XWA On a Pole 2020: Sean Young vs. Joey Miles

Gimmicks, gimmicks, gimmicks galore.
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XWA On a Pole 2020: Sean Young vs. Joey Miles

Postby Gopher » Wed Jun 03, 2020 1:30 pm

Gimmicks, gimmicks, gimmicks galore, it's...

Broadcast exclusively on The Xperience; June 25th, 2020
LIVE! From The Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan, NY (2,500 Capacity),

Theme Song: "Don't Threaten Me With a Good Time" by Panic! At the Disco

Last Man Standing!


Sean Young vs. Joey Miles

Joey Miles has spent years disrespecting Sean Young, even from before he was a wrestler. He believes Sean doesn't live up to his own hype and takes Young's confidence as an insult. Sean, meanwhile, feels he's had to prove himself for years and that he's done just that. However, what started out as a battle between two guys who just don't like each other has devolved into something far more sinister. Sean has been going back to that dark place he went when he faced Danny Diamond two years ago and that, ultimately, led to the violent massacring (no pun intended) of Joey's sister Alicia at Massacre #54, leaving her with a grade 3 concussion and mild cerebral contusion, along with a whole lot of blood loss. At XWA On a Pole, the two meet in a Last Man Standing match, although it's questionable if either man will be able to stand by the end.
Deadline for matches is June 21st, 2020 at 11:59 Pacific Standard Time.
Results will then go up for the show on June 25th, 2020.
[EST is three hours later. GMT is seven hours later.]
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Re: XWA On a Pole 2020: Sean Young vs. Joey Miles

Postby Gopher » Mon Jun 22, 2020 12:22 am

This match won't be going up tonight, but it's a co-write, so it won't be requiring a grading. We'll try to have it up before the results go up on Thursday.
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Re: XWA On a Pole 2020: Sean Young vs. Joey Miles

Postby Gopher » Fri Jun 26, 2020 9:49 am

Fans are still excited after Minka Carter showed up to (very clearly) hint at her plans to cash in last year’s Lord of the Ring title opportunity at this year’s Lord of the Ring supershow.

Mark Sanction: ”Man, if I wasn’t looking forward to this year’s Lord of the Ring, I sure am now. I just can’t wait to find out if Minka will be taking on Jace or Albion.”

Matt Steel: ”Took her long enough to cash in. I hope the next winner goes for it right away. Let’s get some chaos in here.”

Speaking of getting chaos in here …

Hana Ramierez: ”The following match will be contested under Last Man Standing rules!”

The fans cheer, as it’s time for Sean Young versus Joey Miles, part two.

Mark Sanction: ”Here we go!”

”Save Yourself” by Psiren hits the PA System and out comes Sean Young, to a welcome reception. Sean may be all business tonight once the match starts, but he can’t help but show off some of that signature charisma in his grin as the fans cheer for him.

Mark Sanction: ”Here comes Sean. I gotta say, that situation earlier in the night with his wife was … difficult to watch. I can’t imagine what she’s going through right now and I hope Sean knows what he’s doing.”

Matt Steel: ”Sean is, and has always been, a very selfish person. You heard what he said to his own wife tonight. That guy’s in it for himself and himself alone. And I hope Joey kicks his ass tonight.”

Mark Sanction: ”I just hope things don’t go too far.”

Sean looks to his left as he steps onto the stage, seeing the unique set-up for XWA On a Pole; a big structure is designed on the stage, with a fifteen foot high metal pole in front of it. Young looks at the structure with intrigue and then he makes his way down the ramp, pointing out fans and flashing his signature grin as he does so.

Hana Ramierez: ”Introducing first; from Memphis, Tennessee and now residing in Los Angeles, California, weighing in tonight at two hundred and thirty-two pounds, he is ‘Undead Bati’, Sean Young!”

Sean enters the ring and poses in the center for the cheering crowd.

Mark Sanction: ”I’m worried about where Sean’s at mentally right now, I’ll be honest, but he looks like he’s fine.”

Matt Steel: ”The guy’s a professional actor, Mark. Of course he ‘looks’ fine. I just can’t wait for Joey to capitalize on him getting over-emotional, because we all know it’s gonna happen.”

Sean’s theme begins to fade and there’s a few seconds of crowd noise before “Glass Table Girls” hits and the audience boos. Out comes Joey Miles, ready for a fight. Miles steps backwards through the curtain, with his arms held wide, to do his usual entrance shtick.

Matt Steel: ”Now here’s someone you should be worried about. Joey watched from backstage as his sister was mercilessly attacked by Sean, last Massacre. It must’ve been heartbreaking to see. And yet, ever the valiant champion, Joey still came out later in the night and gave Caleb Spires his first loss to defend the Television Championship. Truly inspiring.”

Mark Sanction: ”His win over Caleb was certainly impressive, I’ll give him that. But he didn’t look too upset over what happened to his sister when he came out for that match and he doesn’t look too upset about it right now.”

Matt Steel: ”How dare you, Mark?! Joey experienced a traumatic event and you’re gonna act like it doesn’t affect him? For shame!”

Once Joey turns around and lowers his arms, he looks at the structure to his left, grins curiously, and then begins a walk to the ring.

Hana Ramierez: ”And his opponent; from Miami, Florida, weighing in tonight at two hundred and seven pounds, he is the XWA World Television Champion, ‘One-Eighty’, Joey Mi—!”

Hana stops before she can finish the statement as she quickly jumps to the side to avoid Sean Young, who barrels towards the ropes and dives through them, crashing into Joey Miles outside of the ring with a Suicide Dive! The fans pop as Sean lands on top of Joey and starts throwing lefts and rights.

Matt Steel: ”Woah, what the hell!?”

Mark Sanction: ”Sean isn’t waiting! He’s going right after Joey!”

XWA official Mandy Baker exits the ring and, realizing this match can end anywhere, she decides to let it begin outside of the ring, so she calls for the bell to put things officially underway.


Joey gets out from under Sean and starts to back up the ramp, but Young stays on offense. He throws wild shots at his opponent, hitting him with lefts and rights all over his body and head, as the two back up the ramp. The audience is loud as this match jumps immediately into the action. However, the onslaught of Sean is put to a very abrupt halt as Joey ducks an attempted punch and swings around the Tennessee native. He applies a Waist Lock and, without giving Sean so much as a second to realize what’s happening, Miles pulls his adversary backwards and sends him flying a few feet down the ramp with an explosive German Suplex, that results in Young’s head cracking violently into the hard entrance ramp! The impact of the landing and the slope of the ramp cause Sean to roll over onto his stomach and he instantly clutches at the back of his head.

Mark Sanction: ”This thing is getting started right away! But, yikes! That German Suplex was brutal!”

Matt Steel: ”Joey already getting the Suplexes going and he just threw Sean head-first onto the ramp. I love it!”

Sean starts to get back up, despite being thrown unceremoniously onto the back of his head, but Joey is quick to interject, as he yanks his foe back up to his feet and throws him with force into the security barricade. He grabs Sean again and, this time, swings him into the barricade on the opposing side of the ramp, letting fans from both sides of the crowd get an up-close glimpse at the attack. Following this, Miles lifts Sean back to his feet and hoists him up onto his shoulder. He then runs forward, while carrying his slightly heavier opponent, and he drives Sean spine-first into the side of the ring apron! However, Joey doesn’t let go after this. Instead, while continuing to hold onto Sean, Joey takes a few steps back and flips him over-head with a release Northern Lights Suplex, landing on the thin mat that surrounds the ring. Following this, Miles lifts the ring skirt up and begins looking underneath the squared circle that he’s yet to enter.

Mark Sanction: ”Another Suplex, this time of the Northern Light variety, sending Sean crashing down hard on that thinly-padded floor!”

Matt Steel: ”And look at this, Sanction. Joey’s already bringing in the hardware!”

Mark Sanction: ”Things are going to get a lot worse, very quickly, aren’t they?”

Matt Steel: ”Hell yeah, they are!”

It ends up being a steel chair that Miles pulls out from under the ring, as the fans pop for the introduction of some weaponry, despite the person holding it. Joey lifts the chair up with one hand and slaps the seat with his other, while yelling out loud, ”Ol’ reliable!” He turns his attention back to Sean, who’s now on all fours as he tries to get back to his feet. ‘180’ puts a quick stop to that, as he slams the chair over his opponent’s back, causing Sean to arch his back in pain. Miles follows this up with not one, but two more similar chair shots to Sean’s back. He opens the chair, puts it down in front of his opponent and then takes a seat. The Television Champion mockingly waves at Sean and then he leans back in the chair, places a leg on Sean’s shoulder and then crosses his other leg over that one, to get comfortable, at Young’s expense. Sean quickly pushes himself to the side, forcing Joey’s legs to fall, but Miles simply grins in response. The Television Champion gets back to his feet and re-folds the chair. He holds onto the chair by the bottom and top and then drives the top edge into the side of Young’s ribcage, forcing out a cry of pain from Sean.

Matt Steel: ”Joey’s just toying with him now. I love it. Teach that asshole what happens when you kick an innocent commentator.”

Mark Sanction: ”It was years ago, Matt. Are you ever going to get over it?”


Joey, while still holding the chair in one hand, uses his other hand to help Sean back to his feet. He then presses the edge of the chair against Sean’s throat and he walks with his adversary over to the steel steps. Miles slams the other end of the chair into the steps, forcing the edge to jab into Sean’s throat. Joey does this while letting go of the chair, so he can do it as forcibly as possible, and the result is Sean gasping for air and clutching at his throat, as he stumbles backwards and turns, toward the entrance ramp. Joey follows him up the ramp, but maintains a distance of a few feet, as he wants to let Young make it to the stage before he continues his attack. Once ‘Prime Elite’ is on the stage, Miles rushes in and clubs him in the back of the head, forcing him down to the floor. The Television Champion turns Sean onto his back and kneels down on top of him. He starts unloading with right hand punch after punch, in an attempt to soften his opponent up as much as possible. Once he’s finished the blitz of punches, Joey gets back to his feet and pulls Sean up with him. He then clutches onto Sean’s wrist and presses against his and Miles sends Young running with an Irish Whip that flings him straight into the big, steel pole on the stage that was set up as a decoration for XWA On a Pole!

Mark Sanction: ”This is an absolute mugging. I thought Sean may be distracted tonight, due to the argument earlier with his wife, but he’s being absolutely handled right now.”

Matt Steel: ”Glorious, in’nit?”

Sean rests against the pole, while rubbing his forehead with one hand. He had hit it against the pole, but thankfully he isn’t bleeding, although Joey seems to want that to change. He grabs Young by his head and yanks him in. While holding his head with one hand, Miles nails ‘Koro Sensei’ repeatedly with forearm strikes from his free arm, aimed directly at the side of Sean’s face. After laying into him with seven straight shots, Joey takes a moment to turn away from Sean and raise his hands for the crowd, with a grin on his face. The posing only garners boos from the audience, but that’s just the way Joey likes it. He turns back to his adversary, but Sean suddenly shows some signs of life, as he nails Joey with a vicious headbutt that catches the Television Champion on the bridge of his nose! The fans cheer for the sudden shot from Sean and he follows this up by leaping into the air and drilling his opponent with a stiff knee strike known as the Grade A Prime Knee! The suddenly rejuvenated Sean grabs Joey by the back of his head and whips him into the metal pole, forcing Joey’s head to clash with it. He then spins and jumps, looking for his signature Judas Kiss; a Spinning Roundhouse Kick, known in some circles as the Trouble In Paradise! Unfortunately for Sean, there was no one home, as Joey manages to move out of the way just in time. Correction; Joey wasn’t home, but the giant metal pole was. Sean’s ankle and the top of his foot clash hard against the pole and he falls to the ground, yelling in agony, while clutching at his ankle.

Mark Sanction: ”Judas Kiss—No! Joey moves and Sean kicks that metal pole! He was finally starting to show some life in this match, for the first time since his flurry at the very beginning.”

Matt Steel: ”And Joey shut that down quick, simply by dodging. Never try to hit somebody into a metal object, Sanction. One quick movement from your opponent and suddenly you’re driving your own body part full force into metal.”

Mandy believes this is a good time to start her first count of the match, but that’s quickly put to a halt as Miles shouts at her to stop counting. Clearly, he doesn’t even want to give Sean a chance to get back up yet. Miles walks over to Sean’s lower half and grabs the leg that just hit the metal pole. He turns Sean onto his stomach and applies an Ankle Lock!

Mark Sanction: ”Joey with the Ankle Lock! He can’t make Sean submit in this match, but this is very smart. Sean won’t have an easy time standing for a ten count if one of his legs is out of commission. That Judas Kiss attempt may have been the beginning of the end for Sean, tonight.”

Matt Steel: ”Accepting Joey’s challenge to a rematch was the beginning of the end for Sean. He should’ve taken the fluke win and been happy with it.”

Sean cries out in pain as Joey repeatedly cranks on Sean’s ankle while the hold is applied. ‘Koro Sensei’ doesn’t tap, though whether that’s because he wouldn’t tap right now or he knows it won’t do him any good is unsure. All he can do at the moment is endure and he does, until Joey finally releases the hold. He doesn’t let go of his opponent’s leg, however. Instead, he drags him a few inches back over to the giant pole and Joey swings Sean’s leg right into the pole, forcing the ankle to hit the hardest! Now, Miles walks away, towards the center of the stage, as he nonchalantly signals to Mandy that she can start counting. The new referee does so and the first ten count attempt of the night begins, as Joey stands in the center of the stage and watches. Young stirs early, but he’s very slow to get back up at the moment, as he stumbles several times due to the pain in his ankle. However, by a count of eight, he manages to reach his feet, although he nearly falls right away when he puts pressure on the injured ankle. Looking to capitalize, Joey runs at Sean, but the former 2WWF star ducks and sends his opponent over-head with a big-time Back Body Drop that sends him crashing hard on the stage! The reversal gets a pop from the crowd, but Sean collapses onto a knee afterwards, as the Back Body Drop caused him to put more pressure on that ankle.

Mark Sanction: ”Here we go, Sean’s still in it!”

Matt Steel: ”Yeah, but look at how he collapsed there. It was an effective way to buy himself some time, but he still hurt his ankle even more. A big heart won’t be enough to save him when his leg’s like that, especially when his big heart doesn’t even work that well.”

Mandy begins a count for Joey now, but her count doesn’t last long, as Miles slowly and carefully rolls off of the edge of the stage and lands on his feet next to it. He stumbles away, while he tries to take a moment to recuperate and stretch his back. Meanwhile, Young gets back to a vertical base on the stage and he sees Joey below him. He takes a few steps away from Miles and then shakes his leg a bit to try to get himself ready. With a limp in his step, Sean runs as fast as he can muster currently and, while Joey turns back towards the stage, all he sees is Sean Young flying straight at him; Young takes Joey down with a big-time Crossbody! The fans applaud the move.

Mark Sanction: ”Huge Crossbody from Sean! Right off the stage!”

Matt Steel: ”Yup, that’s what you need right now. High risk moves from high up. That’s good for the ol’ ankle.”

Sean shoots back to his feet surprisingly quickly, as it appears the pain in his ankle isn’t bothering him right now, due to the adrenaline pumping through him and his focus on not wasting any time for Joey to recover. Young spots a nearby trash can and he picks it up. He turns it over, letting the lid fall off and dumping all of the trash out of it, and then Sean turns back to Joey, who’s getting back to his feet. The first thing Miles gets to see once he’s standing is something else flying at him; this time, a trash can that was launched by his opponent! The trash can smashes against Joey’s head with such force that it gets dented and before Joey can even take a second to realize what hit him, he’s hit a second time, courtesy of the trash can lid in Sean’s hand! Young tosses the lid to the side and quickly jumps up, presses his knees against Joey’s back and pulls him down with a Front Lungblower, driving the air out of his opposition’s chest! Sean winces after landing the Lungblower, as he appears to have seemingly forgotten about the pain in his ankle due to this adrenaline rush, but the Lungblower reminded him. Regardless, he still gets back to his feet quickly and takes a moment to pose for the cheering fans.

Mark Sanction: ”Sean’s feeling it, now! The crowd’s feeling it!”

Matt Steel: ”This fast pace is gonna bite him in the ass, mark my words.”

Mandy starts another ten count, but Young doesn’t even acknowledge her. Instead, he turns his attention to the area that they’ve found themselves in and, more specifically, what inhabits the area. He notices a stack of tables and his attention is immediately grabbed. Sean picks up the top-most table and he carries it over to the stage. Clearly with some intentions planned for the table, Young lifts it up and slides it onto the stage. He then turns back to Joey, who’s nearing his feet at Mandy’s count of six. Young ends the count early by grabbing Joey by the head and he pulls Joey onto his shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry. Whatever it was that Sean had in mind, however, nobody gets to see, as Miles quickly fights his way free and slides down behind his opponent. He hurriedly kicks Young in the back of his injured ankle, causing Sean to wince from the pain s his leg nearly buckles. Miles grabs Sean by the hair with one hand and the tights with the other and he rams his opponent into the side of the stage, shoulder-first. Quickly, Miles pulls Sean back in. He stands at Young’s side, bends his leg backwards, lifts him up and drops Sean’s injured leg down on his knee with a Shinbreaker; though, in this case, the target may make it an ‘Anklebreaker’. Swiftly, after that, he keeps a hold of Sean and pulls him backwards into a Saito Suplex that drives Young down on the back of his shoulders and neck. Joey climbs back onto the stage as Mandy makes another count attempt.

Matt Steel: ”There we go, back on track.”

Mark Sanction: ”You’re a fool if you think Sean isn’t still in this thing, Matt. Joey is smart to keep targeting that ankle, though, and that does present a high level of danger for Sean.”

While his adversary is down and being counted, Joey notices the table that Sean himself had introduced. Just in case Young manages to get back up, Joey decides to set that table up, himself. What he’ll do with it, he doesn’t yet know, but he’s sure he can think of something. Meanwhile, Sean does manage to get back to his feet before the count of ten and he starts to climb onto the stage. Joey lets him up, but he’s quick to attack as soon as Sean is standing. Miles instantly grabs Young by the back of his head and slams his face into the table. He drills ‘Prime Elite’ with several elbow shots to the side of his head and then he applies a Front Facelock and hooks Sean’s arm around his shoulder, while positioning himself so that his back is against the table. It’s clear Joey is looking to Suplex his opponent through that very table. However, Young fights against it and, after several punches to the stomach, Joey lets go of his grip enough for Sean to pull his head free. Once he’s freed, Young drills Joey with another headbutt. Unlike the earlier surprise headbutt, however, this one doesn’t come solo. He lays into his opponent with headbutt after headbutt, hitting him over and over again with increasing speed and ferocity, as Joey slowly leans backwards further and further onto the table while going groggy. Fans cheer wildly at this intense outburst of heads clashing.

Mark Sanction: ”Jeez, these headbutts are nasty!”

Eventually, with Miles leaned heavily back onto the table and barely able to tell where he is anymore, Sean finally stops the headbutts. At this point, blood is trickling down both men’s heads as they each got cut from the headbutts and have their own and their opponent’s blood on them now, although they aren’t bleeding profusely. But it’s still enough to make them light-headed, Sean included. Young shakes his head and then pushes Joey into a laid out position on top of the table, as he’s currently too out of it to do anything in his defense. With Joey laid out on the table, Sean looks at the fifteen-foot high metal pole next to him and the fans cheer with anticipation. Sean starts climbing the structure behind the pole.

Mark Sanction: ”Oh God—Oh, this isn’t a good idea, Sean.”

Matt Steel: ”Told you.”

Sean makes sure to be careful as he’s climbing, because he knows he could easily fall due to the injury to his ankle. He manages to make it high up enough on the structure to reach out and pull himself on top of the metal pole. The pole itself is thick enough to give him some standing room, although his feet can only be separated a few inches without hanging off. Sean stares all the way down from fifteen feet up – or closer to twenty-one feet from where his eyes are – and he looks at Joey, still not moving on that table below. Sean checks on his ankle briefly and then braces himself.

Mark Sanction: ”He’s gonna do it!”

And do it, he does. Sean leaps off of the pole, moving forward as his body rotates backwards, looking for the Shooting Star Press he calls Shoot out, and landing it picture perfectly on Joey, as the two go crashing through the table! Fans erupt into big-time cheers at the huge dive.

Mark Sanction: ”Oh my God!”

Matt Steel: ”Damn!”

A few seconds into the heavy cheers and chants begin to break out all throughout the arena; “Holy Shit!” Mandy checks on the two wrestlers, more concerned with their wellbeing right now than counting them out.

Mark Sanction: ”What a dive! It’s honestly impressive how beautifully Sean soared there, but that landing was bad, for both of them!”

Matt Steel: ”I guess, when you’re in a position to lose, just fuck it. Kill yourself and your opponent. Nobody wins.”

Eventually, Mandy is forced to begin the ten count, but the fans are still wild while she counts. They gradually calm down while the focus shifts to who will get up first, or if either man even will get up. The two finally begin to stir around mid-way through the count, as Sean rolls off of Joey. It’s a tough time, but the two near simultaneously start getting back to their feet. At a count of eight, Mandy considers Sean to be vertical enough to stop the count for him, but she counts nine for Joey. Right after the nine, however, she calls him vertical enough as well, and the match continues. The fighting, although slow, starts again not long after they’re both standing, as Joey shoots out a sharp Knife Edge Chop. The fans boo the chop, but they cheer the response; an elbow strike from Sean. This begins an exchange, as Joey lands a chop, Sean lands an elbow, Joey lands a chop, Sean lands an elbow and it goes back and forth with the crowd reacting appropriately to each hit. The hits start to come faster and the crowd gets louder, until Joey knocks away an oncoming elbow attempt from Sean, pivots and shoots his foot up for a Superkick attempt, but Young catches his foot! Knowing there’s no disqualifications in this match and with a very open shot at it while holding Miles’ foot up, Sean lands a harsh kick straight to the groin of his opponent, making sure to use his uninjured foot. Miles doubles over in pain as fans applaud, knowing he deserves it.

Mark Sanction: ”Sean with the low blow! Anything goes in this match and he knows that very well.”

Matt Steel: ”Oh, fuck off with that. You know damn well you’d be chastising Joey right now if he kicked Sean in the nuts.”

Mark Sanction: ”I’m not saying it was an honorable thing to do, Matt, but it’s legal and it’s effective. And, honestly, I don’t think Sean cares too much about honor right now.”

Joey drops to his knees for a moment, as Sean takes this opportunity to wipe the small bit of blood from his forehead. While the two aren’t bleeding heavily, the blood is still in a position to end up in his eyes and he’d like to prevent that causing issues to his vision. Sean looks over at the metal pole and, more specifically, the structure behind it. He steps over there, while Joey is still on his knees, cradling his pork dumplings, Sean searches deep in the structure for something.

Matt Steel: ”Wait, what’s he looking for?”

After a while of shuffling around, Sean eventually finds what he was looking for. He pulls out a baseball bat covered in barbed wire, as the crowd looks on with excitement.

Mark Sanction: ”Oh … Oh no.”

Matt Steel: ”Jesus Christ, are you kidding me?! We’re going back to this Mirage shit again?!”

As Matt implied, this is the signature weapon of Mirage, and that’s what this all boils down to. Two years ago, this very was used by Danny Diamond in his assault on Sean and later brought into the Legends battle they had. This is a symbol of the darkness that lingers within Sean; the very darkness that made his wife leave the arena earlier tonight instead of staying to be here with him. Of course, while being a symbol of that darkness, it’s also just a plain nasty, brutal weapon. Young stares at it with a sinister look in his eyes. It’s a similar look to the one he gave Alicia before punting her head off on Massacre and it’s a similar look he showed against Danny. He turns his attention to Joey, who’s just now getting back to his feet, but he’s in for a rude awakening. Sean swings the bat with force, sending it cracking into Miles’ back! Fans let out a loud ‘OOO’ as Joey’s back is hit and the barbed wire on the bat sinks into his skin, but their reaction quickly turns to cringing as Sean doesn’t just pull the bat away. Instead, he slides it along Joey’s back, letting the cuts grow in length as the barbed wire scrapes all the way across his back until it’s no longer touching the Television Champion. Blood is quick to pour these cuts as Joey lets out a pained grunt.

Mark Sanction: ”He’s just scraping that barbed wire along Joey’s back!”

Matt Steel: ”Hey Mandy, I know you’re new here and this match has no disqualification, but maybe step in at some point. I’m pretty sure the attempted murder we’re about to see surpasses ordinary ‘no disqualification’ rules.”

Joey drops back to his knees once the barbed wire is no longer digging into him, but this just results in Sean changing his target. He stands behind Miles and reaches the bat over his opponent’s head. He then presses the barbed wire into Joey’s forehead and starts scraping it back and forth, creating more cuts – deep cuts – and even crossing the cut that Miles already had from the earlier headbutts. The cringing from the crowd gets worse, as many audience members even look away.


Mark Sanction: ”God, this is difficult to watch. I’m well known to not be a fan of Joey, but we all saw what Sean did to Alicia on Massacre and now this … This is exactly what Destiny was worried about.”

Joey’s screams of agony are heard well and clear, as the audience’s silence leave plenty of room for the noise. By the time Sean stops grinding the barbed wire across Joey’s face, blood covers that face, as well as the barbed wire. The blood on Joey’s back is nothing compared to the blood pouring down his face, but Sean doesn’t stop there. He grips the handle of the bat tightly and swings it with serious power into Joey’s chest! Joey screams again and Sean pulls the bat away, but he follows up with a second strike into the chest of the Television Champion, getting another scream in return. Finally, he hits Joey a third time in the chest, creating the final bunch of cuts on Miles’ red chest, before he tosses the bat away, sending it near the edge of the stage opposing the side they had dropped from earlier. Miles is still on his knees, but he’s breathing heavily and looks like he could go unconscious at any moment. Sean turns to his side and then blasts his opponent in the side of the face with a Thrust Kick known as the Money Shot, forcing Joey to fall onto his back, lying atop his own legs. Young motions for Mandy to start counting, as he steps away. While he steps, he limps slightly, showing for the first time in a while that his ankle is still bothering him.

Mark Sanction: ”There’s so much blood, jeez. Joey’s back, his chest and especially his face are just covered.”

Matt Steel: ”Can’t believe we have this psychopath signed to a contract.”

Joey is unmoving for most of the count, but just before seven, he starts to move, by first pulling his legs out from under him. Sean sees this and, even though Joey still has a ways to go to get up with not much time left, he’s angered by the fact that he’s moving at all. Young brushes past Mandy and grabs Joey by the head, ending the count short. He yanks the blood-covered man back to his feet and places his head in between Young’s legs. He reaches down and grabs the back of Joey’s knees and Sean lifts his opponent up, only to drive him down hard on his head – on the very unprotected stage – with the Package Piledriver known as the Elite Driver!

Mark Sanction: ”Elite Driver! Elite Driver on the stage! I don’t think Joey’s getting up, now!”

Matt Steel: ”I’m not sure he should, even if he could.”

Mandy appears worried for Joey, but she does her job and starts counting again, hoping that Sean will let this be the end. This time, Joey doesn’t even begin to stir until a count of eight, but that’s the issue; he still stirs. Sean rolls his head as he lets out an aggravated sigh, showing that he clearly isn’t happy with this. He breaks the count again, on what probably would’ve ended the match, to pick Joey up once more.

Mark Sanction: ”Sean isn’t waiting to give Joey the chance!”

Sean applies a Front Facelock and then hooks Joey’s arm around his shoulder. He lifts the man up Suplex style. While holding him up, he shakes his leg to try to brace that ankle of his again, and then he leaps into a Jumping Brainbuster; Super Special Mind Splitter Supreme! Joey’s head is driven firmly into the hard, cold stage again, as blood continues to stain everything in the area.

Mark Sanction: ”Oooh! There’s that new move we recently saw Sean debut during his attack on Alicia! This time, on the stage, though! Christ!”

Matt Steel: ”Joey might not have even gotten up! The hell is this?!”

This time, as Mandy begins to start a count again, she’s immediately cut off by Sean, ”No!” ’Angelic Diablo’ grabs Joey and drags his nearly lifeless body across the stage, over to the side they haven’t spent any time on. He leaves him laid out on his stomach at the very edge of this side, as tables covered in stacked equipment are all over the floor next to that side of the stage. Young turns and walks all the way to the opposing side of the stage and he makes sure to turn to Mandy as he passes her to tell her, ”Don’t count!” Once he reaches that side of the stage, he turns back to Joey and he waits.

Mark Sanction: ”Oh God, Sean, come on! Don’t do this! You had it won already, you don’t need to do this!”

Matt Steel: ”What the hell is Mandy doing?! Don’t listen to Sean, you’re the damn ref! Count!”

As he waits for Joey to get on all fours, to put himself in position for the obvious thing Sean wants here, Young’s head is racing. This is exactly what Destiny was worried about and he knows. She saw him go down this path with Danny, she saw what he did to Alicia. Sean heard himself as he argued with her earlier in the night and it’s like he didn’t even recognize himself. The things he was saying, he knew he was wrong in real time, yet he still said everything. What is it? Why can’t he control these things when he knows he’s wrong? Just like he knows he’s wrong right now. He could have won already. He doesn’t need to do this. But … But Joey has spent years disrespecting him. He deserves this, right? Everybody hates Joey. They’ll be happy he did this. Sean knows the fans love him and they won’t abandon him when he takes out a guy they hate. Even their support right now is … wait, why is there silence? Young looks out at the crowd and sees thousands and faces staring at him in silence. Why aren’t they cheering? This is what they want, isn’t it? But deep down, Sean knows it isn’t. He knows he’s wrong, just like he knew he was wrong to go as far as he did with Danny two years ago. But he’s already here. There’s no backing down now. At least, that’s what he’ll tell himself every night he can’t sleep; every night his wife is staying with someone else because she can’t be around him.

But hey, Joey’s getting into position. It’s time to ignore these thoughts and just do it. With a slight limp in his step at first, Sean begins his run across the stage. His limp gradually goes away as the run gets faster and he pushes through the pain. Sean lifts his leg to punt Miles’ head off, but it isn’t Joey’s head that his leg comes into contact with. Perhaps running on instinct alone at this point, Joey quickly reaches out and grabs the baseball bat that was lying near him. He grabs the handle with one hand and the barbed wire with another, pain be damned. And as Sean goes to punt him, Joey rams the edge of the bat into Sean’s ankle; the same ankle that’s been hurt all matches, yet Sean tried to use anyway because he just doesn’t seem to care anymore. The mixture of Sean’s momentum from the run and the abrupt drilling into his leg cause Sean to flip off of the stage and go crashing below, creating a big hole in the tables and equipment, as the fans let out a loud, mixed response!

Mark Sanction: ”Holy Christ!”

Matt Steel: ”Oh shit! Joey grabbed that bat!”

For the second time in the match, “Holy Shit!” chants flood the arena. Mandy herself is in shock, but eventually she gets her bearings and begins another count, as both men are down; Joey on the edge of the stage and Sean in a mess of broken tables and equipment.

Mark Sanction: ”Both men are down! I don’t know if either of them will get up in time!”

Matt Steel: ”Sean should’ve taken the win when he had the chance.”

As Mandy does the count, Joey starts rolling towards the edge of the stage, on the side of the entrance ramp, away from all of the equipment. Sean, however, does not move. At a count of eight, Joey drops off of the stage and lands on his feet near the ramp, although he has to lean against the stage to stay standing. Mandy sees this and points at Joey to confirm that he’s up. And with Sean still not moving an inch, she counts; 9 … 10!


”Glass Table Girls” hits the PA System as Joey lets himself slump down into a seated position while he’s still leaned against the side of the stage. The audience reacts with a mixed reception; some are upset that the arrogant little bastard won, while others have soured on Sean during the later portion of the match.

Hana Ramierez: ”Here is your winner, Joey Miles!”

Mark Sanction: ”That was a fight, ladies and gentlemen. And one that very well may have gone too far.”

Matt Steel: ”No, that fight didn’t go too far, SEAN went too far! And look what happened in the end! It cost him! Good. That’s what he deserved and I’m not just talking about because he kicked me years ago, anymore. He had the chance to win several times, if he just let Mandy count and yet he still tried to end Joey’s career. And what the hell is wrong with Mandy?! Why would she just sit there and do nothing when she could’ve counted and ended this?!”

Mark Sanction: ”Don’t blame Mandy, Matt. Would you defy Sean during that match, seeing up close and personal what he was doing and how upset he was?”

Matt Steel: ”If it was my job, yes!”

Mark Sanction: ”Yeah, sure pal. Regardless, I do agree that Sean went too far tonight. And, in the end, it did cost him. Joey wins tonight, although I’m not sure he’s feeling like a winner right now. I think he’s feeling like a survivor, nothing more.”

Joey continues to sit leaned against the stage, as the color of his skin can no longer be seen on his face behind the red. His chest and back are also still covered in blood and he’s breathing heavily, but deep down, he knows he won and that’s all that matters to him right now. As for Sean, he still lays unmoving in the mess that he fell into. Staff and medics begin coming out to check on the two men, with a few more focusing on Sean at the moment.

Mark Sanction: ”Christ, this wasn’t even the end of the show. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to take a quick intermission to clear things out here and get these two men tended to before we head into our main event of the evening. We’ll see you all again in just a moment.”

We get another look at Sean being tended to, as well as Joey, before the show cuts away to an advertisement for XWA merch.

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