XWA: No Man's Land - Full Card

All cards for the MONTHLY SUPERSHOWS for 2018 can be found here. Whether it's gimmick-based shows, the end of tournaments or even shows on a BEACH!
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XWA: No Man's Land - Full Card

Postby DJS » Mon Apr 09, 2018 11:52 pm

Four stars enter a TERRIFYING structure to battle for the Supreme XWA Championship, it's...

Broadcast exclusively on The Xperience
LIVE! From U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinatti, Ohio
(17,556 Capacity),

Theme Song: "Scream Aim Fire" by Bullet For My Valentine

The Main Event:
No Man's Land Match for the
Supreme XWA Championship


Lx-Tim vs. Emery Layton(c) vs. A.J. Morales vs. Joey Miles

Possibly the most unforgiving, horrifying match to ever hit the XWA, and it's our main event for the evening. Trapped inside a large, metal structure with a barrage of weapons inside, the No Man's Land match is a four person elimination match- two will start off and gradually be joined by two more competitors. With a weapon 'donated' to by each participant and no set time-limit, only one may stand as victor at the end of this one.

Can Lx-Tim recapture the Supreme XWA Championship? What bearing will defending champion Emery Layton and challenger A.J. Morales' relationship have on the outcome? Could Joey Miles walk away with a dark horse victory? There can be only ONE Supreme XWA Champion!

Rematch of the Century!


Austin Carter vs. Trevor Miller

Back in August at our Supershow Fools Gold, Austin Carter faced off against his long-time-friend-turned-rival Trevor Miller, where the latter would join forces with Danny Hall and take Carter out of action. It has been a turbulent road to recovery, but now Austin Carter is back and he wants to get even!

Carter and Miller go head to head in a rematch eight months in the making!

One on One!


Terrance Ainley vs. Mystery Opponent

Terrance Ainley got booked- hooray! However, as with most Terrance Ainley bookings, something wicked this way comes, as he faces a "mystery opponent". We'll be honest- we don't know who it is at this point, however we don't fancy Ainley's chances.

You don't know who it is- WE don't know who it is. Speculate away!

XWA Tag Team Championship!


Storied History (Mark Storey & Lx-Tim) vs. Amy Jo Smyth & Jake Rogers(c)

The Tag Team Championships have been Lx-Tim's white whale. He has managed to win every single title in the XWA except for the tag titles, having already challenged for them twice. But perhaps third time is the charm, and this time he's got an even better partner- Mark Storey! The pair- naming themselves 'Storied History'- dominated the #TTC2 Tournament, gaining them a shot at Amy Jo Smyth and Jake Rogers' titles.

Smyth & Rogers face their greatest challenge yet- which team walks out of Ohio as Tag Team Champion?

One on One!


Dan Bennett vs. Rupert Von Hammerstrap

Dan Bennett's return has largely been a successful one, but despite his battle with A.J. Morales last month, the veteran walks into Ohio with neither the Hardcore title nor a part of the No Man's Land match. Instead, finds himself placed against Rupert Von Hammerstrap- XWA's resident gentleman adventurer!

The former Rated X member and Ohio native gets a chance to continue his winning ways this month!

One on One!


Blake Archer vs. Lance Jackson

Blake Archer has a Golden Ticket! For any time up to a year, he may challenge for the Television or Hardcore championship whenever he chooses and if he can find a partner, he could even challenge for the Tag Team titles! But this month, after battling off Jessica Tendonin, he faces a man Massacre audiences may recognise in Lance Jackson, here to wrestle his first ever Supershow for the XWA!

The two up-and-comers get to show us what they've got with no set limit and no commercial interruption. Don't skip out on this one or you'll miss something spectacular!

Clash of the Titans!


The Lynx vs. Levinator

Feel that earthquake just then? That was Levinator and the Lynx, emerging from the fire and flames and roaring at the news of their next opponent. You've seen Godzilla vs King Kong, but this is one kaiju battle that could only be contained by an XWA ring!

Two mammoth hosses go one on one. Hide behind the sofa, we predict a riot!

One on One!


Christian Andrews vs. Jessica Tendonin

XWA comes to you from Cincinnati for No Man's Land and our opening match is a belter, folks. Jessica Tendonin, while impressive in every showing, hasn't had the best luck since signing with the XWA back in January, but her luck could change tonight as she faces Christian Andrews! The hungry young star makes his first Supershow appearance on arguably the biggest Supershow of the year so far.

The show kicks off in style with two of our best new stars- who comes out winner here? Watch and find out!


Dark Match!


Captain Fabulous vs. Cortez Columbus


Deadline for matches is 27th April 2018 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 4th May 2018 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]

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