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All cards for the MONTHLY SUPERSHOWS for 2019 can be found here, whether they're gimmick-based shows, the end of tournaments, or even milestone celebrations!
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XWA On A Boat

Postby RevolutionJones » Mon Sep 23, 2019 5:53 am

¡El día de tu suerte está aquí!

Broadcast on The Xperience and the Battleground Network
LIVE! From Xtreme Cruiselines off the coast of San Juan, Puerto Rico (1,500 Capacity),

Theme Songs: "I'm On A Boat" by Lonely Island ft. T-Pain and "100%" by Big Pun ft. Tony Sunshine

The Main Event:
Supreme XWA Championship!


Albion Gale (c) vs. A.J. Morales

After a chaotic, but cathartic ending to her first Supreme Championship defense at XWA Gold Rush, Albion Gale remains on top of the wrestling World, and her arch-nemesis Dave O'Connor won't be going near it any time soon. But the XWA Top Ten keeps bringing up new challengers for her to face, and this time, it's brought her arguably her biggest challenge yet. Thanks to Hustle Inc. deciding that sending a message was more important than not getting disqualified, A.J. Morales and Minka Carter are still XWA World Tag Team Champions, and now, here on Xtreme Cruiselines, Morales hopes to make up for that by becoming XWA's latest double-champion.

It's the Duality of Woman against the Superman of XWA in our main event! Whether you're watching on the Xperience or the Battleground Network, for one of these two world-class wrestlers,
¡el día de su suerte está aquí!

The Headliner:
Last One Standing Match!
If Kaida Kagome Loses, She Must Retire!


Kaida Kagome vs. Troy Spencer

Kaida Kagome's checkered past is no secret here in XWA--just ask the "very nice gentlemen" who work at the Kagome family office back in Chicago--but it's never haunted her quite like it is right now. As it turns out, when this former World Tag Team Champion arrived in XWA last year, she was doing so on the orders of one Troy Spencer, best known for his run in the Xtreme Wrestling Association (no relation). Spencer, it seems, defeated Kagome in an underground fight club tournament back in Japan, which meant she owed the Vigilante a favor: take his list of targets here in the BattleZone, and one by one, take them all out of commission. But when she formed a tag team with Joey Miles after defeating him, Spencer decided Kaida had failed to uphold her end of the deal. Now, the Vigilante is on our shores, and he's goaded the Gokudo into a match so dire, her very career depends on it.

These two hard-hitting athletes will settle their score in our headlining bout, with no holds barred, no restrictions, and only one way to win: by knocking your opponent down for a 10-count. Will Kaida clear her debt to the Vigilante, or will he collect her entire career?



Jace Albright vs. Dave O'Connor

Few cities have as much bad blood in sports as New York and Boston, and this match might open the latest avenue of that rivalry. Manhattan's own Jace Albright is back from his sabbatical, he's more focused than ever, and as of right now, he's sitting at #2 on the XWA Top Ten. As long as nobody surpasses him, he'll be on his way to the #1 spot and his long-awaited shot at Supremacy--but in order to keep it, he'll need to get past the Boston-born Maniac, Dave O'Connor, who's been taking out his anger at losing in his own Supremacy challenge on damn near half the boat. If Jace isn't careful, he'll be too injured to even challenge for the title!

These two combatants couldn't be any more different in terms of wrestling style, presentation, or fan reception, but they'll both be 100% committed to taking home a win here tonight as they face each other for the first time--and depending on how it goes, it might not be the last...



"The Phoenix" Seiji Shimuzu vs. Ace Andrews

This next bout features two seasoned pros with something to prove. Seiji Shimuzu has proved a valuable right-hand man to Supreme Champion Albion Gale, and while their new tag team, the Dawnbringers, looks to light their way to victory in Tag Team Classic 3, he's also seeking singles opponents he can go toe-to-toe with. Meanwhile, Ace Andrews, who's been everything from World Television Champion to co-owner here in XWA, is on a comeback tour after over a year's absence, and a win here could open some doors to even more accolades.

Will the Phoenix rise to the occasion, or will the Billionaire Brawler make it rain yet again?

Opening Match:
Grandeza's Open Challenge!


Grandeza vs. ???

What better way to start this show than with the Heart of Puerto Rico himself? That's right, San Juan's own Grandeza is back, and after over a year away from the ring, this former XWA Hardcore Champion is looking to make a statement on his return match! This man is so confident in his own ability to outwrestle anyone in this sport that he's putting up an open challenge right here on Xtreme Cruiselines!

Who will answer the call? And will Grandeza make his intended point, or will his opponent prove too elite to handle?

Deadline for matches is 9th OCTOBER 2018 at 11:59 Pacific Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 12th OCTOBER 2018 at 11:59 Pacific Standard Time.
[CST is two hours later. GMT is eight hours later.]

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