My Challenge To You

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My Challenge To You

Postby Dan » Wed Mar 06, 2013 5:10 pm

Hey there folks, Dan here. I have a challenge for you, whether you choose to heed it is on you. My challenge to you is simple, and it's very easy to do, takes almost no effort. The next time you write a promo, instead of throwing a (CLOSED) on the end of it, I challenge you to put (OPEN).

"Dan, I can't! I've got this promo planned where it's just me!"

"But Dan, I might get attacked!"

"Dan, I've got a storyline going with my own characters! That would mess it up!"

"You know I can't do that! I'll lose a little of the control of my characters!"


You never know who might step up and want to go into an angle with you, who might want to start a storyline and a feud with you, or possibly might alter your current storyline for the better! You never know who wants to surprise you with a reply, maybe ally themselves with you, maybe even want to banter back and forth. For the life of me, the only open promos in the last year or so were from ME, and you should see the interactions in them. It's wonderful, because you entice people to interact in ways they're not used to and you trust them with the handling of your character and ask them to trust you with theirs.

Plus, how often do you see people go out, talk shit, then BLAM commercial? Almost never. C'mon, be honest. If you saw Cena go out and slam CM Punk for 5 minutes straight and then Punk DIDN'T come out with a rebuttal, you might like the Cena part, but it seems kind of like they're burying Punk, right? But when you hear that static sound, followed by Cult of Personality, all of a sudden you're thinking, "Oh shit, CM Punk's gonna rip him a new ass!"

That's the effect I'm looking for with this. You go out, talk shit about whatever, and then cast the line out and see what you can hook. It's much, MUCH more fun to be in the XWA when you're interacting with other superstars in promos, promise, I know from experience. Hell, ask any of us older veterans here; there's been at least one open promo that they've replied to or left out there that's led to something awesome down the road.

It may take you out of your comfort zone, but that's part of the excitement. So at least once, when you're writing a promo or a piece of work, consider leaving it (OPEN) instead of closing it and removing the possibility of interaction.
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Re: My Challenge To You

Postby Tempest » Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:16 pm

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