XWA On A Pole - Full Card

All cards for the MONTHLY SUPERSHOWS for 2018 can be found here. Whether it's gimmick-based shows, the end of tournaments or even shows on a BEACH!
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XWA On A Pole - Full Card

Postby DJS » Sun Mar 11, 2018 4:51 pm

Every match a gimmick match and a trip to No Man's Land looming, it's...

Broadcast exclusively on The Xperience
LIVE! From Hammerstein Ballroom, New York (2,200 Capacity),

Theme Song: "Vince Russo Theme" by Jimmy Hart & Howard Helm

The Main Event:
XWA Hardcore Championship


Dan Bennett vs. A.J. Morales

Dan Bennett has STILL got it. Successful last month in his return match against Lx-Tim, the Hall Of Famer shot to the third position in the XWA Top Ten. But right in front of him at the second position is none other than the Hardcore Champion himself, A.J. Morales. With these two both fingertips away from the top position, securing their place in No Man's Land, another win could be what they need. That's not ALL, though. The Hardcore Champion is in the match and it is Hammerstein after all, so on top of all that, the title WILL be on the line!

A main event pitting a hero of the past against the savoir of our future. WHO walks out winner?

Unsanctioned Street Fight!


Emery Layton vs. Serena Maxwell

Last month, Emery Layton retained the Supreme XWA Championship against Jessica Tendonin, but that was not where her problems ended. Following the match, she was sneak-attacked by a returning "Unexplainable" Serena Maxwell, more vengeful and unhinged than ever before. Both the former War Enforcement member and Emery spoke of a time many years ago when they were partners and a girl called Yasuko went missing. But all of that is in the past. Now, in the present, these two former friends will do battle in an unsanctioned, non-title Street Fight.

This has been a long time coming. We can only imagine how explosive this will be.

No Man's Land Qualifying Match!


Lx-Tim vs. Angelica Vaughn

Last month, Bella Quinn announced that at the April Supershow, we will see the historic, first-ever No Man's Land match. Four competitors, one massive cage filled with weapons and the Supreme XWA Championship on the line. While the champion and whoever stands at the top of the XWA Top Ten are automatically entered, there are also TWO qualifying matches being held- one on Massacre and this one right here!

Lx-Tim has been waiting for his chance to get back into the Supreme XWA Title picture since Legends, and as a History Maker, no doubt he'll want to make more history by winning the first-ever No Man's Land match. Meanwhile, Angelica Vaughn has made a startling first impression, already racking up three wins within her first month and has shown interest in the No Man's Land match ever since it was announced.

Only one of them can make it, but who will it be? And what's the gimmick match, here? For the answer to both questions, you're just gonna have to wait until we go live...

"Golden Ticket" Match!


Blake Archer vs. Jessica Tendonin

Hammerstein Ballroom, we're back! For the first time in two years, it's XWA On A Pole! Every match is a gimmick match, which means there's lots of goodies to be had and some even with opportunities for the future. Take our opening match, for example. Blake Archer and Jessica Tendonin have both made big splashes ever since coming to the XWA and now, they get to take part in the XWA's first-ever "Golden Ticket" match! With ladders out in force, hanging above the ring is a contract which grants the holder one guaranteed shot at any title that's NOT the Supreme XWA Championship over the course of the next year. This means the World Television Champion, Hardcore Champion AND (if the holder can find a partner) the Tag Team Champions better watch their backs over the next 365 Days!

Who will win the first-ever "Golden Ticket" match? We'll find out as we kick off XWA On A Pole!

Deadline for matches is 25th March 2018 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 30th March 2018 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]

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