locks it in tight! Smith throws Tempest backwards over his head with a cobra clutch suplex through the seat of the steel folding chair!!! Smith is very slow to get up and Tempest is not moving at all!

Smith Jones walks a short distance to a technician’s table with extra microphones, headsets, and monitors on it. He grabs one end of the table and tips all of the stuff onto the floor. Jones drags the table towards the stage and leaves it set up about two feet away from the edge of the stage. Jones turns and looks at Tempest.

Matt Steel: This can’t be good for Tempest right now.

Jones stands over Tempest as Tempest grabs at Smith’s kneepad and then claws his way up to his trunks and then tries to pull himself up using Smith’s arms. Jones gets Tempest up in a fireman’s carry and walks over to the edge of the stage. He puts Tempest on the stage and then climbs up onto the table. Jones hops up onto the stage with Tempest and kicks him in the ribs a few good times before getting him up into a fireman’s carry again. Jones may be thinking about a Death Valley Driver through the table! Tempest pops an elbow in Smith’s eye socket and then slides down to a standing base. Tempest gets Smith Jones in a fireman’s carry and then hits a Spinning Fireman’s Carry Cutter off the stage and through the table!!! Signature TKO by Tempest and both men are on the floor in a pile of splinters!!

Jericho Shaw: This is what the Lord of the Ring Tournament brings out in people! This is what you have to do to each other and to yourself in every round of the tournament and the winner gets a piece of me after it’s over. How’s that for a prize?

Tempest gets up first and starts to walk back over towards the ring. Jones watches him leave and then begins to give wobbly chase. Just as Jones steps over the retaining wall to the ringside area, Tempest comes flying at him with a spinning heel kick! Smith is down at ringside. Tempest gets him and rolls him back into the ring. Tempest follows him in and hooks him in a north-south waistlock. Gutwrench powerbomb by Tempest to Jones! Tempest gets Smith up into a belly-to-back suplex, but Jones floats over and lands on his feet! He shoves Tempest into the corner face first. Jones steps in and Tempest throws a quick back elbow to Jones’ cheek. Tempest gets on the middle rope on the inside and suddenly spins Jones to the mat with a tornado DDT!! The Perfect Storm by Tempest and Smith Jones is down on the canvas!! Tempest is looking at the top rope!

With Jones down from a devastating tornado DDT, Tempest heads upward, climbing the ropes and launching himself off with a sky high Five Star Frog Splash!!! Tempest comes down with full impact with The Eye of the Storm!!! The impact jars them loose of each other as Tempest then slowly crawls back on top of Smith for the pin!!!




Matt Steel: How is Smith Jones not done right there??

Tempest stares at referee Kirk Samson as the ref holds two fingers up. Tempest grunts and gets a determined look on his face. He stands and waits for Jones to get to his feet. Smith is very unsteady and he has quite a bit of trouble getting his feet under him. Eventually, Jones gets up and Tempest applies a three-quarter facelock and darts forward. Smith counters mid-fall and gets his knees up, pulling Tempest’s neck down across his knees with a surprise Backstabber to the neck!! The Point of Controversy by Smith Jones!!! Jones crawls onto Tempest and hooks the leg securely for safe measure. The ref lays down the count.




Tempest kicks out of the PoC by Smith!! Jones is beside himself after that kickout. He really thought he had this match won. You just never know in the XWA. It can always go either way! Smith pounds the heel of his hand against his forehead repeatedly and yells at Tempest.

Smith Jones: What makes you the hero, eh? What makes you better than me?? I speak the truth!! I speak the TRUTH!!! Don’t be a ghost. Be real, Tempest! Be real!!! BE REAL!!!

Jericho Shaw: What in the world is Jones even talking about in there? He’s finally losing the last shreds of his sanity right before our eyes!

Jones steps out to the ring apron and climbs to the top rope. Jones launches himself through the air just as Tempest has stood to his feet. Jones with a Top Rope Diving Clothesline to Tempest, but Tempest turns it into a powerslam!! Tempest gets Jones up in a fireman’s carry, but Smith slips off right into a front facelock. He throws a punch to the ribs of Tempest before he hoists him upside down and falling with a destructive Brainbuster right on top of Tempest’s skull! Smith Jones makes the pin and hooks both legs!




* DING! DING!! DING!!! *

Hana Ramierez: Here is your winner, advancing in the Lord of the Ring Tournament SMITH JONES!!!!!

Mark Sanction: A hard fought victory and well-needed for Smith Jones here tonight and he did it without getting in your face much, Jericho Shaw!

Jericho Shaw: He knows I’ve got his number and he’d better stay the fuck away from me.

Rose: I think he was just proving the point that he can stay focused on his opponent even with a distraction as tempting as the World Champion out here. Look, he’s already leaving ringside!

Smith Jones walks straight out of the arena without looking back. He disappears through the curtain just as a faint echo of a chant is beginning to form. It dies before it can begin. Smitty is gone. Fade to black.

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