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All cards for the MONTHLY SUPERSHOWS for 2018 can be found here. Whether it's gimmick-based shows, the end of tournaments or even shows on a BEACH!
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XWA On A Boat

Postby RevolutionJones » Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:52 am

This ain't no maiden voyage, it's...

Broadcast on The Xperience and the Battleground Network
LIVE! From Xtreme Cruiselines (1,500 Capacity),

Theme Song: "I'm On A Boat" by Lonely Island Feat. T-Pain

The Main Event:
Era vs. Era Dream Match!


Dan Bennett vs. Rob Chapman

Hall of Famers. Faction leaders. World champions. Dan Bennett and Rob Chapman have pretty much done it all in XWA, and both of their returns in 2018 have proved that these two still have what it takes to succeed against the world's toughest competition. But one of the few things they've never done is fight each other. All that changes in the second half of our main event double-header, as these vicious veterans from Rated X and ELITE go head-to-head for the first time ever in an intergenerational dream match like no other. If stuff like this doesn’t make you want to save up for Xtreme Cruiselines’s next voyage, then frankly, we don’t know what will.

Co-Main Event:
"I Quit" Match!


Austin Carter vs. Trevor Miller

We all thought this was over. We all thought Trevor Miller had been taken out of the equation after Austin nearly ripped his head off in the aftermath of our Massacre: Beach Break! special in Miami. But on the biggest night of Austin's career, Trevor resurfaced, and thanks in large part to the injuries Miller inflicted, Austin fell short of Supremacy. But now, on the boat where it all began, this saga will finally come to a close--at least, that's what XWA owner Bella Quinn is hoping. In a last desperate attempt to burn off a rivalry that just won't end, Quinn has turned to one of the most infamous stipulations in professional wrestling, one we haven't seen in XWA in almost 2½ years. And given we're in international waters, there's no telling what these men will do to make the other say the two magic words: "I Quit."

Clash of Future Champions?


Albion Gale vs. Blake Archer

In addition to our various title belts, XWA has two prizes that guarantee whoever has them a shot at championship glory. One of them, the Lord of the Ring, now belongs to Albion Gale, the rookie who shocked the world. The other, the Golden Ticket, has belonged to seasoned veteran Blake Archer ever since he won it at XWA On a Pole. Neither of those prizes are on the line tonight, but every single reigning XWA champion will want to keep a close eye on this matchup, because at any moment, they could be facing one of these two for their gold.

Smith vs. Smyth!


Smith Jones vs. Amy Jo Smyth

Smith Jones has been undergoing something of a reinvention in the past couple months. He’s ditched the riot police that flanked him at every turn when he was World Television Champion, he’s trying his hand at talk shows with Smith Jones LIVE!, and he’s finally started wrestling on Supershows again. But after a hard-fought victory over A.J. Morales at Madison Square Garden, Smitty must now face an opponent who’s arguably every bit as experienced, intelligent, and hungry to reclaim their place as he is: the returning Amy Jo Smyth, who we haven’t seen in XWA since she and Jake Rogers lost the World Tag Team Championships to Storied History all the way back in April. Both of these former champions have something to prove, but only one can emerge victorious.

Tag Team Debut!


Angelica Vaughn & Sarah Lacklan vs. Freddy MacManus and Buffalo Bill Deckersley

Angie Vaughn runs with a little group you might have heard of called the Cool Kids. Her friend Sarah Lacklan is also a Cool Kid, but her disposition is about as far from Angie's as you can possibly get. Here, we get to see them in tag team action for the first time. This oughta be interesting...

Of Goddesses and Monsters!


Vespertine vs. the Lynx

She may be the newest face on our roster, but Vespertine is already promising “death by diva” to anyone she might face. She won’t have to wait long to prove it, as her first Supershow match sees her getting thrown in the deep end against one of the most imposing forces in all of XWA. After disappearing into the shadows all summer long, the Lynx is back, and this rejuvenated monster of a man is out to remind everyone what he’s capable of. Don’t be fooled by the size difference—these two are equally capable of destruction. The only question is who’ll be left standing amongst the rubble.

Pirate Emery's Open Challenge!


Emery Layton vs. Dom Harter

Oi oi! The notorious Pirate Emery is back on the high seas, ready to plunder Xtreme Cruiselines once again! But if this swashbuckling she-king wants to have a good voyage, she needs to get through Dom Harter, a tenacious little bastard with an ego the size of an aircraft carrier and a knack for thievery, as anyone in FGA can tell you. You might know him as the boyfriend and tag partner of Annie Zellor, who we saw earlier this year in a Starbucks Street Fight for the Hardcore Championship, but now he's taking his first shot at XWA action. Will Dom steal a victory, or will the Worst of the Pavees triumph yet again?

Deadline for matches is 26th September 2018 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 1st October 2018 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]

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