XWA Lives and Beyond- everything you need to know about the relaunch!

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XWA Lives and Beyond- everything you need to know about the relaunch!

Postby DJS » Sat Nov 14, 2015 3:12 pm

Hi people,

So a lot of you have been wondering how this relaunch will differ from what's gone before. We've had people dipping back in and showing a renewed interest in the fed. And that's good. That's what we need. But let's not waste time, let's dip in with what we got come 2016.

XWA Lives

The card for this event will be posted on January 6th 2016, it is first event for the XWA since September and thus four months have passed. Everything that went before has now changed- the Sabbath Regime is no longer in control, the regular rules and regulations of wrestling are back (so disqualification and count-outs are back), and it's all down to the brand new owner of the XWA. Who is this mysterious new owner? You'll find out in January!

This show is designed as a back-to-basics resurrection of what made the XWA the fed that bites back, and will set us off on a new road.

The Xperience

While this is a reboot, we of course follow on from what has gone before- Massacre is no more. Network television deemed the XWA product too risky to keep. But that's fine- this new incarnation of the XWA has become the Fed that Never Sleeps!

The Xperience is the working title for a special area of the XWA BattleZone website. We live in a world of instant gratification now- people want to be able to see things whenever they want constantly, not when we say. That's why we have things like Netflix, Chromecast, even wrestling has it's WWE Network, on-demand services and Chikaratopia. Now the XWA returns, completely digitalised for a new age.

With an archive of the results of every single event and episode of Massacre since the XWA returned in 2009 gradually being added through the year, you'll also get exclusive content such as XWA Insider- our breaking news bulletin set in the world of the XWA, "Sitdown with Mark Sanction", a candid interview show where play-by-play announcer Mark Sanction sits with XWA stars and interivews them about their career, and finally XWA: Origins- reality series exploring new stars looking to make it to the XWA, and battling one another to try and get there.

We're also planning an out-of-character round-table discussion podcast where handlers talk about the current goings on in the fed, and writers are interviewed about their tenure and how they created their characters and stories. Of course we will also post our results at the "And the Winners Are" section. There will be more sections added as we go along, allowing you to build stories and matches between shows in ways a simple episode of Massacre couldn't do. We're open to suggestions for the Xperience, so let us know what more you want to see and how you want to tell your story your way.

If it's posted in the Xperience- it's part of the canon.

Out of character:
The Cards

So this year we have 12 monthly specials. Obviously as an E-Fed the most emphasis on the site will be put into this. Every show will be special and have something to it that is different from the last one, but all of them will allow you to do something interesting with your matches other than the norm. We're not doing a Massacre show every two weeks now- there is no reason for meaningless wins.

Cards will be posted some point early in the month, and usually take up the majority of the month it's self, meaning you'll have loads of time to contribute at some point. They'll be scheduled like so:

WEEK ONE and TWO: The card is posted, and two weeks will then be allowed for you to write your match.
WEEK THREE: This entire week will be dedicated to voting for winners, in true XWA style, as a democratic vote by all members decides the winner of matches.
WEEK FOUR: Results will go up for the show, while roll call for the next one is posted, allowing you to Opt-In for the next show. As a schedule will be posted, you will have a deadline to sign this.

And that's how I see it running. Whether it runs as smoothly as that or not is down to a collective effort by all of us here.

Other Sections

This bit is down to you lot. I'm personally planning on bringing back the Draft Game (as innovated by site regular Danger Liam) to become a regular fixture with it's own section. Maybe some Be the Booker-type stuff? It's all up to you guys. Do you have ideas? PM me with any ideas and we'll discuss it.

At the end of the day, the bottom line of this whole thing and the reason I'm doing all of this is because the XWA, more than any other fed, should be YOUR fed in which you can match-write and promo and storyline away to your heart's content. I wanna provide you all with the resources to tell those stories, to engross people. And even if you don't fed, even if you're not that into it any more, we'll have other things for you to do.

So that's where I'm going with this so far. I'm setting up a thread in the XWA Zone section for discussion and whatnot, so use that and stuff. Any questions, PM me.

Let's make this the Best Fed in the World.

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