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Extension Policy

Postby Gopher » Thu May 07, 2020 5:33 pm

In an effort to be more direct with this and ensure everyone knows how it works, this topic is to explain how extensions work in XWA and when they'll be given out.

This is a game. We understand that. The goal here is for people to have fun. Writing a bunch of your match and then having to throw it out because you couldn't finish by the extension isn't fun. And, for most people, neither is winning a match via no-show. As such, short extensions (two, three, four hours, etc.) that don't interfere with the ability to get to the next card on time will always be allowed, if asked for. If you need a little extra time to finish up your match or add some polish to it, while cutting close to the deadline, simply ask. Ideally, you should ask multiple staff members, in case there are some that are unable to respond to you in a timely manner at the moment. The XWA Twitter account is ran by several staff members and can be a good place to message. Likewise, you can send a PM to multiple staff members on here. You can also ask for an extension in the XWA Discord server. If you need a few extra hours, for any reason, contact us any of those ways. And, again, it helps to contact more than one staff member to ensure you get a response quickly.

If an extension is asked for, it'll be granted to everyone involved in the match, automatically. I encourage people to try to get their work in on time, but, again, this is a game. I don't want people stressing over a game.

Now, longer extensions (a day, two days, etc.) are a case-by-case situation. If you just procrastinated the entire time and want an extra day, it won't happen. These extensions can result in cards being delayed, which make them more of an issue. You can still request them and, as is the case with shorter extension, if it's granted, they'll be granted for everyone in the match. But this is for more drastic situations. We want to be more strict on this than we have in the past.

In the end of the day, we want shows to run on schedule, but we also want people to have fun. We're not trying to be insanely strict here. Real life always takes precedence over a game. I just want to make sure everyone who comes here is fully aware of how extensions are expected to be handled. Have fun. Enjoy your time writing, rather than having to rush it out. But also, try not to procrastinate.

Extra note: In regards to co-writes (matches that everyone involved write together and decide on a winner themselves, for storyline purposes), those don't have to abide by the deadline. They don't require a grading and, as such, they won't hold the next show off if they go up late.

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