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Postby RevolutionJones » Sat May 11, 2019 10:27 pm

Race To Your Destiny at...

Broadcast exclusively on The Xperience & Battleground Network
LIVE! From Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, Indiana (19,000 Capacity),

Theme Song: "The Distance" by CAKE

The Main Event:
Submission Match for the Supreme XWA Championship!


Danny Diamond (c) vs. Albion Gale

Last summer, 24 of the best wrestlers in the world came from all over our sport and battled it out in the annual Lord of the Ring tournament. Among those 24 was an unknown, unassuming rookie from Evansville, Indiana by the name of Albion Gale, who hadn't even made her pro debut yet, but was already under the mentorship of retired former world champion Kaji Fireson. Gale lost in the opening round and was seemingly out of the tournament, but a double no-show led to a second chance, and she made the most of it to run the rest of the gauntlet and become the Lady of the Ring. For months, the Duality of Woman has kept her shot at Supremacy on her finger, and now, after months of biding her time and winning the XWA World Television Championship, she'll finally get her big chance in her home state. But in order to reach the top, Albion will need to go through the reigning Supreme XWA Champion, Danny Diamond, and this Prized Gem has proved very hard to shatter. Since his return to XWA late last year, Diamond has gone undefeated, and with every win, he's only pulled further away from the pack trying to reach him. And just like his namesake, he only shines more under pressure, as he proved at XWA On A Pole when he defeated his arch-rival, Sean Young, in a ladder match that nearly set Atlanta on fire.

With the two most decorated fighters in XWA going head-to-head, company owner Bella Quinn has decided that tonight's main event, and the fact that it's in the city that hosts America's most prestigious motorsports event, calls for a test of endurance. With no pinfalls, no count-outs, and no disqualifications, the only way to get out of here alive is to make your opponent tap inside the squared circle. It'll take smarts, guts, resolve, and pure fighting spirit, but there's no question they both have what it takes. The only question is who will reign Supreme.

XWA Hardcore Championship!


Aries Armadaist (c) vs. Jace Albright

Even though he defeated Albion Gale at XWA On A Pole, and even though he once again topped the XWA Top Ten, the fact of the matter is that Albion's cash-in has shut Jace Albright out of his shot at Supremacy for the second Supershow in a row. But the increasingly-popular Starlight has racked up too many wins to be denied a major opportunity, and in Indianapolis, he'll get the biggest one of his career so far in the form of his first title shot of any kind here in XWA.

XWA's China Anniversary was marked by a fair amount of chaos all around, but the headlining Great Inventions Hardcore Invitational was the most chaotic moment of all, and once the dust had settled and the explosives stopped going off, Aries Armadaist, the loudest, angriest Canadian steak merchant on the planet, joined the exclusive club of wrestlers to win the XWA Hardcore Championship in their company debut. With an international reputation for violence and no regard for anyone but himself, Armadaist is practically everything Albright isn't, and these opposites will battle it out under the classic Hardcore title rules: no limits, falls count anywhere, and a 24/7 rule that ensures whoever has the gold always has a target on their back.

For the Ape of Wrath, this is a chance to defend his title for the first time against a fast-rising star and assert long-term dominance over the Hardcore title scene. But for the Starlight, this could mean the first of many title victories, and even set him up to be a double-champ when he finally gets his Supremacy shot. Either way, this headlining bout could be the most hard-fought Hardcore Championship match of the year...

Opening Match:
XWA World Tag Team Championships!


Fighting Gold (c) vs. A.J. Morales & Minka Carter

We may only have three matches on the card here in Indianapolis, but tonight is about quality, not quantity. Every match is a title match, every champion is represented, and that starts with the XWA World Tag Team Championships. A.J. Morales and Minka Carter, for almost two years, were bitter enemies, but after A.J. literally knocked the demons out of Minka's head and a Bella Quinn hunch put them in the same corner, the two worked surprisingly well, overcoming Blake Archer and Travis Levitt at XWA On A Pole to become the #1 contenders. Meanwhile, the reigning tag champions, Joey Miles and Kaida Kagome, have gone in an unexpected direction of their own, as Fighting Gold has started building up a following in spite of their...shall we say, tumultuous relationships with the fans before they became a team.

With a technical wizard and a vicious striker in each corner, and a fair amount of proven chemistry to go with it on both sides, this will undoubtedly be a close, hard-fought contest that sets the bar high for the other title fights to follow. So make sure you tune in right away, because you do NOT wanna miss any of this action.


With the next Lord of the Ring tournament on the horizon, you never know who might use this platform to announce they're in the hunt!

Deadline for matches is MAY 25TH at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on MAY 29TH, 2019 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]

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