Massacre #67 Grading

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Massacre #67 Grading

Postby Caleb » Sun Jun 06, 2021 1:35 am

Ace Acid:
Before I get to the actual in-ring grading, a quick thank you for a moderately-detailed rundown of T.K and Ace’s history with each other. I love knowing as much about two character’s dynamics with each other as possible.

The match looks like it’s going to start off with a slow burn, while both men pivot around one another and prepare to lock up. That’s not the case though, as Ace was just waiting to lure him in close enough for multiple knee kicks to bring him down. That sneaky bastard. T.K. fights it off well with a single leg takedown of his own, only to get caught in an early Izanagi Koji clutch. I’m usually a little torn on how I feel about early use of finishers and submissions because I feel it’s a pretty frequent trope of e-fedding, but I enjoyed the use here. I wasn’t expecting it but it didn’t seem out of place, and the way T.K. fights it off by pushing both of them off the mat and knuckle-crawling his way to safety was entertaining.

Before moving onto more of the action, I guess now would be a good time to state the obvious. I love your style of writing(even if I do need a dictionary by my side every now and then). It’s thoroughly detailed but not overdone and the comedic lines are scattered throughout at great times. The flow to your action is wonderful and the sequences are very easy to envision. The commentator’s lines were enjoyable too and served as a break in the action.

Moving along, your post zipped by so smoothly. There were so many wonderful strike and counters that had me anxiously wondering how some sequences were going to end; Little Evil being turned into an Adaptation Slam mid-air, the Lies and Arbor Gold getting countered into an inverted Alabamaslam, Ace spitting his mist into T.K.’s eyes in the middle of a pop-up powerbomb, T.K. toughing out a stinger splash to reverse it into a bear hug… It kept the match very fresh and moving along seamlessly. Neither competitor ever seized control for a long period of time. The action was quick and was about as back-and-forth as a wrestling bout can be.

This grading may be a little shorter than expected, but it’s because there’s so little for me to critique. I enjoyed the post from start to finish. A couple of other additional spots of the match that stuck out to me were Ace gnawing on T.K.’s fingers “like they were beef jerky” on the Genocidal Dissolution, and the Leviathan Wakes delivered on the apron - made me shudder just thinking about how easily that could go wrong. I liked the finish to the match as well, with Ace transitioning immediately into the Izanagi following the Stor(e???)y Ender and Tickles calling the match because T.K.’s unresponsive. Wonderful post throughout.

The post started off with a surprise bang, much like your opponent’s after the competitors felt each other other, though this coming from Acid’s mist to T.K.’s eyes. I was not expecting that at all and I think it was an excellent way to get things rolling, followed up quickly by Acid who nails a lionsault and goes for an early pin.

You have some fuuuuun action in here. I love T.K., a hardcore legend, using his environment to stretch the rules and being a bit of extra brutality to the match. The Genocidal Dissolution, dropping Acid’s face into the steel steps after each head but, was incredibly innovative and I loved the spot. Admittedly not sure how I feel about T.K. getting back in the ring at the eight count, get back out and restart the count, just to throw Ace back in the ring at one. You’d figure if he’s going to break the count, it would be to inflict more damage at ringside. Otherwise, why not just stay in the ring and take the easy advancement to the LOTR finals? Maybe I’m nitpicking though, and the action never waned interest.

The action is still strong moving right into the spot where T.K. goes for a spear and hits nothing but the steel corner post, and Ace pulling him back from the corner just to toss his other shoulder into the post… And then following it up with a modified Boston crab illegally using the turnbuckles?! Very cool spot there, and a good way to keep Ace in control for a little while until T.K. hits a spear for real this time, also mentioning it hurt his shoulder which I thought was a good callback to them being hurt. Though not too hurt apparently to perform a giant swing for a ten count, which was neat because I don’t see that in e-fedding very often, if ever.

Oh no, down goes Tickles. DOWN GOES TICKLES. What kind of debauchery are we about to be getting into here? A tribute to Mark Storey! After avoiding Apotheosis, T.K. lands a cutter of his own on Acid, and immediately follows up with Storey’s Descended Upon Thee. It’s a solid touch to bring it into the match given all three of your histories. Sadly Tickles is still too unconscious to make the count, allowing Ace to slip out of the ring and blindside T.K. with the belt, before performing a Descended Upon Thee of his own into the belt, and subsequently into T.K.’s face. THEN, Ace steals T.K’s finisher against him but T.K. barely kicks out and after a bit of back-and-forth evading strikes from each other, T.K. locks in the guillotine choke and nails Extinction for the win. A wild sequence leading up to a standard, good finish.

Your action was incredibly entertaining. It also had a good progression to it, starting off very strong with the most while seemingly keeping that same energy throughout the remainder. There were a few sections that I did think moved a bit quickly, and the selling could be a bit inconsistent, such as T.K. hurting his shoulder delivering a spear but able to spin somebody through the air for ten rotations immediately after. Some spots were worded oddly and I had to reread them to get the clear picture, but overall I think the post was very enjoyable and had incredible action.

Both post’s action was structured very differently from one another, but they were both incredibly entertaining. T.K. went for more of a brawl, beat the hell out of each other approach, whereas Ace’s pace was fast, but felt more like two evenly-matched wrestling legends struggling to get the upper hand over one another with all the counters and back-and-forth action. Alas, now I’m posed with the task of picking a winner, as hard as it is and as much as I don’t want to... So you know what? I’m not going to.

Your Co-winners…
Both T.K. And Ace Acid!

What, you don’t accept that? UGH, fine. I do think T.K.’s match was slightly more entertaining and had a great progression to it. Ace’s match was an easy read, and I think the move sequences had a better flow. I think in the end, I will give it to Ace by a hair. Both matches were a wonderfully fun read, but there were a couple of, albeit minor, critiques I had of T.K.’s post whereas I think Ace’s read a bit more smoothly.

Your winner, and advancing into the Lord of the Ring finals…
Ace Acid!

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