THREE Updates!

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THREE Updates!

Postby DJS » Sat Aug 26, 2017 10:32 am

Ello ello! Long time no chat.

Alright, three things happening that I'm addressing in the same post here. Hooray- convenience!

- You'll notice there have been 24 hours added onto the deadline for Fool's Gold, so it is now the 28TH AUGUST 2017. I've had a few requests for it already, so I've done it now and made it a cross-the-board change. Which is lovely for us UK XWAers cos it means we all get bank holiday weekend too!

- I've recently set up THIS: ... sp=sharing
Essentially, what it amounts to is a self-serve version of the Roster section as a spreadsheet where you can edit your own stuff accordingly. It's still a slight work in progress, but you'll notice is a win-loss record in there, too. THAT may come into play soon if everyone adds their stuff to it (Jan onwards, please. I'm adding an overall one soon). I'm going to leave it open to edit, but what I will ask is that you don't be a dick and piss around with other people's stuff? I know you guys are better than that and I don't really need to ask, but I will just so I have asked.

- I'm aware there was a Massacre card promised by Monday. I dunno where Ace got to with that, but as we can all see, it's not up, hence why I'll be knocking one up today and updating the schedule and stuff. Swift's been otherwise engaged, which is fine, so I'll tackle it today.

Thanks all I can think of for now, if I add anything else, I'll make you crazy peeps aware through the usual channels. By the way, if you're not part of our Discord yet, link is here:

This is often the best way to get us if you need to get us immediately. We allow non-XWAers in, too.


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