Card Posting Updates!

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Card Posting Updates!

Postby DJS » Sun Jan 07, 2018 6:18 pm

Hey hey,

Alright, so, as is my understanding, Massacre #22 will be posted later on today by the Booking Team as scheduled.

As for XWA Homecoming, I've had a rather busy day today in which I've had no real time to do any E-Fedding bits and bobs and tomorrow night I start training fo' realsies. But I will be off work on Tuesday SO I'll post the card on that day. Obviously, that'll mean you get two extra days added to Deadline too, just to be fair.

Sorry for the delay on my part here, guys! And also, do me a favour, yeah? I'm not a religious man but where ever you are tomorrow, do me a favor and do a little prayer for me so that I don't get horrifically murdered during my first day? Cheers.


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