Supershows Introducing Word Limits

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Supershows Introducing Word Limits

Postby Gopher » Sat Apr 24, 2021 7:58 pm

Hey, everyone. Just a quick update here. Moving forward, supershows will have word limits. They'll be longer than Massacres word limits and will depend on card placement, match importance, stipulations, etc. just like Massacre matches. Generally, they will go anywhere from 6 to 8k, with the occasional big-time match getting 9 or 10k. This has been discussed with most of the current active writers in the fed and seems to be the popular way to go. I understand that some people may be demotivated to write a supershow match because they feel like they won't stand a chance unless they write something super long. Even though quality is always more important than quantity here, that's still a tough stigma to remove. Now, matches can still be fairly long in comparison to Massacre matches, but the cap should hopefully lessen the demotivation caused by trying to go too long for the sake of going too long. This will begin with Lord of the Ring.

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