XWA Gold Rush

All cards for the MONTHLY SUPERSHOWS for 2019 can be found here, whether they're gimmick-based shows, the end of tournaments, or even milestone celebrations!
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XWA Gold Rush

Postby RevolutionJones » Sun Aug 11, 2019 4:05 am

There's Gold Out West, and we're here to find it! The 2019 Lord of the Ring will be crowned at...

Broadcast exclusively on The Xperience and Battleground Network
LIVE! From Golden 1 Center, Sacramento, California (19,000 Capacity),

Theme Song: "My Own Summer (Shove It)" by Deftones

The Main Event:
The 2019 Lord of the Ring Finals!
Ultimate X Match!


Hanako Takeuchi vs. Minka Carter

Few tournaments in combat sports are as grueling as the annual XWA Lord of the Ring Summer Tournament, and this year's edition was no different. We started with a field of 16 combatants from all over the wrestling world, and after three punishing rounds, it all comes down to two champions who had to walk some of the hardest roads possible to get here. In Group One of the bracket, Death Trip Wrestling's Hanako Takeuchi came in with as much hype as any guest in the field, but ended up narrowly falling short to the veteran Oakster, also making his XWA debut, in the opening round. But when a double-no-show left Oakster without an opponent for the quarterfinals, a second-chance drawing brought Takeuchi back into the picture. And like Albion Gale before her, the Black Rose took that opportunity and ran with it, avenging her first-round loss on the way to securing a spot in the finals--and just to make it sweeter, Takeuchi's win in the semifinals also made her the XWA World Television Champion. Meanwhile, over in Group Two, Minka Carter entered with a newly-won XWA World Tag Team Championship belt around her waist and something to prove after her 2017 run in the tournament, back when the infamous DEMON! alternate personality controlled her psyche, ended in the quarterfinals. The obstacles stacked up higher with every passing round, forcing Carter to battle her way through nagging ankle problems, a burgeoning rivalry with Hustle Inc., and even the DEMON! briefly resurfacing, but she managed to fight her way through all of it and reach the finals.

Now, in the Indomitable City of Sacramento, California these two women will cross paths in an Ultimate X match for the ultimate opportunity. Whoever wins will be become the 2019 Lord of the Ring, giving them a shot at the Supreme XWA Championship that they can cash in wherever and whenever they please in the next year. Will the Black Rose add yet another accomplishment to her ever-growing trophy case? Or will Minka, on her second match of the night, score the biggest prize of her career so far? Tune in and find out who this Gold Out West will belong to!

Co-Main Event:
Supreme XWA Championship!


Albion Gale (c) vs. Dave O'Connor

Just a few short days before Albion Gale achieved Supremacy in her home state of Indiana, she dropped the XWA World Television Championship to one Dave O'Connor, then on just his second professional wrestling match. If anything signaled the Maniac's arrival, this was it, and ever since, he and his wife Alissa have been chasing more power at all costs, whether that meant beating Aries Armadaist to become XWA Hardcore Champion or extorting Dave's way to a second-chance spot in the Lord of the Ring Summer Tournament after his early elimination from the tournament. Gale may have had the past couple months off from title defenses, but she was right there on the front lines, dealing with O'Connor the whole way, and now this rivalry is about to hit a whole new boiling point out here on the West Coast. The Duality of Woman will face the Maniac for the second time, this time for the one title in all of pro wrestling that reigns Supreme over the rest.

Will Albion be able to stop Dave in his tracks and send him to the back of the line? Or will we have a Maniac running the world? There's only one way to find out!

XWA World Tag Team Championships!


Scooby Gang (c) vs. Hustle Inc.

Cuddles Soda and Remi Lockett, the latest project from the mind of Melvin Hustle, have been making their fair share of waves in the past few months. Hustle Inc. have proved that they're willing to do anything for attention and opportunities, and ever since Remi faced Minka Carter in the opening round of the XWA Lord of the Ring Summer Tournament, it's been clear that they want what Carter and A.J. Morales have: the XWA World Tag Team Championships. The trio proved instrumental in causing Minka's nagging ankle problems, which started against Lockett, and preventing Morales from winning the Hardcore Championship from Dave O'Connor, and now that they've got the champs' attention, they have their first opportunity to make good on their promises. Meanwhile, the champs find themselves in a bit of an uncomfortable spot. As her LOTR ambitions got closer to reality, the Demon Slayers attempted to merge with the DareDiablos, Morales's other tag team with Austin Carter, into a unified Scooby Gang and invoke the Freebird Rule so Austin could defend the titles while Minka focused on the Ring. But while XWA management approved the name change, they ultimately reversed the decision, saying that A.J. and Minka would need to defend the titles together before Austin could start subbing in.

Will Minka still be an XWA champion by the time she goes for the Ring later tonight? Or will we see Hustle Inc. take over the tag division right before the long-awaited Tag Team Classic 3? Either way, it'll kick the show off with a bang!

Deadline for matches is AUGUST 24TH, 2019 at 11:59 Pacific Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on AUGUST 31ST at 11:59 Pacific Standard Time.
[CST is two hours later. GMT is eight hours later.]

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