XWA Monthly Supershows: Full Year Schedule- 2018

Who's on the card? Where is it held? What next? When's the PPV? All this and more within!
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XWA Monthly Supershows: Full Year Schedule- 2018

Postby DJS » Sat Dec 23, 2017 8:51 pm

The following is the schedule for all Monthly Supershows during the year of 2018. It contains important dates, venues and other bits. Please bare in mind this is all subject to change dependent on circumstance.

XWA Homecoming
Where: Allstate Arena, Chicago, IL (18,500 Capacity)
Card Goes Up: 7th January 2018
Match Deadline: 21st January 2018
Voting Deadline: 28th February 2018

XWA and the City of the Island Hills
Where: Movistar Arena, Santagio, Chile (12,000 Capacity)
Card Goes Up: 5th February 2018
Match Deadline: 18th February 2018
Voting Deadline: 25th February 2018

XWA On A Pole
Where: Hammerstein Ballroom, New York (2,200 Capacity)
Card Goes Up: 11th March 2018
Match Deadline: 25th March 2018
Voting Deadline: 30th March 2018

XWA: No Man's Land
Where: U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinatti, Ohio (17,556 Capacity)
Card Goes Up: 9th April 2018
Match Deadline: 27th April 2018
Voting Deadline: 4th May 2018

XWA: Beach Break!
Where: Miami Beach, Florida
Card Goes Up: 6th May 2018
Match Deadline: 20th May 2018
Voting Deadline: 27th May 2018

JUNE NO Supershow, Lord of the Ring tournament running on Massacre

JULY NO Supershow, Lord of the Ring tournament running on Massacre

XWA Lord of the Ring: The Final!
Where: Madison Square Garden, New York
Card Goes Up: 3rd August 2018
Match Deadline: 26th August 2018
Voting Deadline: 2nd September 2018

XWA On A Boat
Where: Xtreme Cruiselines
Card Goes Up: 7th September 2018
Match Deadline: 21st September 2018
Voting Deadline: 28th September 2018

XWA: Face Your Demons
Where: TBA
Card Goes Up: 7th October 2018
Match Deadline: 21st October 2018
Voting Deadline: 28th October 2018

XWA Legends
Where: Rogers Centre, Toronto, Canada (53,000 Capacity)
Card Goes Up: 10th November 2018
Match Deadline: 24th November 2018
Voting Deadline: 1st December 2018
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