Lord of the Ring Updates and next card stuff

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Lord of the Ring Updates and next card stuff

Postby Michael Swift » Wed Jul 05, 2017 11:24 pm

So, as a heads up, I have like, two hours and fifteenth minutes before I have to leave the computer for a couple of hours, but my goal for before I fall asleep is to give feedback to every Massacre match this week. Since I have already voted on four matches, that leaves me with nine, but they are single matches so hopefully it doesn't take too long.
However, no matter how long it takes, next card won't be coming out till Thursday evening. There are two reason for this, the first being an attempt to get to bed early so I can keep moving stuff to my new place without being exhausted, and the second is to give people who didn't move onto the next round a chance to contact me if they want to still be on the card for a match or not. My general assumption is that XWA regulars will want to still be on the card, while guests won't. However, if these assumptions are wrong, send me a PM, or contact me on Twitter, or send me something on Discord if I am horrible off base.

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